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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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group home on starke road for having hundreds of injured -- images of child pornography. he was not even supposed to have internet access. >> it is very unfair. not good for raising a family. >> a neighbor who does not want to show her face on camera says she does not like having this group home for men with developmental disabilities just blocks away this is where 23- year pornography. so at least 390 lewd photos. >> very disgusting. it makes you feel like you are not safe in your own home. especially with your child. especially these people who are supposed to be under the direction of the state. >> the florida agency for persons with disabilities overseas this human development
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they say albers is not supposed to have internet access, according to the search warrant he closed the door to his room to work out employees found him on the computer with over 20 images of child pornography. the first priority is the safety of clients in the community and they will fully cooperate with law enforcement. we checked with law enforcement, a convicted predator also lives here, the sheriff's office has been out more than six times in the last year. >> you want your child to go out and play but that can't happen without us being out here. we don't know who will come across the street or down the street or what they are going to do.>> reporter: albers is on probation for a battery conviction in palm beach county and authorities are investigating how he was able to get the child pornography
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group home. reporting live ashley yore abc action news. details emerging in a crime impacting children. the president of a little league committee turning himself in for stealing thousands from the organization. nearly $13,000. police do not know why he allegedly took the money but he was recently evicted from his home. records show he filed for bankruptcy three times last in 2013. show the race for the white house is getting tighter in key battleground states. a new cnn poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump 49% to 47% in florida. clinton has a four point lead in pennsylvania while trump leads by five in arizona and six in nevada. trump reminding voters to cast their ballots early and clinton
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>> we have to close the deal. get out and vote. november 8 is fine. >> it is not okay to insult people, it is not okay, look what he does calling women ugly. disgusting, nasty all the time.>> for the first time in a new abc news tracking poll, people find trump more honest than clinton. biden speaking to a crowd at the museum of science and industry in tampa. telling the crowd if she wins florida trump will have no path to the white house. >> here we go again. i don't know how the heck you guys work this out. but it is down to florida, florida florida. not a joke. you all do your job we get to
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corridor may not only decide who wins you may determine which party controls the senate. tonight paul lagrone is asking the tough questions. >> lets go inside the numbers. it is the florida senate race. look at this, the new york times poll from last week shows marco rubio has a pretty commanding lead 51% to 42%. a nine point lead but the brand- new cnn rlc pull out has this race virtually tied 49% rubio, 49% murphy. tonight forget the numbers, we are going straight to the issues. >> tonight marco rubio and patrick murphy slugging it out on the campaign trail with six days to go. i interviewed rubio by phone
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called him a con men during the primaries. >> his opponent is under fbi investigation. we can't have a president under investigation. i never denied we had differences on many issues. >> rubio sees himself as a check and balance to a trump white house or a clinton administration. >> no matter who is elected president we will need to have a senate and senators willing to confront the ideas of the next president. i am the only one prepared to do that. >> will he promised voters not to run for the white house in the middle of his term? >> i have no interest to desire or seek any office. >> we caught up with patrick murphy he responded to reports of the fbi investigating and allegedly illegal donation scheme tie to his 2012 congressional campaign involving a wealthy saudi
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is completely frivolous there is nothing in the report, no actual people or quotes, no authorities even said anything about it. another frivolous attack. >> we asked murphy how he would stop insurance premiums from rising in florida. >> with the affordable care act that was the biggest step forward but there are things that have to be fixed. we have to continually improve the legislation.>> almost count on one hand, six days to go, as the race is tightening republicans here is what is at stake, republicans control the senate and they want to keep doing that, democrats will need to gain four or five seats to take control. which is why the race could tip the balance of power. the saga is over. houck hogans sex tape lawsuit
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$35 million in cash. hogan sued gawker for an invasion of privacy after they published a sex tape involving him. the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> a few shows out there, the easterly wind bringing moisture from the atlantic across the exiting the gulf. temperatures in the 70s where the clouds have been thicker still low to mid 80s north of i- 4 we were near 90 before the clouds arrive, 89 sarasota, 88 tampa. the heat is definitely sticking around for another day or so. overnight the humidity remains high, patchy fog across the northern counties waking up to
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the weekend coming up. on the tonight a sarasota mother will spend 40 years in prison for trying to kill her daughter. a judge just a substance ashley parker today. she was convicted in september. prosecutors say parker tried to drown her six-year-old daughter last year before stabbing her. the little girl survived and is now fully recovered. parker will not be allowed to have any contact with her daughter ever again. pasco coun suspect, here's a better look at the picture. deputies putting this on facebook today, this is from early monday morning in the longleaf subdivision. this man stole the suv in this picture, if you recognize it called the pasco county sheriff's office. crimestoppers offering a new reward for your help finding a burglar with a unique fashion sense.
