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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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november 1 and there is still a big problem for the affordable care act. good evening i paul lagrone. >> and i am laura harris. serena bazin has the key factor that could help you navigate to the confusion. >> reporter: three simple words describing the decision of an elise to take a new job. she is now a certified health care navigator which is a job created to help pele i believe people should be insured. >> reporter: she enrolled last year and this year she is helping others. >> it is tough because you want to make sure picked the right benefits that they are entitled to. >> reporter: on average each navigator spence two hours with each person who walks through the door. >> we have people calling worrying about hours of
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the government has tried to make the website easy to navigate. but there is one main point of confusion and that is what consumers call doctors offices. >> there is no such thing as obama care. it is florida blue or aetna. >> reporter: navigators stress you have to name your plan. if you don't, the person may not realize you are eligible for coverage. here is exactly what you should say new call. >> name the internet provi them the policy number. >> reporter: already 1.7 million floridians have signed up. coverage is up 19% but navigators sadie savings might be well worth it. she is committed to help as many as she can. serena bazin, abc action news. >> reporter: amendment one is putting home solar panels on the ballot. in the sunshine state we ranked
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adam winer is taking action by looking into whether solar panels are worth the investment of your hard earned money. >> reporter: believe it or not sitting down to see his electric bill actually brings a smile to the face of roland. >> i just really very happy. >> reporter: it has changed? the magic on his roof just 20% of his home's energy coming from the rest comes free from the sun. >> you can pay yourself or the utility company. >> reporter: these are not cheap. the costs $119 per month paying them off in 20 years. >> here are the two inverters. >> reporter: but his electric bill now down to $35 per month. >> i am saving a good $10-$20 per month for my normal utility
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to my pocket. >> reporter: even in this same neighborhood. >> in my case it would have just about went out my entire power bill. took the math doesn't work for jim. >> my power bills are so low it just doesn't make sense for me. >> reporter: he is also waiting to see what happens with amendment one because homeowners with solar panels will be penalized if amendment one passes. >> and they want to be able to assess fees for those solar panel residents who give back into the solar grid. >> john is a consultant and the -- advocating against amendment one. they need them so they don't have to raise rates for the other customers. the situation is making the industry in florida a little less clear right now. adam winer, abc action news. what questions keep you up at night? we want to hear them and hopefully get you some answers
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and for the question logo and tell us what you want us to take action on. >> now the most accurate weather team in florida abc action weather. >> we have had a lot of solar energy over the last couple of days. most areas have not had a drop of rain. i think i will begin to catch up on us later on. so we could use some rain. even with the front coming in, more humid today and you can feel the difference. typically we have 82 and we topped out in the upper 80s today. that is a satellite picture and it looks like it will stay quiet so your forecast this evening is partly cloudy and clear waking up to temperatures in the upper 60s but as i said we have a cold front coming in on friday and we will talk about its effects coming up in a couple of minutes.
