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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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dry one. notice we replaced now mid and upper 70s of a few weeks ago into the low 70s. titan doppler radar as far as any showers staying off-shore now, through the morning they will transition and continue to move further inland. we'll watch for that hour by hour takes us to 1:00 and then we're 88. rain chance 30% to 40%. hurricane hunters just flown and are on the way to investigate our tropical system. more on that comin roads. just a minor crash, follow me on twitter @tampabaytraffic. this crash here on i-4 is off to the side, not causing delays, this is westbound around kathleen in lakeland. again no delays on i-4. a quick check of the drive, i-275 in pinellas county at 54th avenue north up to speed from bridge- to-bridge. back to you. we're learning some new details about the night that
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accident. fans across the country including here in the bay area are mourning his death and planning to pay tribute to him. >> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan live at alonso high school. we found out a vigil is planned there tonight. >> reporter: 7:30 tonight family, friends and former teammates of this baseball player will meet here at the baseball field at 7:30 again to remember him and honor him tonight. in the meantime we're learning new details about that accident we've learned that the baseball player jose fernandez actually had a fight with his pregnant girlfriend just hours before he went out on that boat, actually going out on the boat investigators say to clear his head a bit. unfortunately just a few hours later jose fernandez along with two friends were killed when that 32-foot fishing boat hit rocks near miami beach. a friend of one of the men actually urged him not to go out that night. he posted one last message on
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be careful. friends of jose fernandez right here in tampa say he was a great man, this loss definitely devastating. >> he was just a wonderful young man. always smiling, always laughing. always just brought so much joy to everyone. around him. i mean, he was really a very, very special kid and never forget the people that were always close to him. >> reporter: a mass for jose fernandez family and members of the florida marlins and that will be held thursday in miami. back here live we are again learning new details about this crash. alcohol and drugs not involved in this. gma delving deeper into the investigation and much more at 7:00 this morning. for now reporting live in town n country, rodney dunigan, abc action news. 6:02. breaking news from pinellas
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help to find her. here she is, a picture of 85- year-old gertrude morin. police say she suffers from dementia, may be confused. she was last seen driving her 2006 gold chrysler four-door sedan along 83rd avenue north. if you see her call police. we've posted her photo on our facebook page so you can share it. happening today -- a 71- year-old psychotherapist is expected in court after police say he fondled at least two female patients while treating now investigators are looking to see if there are any more possible victims. lakeland police arrested anthony conte on two counts of felony sexual misconduct. earlier this month investigators say two victims came forward saying he groped them multiple times. detectives say he told patients they needed to get comfortable with how he was touching them to treat them for depression. coming up, we're going to have more on his very long career and new information in this case. coming up in a live report at
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-- near san diego. a black man shot by police has now died. el cajon police releasing this overnight. the man has something in his hand and officers say he want into a shooting stance just before they fired. before that this man apparently was acting strangely not following police commands. the shooting spark protests into the night. so far they have been peaceful and we'll keep monitoring the situ attack in a charlotte parking garage. happened at the same time the protests were going on there. you can see several men here teeming up on one victim, kick him, drag him, at one point you see they even pulled his pants off. this morning officers announced they arrested one man for last week's assault. we just got this mug shot of antonio gatewood. gatewood is also charged with ethnic intimidation. meanwhile, the charlotte police
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after a suspicious package was found inside. breaking news from central florida. a raging 400-acre wildfire for state road 50 stretching between brevard and eastern orange county to close for hours overnight. these pictures taken by a forest officer. that fire forced lane closures of state road 50 at i-95 but thankfully the flames diminished overnight allowing crews to r concerned they might have to evacuate nearby hotels. 6:05. in democracy 2016 -- despite most critics and pollsters saying donald trump lost the first presidential debate the republican nominee saying he came away the winner. making a victory lap speech in his first post debate campaign rally in brevard county. the billionaire telling an energized crowd at the melbourne airport there's just one reason why clinton even has a chance to win the election.
