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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  October 19, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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attacking a woman. ahead, where the man was last seen. >> another big day in politics. this morning we are finding out why more people are registering to vote in the bay area may not mean a bigger voter turnout on election day. >> social security benefits are going up next year. but not by much. the payment increase won't even buy a cup of coffee at some places. good morning, thanks for joining us on this wednesday, i'm dan shaffer. >> first let's get a look at the wednesday forecast. here is ivan. >> yes, indeed. nice weather today. warm, humid but not bad at all. temps are in the low to mid-70s from tampa, st. pete and clearwater. widespread 60s in zephyrhills 67. cool in brooksville 63. this is child's play compared to this weekend. we have a big cold front coming
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few minutes. 87 by 4:00. a serious crash in pasco county. this happened around -- just around 4:00 this morning. all of the southbound lanes closed just before you get to 54. we just found out that they have reopened one southbound lane. take a look at the backup that we are seeing. it ex turns almost all the way up to state road 52. unfortunately there is no easy way around this. you have to -- i will zoom out. you can take 301 or both of them further. hopefully now that they opened up one southbound lane and traffic is still light this morning, hopefully cars will get through and we won't see this backup any longer. we will continue to follow this and have an update in about 15 minutes. back to you guys. breaking overnight, hillsborough deputies say a man lit a mobile home on fire. this happened on gunn highway east of anderson road. someone called 911 to report seeing an unstable person in
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deputies responded before 2:00 a.m. they saw the man set the fire and arrested him. hillsborough fire crews did respond and got the fire under control. one firefighter is recovering from minor injuries. tonight is the third and final presidential debate. this morning as the candidates prepare, we are seeing an increase in the number of people registering to vote. james tully is live in hillsborough county. james, mail in ballot requests are up this year. >> deiah, they are. the convenience factor who wants to stand for an hour in polling places if you don't have to. we have impressive increases with new registered voters in certain counties. hillsborough county, where i am this morning, they are reporting well over 80,000 new registered voters this year compared to four years ago in the last general election. pinellas county had a record initial shipment of mail-in ballots as well. so, we checked in with dr.
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will be up as well. she said not necessarily. that is still a big question mark. >> oversaturation of negativity and the high figures of dislike and distrust of the two major party candidates might actually make some people near the end say it's just not worth it to me to vote. that is the worst thing, that candidates, parties or election supervisors want. >> reporter: that's reason why both candidates need to appear more presidential and likable in the debate, keep working toward that. i spoke to representatives from five different supervisors of election offices and all were excited but said it was typical to see that happen between general elections. two interesting candidates possibly driving voter interest away. live in hillsborough county, james tully, abc action news. >> this election is stirring up bad blood.
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over a donald trump sign. he then posted the video to social media. take a look. is facing charges of criminal mischief. the woman who put this sign up says it costs $275 to replace. it's the second independent involving a sign in that area. in arkansas a woman says someone set fire to terror trump sign that -- to her trump sign that then set her lawn fire. fire officials say fortunately the fire didn't spread to the house and cause more serious damage. someone started messing with her trump-pence signs a month ago and 30 of them were stolen. the democratic national committee is apologizing for an unthank you or rised dump. >> someone caught a dnc tour bus emptying human waste into a storm drain. this was outside of atlanta.
