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tv   Action News at 6AM  WFTS  September 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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have west-to-east moving showers and storms so we will even have a slight chance for something to develop closer to the coast, before noon. most of the storms are not going to develop until about noon and then continue to press inland through the day. we're going to top out near 90 so that means plenty of sunshine, heat and humidity. so pretty typical day and seems like so far this has been an above average commute. >> it's been very quiet. let's hope it matt is driving behind the wheel of our live drive cam looking for trouble spots. so far so good. right now he's on the courtney campbell causeway, traffic pretty light still this time of morning, still dark. hopefully you will get to work on time. we're not seeing delays out there. let's check the traffic cameras across the bay area, this is what it looks like, i-275 at gandy in pinellas county. up to speed in both directions,
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frankland bridge. this is what it looks like through plant city, thonotosassa road, i-4 looking great in both directions, no crashes or breakdowns from lakeland all the way in to downtown tampa. 23 minutes from county line road into downtown. 7 minutes down there at the bottom from 75 to 275. 6:01. we're digging into last night's jam packed first ever presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. reaction continues to pour in. >> n the debate. after the debate donald trump complained his microphone wasn't working properly. he said he wonders if it was done on purpose. he also said he didn't bring up president clinton's infidelity out of respect for their daughter chelsea. the two sparred over trump's refusal to release his tax
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mail controversy. >> he didn't pay federal income tax. >> that makes me smart -- >> that means zero for troops, zero for vets. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. >> at the digital dashboard we've been watching the moments you're still talking about. one of the top twee successful policing tactic but number one highlight is this one. >> i have much better judgment than she does. there's no question about that. i also have a better temperament than she has. i think my strongest asset maybe my far is my temperament. i have a winning temperament. i know how to win. >> social media representatives say trump captured 79% of
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and this was the most tweeted about debate in history. disappointment and more of the same. how some people at a debate watch party at the green iguana in ybor city felt about the showdown. many wanted more excitement and others wanted to know more about the candidates' feelings about medical marijuana. >> trump was a little reserved and the showmanship he like normally do. >> florida is a battleground state. some voters telling us despite both candidates making florida a frequent campaign stop this debate was the first time they felt donald trump was a real candidate. one woman saying his presentation won her vote in november. coming up at 6:30 -- all new fact checks on both candidates in this debate. there are three more debates before the general election, vice presidential elections tim kaine and mike pence will debate a week from
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trump will debate october 9th and 19th. a tampa woman who became caught up in an international scandal is speaking out in hopes that privacy will become a topic of debate for the presidential candidates. jimkelly believes the fbi mis -- jill kelly believes the fbi mince handled one investigation. >> what happened to me can happen to anybody. >> reporter: kelly claims the government leed damaging allegations what was in her e-mails after asking the fbi to investigate a threatening e-mail. it led to petraeus' affair with with his biographer and resignation from the cia. kelly filed a lawsuit but dropped it. she's not letting up though on her message. >> are e-mail communications deserve the same fourth
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get. >> kelly just self-published a book about her experience called "collateral damage." she also just returned from speaking at yale. 6:05. to a crime alert we just sent to parents around the bay area with our phone app. >> police are looking for this man you see here. who may have inappropriately touched a child and then tried to take the picture of that 6- year-old. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live maxx store where this happened. the guy was caught on surveillance images. it's a pretty good picture of him. >> reporter: that camera in front of the store. police say the guy was caught as he walked in front of this tj maxx store. pretty popular store as i understand in the area. investigators are hopeful that someone in the area watching
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may have actually gone into the restroom and touched this child and even tried to take a picture of that kid as well. they say the alleged victim in this case only 6 years old. investigators say this all happened saturday afternoon right at this tj maxx store off u.s. 19 in tarpon springs. parents we spoke with understandably concerned this morning. >> absolutely. i don't think i would let them out of my sight anymore, at that age. it's a >> reporter: here's another look at that suspect in this case. anyone who may have information about this case or who this guy is should contact tarpon springs police. back out here live investigators also tell us that this should serve as a major warning to parents to make sure if you're out in public with your kids to definitely keep a close -- a very close watch on them. live from tarpon springs,
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news. 6:06. this morning a family of four is forced out of their home after fire in spring hill. firefighters september us this photo of them giving oxygen to a dog they saved. they say a woman went back into the house to try to find the dog. she's hospitalized in stable condition now. crews say she and the dog are both ok though. they are working now to figure out what caused the fire. 6:07. happening today -- the injured and families of victims of the june pulse nightclub massacre in receive money from the one orlando fund. $29.5 million is set to be distributed by friday. families of those killed will each receive $350,000. people injured who -- who were in the club during the shootings will receive between $25,000 and $300,000 but there's a chance it won't happen today. one victim filed a lawsuit to delay the distribution questioning how the money is being given away. attorneys say they want an
