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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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will tend to hold this to the north. the turn is expected over the weekend as it's turning, it is also intensifying a bit. so we're looking at a cat 2 approaching jamaica with 100 mile-per-hour winds. we'll look at what will happen with matthau. the computer model forecast is trending east. this is still far off and it's kind of a guess toward the end of the forecast. what we're morning are showers and storms. clipping in pinellas here, wet roads to contend with there. we have the thunderstorm going across the extreme northwestern fisher's county. all of it will be pushing to the east. today is t.'s about 50% coverage and in the mid to upper 08s. let's check in with the thursday commute with janelle. the first traffic issue is
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gulf to belcher. reports of a person struck by a car. we're still working to get more details with a road block in the weekend lanes. we're also keeping our eye on this crash at manatee/sarasota area. leave yourself some extra time there. dan? 6:01. now to the breaking news in tampa happening right now. police are searching for a shooter aof a man was shot in a strip club. >> good morning, labor day is he. >> reporter: deiah, dan, good morning to you. i talked to investigators out here earlier this morning. they told me the victim is expected to survive. he is in the hospital right now. detectives are waiting to question him about what
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shooting happened at hillsborough avenue near 20th. police are working on the finite details but it was around closing when someone walked up and shot a man outside. it's unclear if the two know each other or a fight that led up to the shooting. we're hoping that the details are released later this morning. as i said, the victim is expected to be okay. he was in good condition, was shot in the leg and expected to make a full recovery. police are hoping to question him to find out not only what happenedea shooting but to find out does the victim know the shooter? as of right now, police have not made a single arrest. i'm lindsay logue, abc action news. a few minutes after 6:00 right now. we're learning new information this morning about that shooting at an elementary school in south carolina. officials say the gunman is a 14-year-old boy who opened fire on the playground entering two
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teacher. >> police say the boy killed his father first and the teen's grandparents were the ones to find their son's body. the grandmother got a call from the boy just one minute from that 911 call from the elementary school. she says she couldn't understand him because he was so upset. that's when they went to the boy's home about 100 yards away discover aring the murder scene. two other victims are are now out of the hospital. cl rest of a week. tempers reach a boiling point over the shooting of an unarmed mentally ill black man. police shot and killed him after he took what they called a shooting stance and pointed an object at them. they now say wees holding a vape e-cigarette device. officials say he pleaded with police not to open fire and may
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before. it started when his sister called 911 saying he's unarmed, mentally ill and having an episode. a protest turns ugly after a man in a donald trump shirt and hat showed up on the scene. he landed right in the middle of the furious crowd. he eventually got away. today a private funeral will be held for miami pitcher jose fernandez. here in hillsborough county, people gathered at alonso high school last night. ? [music] ? >> as a student, fernandez led the ravens to a championship. over the weekend, he and two friends died in a boating
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he emigrated from coupe about -- he immigrated from cuba in 2005. this morning, we're waiting to find out who left a child to die in a hot van. police haven't said who found the little boy ash 4:00 in the afternoon. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and later pronounced dead. it's not clear how long the child had been in the van or if the child even attended the day care or if the van was owned by the day care. beach police ashook a 5-month- old baby. the babe yip had a fractured skull and leg. tillry clinton can talk.
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bernie sanders in an effort to win millennials who backed him. it focused primarily on college affordable. sanders urged his supporters to back hillary clinton. >> this election is enormously important for the future of our country. it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president. >> former clinton will not be campaigning here. he canceled so he could attend the funeral of shimon peres. >> at a rally in iowa yesterday, trump told supporters sanders wanted to become legendary -- would have become legendary if he hadn't sold out to hillary clinton.
