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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> the makes me sad it's gotten to this much hate when we should just love and care about each other. go hateful words spray painted on homes and businesses in hillsborough county. how you can help deputies put the person who did this behind bars. >> a counselor arrested for sexual misconduct with two patients. ahead, why police think there could be more victims. developing story from southern california. another black man shot and killed by police.
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>> good morning, i'm deiah riley. police say that man was acting erratically, failed to comply with orders. >> el cajon police show officers confronting that man. appears to have an object in his hand. and officers say he went into a shooting stance before they fired. not long after the shooting protests erupted in the streets -- protesters rather took to the streets claiming the shooting was racially motivated. >> all lives matter! all lives matter! >> reporter: so far the protests in san diego have been peaceful. at least one witness told our sister station the man shot was having a seizure, taken to the hospital after the shooting but later died. shocking new video shows an attack in charlotte. it happened in a parking garage at the same time the protests were going on there. you can see several men teeming up on one man, dragham, kick him. even pulled his pants off at one point. this morning officers say they've arrested at least one
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they say antonio gatewood beat and robbed the victim and charging him with ethnic intimidation. meanwhile the charlotte police department is now back open. officers had to evacuate it after a suspicious package was found inside. detectives are looking for the vandals that spray painted racially charged graffiti on businesses and homes in brandon. happened earlier this week along bartow lake road. someone wrote the words "kill white people," and "black lives matter." painted over by county workers. and vandals hit a house a few miles away with campaign signs in the front yard. a restaurant was also tagged. >> it's uncalled for. there's a way to protest. a way not to. this is just -- it hurts everybody. >> detectives are hoping that someone with surveillance video of the crime will share it with them. right now there's not much to go on and they are counting on the community to bring the vandals to justice. good morning on a
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current conditions now, looking good. a couple coastal showers. temperatures generally in the mid and upper 70s. we've had low 70s and we're on the way to 60s for overnight lows the next few days. we do have the showers with a west wind picking up the gulf moisture and depositing it along the coast. showers, you're about wet of 19 south of homosassa and well to the south tracking showers across portions of sarasota. manatee county gets it in the next several hours, in fact i think all of by the afternoon, we'll see coverage 30% to 40% thunderstorms. the hurricane hunt verse been flying around our tropical disturbance, found wind speeds at fly level 53, translating now to 45 mile-per-hour winds.
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and those winds are but still haven't found a closed circulation so we're classifying it still as a tropical wave. a well organized one. it will become a tropical storm and eventually we're thinking hurricane as well. i'll have the latest thinking with the computer model forecast coming up. first wrapping up the wednesday commute here's janelle. just in time for the 9:00 hour, seems things are finally settling down. this is around gandy, up to speed in both directions from the sunshine skyway all the way down to the howard frankland. look at this, this is the north end of the howard frankland bridge, less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges now. courtney campbell still right at 10, gandy 7 minutes to get across. 9:04. breaking moments ago -- we just learned police are looking into another claim of sexual misconduct by a lakeland therapist. >> the third potential victim just came forward to police
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tully is in lakeland with the latest. >> reporter: conte had an office in lakeland 15 years. a big reason why detectives think there could be more victims. we expect to hear from police at some point this morning. the two women that did come forward did so just two weeks ago. things turned around quickly. here's video of conte taken in handcuffs from his office yesterday. the women that came forward talked about similar sessions with the 71-year-old, that consisted of inappropriate touching and with undercover officers nearby he allegedly told the women it was part of a treatment to rid their bodies of toxins that cause depression. conte now faces two counts of felony sexual misconduct lakeland police are asking anyone that thinks they had an inappropriate session with dr. conte to come forward. reporting in lakeland, james tully, abc action news. 9:05. walt disney world employee faces charges for trying to have sex with an underage girl. deputies say monday jose ready
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-- jose rodriguez drove from his home in orange county to have sex with the girl. it was part of an on-line sex sting. a disney spokesperson says rodriguez is on unpaid leave pending outcome of the charges. democracy 2016 -- hillary clinton and donald trump on the campaign trail following the first presidential debate. >> campaigning with bernie sanders in new hampshire. donald trump attending rallies in last night trump was in florida on the space coast. he told supporters at the melbourne airport he didn't unleash full attacks against clinton during the debate. >> i was also holding back, didn't want to do anything to embarrass her. but i watched her and she was stuck in the past. she's the candidate of yesterday. and ours is the campaign and the people of the future. >> trump also boasted he raised
