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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 28, 2016 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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sa saudi arabia in u.s. court. that decision a blow to families. her husband, tom, was working on the 104th floor in the tower of the world trade center on september 11th, 2001. >> fighting for this for over a decade for justice for the
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>> reporter: today, congress takes its first step to override that veto with a vote in the senate followed by a vote in the house later this week. in two-thir two-thirds majority is needed, and if successful, turns bill into law giving president obama his first veto override. five of the 19 hijackers were citizens of saudi arabia, but there was no evidence that senior saudi officials funded the attacks. the bill passed summer, a rare point of agreement alongside a divided congress.
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personnel at personnel at risk. saudi arabia is a key u.s. ally in the middle east, and president obama worries the bill would upset a long term precedent sparking retaliation against citizens and government in foreign court. >> it would increase the risk that is facing our service members and diplomats. >> reporter: the bill is another step in the pursuit of justice for her husband, tom. >> she lived by the motto, do the right thing, and this is congress doing the right thing, so he would be really proud of it. >> reporter: congressional leadership says they should have the two-thirds majority to override the veto by the end of the week. this bill is likely to become law without a president's signature. diane, kendis. thank you. cedar rapids iowa is breathing a sigh of relief as the barriers held back. residents heeded the orders leaving iowa's second biggest city nearly desserts. the river is high throughout the end of the week, but as an official put it, cedar rapids dodged a big bullet. one person's dead after a massive typhoon hit eastern china. the typhoon megi killed four in
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mainland in china bringing waves and strong wind and buildings collapsed as well, and megi is now a tropical storm. billionaire founder of spacex has sights set on the goal of going to mars speaking at a space conference in mexico, musk outlined plans for flights to the red planet starting in 2024. >> some of his rockets are still blowing up on the launch pad, so husk admits that going to mars will >> basically, are you prepared to die? then that's okay, then, you know, you're a candidate for going. >> okay. >> blunt. saying it's an incredible adventure, though, and colonization of mars within a century, but the ceo admits that might be optimistic. >> envisioning a self-sustaining city on mars with iron boundaries and pizza.
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coming up, hollywood heavy weight, tom hanks, goes to washington there to throw support behind an often forgotten group of care givers. a visit with one of our favorite guests, a detroit mom talking about games guaranteed to put a smile on your face. here's a look at today's temps. "world news now weather"
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d of you, try mucinex 12-hour. only mucinex has a unique bi-layer tablet. the white layer releases immediately. mucinex is absorbed 60 percent faster than store brands. while the blue extended release layer lasts a full 12 hours. relieve chest congestion with mucinex, and enjoy living well. clroyals begin day five of e eight-day trip in can ka, and yesterday started with a visit to a university in british columbia. >> they follow in the footsteps of queen elizabeth, visiting a telegraph office. here at home, millions of up sung heros on the home front are recognized by a new campaign spearheaded by a former senator
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>> here's the latest now from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. oscar winner, tom hanks, took a break tuesday making his way to capitol hill visiting the nation's capitol to launch a national campaign for military care givers. they are spouses, mothers, fathers, and other loved ones, serving our country not on the battlefield, but in a different way, caring for our wounded warriors at home. the hidden awareness to nearly 6 million people who care for our injured and ill veterans across the country. one of the biggest names in hollywood chairs it. >> it is one of the greatest love stories ever told, not because of the devotion between them and their veterans, but because of all the sacrifices and heart ache experienced by these hidden heros and their warriors have been made on behalf of each of us.
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created by senator elizabeth dole's foundation was inspired by military families she met when her husband, bob dole, was hospitalized. >> she was, in two words, pretty convincing, and it's hard to say anything to her other than, senator, what do you need from me? >> reporter: the two leading the charge complete with movie references. >> life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going well, i don't want to disagree with forest, but the truth is, when i asked t when i asked tom hanks to chair our hidden heros campaign, i knew exactly what we were getting. >> reporter: an as for tom hanks, he couldn't avoid a trip
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speak out and the speak out an stories. dye diane, kendis? >> 6 million care givers here in the u.s. >> look iing at the former senator, the retired senator, elizabeth dole, looking great considering she's 80 out there trying to help others. so is bob dole. >> apparently the other ladies commented, but he says people may not realize how much small contributions help. in terms of helping care givers, just giving them a ride, helping with groceries, or offering the care giver a job is a huge contribution for an effort like this. >> a good effort. coming up, the return of family game night. >> turning to indoor activities, we check out the latest and funniest games for the whole family that need no batteries and no plugs.
