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tv   Action News at 5AM  WFTS  September 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes. >> ahead, how the presidential candidates plan to tackle terrorism. >> she doesn't have the looks, she doesn't have the stamina. >> plus why each says the other can't keep the country safe. good morning, thank you for joining us on abc action news. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. let's start first with a check of traffic and together. beginning with meteorologist shay ryan today. >> things are looking pretty good now. we had overnight showers and storms but they are all gone now and we're looking at a pretty nice start to the day with temperatures ranging from 74 in tampa to 75 hudson. spring hill 72, lakeland 70. siesta key 76. now, as we move through the day we will have our best chance for showers and storms closer to the coast in the first half of the day. by the time we get to noon all areas could see a shower or
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little earlier today than what we sometimes see. it's a general west-to-east flow and by 4:00 most of the storms are going to be east of i-75, we'll be topping out near 90 today. so plenty of heat, plenty of dry hours and plenty of sunshine in the mix. how is it going for the morning commute? the roads are dry so, so far so good. matt is behind the wheel of the live drive cam, i-4 around the hard rock casino. not a lot of cars morning. it's a smooth ride all the way back from lakeland to downtown tampa. no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. this is once you get to downtown tampa, lanes wide open here. tail-lights are heading towards the howard frankland. smooth across the howard frankland. tampa side of the courtney campbell looking great as well. i just checked the drive time across the courtney campbell, and it's just 7 minutes to get across. we have a lot of construction going on in south tampa on
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more on that in 15 minutes. back to you. 5:02 now. temperament, taxes, race relations are just a few of the issues hillary clinton and donald trump clash on during the first head-to-head presidential debate. >> another big question, how do the candidates plan to keep the u.s. safe from terrorists? hillary clinton says nato and america's allies are the key. >> that means we've got to work more closely with our allies. that is has been very dismissive of. he's consistently insulted muslims abroad and at home when we need to be cooperating with muslim nations and the american muslim community. they are on the front lines. they can provide information to us that we might not get anywhere else. >> clinton also said nato allies are key in the fight against terrorism. trump has used the word obsolete when discussing nato
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common defense. >> i want to help all of our allies but we are losing billions and billions of dollars. we cannot be the policemen of the world. we cannot protect countries all over the world -- >> we have just a - >> where they are not paying utwhat we need. >> we have just a few -- >> she has no business ability. >> he suggested that japan should increase the size of its military and take over some of the duties currently performed by the united states. he also said the u.s. should rely on power of north koreaa. as you watched the debate a lot of you were probably looking to see world health who -- who was in attendance. the camp invited basketball coach bobby knight, new jersey governor chris christie. casino mogul sheldon aankleson and former new york mayor rudy
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who brought his daughter. cuban is a vocal critic of trump. clinton also invited a 9/11 survivor and domestic violence survivor. three more debates before the general election. the vice presidential candidates debate a week from tonight. tampa's jill kelly is hoping privacy will become a topic of the next presidential debates. she was caught up in an former general david petraeus that led to his resignation in 2012. kelly believes the fbi mishandled the investigation that led up to the 2012 election. >> they allowed the director. cia stay compromised for six months until the election passed and created a side show to distract from the fact that our director was compromised, generals are being stalked.
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"collateral damage." she asked the fbi to investigate after receiving a threatening e-mail. that investigation led to the revelation of petraeus's affair with his biographer and his resignation. kelly claims the government leaked her identity to the media and made false and damaging allegations of what was in her e-mails during the investigation. she then filed a lawsuit. >> it was one thing i wanted every american to see that we're going to hold these government officials acun and i wanted my children to see their day in court to. see when someone abuses your right to privacy or any of your rights they will be held accountable. >> kelly later dropped the suit. now published her book. she says the country needs to talk about the government's invasion of privacy. 5:05. an important warning for parents in tarpon springs. detectives looking for a man they believe may have inappropriately touched a child and tried to take a picture. all of this happening in a busy department store.