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shared the images with a news station. >> i don't care who you are, hillary clinton, donald trump, who you are, you don't dump hum waist down a storm drain. >> the dnc reps explained what lead up to the incident. the driver saw that in the sewage container for the bus was starting to leak because it was full. he was concerned that the bus would have to drive a substantial distance leaking sewage that would have put confirmed that it restricted internet access to the founder of wikileaks. they do not want to interfere with our presidential election. wikileaks is blamed for publishing e-mails from the democratic convention in july and recently from john podesta. while it stands by the 2012 decision to grand assange
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the third and final presidential debate is tonight. you can watch it live on your abc action news station. it starts at 9:00. we teamed with politifact to fact check the candidates. we will have the results on air and online. regal cinemas is showing the debate on the big screen. a crime alert in pasco county. deputies are asking you to help find man armed and dangerous, michael putnam. they say he physical fight with a woman then shot her in the arm. he was last seen near state road 52 and altoona avenue in hudson. when he is caught, he will be charged with potential homicide and a felon in possession of a gun. if you see him, deputies say use extreme caution and do not approach him. call crimestoppers right way. new information on a shooting outside of two
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targeting a 15-year-old girl who is in critical condition. detectives are searching for the four young men who witnesses say fired the shots then ran off. it happened yesterday afternoon in the parking lot of two school campuses. three other students were shot with less serious injuries. they ran in the school building for shelter. the woman that cared for the victim of a deadly hit-and- run accident has a message for the suspected driver who investigators say tried to cover his tracks. jarvis hitting janice joy. polk deputies found a piece of his truck near the scene. they say he deliberately crashed the truck into a sign and then contacted his insurance company to cover up the hit and run. we are hearing from joy's care taker take calls the actions selfish. >> he was selfish. the choices he made, now his family is fixing to lose him as well as what i lost. >> kendrick i chaired with
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involving death and tampering with evidence. a former tampa teacher is getting out of prison today. in 2010 she pled guilty to having sex with two teenage students. she was sentenced to 10 years. she taught at davidson and will be required to register as a sex offender. she plans to live in clearwater. beachgoers in charlotte county did what they could to save a beach while cave. the 20-foot long sperm calf washed ashore tuesday. they worked for hours but eventually decided to euthanize it. sperm whales are on the endangered species lift. wheels usually beach themselves for a reason. if you see one, don't go near it. 66 million people will be seeing a tiny bump in the social security checks next year. it averages out to be 3.92 a month. some blame the small jump on a
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which helped keep inflation overalstead di. many of social security are worried about costs. the monthly benefit is 1,$305. a soyuz rocket blasted off from kazakhstan. it will take them two days to reach the iss. they will spend four months conducting hundreds of experiments before returning to earth in february. we will live friday morning. let's check in with ivan for a look at the forecast. >> it's a good. temps are cool. mid- to upper-60s. 75 in st. pete. that is the warm spot next to the water. by the afternoon, all of us in the 60s and 70s. it will warm up to the mid- to upper-80s. 87 for the high temperature today. a couple more days of warm temperatures then the cool front moves in.
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few minutes. coming up, charging airlines a bag fee.
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federal marshals arrested the driver who shot and killed
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sons after a road rage incident in missouri. the woman's family thinks she may have cut off another driver. her s.u.v. was riddled with bullet holes. she had a 3-year-old and 8- month-old sons inside and a 16- year-old relative. they weren't hurt. the driver responsible was arrested in south dakota. an 11-year-old got a scare when he came home from school and it was caught on camera. take a look at this video of an intruder strolling around this new jersey home. at one point the guy wonders in another room off camera. that's when the boy comes home from school. he walks in with no idea there is a stranger in there. then he spots them. you see the boy take off running out the front door. >> my heart started pumping when i saw him. basically then i immediately run out of the house. i see that my neighbor is driving by in her car. i stop her, ask her for her help. >> the boy is getting credit from police officers for
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abc news is following the story. we will have much more from that brave boy on "good morning america." a routine call for an arizona firefighter turned into something personal when he ended up saving his own father's life. derek deis a firefighter with the phoenix police departmentment he was dispatched to a call about a person in cardiac arrest. then realized it was his parents home. >> you see your dad lying on the ground, face is blue, he is not breathing. >> dee's 71-year-old dad had surgery and is back home doing well thanks in part to his son. good morning. wednesday. let's talk about the front and a couple of things to note here across the weather center. sunshine, warm again today. it will be dry for the rest of the week and heading into the weekend. of course, the dramatic change in temperatures as well will be