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got is the media. without the mainstream media she would not even be here, folks. that i can tell you. she would not even be here. she would not have a chance. >> trump also boasted he raised $18 million in the 24 hours after monday night's debate. the biggest one-day haul of his election campaign. on the democratic side, vice presidential candidate tim kaine wrapped up three days of campaigning in our state yesterday. he met with supporters in orland important florida will be in the general election and why hillary clinton is the better candidate. speaking of clinton, she held her first post debate rally yesterday in raleigh, north carolina. she told supporters how much effort it takes to follow the billionaire's arguments. >> he made it very clear that he didn't prepare for that debate. at one point he was kind of digging me for spending time off the campaign trail to get
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of time and effort. >> clinton is set to pick up another endorsement from a republican today. former virginia senator john warner who served five terms in the senate will endorse clinton today. one of the third party candidates hoping to get your vote will be in tampa tonight discussing issues directly affecting bay area voters. green party presidential nominee jill stein will be at the cuban club in ybor city tonight at 7:30. plans to talk about pinellas county sewage problem, aer damage to the florida aquifer by the mosaic sinkhole. tomorrow stein campaigns in sarasota. the university of tampa setting another record, enrollment up for the 20th straight year. this year's enrollment of grads and undergrads was more than 8,300. that is up 300 from last year and tripled the number of students from 20 years ago. the decision is in on an after school program worshiping
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not that group will be allowed to stay at an elementary school. >> proposal flop. we've got the video of a man trying to pop the question but
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welcome back. 6:10. the satanic temple getting approval to start a program at an elementary school in portland, oregon. a leader says the club will focus on science, rational thinking and empathy for everyone. they say it's an answer to the good news club of bible-based christian program. this is the must-see video of the morning. a man about to propose to his girlfriend drops the ball by dropping the ring. >> poor guy. the look on his face -- is priceless. says it on the jumbotron for the big moment at the yankees game. you can see everyone around him trying to help him find that ring. >> finally you see that? relief. they did find it. it was in the cuff of that woman's jeans. despite the somewhat bumpy start to the lifelong commitment she said yes. >> he was mortified ivan, let's look at the
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showers. we're going to continue to see these moving inland. sometimes i drop the clicker and have a hard time fining it and have to use the touchscreen. i'm ok now. we look at matthew potentially developing this afternoon. hurricane hunters on the way now. in fact they took off 40 minutes ago, they should arrive there and will be x-raying the storm. mid 73 in zephyrhills. 71 in brooksville. we'll have 60s in fact on the way as we head through the next several days. we'll talk more about the 7-day forecast coming up. also coming up -- accused child killer now free after spending half his life in prison. the new clues that overturned his conviction. >> also new details on a chicken recall.
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of 6:a 15. he served half his life in primp for a crime he says he didn't commit. >> and now he's free due to dna evidence.
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investigators focused on him after he told a tv reporter he bought chips for the child and told him to go home. the day before police found the boy dead. the judge threw out the conviction after new dna tests showed he did not kill the child. he couldn't wait to hug his mom. as a free man. >> it's the best thing i could have. my mother was the only -- my stable. >> i wasn't going to give up on him. i did what release, enjoy a steak dinner with mom. right now the mayor of kissimmee is in jail, she and her boyfriend are accused of stealing from a dead woman. detectives say sarah shaw and her boyfriend were squatting in that deceased woman's home. since june of 2014. they say they used the woman's id number and had utility bills
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account. the boyfriend is even accused of selling the dead woman's car the owner died in 2011. a consumer alert. head to the freezer for this one. tyson foods now recalling 130,000 pounds of chicken nuggets. chicken could have hard pieces of plastic in it. this is what the bag looks like. they were sold at costco stores nationwide. full details at now so you can share it. don't be alarmed if you see lots of police activity on usf campus today. officers are doing live demonstrations meant to keep students and staff safe. usf is hosting its first ever national campus safety event today. they are using officers on motorcycles, canines, horses, cars and bomb detection technology. to try to educate students on how to stay safe on campus and to prepare before a disaster hits. people could live on mars in the next 10 years.
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transport system, a concept designed to fly cargo and eventually humans to the red planet. the process could involve launching -- would involve i should say, launching a reusable rocket booster simultaneously which would be used to refuel that spaceship mid-flight. one of the things the southwest monsoon does, brings rain and lightning and downpours in arizona. one of the other things, when the gusts come from the thunderstorms sandstorms and this duststorm by the way yesterday through phoenix, one of the bigger ones this season so far. upwards of 4,000 feet. blowing dust advisory issued there. incredible scenes coming out of arizona. we'll transition now into drier times ahead for the desert southwest. you see the counterclockwise flow there?