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with with the weather getting cooler and days getting shorter, many of us move activities back indoors, which means it's a great time to resurrect game night. our toy insider joins us now with the season's funniest games. good morning. >> good morning.
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everything here is under $25. you don't see in devices, no batteries, good old-fashioned fashion-to-face silly fun. >> you don't have to search for batteries when you can't find them. >> right. this is proven, a group gets together, and someone has to prove it. so, we start by spinning this little spinner. we were a group, i was the challenger, and this landed on you, i would be challenging you. >> okay. >> there's four different categories to choose from. we have we have know-how. we have a love card and a team card to play, but i might find the mad skill card that says, i wonder if you could put this spoon on your nose, and i'm going to say i can hole it for five seconds. you say, i can hold it for ten seconds. >> i one up you or prove it? >> which one? >> i can hold for seven seconds. >> prove it.
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six, seven. so you get the round. >> ta-da zplchlt. >> it's a fun game. this is taco takeover zplp oh. >> we each get our taco, and our recipe card. you have yours. i have mine. >> did you arrange this? i got the vegan special. somewhere gibson's laughing at me right now. >> what we want to do is find everything that's on our recipe card. turn over the i have beef. i get to keep this card. >> no beef. >> if you have it, put the card over there, and neither one of us can use it. >> oh. >> there's fun cards in here. we have our loco card. >> oh, that sounds fun. >> then i get all your toppings. then there's this card -- >> that's not a a good card. >> no, no, then i lose the hand. >> no one wants that. >> no, no, no.
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go hog wild with this one. this is pass the pig, big pig. we have these two pigs, feel them. they are actually the dice. >> oh. >> throw them up in the air, throw them, but give them a quick throw, see how they land. >> making pigs fly. >> makings a sheet over here. we would have to figure it out here, so the goal is to get 100 points, but there are a few compromising positions these pigs land in that you get no points. you lose your points. you have to decide if you want to keep going or stop. >> we can't show some of these. okay. moving on. >> we love sure raids, right? >> of course. cher raids, what's better than a rubber chicken. this is a chick't we can't speak, but with can squeak. i take a card, and i have to use this prop. maybe i do this.
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that was good. that was quick. last one. i move this out of the way because -- >> this is dangerous. >> yeah. you remember pie face from last year. >> yeah. >> everyone loved it. that was a game of luck. now we compete. this is high stakes showdown. we are going to go face-to-face -- >> literally. >> how much whipped cream. you say when. >> i think that's good. that's good i'd say. >> there's a button on the side. put faces on. together, together. >> i lost, but i dodged the whipped cream. >> dodged the whipped cream. whoever pushes the fastest? >> the fastest. >> oh, well, that could have -- well, i will reap the benefits anyway. thank you so much for being here. this is a great toy insider, great having you, and don't forget, check out these games and lots of others on laurie's
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? ? ? ? so, kendis challenged me to a spoon off. but i discovered he was cheating and looking for gum to put on the back. >> i'm going to sneeze. [ laughter ] it doesn't really work that well when you're -- ? ? >> i didn't think you would do very well at that game. >> for sure. >> okay. so next segment, two truths and a why, a woman on the other handed a pizza, but gets something different and a group of teenagers doing good deeds. >> tcan those be topped by a talking dog?
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good morning, will. >> reporter: kendis, diane, you're starving, order lunch online, wait patiently, and when it arrives, it's not what you wanted. the worst, right? well, maybe not. a san jose native ordered chicken wings from dominos, but what she got instead was thousands of dollars in cold hard cash. she immediately called the store in hopes of getting in touch with a manager, and eventually, she was able to return the money, but for her good deed, her own off with pay and dominos is giving her free pizza for a year. talk about taking home some serious dough. next, a story that's really been growing like a weed on line. this lawn care service is nonprofit with young volunteers cutting the grass of those who need it. it was started in alabama when
2:57 am
struggling. today, they mow 100 yards a month for the elderly, disabled, single parent homes, and veterans all for free. thanks to donations on kick starter it drove volunteers to sign up on facebook, they now have chapters in seven states there. no slow mow there. get it? like slow mowing the lawn? why? dogs struggle with stay and shake, but why speak full sentences in english? i don't know. look at this video of him reminding his mom that e he loves her. >> mom, mom, mom, love you! >> aside from speaking, he's a full-time model on instagram with 55,000 followers. kendis, diane, did you ask your dog to speak and he did, or is that just a marcel thing?
