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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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we learn new information regarding that boating accident that took his life. the latest ahead in a live report. breaking news from afghanistan. afghan officials say an airstrike 13 civilians in a residential building. and ivan cabrera with the forecast. >> changing pattern morning coastal showers. favoring that from west-to-east the next couple of days. showers turn to thunderstorms by the afternoon so regardless of where you are, coast or inland we're going to get wet a little today with temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80. 80 usually reserved for st. pete. low to mid-70s across the interior. eventually dry air will get the temperatures down. that won't happen until late week. for now we'll talk about the forecast today that takes us into the upper 80s.
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throughout the morning. not a steady rain but it will be around and then we'll continue to see that developing into thunderstorms by 1:00, 4:00 into the evening. rain coverage today 40%. word of a crash on i-75, northbound just after sun city center boulevard. not seeing delays but told this is a serious crash with injuries. also just a heads up, highway still closed under the veterans expressway, for some construction, not a crash there. this should be moved out of the wa so. back to you. 5:01. breaking overnight -- a florida highway patrol is investigating a hit-and-run crash that happened on dale mabry. it happened near lakeview drive north of gaither high school around overnight. no word on injuries yet. jose fernandez was killed
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accident in south florida. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan live at alonso high ol there's an event planned there. >> reporter: that's right. in fact family, friends and former teammates of this baseball star will be holding a prayer vigil at the high school on the baseball field at 7:30 tonight. two other major events planned in the miami area as well. this as we learn new information and new information continues to emerging about the night he was killed in that boating accident. fernandez was upset following an argument with his girlfriend and contacted two friends for a late-night boat ride that ended in the death of that 24-year- old miami marlins pitcher. investigators say that 32-foot fishing boat was owned by fernandez and crashed into rocks early sunday near miami beach. his two friends were also killed. a close friend to one of those men actually urged him not to go out that night. he posted his last exchanging between the two on instagram
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careful. friends right here at home say jose fernandez will be dearly missed. >> even after he was rookie of the year coming back here, just like a normal kid. you would never know he was famous or a great ball player, he was very humble. never made us feel like he was this big celebrity when he was here. just family. >> reporter: teammates of jose fernandez on the field with touching tributes. a mass for fernandez will only include family and members of the marlins and that will be held thursday. back here live we're also learning as far as the boating accident investigation that drugs and alcohol were not involved. for now reporting live in town n country, rodney dunigan, abc action news. breaking news near san diego. a black man shot by police has
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el cajon police say the man was acting strangely and wouldn't follow commands when confronted at a strip mall yesterday. protesters believe it was racially motivated. police released this image here overnight showing officers confronting that man. at least one witness told our sister station in san diego that the man shot was having a seizure. taken to the hospital after the shooting where he later died. there is cell phone video of the confrontation, it's been turned meanwhile charlotte police charged a protester with assault during a demonstration over the death of keith scott. police say antonio gatewood was involved in two burglaries that turned violent. he's in jail now. the news came soon after the police department had to be evacuated when a suspicious package was found inside. central florida deputies say a walt disney world employee tried to have sex with a young girl. investigators claiming jose rodriguez contacted someone that he thought was the 13-year-
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offering the girl up for sex. that aunt was really an undercover detective. detectives arresting rodriguez monday in lake county when he arrived at the house to have sex with her. rodriguez' arrest part of an osceola county on-line sting bringing in almost a dozen men accused of soliciting girls for sex. the mayor of kissimmee accused of squatting in a dead woman's home for more than a year and stealing money from her bank account to pay the bills. mayor sarah shaw and her boyfriend are charged with grand theft. accused l a woman who died in 2011. the utility bills were still being paid from the original homeowner's bank account. the boyfriend is even accused of selling the dead woman's car. in 2014 shaw pleaded no contest to charges of going more than 100 miles per hour in a city vehicle. the coast guard has suspended the search for 20 cuban migrants who vanished after their boat capsized off the florida keys. crews found three migrants on a small island near big pine key. the men rescued say they left cuba last tuesday with 23 on
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to take on water. the bodies of three people who were on the boat were found saturday. another body found monday. coming up -- in democracy 2016 both hillary clinton and donald trump are back on the campaign trail after monday's first presidential debate. >> clinton campaigning today with bernie sanders in new hampshire. trump attending rallies in iowa and wisconsin. thcoast. t he was in florida on trump telling supporters at the unleash his full attacks against clinton during the debate. >> i was also holding back, i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her. but i watched her, she was stuck in the past. she's the candidate of yesterday. and ours is the campaign and with the people of the future. >> trump also boasted he raised $18 million in the 24-hours