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spawned everything. back home, jumping to florida here and looking at the morning coastal showers, that's our pattern the neck few days. inland afternoon thunderstorms, a westerly wind developed and that usually means morning coastal showers, sometimes a little stronger, so far this morning i think we're doing pretty good. some will manage to come in towards the latter part of the morning commute. then we'll begin to fill in later this afternoon with not just showers but once we get enough heating i think we'll get thunderstorms going as well. coverage 30% to 40%. nothing widespread, not everyone going to difference will be, we'll start a little earlier, closer to 75 than we are across our inland areas. let's check in on what -- we have hurricane hunters now -- it's the current position by the way. they are going to investigate what could be today a tropical depression or tropical storm. they've already found winds upwards of 40 miles per hour, that's the current intensity. that enough would be a tropical storm. but what they have to find is
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and we have not had that yet. it's still an open tropical wave. that may have changed and that's why they are on their way to let us know. of course that would be matthew. it will be eventually matthew. whether it's the next advisory or later on today. that will happen. the track continues as far as computer model forecast, in good agreement and is going to be headed west through the caribbean as it does in this area. this is the time frame. saturday late into sunday morning. where does it turn? how qu that would have a huge impact on whether this affects florida or not. certainly cuba and the bahamas look to be in the path of this. by the way it's not just rain, this is what it looks like now, a pretty potent storm. so we want this turn soon, if it happens a little later then we would have to talk about problems here for florida. too early at this time to talk about anything past the next three days or so. temperatures in the upper 80s for today. typical for this time of year.
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40%. that includes friday and into the upcoming weekend with no big changes as i see it overnight. lows in the mid-70s but we have dry air moving from above so then i think by friday morning some of us, especially on the nature coast will be waking up in the 60s with lower humidity. we have a couple of crashes. the interstates are clear now but a couple of pinellas westbound park at 43rd street north. reports of westbound roadblock. two lanes taken away. also a crash in northern hillsborough county, county line road just west of i-75, near the apex there, that is the intersection with 275 and 75, again this is just west of i-75. reports of roadblock there. although traffic indicators were in the green so i think traffic is still pretty light, not causing huge delays. your drive across the bridges, here the howard frankland
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10 minutes to get across all three bridges. it's 6:21. coming up -- still ahead -- a career change for jeb bush. the way he's rebranding himself after his failed presidential campaign. >> first at 6:22 -- new details coming up on "good morning, america" on that boat crash that killed miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez and two others. text messages suggest he may have been upset about something. >> reporter: the families of ace pitcher jose friends emoleo macias and eddie rivero are sending the young men off. >> he wanted to support his friend. he died being a friend. he died being a really good friend. >> reporter: so far authorities are blaming only speed for the crash that sent fernandez' speed boat hurling into the rocks early sunday morning. >> reporter: but friends reveal that fernandez was upset for some reason. in these text messages from
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town and rivero who was with fernandez at the time bernal is begging them not to go on the boat. trying to keep it close to the shore if you go out, trust me, it's not my time yet. >> reporter: the latest at 7:00
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jeb bush starting a new career. teaching at harvard. he's going to be a guest instructor and speaker at the program on education policy and governance. he'll give his first lecture thursday at the university. look at this here. this map. that is not your typical floor map you see at the entrance to an establishment. that is a san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick's jersey, duct taped to the floor there. for people to wipe their feet on. >> customers the crossroads rock and country bar in virginia beach. kaepernick of course drew attention last month for not standing during the national anthem before a football game but he said he was protesting racial injustices. the restaurant's use of the jersey seems to have backfired. offended patrons now complaining until they took it down. some still not satisfied -- or pictured it up would be a better way. some still not satisfied calling for a boycott. next at 6:30 -- a
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for depression lands him in jail. the reason detectives say this case is only just beginning. >> reaction coming in on the new deepwater horizon movie. even before its released. one reason some relatives of those killed on the rig are not
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an investigation today with a therapist. >> why officers are worried this case is only going to get bigger. thank you for joining us on this wednesday. i'm deiah riley. >> good morning, i'm dan shaffer. also breaking news overseas, a airstrike against isis that apparently went wrong. first ivan cabrera here with a check of the forecast. >> we're going to be talking about coastal showers the next
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flow that has developed. inland afternoon thunderstorms, in fact some activity off-shore now moving slowly east. i think most of the commute will be on the drier side. sprinkles impacting with 19, otherwise looking good. day planner upper 70s. warming up to the mid-80s with showers on and off. moving west-to-east so by 4:00 we have showers, and thunderstorms as well. temperatures today about 88. let's check in on morning commute and head to the traffic center with janelle martinez. starting on the interstates, dry on i-4, i-75, i-275 all looking great. this is 275 through downtown tampa. five minutes to get to the howard frankland bridge. your drive times on the veterans expressway still in the green. >> we have one crash we've been following in pinellas, park boulevard at 43rd street north. captain al is on his way to the scene.
