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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11, video trashing a local high school classroom. good evening everyone. i'm james. >> and i'm wendy. abc action news reporter talking to angry parents about why the teacher stood there and watched in this exclusive story. >> this fly in a sink st. pete high school classroom shows two female students fighting and screaming as their classmates
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that's not what parents we spoke to find most disturbing. >> these two kids are really fighting and i sigh a teacher, an adult in the background and he's not coming over. >> teacher should be involved in trying to break it up but no. >> the video does show the teacher trying to guide the two students out the door. he does move other children out of the way. >> maybe he did but who knows. but being a teacher, i would have done more. >> parents admit teachers work in a difficult environment but most believe this one should have stopped the fight sooner. >> i don't expect them to get involved because sometimes it escalates the situation but call for help and say something. >> the school district say a teacher may intervene
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safe. they will investigate the situation to make sure all policies were followed and the teens fighting will face disciplinary action and the teen who shot and posted the video to facebook could be in trouble too. breaking news in orange county, a middle schoolteacher sent sexually explicit text messages to a 14 student. burglars sweeping through an area in hudson stealing items from an unlocked car. you're being asked to call the pasco county sheriff's office with more information. an inmate facing jail time for burying his dead mom and collecting her social security payments.
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faces up to 20 years in prison. >> good evening, everyone. temperatures upper 60s to mid 70s. topped out in upper 80s to near 90 degrees. tomorrow morning waking up with temperatures in the upper 60s so not quite as cool. little humid and notice the first thing on wednesday morning. futurecast shows a few clouds special teams few sprinkles later on in the morning and afternoon. but i think all in all, we'll go with partly sunny s tracking a cold front. when it arrive ands how it impacts your weekend in a few minutes. democracy 2017 in seven days, you'll decide the next president. donald trump pulling ahead of hillary clinton in a national abc poll. that's by the slimmest of one point. trump getting 46 percent to clinton's 45 percent but with a margin of error, they remain in a statistical tie.
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biten campaigning for hillary clinton. >> former president bill clinton stopping in st. petersburg and how candidates are targeting the minority vote. >>reporter: see on the sign they welcomed former president bill clinton here at the thomas jackson recreation center. immediately he reminded people it's early voting. go vote now. >> lord, i'm praying right now that you will give us the comman bring unity. >>reporter: in one week, the prayers, the campaigning, the push for your vote, all of it will matter. >> i believe that bridges are better than walls. >>reporter: former president bill clinton told voters hillary will unit our country. >> when she says we're stronger together, she means all of you and her opponent said, no,
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battleground state. >> i think hillary has talked about the facts, talked about what she would do as president. >>reporter: democrats are focused ons african american vote. >> i do believe that we need -- we as african american community need to go out and vote for hillary clinton to keep the progress going. >> some here believe the african american turnout will be big. >> president barack obama said, you cannot go backwards. would be an insult to his president sideway to not turnout. >> if you have voted, please volunteer to help us get more people there. >>reporter: . some believe the youth and faith community is spreading the message to vote early and the turnout large during souls to poles this weekend. abc action news. donald trump and hillary clinton finishing up late night rallies in key battleground states. more on the message both
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a couple of rallies in florida tonight. donald trump in wisconsin urging people who already early voted to change their minds. >> wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you've made a mistake. a lot of stuff has come out since you voted. >> by stuff donald trump is talking about e-mails, a topic he hit on early in the campaign season but with the fbi reopening their case, it's motivating his support base he hopes undecided voters. >> this is the biggest scandal since water gate. and now it's been reported that there are fbi inquiries probing virtually all of hillary clinton's inner circle. >> with the election just seven days away, we should demand again that donald trump meetly release his -- immediately release his tax returns.
