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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  September 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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spaghetti models coming up. if only it could stay like this. so far looking pretty good. checking the drive across the bay. matt is behind the wheel of the live drive cam. on the gandy bridge. it is wide open out there. i just checked the drive time across the gandy, 8 minutes to get across from pinellas to hillsborough county. here's what it looks like at 275 through downtown tampa. this is the junction with i- and 275. more cars out there but everyone behaving, no crashes or breakdowns. nothing out there on the interstates to slow you down. a quick check of the drive times -- in the green. >> this week just be prepared for the closure on gunn highway at the veterans in the overnight hours. 6:00. down to democracy 2016 --
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presidential debate. you can see it here on your abc action news station starting 9:00. >> it's anticipated to be the most watched debate in history. abc action news anchor james tully joins us live in studio. this already adds to the tremendous pressure they are both feeling already. >> it does. so much driving interest especially for people that don't normally watch debates. clinton will be the first woman to compete in a general election debate and trump proved to be a ritings machine during those primary debates. now the two go head-to-hea potential voters expected to tune in. monday night football. pretty impressive. moderator lester holt. trump and clinton will be speaking directly to one another. both have hurled insults from afar on the campaign trail and now both are sharing the same stage. >> they say she's been
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people think she's sleeping. >> you have to be prepared for wacky stuff that comes at you. [ laughter ] i am drawing on my experience in elementary school. [ laughter ] >> one way to put it. the contrasting styles, candidates reportedly have transferred to to their debate prep. the race is tightening. according to the latest polls it shows clinton leading trump by only two points. further indication that performance from both candidates could be a major factor in the outcome of this election. back to you. 6:02. most eyes on the debate stage tonight but also plenty of eyes on the crowd. a bizarre twitter fight this weekend started when the dallas mavericks owner mark cuban tweeted that clinton's team
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row. the billionaire has been a vocal trump critic. trump tweeted back he had put gennifer flowers in the front row also. she had an affair with bill clinton in the 1970s. later the trump campaign says they were not serious about the invitation saying trump was just making a point. we'll live stream it heading into tonight's debate a new poll by abc news act "the washington post" shows clinton and trump are neck and neck. james just mentioned the
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>> clinton's lead in the same poll has dropped by eight points since early august. more on a shooting that happened near st. pete. developments are searching for the accused gunman. tony thongdang is wanted on second degree attempted murder. police say he shot tyler mcnet on gandy bridge 2:30 sunday morning. mcnet is in the hospital in stable condition. the miami marlins are set to play tonight, their first game since the death of their star pitcher jose this loss hits close to home for the tampa bay area community. fernandez played ball at alonso high school in hillsborough county. led the team to a state championship in 2011. the 24-year-old died sunday morning when the boat that he was in slammed full speed into a jetty off miami beach. his former teammates are in the bay area, remembering him as being a tough competitor with a big heart. fernandez was also well known for his strong ties to the
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three times before finally making it to america. we're still waiting on details -- funeral arrange men's, as soon as we get them we will let you know. coming up at 6:30 -- more on how his high school is remembering him. more sad news from the sports world. arnold palmer has died at age 87. this morning new reaction from fellow athletes. palmer rose from humble hum beginnings in a small pennsylvania and peoples golfer, in the 1950s when golf was largely a country club sport. in almost 50 years he won 92 tournaments overall. >> he really brought the game to the masses in the 1960s and 1970s. he was not the most successful golfer of all time but he's definitely the one that will leave the lasting legacy. i think of all sports over the
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anyone is going to leave a legacy quite like arnold palmer. >> palmer also leaves behind a legacy of charitable work almost as long as his list of golf victories. also changed the landscape literally of orlando with his bay hill and isleworth golf communities. he died yesterday from complications due to heart problems. we'll let you know when funeral plans are announced. we're making phone calls later this morning. we're finding out why a hot air balloon nearly hit a home after street. this is video sent by a viewer. it's at the bentley oaks subdivision in davenport. the viewer spotted it across the street from their house. we're still working to find out if there are injuries and where the balloon came from. commuters living or working in downtown tampa, ybor city or schanlside district, you have a new way to get bo to work.
