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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  November 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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say right now if there was one suspect or possibly more, but here's what we do know right now. an urbandale officer was shot just after 1:00 this morning followed by the tedly shooting of a des moines police officer about 25 minutes later, and about a mile away. we're expecting a news conference from des moines police any moment now. we'll post that to and our mobile app and, of course, update you with new details throughout this news cast. six days it's an all-out sprint to the finish. get to that in a moept. >> that's right. the spotlight actually is on florida today. we're gonna check in with ivan first to get a look at our forecast this morning. >> sure. i'm also a big story. i'll take that. >> you are a big story. >> absolutely. temperatures right now in the 60s. good morning, everyone. we are looking great for this afternoon. couple isolated sprinkles can't be ruled out. look how much milder we are. anywhere from 3 to 7 degrees warmer. that doppler radar already
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we'll change this afternoon. rain chance about 10%. we'll keep that with that easterly flow. and, yes, another warm day on tap for us today. i think we'll get back into the mid 80s later this afternoon. then the cold front moves in on the weekend. more on that and the keerl temperatures in a few minutes. good morning, everybody. the big story in the traffic department we're following today is this crash in hudson. it happened height rear county line road at grand club drive. this is a serious crash with injuries. fhp telling me all of the westbound lanes this is going to cause problems if you are trying to get over to u.s. 19. what you are gonna want to do is head north and take spring hill drive inside. you are crossing the water this morning, all the bridges look great. we are sfil less than ten minutes to get across the bay from pinellas into hilsboro. minute after 6:00. in democracy 2016, for the first time since may, donald trump pulling ahead of hilary clinton in a national abc poll.
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voters. clinton is at 45%. but with a margin of error, it is a statistical tie between those two. >> abc action news anchor james live at mosey this morning. james, what's the vice president expected to address? >> well, dan, he's not expected to adrez the fbi's recent review of the clinton e-mails. it's just not something touched on at all in the last several days. we do expect him to try and send a message that connects with younger voters, the millenial voters, something clinton has been having some trouble with. how does he do that? well, it starts with sending a message that will have direct appeal to those younger voters. biden's statements to supporters in the last several days has been about the importance of keeping a democrat in office for fear that everything in the last
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>> the idea you can put that back in place quickly is not very likely. not very likely. everything from civil rights to civil liberties, from the economy to foreign policy. it's all at stake. >> bide b is set to take the stage here this 11:15. the doors will open two hours pfr that. live this morning in tampa, abc action news. meanwhile, donald trump is campaigning across florida today. he'll stop in miami, orlando, and pensacola area. he's trying to use the increasing cost of healthcare to his advantage, promising to repeal obamacare. >> in many instances, their healthcare costs are more than their mortgage costs or their rent, which, by the way, is a first in american history.
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millenials. and younger americans generally who will be totally crushed by these massive healthcare costs. >> putting the cnn, a 27-year-old earning $25,000 a year pays an average of $142 a month for obamacare after a subsidy. the family of four making $60,000 pays roughly $405 a month, but people can use their subs disto buy lower-priced plans, costing $100 or less per month. ca afternoon at the university of tampa. the four candidates are vying to represent the western half of hillsboro county in the state senate. with the reyeses seeing nasty tv ads and billboards, there could be fireworks inside the theater. four minutes after 6:00. take a look at this video that you are seeing right here. this shows a nasty night between two tunts at st. pete high school. the video, if you keep watching, shows him just trashing that
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teacher did anything wrong by not stepping in to break up this fight. as you see there, the teacher just stands by, stands clear of the fight. [ screaming ] >> you can hear the students screaming and classmates egging them on. a student shot this video and posted it to social media. we showed this to parents, and they're concerned. they they the teacher should have done more to break it up. coming up at 6:30, we are going to explain what actions the teacher did end up tanging and th staff should react in these situation. in just three hours, a sarasota mother convicted of trying to kill her six-year-old daughter will learn how long she'll spend in prison. a jury found ashley parker guilty of attempted murder and aggravated child abuse back in september. despite evidence, parker suffers from mental illness. now, authorities say the 31-year-old tried to drown her daughter in a bathtub before stabbing her. thankfully, the girl survived