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campaign. hillary clinton will be in florida again friday. heading to brevard and st. lucie county. she held her first post debate rally yesterday in north carolina. she told the crowd that trump lied during monday night's debate. >> his demeanor, his temperament, his behavior on the stage could be seen by everybody. people can draw their own conclusions, and i thought on several charges and claims that were demonstrably untrue. >> former president bill clinton will also be campaigning here in florida on friday. he'll be in the panhandle. monday night's debate broke a record, more than 84 million people watched across the 13 networks that carried it live and millions more watched on the web. one of the third party candidates hoping to get your vote will be in tampa tonight discussing issues directly affecting bay area voters. green party presidential
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7:30, plans to talk about the pinellas county sewage problems, aerial mosquito spraying and damage to the aquifer by mosaic. tomorrow stein will campaign in sarasota. vice president joe biden's wife dr. jill biden goes to cuba next month along with the u.s. ambassador, discussing education and health issues with government officials. after cuba they will head to the dominican republic to talk about economics and women's education. >> more americans are binge drinking than a decade ago. researchers looking at national data find that nearly one in three men and nearly one in five women admit to having at least one heavy drinking day within the past year. heavy drinking is four or more drinks in one sitting for a woman. five or more for a man. binge drinking is linked to a host of health problems including accidents, injuries, liver disease and neurological
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the spike. home -- researchers say being around happy people can make you happy and suggest that includes your health too. taking action for you if you're looking for a new job sore better one. a career fair starts 11:00 this morning at the hilton st. pete bayfront location, until this afternoon. companies include lincoln heritage life insurance, sears andaand more. >> some say no wife happier life -- >> oh. >> just some. showers and thunderstorms through later today. flying into the lesser antilles, there's puerto rico and this is the beginnings now of what will eventually likely
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coming up, we'll hear from a man freed after spending more than 20 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. plus what he did when he got out. >> after school say tannic kids program is -- satanic kids
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welcome back. 5:13. look at this incredible video.
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that obliterated his house in new york city. this is because a firefighter was killed and 20 other people were wounded. firefighters went to the home in the bronx yesterday morning to investigate a gas leak. and realized it was a marijuana grow house and called police. 45 minutes after they capped that gas leak something exploded setting the house on fire. a piece of debris hit and killed battalion chief michael faye. police caught the man that rented the house later that day. it's not clear what charges he'll face. a man who served nearly half his life in crime he didn't commit is free thanks to new evidence. clark maxson all smiles yesterday. the 55-year-old was serving a sentence for the 1992 murder of a 6-year-old boy. a judge threw out the conviction after new dna tests showed he didn't kill the child. maxson says he couldn't wait to hug his mother as a free man. >> it's the best present i could have.
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i did what i could. >> he enjoyed a steak dinner after release, with his mom. a big win for a group that wanted to start an after school club worshiping satan. the satanic temple getting approval to start the program at an elementary school in portland, oregon. one leader says the club will focus on science, rational thinking and empathy for everyone. to answer to the good news club they say christian program. ivan had the day off yesterday. did you bring the sun with you? >> i always do. and theme music when i walk into any room. did you notice that? fanfare. >> things are getting busy. we have morning coastal showers. average temperatures upper 80s as opposed to the -- well, 100
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still going to be warm but more typical for this time of year. matthew is going to be getting going here i think today will be the day, we get at least a tropical depression category or a tropical storm. we'll talk about that in a second. local weather is always first. we have those showers off-shore that will continue migrating towards the coastline, for the morning commute i think we're going to make out ok as far as the wet roads. i don't think we'll have many. sure, a few sprinkles along the coast but it's really through 9:00, 10:00 a.m. th t the showers in. then yes, we'll have thunderstorms as the showers continue to develop throughout the day. a closer look at it on futurecast, we'll put this in motion and with that west wind that is the pattern we set up, 8:00, 9:00, already seeing showers through the tampa area and then everything pushes towards our inland counties. so you're going to rain last there and it will continue by the way along the coast. so the coverage today a little higher closer to the coast just because it will start raining