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service early this morning. it's a pilot program to gauge demand for the service. from 7:00 to noon. a plane forced to make an emergency landing. it's not the recalled samsung phones though. what made the situation even worse? a new gadget being revealed
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6:10. a delta flight from detroit to new amsterdam was rerouted because of fire. passengers say there was a smoke and smell in the scabin. an emergency reportedly caused by a samsung tablet that fell o the tablet and foam from the seat began smoking. on the ground the crew replaced that seat. it was a two-hour delay. the tablet by the way not the samsung device that is being recalled from faulty batteries. snapchat is getting into the accessories business. the company behind the app announced a pair of camera- equipped sunglasses called spectacles. snapchat is renaming its parent company snap inc to be more than just a social media
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record memories the way the human eye sees them. they connect directly to the snapchat app, using bluetooth or wi-fi. uploading videos in this new circular format. the glass also be available soon. in three different colors, a lot of folks are talking about this on social media. it's all the buzz. >> they like it. that circular format is pretty cool too. >> don't know yet how much they cost. if you have to ask, you know what they say. >> ivan cabrera will be first in line. >> what is this snapchat again? checking in on the digital planner. i know your phone can tell you the weather but we can as well. we usually are more accurate than siri. 86 to 90 degrees by the afternoon. we'll talk more about that and the latest on the tropical wave which i think has a pretty good chance of becoming our next named storm. in fact we could have a hurricane in the caribbean the
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a toddler shoots a child, now we're finding out where he found the gun and one thing authorities say the owner did wrong. >> bringing fresh food straight to you. the goal is to fix so-called food deserts in the tampa bay
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6:14. protests of a shooting continued in charlotte. this protest outside the carolina panthers game was peaceful. after the game protesters tried to block traffic on an interstate. police released dash cam video and body cam video of the shooting of keith lamont scott. authorities say scott had a imub and pointed it at officers but the reported g mourners came together over the weekend to say farewell to another black man shot by police. hundreds packed the tulsa, oklahoma church saturday for terence crutcher's funeral. the unarmed black man shot and killed 10 days ago by a police officer. many who attended the service say they hope his death will lead to permanent changes to how officers respond during traffic stops. officer betty shelby is now charged with first degree manslaughter for killing
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17-year-old girl ends with an arrest. police say caitlyn yost and these two men are responsible for killing three people early saturday. the teen says one of the men arrested was dating caitlyn, something that upset her mother and stepfather. the sister had called police to report her parents died. police say a 2-year-old shot a to a hospital in tennessee. police say it happened sunday in a home in nashville where the toddler and aunt were visiting family. officials say the toddler found a gun in a door pocket of his aunt's car. the driver can legally have a weapon in the car but the woman didn't have a permit to carry the gun. it's unclear who was driving the car, no charges have been filed yet but police are investigating. access to affordable fresh healthy food is a major issue in our community but a new program is trying to solve that. it starts today.
