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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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neighborhoods you see, we will highlight, these are in opposition to the water plant. ryan raiche is there tonight he will show you why.>> is going to be up here. >> debra gets choked up over the thought of losing her country living. >> you just don't tell people what you have been investing is no longer worth it. >> she lives in a north lakeland surrounded by expensive homes and farmland. soon there will be a new neighbor, a wastewater treatment plant. >> everyone was left in the dark. they have no respect for people's main investment in life. >> this plan is similar in size to the new proposed treatment plant in northlake and you can tell it is not country living. the county says it will fit in more than you think a plan to design it like this one where trees and shrubbery hide the facility.>> it will disturb the
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lone no vote the only one who feels the county should rethink the location. not to mention the policy only letting people know 500 feet from the plant. >> they feel like we were being sneaky. >> the county insists it invited people to a meeting a year ago but that is not the case now. more than 200 people have signed a petition pleading for the county to rethink the plans. >> this home and they take it away. >> some neighbors are thinking about taking the matter to court. ryan raiche abc action news. in the last few minutes the parties identified the body of a woman found in a ditch in palm river. the death is being investigated as a homicide. evelyn woodhams body was found at 58 s. street yesterday afternoon, she suffered trauma to her upper body.
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anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. the race for the white house tonight president obama encouraging people to get out and vote early. a couple of hours ago in chapel hill, north carolina the president saying that early voting is lagging among african- americans which is bad for hillary clinton's chances. if you prefer to vote by mail today is the final day to request a ballot. with six days to go to bring daily fact checks on the presidential candidates with our political partners first off does donald trump one guns in the classroom as clinton claims? >> he has said on his first day in office he would require every school in america to let people carry guns into the classrooms. >> that is the statement lets
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with that statement. trump did say he would get rid of gun free zones in schools. noting it would get signed into law his first day in office. trump has clarified since then saying what he wears meaning was trained teachers should have guns in the classroom but based on the prior statement the original claim is true. >> as for donald trump he continues to knock her honesty or lack thereof. >> the fbi has reopened its investigation into clinton and discovered another 600 another 650 another 650,000 emails. >> trunk continued his rail against her emails in michigan on monday. politifact found 650,000 emails were discovered in a separate investigation.
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are just duplicates from the first investigation. media reports indicate the fbi is only looking at a small portion of the emails. they rated the claim as half true. gun sales across the country are soaring tonight, gunmakers are reporting a 66% increase in earnings compared to last year. gun sales are up across the nation because of the recent spike in background checks. reinstate the ban on assault weapons, donald trump opposes that ban arguing for fewer gun restrictions. something you might start seeing in tampa bay, a plane flying a banner for the antiabortion campaign. the pictures you are about to see our graphic. the nonprofit group called created equal says they are not supporting a particular party
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are inappropriate for the public considering children might look up to see them. they told us, unfortunately that is the price to pay in a country that kills babies. now, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, still looking at light rain across the southern counties. the heaviest showers lasti highlands county most of polk county and hillsborough braintree but some cloud cover across the southern counties where highs hit the upper 70s to the low 80s. low to mid 80s across the metro, still hitting 88 degrees in tampa and 89 in sarasota. again near record-breaking heat until the club cover arrived. there is the cloudiness i think it will start to lessen over
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partly cloudy to clear skies on thursday morning. we will let you know how the forecast is shaping up in a couple of minutes. a first of its kind treatment center for concussions is coming to tampa. shriners hospital for children announcing the opening of the pediatric concussions into. the program is open to all children the goal is to promote safe and efficient return to school and sports for children who suffer concussions. according to a study published this summer, nearly 2,000,000 us children and teenagers suffer a concussion each year. crime alert in pasco county, officials need help tracking down people caught on camera illegally dumping their trash. look at these videos you are about to see. the first will show a man pull up in a dark ford suv and unload a cutup tree.
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in a white pickup truck unloading tree debris in the land of lakes. the third video shows man -- two men dump an entire sofa. please call the litter bug tip line if you know who they are. fresh new insight on the final moments of malaysia flight 370. a new support suggests no one was controlling the plane when it plunged out of control the indian ocean. investigators have favored the cockpit was empty, the plane ran out of fuel. and analysis gives the clearest picture yet of the missing jet's final moments. starting a life they never thought possible. the new program helping local veterinarians start their own business. a silent plea for help,
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police to a wanted criminal. new video showing the moment things took off with a wounded veteran's truck.
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a mother's note to her daughter's school likely saved her life. inside she worked to teachers telling them she was being held hostage. the mother gave the note to her daughter yesterday morning and once it was in the hands of her teacher police were called in
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against her will. >> there is always a chill when you understand maybe the child was going through bad environments. >> the suspect is this man who had been dodging deputies for quite some time, deputies called in a tracking team that surrounded the home yesterday afternoon, they found the suspect hiding in a closet. he faces charges of false imprisonment the child and the mother were noar unknown. and arkansas family dealing with an unimaginable loss, this house fire you see here cleaning the lives of three young children. you can see there is not much left of the home after the fire. one adult was seriously hurt. 11 people were living in the home when the fire started. four kids and seven adults. three children have not been
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there. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the city of miami police department mourning the loss of one of their own tonight after this multi car pileup. six cars were involved in the crash the police chief identified the officer as jorge sanchez. he was on his way to work when he was rear-ended. 12 other people were in the accident, two are in critical condition tonight. officials as a factor. deputies hope you can recognize this man on the bicycle. this was a surveillance picture, deputies say cameras caught him last week riding his bike at cedar trace apartments. the same guy is seen breaking into an unlocked car taking two versus. if you recognize him you could
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fargo the bank agreed to pay $50 million to settle a class- action lawsuit accused of overcharging hundreds of homeowners for appraisals which were done after a homeowner defaulted on their mortgage. customers will be mailed a check but they are waiting on a judge to sign off on the settlement. some good news, just in time for thanksgiving, the popular butterball turkey talk line is getting an upgrade. >> you can text or tweets for the first time your questions about how to prepare the perfect turkey starting two weeks from tomorrow representatives will be there replying to text messages, the number two text is on your screen. >> also called this number to
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they are available 24 hours a day they are even doing some turkey talk via twitter. last year the company said 50 experts answered roughly 100,000 questions. now, abc action weather. >> over the weekend i made some oatmeal i took this picture for whatever reason parts of the oatmeal were so dry so i think >> i deep-fried mind. you put it in for 55 minutes and it is done. >> make sure it is thought out first.>> throw it in the perfect way to cook a turkey. >> here is a look outside, a lot of clout out there especially south of i-4 earlier on we were well into the 80s near 90 degrees record-breaking highs again.
