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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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mail, you need to act quickly, but might already be too late to completely avoid a trip to the polls. got the details on that coming up. good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday. >> we're less than a week away from election day. let's get a check on your midday forecast. ivan has more on that. >> look pretty good here. upper 60s, lower 70s. mostly clear skies by the afternoon. warm up again. here we are november. 66. not se fog. enough of a wind out there, i think this morning. by the afternoon, there we go surging back into the mid 80s above average for this time of year. the only change today, that east wind that has brought us mild temperatures has also increased our moisture here. so i think a coupling isolated showers are possible. talk more about that. forecast show you the latest runs and into the weekend, of course. we have that cool air still scheduled for arrival. we'll have the extended 7-day
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area. we have reports of a serious crash with injuries right here at county line road and grand club drive. reports of some roadblock, although traffic indicators seem to be look pretty good here. just might want to leave yourself extra time if you're heading that way. we're still watching this crash in st. pete. fifth avenue right at 40th street. seeing a little bit of a slowdown here. hopefully they'll have this cleared shortly. but check out the average speeds on the interstates. we are looking great here. 66 the average speed. 75 looking great. 270, the average speed there, and 275 over in st. pete. 68 the average speed. back to you, guys. >> thanks. 5:31. breaking news into the news room this morning. we've just learned two des moines, iowa police officers have been killed in what apierce to be an ambush-style attack. right now, multiple police agencies are searching for those gunmen responsible. we just received this video from one of the scenes.
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urbandale officer was shot just after 1:00 this morning, which was followed by the fatal shooting of a des moines police officer about 25 minutes later, just a few blocks away. unclear now if there were multiple suspects or just one. count on us to bring you the latest developments as we get them. pasco county dep tis want to remind you to never leave your valuables in plain sight in your car and always lock the doors. surveillance cameras catching these burglars sweeping an area in hudson, stealing things from unlocked cars. pasco officials need your help finding them. call the sheriff's office there if you have any information. it is 5:32 right now. we have an update on the search for a father who vanished along the river leaving his three-year-old son alone on an island. investigators sadly found william morris' body about a half mile away. now, they want to know why he left his son and jet ski behind. they used sonar technology to find his body in a sandy area on the south bank.
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his son on island 75. we spoke to his wife. she called monday night to talk with her husband. she was shocked when their son picked up instead. >> hechs crying -- he was krieg really bad. i couldn't understand what he was saying. i kept asking where's your dad, where's your dad. he's like, i don't know, mom. he left. >> their son, three-year-old august, was stranded on that island by himself for at least an hour. universal orlando's plans for a new theme derailed. it's their own fault. universal previously owned land where they want to build that new park, but they sold it to a developer and included a no-theme-park restriction on any future use of the property. universal recently bought that land back. now, they're involved in a lawsuit they hope will kill that restriction. universal, so far, has not commented. in south florida, a chain reaction crash in miami-dade county killed a police officer.