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within the community after a federal investigation shows police were targeting african- americans on bicycles. tampa police is teaming up with new york university working with the agencies around the country. the police in tampa will be holding meetings in areas with high crime rates visiting schools in the area and training numbers of citizens review board on how to get community input. >> i think this is much la i think we are just talking about being in touch with the community. that the department plays a federal grant and money from property to the city program. city council members will approve the program later this week. tonight the dallas county deputies your help putting a dangerous felony behind bars. take a look at your screen right now. officials are offering $3000 to
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he is 22 years old and is wanted for possession of marijuana and failure to appear on a firearm possession charge. deputies warn he is armed and dangerous. if you have any information on where he might be, you are asked to call crimestoppers. a fashion fight in pasco county with students at ridgewood high school arriving at school early today to protest any dress code. even parents showed up. the school board approved a request to adopt a modified trust code that only at their school. all of the other schools have to open the old dress code. parents at ridgewood just don't think that is fair. >> with this modified trust code if you have a v-neck t-shirt they are being sent home. or they are being asked to change their clothes. if the sox are too along or a nike logo. they are really going to extreme. >> today some students were
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protest. said the hillsboro county animal abuse registry is in effect. it is supposed to make it easier for shelters to avoid adopting pets to dangerous people. this was approved and requires animal abusers to register in person within 10 days of being convicted. the registry will contain names of people living in the country who are convicted at offense on or after today's event. out here at the digital dashboard the registry is much like online sex offender registries. all you have to search by someone by means and the first time will spend three years on a registry and a second offense makes it a five year time frame. we have a link to this place posted on our website at
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cross bay ferry and how much it will cost when you use the new service. a deadly explosion shut down a pipeline supplying gasoline to millions of americans. the costly impact it could help people living in florida. no dashcam's. coming up at 6:00 it could have helped tracking the hit and run driver. tonight the two reasons the
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there is. the cross bay ferry taking its
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mosher is weighing your options for you. was really help shorten your time in the car or is it just another tourist attraction? >> blue skies and wide open waters is exactly what those hope brings riders in tampa bay afford. >> you don't get that on the plane. >> reporter: it is a boat trip that is one hour away to the tampa convention center. he said it is a great alternative to commit ango >> it cuts down on the traffic congestion on the bridges. it was kind of a neat thing. it takes a little bit longer with the experience of going on a ferry is fun. >> reporter: you can started checking out this friday with tickets $10 each right. next month cheaper commuter passes will be available and tons of the mrs. our free deals
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this, they will be using this on a regular basis. >> reporter: the first six months is a test run. anything from pricing to schedules can be changed. >> you can make adjustments and see what works best. >> reporter: you can get a shuttle to get where you are going. >> we don't see one vote as fixing traffic problems, but if a lot of people like it, that is great. >> reporter: if this successful, local leaders are hoping this is just the beginning of more travel solutions between both sides of the bay. >> this is about giving commuters lability options. this is one option and rail is another, but we have got to start moving in that direction. kera mashek, abc action news. >> kera, thank you. it is free the three days before thanksgiving. after that frontier
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rewrites the third sunday of each month. after thanksgiving the ferry will run seven days a week. you can see part of pinellas county in a new way with st. petersburg officially introducing the city's bike sharing program. today the debut is planned to coincide with the launch of the ferry and there were 100 demonstration bikes on the waterfront and central avenue corridor. shortly after the new year than 300 city-owned bikes will be available across more than 30 stations in downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. meanwhile gasoline prices soaring today after a major fuel artery was severed for the second time in two months expect this fire you see in the dark smoke happened because of a gas pipeline explosion yesterday in alabama. the blast
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nine other workers. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> the governor of alabama said the explosion to happen on the same pipeline that the gas in september. since both of colonial pipeline's main lanes are closed it could cause more shortages across the southeast. the gas line is scheduled to research this saturday but that could change. the halloween hayride turns her two young daughters. a pickup truck hit the trailer last night and the mother and her daughters both died. six other people on the trailer are now fighting for their lives in a hospital. a pickup truck slammed into the back of the trailer that was being towed by a cheap. a horrifying case of child abuse it up washington state.
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injecting her children with heroin. police arrested the woman after someone told child protective services she was injecting her children ages six, four, in two with heroin. his mom and dad gave him and his sisters "the feel good medicine". >> some of the statements they make were very disturbing of how things get sleeping choose to go to sleep. >> they face child endangerment and child assault. both pleaded not guilty and remain behind bars tonight. governor rick scott proclaiming november as florida adoption month. the department of children and families will be joining governor scott in an effort to connect hundreds of children with loving families. each day this website will highlight two amazing children
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adoption offense and local resources you can use to start your search. a father goes above and beyond to make his daughter's halloween special pick >> if-year-old was upset she would miss out on trick-or- treating but the dad wasn't going to let that happen. he handed out candy to all of the passengers with this note that reads my daughter was bombed she would not be able to go trick-or-treating due to this point. if you are candy in her basket when she comes down. >> the passenger tweeted this note and picture of the girl getting her candy. it has now been shared more than 100 it has now been shared more than 100,000 times. >> now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> the father of the year right there. we have the bucs game in two days. it is a thursday night game
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weekend. folks beginning to think about thanksgiving. it is just that time of the year where it is refreshing. but it will be i'm sure by december. we actually have some cooler air coming in by this weekend. here is a look outside from rivergate. the titan doppler radar has expanded this screen to reach down to miami and like you see there is nothing going on. a closer look to our area is quiet and still maybe an isolated shower or two tomorrow or thursday but not many as we see temperatures still very, very warm in the mid-80s and we hit the second stay in hero 87 in tampa and 88 in sarasota. when you are in november and we are closer to 90 then 80 this is unusual. typically we should be 82 degrees this time of the year in tampa.