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after monday night's debate. the biggest one-day haul in his campaign. hillary clinton will be back in florida friday in brevard and st. lucie county. held her first post debate rally yesterday in north carolina where she told supporters that trump lied during the debate. >> his demeanor, his temperament. his behavior on the stage could be seen by everybody. people can draw their own conclusions. i thought on several occasions he was making charges and claims that were were untrue. monday night's debate broke records, more than 84 million people watched across the 13 networks that carried it live and millions more watched on the web. the mayor of kissimmee is in jail accused of living in a dead woman's home more than a year and stealing money from her bank account to pay the
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are charged with grand theft. detectives say the couple was living in the home of a couple who died in 2011 and in 2014 and 2015 more than $4,600 in utilities were paid from the dead woman's bank account. former bucs head coach tony dungy is visiting gibbs high school in st. pete. part of the pinellas county school district dads take your child to school today. to impact the impact male role models children. dungy will be at gibbs high 11:30 this morning. 9:08. still to come -- an update on the explosion that rocked a new york neighborhood and demolished this house. also killed a firefighter. what police may think happened that caused that blast. >> a executive who drastically raised the price of a life saving drug offering to let
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new developments on this devastating scene we showed you yesterday during breaking news at this time. firefighters mourning the loss of a fellow first responder after he was killed in this house explosion in new york city. that blast rocked the bronx neighborhood just before 8:00 yesterday morning. 44-year-old battalion chief michael fahey was killed. part of the roof hit him in the head. dozens arrived at the hospital last night, american flags, came to pay respects. >> it's a terrible loss for the family, for the fire department family. we are a family. we feel it deeply. we feel it deeply today. >> he leaves behind a wife and three young children. officials say they do have a man in custody in connection to the explosion. authorities are investigating whether that home in question was being used as a marijuana growhouse.
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longer for the man in the new york city bombings to make his time in court. officials say ahmed rahami is still unconscious in a new jersey hospital. no new date has been scheduled for his arraignment. he's also charged with federal counts of using weapons of mass destruction, bombing a public place, destruction of property and using a destructive device. meanwhile this morning the fbi is releasing new pictures of two men they want to talk to about the new york city area bombings. the new photos show the back the two men, one looking like a tiger printed luggage bag. one video shows a man walking away with a pressure cooker he took from the bag. call the fbi type line if you know anything, 1-800-call-fbi. new this morning, target's pharmacy customers want their old prescription bottles back. customers say ever since cvs started to operate target drug
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the new design. they say they miss the target red prescription bottles with color coding and labeling on the top with prescription information that is easier to read. cvs says it's working on designing a new system for dispensing prescriptions but didn't offer details on an updated bottle design. the man once called the most hated man in america wants to you punch him in the face. no kidding. really does. >> martin skreli gained notoriety for jacking up the price of he's raveling off his chance to punch or slap him for a good cause. raising money to help benefit his friend mike who recently died and left behind his 5-year- old son who survived leukemia. so far skreli raised more than $6,500. are you house hunting how? if so be careful. consumer reporter john matarese
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don't waste your money. >> reporter: are you considering buying a home? at least kicking the tires in anticipation of next spring's buying season? a new report warns of sneaky home seller tricks to watch for. home buyers love clean well maintained homes. sellers know that too and do everything they can to make their homes show well. a new report by go banking rates says you need to watch for some of the top tricks that sellers use to get you to buy. among them, the smell of freshly baked potpourri that can hide mold smells. a fresh coat of paint on lower level walls or especially ceilings, can be used to hide water damage. if you smell fresh paint investigate. a sense of urgency to buy. telling you someone else is about to make an offer. and faking the age of appliances by writing a recent date on the water heater or furnace. from the doesn't that stink file -- the biggest home
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cost of repairs. sellers may say they priced a new roof or repaired the patio but if they are off by thousands of dollars you say doesn't that stink? never take the seller's word for needed repairs, get your own estimate. all the tricks and many more can be spotted by a good tampa bay home inspector. hire one who will work for you, not someone the seller recommends so you don't waste your money. john matarese. abc action news. 9:16. a raging wildfire is burning out of control in central florida. east of the flames scorching over 855 acres so far. firefighters say that fire is just 50% contained. crews are forced to close part of state road 50 near i-95 in brevard county overnight when flames approached the road. at one point firefighters concerned they may have to evacuate nearby hotels. meanwhile several fires still burning in california. parts of iowa meantime are being inundated with high water prompting evacuations.