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what is going on? >> reporter: good morning. we are just arriving at park boulevard at 43rd street there by the cheddar's. you can see where they've just moved a vehicle out of the roadway a moment ago. just as we were getting here. so westbound on the right side, see the cars just getting through. eastbound coming at you, they are coming through that light so what was blocked a few minutes ago is now reopened. might be the right-hand side. they removed the -- we'll see how that works. don't go away. now back to you. 6:32. to the breaking news we mentioned a few minutes ago. u.s. military investigating an airstrike that officials say killed at least 13 civilians in kabul, afghanistan. police chief there says the strike was from american- backed forces targeting isis. that strike apparently hit a residential building. u.s. spokesman confirms a counterterror operation was in the area but wouldn't comment further. in a few hours from now
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details about a lakeland therapist now in jail. >> detectives say what was actually happening in anthony conte's office was a sex crime against at least two of his patients. abc action news anchor james tully live in lakeland now. police believe there could be more victims. >> reporter: dan, that is because conte has had his office in lakeland for 15 years. like you said we're in front of the police department because we do believe we're going to hear from them before the end of the morning. the two women that have come forward did so in just the last two weeks. let's show you video from last night. things turned around quickly. this is conte taken by police from his office in handcuffs. those women that came forward detailed similar sessions with the 71-year-old 1-year-old that consisted of inappropriate touching and -- saying it was to rid the women's bodies of
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lakeland police saying there could be more victims. if there's anyone out there that thinks they had an inappropriate session with dr. conte they are supposed to come forward and let police know. james tully, abc action news. 6:34. detectives this morning looking for the vandals who spray painted black lives matter and "kill white people" on homes and businesses. county workers paintedded the words yesterday. just a few miles away a home was also covered in black lettering. the campaign signs in the front yard weren't spared either. a local restaurant was also hit. >> uncalled for. there's a way to protest. there's a way not to. this is just -- it hurts everybody. >> detectives say they don't have much to go on without surveillance video or witnesses. so they are counting on the community to bring the vandals
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see this red corvette driven off a car lot? detectives say a thief is behind the wheel of it, driving it off the lot. sticker price for man $100,000. it was stolen from a chevrolet dealership in st. pete. detectives want to talk to these two people who were at the dealership around the same time that car disappeared. employees at the dealership say that same man and woman were there two days before that -- that is when they think the vet's key fob was stolen. >> it's not uncommon that somebody would some time with the salesperson, get them distracted, switch keys and take off with the car. >> the dealership is now offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. instead of flocking to florida this winter visitors may be avoiding our state. the economy could take a hit. experts suggest florida could see a 15% drop in visitors because of worries of the zika virus. here in tampa we could see a
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destinations are benefiting. travel is up in places like daytona beach and in the panhandle. reviews are already coming in for the upcoming movie "deepwater horizon" based on the deadly beep oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the movie starring mark wahlberg, kurt russell and kate hudson hits theaters friday. some relatives say too much on the environmental damage of the spill rather than the lives lost. you have another chance today to get your resume out there. and land a new job. a career fair going on at the hilton st. petersburg bayfront location on 1st street south, from 11:00 this morning to 2:00 this afternoon. companies hiring include lincoln heritage life insurance, sears and ameriprice financial. have plenty of resumes and dress for success.
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airport, starting friday through saturday the airport is hosting a job fair for police, traffic specialists and dispatchers. we've got more information on good morning. upper 70s as we wake up here with mostly clear skies. we'll have isolated showers, it will become more widespread as we head through the morning. by the afternoon, lunchtime 84, we get thunderstorms as well. 30% to 40% coverage for today. extended forecast look at the tropics. we're watching this crash in pinellas county. this is park boulevard at 43rd street north, westbound lanes you can see there still blocked. give yourself extra time to make the detour. 6:37. also coming up -- a new scam using actor brad pitt. a warning about an article you may see on social media you
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grieving driver but what he did next is why this story is going
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6:40. a warning. if you click on facebook and see an article that says brad pitt is dead don't click on it.