2:58 am
thing. >> it doesn't work. >> your rabbit.
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this morning on "world news now," back on the trail. >> presidential candidates wasting no time getting to the battleground states after the record debate telling supporters they came out on top. full coverage and surprising endorsement ahea middle east. former israeli leader peres has died. reactions coming in from around the world after the passing of a nobel peace prize winner whose life was that imitation. >> then -- >> we have to protest because y'all treating us wrong. >> an emotional plea of a young girl in charlotte, words, tears, and public meeting after the death of keith scott, and last
3:01 am
up. the guy who planned to pop the question at yankee stadium, but let's say things did not go as smoothly as he hoped. we'll tell you the rest on this wednesday, september 28th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> crime in the bronx is getting out of hand. the ring goes poof. all right. good morning, everyone, i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. we begin this halfou more jabs from the presidential nominees following the most watched debate in u.s. history. 84 million people. >> amazing. that is bigger than the oscars,
3:02 am
embarrass his opp embarrass hi. hillary clinton, beaming, clearly pleased with her debate performance. here's more. >> did anybody see that debate last night? [ cheers and applause ] oh, yeah! one down, two to go. >> reporter: hillary clinton rallying supporters while on the road in north carolina. meanwhile, donald trump also th relishing the debate in florida. >> we won every poll. >> reporter: on "fox & friends" playing defense, on clinton's attack about former miss universe, trump doubled know, she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. >> reporter: the clinton camp, armed and ready with this ad in response. miss piggy, hello, miss housekeeping. >> reporter: the attacks followed exchanges so out of place, they had the audience laughing, even though they were supposed to remain quiet. >> i have a feeling by the end the evening, i'm going to be
3:03 am
>> yeah, why not. >> reporter: challenging on the tax returns. >> when he's not turned them over to state authorities trying to get a casino license, and showed he's not paid any income tax. >> that makes me smart. >> reporter: quick will fire back. >> i'll release tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. as soon as she releases them, i will release. i will release my tax >> reporter: we can expect to hear more fiery arguments between trump and clinton as they square off two more times, but the vice presidential candidates square off in virginia next tuesday. plenty to look forward to. >> that, indeed. thank you. hillary clinton, in the meantime, picked up the endorsement of the arizona republic newspaper, the first time the newspaper backed a democrat for president in the 126-year history.
3:04 am
quoting here, the only choice to move america ahead. they said trump is not conservative and not qualified, and it asked the question, whose hand do you want on the nuclear butt button? breaking news from the middle east where the former israeli leader has died. peres served twice as prime minister and later as the president. >> most notable accomplishment on the international stage negotiating the oslow p accords, won the nobel peace prize because of that along with leaders of israel ale liberation organization. president obama released a statement praising peres saying he changed the course of human history. he died after suffering a stroke. he was 93 years old. extremely hot and dry conditions aiding wildfires burning in northern california. the largest in the santa cruz mountains where hundreds of residents have been ordered to
3:05 am
acres and dest acres and destroyed one home. it's 10% contained, and the weather is not likely to help soon. good morning. >>ed good morning. let me explain how serious this is. take a look at our threat weather between severe, orange, and exceptional, which is darker red. you notice where that's located along the west coast including los angeles area. there's a range between se view to exceptionally and extreme conditions relating to the drought conditions exasperating these we need a hoping hand from mother nature. there's scattered showers developing, but not over the region where we need to help. it stays dry there. >> thank you. in the midwest, the floods in cedar rapids, iowa preparation paid off. it crested a foot below expectations, but the flood barriers held back the water. downtown cedar rapids was mostly empty yesterday as people obeyed evacuation orders. the water will be at flood stage
3:06 am
evacuation of the charlotte police headquarters. >> a suspicious package was removed last night by a bomb robot after a bomb snitching dogs alerted authorities to it. the package was then taken to a remote location. for a moment, a scene focused on one of the youngest residents. >> a 9-year-old expressing her feelings in the unrest following scott's shooting and mak emotional appeal for peace. >> i've come here today to talk about how i feel. >> reporter: little 9-year-old taking the podium before the cameras in charlotte city counsel with help from her brother and encouragement from a crowd, eager to hear her words. >> we shouldn't have to protest because y'all treating us wrong. we do this because we need to