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so we're talking about 40% chances. here's our tropical wave. one of our more astute viewers said 40 mile-per-hour winds, tropical storms? yes, but not wrapping around the thunderstorms. the winds are not wrapping around the center of circulation. it's the key whether we have a tropical depression or not. that hasn't happened yet. we'll find out this morning with the latest hurricane hunter flight if that has occurred and then we'll get our td designation or if they nd hour it will be tropical storm matthew. where is matthew headed? it's right now impacting with the lesser antilles. we have a good feeling on where it's going the next three, four days. after that we don't. this is the area that we think it's going to be around saturday or sunday. it's going to turn, that's what we're thinking here. where it turns you can either go with this model or this model. obviously the closer or the faster it turns the better for
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and goes over cuba we have the situation where we have the stretch of florida here. models are still back and forth on where it's going to be. the european has it much closer to us. the gfs or american model doesn't. so keep checking back with us. we have plenty of time to watch it and plenty of time to get new data especially as we get that close low and we have a better handle on it. 85 to 88 the high for today. by the way that is typical for this time of year. your extended forecast will take you through the end of the week, 30% to 40% coverage. th i with temperatures in the upper 80s. it's already wednesday. the week is flying by. >> almost there. hump day. morning commute so far so good. roads dry. we have one crash on i-75, northbound in southern hillsborough county. fhp reporting one lane is blocked. just north of sun city center boulevard. however, traffic light, no delays on i-75. i'll continue to watch this and
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pushes on. checking out our live cameras across the bay area. i-4 just west of i-75 moving great here, 22 minutes from county line road to downtown. the veterans expressway looking great in the green heading south. 5:19. surgery, drugs or roller coaster. researchers say a trip to the amusement park may be the best treatment for kidney stones if you passed one or know someone who has you know how painful they are. scnt patients reported passing stones without pain after riding the big thunder mountain railroad coaster in walt disney world. researchers found even large stones dislodged after two or three rides. riding in the back seat is more effective than riding up front. but stick with moderate roller coasters, a few quick ups and downs with no wild movements. faster coasters didn't work.
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coasters could be good preventive therapy for those prone to kidney stones. brad pitt isn't dead contrary to what you see on the internet why checking out his fake obituary could give you real problems. >> jeb bush heading back to school. which prestigisis ty gave him a job? >> first the ceo of spaceex laying out his plan to put people on mars. kendis gibson and diane macedo with today's "tech bytes." >> reporter: in "tech bytes" -- e >> the head of tesla has regular flights to start he says in about eight years. he also unveiled the spaceship which will carry about 100 people on the 80-day trip to mars. >> he says the pioneers can return to earth and musk envisions a self-sustaining city on mars within a century. good news for aetna employees and select customers who have been eager for the apple watch. >> aetna announced plans to
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their health-relate the apps. >> selina gomez broke a record on instagram. the first person to hit 100 million followers. >> comes as she takes a break from social media. she's posted nothing on instagram or twitter in six weeks since she cancelled her tour due to health issues.
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welcome back. 5:::24. former florida governor jeb bush will take up teaching this fall. he will speak on education policy and governance. thursday he's set to deliver his first lecture. don't be alarmed if you see lots of police activity on the usf campus today. live demonstrations are meant to keep students and staff safe. usf national campus safety event today. with motorcycles, k-9s, cars and horses and bomb detection technology to educate students on how to stay safe and prepare before a disaster hits. coming up -- how a thief tricked a car dealership employee and sped off with a brand new corvette. >> she was like an eating machine. she ate a lot of everything. >> that's what donald trump said 20 years ago about a beauty queen. ahead what he says now about
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at 5:30. your help is needed now to catch the person responsible for a vandalism spree.
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you can help. >> a lakeland counselor's idea of therapy police say is actually a sex crime. coming up, how the doctor is defending his actions. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on abc on this wednesday. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. let's start with a check of traffic and weather together. >> i was just checking traffic cameras, we have a crash on i-4 near kathleen road. we'll look at that coming up. >> weatherwise looking at a few morning coastal showers. they have not yet reached but once they do they will continue to develop. by the time we get into the afternoon we'll talk about thunderstorms as well. interior counties don't have to worry. in fact most of us get through the commute dry, no downpours at this point. we're in the mid and upper 70s now. a few low 70s. lakeland 70 degrees. 71 brooksville. by late this week we will have some dry air moving in. that will allow temperatures to fall back nicely into the 60s. we've done that so far this season but not a lot. so that is coming. something to look forward to,


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