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witnesses told local abc station the motorcycle officer was stopped at a red light when another vehicle came speeding through and hit him. they say eight vehicles were hit. authorities are investigating the cause of the crash. the officer killed was a 21-year veteran of the miami police force. at least 12 other people were also hurt. 5:34. democracy 2016, there are just six dais now remaining until election day. if you want to vote by mail, today is your final day to request a ballot. you can request that ballot be mailed to you by calling county supervisor of elections officer or going to the web site and requesting one. if you do vote by mail, that ballot must be received by the elections office no later than 7 p.m. on election day at the county. a serious problem in a key voting state, hundreds of ohio voters claim they are -- they still haven't gotten their absentee ballots. election officials are blaming the postal service. postal service has no explanation for what happened. absentee ballots are now being
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voters have until saturday to request another one. the search is on for republican vice presidential nominee mike pence's notes. they disappeared here in the bay area. you are looking at video of the notes ne question being placed on a podium when pence was in clearwater monday night. the light went out during his speech. after pence got on his plane, one of his staffers ran #u7 to one of our news crews asking if they had seen the notes. yesterday, the trump campaign reached out to our photographer, asking if he had video of anybody taking pence's notes. it's unclear whether the notes contain just pence's speech or other information that should remain top secret to the campaign in these last fiebl -- final days before the election. trump sticking to the script yesterday in pennsylvania. he barely mentioned hilary clinton at all and didn't talk about the fbi e-mail investigation once. >> i'm asking you to dream big, to push for bold change, and to believe in a movement powered by
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love for our country. >> trump is encouraging voters to change their votes that have already been cast in several states, including wisconsin, minnesota, pennsylvania, and michigan. there is a process in place to change early votes. trump urged people who might be uncomfortable with their early vote for clinton to change it. former president bill clinton was in the bay area until late last night campaigning for his wife. he encouraged people to vote during a stop at the jackson rec center in st. pete. he also told the crowd hilary will unite the nation. florida is, of course, a key battleground state, and for democrats, the african-american vote is crucial. >> as president, barack obama said you cannot go backwards. it would be an insult to his presidency for us not to turn out. >> if you have voted, please volunteer to help us get more people there. >> the youth and the faith community are spreading the
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there's expected to be a surge in turnout over the weekend during the souls to the poles push where african-american churches all over the country will take members directly from church service to the polls to vote. late night host jimmy kimmel is famous for his cool but funny prank where parents tell their kids they've eaten all their halloween candy. once again, these kids will have you cracking up. >> we ate all of your halloween candy. there's no more left. [ laughter ] [ crying ] >> candy. >> you're just joking. [ laughter ] >> nope. i ate it all. [ laughter ] [ krieg ] [ krieg ] >> jamison, you can't talk like that. >> no, jamison, you can't talk
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our facebook page. 5:37. nasa can build pretty incredible things, but their latest creation is just a big fake rock. that fake boulder is actually being used to test a prototype of a robotic capture module system at nasa's space flight center. nasa and west virginia university students constructed the boulder out of foam and plywood. they used aluminum on the end. nasa says the boulder mock-up is helping engineers understand the intricate operations needed to collect a multi-ton boulder fr all right. from the weather center, good morning on wednesday. 60s right now in some spots. many are, in fact, low 70s right along the water, clearwater, st. pete. otherwise, we are checking in mid and upper 60s, which is about 2 to 5 degrees above where we were this time yesterday. also increasing the moisture a tad here so that now we're looking at showers beginning to push in towards the west.
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continue with that east flow, bringing us a little more moisture, some clouds certainly by the afternoon, and the potential for that isolated shower. otherwise, we're looking good for the remainder of today. it'll still be warm. temperatures climbing back up in the low 80s by lunchtime and 86 for the high temperature as we cool off for the weekend. more on that in a few minutes. >> thanks, ivan. it is 5:39 right now. take a look at this video that abc action news obtained exclusively. you see two teenagers brawling on a classroom petersburg high school all while a teacher stands by watching. now, the district is investigating. abc action news reporter isabelle is live at that school. what are parents saying about this video in? >> yeah. well, some of the parents you spoke with were completely outraged with what they saw in that video. they say it was the teacher's responsibility to stop that fight sooner, but the school district rules are on the teacher's side.
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instructor trying to guide the two girls out of that door, but that teacher does not touch either student or try to intervene, but he does move other children out of the way. the pinellas county school district says the teacher may intervene, but they are not required to if they feel unsafe. >> i don't expect for them to get involved because sometimes it escalates the situation, but you should definitely call for help, say something. >> add might be straiters will investigate this incident, including whether that acted correctly. now, those brawling students will, of course, face disciplinary action, but that student who took the video, the facebook video, could be in trouble, too. live in st. petersburg, abc action news. the president of the little league arrested, accused of stealing from the kids. how parents made that discovery ahead in a live report. just a single guy with no
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fan wanted to make sure that he sees his team in the world series. he took out a loan for $11,000.