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market, a low-cost pop-up grocery struck offering fresh and shelf stable foods. it will target the more than two dozen communities considered food deserts in the bay area, what the usda calls places with people living hungry with no places in their neighborhoods to buy food. it's put on by feeding tampa bay and good sun coast. starts 10:00 pinellas county has an emergency last night. a lightning strike. lightning bolt hit the largo fire station 10:00. crews were checking the damage at 184th street southwest. the bolt knocked out power to part of the neighborhood there. no one was hurt. there was no visible damage to the station. did fry some electrical equipment though. here's a look at an amazing lightning bolt during
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almost looks fake. comes from eric waxler. this is his neighbor who took this quick video and sent it along. the game was delayed a little by lightning. they play in the rain but have to stop play when there's lightning. >> absolutely. you have to stop play with lightning. we've seen so many incidents with that occurring. yesterday's radar. don't get it confused with titan but i want to show you exactly what happened. some storms popped the outflow boundary, that gust front, the cool air you feel right before a storm hits, that pushes to the west, collides with the sea breeze and it's going as far as significant lightning, cloud tops well up high. that could happen again later this afternoon so we have to watch the storms that do develop and see them work their way back towards the coast. the possibility of that happening. when it does that is typically when you get gustier thunderstorms that can produce isolated severe wind gusts,
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we had a lot of cold air upstairs. we'll talk about that. that's the weather pattern the next 24 hours. then a shift in the wind or steering currents where we get more westerly and that will favor thunderstorms across east of 75 and begins tomorrow and in earnest on wednesday. plenty of moisture available for thunderstorms that do fire later this afternoon. we begin to see them going. and then into the evening potentially walking back towards the beaches. so that is what is happening. with our this is of course our tropical wave. the only one out there. the one that bears watching because this has the potential certainly to become matthew. i think it will. not just a tropical storm where we could get into hurricane status. where is it headed? this is nice to see, it's good agreement. not nice for the caribbean because we have a strong thunderstorm or hurricane by day five. what happens thereafter? looks to be moving to the north. we can't say with certainty
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the system really hasn't developed yet so keep checking back with us. we'll keep you posted on that. temperatures this afternoon journal 80s to around 90. rain coverage 40%. staying there is, again winds will shift favoring inland thunderstorms, by the time we get into wednesday and diminishing rain chances as dry air moves in by later this week into the weekend. matt is on kennedy heading to downtown tampa. stopped at a red light. no crashes or breakdowns on kennedy. a smooth ride. except for the lights heading into downtown tampa. here's the tampa side of the courtney campbell causeway, a smooth ride across all three bridges. less than 10 minutes to get across the bay today. we have a crash that just came in, this is southbound on the veterans expressway, not where
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time of morning. i am seeing delays, this just came in, reports of the crash, does include injuries so we'll keep an eye on it. i'll let you know as soon as it clears. a heads up, remember this closure is starting today on macdill at grenada, around the selmon just north of bay-to-bay closed in both directions so you're going to want to take dale mabry, himes or even bay shore depending where you're coming from and where you're going. it is 6:21. it was just another day on the until a baby giraffe decided he was ready for his close-up. >> reporter ashley jacobs in san diego is trying to talk about a weekend event coming up but apparently the giraffe felt a little me grekd. the baby giraffe used heads butts to get her attention, live on the air. still to come -- more clown sightings boosting fears. two warnings from police for
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laughing matter. >> 6:30 coming up at 6:30 -- hillary clinton's running mate is coming here today. what is his message? a woman once against vaccinating her children has a change of heart. here's our "gam gma first look." >> a chicago mom of three speaking out about the importance of vaccines after a dangerous close call. >> i put >> reporter: kristin omara says she was a big believer in anti- vaccination research. >> i scoured whatever i could find about why vaccines might be harmful. i became pretty convinced. >> reporter: she chose not to vaccinate her children then her 5-year-old and 3-year-old twins had a case of roteo virus. >> it didn't have to happen, i could have had them vaccinated. i felt guilty.