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dnc, the democratic national committee run by hillary clinton's person, what they did to bernie sanders was unbelievable. >> trump also reacting to former miss universe's comments. trump says he saved her job by giving her a chance to lose weight. she says trump humiliated her by calling her miss piggy. and meet and greet supporters in sarasota. last night, he addressed them at cuba city. she also wants to get americans away from using fossil fuels by the year 2030. still to come on abc action news at 6:00, rapping to help students. a man tackling bullying in his
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>> the disregard for a major
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that catchy tune comes with a powerful message. that's corey thornton who
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kids face like bullying. now he is encouraging kids to go to class. he'll debut an original song about the importance of school attendance. teachers plan to share that with elementary schools throughout the district. taiwan is now recovering from a typhoon that killed four and injured several hundred. it pummeled the area for 14 straight hours after making landfall. not everyone is taking it so seriously. check out this video showing a couple of brothers trying everyday things during the storm. >> it's amazing. they don't appear phased at all by the rain falling sideways and whipping winds. look, he's trying to light up a cigarette and read a newspaper while this is going on. it's not having much -- >> you never now what debris might be flying around. >> exactly. of course, ivan, we don't recommend this.
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i've covered dozens and it was always amazing to see people if full suits and briefcases. we don't recommend that at all. showers and storms with the unsettled pattern the next couple of days. 6:12 and also coming up, a samsung phone sparks the model being blamed this time leaving major damage and the reason one come says her life could have been at risk. so fun side effect to pregnancy. there's one promising sign it
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welcome back. two people robbed a bank in tennessee. one person was dressed as a clown and carrying explosives. the robbers got away with an police are concerned that this tactic may lead to copy cat actions and even turn simple clown pranks deadly because of fear. new this morning, a woman is blaming her samsung phone for catching her house on fire, but this is not the galaxy model that's been recalled. here is a look at the phone. it is an s7 edge. it's now shattered and black with ash. the owner says she left it at
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when she came home, her home was on fire. >> be careful because that could be you and your life right there over a cell phone. >> she said her phone was constantly overheating. police have arrested a florida highway patrol trooper. kissed a woman and grouped her during a traffic stop this month. morning sickness is a not so great side effect of pregnancy but it could hold a promising sign for your unborn baby. a new study shows the women were less likely to miscarry. researchers don't know why this
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sickness might be linked to hormonal changes in the body that are good for the baby. if you have acne or had acne when you were younger, you are in luck. apparently, it'll keep you looking younger as you age. scientists look ted dna of people with acne and found people with acne had white blood cells that were better protected against aging. acne has a side effect of the gene did i after the snow bakers bakers -- the dust reduced visibility to a quarter mile or less. >> all right. another dust storm for them. incredible there. force, yeah, thunderstorms already and composite showers
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pinellas. this is a particular thunderstorm north of crystal river diminishing as we speak. a good thing there but we really got going the last ten minutes or so. you see the flow, right, coming in from south and west. that's going to mean on and off showers throughout the day and thunderstorms as well. checking into the mid and upper 70s as far as temperatures this morning. we will warm up, although not as hot as we've been with the additional cloud cover. we should stay ith upper 80s. the futurecast heads through the 8:00 a.m. hour. our inland counties will be dry for most of the early morning then by the afternoon, the heating of the day and everything is heading to the east. we're ahead of a front that
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5 mile-per-hour winds are battling wind shear so it's not going to get too argued in a short amount of time. eventually, it will head towards jamaica as perhaps combat cat-1 or cat-2 talking about the eventual forecast. 87 for us which is mostly cloudy skies and scattered storms. rain coverage 30 to 40% into then heading into early next week. that is your seven-day forecast. we try to keep it light in the mornings, but sometimes in traffic we get really bad news. unfortunately, we got bad new from clearwater police where they are working a fatal crash where someone was struck and killed right at belcher.