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it's 16 minutes till 6:00 right now. new this morning, we just got word early this morning that police arrested the president of a local little league on charges of fraud. he's going to face a judge later
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digging in at what happened. he joins us live with what he learned overnight. good morning, rodney. >> good morning, dan chl you know, the board of directors sent out this letter to parents explaining exactly what happened. the president of this league pretty much kicked out, accused of stealing from the kids. as you can imagine, parents,as well as those players are devastated this morning. if we can, let's look at the mug shot. he has been removed from his position, charged with to defraud the league. in that letter sent to parents, the league board said he used the funds without consent, approval, or knowledge from the current board. the board also stresses to the parent there is always transparency when using the funds from this league. of course, john is set to be in court a bit later this afternoon at 1:30. this is the story we will continue to follow throughout the day. for now, reporting live, rodney,
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talk about this weather forecast here that's going to be very nice by the time we get into the weekend. caveats out there. iper 60s to low 70s right now. if you are watching us this time yesterday, these weren't the temperatures right at this time. 5:46 coming up here. they were cooler. certainly to the north, 50s still. we've moderated this air mass with that easterly flow bringing the moisture off the atlantic, as well. picking up shourers across the eastern side of the peninsula, which could translate to inland showers. we'll watch that. i think coverage would be only about 10%. most of us staying on the drier side. certainly partly to mostly cloudy skies by the time we get into the midday hour. we'll between sunshine and clouds moving through. just the kind of pattern. nothing organized here. just an east wind that continues with us because of an area of high pressure, very strong one.
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anything from moving in our direction and the direction of the southeast, where they've been, well, maybe not enjoying, but record highs the last few days. but we will turn cooler by hind the front as everyone else will north of this boundary by the weekend. a few showers. little band of moisture here. nothing terrific coming in, but just keep that in mind. friday's rain chance, about 20% as it moves in, and then the drier air first, and then we'll cool things down by saturday morning and into sunday, setting up a great weekend. where's the cool air? well, we don't have to the west across the rockies. this pocket of cool air eventually will push down to the southeast. again, that won't happen until late friday for us anyway. with temperatures by sad afternoon behind the front spoo the mid 70s. again, as we've been saying, it lasts a few days. this is not going to be the kind of front that will make you shiver. overnight lows in the 50s and highs in the mid 70s. so moderated air mass. it'll just be comfortable and closer to where we should be for
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no, this is above average certainly 86 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. then for the weekend turng please si. again, we'll probably have a small craft advisory on that saturday. sunday looks better for boating. along with that, you get an extra hour of sleep saturday night as we fall back. high temperatures will climb back in the upper 70s to near 80. good morning, everybody. we have a crash in sarasota to tell you about. southbound u.s. 41 seeing a huge slowdown here. we are hearing the injuries are involved there. we have an update on this crash in hudson. fhp now reporting all of the westbound lanes are blocked chl this is going to be a problem if you are trying to get to u.s. 19. you won't be able to get there using county line road. this crash happened right at grand club drive. what you are going to want to do is head north maybe on cobblestone drive and take spring hill if you are trying to
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here. you can also fol le me on twitter @tampabaytraffic. more than 30 families in one colorado town forced from their homes after police found two explosive devices in one house. police made the discovery monday when they were told -- when they told a teenager's parents that he was arrested. neighbors had called police saying the teen was acting suspicious. bomb squad safely detonated the explosives. all families were allowed back into their neighborhood tuesday morning chl that teen remains in >> the tampa bay lightning wrapped up their six-game road trip in brooklyn, and didn't take long for the folks to score. for the second time this season, the lightning scored in the first period. just over three minutes into the game, steven finds for the power play goal. then later in the first, again for another power play goal. bolts win 6-1. tomorrow night, they host boston. playing out like a hollywood
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single game. last night, the cubs forced a winner take all game 7. after scoring three runs in the first inning, chicago added four more in the third on this grand slam home run by addison russell. he comes just the second youngest player in history to hit a grand slam in the world series. chicago wins 9-3. and forget taco tuesday. today is free taco wednesday. taco bell giving away free doritos locos tacos from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. they offered f toes to everyone if someone stole a base during games one or two of the world series. indians star francisco lynndor stole second base at game 1 so you get a free taco, you get a free taco, you get a free taco. one hard core indians fan will be paying for his world series final all year. >> he took out an $11,000 line of credit to pay for his dream baseball trip. todd grew up in the cleveland area but now lives in arizona.