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we shouldn't have to -- treating us wrong. >> emotional call for change in charlotte. still to come -- the one thing that people now say has to happen after a police shooting death brings tensions to a boiling point. >> an alarming crime trend. new findings in our country may be getting more violent. the one silver lining leaders
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in charlotte people are calling for the city's mayor and police chief to resign. >> the demands come after an emotional city council meeting last night. >> just to say that our fathers and mothers are killed and we can't see them anymore. >> people, people, y'all! >> listen! >> families! >> iee the meeting. dozens refused to stand for the pledge and it only escalated from there and protesters called charlotte city council members incompetent and failure for the way the protests were handled. it stems from the police shooting death of keith lamont scott. new data from the fbi shows violent crime is rising across the country after years of declines. the trend in murder rates spiking nearly 11% higher in 2015 than the previous year.
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are actually down if you look over a five-year and 10-year period. the attorney general loretta lynch saying the data still shows we have a lot of work to do. the weather is looking pretty decent if you're heading out the door. 6:12 now. if you need to walk the dog or go for a bike ride this morning. things are looking pretty good. our best chance of a shower or isolated storm in the first half of the day is going to be along the coast. you can see why. starting to see a rain just northwest of honeymoon island bubbling you up but not looking at anything that is too widespread. i'll have the 7-day forecast coming up in a bit. also coming up -- an officer saves a man's life with the help of google. the app he used to defuse a tense situation that could have easily turned tragic. >> a man nearly falls into a raging creek. what he blames for making him
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we're learning more about the man accused of opening fire at a shopping center in houston yesterday. video shows police taking down that suspect. he was killed during a shootout after they say he wounded nine people. the property manager at gunman's home says in august he pointed an assault style rifle at roofers. apparently there was not enough evidence to press charges. authorities haven't identified the suspect. the coast guard is searching nor 20 cuban migrants who vanished after their boat capsized off the cuban coast. three of them were found but no sign yet of the others.
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before their boat began taking on water. tech savvy police officer credited with saving a life at the los angeles airport. the suicidal man spopted on the ledge of this parking garage five stores up. airport police officers realized they had a problem, that man only spoke korean. so officer mike deer pulled up the google translate app. he and others distracted him enough able to grab him and took him to a mental health facility. 6:17. scary moments for a driver trapped in flooding in texas. you can see the driver here, he's standing on top of that car there. firefighters trying to rescue him. they extended that ladder to him but he slipped as they tried to grab it, almost falls into the raging creek. tries again and then watch what happens. luckily he's able to hold on, gets back on the top of his car
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shoelace and grabbed a second time. he said his navigation app led him straight into the high waters. >> reminder even if your navigation tells you to drive in -- if you see the water turn around. you don't want to be caught in that situation of course. 89 degrees as the high today. looking at plenty of heat. plenty of sunshine but we have a west-to-east flow so we'll have a chance of showers closer half of the day. the showers and storms moving inland through the afternoon. so if you happen to be checking your stormshield app and see a shower that is off to your west, you can be pretty sure it's headed in your direction. today the temperatures are starting off in the mid-70s. topping out near 90 so yeah, the heat and humidity are sticking around. the weather looking pretty typical for this time of year. maybe above average temperatures for the next few days but by thursday we've got a front and we're going to have
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the drier air. i'm not going to say it's going to be a massive cooldown but i think it will be noticeable for the morning so the mornings are going to be a little cooler, and only a few showers and storms through the afternoon with a little less humidity. so check out friday morning. waking up to 73, even better by saturday morning with a low of 71. then topping out at 86 so temperatures really getting closer to average where we should be this time of year. again with the lower humidity i think you're going to notice it's feeling the weekend. that's florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. now janelle, what is going on with the traffic? are things getting busy? yeah, all the main roads still looking good. matt is driving around letting us know what is going on. if he sees trouble spots he'll let us know about it here. we're checking out the cameras
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through downtown. if you're in south tampa we have construction that you need to know about, we have emergency roadwork happening on henderson just west of lois. inside lanes in both directions taken away so expect some congestion this morning and also for the evening commute. they are hoping to have that wrapped up by this evening. we have this project we told you about yesterday on macdill closed now in both directions, just north of bay-to-bay. have to deal with this. you're going to want to use an alternate depend depending on where you're coming from and where you're going. himes or even dale mabry could get you around this. keep in mind it will last the next two weeks. 6:20. still ahead -- a scary run-in with wildlife. cell phone video capturing a charging bear.