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increasingly serious situations. >> it's a really bad day for a fire. >> reporter: multiple wildfires raging in california this week. >> we all worry it could come down the hill towards us. >> reporter: the loma fire in the santa cruz mountains reportedly burden of proving upwards of 2,000 ache sores far destroying one home. threatening hundreds more and forcing hundreds of evacuations. some heeding the call. >> we've had a mix of folks that decided to stay. some that decided to leave. >> reporter: others taking their chances. >> we see flames get close and we'll head out, otherwise i'm stin >> reporter: crews dropping retardant on the blaze competing with sweltering heat and dry brush. >> as it finds a valley or gully or drainage that is primed with fuels that's the route it's going to go. >> reporter: meanwhile residents in parts of iowa facing the opposite problem. water. low lying areas inundated after rivers and creeks swelled past their banks. authorities warning thousands of residents to stay away for a few more days, expressing optimism but also emphasizing
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flooding. >> this is the second largest and most significant flood event in the history of the city of cedar rapids. let's look at our forecast now. if we have a lot to talk about here. we're watching the traich that is going to be matthew -- tropical wave that is probably going to be matthew soon. shay or dennis will talk about it later this afternoon. not so far this morning. let's look at the gorgeous cloud, structure from this morning. karen saying strange looking sky. karen, that's what happens there during a sunrise. we get the red hues and clouds, fantastic at scattering light. there's a lot of red in the morning here. as we check in on conditions now we're in the low 80s with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. i think we'll eventually get into showers and thunderstorms, that is the rest of us. there are a couple of pockets
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onshore flow going. this is the case the next several days. there you see one shower coming in, we've been talking about citrus county and now into sarasota as well. osprey, venice, showers crossing 75 now. that is it for now but we'll continue to see this developing later this afternoon. so the pattern will be morning coastal showers and inland afternoon thunderstorms so if you're watching from our interior counties it will be a while before you get the rain which already of course started as you see there. watch future this in motion and you can see the showers and thunderstorms continuing to move off towards the east. a little more on the way from the west. so i think totals will favor 75 this time around. and we'll continue to see that again as we head through tomorrow, things then wind down through the overnight but the problem is the gulf still supports the showers at night so wake up tomorrow with us, we could be raining along the coast. what's going on with what will be matthew.
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hurricane hunters have found tropical storm force winds but not a close circulation. you need the winds in different directions where they drop their instruments. you need a north wind, west. you get the idea, a circle here. that hasn't happened yet and so when it does then certainly we're not going to be talking about a depression, it will go right to a tropical storm as i see it now. computer model next several days. here's the clock by saturday, somewhere in the caribbean and all the while impacting with the islands. this is the time that we really don't know what is going to happen here. expecting a turn but that is going to be key. when does it turn? because if it turns sooner that would be good for us. if it doesn't it gets a little closer to florida. that is what remains to be soon as we get more computer model runs we'll be able to pinpoint
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better when we have a closed low. when we have a storm to track. at this point we don't yet. 88 for this afternoon. pretty typical this time of year. exactly where we should be. as i mentioned that rain chance 30% to 40%. as we continue through the end of the week. good morning. i'm lissette campos with "positively tampa bay." the domestic violence center is in the spotlight today. they could
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a lot of americans are apparently binge drinking than they were a decade ago. centers for disease control finds one in three men and one in five women admit to at least one heavy drinking day in the past year. four or more drinks in one sitting. for a woman. or five or more for a man. binge drinking is linked to a host of health problems including accidents, injuries, liver disease and neurological damage. it's unclear what is causing the spike. researchers say a trip to disney world may be the best treatment for painful kidney stones. scientists tested the theory
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after riding the big thunder mountain railroad roller coaster in disney world. in the tests it was found even large stones dislodged after two or three rides and riding in the back is more effective than up front. moderate intensity is best. the back and forth motion apparently does the trick. you probably heard happy wife happy life. >> a new study now backs that up. scientific proof. it finds those people with unhappy spouses had more physical ailments than people who had a >> researchers say they've known that for a while that being around happy people can make you happy and now they suggest that includes your health too. >> that goes for tv spouses too. you're welcome. coming up at 9:30 -- a popular lunch or dinner food for kids is being recalled. what you need to know and why you need to get this out of the freezer right away.