3:07 am
>> reporter: quieting that room with a simple message. >> our fathers and mothers, and we can't even see them anymore. it's a shame we have to go through that graveyard and bury. them. we have tears, and we shouldn't have tears. we need our fathers and mothersr to be by our sides. >> reporter: the little girl stepping down from that podium into a warm as the city begins to heal, some call for the resignation of the mayor and police chief. the naacp delivering a list of demands. abc news, charlotte, north carolina. wells fargo sales scandal is going to cost its ceo $41 million. that's how much stock and salary the ceo is forfeiting after the program encouraged employees to open accounts for customers without their authorization. the executive in charge of the part of the bank's operation
3:08 am
left wells fargo without severance or compensation. the ceo is scheduled to testify again on capitol hill tomorrow. a consumer alert. tyson foods recalls more than 132,000 pounds of chicken nuggets after receiving reports that plastic was found in some of the nuggets. the five pound bags of fully cooked nuggets were sold in costco stores nationwide. all the information is on our website, new this morning, the of the new york city bombing suspect reveals new details about his son. he tells abc's brian ross in the months before the devices went off in new york and new jersey, the younger rahami became increasingly secretive, replacing locks on his door. he says no one in the family had no idea what his son was planning. more on that interview coming up on "good morning america," but the fbi released a new photo of
3:09 am
cooker bomb that did not go off. they had a piece of luggage, removed the explosive inside, and then left with just the lugga luggage. here in new york, a different kind of investigation had to go down after a man's first worst fears possibly were realized. >> yeah. look at the guy with the yankee jersey looking dejected because the engagement ring he brought to the today stadium for his girlfriend somow lost. the announcers had some fun with it. >> they literally can't find the ring. oh. yeah, she is looking -- they are all looking for a diamond, allegedly, a diamond ring. >> oh, my word. >> whoops. >> so the search continues for a while as you can see. a few rows of people were involved. >> you can hear the announcers are wondering is there actually
3:10 am
along, however, you can see the crowd goes wild as the ring is found. >> and she said no. >> no, she said yes, she said yes! >> can you imagine? oh. >> not only did he win the big yes, and she won the ring, of course, and the joy of marrying him. >> yeah. >> but the yankees won against the red sox, 6-4. ha-ha! >> that's great unles red sox fan. >> so sweet. we're talking about yankee fans proposing in yankee stadium. >> all right. >> and i don't care about the red sox. sorry. >> wow. boston. >> no, you don't. >> coming up, just mogoing to me on because there's going to be a lot of hate on twitter for you p. >> for me? i see. not hating, just having yankee pride. a child born with the help of three parents.
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scaffold scaffolding on a high tower in tie won collapsed at megi, a typhoon, left the country today.
3:15 am
and hundreds injured. scientists announced the world's first baby born from a new technique combining dna from three people. the baby boy and parents were treated in mexico by an american medical team. >> the dna came from mom and dad, but one piece of the mother's dna was swapped out of that for an egg donor to prevent the child from developing his mother's fatal developmental diso than a week at sea after his fishing boat sank is now talking with the coast guard. >> after searching 62,000 square nautical miles, the search has been called off. >> reporter: relief and gratitude from family and friends who call this an answer to their prayers. 22-year-old finally back on land after spending a week lost at
3:16 am
>> we are ecstatic. we are excited. >> i was thrilled they found him, and i was devastated that linda was not with him. >> reporter: a family friend reported the two missing after the mother and son left for a fishing trip on september 18th and failed to return. the coast guard says rescuers searched for days to no avail until sunday, nathan was picked up by a chinese freighter off martha's vineyard. 22-year-old told authorities his mother boat began to sink. >> got the life raft, looked for his mom, and could not find her. >> one prayer answered, waiting on the second one. >> reporter: despite the search being suspended, friends are still praying for a miracle.rept now abc reports he is us pergers, and the family will be present for any future
3:17 am
coast guard officials say the focus now is learning everything they can from nathan to see if any changes to their search and rescue efforts are necessary to ensure this doesn't happen again. kendis and diane? >> all right. thanks to elizabeth. in the next half hour, new revelations in the death of jose fernandez. what we're now learning about the tragic boat accident over the weekend and the haunting text messages sent among his friends during his final hours. but first, the tsak-9 named afte begin a new leash on life after retirement. we'll tell you what's next for this very special dog.