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investigating after finding a woman's body in a ditch. someone riding horseback in the palm river area found her yesterday afternoon. when they discovered that body -- they discovered that body near the intersection of 20th avenue south and 58th street. detectives say there was no obvious cause of death. the medical examiner is now working to figure that out. a teacher in apopka is now accused of sexting with a student. investigators tell us a middle school p.e. teacher started exchanging messages with a 14-year-old girl last year. detectives say alison london and the girl continued talking when the girl moved to high school. police ceylon don and her former student, though, both deny having sex. well, since we first told you about the sexual battery charges against a clearwater business owner, four more women have now come forward. now, police are explaining whey they didn't charge yusef last year when a woman first told he forced her to perform oral sex
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allegations very similar to the most recent victim, however, police say they didn't have enough evidence for an arrest then. kimberly hunter says that is the same thing largo police told her when she tried to file a complaint about yusef. >> he would rub me and try to touch my chest. he was just saying all this sexual stuff to me. >> hunter says he also tried to lure her into a back room where he kept a mattress. same story, five different have now shared. hunter says the harassment was so bad, she quit after just two hours on the job. still to come, pa pipeline explosion in alabama could now drive up gas prices here in the bay area. the rush for repairs and how the fear of -- and the fear of how long they could take. plus, a mother doesn't let her baby stop her from confronting a police officer. what first responders wanted her to do and what made the struggle
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could be seeing higher gas prices along the east coast thanks to monday's deadly #350i7line explosion in alabama. drivers are already lining up in stations at georgia fearing another gasoline shortage. station managers say they don't want to raise micest prices but they may have to if trucks don't dlefr more fuel. the owners of a pipeline are right noi exploring options for
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take a look at this ugly confrontation twoen a mom and a police officer at the scene of a dwi crash in new mexico. a baby is right at the center of this struggle. this officer's body camera shows that woman holding her baby during the heated encounter. >> don't you touch me. do you understand me? >> first responders are trying to get that mom to let go of her baby because they wanted to make sure the child wasn't hurt. the officer eventually took the baby from the mom, but that's when things police asked the woman again and again to sit down, but she kept getting up. police eventually handcuffed her. they took her to a hospital. that woman is now facing charges. her baby is in state custody. 11 after 6:00. coming up on this wednesday edition of abc action news, a bus plows into a house while the driver hangs on. the reason this crash wasn't his fault and the suspicious video from after the crash. and, also, a boy saves his mom being held hostage the
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we want to update you on breaking news out of ire with a. investigators just wrapping up a news conference ant two police officers ambushed and killed in des moines in two separate shootings. police say the officers were sitting in their cars and appeared to have in intersaks with the gunmen before they were shot and killed just after 1:00
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just one gunman or multiple suspects involved. authorities are still searching for the suspects right now. there is still a very real danger to police officers in the des moines area. we'll continue to update you on the latest developments as soon as we get them. 615 tame time now. investigators are trying to find out what caused this devastating crash. a school bus slamming into a commuter bus in baltimore killing six people yesterday morning. th f find answers. an tow top si, you are vooifr, and recording equipment. a medical examiner will determine if the 67-year-old school bus driver who died had a medical emergency. police will question the female aid, the only passenger who sur vooefed with minor injuries. investigators are right now examining a data recorder from one of the buses that may have video of the crash. the shocking video of a bus plowing right into a texas home.