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possibility. take look at eastbound. we have another crash at coachman. this messy area if you are traveling in this direction, leave yourself extra time to get around these roads. captain al is getting ready to take his helicopter up and will bring us the latest as soon as we get it. we're also still watching this crash deiah? still ahead, the best morning of the year like christmas for coffee lovers. first, this morning, amanda knox is setting the
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>> reporter: the 2007 killing of meredyth kercher, the college roommate of amanda knox. >> either i'm a psychopath in sheep's clothing or i am you. >> reporter: chilling new interviews by fox's boyfriendp in. the trial made headlines for years in which knox and her boyfriend were conv freed, convicted again only to be found innocent by italy's highest court. >> if i'm innocent, that means everyone ought ought to have a
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. >> welcome back. talking about a baby nose shark that dives off the coast of belize. he follows the diver like a puppy dog. if you need a surge of caffeine to wake you up, this is your day. today is national coffee day.
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us coffee junkies. coffee, of course, is one of our favorites here. >> we bring our travel mugs in to the makeup room every morning. >> we have embarrassing photos to prove it. >> i bring my own pot of coffee, nothing fancy but i enjoy a big helping of caffeine free but i had a relapse. >> espresso for me. i'll tell you what, you wake up at 1:30 in the morning. i don't know how many cups i have. at least ten. >> what? >> yeah. >> i would be up for, like, a week. >> i know, i know. it's a problem. what are you going to do?
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day mobile app to learn where you can get a free cup. >> ivan is raring to go with the coffee. >> check this out. doppler radar with getting closer to showers. we'll have a live forecast coming up. good morning, everybody. your drive across the water this morning is looking great. here courtney has more on that in a few minutes. fighting gun violence. ahead, how a major event happening today in st. pete will help in the efforts to make the community safer. people in a pasco county neighborhood make a troubling find and we'll tell what you
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now at 6:30, fighting gun violence in our community. >> leaders are taking action against shootings in st. petersburg and the one thing they say is key to making the city safer. thanks for waking up with >> good morning, i'm deiah riley. we're looking into the stats of how in deadly shootings we see and how to stop the trend. >> ivan's tracking the weather. >> we're tracking rainfall as we look at titan doppler radar here. so in clips through hernando and pasco as well. now widespread heavy rain, but
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from west to east. temperatures are in 86 to 87. let's check in with janelle following a traffic accident. >> this is in clear water. we now know a person who was struck was killed at gulf bay boulevard and the westbound 19 and belcher. you might want to use drew street as your alternate. it's right at coachman. this is a very busy area. we'll continue to update you throughout the morning right here on twitter and tampa bay traffic. happening today, the conversation turns to gun violence in st. petersburg and
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city hall right now. this morning, the mayor is tackling gun laws. dewhy you know, whenever you talk about gun laws, it is always a -- deiah, you know, whenever you talk about gun laws it is always controversial. over the past year, the mayor has tried a number of different measures to ensure that communities and the city are safe. he was meeting with a group founded by baby giffords. she was a former congresswoman hurt in 2011 in a mass shooting. over the past few years, a task force of community leaders have been put together to look at the issue of gun violence. also, the city of st. pete made it in addition one to stop the
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year. >> we have to create opportunities, internships and apprenticeships of the young people who don't go to college and still know there are alternatives to make the almighty dollar and do it in a way that is upright. >> along with that, the mayor also pledged to find $1 million to invest into the city in an effort to address the rash of recent violence and problem. this effort, of course, is part of our larger goal to save lives and make communities right here in st. pete a lot safer. today's event kicks off at 11:00 a.m. for now reporting live in st. pete, rodney dunningan, action news. take a look. this is what families living in two pasco county neighborhoods
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neighborhoods of port richie. neighbors we spoke with say the groups try to capitalize in the current racial divide in the country. they also say the tactic is despicable and unwelcomed. >> i think it's terrible. everybody has a right to their opinion, but it's a nice, quiet neighborhood. >> similar brochures are left in the coun week. police have now made an arrest in the 26-year-old cold case murder. officers charged 54-year-old jason dealer with raping and