3:18 am
3:19 am
nearly nearly 200 specially trained bomb sniffing dogs patrol security check points at more than 35 airports all across the country. >> but this morning, there's four fewer paws patrolling jfk international. as we find out from kimberly richardson. >> my wife is in love with him, my children are in love with him, i'm in love with him. there's no way i couldn't have him. >> reporter: all that love for this 7-year-old black lab. >> we call it marriage, you get more than any other person in your life. >> reporter: together 24/7, but life changed for christopher nathan and his partner, the k-9 that's officially retired. he's getting a replacement dog, but chosen to adopt the 58-pound charmer. >> when i leave the house in the morning with the other one, he's going to be, why are you leaving me, daddy? it's like dropping your child off at nursery school for the
3:20 am
explosive protection unit, he was named after the brooklyn firefighter who died september0s 11, 2001, was honored. working behind the scenes, working all acres at jfk, 10-hour shifts, ak for for an hour, and then takes a break. >> the nose is their strongest organ. if you are running on a treadmill, how long can you do it for? then you need to rest. >> we did a test, a substance that could be found in a bomb. within seconds, sits, something's there. >> he doesn't know he found an explosive. he just knows he's going to get his toy. >> reporter: a squeaky yellow ball. he sees it as an exhausting game of hide and seek. >> you don't see them for hours. they have to have their down time. completely. >> reporter: so what's next for
3:21 am
when you're dealing with a dog of this caliber. >> i'm going to have to wean him down, and then try to give him a new purpose. >> reporter: possibly a therapy dog. but for now, it's job well done for this man's best friend. kimberly richardson, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> the tsa is always looking for good homes, always a good fit for every home because the dogs, their breeds are chosen, considered very driven, but also very active. >> yep. >> while their training pays off in this work, it doesn't always translate to being well-trained when living in a home. >> indeed. typically, i guess, you see this one is a lab, but typically german short hair pointers, s shepherds opinion.
3:22 am
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we've had so many stories about police and community interaction, and this one in ohio is really, really fascinating and touching. follow me on this. 3:00 a.m. sunday, this guy, mark ross, finds out his teenage sister was tragically killed in a car accident. he and a buddy get in a car to go to the family members and to the scene. they are pulled over for speeding, understandably why they sped after getting that news, by a a state trooper. he had an outstanding warrant for arrest, so he thinks he'll be arrested. he explains what happened, and the officer volunteers to actually drive them 100 miles to
3:26 am
family. >> escorted them to get there faster? >> you see here, this is ross an the officer. officer robertson there, a state highway patrol sergeant in ohio, and after the fact, ross posted this. it's been shared 117,000 times. understandably. >> wow. >> great story. all right, i want to introduce you to leah gomez, 6 years old, san antonio texas, and she has strong opinions for what she wte party. >> uh-huh. >> turn my birthday into a lifestyle, which that lifestyle she wanted drake, so mom went all out throwing her a drake themed birthday party. there's drake balloons, drake invitation and a custom-themed drake cake. >> look at the balloons. she's 6 years old and into drake. >> yeah. she, like i s?aid,determined on
3:27 am
she's garnered 6,000 retweets. other people were a fan. >> forget the cartoon parties. yes, going straight for drake. all right. this is sort of like a sad and happy story at the same time. i want to introduce you to the world's lonelyist shelter dog. >> oh. >> look at that guy there. >> oh. >> freya. rejected 18,720 times. >> what? okay. so dubbed the world's lonelyist dog, but this film director read an article about the terrier who spent the first six years of her life in animal rescue there in the united kingdom, gave her a role in "transformers 5" alongside anthony hopkins. there, there's the shooting of the movie, a family adopted her afterwards. >> yeah! she's going home! >> yeah.