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sending it kareening inside the house. keep watching there. you can see the holding on to the steerg wheel for deer life. after the crash, another camera shows two people getting out of the truck. one runs off, but the truck driver stayed. the bus driver also was able to make it through the back of the bus safely. nobody was seriously hurt. investigators now believe no one was controlling many lay sha airlines flight 370 when it crashed 2014, killing all 239 people on board. it's a new report from the australian tlans port safety vehicle. they believe the plane ran out of fuel and dove at high speed into the ocean. critics have been pushing the theory that someone was still controlling the plane, meaning it would have kept gliegd. a north florida man facing prison time after police say he
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her social security payments. officials say bryan adams, who lives near jacksonville, stole over $35,000. he pleaded guilty in court admitting to burying his mom who died of old age, to now facing up to 20 years in prison. today, trial begins for the south carolina police officer who shot and killed a black man as he reason from a traffic stop. this morning, a jury will be seated in michael's trial opening statements could start later today. shot walter scott in the back during a traffic stop april of last year. scott was not on. the city of punta gorda now agreeing to pay more than 2 million tlr for a woman's accidental death. a police officer shot and killed mary nolton during a shoot/don't shoot exercise back in august. city leaders coming to this agreement with her surviving relatives. remember the video.
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camera dragging a special neesd student across concrete. now, the path is clear for him to go back to the classroom if he wants to. the state wrapped up his investigation of this incident that happened last year. documents show the state fined edge $750, put him on pro bags, and issued him a letter of reprimand. the polk county school district also fiefred him, but edge still has his teaching license, meaning he's allowed to get a job teaching in florida. new this crediting an 11-year-old for saving his 34078 from a hostage situation. that boy brought a note to his louisiana school, suggesting his mother was being held against her will. in the message, he asks for someone to call police. detectives went to the family's home and rescued the woman unharmed. they arrested the man they say was hiding in a closet. he has past charges of domestic abuse, battery, and car theft.
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ken jackson noticed smoke coming from a home. he got closer, checked it out. he alerted the family inside. got everybody out safely. he saved three adults and one child. >> you know, save lives. i'm not a hero like a firefighter or police. at least i'm in my heart, i help someone. >> days later, jackson got a letter in the family's mailbox. the family thanks lives. 19 minutes after 6:00. a sad and bizarre scene in japan. it almost sounds hard to believe, but it's actually true. a patient was burned during surgery, apparently after passing gas. >> x-rays officially rule #d the flatulence the cause of the fire. checked this out and agreed this did actually happen. when i heard this story, that's the first web site i went to, to check.
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for this, you know. >> yeah. okay. that's why say don't smoke in bed either. as you wake up this morning in the upper 60s to low 70s. mostly clear skies. looking good. big changes coming up for the weekend. not just for us, but for the entire south and southeastern u.s. here influencing -- been under the influence of this big area of high pressure here. unusual for this time of year. so the weather systems have gone up and around. that's good fo and get the jet stream dropping down along with the surface front that will bring us keel -- cooler and less-humid conditions. that east flow has been persistent the last few days. i think now, we have another shower moisture for a couple isolated showers later on today. in fact, that's already happening across the eastern side of the state. these that you see, seeing a little yellow there indicating some stronger showers. they weaken as they move to the
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throughout the day today. if we get any shower activity, it would be mainly across. 10% coverage. we are not talking about anything extraordinary here as far as rain fall, which some folks apparently want because it's been so dry, right? so that east flow continues through tomorrow. the highs already weakening. so the winds woevent be as strong for the east, and that means that rain chances will go back down to nothing, and then we get cool and this front moves in friday late. a couple showers along with it. 20% coverage would be it. then we'll get back into very comfortable temperatures. already there, mid and upper 60s, but we'll get even cooler for daytime highs. the cold air still bottled up to the west. eventually that is going to be coming in our direction. but not yet. so today, once again, another warm and above-average day with temps in the mid 80s. we'll keep it that way through tomorrow.