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bill will fund agencies through december 9th. the decision gets lawmakers through the presidential election. it includes $1.1 billion to fight zika. it ends the month long fighting and previous bills to go to planned parenthood. in democracy 2015, the early voting numbers are surging for this presidential election in florida. more data shows more have captured this through 2012. elections officials are stumping every day. we're expecting a behind the scenes look lighter today. the tampa premium outlets is hiring. dozens of stores are taking part in a fall job fair today
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stop by the outlets between saks fifth avenue and adeetis adidas. showers and storms out there and they will continue off and on as we see wet roads along our immediate coast. coming up, we'll have an update on tropical details on a fatal crash through the westbound lanes still closed. we'll talk more about this in a few minutes. it's 6:06 right now. coming up, a deer hits back after being hit by a car. you have to see this unbelievable video. >> and going hollywood, the filmmaking it in to theaters tonight showcasing the tampa
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the october issue of playboy features a muslim- american woman in a hijab. it highlights people who risk their lives to do what they
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jersey driver hits a deer and that deer hits back. >> it's a video you have to see to believe. he starts attacking the driver inside her car. >> she said she kicked the deer and grabbed its antlers in an effort to push him out. the deer, unfortunately, not survive. 26 years ago, miss peregrine was a movie but now it was shot here in florida and you can see it in the gandy bridge. remember the movie ""mrs. doubtfire"? the house is up for sale in san francisco. it has four vehicles and four
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the retired surgen wants $4.5 million. >> he'll probably get it. still ahead a major decision that could spike gas prices for all of us and the instant impact it had as soon
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for the first time in eight years, the world's oil- producing countries have agreed to cut oil production.
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of course, for all of us. opec made that preliminary decision yesterday during a meeting in north africa. as soon as that decision was announced, crude prices immediately jumped by 5%. opec's trying to boost depressed prices. the costs of crude oil has fallen sharply in 2014. a final decision was expected during opec's next meeting set for november 30 in vienna. sadly, we are following a fatal crash in this involves a pedestrian struck by a car. right now, all lanes are blocked. one option for you, drew street. the westbound lane is moving just fine. you can see traffic indicators in the green here. we have a crash at coachman. if you are headed out the door, leave yourself extra time. we're still working to get more details on that fatal crash.
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manatee county, i-75 southbound backs up all the way to state route 70 due to a crash at university parkway. ivan? >> all right, janelle. thanks a lot. good morning on this thursday as we check in outside right now. fake a look at current conditions. pretty good. we've had coastal shauers to contend with here. it is an unsettled pattern. we'll kick to see on and off showers throughout the day today. we'll continue that tomorrow as well. south of the front that's pulling all top of us, hudson getting in on the showers. these will come and go, by the way. we'll get wet, a break, and then more showers. that's the situation wooer in right now. new port richey was raining. same deal with pinellas. you see the moisture in the golf so we have plenty of work with us. the future will be able to see we have just that. look at our interior counties. look through 11:00 a.m., not
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rainfall. for this area, we're talking thunderstorms in the afternoon, so we get heating and those pop up, right? a typical late summer pattern here. everything ends up across 95. we'll do it again tomorrow with more showers redeveloping across the golf in our direction. the latest on tropical storm matthew, 60 mile-per-hour winds. we have upper level winds that are a little too strong for matthew right now. remember hurricanes like things to be light the thunderstorm, imagine a 3d situation. they are blown away in the center. it's not going to intensify rapidly any time soon here. the forecast for it to do that will have the wind shear that will likely lessen in the next couple of days.
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looking like that. and in eastern cube bark looking at 90 to 100 mile-per- hour winds. let's talk about it. this forecast is preliminary and the forecasts are huge toward the end. it's why we call at the time spaghetti models. they start off nice and tight and everybody has an idea of what will happen with matthew. the gsf, which is the american and european florida. the european has it well east of us here. that is a better trend for us. the problem is that it is so far in time that we don't have too much confidence in that forecast. this is thursday of next week, right? so earn. we'll keep you informed. 87 as i mentioned on and off
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or 50 through the end of the weekend. slightly cooler times are ahead. guys? it is 6:48 right now. authorities canceled an amber alert for a 4-year-old jackson boy who's been found safe. his father is wanted in it his mother's body. he got a call from her worried cow workers. they issued a family alert. congress has overruled president obama's veto for the first time since he took office. they will allow 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia's government.
