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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  October 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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y256yy yy6y live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. two men hospitalized this morning after a shootout earlier this week in st. pete. coming up, the surveillance video the sheriff wants you to see. also at 5:30, is hilary clinton a shoe in for the white house? new data says yes. and also, who donald trump says is responsible for his sagging numbers. good morning chl thank you for starting your day with us. >> we have a big issue on i-4 this morning. definitely going to impact your morning commute. let's get an update on the roads with janelle. >> you want to leave yourself a
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into downtown tampa. this was taken about 3:30 this morning right after this fatal crash involving a motorcycle. westbound lanes are blocked to southbound 275. this is right at the junction to get into downtown tampa. so a very busy area for the morning commute. traffic still light right now, although we are starting to see some backup. you can see it here on this camera. these cars right here trying to head westbound into tampa on i-4 getting turned and having to go northbound on 275. so here's the backup right there. you can see northbound having to take mlk back down to florida avenue to get into the downtown area. you can also consider taking the connecter and the expressway if you are trying to get into downtown tampa. we're also following another serious crash in polk county, this one at county line road south of u.s. 92. fhp asking drivers to avoid that area, as well. we also have some closures going on today in downtown tampa. i posted a lot of that information on twitter so make sure you check that out before you head out the door.
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now. couple sprinkles this morning will be about it. that's the case for later this afternoon. temperatures right now mild in the mid 70s. above average for this time of year. that head start will get us in the upper 80s this afternoon, but we have a few 60s out there. up awe cross the coast feeling very comfortable, but you'll jump a good 18 to 20 degrees by the afternoon. 72 in -- at the airport tampa this morning. 83 by your lunchtime. still pleasant. then we'll climb up to about little more humidity will make it feel like 90 degrees or so. weekend forecast, higher coverage as far as rain chances. we'll talk more about that in my next forecast. 5:32 now. this morning, dramatic surveillance video of a man on a shooting rampage. the pinellas sheriff releasing that video yesterday to give us all a better sense of what happened. abc action news reporter adam is live at bay front health in st. pete with more on how the shooting victim is doing this morning. adam. >> that's right.
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of st. pete, remains in critical condition here. he is alive, says the deputy, because a deputy helped keep him alive. the sheriff is also saying that the shooter seen in this dramatic surveillance video is a man named larry. the 65-year-old was apparently angry about being served an eviction notice earlier that day, and he shot at three of his neighbors that tuesday along 46th avenue north, according to the sheriff. the one victim that he hit, smith, was kept alive deputy who used his clothing to slow the bleeding. the shooter also shot at that deputy, who fired back and hit larry. he is also here at bay front medical this morning. right now, he is is also listed in critical condition. for now, live here in downtown st. pete, adam winer, abc action news. well, neighbors are rallying around a polk county family after a five-year-old was hit
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own home. austin crwaford and his sister were on their bikes when austin rode into the path of a pickup truck in lakeland, and he was hit and killed. stunned neighbors rushed over to help. >> her fiance tried to do cpr for a while chl he got tired. i scooted him out of the way and supported the boy's neck and was doing cpr. my neighbor across the street was helping me as well. we did that until the paramedics got there. >> sadly, austin died at lakeland regional health. deputies are investigating but believe this was just a tragic accident. friends, family, and coworkers of a tow truck driver killed early saturday morning on i-75 will gather this evening to pay their last respects. the funeral will be held at the liberty tabernacle on 22nd street southeast in ruskin. that service begins at 6:00. gregory miller is charged with dui manslaughter. tow truck drivers are planning funeral procession on sunday, october 23rd, in his honor.
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florida attorney general pam bondy will still support donald trump. bondy is set to speak this morning at the republican women's club luncheon. she's been a vocal trump supporter in the past, but she's been sigh -- silent since his recent controversy and comments on women. she was also accused of failing to launch an investigation into trump university after getting a campaign donation from trump. meanwhile, a new poll shows hilary clinton extending her lead on trump in the presidential race. >> 45% of likely voters surveyed that clinton in a four-way race compared to 38% for trump. clinton had just a two-point lead on trump in a september fox news poll. nate silvers 538 web site now giving clinton a better than 82% chance of winning the white house. silver, a statistician is a solid track record for predicting the 2008 and 2012 presidential races correctly down to the state level with only one error.
