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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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league president, john farrar admitted to stealing nearly $13,000.>> you stole from a child. >> he confessed after the league treasurer asked for access into the league's finances. he admitted to transferring money from the league into his business account. and there could be more. >> it is possible. they are reviewing financial documents. >> investigators say he and his family had recently been evicted from he filed for bankruptcy three times. >> if you needed it the team would have been there to help you. say that you need it. but to put a front on you are stealing from the team. from a child and families. >> she's not letting the news lose her focus. >> they will overcome this and make it better for the league itself.
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five years in prison, the league sent out a letter to parents apologizing for everything. they have a new president, they also plan to answer questions the next few weeks. reporting live brendaliss gonzalez abc action news. six days until america picks its next president the race for the white house could not be closer. this all-new abc news washington post poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a dead heat 47%. majority expects clinton to pull ahead and that is something that is okay with trump today in miami his first of the four stops in florida he asked supporters to pretend we are losing in order to drive more people to the polls. trump warned floridians what could happen to the healthcare cost if he is not elected. >> the residents of florida are
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hike. i am asking for your boat so we can replace obamacare and save healthcare for emily family in florida and the united states. >> also on the campaign trail with trump rnc chairman comes as the party devotes $3 million to trump tv ads. in the final few days last thing hillary clinton needs is another email scandal but new hacked emails are showing a state department worker giving a clinton aide a heads up before the first reports surfaced that clinton used a private email server while she was secretary of state. the messages show the aid gave their response to the new york times reporter who broke the story. meanwhile clinton getting support in florida from the white house heavy hitters.
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tomorrow and vice president joe biden in tampa bay today. ryne smith shows us the reason the vice president has so much at stake in this election.>> vice president biden speaking to a relatively smaller crowd than what we are used to seeing. a couple hundred people here at the museum in tampa and with six days left in the all- important autograph state of florida the message is simple get out and >> a white house heavy hitter in tampa hammering home the importance of florida. >> not a joke. you all do your job we get to go to bed early tuesday night. >> vice president joe biden wasting no time taking verbal jabs at donald trump. >> this guy doesn't deserve to be president. he really doesn't. >> speakers at the rally remounting -- reminding the
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house could be hampered by a republican majority in congress who vow to hit clinton with more investigations into the controversial emails even if she is president. >> unknowing. the fbi handled the email thing irresponsibly. >> the toss a better of state, every vote counts. >> some say they wish it was joe biden fighting for the top spot. and are happy to hear him as a potent >> the vice president speaking to a crowd in west palm beach today, as for the candidate herself, according to her website she has no more scheduled events for here in the sunshine state. ryne smith abc action news. in the bay area today a push to get tampa students to vote. the one boat caravan made a stop on campus complete with
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the group is urging the next president to eliminate extreme poverty and preventable diseases. the deadline to request a vote by mail ballot is today we have received several questions about this. if you want to vote in person you can as long as you haven't sent in your mail-in ballot. in hillsborough county alone the number of voters passed 300,000. early voting will end saturday or sunday. find a polling place near you on now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. we had a little bit of a change in the weather today, the easterly wind spread a few showers across the area, right now they are mostly in hardee county moving into eastern sarasota and manatee. and it will continue to quickly move from east to west, most folks will see a five-minute
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most of that south of i-4 and east of i-75 with temperatures in the upper 70s, cloudy and cool where everybody else is well into the 80s again. the dew points are creeping up so we have got humidity heat and a few widely scattered afternoon showers. that will all change shortly, a cold front on the way it won't be impacting this tomorrow morning but it will buy the weekend. for the first time we are seeing the faces of the iowa police officers killed in an ambush style attack, we now know the accused shooter of anthony beminio and justin martin was a 46-year-old man, michael scott greene killed the officers in separate attacks as they sat in their patrol cars. police tracked him down after an eight hour manhunt overnight. greene has a history of run-ins with police charged with
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police have identified the six people killed in a baltimore bus crash. a school bus crashed into a commuter bus yesterday morning, both drivers died along with four passengers on the bus. two women were released from the hospital, this morning. three people are being treated. a spokesperson says the last inspection of the school bus did not turn up red flags. the cause of the crash is under the station. this explosion at an alabama gasoline pipeline. average gas prices are up $0.03 per gallon in georgia, the big concern tonight, people will spend weeks paying more for gas since the pipeline delivers 1/3 of the gasoline used on the east coast, the pipeline shutdown as crews look into the explosion. we are checking to see if the blast is impacting rices in tampa bay, this heat map behind
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consistent holding steady, find this tool and check the prices in your neighborhood on twitter. a monkey spotted in pasco county seems to be on the move. we found out several people in palm harbor have spotted the monkey today 15 miles from hudson beach where people first side. so far officers have not been able to catch the monkey. authorities say if you everywhere as a bus plows into a home. the reason police are not blaming the bus driver. the innocent act for me toddler that put generations of families in trouble. figuring out which healthcare program is right for
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we are hearing about a scam
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for the first time we are hearing from florida who saved two lives while he was off the clock. fencing graham is his name he was relaxing at home when his wife began screaming. a two-year-old neighbor named miley went into the lake chasing her cat into the water. her great grandma try to save miley but neither of them could swim. grandma managed to grab miley with one hand and save the
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to help save their lives. >> i feel so blessed nothing happened and she is okay. >> both miley and her great grandma went to the hospital as a precaution. scammers are targeting the government healthcare exchange trying to get your personal data claiming to be from the irs. abc action news anchor with more. >> certified public accountant anthony was alerted to an email that claims to be from the internal revenue service demanding an immediate payment. getting advice from an id theft expert warning his own clients. at first glance it might look legitimate. >> this notice is a further indication of how sophisticated