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arabia did not play role in the attacks if but this goes through it would allow people overseas to sue u.s. government or keep american troops in custody in foreign courts. u.s. officials are concerned that russian intelligence is behind computer hacks designed to influence u.s. elections. there have been attempts to break into registration databases. the fbi director has not seen which have been targeted. last month, they release ed evidence. you know, just yesterday we told you about an enticing offer from the pharmaceutical executive known as the most hated man in america who auctioned off a chance to punch him in the face.
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florida. she pit the most hated man in america. he will match half that. the hired puncher is allowed, and some are suggesting that katie enlist mike sighton. the high costs of day care means it's higher to put a child in day care than it does to put a child through college. it's $9600 a year. the average cost of in-state
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for the median household income, 50% is spent on day care. there are new apps you want to check out. this is tender that's the food version of the dating app. there's also the no wait apps being both apps are free. soon you won't have to hide your facebook page while you are at work. in fact, you may have to use it. next month, the social networking giant will release facebook at work. it will connect you to your colleagues. facebook users will recognize a lot of the tools they use daily including groups, events, and chats. volkswagen is jumping on
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is expected to cost less than 30,000, which is less than the competitors who have a much longer range. it won't go on sale until 2020. from electric cars to have electric chairs. nissan has a self-driving chair if you hate waiting in the sensor follows the chair or right next to us. >> i feel bad saying this, but i think it is a brilliant idea >> i like it, too. >> i'd get in line, sitting down for one. one of the most popular animated movies ever.
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king." disney says the sudden this will follow the footsteps of ma- sent and the others that broke box office records. we start this morning with the sprint with the investigation of who shot a man in a tampa strip club happening just before 3:00 this morning. police say someone shot a man in the parking lot. the victim is expected a full recovery. police, so far, have. a tinage gunman was stopped from entering a school. he killed his home and then went to the elementary school shooting two elementary students and a teacher on the playground. rick weisman continues his fight against gun violence in
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a discussion aimed at toughening gun laws. he is meeting with a group founded by gabby gifford, the former congresswoman hurt in a mass shooting in 2011. st. pete has seen nine gun- related homicides so far this year. the events starts at 11:00. happening today, the mass coe county sheriff's office will crack down on those who make threats about school shootings. today, a private funeral will be held for jose fernandez. yesterday, fans gathered at largo high school in tampa where he was a standout student athlete. the 24-year-old died in a boating accident with two of his friends. people in two pasco county
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kkk recruitment fliers in driveways. neighbors we spoke to say the fliers are not welcome. ? [music] ? >> that is the legendary barbra streisand. she's coming to tampa's amalie arena. tickets go on sail this morning and also all ticket tickets at the box office. all right. we have hey new wreck -- we have a new wreck to tell about you. eking major delays eastbound at palm river. we're still following a fatal
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ivan? we have already seen showers this morning. that will continue moving in from west to east so all throughout shot. we'll back into this tomorrow so on and off rain once again in the forecast. finally this morning, a dad recreates his dad's modeling accuracy. they realized they were staying at the same hotel where she had recently done a photo shoot. >> her father didn't plan to do it but it was fun at first until she said her dad's butt was belter than hers. [ laughter ] "good morning america" is next. >> keep up to date with us on air, on our mobile app,
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good morning, america. terrifying school shooting. a teenager opening fire on an elementary school playground. one student in critical condition. two others injured. >> move that patient towards the helicopter. >> a hero firefighter tackling the shooter. police are searching for a new trouble in the trump camp. a top aide says donald trump lost his nerve during the debate and now trump hits hillary clinton on her health. >> you see all the days off that hillary takes. day off. day off. day off. >> come out and vote. >> as clinton calls on her secret weapon, michelle obama. >> we need an adult in the white house. >> blitz for the battleground states right now. deadly tropical storm. matthew battering the caribbean islands with massive waves and


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