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used on the campaign trail: trump's taxes. >> i want to be the president for everybody. democrats, republicans, and independents. everybody. >> trump has four stops in florida starting tomorrow at noon and according to hillary clinton's website and schedule, she finished up her rally last night in fort lauderdale. >> michael, thank you. a campaign account calling hillary clinton the c word. texas tribune reporter saying sid miller said a staffer posted something not realized it could be in a derogatory text. election officials are blaming the u.s. postal service
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explanation for what happened. absentee ballots being reissued but time is running out. voters have till next saturday to request another ballot. universe of orlando just bought 500-acres and plan to build a new theme park but the new land came with a deed restriction that bars anyone from building a theme park on that property. universal can only blame itself. the land the theme park and added that restriction before selling to a land developer. still much more, all new ahead. a reason why a dip in the pool turns into a nightmare for one couple on vacation and all caught on camera. you've heard from postal workers. no weather condition will keep them from their jobs. add fire to that list for at
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hailed a hero. take a look at the five retailers hiring the most
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couple's late night swim nearly ending in disaster. now going viral it shows the couple at their resort pool in africa completely un-aware of the crocodile in the crock lurches at the woman and the man jumps out to safety. she tries to get out and the crock tries pulling her under. the man jumps back in pushing it away. the couple escapes amazingly with only a few bite marks. pope francis says women will never be eligible to become priests in the catholic church. pope john paul ii had the last clear word and stands forever.
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about it before he left sweden today. u.s. postal worker in georgia can add hero to his resume. ken jackson noticed smoke coming from a home. he noticed the house was on fire and he quickly knocked on the front door and alerted the family inside saving three adults and one child. >> it's the best feeling in years to know i was saving lives. not a hero like a firefighter or know i helped someone. >> days later jackson got a letter in the family's mailbox. the family thanks him for being a hero and saving their lives. taking a look at retailers hiring the most employees now that we're entering the holiday season. retailers expected to hire 740,000 seasonal workers this year according to a new recent survey. which stores hiring the most?
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pennys, offside pot, office max, the gap, and khols and sometimes they become permanent positions. holiday season is here and amazon launched it's black friday discounts today. the sales are offered at different times. sometimes just disappearing as often as every five minutes much the black friday deals will continue untill 22. android users will soon be able to cast spells that work. google teaming up with with harry potter to program the phones with certain commands. okay, google, silenceo and turn off the ringer and communications. and lumos will turn on or off the flashlight. harry potter pre-quell hitting theaters later this month.
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dead, the mexican holiday starting today that honor children that have passed away and tomorrow for adult that is have passed. secret young at heart b may never be slowing down. betty is 85 years young and her coworkers say she's one of the hardest workers at their utah grocery store. for years, betty worked at another store and reti get back to work. her coworkers are trying to keep up with her. >> betty can outwork all of us put together. >> does circles around everybody. >> when i quit, that's the day the devil gets me. if he's gonna catch me, he'll catch me like this. it's gonna take time for him to catch me. >> she'll mark her 15 years that the store and plans to give retirement another try.
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least. the top five tv networks graded on diversity of actors in their shows. five years ago only 6 people of color had lead roles and number risen to 18. tomorrow is freta consistency of effort wednesday. taco bell giving away free taco locos from 2-5. the entire nation gets free tacos tomorrow. zoo atlanta announcing the two newest additions today. twin giant panda girls. they're two monte morris old now and only the second pair of cubs born in the u.s.. they'll make their debut to the public in december or january and named in december on their 100 day birthday in accordance
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>> everybody's saying awe. >> so cute. the baseball tie ins, talking about cubs before and then the panda cubs. >> maybe tomorrow night they'll be playing. >> very possibly, yes. over the next couple days, a lot going on local by but by the weekend, great news going on. hour of sleep back saturday night, sunday morning, you fall back. turn your clock back saturday night, sunday morning, 2:00 a.m., black to 1:00 a.m. so you get an hour more sleep and that means an hour more to enjoy this weekend because i'm telling you, the whether this weekend is going to be beautiful. our weather headlines, now, we're going to rongeur a bit of patchy fog in the morning. humidity rising and a bit more moisture and as temperatures cool, our northern counties, citrus and her annual muscle doe have a chance for patchy fog. cool front on friday. not a blast of cold air but you'll notice it and gonna make
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nice with highs cooling off into the 70s. temperatures from the upper 60s to middle 7 0?s. tampa 74 after a high of 87. sarasota hit 88 degrees now at 73. 68 in plant city and bartow as you see, dew points are creeping up and when the air temperature and dew point go the a hundred percent humidity and fog this time of year especially in the wintertime so that's why i'll be an issue across part of the area first thing tomorrow morning. we'll have more on that bright and early as you start your wednesday. temperatures under the clear skies in the mid 70s across the area. satellite hasn't changed much over the last couple of weeks, has it? east to west wind, when that happens, we very often after two or three days begin to see