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mom behind a wildly popular blog is out with a new book about seemingly perfect parenting. diane macedo has the story. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look," the mom behind mommy shorts is pulling back the curtain on seemingly perfect parenting. instead a woman sharing hilarious realities of raising kids. in the new book mommy parenting. she advocates a laid back approach to parenting is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. unattachment, free range and helicopter parents, she says put labels aside, we all have the same issues. and telling parents it's ok to hand over the i-pad so you can get rest in the morning. or if your bathroom sink looks like a scene from "the bachelor" or if your toddler's dinner is mostly ketchup. coming up at 7:00 a.m.
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6:25. this is video of a hungry bear that gave a california man quite a scare. the man says he spotted that bear foraging through a garbage can. he starts recording on his cell but look what happened when the bear spotted him.
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>> the man tries to sound off an airhorn, that doesn't work so he runs, makes it to his house safely. he says the event for him was more startling than scary. >> i really wasn't frightened. so me it was sort of like a mock charge. to scare me off or whatever. i don't know if he would have continued if i stayed here but i didn't >> frank ramos says he has seen a tagged female bear several times but this was a bit bigger. >> i would stay far away it from. >> exactly. as far as the weather goes this morning. bus stop forecast looking pretty good to start the day. you are might encounter a
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county over the next half-hour or so. but other than that things looking really dry. by the time the kids are getting home from school we'll have scattered showers and storms possible across the area and highs near 90. another hot day ahead. so far so good on the interstates. here's a live look at i-275 at ashley. your drive through downtown looks good. we are hearing of a crash involving a school bus in brooksville. we're working to details now. we'll have the latest coming up in a few minutes. also coming up -- at 6:30, fact-checking last night's debate and the two attacks coming from both sides. did donald trump root for the economy to collapse? did hillary clinton flip flop on a controversial trade deal? >> the moving moment on the diamond. touching tribute for late pitcher jose fernandez and the way at least one player was
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you heard what i said about it and all of a sudden you were against it. >> donald, i know you live in your own reality. >> the first face-off head-to- head. who won? and who got caught stretching the truth? >> 6:30 we're holding the candidates accountable. fact-checking the attacks from last night's recordbreaking debate and helping fill in important details they seem to be leaving out. thank you for joining us on this morning after this tuesday. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are both calling for the other to be fact-checked. we're doing that this morning. first a check on the traffic and weather together. we're hearing of a serious crash in brooksville involving a school bus. captain al is on the way now so we'll have the latest coming up in a few minutes. >> as far as the weather goes, the weather shouldn't contribute to problems. we're dry across the area.
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just off-shore that are trying to develop, so far not holding together very well. if we do see any rain in the first half of the day it will be closer to the coastline. check out the temperatures though, 71 in frostproof and sebring. wachula 71. brooksville, 69 degrees. right now in osprey 76 so our temperatures starting off pretty close to average if not a little above. we have just a slight chance for that coastal shower early. by noon we'll start to see more showers and storms bubbling up. then becoming more widespread as they move inland through the afternoon. with only 30% coverage though we still got a lot of sunshine and that will leave us with highs near 90. so janelle, what is going on with this situation in brooksville now? >> as a parent you hear school bus crash and everyone pays attention. we're working to get more details. there are injuries involved but we also know there was a car that hit the school bus and then ended up under it.