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reasons for refusing to vaccinate? some parents cited concerns about autism. a link which has been repeatedly disproven. coming up at 7:00 a.m. -- dr. richard besser weighs in
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the tennessee department of safety is warning the public to watch for clowns with. halloween around the corner they say if you choose to wear a clown costume and act irresponsibly you could be putting your own life at risk. it comes after complaints of clowns in several states trying to lure kids into the woods. bus stop forecast, 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. in pretty good shape with temperature in the mid and upper 70s. it will be dry through the morning. by afternoon we'll rain. we'll get wet, 40% chance of rain with temperatures warming up not -- to 80s to lower 90s. one of the last social media posts from jose fernandez. >> a mall shooting victim a
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6:30. mourning marlins pitcher jose fernandez. >> his lasting legacy in the bay area. the inspiration he gave to one specific community and the recent announcement making this even more heartbreaking. first let's start monday with a look at the roads and weather. >> checking in with janelle. any problems on the >> things changed quickly here. a crash on hillsborough county, crash on the veterans expressway. that's in a moment. >> weatherwise we're clear but by the afternoon i think more thunderstorms on the way. right now upper 70s. mostly clear skies and temperatures across the rest of the tampa bay area, 76 bartow, 74 arcadia. low 70s up across the nature coast. 73 brooksville with showers and
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work with. these thunderstorms shouldn't bother us. they stay off-shore. by the afternoon we make our own with plenty of moisture and very light winds. setting the stage for essentially the storms not moving much. when that happens, with abundant moisture could have good downpours with frequent lightning as well. that will be the stage setup for today. rain chances about average the next few case. then we'll talk more about a pattern change late week and the tropics let's get to the busier monday commute. we have a crash southbound on the veterans. one of the photographers matt lathan is on the veterans expressway, looking good there but the crash happened southbound at linebaugh so as soon as he gets there we're going to have live pictures of that. i can show you where this crash is on my map here and you can already see the backup from the crash. again right here southbound, right past linebaugh.
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starting to extend. let's check drive times on the veterans expressway, you can see what you have to look forward to if you're heading out the door. 20 minutes from 54 to 275. again this just happened so i do expect these drive times to increase. 15 minutes from van dyke to 275. and 6 minutes from waters to 275. we have a serious crash on hillsborough avenue. captain al is anything over this crash now. what ask you tell us? >> reporter: power lines are down at hillsborough avenue at hoover. just east of the veterans expressway or memorial highway. both directions are blocked as you can see. they tend to the lines. this is a dump truck on the far right side. no injuries but they are trying to turn people around without crossing over the lines. in the meantime it's creating a backup eastbound and westbound on the right, that is westbound headed to the veterans. it will be a while before the utility gets here and
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in the meantime quite a delay. back to you. it's 6:32. friends and former teammates of baseball star jose fernandez are hoping to hold a vigil at alonso high school where he was a standout ball player. >> the marlins pitcher and two other men killed in a boating accident sunday. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan live at alonso high. teammates say he had a huge heart. >> reporter: they say you could see baseball talents right away. in fact he helped school here whip a state title in 2011. had a maim impact not just in the school but across the entire community. >> he was fully aware of the concept of freedom. and human -- the human being needs freedom. >> reporter: friends say he was much more than simply a baseball mayor. jose fernandez was a major
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defect from cuba three times before finally making it to the united states 2008. just six days ago he posted a picture of his pregnant girlfriend and talked of his excitement of starting a family. >> he was a good kid, full of life. amazing pitcher. probably one of the best i had ever seen. it was just a joy here. >> reporter: jose fernandez was a three-time major league all- star on his way to becoming a baseball superstar but those who knew him best say he'll be remembered more for the person he was, not just what he did on the baseball field. back here live, you can see the line outside of the high school in memory of jose fernandez anything high and soar proudly. this is a very sad day for many folks in the community especially those at this high
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arrangements have not been set. as for jose fernandez, just to show you the type of person he was and the pride ned in this country, he was just sworn in as a citizen just last year. reporting live, rodney dunigan, abc action news. 6:35. dmoctsy 2016 -- we're hours away from the first presidential debate and with hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck in new polls this is anticipated to be the most watched history. >> it's the first time the two candidates will appear together on stage. since the presidential race began. watch it on your abc action news station starting 9:00 if you're away from your tv we have you covered there as well. watch the debate live on our free mobile app and facebook page. clinton's running mate is going to visit our area today, tim kaine is holding a voting registration event in lakeland. register by october 11th to
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election. after being here tim kaine goes to orlando later this afternoon. the suspect in the washington state mall shooting will face a judge today. now we're learning more about the victims including a teenaged cancer survivor. investigators say arjan setan shot and killed four women and a man in the macy's store in the seattle suburb. they arrested the 21-year-old turkish immigrant saturday after a daylong according to the "seattle times" it's not his first run- in with the law. they say he was arrested three times for domestic violence after attacks on his stepfather. this morning we're finding out one victim is a 16-year-old, a high school student who fought off cancer at aiming 8. her sister now speaking out about what she will miss most. >> her smile, her laugh.