3:28 am
video of a big fish eating
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3:30 am
this this morning on this morning on "world news now," breaking news, a passing of a true witness to history. former israeli leader, peres, winner of the nobel peace prize, passed away, rebuilding his country in a politics. reactions coming in. debate aftershack for the presidential candidates, donald trump touting victory, and clinton saying she won as well. >> pleas for safety, this comes moments before fernandez and friends got into that boat. plans are now in place for a final good-bye. later in the skinny, who was ousted on "dancing with the
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. we are going to start with that breaking news coming in from overseas, and it is the passing of the nobel laureate, shim shimon peres. >> he died at 93 after suffering a stroke two weeks ago. he was one of the most admired leaders and last surviving links to the co we have reaction from the white house in moments, but first, elizabeth hur has a lookback at his remarkable life. ? ? >> reporter: shimone peres, israel's longest serving politician entering service in 1959, a political survivor, and he was from five different political factions. born in 1923 in poland, he immigrated to the british
3:32 am
a left wing dinist movement, his first taste of politics. israel's first prime minister and peres were given the job of building up israel's new defense forces. he was also the architect of the controversial nuclear program of the 1960s. he served the first of two brief spells of prime minister in the 1980s and over the years, held top jobs and established himself as one of israel's most widely respte in 1992, he started talks with the plo, a peace negotiation that developed into the oslo peace process. the signing on the white house lawn, colleague and rivals by his side, a pinnacle of his career. the nobel peace prize followed for both men. in 2007, this elder statesman of israel was elected the country's ninth president, a ceremony position, but a fitting end to
3:33 am
peres retired in 2013 as the world's oldest head of state and remained one of israel's most popular public figures, spending his final years dedicated to promoting peace. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. president obama among the many world leaders praising peres. >> calling him the essence of israel itself, a light burned out, but the light he gave us burns forever. george hw bush says he inspired the world over and paved a path for peace. to the aftershocks from the historic presidential debate. hillary clinton grills donald trump about the microphone and the former beauty queen he's accused of body shaming is making her rounds on tv. here's david wright. >> reporter: if you want to know how the debate went, you might judge from the candidates
3:34 am
rally in north carolina. >> did anybody see that debate last night? [ cheers and applause ] oh, yeah! two down, one -- one down, two to go. >> reporter: in florida, trump was all smiles too. >> last night was very exciting, and almost every single poll had us winning the debate against crooked hillary clinton. big lead. big lead. >> reporter: and he spent a lot of energy complaining the moderator didn't give him a fair shake saying this on fox news. >> i had hostile questions, my microphone was terrible. i wonder, was it set up that way on purpose? >> anyone complaining about the microphone is not having a good night. >> reporter: clinton hit trump with the story of this woman. >> where did you find this? >> her name --
3:35 am
>> reporter: age 19 was a venezuelan contestant in the miss universe pageant. the year? 1996. trump's first year in charge of the pageant, but her reign was a troubled one. >> maybe i was not the model he had in his head. i don't know. but he was really rude with me. >> reporter: she gained weight, and trump didn't like that, even went on howard stern to talk about it. s a period of nine months. she was an eating machine. >> reporter: trump mounted a public campaign to help her lose weight. clinton's attacks won't help him, particularly with latino voters and women. >> he called this woman miss piggy. then he called her miss housekeeping because she was latina. >> reporter: the clintons are masters at the dark arts of opposition research. while this may have been an
3:36 am
too because this was politics as usual straight out of the textbooks. clinton, herself, said one down, two to go, this is only round one. i'm david wright in new york. >> there were several interesting numbers that emerged from monday night's debate. >> the trump's total speaking time was roughly 45 minutes, three minutes longer than clinton's. he interrupted her 39 times compared to nine interruptions from her. >> yeah. what we found in th one particular two-minute response, trump interrupted clinton nine times. that's once every 12 seconds. interesting numbers coming out of the debate. moving on now to being one step closer to a government shutdown at the senate blocked a stopgap funding measure. they voted down the measure, meaning a shutdown could come this weekend. the bill would have funded the fight against zika.
3:37 am
republican leaders say they will focus on flint after the election. dozens more died in the city of aleppo following a stepped up bombing campaign by the russians and syria government. more killed in indiscriminant air strikes that the u.s. said may be a war crime. towns reduced to rubble by cluster bombs, and witnesses say so-called bunker buster bombs were used on people underground sheltd ers. north carolina had more than protesters on tuesday. a suspicious package forced evacuation of headquarters. >> it was placed in a robot before taking to a remote location tuesday night. they said it contained a cell phone, a flashlight, and a bolt. protesters gathered in southern california after police shot and kill a black man near san diego.