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big burst of a cold front moving in. we have a couple of cool mornings with dry air moving in. it has not affected your daytime temperatures. this one will. temperatures will be well below normal. near record highs the last couple of days to well below where we should be for this time of year. the difference, i think, will be quit noticeable. no question here. upper 60s. a few mid-60s out there. 71 in tampa. i don't think we had rain today or tomorrow or that. in fact, earl flow is still with us -- easterly flow is still with us. mostly to -- mostly sunny to partly cloudy. this is the tropical wave we talked about yesterday. still monitoring. look at the center of it. the storms are well to the east. strong winds are interrupting it. still a high chance for it to be a tropical or hybrid storm. it will be called otto if it
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front will block it. the it will move in just in time picking this up and sending it up to the northeast as a big rainmaker. for us, friday night, there is the front. also notice as the front moves through, a very narrow strip of moisture here. i don't think we will have rain with the front. but as we wake up by sunday morning, these will be the temperatures. cool saturday morning, but sunday morning will feel it out there. widespread mid-50s in the morning. an at the airport degrees. today and tomorrow, still warm and moderately humid. temperatures above average for this time of year. seven-day forecast, first one i brought you without any rain chances any single day. again, that will feature the gorgeous weekend setting up with cool mornings and mild afternoons. good morning. wesley chapel a problem in your area, serious crash on i-75. you can take a look at our live drive photographer jason is in
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this crash is southbound. originally all of the southbound lanes were closed. about 15 minutes ago fhp reopened one southbound lane but we are still seeing a pretty good backup. take a look at the map. it extends up to state road 52. the crash happened before state road 54 in the wesley chapel area. unfortunately, guys, there isn't a good way around this. go to 301 or u.s. 41 or sit in the traffic jam is taking about 40 minutes from 52 to i-4. follow me on twitter at tampa bay traffic for the latest. we are taking action for you. we got a new way to get the best deal on air travel for you. google flights is offering free new features that predict fare changes and notify you about price changes on flights you are interested in.
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a proposal from the transportation department would require airlines to refund fees when checked bags are substantially delayed. one of a series of steps the obama administration is taking to increase consumer protections for passengers. airlines are required to refund fees for lost bags but the latest proposal would include delayed bags. transportation officials haven't defined what is considered a substantial delay. still ahead, two women raid their trunks suspect. it was caught on camera. how they subdued him ahead. >> we will hear from the father of a diver that died in an underwater cave. why he said his son wasn't expecting any trouble. >> galaxy note 7 owners filed the first lawsuit against samsung. it's not for the heating and catching fire.
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class-action lawsuit over the note 7 phones. apple will introduce new macs including updated mac book pros. bill belichick is keeping things low tech. >> he tossed a microsoft surface tablet a few weeks ago. now he says no >> there isn't enough consistency in the performance of the tablets. i can't take it any more. >> he is going back to the paper. microsoft says it respects his decision but stands by the
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two quick thinking women in tennessee subdue a man moments after police say he stabbed his father. >> the dangerous act is caught on camera. the dad and son got in an argument driving down the highway. the dad was stabbed in the leg. when the dad stopped the fight spilled on to the interstate. two women grabbed a club and tennis racket and raced to help the dad. >> i was begging, threatening,
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ground. >> the two women say they are old friends who happened to run into each other. the women are not hurt. the dad is doing okay. if you think about giving in to your kid's request for a dog, you can waive the fee for larger dogs. all animals get a medical check up, spayed and neutered. for more -- for more forehead to an exclusive interview with the mother of one of the americans killed in benghazi. she will be donald trump's guest at tonight's debate. she wants to ask hillary clinton and who clinton has
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the pinellas county sheriff's facial recognition program is a crime stopper. now they say the carbon monoxide system can be abused. -- they say the system can be
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member of his family for making outrageous comments. >> wait until you hear what his son said. good morning. i'm deiah riley. we will have the stories in a moment. i'm dan shaffer. >> welcome to a wednesday. traffic and weather. janelle is in the traffic center. backup in pasco county southbound i-75 before you get to state road 54. this is the backup. our photographer jason is giving us the pictures from the live drive camera. we but one lane and we have a stalled car reported in this backup blocking a lane also. so, a mess right there heading into pasco county. drive times, it's taking 42 minutes just to get from 52 to i-4. 51 minutes to the apex. once you get to the apex, the junction with 75 and 275, it will take you 10 minutes to get to i-4. >> thanks a lot.


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