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see it with 87 in the normal 81. this is the second year in a row we have been at 87 with a record 90 degrees. i will tell you we are pretty close to breaking records with the high humidity it feels with dew points back over 70 and all of the 70 it just doesn't feel like early november but late september with east winds at 14 miles-per-hour sarasota sunny. it will stay that way satellite picture is quiet with by tomorrow maybe a couple clouds threaten first thing in the morning. maybe a few more then we had today and the moisture will be limited. there will be an isolated shower. if you see one, it will only last about five minutes just like the early last weekend and the week before that with thursday morning the same thing. it will be warm with kickoff
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to the weekend if we see anything it will be on friday as the front comes through. i seriously doubt the agency this rain to the -- we even see this rain to the east. the east wind keeps things warn and then all of a sudden this is what is in store for the area by friday with the front coming through. it brings in cooler air anlo this will not be a blast of cold air, but we will see highs in the 70s behind it and lows saturday and sunday back in the 50s across most of the area. the tropical season hurricane season does an end until this month with things remain quiet. for the voters -- boaters the uv index still on the high side and upcoming tide has sunrise
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extra sleep saturday night into sunday morning. 87 on wednesday with 86 on thursday and then the front comes through cooling us of the weekend with highs actually below normal with sunny and pleasant conditions and morning lows by the weekend in the upper 50s. as i mentioned, daylight saving time ends this coming weekend with generally clear skies. such a come on abc action news hundreds of thousands workers in one of america's largest cities screen went to find rides to and from work today. the reason some good the transit strike could affect the election. that is after the break. download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone
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the city of philadelphia is brought to a halt with the union workers walking off the job at midnight on strike. the union said the sticking point is pension payments. right now hundreds of thousands of people have trouble getting work but some fear the lack of public transportation could keep a lot of people from the polls if an agreement is not made soon. about 800,000 people use the transit system every day. a pregnant amenity rescued last month is back in the ocean off the coast of florida today. volunteers in seaworld released the manatee named washburn this morning. the city to seaworld biplane last month after she was pulled from the waters. she was released at river breeze park in oak hill this
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>> campaign confusion. the key item that disappeared during the mike pence rally last night and what the trump campaign is now doing to get it back plus these top stories. >> and she is not alone. the growing claims against a clearwater business owner and the response to some serious questions about us. when abc action news news tried to get his side of the story. >> it could've helped fixed 6:00 even the sheriff admits a dashcam may find a hit and run driver. tonight the reason it is not enough to change his mind about cameras. >> please don't call me anymore. >> the calls started weeks after his mother passed away. why this man is taking one of the biggest credit card companies in the nation to court and how it could lead to a
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live from the taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> here are the top stories at 6:00 we are following for you. >> hey, a man gets physical when we try to get answers. the sexual claims against this business owner and the reason he was not charged until now. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> police are ready charging this plan with sexually battering a woman. >> abc action news reporter
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>> reporter: i have now had four women come forward to me about it the least sexual harassment inside of this pinellas county business all of the hands of this man. we also uncovered this 2015 criminal investigation that was thrown out because of a lack of evidence. >> my name is with abc action news. >> reporter: that is use of you said out of jail and back to work tonight. he is been avoiding our cameras for the past two days but several women's who worked for an agreed for jobs have contacting us with their stories of sexual harassment and assault. >> he would try to touch me. >> reporter: kimberly hunt are worked out to do touch transport service for only two


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