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but he's not dead.
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tributes continue today for baseball star jose fernandez as more information emerges this morning regarding the boating accident that took his life. what >> then political threats. the serious reaction homeowners are getting for the signs on their lawn and how they are tied to the bay area. >> after months of withholding important information about the zika virus the florida health department is finally going to get some answers. what we can expect to learn this morning. coming up. good morning. thank you for joining us on abc action news at 9:30. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. that important zika information in a second.
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cold fronts sooner and then goodbye mosquitos. they are still out there and it's warm and humid though we'll talk about some dry air coming. in i think you'll like the forecast as far as the morning temperatures late in the week. not so much for tampa south but across the nature coast we'll get a little cooldown there. temperatures now in the 70s. low 80s and going to climb to the upper 80s this afternoon but we have radar to talk about here. showers, now lightning across citrus county and hernando i think you'll be clipped in the next 10 minutes so heads up. nothing severe, just one lonely thunderstorm here and then we have this one down towards sarasota that continues to move east. that is our prevailing wind flow from west-to-east so showers continue to fire and develop into thunderstorms. then everything ends up in the inland counties with low 80s by 1:00, upper 80s for for daytime highs. i'll show you cooler
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major league baseball star jose fernandez. the miami marlins pitcher who was a standout ball player at alonso high in tampa was killed over the weekend in a boating accident. >> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan reports from the high school this morning where an event is planned for tonight. >> reporter: friends, family and former teammates will meet at the baseball field at 7:30 tonight for a vigil. other events also planned for the miami area. this as more informa that he was killed. new reports indicate that jose fernandez was upset following an argument with his girlfriend and contacted two friends for the late-night boat ride that unfortunately ended in the death of the 24-year-old miami marlins pitcher. investigators say that 32-foot fishing boat owned by fernandez crashed into rocks early sunday morning near miami beach. his two friends also killed. a close friend of one of the men urged him not to go out
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between the two on instagram. telling him to please be careful. friends right here at home say fernandez will be dearly missed. >> he was a wonderful young man. always smiling. always laughing and always just brought joy to everyone. around him. he really was a very special kid. he never forgot the people that were always close to him. >> reporter: teammates of jose fernandez continue to honor him on the field with touching tributes. a mass for fernandez will only include family members as well as members of the marlins team and that will be held thursday. folks here in the bay area will continue to remember him as a young man who never forgot who he was before the bright lights. >> even after he was rookie of the year coming back here, like a normal kid. you would never know that he was famous or a great ball player because he was just very
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here. he was just family. >> reporter: as far as the case into the crash investigators say neither drugs nor alcohol was involved. reporting from town n country, rodney dunigan, abc action news. detectives are looking for the vandals who spray painted "black lives matter" and "kill all white people "requesting on walls and businesses and homes in brandon. co over it yesterday. just a few miles away a home was also covered in graffiti. the campaign signs in the front yard weren't spared either. finally a local restaurant was also hit. it's uncalled for. there's a way to protest, a way not to. this is just -- it hurts everybody. >> detectives say without surveillance video or witnesses they don't have much to go on. they are counting on the community to bring the vandal to justice. new this morning,
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letters from our area because they support donald trump. jennifer larson and neighbor both got threatening letters monday. they are postmarked in st. petersburg and threatened to vandalize their homes if they don't take down their trump signs. larson says the photo copied letter gives the impression it's from someone she knows. >> the way it's worded is to make you feel someone next door to you is going out of their way to accuse you -- like w >> larson says she will not take down the donald trump signs. instead she's reporting the threatening letters to the u.s. postal service. one of the third party candidates hoping to get your vote will be in tampa tonight discussing issues directly affecting bay area voters. green party presidential nominee jill stein will be at the cuban club in ybor city tonight at 7:30. plans to talk about the pinellas county sewage problem, aerial spraying of mosquitos and damage to the florida aquifer by the mosaic sinkhole.