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dunigan is live outside that tj maxx. investigatorshave a few clues? >> reporter: thankfully they do. the surveillance camera at the front of the store. investigators say the guy was caught on camera as he walked out of the front door. you can imagine parents hearing about this very scared this morning. if we can let's look at that surveillance picture. just released by police in tarpon springs. investigators say this all happened saturday afternoon right here in u.s. 19 and tarpon springs. detectives say the suspect may have gone into the restroom and touched that child and then tried to take a picture of the kid. they say the child is only 6 years old. parents we spoke with on edge this morning. >> hearing bad things about the town which is sad but it's scary you can't let your kids come shopping with you. >> reporter: certainly a scary thing for a number of parents
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bring this man right here in the picture in for questioning. anyone who may have information on who this guy is should contact tarpon springs police. back out here live, in the meantime, investigators say it should serve as another warning to parents to certainly watch their kids when they are out in public. for now reporting live in tarpon springs, rodney dunigan, abc action news. the coast guard is searching for 20 cuban migrants who vanished after their boat capsized off the florida coast. crews were able migrants on a small island near big pine key but still no sign of the others yet. the men rescued say they left cuba last tuesday with 23 people on board before their boat took on water. three bodies were found on saturday but we're still waiting now to hear if this is connected. 5:07. a family of four is forced out of their homes after a fire in spring hill. firefighters sent a photo of them giving oxygen to a dog they saved from the firefighter
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she suffered smoke inhalation, she's in the hospital in stable condition. crews say the dog and she will be ok. they are also now working to figure out what caused that fire. happening today -- the victims of june's pulse nightclub massacre will start receiving money from the orlando -- the one orlando fund. 29.5 million dollars is set to be distributed by friday. families of those killed will each receive $350,000. people injured or who were in the club during the shootings will receive and $300,000. one victim filed a lawsuit to delay the distribution questioning how the money is doled out. a 21-year-old man in pasco county accused of selling cocaine within feet of james marlowe elementary school. shane bibey has a history of run-ins with the law. he was also recently charged with aggravated stalking after sending several threatening text messages to a womannened a walking past her place of work
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facing charges after crashing his car into a marijuana over the weekend. this car was submerged, no one was inside and the rear window was broken. after police investigated david hughes admitted to texting while driving, crashing and walking home. he's charged with texting while driving and leaving the scene of an accident. 5:09. new data from the fbi shows violent crime rising across the country after years of declines. murder rates spik higher in 2015 than the previous year. violent crime overall is also up 4%. the fbi says the numbers are actually down though over a five-year and 10-year period. loretta lynch saying the data shows more work needs to be done. off to a pretty nice start to the day. right now we're dry at our beaches even though we had overnight showers and storms. they have fizzled out so if
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do have a slight chance for some isolated showers here in the first last of the day but more likely they will be developing around noon. so you've got good hours. we still make to it a high of 88. that happens to be the water temperature in the gulf now as well. the 7-day forecast looks at the tropics coming up. coming up -- was a disgruntled lawyer behind a mass shooting in houston? details on the suspect who was killed in a shootout. >> saving a life. there's an app for that. a police officer uses a common app to help save a suicidal
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5:14. police taking down a man accused of going on a shooting rampage in houston that wounded nine people. police say they found the suspect dead after a shootout in the upscale neighborhood. police believe a the suspect is police say he was wearing a military-style uniform with old nazi emblems. also found guns and ammunition. abc station in houston spoke to relatives of the man who owns the car. they say he was having financial trouble and may have -- had been behaving erratically. police haven't released his name officially. a tech savvy police officer is credited with saving a suicidal man's life at los angeles international airport
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the suicidal man spotted on the fifth floor ledge of a parking garage. threatening to jump. airport police arrived but soon realized they had a problem, the man only spoke korean. the officer pulled up the google translate app. he and others coaxed him to inch closer to safety distracting him long enough for another officer to grab him. that man was taken to a mental health facility. >> we're not here to rui that's what i signed up for. >> airport police say it's not the first time officers turned to smartphones to communicate with international travelers. >> it's a cool thing. >> smart. shay ryan in for ivan this morning. >> good morning. things are looking pretty decent. did you see any of the flashes of lightning when driving in this morning? >> i didn't. there were big storms yesterday afternoon. >> yeah. they were.