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of that pattern. sure enough, if you look at futurecast, the models bring in a bit of cloud cover. they're trying to print out a couple of sprinkles. not the case in the morning but in the afternoon. south of i4. there could be a five minute shower. i mean, again, such a slim chance, the overwhipple helming that jordan lomaxty of you won't -- overwhelming majority of you wasn't have to worry about very dry of late and even with that next front coming in, i don't see much rain if any on friday. keeping it out of the seven day at this point. europe model is saying there's an outside chance of three or four one-hundredths of an inch of rain on friday. won't bother the weekend, folks have wedding plans, lots of things going on in the first weekend of november. nothing to worry about. the weekend is gonna be great. here's why. up till then, we have the
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the cold front and by friday evening, it comes through and cooler air holds off from friday night till saturday. not a blast of cold air but highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. low to mid 60s closer to the beach and downtown tampa but not on wednesday or thursday. highs right back in the mid to upper 80s. about 87, 88 again and normally about 81. throw in the warmer than that. for the boaters northeast winds 5 to 10 knots tomorrow. water temperatures coming down to 73 degrees. water temperatures low 70s and uv index about nine or ten on wednesday. look at upcoming tides, sunrise 742, sunset at 6:45. hour by hour forecast, partly cloudy overnight and again, i do think there's gonna be patchy fog between say about 6:00 a.m. until about 9:00 a.m.,
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county want the rest of us don't have too much to worry about but boy, is it gonna be warm. check out florida east most accurate seven day forecast. we'll be 87, maybe 88 sarasota, thursday. pretty much just as warm. front comes in friday. we start to cool off and looking ahead to the weekend, that's more like it. highs a bit below normal. upper 70s both saturday and sunday. morning lows mostly in the 50s but again, along the beach in part of next week so big game on thursday this week. the bucks taking on the falcons and again temperatures in the mid 70s right on through the game. >> all right, thank you, dennis. the bolts ended their losing streak in a big way tonight and how about a game 7 in the world series. tk has the latist next in sport ands here's jimmy kimmel with
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hello, folks. it was pretty obvious the lightning had enough of what was going on the last three games and unleashed on the
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jerane for a few games. he got drilled but jerane's night was done. could be a concussion. then the bolts starting pelting the islander goalies. kutjeraf make it 1-0 then 2-0. by the time the first period ended, the bolts had a on stephen's seventh goal of the season. nice feet here by kuku and the bolts break out of that losing streak with a 6-1 losing streak over the islanders. looks like a game seven in the world series. the cubbies are cruising now over the indians. it is 9-2 in the ninth inning. all the damage done really in
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four on a grand slam in the third. all the runs coming off josh tomlin so it's gonna be game seven tomorrow night we believe. corey kluver against kyle. buccaneers defense last sunday was unacceptable. pretty much summed up the defensive coordinator mike smith's today. smith was still ticked off with his defense's performance. took plenty of the blame and didn't coach up two defensive backs to collide and allow the raiders to score the winning touch down in overtime. one of the concerns going into thursday is the fatigue factor. his defense out for a total of 94 plays. starting quarterback, 93 of them. that's almost two games worth.
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head about who wins this one on thursday night. i. >> i think the physical part of it they've got to do a great job of resting with the trainers, getting in the kryo and all the things they can do and be rested. that's most important. the team i think is the most rested is gonna have a step up on the other group. >> turns out the buccaneers were able to make a trade after all before t d banks to the lions for a seventh round pick in 2018. >> we went through an open competition throughout the offseason. and we're gonna play the guys that give us the best opportunity to win, and i wish jonathan banks the absolute best. great guy, great teammate, and that's what you got to have in this league. got to have great teammates. he did everything that we asked
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decisions have to be made. >> as expected, alabama number one on the initial college football playoff rankings released tonight. clemson is second, michigan third, with 7-1 texas a&m fourth. the committee recognizing the aggies strength of schedule and put them ahead of unbeaten washington. top four get in the postseason play. we're back in
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so for the middle of the week, heading into school wednesday morning, another warm one and a bit of fog in the northern counties. high temperature 78 degrees and maybe heading out to the beach, mid 70s in the morning, mid 80s in the afternoon. another beautiful day. >> we have continuing coverage
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website, abc action >> have a good night and we'll see you back here tomorrow
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jake gyllenhaal hailee steinfeld the results of our youtube halloween chal and music from keith urban. and now, you know him you love him, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching.


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