3:38 am
was acting erratically and pointed someth pointed something at officers. the officers say it was not a gun. two officers involved in the accident have been placed on leave. a fast moving wildfire forced hundreds of californians from their home. the loma fire destroyed more than 2200 acres and at least one structure. the fire is aided by the hot and dry conditions there, and the fact this area hasn't had a wildfire in decades so there's most people in the u.s. retire in their 60s or so, but for one avon representative, add about 30 years to that and keep that clock running. >> you have to see this woman. 94-year-old opal greene selling the company's products in nebraska for more than 50 years. most of the customers come to her now. now, rather than waiting for her to go door-to-door, of course, but she makes occasional deliveries.
3:39 am
in sales a year. that's pretty impressive, and she says she loves interacting with all the people. >> it's just a way of life. it's what kept me going with the blessing from the good lord. i feel that i've been blessed every day, and this is part of it. >> since greene became an avon , lady in 1962, she survived a plain crash, a brain an neuroism, and colon cancer and >> she's not going anywhere. >> what's in that cream? >> i don't know. she looks fantastic. i would love opal's secret. >> she does. >> she still likes doing thing in an old-school manner, but her daughter-in-law helps her with the computer orders, and she has 50 people, filling orders for them every two weeks. >> i love she says no one ever will see her without makeup. >> it's working for you. keep it going. she's, by the way, won a lot of
3:40 am
interesting is the company says she's one of the oldest active sales people in avon history. >> one of the oldest? >> precisely. one of. who are the others? >> opal's, like, i'm hanging on. i'm taking them out. >> i have faith in her. >> yes. coming up in the skinny, lindsey lohan in a place you wouldn't expect. plus,le time attempt to keep the young baseball star, jose fernandez, off the water, and what the marlins are now planning. theew between a teacher and her student. talk about going above and beyond. first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather
3:41 am
3:42 am
3:43 am
3:44 am
look at th look at this scene. visibility limited last night in the phoenix area. the dust storm was blown up by a thunderstorm with winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour. it slowed traffic on interstates 8 and 10. dust is expected to settle overnight. learning new details this morning about the tragic boat accident that killed miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez over >> text messages indicated worry among his friends in his final hours. >> reporter: a series of text messages are helping to explain what led to the speedboat crash that killed marlins' pitcher, jose fer dan necessary, and two of his friends. the messages are between eddie, with him at the time, and will, a friend in town, begging them not to go out on the boat. try to keep him close to the shore if you go out. trust me, it's not my time yet.
3:45 am
cool and tell him what i said. they said jose was upset and needed company. >> they got a capsized vessel, by the way. >> reporter: a popular miami bar and restaurant right next to a dock confirmed they were there shortly before the crash. ? ? >> reporter: >> reporter: at the game against the mets, it was clear the all-star pitcher who escaped from cuba would be missed. first at bat, dee gordon, hit a home run, and ran the bases in tears. >> every time i see his number and name, i just keep hearing his voice. >> reporter: now the funerals. the marlins are holding a public sendoff from the bam park and a private mass held for the family on thursday. abc news, atlanta. >> chilling seeing those text messages. >> like they almost had a premonition. >> yeah, yeah, and a sad one. fernandez, you know, developed a romance with his girlfriend,
3:46 am
relationship, and he posted a photo, saying how excited -- >> not the birth, but announcing they were expecting. >> yeah, yeah. >> all right. a lot more to get to the bottom of exactly what happened that night. now, when we come back, who got booted from the dance floor last night? zblmpl and what lindsey hlohan is p to. it may surprise you. the skinny's next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
? ? ? ? and we're going to start this wednesday morning's skinny with the big night in the ballroom on "dancing with the stars." >> if you missed monday's episode before or after the debate, no worries. we have a recap of last night plus another hour. >> a bonus hour. so the best faceoff was the classic waltz with calvin and lindsey scoring 32 out of 40, the biggest score of the evening. >> wow. >> that was from the first night of competition. >> both vanilla ice and rick perry tried their best, but the judges were not impressed.