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helping today, miami-dade officials plan to release the locations of mosquito traps that captured zika positive insects in miami beach. the state and county previously refused to disclose the locations. they argued the records were exempt from public records law because they were part of an investigation but yesterday governor scott and the surgeon general agreed that miami-dade can go ahead and release the locations. this morning police are looking for the person who stole a $100,000 corvette off the dealership lot in st. pete. surveillance video from the chevrolet dealership shows the thief driving off with the vet. and police want to speak with a man and woman who were at the dealership around the same time the car was stolen. the same two people were at the dealership two days before the theft. a dealership rep believes they switched the key fobs. >> it's not an uncommon thing that someone will come in, spend time with the
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take off with the car. the dealership is now offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to the car and the conviction in this case. a consumer alert this morning. you'll want to head to the freezer. tyson foods recalling 130,000 pounds of chicken nuggets. it could have hard pieces of plastic in it. this is what the bag looks like. finding out they were sold at costco stores nationwide. full details on the recall on global financial markets are mixed today. asian markets down. european indices up though. a live look at the dow, open six minutes, up 46 points. the dow climbed 133 tuesday. taking action for you if you're looking for a job. a career fair is this morning 11:00, at the hilton st. pete bayfront location, until 2:00 this afternoon. companies hiring include lincoln heritage life
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financial. tampa airport is holding a job fair too. looking for police, traffic specialists and dispatchers. for more information we have it posted on our web site. 9:37. still ahead -- ultimate insults. a bar allowing people to walk all over colin kaepernick . and it's backfiring. >> and a priceless reaction
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breaking news overnight -- former israeli prime minister shimon peres has died. suffering a major stroke. he was 93 years old. he was a key player in a landmark peace agreement with palestinians. president obama and both bill and hillary clinton are expected to attend his funeral. meanwhile president obama is nominating the first u.s. ambassador to cuba in more than 50 years. yesterday he named jeffrey delaurentis to the position. he resaw the reopening of the u.s. embassy there and played a
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ties between the u.s. and cuba. earlier this year mr. obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba in a half century. two men face charges for rushing the stage after ryan lochte performed on "dancing with the stars." the men said they wanted to get the message out that "lochte is a liar and under brazilian law a criminal." lochte and several teammates faced crit search for lying about a drunken incident during the rio olympics. colin kaepernick people to wipe their feet on. customers spotted this at the crossroads rock and country bar in virginia beach. kaepernick of course drew attention last month for not standing during the national anthem before the games. he said he's protesting racial injustice. the restaurant's use of the jersey backfired and offended patrons complained until they picked it up. some still not satisfied calling for a boycott. >> what went through my mind was, wow, is this real or a
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takes a police officer's uniform down as soon as you stepped in. and stepped on it? >> general manager of the bar says this was about sportsmanship and disrespect to the flag. a national woman also missed her own wedding after a dump truck seemingly fell from the sky and landed in front of her. sarah barker was in her friend's suv friday on their way to the ceremony when it happened. >> looked straight ahead and just loose. >> that craziness was this 80,000 pound gravel truck that came crashing down into the interstate from above. tractor-trailer, two lanes over from them took the brunt of the impact. a move the women believe saved their lives. >> my friend has been texting, had we been looking anywhere other than the road, had the driver in front of us not been so attentive and careful to try to minimize it, it could have gone differently. >> police say the driver was
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crashed. it was parked at a delivery site and put blocks in front of it so it wouldn't move but clearly didn't work. it rolled down the hill and on to the interstate. no one was hurt. sarah barker made to it the wedding on time. powerful typhoon making randfall in eastern china today after ravaging taiwan yesterday. that storm collapsing several structures and killing one person in the city. heavy rains from maggie also causing widespread five and injured over 600 in taiwan. the power is still out to more than one million people on the island nation. turning to more pleasant things. ivan has an explanation of a celestial show we're about to enjoy. >> we have a celestial show on the way. it's going to be happening friday. you've heard of harvest moons, even blood moons. all kinds of moons. this one, this friday is going to be called a black moon. that's right.
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that unusual. basically what happens is any time you get a second new moon in one full calendar month that is what is called a black moon. i don't remember the last time we had one. i didn't even know that's what we called it but of course when you get two full moons in a month that is the blue moon. there you go. the black moon on the way. some folks are a little superstitious and think other things, there's folklore about it. you can google t but indeed we're going to be talking about a new moon. once again. i tell what you, probably be able to see it through the morning though. we'll get the morning coastal showers going. it's a nice shot of the circles of apollo beach cam showing a few clouds. if we had a cam over citrus county and hernando county you can see this, showers coming in. also in the last 10, 15 minutes or so produced lightning as well. that will only increase, not only in intensity but in coverage as well.