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fhp now. captain al is on the way and hopefully we'll bring you live pictures in a minute. it's at mondon hill road and weatherly road. mondon is closed due to the serious nature of this accident. we don't know if kids were on board. or where the us about was going but again we're working to get details. as soon as we get more information we'll get it to you here and on twitter @tampabaytraffic. a crash in hillsborough, u.s. 41 northbound just north of 275, seeing a little bit of a slow june in the northbound lanes. elsewhere on the interstates we're in pretty good shape, up to speed about everywhere, this is i-4 around thonotosassa road, it's still about 22 minutes to get back and forth between county line road and downtown tampa. again captain al is on the way to the crash. as soon as we get more information we'll let you know. back to you. i have a feeling by the end of this evening i'm going to be
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ever happened. >> why not? >> why not? yeah. why not? [ laughter ] -- just join the debate by saying more crazy things. >> the attacks starting early during the first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> they clashed over taxes, temperament, terrorism and racial issues during their 90- minute showdown but we want to focus now on the the top two issues that matter most to you and your family. >> politifact is helping us evaluate comments. >> james tully joins us in studio. what are the top two topics? >> economy and trade, affect us all and they were focal points early. hillary clinton took aim at trump over the housing crisis. >> if fact donald was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis. he said in 2006, gee i hope it collapses because then i can >> in and buy some and make some money.
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>> it's called business. >> clinton's statement rated mostly true. they say he made the comments during an interview for an auto book for trump university. he talked about investing in real estate but not rumoring for the entire economy to crash. donald trump says she flip flopped on support for the transpacific partnership. a trade agreement that could have a >> you called it the gold standard of trade deals. you said it's the finest deal you've ever seen. >> donald trump's statement rated mostly true. in australia you a she talked about this. once it was finalized and presented to congress clinton pulled her support. the transpacific partnership is an agreement between the u.s. and 12 other countries that border the pacific and has not
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this time. in the studio, james tully. back to you. both donald trump and hillary clinton return to the campaign trail today. in a nod to how important our state is donald trump will make his first post debate appearance in florida. he'll be at the melbourne airport tonight at 7:00. a key reason he likely chose melbourne is because brevard county is a republican dominated county. tim kaine will wrap up three days of campaigning in florida today. yesterday he visited the pulse nightclub memorial. tim kaine, bilingual, will visit a south florida neighborhood this morning that has a growing puerto rican population. hillary clinton will make her first post debate appearance this afternoon at a community college in raleigh, north carolina. her campaign says she's going to outline her vision for america that puts families first. she's coming to florida friday. governor rick scott will
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sinkhole today. -- mosaic sinkhole today. it's a day after he made a change to pollution notification laws. today the governor will get a briefing on how the company plans to do a better job. dep and mosaic say they are still successfully collecting and containing contaminated water from the aquifer. 125 tests from nearby wells are completed and 300 tests are still into last night the miami marlins paid a tribute to jose fernandez who died over the weekend. this magical moment honoring the one-time tampa bay area baseball player, dee gordon, a lefty batted right-handed in tribute to fernandez. also wore fernandez' batting helmet and batted a home run. heading to the dugout and
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>> after the game players left hats on the mound in tribute to fernandez. he was a graduate of alonso high school in tampa. he and two friends died in a boating accident sunday. he leaves behind girlfriend. saving animals. the way citrus county pet lovers plan to prevent perfectly healthy dogs and cats from being euthanized. >> a canine escape artist caught on camera. impressive obstacles this dog
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6:40. citrus county animal lovers insisting changes be made at the nearby shelter. >> they say perfectly healthy cats and dogs are being euthanized. advocates plan to protest before speaking at the commission meeting. a canine jail break caught on camera in california. surveillance video tipping off
6:41 am
shepherd was breaking out. she originally thought someone was breaking in. not only did the dog manage to get out of the kennel but somehow got through three doors including one with a handle that had to be turned. ginger was eventually found not far from her previous home. still ahead -- not so finger licking good. the kfc location to avoid after our latest "dirty dining"
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good morning. we're following a school bus crash in hernando county. in brooksville. we know there are injuries reported with this crash. still trying to figure out if there were kids on board. what school the bus was going to and other information. fhp is getting reports this involved a car that struck a school bus and is now stuck underneath. this happened at mondon hill road and mondon hill is closed now. captain al should arrive shortly and brick us more details. right now mondon hill is closed. we're working to get more details to figure out exactly what happened there. we have some construction in tampa, henderson boulevard just west of lois. inside lanes closed in both directions. they are hoping to have this wrapped up by later on tonight. of course we have that project in south tampa, macdill avenue closed now in both directions.