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then we cool off, turning breezy for saturday. less humid. high temperatures in the upper 70s. don't forget we fall back with the clocks again. it's that time of year, sunday, and then for early next week, highs near 80. good morning, everybody. still watching this crash in hudson. all of the westbound lanes on county line road are blocked. this crash happened right at grand club drive. so if you are trying to get to u.s. 19, you are going to want to head north and take springhill drive instead. opening up our cameras and taking a look outside, getting crowded out there on the roadways. this is what it looks like i-4. these headlights are coming at us here in downtown tampa. no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. the vet van's expressway still looking good. we are in the green heading southbound. a little slowdown once you get to waters. back to you. 6:22 now. we are taking action for you, taking a look at the stores hiring the most employees. stores are expected to hire 740,000 seasonal workers this
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so which ones are hiring the most? survey says your best bets are at macy's, jcpenney, office depot, office max, the gap, and kohl's. sometimes, of course, those seasonal jobs can become permanent ones. 6:23. still ahead. a woman billed for a delivery room she never used. why she never made it to the room, what she calls outrageous charges. plus, the one thing about your facebook page that researchers say could be
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, it is coming #u7 on 6:27 right now. they were smiling all happy, but months after giving birth to her baby in the parking lot of a south florida hospital. that mom says she got hit with a whopper of a bill. $7,000 for delivery room that she she can't understand why she was charged a delivery fee when she never actually made it inside the hospital. she calls it outrageous. representatives for the boca raton hospital are not commenting so far. a new study suggests a lot of friends on facebook could help you live longer. researchers study more than 12 million online profiles. those with larger social networks online tend to live longer compared to those with smaller ones.
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social networks. this study is published in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences. a batch 0672 new emojis part of apple's latest mobile operating system. others include the avocado, the duelling face, and the shrug. apple has not said when the bulk of users will get this new update. coming up on abc action news at 6:30, we are gathering more details about an ambush that kills two police o in their cars. the danger police are still facing as we speak. it's over sflchlt >> a brutal classroom fight has parents angry at the teacher. i'm isabelle rosales.
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who shot two des moines, iowa area police officers in an apparent ambush style attacks. >> it is an emotional scene there. we want to show you the police sergeant. he had to fight back tears a short while ago while giving an update on these officers. you can see he's struggling right now to get the words out. very emotional scene. again, this happened early this morning. those officers were shot and killed in separate shootings. apparently they were sitting in their own police cruisers when someone shot and killed them chl th mile of each other. police sergeant says it's still a very dangerous situation for police officers there, so they should doubled up on all the officers. we are continuing to monitor the scene. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. good morning from the weather center here on wednesday. upper 60s to low 70s right now. we are clear. most of us in the 60s, say right along the water where the water temperature is 74. keeping you milder. as far as what's ahead chl more of the same.
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spectacular, but that easterly flow that moistened things #u7 for i think a couple showers possible. what hasn't changed is front coming in this weekend. dry, mild, certainly milder than we've been, and a couple more days of these very late sunrises. then we'll switch those heading into the weekend. by 3:00, pickup time 86. talk more about our rain chances when the front actually comes through friday and what to expect behind it for the week en we're watching a crash in pasco. fhp telling me about a crash northbound i-75. i am seeing a little bit of a slowdown, some congestion in the area so watch out for that. also looking for a crash on our cameras over in pinellas county, i-275 right around 54th avenue north. reports of a crash in the northbound lanes. however, not seeing anything in traffic. seems to be flowing perfectly in both directions. if you are driving from pasco
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that slowdown. looking great on i-75. it is 6:33. breaking overnight, a major milestone for iraqi troops. they've now entered the outskirts of mosul. this is the first time they've been able to get inside the isis-controlled city in more than two years. special forces were able to make their advance despite fierce resistance from militants yesterday. the troops have taken over the state tevi weeks, if not months. in democracy 20 #16, we are now just six days away from election day. if you prefer to vote by mail, today is your final day to request a ballot. you can request that ballot be mailed to you by calling your supervisor of elections office. if you do vote by mail, your ballot has to be received by the elections office no later than 7 p.m. on election day. trump is on a whirlwind tour