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but i think for the remainder of the day things will begin to get more coverage. then we'll eventually talk about inland thunderstorms. i'll show you futurecast. temperatures across the rest of the tampa bay area now in the mid and upper 70s. we had some low 70s this morning, 81 in st. pete now. 82 -- where is fall? look at this. not that far away from us. if you go a little further north, boundary here separating dry air, cool air, don't think we're going to get into that. so cool temperatures but what will happen is that dry air begins to push in. look at the dew points. tropical into the 70s. look at there, by the time we get to friday, tallahassee dew point of 46. that is dry stuff. then out ahead of it 72. so there's our boundary. that will continue pushing south so that through the early part of the day i think we'll drop temperatures a little bit with the dry air an also lower rain chances from i-4 to the north. the rest of us still in the
9:46 am
through the weekend. futurecast, showing that westerly flow favoring morning showers. and then inland afternoon thunderstorms and look at the absence of anything up to the north. that is the boundary. so futurecasting this for you, storms as you plan your day. you need the rain gear certainly by the evening commute. then we'll still have the coastal gulf showers out there, they will be moving onshore by the time we talk again tomorrow. so this is our tropical wave still not a storm. that may happen later this wave, 45 miles an hour. we'll keep you obviously posted on that. temperatures about 88 which is average for this time of year. we'll have morning showers again for tomorrow and then again on friday as we continue with this pattern here. high temperatures in the upper 80s, overnight lows in the mid- 70s. 9:46. this is the must see video of the morning. a man caught on camera at the ballpark about to propose to his girlfriend. touching moment? except he dropped the ring.
9:47 am
the couple had just popped up on the jumbotron for the big moment at last night's yankees game. then dropped the ring. the crowd is trying to help him find it. >> then you see the cheers. they found it in the cuff of that woman's jeans. despite the rocky start to the lifelong commitment she said yes. still ahead on "positively tampa bay" -- we are showing you how you can become a
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new this morning, brad pitt may be getting a divorce but not dead. if you see this on facebook don't click it or you could be
9:51 am
a fake article circulating on facebook tuesday had the headline rest in peace brad pitt. the facebook says it's part of a phishing scam. you click on it and you go to a link that asks for your user name and password. entering it gives hackers control of your account. the former beauty queen now at the center of a fight between donald trump and hillary clinton is speaking out. slamming donald trump for insulting her. during the debate monday night clinton says trump called alicia machado miss piggy and fat shamed her after the miss universe title 20 years ago. he talked about it on fox news yesterday. >> she gained a massive amount of weight. and it was -- real problem. we had a real problem. not only that, her attitude and we had a problem with her. >> machado is now starring in a campaign ad supporting hillary clinton. she says trump shamed her in front of reporters and as a result she says she developed an eating disorder. the trump campaign says machado
9:52 am
campaign to gain notoriety at trump's expense. the campaign also called her allegations against trump baseless and unsubstantiated. good morning. all this week we're visiting with domestic violence centers as part of our taking action against domestic violence campaign. the advocates want to make it as easy as possible for to you get involved and make a difference. so the spring of tampa bay serves hillsborough county where last year alone 6,767 cases of dv were reported. and this is the can help them with. >> people think of domestic violence centers and think we're just shelters. they don't realize we have a 24/7, 365-day a week hotline that someone can call in the middle of the night if it's the only safe to call. and for questions. >> your donations could help them fund the operations of the hotline and also the
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if you would like to connect with the spring of tampa bay or any local domestic violence center in our area you can go to our web site,, we've got a county by county breakdown with links to each center and as always a statewide domestic violence hotline is front and center on the page, 1-800-500- 1119. once again our annual taking action against domestic violence special airs p.m. the entire hour will showcase local residents who have become heroes to local survivors and advocates by giving of their
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they will increase in coverage by 1:00 to 4:00. highs in the low to mid-80s. by the way the hurricane hunters found winds upwards of 70 miles per hour. no question it will be a tropical storm later this afternoon. just a matter of technicalities now and of course shay and dennis will have likely a cone where it heads, the next headache we'll have to deal with. continuing coverage of the top stories on >> tampa bay's "morning blend"
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