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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  October 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. now at 4:30, hundreds of law enforcement agencies use facial recognition. now they say it is putting our privacy and rights at rusk. the bay to address the report. >> i don't think there was proper parenting going on. >> a man takes action for two young girls locked in a car while their dad goes shopping. >> tonight is the third and final presidential debate. a preview of what to expect from hillary clinton and donald trump. >> 4:30. good morning. thanks for waking up with us on abc. i'm dan schaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. hillsborough county
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mobile home near on gunn highway. deputies responded to a call of an unstable person. they saw the man set the home on fire. charges are pending. nobody was injured in the blaze. tonight is the final presidential debate. hillary clinton will square off against donald trump in las vegas. clinton is expected to address newly leaked campaign e-mails. stephanie washington. trump will talk about touching women. >> reporter: clinton spent the last few days in new york preparing for the debate making no apologies. >> she is resting. she received for the last debate and she didn't do too
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disagrees saying the debate prep pays off. they will go after trump's riding election claims. with less than three weeks to go, trump will try to turn the page after a slew of recent allegations that he made unwanted sexual allegations to women in the past. nine women have accused trump of sexual misconduct. said when melania was out of the room, trump shut the door behind us and within seconds pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. >> why wasn't it part of the story. >> reporter: "people" magazine published five of the reporter's friends and colleagues who confided in them after the assault. and he has to defend his claims the election is rigged against him.
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game is over. when things go badly and you lose, you blame somebody else? you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> reporter: after tonight's debate, clinton campaign officials say she will have an aggressive schedule in the final weeks. trump belilieves he will win on of the greatest political victories. >> the final presidential debate is tonight from las vegas. we will air it abc action news station on facebook and line on our free mobile app and say with abc action news at 11:00 as we fact check the candidates and undecided voters to give us their thoughts on how the candidates did. a cape corral man drives over a donald trump sign then posted video to social media. now he is facing charges. officials say the sign is worth about $275,000. it's the second independent
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area. marco rubio will visit the j.c. new man cigar factory. they call themselves the oldest family owned cigar company in america. the senator is set to visit the factory at 9:00 this morning. pasco county deputies are looking for the man they say shot a woman in hudson. michael putman deputies say got in a fight with a woman and walked in putnam was seen near 52 and little road. crimestoppers offers $3,000 in reward money for information that leads to his arrest. the woman that cared for the woman in a hit and run driver has a message for the driver. jarvis kendrick faces a felony charge for killing janice joy and then leaving the scene. she was walking on duff road in
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killed. joy's caretaker said kendrick should have stayed at the scene and called for help. >> he was civil fish -- selfish. now his family is looking to lose him as well as what i lost. >> the fhp says -- he claimed the damage to his truck happened when he crashed into a road sign. troopers say it's not consistent with hitting a sign post. a st. pete police officer is facing his second dui charge in seven years. police green asleep behind the wheel of his personal car. he was charged with dui. this is the second dui arrest since 2009. green is on administrative leave without pay. today pinellas county sheriff will address a new report about the controversial facial recognition software the agency is using. oats. it's used by hundreds around the state. the center for privacy released
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are more likely than others to have their images analyzed. facial recognition technology poses a risk to civil liberties and rights. he is going to address the report at 9:30 this morning. a road rage attack happened in south florida in coral springs. it starts out with two men arguing during a busy rush hour. he got so upset he jumped out of the truck and dove other man's car. the victim, a local firefighter drove off. police found the guy who tried to jump in the car unconscious on the street. he later died at a hospital. the cause of death has not been determined. so far no charges have been filed in this case. the firefighter is on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation. a former tampa teacher is getting out of prison.
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she was sentenced to 10 years in prison. she taught at davidson middle school. she will be required to register as a sex offender. the father of a man who died diving in weeki watch tie. -- watchee. a third man traveled from fort lauderdale for the three-day dive. he stayed closer to the surface while the caves. when they didn't come out, he went for help. rescue divers found the bodies monday. >> he called me friday and dived that cave and felt good about it and they were going to redive it saturday. something happened. i don't believe that at any time did they thing that they were at risk until probably the very end. >> officials are working to
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death. since 1981, there have been eight deaths at the cave. parasites called screw worms are spreading to more parts of the florida keys. yesterday officials announced they found screw worms in six areas west of big pine key. anyone driving north from the florida keys with animals have to stop at a checkpoint. the screw worms are the maggots of a fly that pets alive. good morning. 1989 was the last time we hit 90 on any october 18th. we almost hit it yesterday. high at the airport of 89 degrees. well above average. we will make up for that. we have a big cold front for the weekend. for now, staying mild, mild humidity. plenty of 60s. 71 at the airport. 75 in st. pete. notice we are always warmer here next to the water. keep that in mind for the
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the area gets cool. tampa and st. pete will be on the milder side when you see the seven-day forecast. today, ahead of the front, still about 87 for the afternoon. i will be back with the details on the temperatures and how cool we get in a few minutes. we want to get a look at part of your morning commute. this is the north end of the howard frankland bridge. not a lot of traffic to tell you about. no problems at least. janelle is in. moment. a father is facing serious felony charges after deputies say he left two small children inside a hot car. pinellas deputies arrested kevin slain for leaving his two daughters in the car. a good samaritan took pictures of the girls then called 911 for help. the kids were crawling through the open sun roof to escape the heat. >> they were sweaty. they had no shoes on, which is fine.