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little sister. >> counselors will be at that teen's school all this week to help grieving students and teachers. authority haven't said anything about a possible motive yet for the shooting. we're finding out what led up to a deadly shooting at a las vegas starbucks. authorities say the gunman's credit card was declined at the drivethrough. police say he then stormed inside with a weapon. he got into a fight with a customer and shots were fired. the victim was taken to a local hospital but sadly later died. las vegas police say the suspect and victim didn't know each other. the suspect then told police he had a bomb in his backpack. they searched but say they didn't find any explosives. despite the ongoing traffic weatherwise, no problems. we'll hit a high of 90 degrees. feeling warmer with the humidity. rain chances about 40%. captain al flying over the crash on hillsborough avenue. this is right at hoover. just east of the veterans
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this crash causing some power lines to come down in the middle of the roadway. could be some time before they clear this. we'll keep watching it. more coming up. 6:38. coming up -- a florida father tosses his 4-month-old over a fence, but it's what he did next that makes this whole thing so bizarre. the neighbor that helped save the baby. >> watching the river rise, devastating history one city is
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good morning. an update on a crash sp at the veterans expressway at linebaugh. our photographer matt just arrived at the backup. he's southbound on veterans expressway now. you can see it there. a lot of heading out you might want to leave extra time or think about taking sheldon instead. again this crash happenedden 45 minutes -- happened about 45 minutes ago so it's causing delays. just southbound on the vets, we hear there's reports of injuries with the crash. backup extends all the way to gunn. give yourself extra time.
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southbound on 275 around fowler. i've been checking the cameras, i can't actually see the crash, fhp reported one lane blocked there. i see a little slowdown on 275 heading southbound, drive times slow as well but not too bad. typical for this time of year. 25 minutes from the apex to i- 4. and the big story is hillsborough avenue closed now in both directions. captain al flying crash now. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. there may be some light to the problem. in a moment you'll see a utility truck on the lefthand side. he's already deenergized the lines. they are in the process of reopening this. they are trying to move vehicles out of the way as a
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either direction on hillsborough avenue, hoover, just east of the veterans expressway. keep it in mind and stay tuned. we'll let you know the second it reopens. here's ivan with the forecast. >> it's going to stay dry. by eke forecast back in the forecast. outside now warm and humid, mid to upper 70s. 80s in st. pete. yest thunderstorm activity. potential there is for that again. we'll have 40% coverage and some of the storms could be back to the least by later this evening. drier air is located out across the southeastern u.s. is going to try to make its way here. not the lower humidity or shut off rain chances but lowering them a little by the time we goat thursday. for now plenty of storms begin
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and evening hours. rain potential again today, smattering of showers and storms. the steering currents are weak so the thunderstorms that do develop are not going to move much. that is why you have nothing and then a bull's-eye of red, model picking up on that this afternoon and evening. temperatures today's upper 80s to around 90. we'll keep it that way the next few days, no big changes as far as the temperatures but as far as the partial there's a bit of a change through the middle part of the week. wind direction will actually pick up and come from the and favor our inland areas by later in the week. rain chances by the way coming down friday into next weekend. 6:48. several thousand people living in iowa's second largest city are closely watching the rising cedar river with fears the flooding. this video shows the water levels cresting 50 miles upstream from cedar rapids. families already started to leave as the river spills from
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record river flooding devastated the area. officials say they've learned from that. and they are already putting out sandbags, 5,000 people 5,000 to invest and cancelling school. jackson died saturday from injuries suffered during a friday night game. he was either kicked walked off the field and went to the hospital. released. he later died. his death is still under investigation. leonardo di caprio has called climate change a serious issue for the united states. he will speak a week from today with a scientist. a nasa scientist.