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responding to those sagging poll numbers with what he called an unshackled approach. he said the sexual assault claims against him were all lies, even referring to one accuser's appearance as a reason to question her claims. >> take a look. you take a look. look at her. look at her words. you tell me what you think. i don't think so. >> so far this week, five women have come forward accusing trump of inappropriate conduct, including sexual assault. trump says there is evidence prove his accusers are lying, but he did not say what it is. he says he'll release that information at a later date. he's also launching an attack on the new york times reporting one accuser's story. >> instead of the issues, they've slandered and libeled me with false accusations, but we will not let these lies distract us from our campaign, and it's a campaign of truth. i address the fact that i was
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it's a disgraceful thing that you can be on the front page of the failing new york times, and it is a failing newspaper, third rate people. i'm telling you, third rate. bad people. bad people. sick people. >> donald isn't the only trump threatening the media. his wife, melania, is also demanding a retraction from people magazine, but not for the allegation that her husband sexually assaulted a reporter. instead, melania wants a snippet taken out about her that reporter outside trump tower and chatting with her. melania says that conversation never happened. people magazine says it stands by its story. the trump campaign has apparently pulled out of virginia, essentially ceding the battleground state. campaign says it wantings to relocate and reallocate, i should say, resources to north carolina. trump's running mate, mike pence, made two stops in virginia just this week. >> however, the trump campaign
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pennsylvania, sending ivanka trump to win over suburban women voters in philadelphia. >> i'm a feminist, and, of course, it bothered me. however, the topics that are facing this country are far greater than words on that tape. >> ivanka played it very safe during her pennsylvania appearances. she never addressed her father's recent lewd comments about women or the al combagss of -- allegations of sexual assault. house speaker paul ryan asking voters conservative values the republican party stands for. >> forget about the buzz of the day and forget about what twitter storm is going on, i don't know, in the last 20 minutes, i assume. maybe the last 5 minutes. >> speaker's office, which says ryan's endorsement of trump is unchanged, has yet to comment on the latest allegations against the presidential nominee. a spokesman saying ryan is focussing the next month on defeating democrats, and all republicans running for office
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from the campaign trail, but her surrogate certainly didn't. she brought out one of her most powerful weapons yesterday. michelle obama who took aim at donald trump without ever even saying his name. >> i can't believe that i'm saying that a candidate for president of the united states has bragged about sexually assaulting women. it has shaken me to my core in a way that i couldn't have predicted. >> the clinton campaign also still dealing with the fallout from the wiki the newest alleged internal e-mails show clinton's advisors persuading her to apologize for using a private e-mail server. dr. stone, a former staff advisor for donald trump, admits that he has ties to wiki leaks and its founder. honda is recalling about 350,000 civics because their parking brakes may not function properly. that recall covers civic coupes and sedans from the 2016 model year and only involves civics sold here in the u.s. the
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it's aplied immediately after turning the ignition off. that leaves the vehicle, of course, at risk of rolling away. honda says no crashes or injuries have been caused by this problem. comedian amy shumer is in tampa this weekend. she's performing on sunday. she is one of the hottest comedians right now known for tackling controversial topics. should be quite a show. it starts at 7:30. also, comedian and actor adam, who stars as andy on the modern family hit show right here on abc and also in pitch perfect movies, he's also coming to town next february. you can catch him in person when he brings his standup comedy tour to the tampa theater. tickets for the february 3rd show go on sale at 10:00 this morning. prices start at just $29. all right. on your friday, looks good out there. temps in the 70s right now. a slight chance of sprinkle this morning and light showers this afternoon. coverage about 10%. we are looking mostly dry. the weekend had some changes. disturbance coming in. it'll increase our rain chances slowly on saturday and then on
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also still to come, a flight over -- a fight, rather, over scary halloween decorations in one houston suburb. we'll hear from neighbors about this zombie baby display. and if you didn't stay up for the end of the lightning game, don't worry. we've got you covered. we have the highlights from the