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those showers and storms that were closer to the coastline. we've got that west-to-east flow again. so if you're using your phone today and you happen to be using your stormshield app and watching where the showers and storms are developing, just know that it's a west-to-east flow so if you see something to your west, you know it's headed in your direction. otherwise we have a nice mix of sun and clouds throughout the day today starting with temperature in the mid-70s. we're going to top out near 90. again it's going to be a hot and steamy with our regular round of showers and storms. only about 30% coverage today so not everybody's getting wet. look at how the week continues. by thursday our coverage is up around 40%. we have a frontal boundary that is going to be approaching and with that we'll have higher coverage of showers and storms at least for a period of time in the afternoon. behind it though, by friday, slightly cooler start to the day. i'm not saying it's going to be anything really dramatic but we're going from the 70s, upper
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see fewer showers and storms through the afternoon behind this front. and check out saturday morning. you're waking up to 71. that is the kind of morning you want to head out for a bike ride or just a nice walk or jog. it's going to be beautiful in the mornings over the -- between friday and into sunday. then speaking of sunday, this is where we still want to keep an eye on the tropics. because by sunday we'll see whether or not this storm that is developing and could end up being our next numbered or named storm any time, whether north, which would keep it away from being any concern to us. so again we'll be monitoring this storm and by sunday we should know what direction it's heading in. this is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast by the way. again looking pretty typical for this time of year. not bad. >> 71. pretty cool. >> seems like a good morning. we're looking great on the roads as well. matt behind the wheel of the live drive cam, 2735 around
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downtown tampa. no crashes or breakdowns but he's driving around. if anything does happen he's going to let us know. let's talk about construction in the south tampa area. we have some emergency roadwork happening on henderson. this is just west of lois. we have both inside lanes taken away, both eastbound and westbound so expect a lot of congestion especially this morning and this afternoon. they are hoping to have this fixed by tonight. and reopen by tomorrow. we also have this proj mentioned this yesterday. macdill closed in both directions just north of bay- to-bay. this is the first morning you're going to have to deal with the closure. depending where you're coming from and where you're going take bay shore as an alternate or himes, even dale mabry. that will get you there. but remember this is a complete closure, both closed in both directions. this is going to last the next two weeks so get used to it. 5:18. more trouble at the washington
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future because of a broken elevator. it was shut down in mid-august when a cable broke loose on the elevator that takes visitors on a ride up 555 feet to the top floor. repairs were expected to be done by mid-september but they are taking longer than expected. contractors and consultants haven't figured out exactly what the problem is with the he -- elevator so the plan is towards a major overhaul which will take months. 5:19. we'll see the man get the scare of his -- film a bear digging through trash. a major new project in bradenton. a new hotel could get the green light today. >> first social media on fire during the presidential debate. what moments got the most attention? diane macedo and kendis gibson have the answers. >> reporter: in "tech bytes" -- the first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton was the most tweeted debate ever. >> what moments got twitter going most?
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>> trump's comments about the policing popsy stop and frisk was second. >> what do you think is number one? the most tweeted moment of the night came when trump said he has a good temperament. roku new streaming media players now for sale. >> ranging from $30 to $130. top of the line model streams 4k and hdr video and includes a usb port on the box. >> don't try this at home. a new video claims there's a hidden headphone jack in the new i-phone 7 that a y hole in your new phone. >> don't do it. it's a prank. the damage to your phone won't be covered by insurance. i really miss that -
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5:24 on this tuesday morning. happening today -- manatee county plans to build a new hotel. it would have 250 rooms, more than 17,000 square feet of public function space and including an 8,000 square footballroom and full service restaurant. the board of county commissioners will vote 1:30 this afternoon. cell phone video showing the moment a hungry bear gives a california man a square. that man was filming the wild animal foraging through a
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it didn't work so he ran to his house, luckily he made it safely. he said the event was more startling than scary for him. >> i was really not frightened. it was like whoa -- to me it was sort of like a mock charge. to scare me off or whatever. don't know if he would have continued if i stayed here. but i didn't wait. >> ramos says he's seen a tagged female despite the scary encounter he says he still enjoys the wildlife. governor rick scott plans to look at a toxic sinkhole in person today. more on big changes he's making. >> emotional moments for the marlins as they honor a fallen
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5:30 -- hillary clinton suspects donald trump may not be paying federal taxes. we'll fact-check that claim. >> trump heads to florida today. and where is hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail? and who is her running mate courting in orlando this
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talking about the debate. fact checks coming up momentarily. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. let's fact-check the forecast and your drive to work. >> driving to work looks great. i checked this all morning long. no crashes or breakdowns. looking good. >> let's not jinx things. things looking good weatherwise as well. we had showers and storms closer to the coastline but now as we look at temperatures across the area it's pretty comfortable out there. 74 lutz 69 and brandon 70. to the north in citrus county similar temperatures, near 70 degrees, homosassa 69. inverness at 72. in polk county, if you're heading out the door maybe for a nice bike ride this morning, nice and dry. 71 in winter haven. lakeland 72. polk city at 69. as we move through the day our best chances for rain before noon are going to be closer to the coastline. and then after noon we're going


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