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accidentally caused an stir. prince george didn't want to give justin trudeau. trudeau was not offended, he has kids of his own. >> as any parent who traveled with children knows it's a you bring your family with you. >> this was not prince george's foreign trip but was the first trip abroad for his little sister charlotte. for the second time in two years auburn university's beloved oak trees are the target of vandal. one set afire after auburn's win against lsu over the weekend. and other trees poisoned by an alabama fan several years ago.
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is charged in the latest incident. tampa bay buccaneers missed a chance for a thrilling comeback at yesterday's home opener, bucs losing to the rams 37-32. the five points can be blamed partly on the struggles of kicker roberto aguayo, missed a point and 4$41--yard field goal. >> times like this happen. you just have to go back. i know what do do and got to go back there and try to get back on the field and kick again. >> he gaits chance to redeem himself before bucs fans next sunday at raymond james stadium. kickoff is set for 4:05 against the broncos. we saw huge crowds early in the afternoon at raymond james stadium.
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say they liked what they saw from the bucs and anticipate big things out of jameis winston. tampa hosts the college football national championship game in january. the five top ranked teams hoping to make that game won over the weekend. alabama remains number one in the apl. a california woman has a free year's worth of pizza because she returned nearly $5,000 worth - >> she found cash inside. she left a message, no one called her back.
6:53 am
contacted domino's corporate office as a reward avalos is getting freedom knows for a year and her employer is giving her a week off with pay for her honesty. st. petersburg is getting a new art museum thanks to the chairman of the raymond james financial this. afternoon we expected to learn more about what you will see at the tom and mary james museum of western and wildlife art. here on central avenue next fall. the museum will feature hundreds of works of art acquired by the james' the past 50 years. 6:53. ? major league baseball fans and tampa bay area community are mourning the death of a young star pitcher with local ties. miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez died in a boating accident sunday. he was a standout ball player
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he left the team to form a state championship in 2011. arnold palmer has died at age of 87. he earned nicknames the king and the peoples golfer in the 1950s when golf was largely a country club sport. in 90 years he won 22 tournaments overall, seven emergency championships. rory mcilroy reacting saying no one was take over hillary clinton and donald trump will be sharing the stage for the first time. the latest goal is showing now clinton's plea is just two points. we'll live it on mobile app. hart wants wants to determine the demand for weak-
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we're near the grocer market. there are communities that are considered food deserts in the area, that's what the usda calls for places that people go hungry because they don't have food. good morning. a new crash in at i- the outside lane blocked here, a big heavy delay. a crash also southbound 275 at fowler though that one doesn't seem to be as bad. still watching this crash southbound on the veterans after linebaugh. this backup all the way to ehrlich. give yourself extra time or take sheldon or anderson instead. captain al, how's the crash on hillsborough looking?
6:56 am
deenergized, and reopened both directions, hillsborough avenue just east of there's still a little backup. looking good, mostly clear, upper 70s. 88 noontime, high of 90 and rain chance today 40%. caught on the kiss cam is amy schumer. stay tuned, "good morning, america" is next. they have a breakdown of tonight's first presidential debate and preparations and strategies that we're seeing going into it. meantime, watch us on air, mobile app, facebook and
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y246oy yy6y good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton getting set for tonight's crucial first debate. how the candidates are preparing in the final hours. >> getting ready. getting ready. >> 100 million people expected to tune in. the war over ho will be front row. what each candidate needs to do to close the deal tonight. it's your voice, your vote. major washout. entire neighborhoods underwater in the midwest. rifs rising, forcing thousands to evacuate. residents racing to save their homes. as they brace for the worst flooding in nearly a decade. police release new footage of the deadly shooting in charlotte. questions grow. tensions rise on the streets.


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