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miami, orlando, and pensacola. a new ad is set today bu nationwide this morning calling the fbi's latest focus on clinton's e-mails a new bomb shell. trump is also urging people who cast early votes for clinton to change them. >> wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you've made a mistake. a lot of stuff since you voted. >> wisconsin is one of seven states where you can change your early vote. wisconsin even allows voetders to change their minds up to three times. the search is on for republican have theial kapd dat mike pence's notes. they disappeared during a campaign stop here in the bay area. video of the notes in question getting placed on a podium in clearwater monday, but the lights went out during the
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finish. after pence got on his plane, one of his staffers ran up to one of our news crews asking if they'd seen the notes. yesterday, the trump campaign reached out to our photographer, asking if he had video of anyone taking the notes. it was unclear whether those notes contained just pence's speech or some other information that should remain secret to the campaign in these final days leading up to the reyes for ing -- race for the white house. vice president joe biden is going to be campaigning for clinton here today in tampa. he's going to be speaking starting at 10:00 this morning. meanwhile, clinton clashed with a protester at an event last nath in fort lauderdale. >> i get sometimes a little overwhelmed by the fact that i love this country. >> the crowd booing the protester. clinton continued to talk over that man's yells, later saying she's sick of behavior from donald trump supporters. she's also renewing her call for trump to release his tax
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breaking decades of tradition. she is benefitting from a late-donation surge, getting more than $11 million boost in three days. she's also reminding floridia ns of how every vote count referring to the race between george w. bush and al gore. >> and remember, there's no state where it's more important. you know what happened in 2000, right? >> clinton is spending the day focussing on arizona and nevad until late last night campaigning for his wife. he encouraged people to vote during a stop at the thomas jackson rec center in st. peters burg last night. he also told the crowd hilary clinton will unite the nation. florida is, of course, a key battleground state for the democrats, the african-american vote is especially crucial. >> as president barack obama said, you cannot go backwards. it would be an insult to his presidency for us not to turn out.
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people there. >> the young in faith community are also spreading the message to vote early. there's expected to be a surge in turnout over the weekend. african-american churches, by the way, all across the country will take members directly from church services to the polls to vote. lighthouse is coming to the university of tampa today. this is an adult-sized bounce house in the shape of the white house. candidates to have a plan to fight extreme poverty when they move into the real white house in jan. concerned parents are raising questions about this video this morning. the fight breaking out at a classroom in st. petersburg. >> parents want to know why the teacher, who you see in the video, is standing by and didn't do anything to step in. abc action news reporter
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stands on this. good morning. >> good morning. the school district is saying it is taking a closer look at that video. now, parents we spoke with completely outraged with what they saw in it. they say that teacher had a deeper responsibility of stopping that fight sooner. now, in the video, you can see the instructor trying to move the two girls out of the room, but he does not touch them nor does he intervene. he does guide some of the other children out of the way. now, the pinellas county school district ss intervene, but they're not required if they feel unsafe. >> maybe he did call someone, and it maybe was taking a long time. i mean, who knows. but being a teacher, i would
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>> took that facebook video. they could be in trouble, as well. live in st. petersburg, abc action news. >> again, we apologize for the technical difficulties there. moving on now, pasco deputies are using video. they want to ve mind you to never leave your valuables in plane sight in your car and always lock your car when you get out. surveillance cameras catch some burglars sweeping an area in hudson. again, we've got the wrong video. we are going to try to get video for you. hang on with us for just a second, but this happened in hudson. those burglars were stealing items from unlocked cars. detectives need your help to find them. you are urged to call the pasco county sheriff's office if you have any information. we'll try to get that video posted on our facebook page so you can take a look, see if you recognize any of the people caught on camera. the sad update now in the search for a father who went missing on the river leeing his three-year-old son on an island.