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the bus driver was killed. everyone else who was hurt, non-life threatening injuries. the accident now under information by multiple agencies. 15 minutes until 6:00. take a look over my shoulder. a fight is brewing in my houston neighborhood all because of that. over-the-top creepy decorations. neighbors say enough is enough. here is why. zombie babies splattered in fake blood with a zombie mom looking on. severed heads and limbs looking off the house. at least one neighbor contacted a local news station about the decorations, but surprisingly others, they actually like this creepy scene. >> obviously, i know it's fake. >> you can see they're plastic and not real. >> supportive neighbors say anybody who finds the decorations offensive should
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arrested a man, and they say he may have had a hand in his own capture. investigators say jonathan hullman held up a former high school classmate with a gun, taking $200. later texting that victim a picture of two guns with smiley face emojis. was that scary house in atlanta, did you say? >> no. it's in houston. outside houston. next to one. people complained every year. it was terrifying indeed. that's how halloween was supposed to be. now, we've gotten used to the ken boone kos tums. a lot of sunshine. spotty showers this afternoon. it'll be warm. a bit humid. not oppressive. it's not going to be kind of a dripping day when you are just basically walking to your car. we've lost that season. but we are still a little humid so add a couple of degrees to the afternoon high, and that'll get you the feels-like temp. high rain chances by sunday.
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forecast here heading into the big weekend. mid 70s right now. some of us are still in the 60s so very pleasant up to the north. upper 60s had a couple of mid 60s this morning across the nature coast, generally in the 70s, though. we'll climb out of that back into the 80s. still that east flow bringing us scattered clouds. mostly sunny but at times the thicker cloud cover will produce a couple sprinkles. light shower passing very quickly. 10% rain chance at 4:00 today. now, the same pattern exists tomorrow. it's just we are going to have a little more moist with here. so the flow is still going to be east to west but a little more coverage. so about 30% as far as afternoon showers rolling in and, again, not going to amount to much. then a disturbance is going to move from the north and west. that combined with higher moisture, i think by sunday, we are looking at higher rain chances. so not going to rain all day, but about 40%. the thing we haven't seen in a while is some lightning. we could be getting in on some thunderstorms on sunday afternoon. so keep that in mind.
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certainly for tomorrow. high temperatures very warm. 88 in tampa. average is 85. geb, it'll feel right around 90 degrees as we get into the afternoon. extended forecast, there it is, through the weekend, and early next week after those thunderstorms sunday afternoon. clear out, dry out in the mid 80s. then we are looking forward to next week. we'll be talking more about that throughout the weekend here. big cold front out of the way for thursday into next weekend. good morning, everybody. the big story this morning, a fatal crash right in the junction of downtown westbound i-4 blocked right now. southbound 275. some of our cameras are giving us some trouble so we can't see the backup, but i was just watching, and it is pretty bad. so this is the first camera we can see on i-4. this is just west of u.s. 41 right around 50th street. looks like traffic is still moving pretty good right here, but take a look at my map. it is backed up all the way back here right through city so you definitely want to leave yourself extra time. you can't even head south on 275. so they are going to take you
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at mlk, then you can take florida back into downtown. another option for you, if you are getting ready to head out the door right now and you are heading to i-4, take the connecter down to the selman expressway and take that into downtown. that's going to save you a lot of time because you don't want to get stuck in that mess right there. this fatal crash happened around 3:30 this morning so expect that ramp to be closed at least for the next few hours. back to you guys. >> thank you. it is 5:49. the gators and after all this season, but not in gainesville as originally scheduled. the sec announcing the game will be played in baton rouge. the gators will get that home game back in 2017. first thing's first, though. the team sets its sights on missouri at the swamp at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. most of the nancy alvarez -- florida teams are at home this weekend. florida state hosts wake forest tomorrow at 3:30. the university of miami takes on unc at 3:30 chl watch that game here on your abc action news station.