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hacked. spokesperson from facebook warned users that the post is a hoax. a fake article circulating on the social media site on tuesday had the headline "rest in peace brad pitt." he is going through a divorce and child abuse allegations but he's very much alive. it's a phishing scam. clinging on it links to to a prompt for your user name and password to give hackers control of a highway patrol trooper, generous help going viral. >> the trooper drove the man 100 miles to be with his mom after that man's sister was killed in a car crash. this started when mark ross found out his sister was killed sunday morning. a friend gave mark a ride from indiana to be with his mom in detroit but the friend was speeding on a suspended license and got pulled over in ohio. the car was towed leaving ross stranded. trooper david robinson got to the scene and drove ross more
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ross says the trooper even promised to attend the funeral. still ahead -- political threats. serious reaction homeowners are getting for the signs on their lawns and how these threats are
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good morning park boulevard, an accident westbound. the vehicle involved is up against the pole. there's a wrecker pulling it out of the way but in the meantime all westbound lanes have been re-closed to move this vehicle. eastbound moving by, on towards 275, not a problem there but definitely if you're westbound on park boulevard at 43rd expect to go down 70th and rk we're watching a crash in hillsborough. u.s. 301 at progress boulevard. check out the delay here heading northbound through this area. so give yourself extra time to make your way through that traffic. checking drive times on i-4, we have a crash reported westbound through ybor city. not blocking any lanes but you can see we are a little slow on i-4 heading into tampa. 29 minutes from county line road into downtown.
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looking pretty good after this morning for most of the commute we're going to stay on the drier side. eventually showers make it along the coast and they will push inland and become thunderstorms as we head through the afternoon. average temperatures in the upper 80s today and next several days. then of course the hurricane hunters are arriving at the disturbance that we will soon be calling matthew. that may happen later on today. we'll keep you posted. by the way we still have the showers that are trying to make th behaving themselves now. we have a few coastal showers move in but some thunderstorms i think beginning to develop here. all in all it will be a coastal shower and then inland thunderstorm kind of day as that west wind is prevailing and continuing to dominate the next few days. by 10:00, again, it's an earlier start with the westerly winds, by 10:00 we're already raining across portions of pinellas to tampa. then everything continues to push east.
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thunderstorms. there's the hurricane hunter position now. find out more details, this is important not only to classify it as whether it's a tropical storm or not but computer models that need that closed low, when you have a point, fixed point, that is much easier to them to forecast out. right now looking at this continuing to head west and of course we'll keep you posted on what they find. morning coastal showers, inland storms for coverage as far as the rain, 30% to 40%, typical of the end of the week and heading into the upcoming weekend. no big changes with 88 for highs. 6:47 now. homeowners in southwest florida say they are getting threatening letters in their mailbox and coming from the bay area and all because they support donald trump. jennifer larson and neighbor both got threatening letters monday. they are postmarked from st. pete and threaten to vandalize
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down their trump signs. larson says the photo copied letter gives the impression it's from someone she knows. >> the way it's worded is to make you feel that somebody next door to you is going out of their way to kind of accuse you, like we knew you were (bleep) -- >> larson says show she won't take down her trump signs and says she's going to report the threatening letters to the post office. the federal government will shut down friday at midnight unless congress that measure includes much needed money to battle the zika virus in florida. senate democrats blocked passage of the bill yesterday because it doesn't include money to help flint, michigan, with its water crisis. republicans promised flint will receive help after the election but democrats don't want to wait that long. breaking overnight -- former israeli president shimon peres has died. two weeks after suffering a major stroke.