3:49 am
partner who were begin the boot. perry, apparently, said no hard feelings. >> my daughter's getting married the 15th of october, but i promise you i'll look good on the dance floor for her, and i'm doing it for all the vette rans out there, and i hope everyone finds a great veterans cause to help these guys. we have one call advance the colors, i hope everyone will go take a look at. thank youin, guys. >> his daughter marries the 15th of october, he knew he was going to be gone by then. >> trying to train, right? pull out new moves at the wedding. >> we'll see. or hurt somebody. by the way, next week, week four, head judge, you saw him there, lynn goodman, will be absent from the ballroom to fulfill a commitment as head judge on britain's strictly come dancing, but he assures us he'll be well-informed of what's going on. >> his sources will communicate back to hip.
3:50 am
doing about the crisis in syria. >> the 30-year-old actress distracting herself from a recent breakup spending time with refugees in turkey. she paid a visit to an istanbul hospital that's home to a refugee family. >> reporter: she shared photos on instagram with her followers with this family. >> she said she grew especially close to the family, the mother left the family after they migrated to >> lohan uses the visit as a message to all americans about the refugee crisis saying, we should do more starting today. so a so a legend coming clean about his notorious image. >> in his first interview in nearly two decades, he tells "aarp" in the latest cover story the rumor he slept with 13,000
3:51 am
but mathematically incorrect. >> so it's 11,000 women? >> he's not saying. >> he dated many before marrying for the first time at the age of 54 tieing the knot with annette betting whom they share four children. >> he said, quote, think about it, sleeping with 12,000 people would not be just multiple people per day, but no repetition, so, like 10,000. >> he's right on the no repetition thing. all right. so 10,000. >> all right, finally, the new king and queen of comedy. >> talking about kevin hart named by forbes magazine as the world's highest paid comedian knocking jerry seinfeld off the list for the first time in a decade. last year, hart earned $87.5, roughly double what seinfeld earned. after playing more than 100 shows with a gross of a million bucks per stop.
3:52 am
woman to break in the top earners earning 17 million last year, putting her fourth overall. fourth behind hart, seinfeld, and spader. you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could help pay some of what medicare doesn't, saving you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you've learned that taking informed steps along the way really makes a difference later. that's what it means to go long?.
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only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. teachers a teachers are often criticized for their work, others showered in praise by students and parents for going above and beyond the call of duty. >> it's hard work as it is, but one teacher in madison, wisconsin is called a miracle worker this morning after saving
3:56 am
students. it's a great story. here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: last october, this 4-year-old became ill very quickly, diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease, causing her ki kidneys to fail. she needed a new kidney to survive. a nationwide search, but no donors found. her mother set up this meeting. she thought she was there to tell her teacher about her daughter's need, but that teacher already knew. she'd been tested, passing the note across the table, w soon, a little piece of me will be with lyla forever. i'm lyla's kidney donor. >> you are? are you kidding me? oh, my gosh. >> this is how that teacher described that moment. >> one of the most emotional days being able to tell somebody that i was going to save their child's life. >> reporter: the mom sharing on facebook, many people think teachers are heros, but she's more than a hero. she is our miracle.
3:57 am
about to take on this fight together. david muir, abc news, new york. >> now, the family had actually been looking for a donor for nearly a year. they had no idea throughout this process, the teacher was going ahead getting tested to see if she was a match. >> it was wonderful she was finally able to, and even after this wonderful moment, mom said she was sitting on this news, incredible news, for nearly a week, and she was so happy to finally share it with so many of on facebook. oh. >> and now that teacher, she's trying to use this, you know, obviously, not only to contribute to lyla and her family in such a big way, but she's now hoping the story and how much it's made rounds can help impact other people and persuade other people to become living donors as well. >> garnered 51,000 views. >> don't miss our updates on
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making new making news in america this morning, israel's senior statesman shimon peres has passed away. the emotional tributes pouring in as details about his final are released. on the defense after the debate, donald trump taking aim at the moderator and his microphone. plus, hillary clinton's acting like the debate's winner and taking a victory lap. new this morning, more protests following a deadly police involved shooting. police are already defending their actions and releasing a picture of the confrontation. >> new video of the rescued boater found eight days after setting sail with his mother who is still missing. what he said this morning after


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