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temple farmers market. he and another guy broking ate fruit drink soda and put a box over the surveillance camera. if you recognize this guy call crimestoppers. bees taking over the home of a st. petersburg woman. cameras getting video today of hundreds of bees coming out of the walls of this home, the woman next door is asking for help she has been complaining about the bees since august. no one has done anything to get rid of them. we want to know what answers you want about the issues facing us in the bay area. click on the good question logo on and tell
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bottom of the for you. hillsborough county commissioners agreed to pay $1 million to help host the college football national championship, the money will pay for things like security and ticket takers. the funding is coming from the county tourist development texas, the game will be played on monday, january 9. it is clear this gentleman is very lucky to be alive.>> trapped days, the amazing coincidence that kept one man from being stuck even longer. a purple heart recipient gets his stolen truck back. tonight the reason the case is far from a happy ending. looking outside a lot of clouds especially to the south and out to the west, i will let you know if that will be an issue for the game tomorrow and how
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a dangerous synthetic opioid taking another life in florida, it has now killed more than nine people in florida clean two in pinellas county and one in pasco county. it is known to cause psychotic disorders and violent outbreaks. the attorney general signed an emergency order banning step ahead of the drug manufacturers.>> it is like a dog chasing its tail, it is tough to get ahead of these guys. the best way to do it is tough law enforcement. and to convince the chinese government to clamp down. >> it can come in pill powder or spray form nearly 8 times more powerful than morphine. a wounded veteran finally has his truck back. tonight his journey to get back
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clifton french shows us the damage the crooks did to his business. >> a flat tire, busted ladder rack sliced seats and scratches all around, he is just now getting a good look at what the used it to his work truck. the biggest blow, his window cleaning business sticker is gone. rich and afghan vet is the employee in his small business, this is his only work truck. stolen last week deputies found it at an apartment complex in brandon, rich has canceled jobs for an entire week. >> everything from the inside is missing. >> at least one person is in jail for a connected crime. the 19-year-old was arrested for trying to cash one of his
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the people responsible for stealing the truck are still on the street. video shows two men rifling through his neighbor's cars moments later you see his truck. tonight while he figures out how long his truck will take to get repaired he says he is feeling good knowing he can get back to work soon. in brandon, clifton french abc action news. an ohio man lucky to be alive after getting tracked trapped in his car. corey chambers missed a curve in the road saturday night, he hit a tree and his car landed upside down, he was trapped until dot workers found him. the aerial view shows how hard it was to see his car from the road. >> it could have been a lot
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>> at last check chambers was in the hospital resting and recovering. over 90 minutes away from the biggest night in country music, the 50th annual country music awards happening tonight in nashville. this is a look at the red carpet. all of the biggest stars will take the stage and a bit of a surprise, beyonci will perform this evening getting underway tonight at 8:00. of course there is this reminder this other event going on. over in cleveland, the weather up there not terrible. pretty warm, outside for us that is a tropical picture. some of that club cover making the sunset looked beautiful, high humidity, but looking at
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cleveland i don't think the weather will be an issue, there could be a quick sprinkle but not much of a problem. it will remain rather mild and i did throw my facebook page hundreds of responses, who is going to win the world series. these are just on my fan page, this shocked me, 90% of the viewers on my page went with the cubs, only 9.2% the indians and a few diehar excitement in cleveland tonight hopefully the weather will not be an issue. temperatures right now in the upper 70s to the low 80s, tomorrow will look pretty similar to what today was, not just during the day but at night, upper 70s to the mid- 80s, 84 tampa, cloudy in clearwater 84 degrees, cloudy in saint pete at 79. east to west wind locked in
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usually two or three days down the road there is enough moisture for a few showers that is what we had today across the southern counties they are fizzling out and overnight skies will be partly cloudy. first thing in the morning, there could be a little bit of fog in citrus and hernando may be pasco and sumter as well. burning off quickly and then we have a partly sunny day. not as many shows are tracking the cool front up north, the bulk of the colder weather will be well to the north. notice the change not so much friday but saturday morning and sunday morning we will have at least one or two more days of this, mid-80s may be upper 80s, 88 today in tampa, 89 in sarasota. maybe a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow but still unusually warm, we are still talking tropics, the hurricane center keeping their eyes on
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would move to the northeast anytime we have a stall front that is the only time we have to worry. sometimes they can coax the tropical develops but at this point not expected in our area. water temperature in clearwater at 73 degrees, slowly coming down, tides and sunrise and sunset, our by our partly cloudy overnight some fog in the northern counties a warm and muggy one with temperatures in the upper 60s a look at the most accurate seven-day forecast maybe a sprinkle tomorrow a 20% chance of a shower the weekend looks good, cool in the morning 50s and 60s, highs in the upper 70s to the low 80s. looking ahead to the buccaneers game 8:25 kickoff the falcons and the buccaneers partly
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cubs who reverse the curse? we have a preview next in
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z2 y6
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hello folks, regardless of who wins the world series i don't think it would be crazy to say again be the most significant game ever played in baseball at least in my lifetime. i am pretty sure it will end up being the most watched baseball game in tv history. the cubs coming back from the deficit for a chance to end the 108 your aunt, the indians could end in its 68th year,
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and, we are working on getting everything we have.>> our offense is having the resurgence we need. of course we want to be the group that breaks the streak but you are right it is just right that it goes seven games. >> no disciplinary work -- hearing for not pulling up to lessen the blow we will know more about this tomorrow before the bruins game, they ended the road trip with a strong finish.>> for us, the challenge from internally and we were challenged by the coaching staff and i think we did a great job of playing the
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recharge for the game tomorrow night against the falcons. as expected the buccaneers will be without their running backs. they have got to win this one.>> all of today's top stories are
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tonight, breaking news. the new tracking poll. hillary clinton, donald trump, where this race stands next six days out. and are there new pathways for donald trump? he and his family make the case tonight. president obama, vice president there's just one choice. and the alarming image. the church set on fire. the words spray painted on the side. also tonight, the deadly ambush. two police officers targeted and killed in separate patrol cars, shot through the window. breaking late today, the new flash point over the pipeline in the west. demonstrators clashing with police. and the other pipeline, the explosion, the state of emergency. and now, worries over gas prices. new reporting tonight on the


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