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security and peace. former president george hw bush saying peres inspired the world and focused on global freedom. he was the last living link to israel's founding fathers, he was 93 years old. new concerns over the samsung galaxy note 7, one man claims that is what is left of his phone after it burst into flames while it was charging. he says he bought the phone in china this week. phones sold there are not part of the company's massive phones are made by a different supplier. the perfect example of why you shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet. some people unknowingly destroying their brand new i- phone 7s in hopes of plugging in headphones after watching a secret hack video. if it starts doing this, this is normal. this means you're on your way to getting a brand new headphone jack. >> on your way to a very expensive paperweight. this video posted by tech rack
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apparently the sarcasm lost on some i-phone users. many commenting asking for more help after drilling into their brand new phones and finding out it's still didn't allow them to use their old wire headphones. more americans are binge drinking than a decade ago. according to the cdc. researchers say one in three men and one in five women admit to having had at least one heavy drinking day in the past year. heavy drinking is four or more drinks in a sitting for a woman binge drinking is linked to a host of health problems including accidents, injuries, liver disease and neurological damage. the study didn't indicate what is causing the spike in binge drinking. you have a choice, surgery, drugs or maybe a roller coaster ride instead. researchers say a trip to a theme park may be the best treatment for kidney stones. it's after several patients reported pass stones without
6:51 am
in the tests, tests found even large stones dislodged after two or three rides. they tested it on faster roller coasters but didn't work. they suggest moderate intensity roller coasters could be good preventive therapy for people prone to kidney stones. happy wife happy life? a new study says it's true. it finds people with unhappy spouses had more physical ailments than those with a happy partner. re that being around happy people can also make you happy and now they suggest that includes your health too. not just your mood. two men are now facing charges for their not so graceful stunt on "dancing with the stars." when they rushed the stage earlier this month protesting olympic swimmer ryan lochte. they said they wanted to get the message out he's a liar and under brazilian law a criminal. he and several teammates face criticism for lying about a
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olympics. federal reserve chair yellen will be asked about oversights at wells fargo banks. she's set to testify on capitol hill today. wells fargo is accused of opening millions of accounts without permission from customers to reach aggressive sales goals. now the bank's ceo and other executives will forfeit tens of millions of dollars in bonuses as the bank launches an investigation. tony dungy will be talking tost as part of dads take your child to school today. he'll be at gibbs high school in st. pete at 11:30. today's a big day for tim tebow's new career in baseball. it will be the first time he paces pitchers from another team. plays for the met's instructsal league team in port st. lucie. game set to start at noon. a big change occurring at o athletic department. gators hiring a new athletic
6:53 am
mississippi state's scott stricklin will take over in gainesville. he said he left his alma mater because florida's program was impossible to turn down. current director jeremy foley will remain on the job another month. south florida woman has her dog back an separated for nearly a decade. >> they were reunited after the dog the got out of the house while she was on vacation, eight years look at 12-year-old pia zadorable. rescuers called her saying they found pia thanks to the microchip. it appears someone had been taking care of her. it's a 6:53. your morning sprint counts you down to "good morning, america." >> we're bringing you the news, weather and traffic you need to know. we're getting an update on a lakeland therapist in jail. detectives say 71-year-old anthony conte is facing charges
6:54 am
female patients and police believe there could be other victims. we'll speak with detectives later this morning about this. tributes continue to pour in from across the country and here in the bay area for baseball star jose fernandez. the major league standout who made his start in tampa was killed over the weekend in a boating accident. family, friends and former teammates will hold a vigil at 7:30 tonight at alonso high school where he went to school. several other events are planned in the miami area. all of continue to merge from the night he was killed. stay tuned. much on the heartbreaking details coming up on "good morning, america." overnight near san diego officers shot a black man who later died. that shooting sparking peaceful protests. lasting for hours. el cajon police releasing this picture overnight showing that man holding something and going into a shooting stance just before officers fired. green party presidential
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your vote. appears tonight at the cuban club in ybor city 7:30 tonight. she will discuss issues concerning bay county area voters. good morning. westbound park boulevard still closed, however, there are two wreckers on scene, they have the vehicles loaded up now. they should have them out of the way but in the meantime there's going to be a little bit of a detour. either the cars taking a left to 70th avenue and getting back on at 49th street, otherwise this should be wrapped up by the that in mind. we're still seeing delays in hillsborough at northbound u.s. 301 and progress boulevard so give yourself extra time as for the slow spots, i-4 heading into downtown, our slowest spot, 39 the average speed there. finally this morning -- a dolphin comes crashing down on a 13-year-old surfer in australia. >> the teen says he saw the dolphin leaping toward him.
6:56 am
get out of the way but the dolphin landed on his shoulder and his back. even put a hole in his board. surfer says the dolphin appeared as shocked as he was. >> he was lucky he was not seriously hurt. >> the dolphin and fine. not a shark bite but dolphin punching a hole -- >> by the way morning coastal showers and inland afternoon thunderstorms. coverage 30% to 40%. and hurricane hunters flying into that wave. we'll see if airtsz tropical depression or tropical storm matthew. in the next couple of hours >> "good morning, america" is next. >> keep up to date on air, mobile app, facebook and
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good morni good morning, america. donald trump on defense after that dramatic debate. >> and i was also holding back if taking aim at the moderator, the media even his mike. >> my microphone was terrible. i wonder was it set up that way on purpose. victory lap. >> one down, two to go. >> as trump doubles down on his criticism of the former miss universe saying her weight as a big problem. what the beauty queen is revealing this morning. a deadly police shooting in california. sparking protests overnight. the image from the scene showing officers confronting an unarmed man then opening fire. >> shots fired. sending an ambulance. >> the investigation right now. marlins mystery.


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