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his son and jet ski behind. they used sonar technology to locate his body in a sandy area on the south bank. morris had left his phone, his life jacket, his wallet, and his jet ski, along with his son on that island, island 75 just west of the i-75 bridge. we spoke to his wife, who called him monday night to talk to him but was shocked when their son picked up the phone. >> he was crying bad. i couldn't understand what he's sawing. i kept asking, where's your dad, where's your dad? he's like, i don't know, mom, i don't know. he left. >> tina morris says their son was stranded on the island by himself for at least an hour. 20 minutes until 7:00. nasa can brild incredible things so you have to wonder why in the world is their latest creation a fake rock? >> there it is. a big boulder. actually being used to test a
6:41 am
module system at space flight center. they and the west virginia university students constructed this boulder out of rock, styrofoam, and plywood. they built the endoskeleton out of aluminum. nasa says the mock-up is helping engineers understand the intricate operations needed to connect multiton boulder from an asteroid surface. all right. take a look outside. tell you mostly clear skies right now, but there's some changes on the way for later this afternoon. a little more in the way of with us the last few days. temperatures in mid 80s through the afternoon. with more moisture, isolated inland showers are possible today. still tracking that cold front on the way for the weekend. more on that in a few minute. still ahead this morning. a fan takes drastic measures to watch his beloved indians in the world series. just how far this guy is willing to go to see them play. the president of a local little league arrested, accused
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at 6:44. breaking developments on a man hunt in iowa we've been telling you about this morning. police are working to get a description of the gunman who ambushed and killed two police officers early this morning in
6:45 am
approaching an urbandale officer, shooting that officer in their car, then doing the same to a des moines police officer about a mile away. it's unclear if the gunman is acting alone, but a des moines police sergeant had some strong words about them a few minutes ago. >> it doesn't look like this was any interaction between these officers and whoever the coward is that shot them while they sat in their cars. that aes the best we got that we can explain the scene right n happened chl police have not released the identities of the police officers who were killed and so far have not released any information about a possible suspect. new this morning, the president of a local little league now in jail on frud charges. >> found out he's going to face a judge later today. abc action news reporter rodney is gathering information on the investigation. rodney, are most parents just now finding out about this?
6:46 am
directors, basically telling them that the president hadn't got kicked out the league for stealing from kids and actually had been arrested. we got our hands on that mug shot just this morning. this is the now former president of the baseball league here, john ferrar. he's charged with a scheme to defraud the league of less thaj $20,000. now, the board says he was immediately removed from his position when this all came to light. the board also stressing to parents that they worked to be transpafrnt with how finances are used. ferrar used funds without consent, approval, or knowledge from the current board. now, john is set to have his initial appearance in court a bit later this afternoon at 1:30. of course, this is a story we will continue to follow. for now, reporting live, rodney, abc action news. vice president joe biden will be at mosey later this
6:47 am
millenial voters with him. biden spent yesterday in north carolina stumping for clinton and told his crowd of supporters his main reason for doing it is to keep a democrat in the white house, explaining that from the economy to foreign policy, everything he and the president have done the last eight years is all at stake next tuesday. doors open at 9:15. biden is set to take the stage at 11:15. reporting in tampa, james tulley, abc action news. >> meanwhile, donald t stops at miami, orlando, and pensacola. tomorrow he'll be in jacksonville. also, he got a $10 million boost for ads. saying she is, quote, two plagued with scandals for the white house. also revealing his plan to repeal the affordable care act. today is your final day to request a vote by mail ballot be sent to you. you can make that request by calling your county's supervisor of elections office. also go to their web site. ballots have to be returned by 7 p.m. on election day for your
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to a winner take all 7th game. thanks to this grand slam home run by addison russell. the chicago cubs beat the cleveland indians 9-3 in game 6 last night. cory, who won games 1 and 4, will start for the indians tonight. hendricks, who this year led the majors in e.r.a.s, will start for the cubs. and forget about taco tuesday. today is free taco wednesday thanks to the world series, taco bell is giving away free doritos locos tacos. they offered free tacos if anyone stole a base during games 1 or 2. indians star stole second base during game one so the nation gets to enjoy free tacos. yes, we are all clapping along. and check out this video. florida mother catching greedy trick or treaters on her surveillance camera. >> this is really sad. those three boys took 15 pounds of candy, every single piece
6:49 am
front porch. but that wasn't enough. they took the whole bowl, the actual bowl. the woman who put out the candy says she was out trick or treating with her three-year-old at the time. after she got back home, she saw the video. she said she was disgusted. she decided she's not celebrating halloween next year. she says many of her neighbors have already stopped. good morning, everybody. we are crawling southbound on i-275. this is what it looks like. no crashes or breakdowns. just a lot of cars trying to get into downtown tampa this morning. the same situation happening on i-4. this is what it looks like. these headlights coming in. take about 30 minutes from lakeland into downtown. and good news for those in hudson. looks like this crash right at county line road and grand club drive is clear so you can now use this road to get back onto u.s. 19. ivan. >> all right. thanks a lot. cool out there this morning but not as cool as we've been the last few days.