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around that. let check with action air 1, captain al over the school bus crash now. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning. we're just arriving so you're going to hear as i describe it. as we get over the top of the scene. there's a school bus on mondon hill road. you can see the hernando county fire department adjacent to it as well. don't -- oh there's the vehicle in the right rear of the school bus. not sure we're just arriving. as you correctly said, mondon hill is closed in both directions, however it's somewhat of a rural road 98, 84 miles east of downtown brooksville. we'll share you details as soon as they become available. here's shay with the forecast. i have been watching titan doppler radar, and as we scan the skies live we're seeing mostly dry conditions and rivergate tower tampa camera also showing sunshine and partly cloudy skies across
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we're just starting to see somelight there on the horizon. as the sun tries to come up. you can see looking pretty dry across the area, as we move north into pasco county we have rain that is just off-shore, in fact i'm seeing quite a few lightning strikes too so you're probably hearing the thunder in new port richey. so in between new port richey and bayonet point we have showers and thunderstorms moving onshore. waste west-to-east flow today. so if you see rain to the west you know it's headed in direction. as we look farther south across i-75 and sarasota county we have some showers moving inland there. the best chance for rain today will be closer to the coastline. by noon it's bubbling up across the i-75 corridor, then firing up quite a bit more as it presses inland through about 4:00 today. then we'll continue to see the hit or miss showers and storms in all areas possible through sunset. after that starts to taper off and we're pretty dry overnight with the exception of the
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showers and storms which continue to line up closer to the coastline into tomorrow morning as well. as far as the tropics go, continuing to monitor this storm now, it's not numbered or named but we're going to keep an eye on it, it's likely to become matthew at some point over the next couple of days as it makes its west to northwesterly path over thelyward islands. expected to hook north. if that happens we'll know that by late this week or into early this weekend. we'll be in the clear. if not we'll need watching it. check out the 7-day forecast, big highlight for the week, a frontal system that is going to move through on thursday. behind it lower temperatures in the morning, lower humidity and a beautiful fall weekend ahead. back to you. 6:47. unpleasant surprise in some bay area beaches. a red tide bloom is hitting manatee and sarasota counties especially hard. the algae is killing hundreds
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anna maria island, the stench is gagging beach goers. it's safe to swim but you don't want to touch the dead fish. if you have trouble breathing you also want to stay away. fish and wildlife officials say a red tide recently took a full year to clear out. a floating home started to sink two years ago even though it was supposed to last 88 years. a contractor built an entirely new flotation system for the house using steel beams and 64- foot-tall fir trees. a diver had to guide under the home which was delicate because the sinking home weighs 36,000 pounds. the entire project cost about $70,000. "sports illustrated" is paying tribute to the memory of arnold palmer. this marks the 12th time palmer graced the grace cover of "sports illustrated." many remember him for mainly tournaments and others remember him for the namesake drink. it was a mix of lemonade and
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golf course with him in a thermos. it's become known since as the arnold palmer. jetblue is adding a cross- country route between orlando and l.a. it will be one flight round trip daily. it boosts the carrier's presence in orlando, and now flies non-stop to more than two dozen destinations. florida representative peters and clearwater police are teeming up to highlight the they are having drug education programs. there are prizes. we'll learn more at a news conference at 1:30 this afternoon in crestlake park in clearwater. high school students may need to rethink part of their daily schedule. they are not getting enough exercise and that could affect them for the rest of their lives. in the journal pediatrics, researchers followed 500 10th graders for four years and found fewer than 9% were getting the recommended 60 minutes of daily exercise.
6:50 am
in high school continued that trend even after graduation. it's 6:50. we have a double helping of "dirty dining." >> state inspectors found not so finger licking good stuff at a kfc in ruskin. they found roaches crawling near the food there. on september 13th, investigators saw 18 live and dead roaches in one kfc, and it had to shut down. kfc spokesperson sent a statement that reads in part -- inspectors also closed the beef o' brady's auburndale location due to conditions that could make you sick. the one on west polk street had dozens of live roaches crawling
6:51 am
temporarily after discovering rodents in the kitchen. heather boggs, vice president of marketing sent a statement that reads in part -- >> to see responses head to the second portillo's restaurant in the entire state of florida will soon open on university mall. soon after 10:00. it's only the second location in the entire state. the first one opened in brandon last april. taking action for you now with information on what you can do to find the right credit card. first get a copy of your free credit report. nerd wallet says there are three types of credit cards. ones that improve credit.