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that. >> surveillance cameras show he left the girls in the car for 27 minutes. he is facing two felony counts of child neglect. a pregnant manatee named washburn is back in the sunshine state after swimming to massachusetts. crews rescued her almost a month ago taking her to an amy kaufeldt. yesterday she influence to sea world in orlando. that's where her treatment will continue before she is released in the wild to give birth. if you getting in your kids' request to get a dog, now might be the time to do that. pinellas county has larger dogs that are looking for new homes. all animals get a medical checkup, they are spayed and neutered. if you want more information, go to pet take is suing dade city wild things over the treatment of tiger cubs. it's not the first time the zoo
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what peta is accusing them of doing. wildlife officials say a while is in danger and how they tried to save it. those stories and more at 5:00. >> the tampa bay lightning are
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welcome back. classes will resume at a san francisco high school despite a
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police say the gunmen shot four students in the parking lot of the high school. one of the victims, a 15-year- old girl is in critical condition. right now detectives are searching for the four young men that started shooting then ran off. caught on camera, an 11- year-old boy surprises an intruder inside his new jersey home. there is the intruder walking through like he owns the place. watch what happens. the boy combs home from school, sees the guy inside. he quickly runs back out. he runs the neighbor called 911. police eventually arrest the suspect after releasing surveillance images of him. >> my heart started pumping when i saw him. then i immediately run out of the house. i see that my neighbor is driving by in her car. i stop her, ask her for her help. >> abc news is following this incident and will have much more from the brave boy later this morning on "good morning
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recovering from an alligator attack. it happened while he was gardening. he is known for illegally feeding the gators around his house. the gator came from a pond. he was taken to the hospital where doctors say he is in stable condition. he can question door's government confirms it has cut off internet access to julian as sage over fears he was trying to interfere in election. he has released e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign advisor. while they stand by the 2012 position to grand him asylum it does not interfere in foreign elections. they were acting on their own. they add the restrictions would not affect wikileaks journalistic abilities. if you have big student
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before. they have under $30,000 in loans up 4% from 2014 according to the institute of college access and success. that means these students will pay about $300 a month for more than 10 years. happening today, the pasco- hernando state college is holding an internship and job fair from 9:00 until noon. about 40 minutes ago, the through newest crew members it will take about two days for american astronauts and the russians to arrive at the iss. the trio will remain in space about four months conducting hundreds of experiments. big weather in kazakstan. >> cool for this time of year. for us the coolest temps of the
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weekend. noticeably cooler. cold front moves in friday night and we are talking about temperatures falling into the 50s, not widespread 50s, a couple of spots here and there and the high temperatures below 80. that is something to look forward to. wait for the seven day. low to mid-70s. we are checking in with upper 60s. look at lakeland 64 along with brooksville 65 and st. pete mild by the water 75. quiet conditions. no rainfall toda we have been talking about the potential development there. it won't bother us. dry air and the front to the north and west. well out to the north and west. it will take a couple of days for it to get here. it's located across the central u.s. we are talking about two seasons here. 30s and 40s and ahead of it record high temperatures for a lot of the eastern united states. for us, still easterly flow is warm and dry today and tomorrow. no big changes.
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night. typically showers and storms along the front. this will lack moisture. so, we are not expecting much with it except the temperatures which will tumble here. watch by sunday morning as we take a tour and look at some of the numbers in the mid-50s. a little breeze out there making it feel cooler. yes, fall weather upon us here. it i difference we get here. we will do it with mostly sunny and warm temperatures. planning a boating day looks good. seven-day forecast, no rain except for friday night a couple of sprinkles in the gulf. saturday and sunday, great weather, a lot of sunshine, cool temperatures. let's get a look at part of your morning commute. this is i-275 at 54th avenue. looks like no problems out there to report.
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commute. the lightning are getting ready to host the colorado avalanche and wide receiver vincent jackson has been put on injured reserve. tom korun has the morning sports report. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. you know, i have to say even for they are lightning captain vinny lecavalier had to like what he saw last night on a night that to tampa. he wound out on the ice with two of his three children. having him in the building brings back great memories. as for the game, time running out in regulation, bolts down 3- 2. watch it right here. stephen stamkos one timer. this game is tied at 3 and decided in a shoot out.
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point and lightning win it 4-3. they are unbeaten. panthers suffering the first loss of the season. all right, we hoped tests done on the injured knee of vincent jackson would prove positive. that was not the case. tests revealing an acl tear in his affected knee which puts him on injured reserve and his season is over. jackson said in a press relee the coach said he hoped jackson would maintain a strong presence in the locker room. alcs game 4, blue jays beat cleveland 5-1. so, game 5 is set for today. the dodgers take a 2-1 lead over the cubs with a 6-0 win in game three. that's the sports update. enjoy your day. a man is accused of killing
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young children in a road rage incident in missouri. where u.s. officials found the man after he left the state and didn't show up for work. >> when you see your dad lying on the ground and his face is blue -- >> an arizona firefighter runs out to a call about someone in cardiac arrest only to find out it was his father. how the firefighter ended up
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some people bring emotional support dogs with them on airplanes to calm their nerves but one is going viral for bringing her duck. daniel the duck took a trip from milwauke carolina. he wagged his tail and quacked quietly. hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the state use facial recognition software. >> now a new report says it poses a risk to privacy and rifle liberties. the bay area sheriff that will address the findings. that is coming up this morning. >> in counties across the bay area, more people are registering to vote compared to
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what does that mean for voter
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attacking a woman. ahead, where the man was last seen. >> another big day in politics. this morning we are finding out why more people are registering to vote in the bay area may not mean a bigger voter turnout on election day. >> social security benefits are going up next year. but not by much. the payment increase won't even buy a cup of coffee at some places. good morning, thanks for joining us on this wednesday, i'm dan shaffer. >> first let's get a look at the wednesday forecast. here is ivan. >> yes, indeed. nice weather today. warm, humid but not bad at all. temps are in the low to mid-70s from tampa, st. pete and clearwater. widespread 60s in zephyrhills 67. cool in brooksville 63. this is child's play compared to this weekend. we have a big cold front coming


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