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to support his team saying it's a once in a lifetime experience. >> not some wealthy guy by any stretch of the imagination. just leveraging the farm for this once in a lifetime trip. >> yeah. has been in cleveland for the last two weeks, going to championship series games, and world series games at home. he spent most of his money on tickets, air fare, hotel, and a rental car. also says he has just $700 left out of $11,000 he took out. likely not enough money to pay for game 7 ticket, but he's got a plan. he says he might try to put that one on a credit card. well, coming up, halloween grifrjs caught on camera. >> they stole 15,000 candy from one house, and they didn't stop there. plus, starbucks lovers going crazy over a big change to their cups. coffey chain rolling out these new dream cups ahead of the holidays, but if you are hoping for a red holiday cup, there is
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we take a look at temperatures. upper 60s this morning. we'll be back in the mid 80s this afternoon. we'll do that with partly cloudy skies. a couple isolated showers possible. the front comes in. cools us off for the weekend. more on that at 6:00. six minutes until 6:00 reelg now. zoo atlanta just sproused its
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pear of cubs born in the u.s. the kubs will make their debut to the public in jes or jan, and in accordance with the chinese 100-day tradition, cubs are going to be named op their 100th day, which is december 12th. check out video behind us. a florida mother kooching greedy trick or treaters on her surveillance camera. >> the three boys took 15 pounds of candy, every single piece left in a bowl on a front porch of a boca pu that wasn't enough. they took the whole bowl, too. the woman who put out the candy says she was trick or treating with her three-year-old at the same time. she says many of her neighbors have already decided to stop. android youer wills soon be able to cast harry-potter-like spells that actually work. google is teaming up with harry potter to program phones that respond to certain commands. for example, you can now say
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and the lumos spell will turn on the flash flight just like the potter spell that turns wands into flash flights. a new prequel hits theaters later this month. frpts a week before election day. starbucks is unveiling a new cup. >> these new green cups focus on unity. starbucks says the company is right now. feature a mosaic of more than a hundred people drown in a single stroke. the starbucks ceo calls it a symbol people have boxes at starbucks coffey houses with a label that says no peeking until november 10th. apparently somebody peeked and saw red cups. if you are driving around over the next week or so, you may spot some people flying in the sky. the inaugural wing suit performance world chips kick off today at sky dive city. teams from all over the world will be competing at the
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vice president joe biden in tampa today, bringing a strong mezage -- message with him. >> from the economy, to foreign policy. >> his pimp -- pitch to young voters and his biggest concern six days away from the election. plus, dramatic video this morning of a classroom brawl that kfrnd parents have this
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abc action news starts right now with breaking news. >> and that breaking news we're following this morning is out of iowa. a man hunt underway for the gunman who killed two police officers in ambush-style attacks.
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say right now if there was one suspect or possibly more, but here's what we do know right now. an urbandale officer was shot just after 1:00 this morning followed by the tedly shooting of a des moines police officer about 25 minutes later, and about a mile away. we're expecting a news conference from des moines police any moment now. we'll post that to and our mobile app and, of course, update you with new details throughout this news cast. six days it's an all-out sprint to the finish. get to that in a moept. >> that's right. the spotlight actually is on florida today. we're gonna check in with ivan first to get a look at our forecast this morning. >> sure. i'm also a big story. i'll take that. >> you are a big story. >> absolutely. temperatures right now in the 60s. good morning, everyone. we are looking great for this afternoon. couple isolated sprinkles can't be ruled out. look how much milder we are. anywhere from 3 to 7 degrees warmer. that doppler radar already


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