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earn rewards. once you determine which one you want do your research to make sure you find the one with the lowest interest rate and don't forget to check those annual fees. to save money on car insurance, driving record is not all you have to worry about. a a study suggests that income plays an even more important role. the study shows it happened 70% of the time. a trade group though main edith trainor, a bay area woman proving it's never too late to work out and lift weatsz. in fact she holds a world record for dead lifting, and she's 95 years old! she said she started to lift weights just four years ago. and months later set the world record for her age dead lifting 135 pounds. this morning edith will try to break another record during hillsborough county's annual
6:53 am
competition starts 8:00. good luck. 6:52. >> abc action news bringing you what you need to know before you head out. we start with the first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. temperament, taxes, race relations, just a few of the issues they clashed over in their first head-to-head. while the face-off was packed with numerous attacks the two end the the debate agreeing to accept the win of either candidate. the next debate is october 9th. warning for parents tarpon springs, detectives looking for the man in this picture, they say he may have inappropriately touched a 6- year-old and then tried to take a picture of that child. it happened inside the restroom at a busiy tj maxx off u.s. 19. caught on camera as he walked out the front door. governor rick scott will get a firsthand look at the mosaic sinkhole today. he's expected to take an aerial tour and get a briefing from the company. the visit comes a day after he made a change to pollution notification laws forcing
6:54 am
about accidents earlier. today the victims of june's pulse nightclub massacre will start receiving money from the one orlando fund. $29.5 million will be distributed by friday. one of the victims though filed a lawsuit to delay the distribution until that fund can be audited. manatee county officials could approve a plan to build a hotel next to the bradenton area convention center. that 250-room hotel would include more than 17,000 square feet for meetings and 8,000 square restaurant. hillsborough county schools are holding the first of three transportation town hall meetings tonight. district officials are hoping that all transportation employees will be there. tonight's meeting starts 6:00 at middleton high school. there will also be meeting next month. pinellas county commissioners will take a vote on the budget for the 2017 fiscal year. that meeting set to start 6:00 tonight. fiscal year starts this saturday october 1st. now to an update on a bus crash, action air one over the
6:55 am
us? >> reporter: this bus is going eastbound on mondoh hill road and east of brooksville. the car slammed into the back right rear of the bus into the driver's window. not sure of injuries, doesn't appear the bus was damaged nor were there students on it. you can see heavy damage to the vehicle. fhp on scene already, they are beginning the investigation. we don't have details and we'll continue to follow it. here's janelle with more traffic. on the bridges, if you're driving across the water, you have a smooth ride. sunshine skyway looks great, so does the howard frankland. just 7 minutes to get across, less than 10 across the gandy bridge and courtney campbell. your drive on i-4 starting to slow down a little, 33 minutes from county line road and 13
6:56 am
showers and storms are moving onshore. it's a west-to-east flow new port richey. other than that we're dry, a few showers in sarasota county but they are starting to dry out. throughout the day temperatures starting off near 70 degrees. to the upper 70s along the coast, topping out near 90 and we'll have a round of showers and storms this afternoon as well no big surprise. a big surprise for a couple in new york. taking wedding photos over the weekend in central park jogger approached. took off his hat and said i'm tom hanks. >> the act -- actor known as nicest guy in hollywood. he asked if they needed a minister because he got order yapped to officiate a friend's wedding last year. he spent less than $40, he said i studied the ministry for over $35.
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good morning, america. a fierce historic debate. >> well, donald, i know you live in your own reality. >> she doesn't have the looks. she doesn't have the stamina. >> hillary clinton and donald trump go head-to-head for the first time in front of their families in what could be the largest audience ever >> trading blows on taxes. >> they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax, so -- >> that makes me smart. >> the war on terror. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> and iraq. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. >> that is absolutely proved over and over again. >> wrong. >> both candidates getting personal. >> i have a feeling that by the


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