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people with insurance through the affordable care act alleging that they owe additional money for their coverage. a closer look reveals several red flags come the first the email itself. >> the irs will never send an email out of the blue, you should know the notice would be sent by regular mail. >> the fake notice instructs the check in this case be made out to the irs. >> tax checks are made out to the treasury. >> is probably phony. the address on this one in austin texas is not an official processing center. >> if you get this fake email do not open any attachment or click on any links. immediately forwarded to the irs and then delete it. >> also delete the email from your trash. experts say there may be some
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you can call the irs toll-free to ask if the notice is from the agency. you can also consult a reliable tax professional to get advice about if the node is genuine. i'm shay three i'm shay 34 abc action news. many of you worry about staying safe from scammers so we want to know what concerns you the most. go to and look for the good question local. click on it and tell us >> a disturbing picture out of australia sparking outrage around the world, the two guys here are being investigated for their surfing turtle picture. they posted it to social media and then deleted it but not before others took screenshots and then reposted it and it is an effort to track them down. they could face a $20,000 fine. check history will be made tonight if the cleveland
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year world series drought if the chicago cubs come out on top it will be their first in over 100 years. ticket prices have set records, the average price paid for the game tonight, $2700. final prices are less than what people pay to attend the super bowl last year. they are having a bit of a heat wave. >> there is game seven. matter what sport. remember when the bolts won the stanley cup. it is very warm for us and we have a cool front coming in giving us a bit of a change by friday into the weekend, right now looking at clouds and sun mixed from apollo beach, widely scattered showers will be rolling in, a weak front
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cold air, the coldest weather is up north but we will see highs in the 70s saturday and probably again sunday. in terms of a blast of what we think of late in fall this is not it but you will notice a change in the morning titan doppler radar showing a few showers one in the bay itself another couple eastern manatee or hardee county. starting from the east side moving cloud cover south of i-4 upper 70s to low 80s, sarasota 82, they were almost 90 the last couple of days. that is what the club cover will do. going north of i-4 around the metro area more sunshine with temperatures in the mid-to upper 80s. tomorrow morning in the mid-60s much like today, a bit of humidity may be a little bit of
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couple of mornings across the northern counties, temp outside 86 degrees mostly cloudy, 84 clearwater, upper 70s in saint pete. we showed you this yesterday that strong easterly flow bringing showers and very quickly moving them across and that is how today played out, tomorrow not quite as many. i will still say a one in 10 chance but a better chance when the front comes through friday. even still, most of the area today and week and beyond still not seeing any rain we are getting into the time where we could use some rain. this evening, anything that is out there will be long gone by 8:00. waking up to partly sunny skies it will be normal with temperatures in the mid-60s again you will feel the humidity in the air tomorrow morning, the dew points will be back in the low to mid 60s and
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the moisture cut off a bit and then by friday whatever's left comes through, could be a quick shower in the afternoon but the bulk of the real cold air stills -- stays well to the north you will notice the change this weekend but it won't be a refreshing change like the last front, forecast rainfall totals may be .04 inches in most of the area staying dry. this is why you have the easterly flow through the area and then there comes the front notice where the bulk of the cool air stays but we will notice changes especially saturday and sunday morning. florida's most accurate forecast over the next seven days 10% chance of a shower tomorrow, 20% friday as the front comes through, saturday i think some cloud cover may linger a bit maybe even a sprinkle, it is a possibility. on sunday we go back to partly
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they should be upper 70s to the low 80s, morning lows in the low to mid 60s. the better of the weekend days should be sunday but both days look pretty good. a bus driver hanging on for dear life as he drives into a home. the recent police say this wasn't his fault. later, a new neighbor that could ruin their community. the steps that are underway to make in this group home arrested. what he was caught with that as
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we have learned an 18-year-
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through texas home. look at the aftermath you can see the debris surrounding the driver who was trapped clearly shaken up but okay. >> investigators say a truck ran a stop sign and t-bones the bus another camera shows what happened after the crash. you can see two guys get out of the truck and then one man runs off, the teenage driver stayed and got a ticket. despite all the damage no on temporarily shutting down its intensive care unit. as we speak five infants are getting transferred out of prince george's hospital center after two tested positive for a potential deadly bacteria in august crews found the bacteria and spent weeks scrubbing down the floors. next a lakeland neighborhood was caught off guard whether county plan to
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tonight the county compromises. a controversial pro-life message, the shocking answer we got from organizers when we asked if children should be seeing these images. a rehab center opened to all children and teenagers. the advanced treatment hospital will offer things nothing the
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this is abc action news. right now another big day for the state of florida. vice president joe biden holding a rally in tampa bay this morning in support of hillary clinton and donald
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the state. he is in orlando right now. he rallied in miami this morning. he will finish off the day in pensacola. clinton is going full steam in other states holding rallies in arizona and nevada. the president of a little league organization admitted he transferred nearly $13,000 from the league bank account to his own. he has filed bankruptcy three times. their hearts are breaking. this is tearing them a. >> lakeland neighbors fighting back against the water treatment plant, good evening everyone i'm paul lagrone. >> and i'm laura harris, the county approved the first step of building this plant here in north lakeland.
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neighborhoods you see, we will highlight, these are in opposition to the water plant. ryan raiche is there tonight he will show you why.>> is going to be up here. >> debra gets choked up over the thought of losing her country living. >> you just don't tell people what you have been investing is no longer worth it. >> she lives in a north lakeland surrounded by expensive homes and farmland. soon there will be a new neighbor, a wastewater treatment plant. >> everyone was left in the dark. they have no respect for people's main investment in life. >> this plan is similar in size to the new proposed treatment plant in northlake and you can tell it is not country living. the county says it will fit in more than you think a plan to design it like this one where trees and shrubbery hide the facility.>> it will disturb the


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