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night at 7:00. that game is at raymond james stadium. exciting start to the lightning season last night. things did not look good early on for the bolts as they quickly fell behind by two goals. the lightning finally got on the board in the 2nd. risks one home. the bolts and red wings would continue to trade goals, and on this two-on-one break, ryan boil keeps it and shoots the slap five minutes later, the bolts got their first lead of the game. >> control the faceoff. they score! a shot past johnson tips it in. >> how about that? final score, 6-4 lightning. lightning play next saturday at home when they host the new jersey devils. all right. remember dancing queen, take a chance on me? old hits from the 70s group. you are laughing over there. >> rather not, but yeah.
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then. okay. you can dance and have a really good time from people who like abba. the tribute band abracadabra is performing. ? take a chance on me ? ? >> okay. you guys got to give it up. >> you can't help but kind of move to it. >> i know. dan is rocking over here. he's rocking, but not because he's dancing. [ laughter tickets are $18 in advance and $23 at the door. you can purchase tickets online at the pinellas park web site. well, coming up, a judge caught on camera putting a smackdown on a defendant. >> we will show you the video right after the break. plus, the heartwarming story of a bus driver who helped a man and how her passengers are now
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good morning. checking in on the bus stop forecast. looks good out there. dry with temps in the low 70s. we've had a few 60s up across the nature coast by midday lunchtime, 83, then high right around the mid and upper 80s this afternoon. warm and a bit humid, as well. we'll talk more about rain chances going a bit higher for the weekend in the next hour. >> thanks, ivan. just 5:54.
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no big deal. >> people noticed her kindness and reported her generosity to the transit system. she's been driving a milwaukee county bus for 16 years. on a rainy day a few months ago, a homeless man stepped onto her bus. she says her heart broke for him and she knew she needed to do something to help him. >> it was his eyes. his eyes told a big story. i was always told you can really tell about a person if they look you straight in the eye. >> she says she saw despair in his eyes. she opened her purse, gave the man $20 to buy himself shoes at wal-mart. she says she doesn't want attention or praise. she just hopes her act of kindness will encourage others to do the same. now, to a question that causes some fights over the years. >> yeah. when is it too soon to put up your christmas decorations? now is probably too soon, i think we all agree. >> i think so. you should at least wait until after -- >> after thanksgiving. >> i say at least after halloween, right?
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thanksgiving, but, yeah, you're right. >> one shopping center in houston is one of those places facing backlash for putting up snow flake decorations this week. here in tampa, many stores, of course, are selling christmas decorations already. i haven't seen any putting them up yet. >> i've seen lights up already, too. legoland reopens today at 10:00 at a bomb scare shut down the park yesterday. workers found a threatening note inside the winter haven theme including the hotel before giving the all clear. visitors were allowed back into their hotel rooms last night. tomorrow, legoland florida a celebrates its fifth birthday. today lego skrn land officials will announce the grand opening date for their newest theme parkland. lego ninjago world will feature an interactive ride where guests can blast fire, lightning, and ice all with their hands. it's set to open some time next year. >> very cool.
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off his robe and then tackling a defendant. michigan judge also yelled at an officer to use his taser. coming up on good morning america, we'll hear more about that confrontation. big concerns this morning from some tampa business owners over the sellman extension project. ahead in a live report, what they are so worried about. plus, new protections in place this morning to keep safe from those samsung phones. changes to make sure these devices aren't a danger when you're traveling. and we've got a major backup on i-4 right now. fatal crash has part of the interstate shut down. janelle has detours if you are heading into downtown tampa
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live, from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 6:00, breaking news. a deadly crash causing traffic issues where two major interstates meets. and closing down the interchange from i-4 to southbound 275 heading into downtown. good morning. thanks for waking up with abc. i'm dan. >> good morning. we're tracking the impact this crash is hav drivers are being detoured. we want to get straight to janelle for a look at what's going on out there. >> yeah. if you haven't left the house yet, you want to avoid i-4 westbound. take a look at the backup created here because of that closure to get onto southbound 275. we also have our live drive camera stuck out there in this traffic jam. we're seeing about a half an hour delay to get from 75 to 275 on i-4. traffic just at a standstill. now, since you can't go


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