6:50 am
interior. 62 now. we haven't lost the easterly flow that continues to moderate our air mass here, at least at the lowest levels. that has brought in a couple showers on the eastern side of the peninsula overdone on the future cast here. gives you an idea of the rain chance, about 10% for showers, especially along the interior with that persistent east flow. that high breaks down for tomorrow so we're quieting down, then we'll make room finally for this front that's well out to the west. it'll get here by friday afternoon. it'll do so with a line of showers. coverage only about 20% and then behind it, we cool off and dry out as far as humidity. 86 for today. above average certainly for this time of year with winds again out of the north and east anywhere from 5 to a little higher by the afternoon, around 15. as far as rain chances on the 7-day here, 20% for friday is the actual front comes in. i think we'll be dry tomorrow. then for the weekend, the only issue sat would be for voters.
6:51 am
the winds as the front continues to move down to the south. we'll have temperatures falling into the 50s overnight. widespread right at the air port. a little milder here. of course st. pete as usual. afternoon highs very comfortable. the upper 70s. we get an extra hour this weekend. fall back. and then by monday and tuesday, right around average with temps at 80. one hard core cleveland indians fan is going to be paying for his world series fund all year. literally, he's going to be paying for it all year. he actually took out an $11,000 loan to pay for his dream baseball #2ri7. >> grew up in cleveland and now lives in arizona. he's willing to go in debt to support his team saying this is a once in a lifetime experience. >> not some wealthy guy by any stretch of the imagination. i'm just leveraging the farm for this once in a lifetime trip. >> he's been in cleveland for the past two weeks going to
6:52 am
he's already spent most of his money on tickets, air fare, hotels, and rental car. >> he only has $700 left. he says that's probably not enough money for game 7 ticket, but he has a plan. he might put that game on a credit card. for his sake, i hope they win. >> i was reading where box seats for this upcoming final game, $50,000. got a long way to go. stay with us. we'll be right back. >> poor guy. in this morning's gma first look, e legend scotty pippin and his wife heating up. >> send someone over here. my husband is being really aggressive with me. >> in these newly-released 911 calls, she's heard calling police last month. she eventually tells police not to come after all. then three days later, another call. >> my husband has gotten crazy again with me. >> two weeks after the 911 calls were made, scotty filed for
6:53 am
by abc news, scotty claims the marriage is irretrievably broken, asking the court not to award alimony in any form, and coming up at 7 a.m., we'll have the latest on the bitter divorce. with your gma first look, abc
6:54 am
6:56 am
we have a crash reported novrt bound 275 at kennedy. here is a live look just before you get to that area. i can already sew cars starting to slow down. extra time if you are heading across the howard franklin. warm day today. tefr -- temps in the mid 80s this afternoon. isolated shower at best. big cooldown for the weekend. i ate all your candy. >> huh? >> i ate all your halloween candy. >> ate all your halloween candy. >> ate all the halloween candy. [ crying ] >> i ate all your candy. [ -- >> you idiot. >> gonna fall down.
6:57 am
cool but funny prank where parents tell their kids they've eaten all the halloween candy, but it's just a joke. >> watch more reactions o% facebook page.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. urgent manhunt. two police officers ambushed overnight targeted and killed while sitting in their cars. >> possible rifle rounds. >> a suspect on the run. a massive search right for the white house remains neck and neck. as hillary clinton bring os out all the big guns. >> this guy, don't be bamboozled. >> hoping to turn attention back to donald trump and away from that bombshell investigation as trump makes his case to be president. >> the clintons are the sordid past. we are the bright future. >> both sides crisscrossing the


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