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begin to fizzle out all that is left is western manatee and sarasota. moderate showers in highlands county, temperatures to the south in the 70s where it was near 90 earlier, anywhere from i-4 northward in the low to mid 80s, they do points are very high and you can notice them today, they have that sticky feel. look at the index between 65 and 70, we will not see anything this high by the weekend, those numbers will drop again as a cool front comes through. we hit 89 in sarasota, 88 tampa, 84 lakeland, up north in crystal river and brooksville we were well into the 80s. as you can see there is still clout cover across the southern counties but that will begin to
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hours, tomorrow should be sunnier than today for everybody. 86 template humidity 48%. we hit 88 degrees today and that is one degree shy of the record 89 from 1972. this time last year we were at 80 degrees. syncope, partly sunny 79 degrees, the dewpoint 70. sarasota 82, east winds 11 miles per hour, the high dew point means fog first thing in the morning, hernando sumpter even pasco county. we talked about this yesterday whether drier air is taking a break not nearly as brown as this color is indicating i think thursday we will see more sun and clouds may be a little bit, a 10% chance anything will
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the football game. friday the front comes through, maybe a shower a pumped up chance to 20% on friday as the front comes through. this will not be a front that barrels through giving us the refreshing windy cool air but the winds will pick up saturday and we will be in the upper 70s. but no 70s like our last front, forecast highs in the mid 80s on thursday, mid to upper 80s across the southern counties, water temperature 73 degrees, clearwater northeast winds at 5 to 10. uv index on the high side, nine on thursday. sunrise 6:43, sunset at 6:44. hour by hour, partly cloudy skies overnight a warm one waking up to the muggy feeling upper 60s to low 70s, but looking at our seven-day
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a cool front arriving friday with highs in the upper 70s on saturday. morning lows you will notice 50s and 60s across the area especially sunday morning and then by the time we roll into next week back to where we should be with highs in the low 80s. concerns tonight about the millions of recalled galaxy note 7 phones and environmental group called greenpeace a details on how people should probably dispose of the phones. greenpeace says dumping the phone would create enough toxic waste to fill up 30 shipping containers. they are urging samsung to recycle as much of the smart phone parts as possible. incredible video to show you, some of the worlds best competitive skydivers are gathering here in tampa bay this we can. >> this is skydiving called
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some people much braver than i am are doing it. the first ever world championship begins tomorrow at the zephyrhills. the new event has jumpers leaping from an airplane higher than 12,000 feet and then they do acrobatics on the way down trying to stay in the air as long as possible before deploying their parachute. you can watch the competition for free beginning tomorrow. still overwhelming a st. petersburg
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back more than 500 veterans are leaving the service every day for many it can be tough to transition to civilian life.>> tonight there is a brand-new free program helping local veterans be their own boss. >> the treats inside bakery boutique will make your mouth water. diane miller spent her career in sales and finance. >> we knew what we wanted to do. >> her sister-in-law recently retired after 21 years in the army. lisa has always loved making cakes and went to culinary school. even with help lisa felt clueless when it came to turning her hobby into a business.>> the starting steps finding out where to get permits and what departments to go to. >> these partners found
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through hillsborough community college. >> they filled in all the blanks. and helped us lay out the road maps to where we needed to be. >> operation start up offers free online classes to people like lisa who want to start a business. >> we try to empower them by providing them with a wide array of support. >> veterans are 40% more likely to be self-employed than non- vets. their disciplined attitude coupled with make sure that these small businesses work. >> i don't think we would have gone where we are without that program.>> lisa and her partner are showing others how they found the road to success. veteran -- veterans can apply next year to begin whipping up their own slice of the american dream.
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struck operation start up is launching a new service center monday. an open house is planned one week from tomorrow from 9:00 until 11:00 in the morning. yours wendy ryan with a look at what is having a 6:00. struck the settlement over houck hogans sex tape lawsuit and the stories. >> the rec this neighborhood. reunited but the new truck is now in bad shape, the new video showing the moment thieves stole a
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news.>> we have a child and we don't lo >> the potential dangers living on the street and the multiple reasons this facility needs to go. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan, sexual predators and child pornography feet away from children. look at this map, a group home in the heart of this neighborhood. >> ashley yore reveals the latest incident that has neighbors on edge.
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group home on starke road for having hundreds of injured -- images of child pornography. he was not even supposed to have internet access. >> it is very unfair. not good for raising a family. >> a neighbor who does not want to show her face on camera says she does not like having this group home for men with developmental disabilities just blocks away this is where 23- year pornography. so at least 390 lewd photos. >> very disgusting. it makes you feel like you are not safe in your own home. especially with your child. especially these people who are supposed to be under the direction of the state. >> the florida agency for persons with disabilities overseas this human development


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