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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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threats to schools. the teenager told classmates he was going to shoot up ridgewood high school today. the threat appears to have been a joke but the state attorney's office will decide where the case goes from here. i'm laura harris. >> and i'm paul lagrone, we are going to start with something you have seen a gas stations, these stickers.>> they are supposed to show you if some has tampered with the gas pump to see if they tried to steal credit card information. the stickers are mandated by law as they may not be predicting you all the way. >> does it need to be opened up and checked? >> it did not take long for us to find broken security stickers around tampa bay. this is off of pines and spruce in tampa, we found broken stickers on every pump, when we asked the attendant he simply replaced the stickers without
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is fixed.>> i will call the company. they will come back and check this one. >> that means it is just a sticker. >> it knocks the integrity out of a new law mandating minimum security standards. genevieve went ahead and used their credit card to get gas anyway. saying it is about trust. >> i trust the rate is correct, i can't measure the gallons. >> noticed that this 711 after he started pumping. a manager checked the pump there was no skimmer. >> they are stealing money from people who can barely afford to put gas in the vehicle. >> not all pumps need stickers some guest visions like these are tamperproof, they shut off if they are opened. the new law isn't going to stop all criminals so folks still
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use cash if you can, go to gas stations that are (for hours per day and use pumps closest to the entrance where criminals are less likely to place the devices. in tampa, clifton french abc action news. tonight we are shining the light on allegations of dirty money polluting politics and your vote. it involves a law firm funneling piles of cash into tight senate races across the country including in florida. federal investigation. the allegations of illegal campaign contributions at a law firm in boston this is from the firm's website showing the founder public records reveal thorton along with two of his partners gave hundreds of thousands of dollars mostly to democratic candidates. >> people give money all the
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commission the people of the thornton law firm were handing out money to politicians and they were getting reimbursed and that is illegal. because it allows the firm to keep secret how much money it was donating. >> i dug deeper finding the firm gave $21,000 to congressman patrick murphy. 24,002 senator bill nelson. when the murphy campaign found out they said it would donate contributions. >> you have to get the money out of politics. >> murphy told me he wants campaign-finance reform. >> let's limit the thai people are spending raising the money. >> it is not a partisan issue, david jolly blew the whistle on his own party, he is now pushing to stop the act prohibiting members of congress from soliciting money.
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reform is a giant spider web. all of the pieces are linked together tightly we are trying to track which path it is difficult. >> both parties agree they need to fix this but they disagree on how. murphy says they should give companies unlimited money to super pacs. representative jolly represents a measured approach. removing money from the fundraising process altogether. democracy 2016, early voting numbers for a tighter race tonight, while clinton may not be getting the early vote advantage that she wanted, she maintained an advantage over trump with roughly 1/4 of all ballots cast.
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go politifact is putting out fact checking daily. >> many instances the healthcare costs are more than mortgage costs or their rent which is a first in american history.>> trump saying the cost of healthcare under obama is overtaking rent and mortgage. politifact crunching the numbers finding americans spent between eight finding americans spent between 8000 and $10,000 per year compared to a yearly average of $4000 for healthcare. though the costs are up since the affordable care act was passed it has never surpassed housing costs since 1984. the numbers don't add up but the situation could be different in individual cases so politifact rates the statement mostly false. >> hillary clinton is claiming
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women. >> you can go down the list of everything he has said he doesn't believe in equal pay. >> politifact took a look at his past statements finding a mixed bag. his daughter said during the republican national convention trump would support equal pay for men and women, and his campaign said he supports the concept. but his record is mixed, last year comparing the legislation he said performance should dictate wages regardless of gender. trump says he favors the concept but has criticized in the past. based on his past statements the statement has been rated half true. now, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, a couple of sprinkles out there especially
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four minute shower although right now things are ring free. as i said there are a few sprinkles popping up all over the place. if you're going to the game you shouldn't have much to worry about. you could see a five minute shower that is about the worst of it with temperatures in the low to mid 80s, biking time no issue. long gone. tomorrow morning temperatures in the 60s, the cooler air still 12 hours away, this will not be a blast of you will notice the changes especially compared to today, upper 80s in sarasota and downtown tampa, 86 winterhaven as well. a look at futurecast by 7:30, it'll clock it will look partly cloudy overnight. a bit of fog in the morning and the front arrives, how it impacts your weekend coming up. struck a tough day for troops
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and four others wounded. according to a statement from the us military. the troops died during a mission to clear a taliban stronghold. some 30 afghan civilians were also killed in the fighting along with at least 26 caliban insurgents. take a look right here. you're looking at a picture of a bird in our area stuck to a trap thankfully it did not died the trap is meant to catch rodents instead it is hurting precious wildlife in tampa bay. we have picture of this hawk stuck to a glue trap in manatee county. are not illegal but there are online petitions to ban them. this man was able to rescue the hawk but they had to cut off its feathers so she has been in rehab since it happened. >> this was basically tar on
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it would not have been able to fly after that. >> great news the hawk is fully recovered and will be released back into nature. coming up, a complaint that led officers to take more than a dozen of these cats from one woman's home and white other animals got to stay. >> she was sending them before the act at the time of the act and following the troubling text from his children's mother. all ending with one disturbing image. the body of his son. the one thing that dad now regrets doing that could have saved his child's life. attorney general under fire for her efforts on human trafficking.
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21 cats and dogs need a new home after one woman's house. >> the animals are available for adoption. brendaliss gonzalez joins us to tell us why their owner was willing to give them up. >> this guy is one of 17 cats. and then there is princess and three other dogs. more than 20 animals taken from one woman's home.
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the animals after a neighbor complained. the owner had taken most of them from the street, broke the county's limit of nine cats and dogs per home. >> she dubbed herself the caretaker the savior. julia mathis got to keep nine of her dogs and other animals. >> i am a good person. i try to help anybody.>> animal control cannot take livestock but they say thereer >> they wasn't hurt or hungry. >> her neighbor is relieved. >> i'm sure she meant no harm but it is what it is. something had to be done. >> acted the shelter staff prepared to put the animals up for adoption. >> they will find them a home. >> the reason why mathis was willing to give them up.
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for them. >> that was brendaliss gonzalez reporting, mathis was cited for not having all of her animals properly vaccinated. struck a disturbing story out of pennsylvania. a mother accused of murdering her own child and sending text messages and a video showing the lifeless body to the child's father. the 21-year-old christian clark killed her 17 month old son and try to kill her two-year-old daughter as well following a series of texts father accusing him of being with another woman, she called -- told police she smothered her son and send video of his body to the father. he then called police. the daughter is recovering. struck a chaotic scene as police break up massive crowds of protesters outside of a u.s. senate debate in louisiana, you
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dillard university last night doing whatever they could to get inside. at one point police had to pepper spray the crowd to get them to stop. inside the school, a former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke spoke at an auditorium stage after the debate was closed to the public, six people including were arrested for obstructing traffic. exciting news from orlando, have you noticed the giant volcano in the distance on i-4? this will be the main attraction of the new volcano bay waterpark set to open this summer. you will see it it will feature dozens of new attractions and you won't have to stand in long lines to experience any of them.
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know which lines have the shortest wait times. tickets for the park will be available november 15. now, abc action weather. >> we hit 88 in sarasota today, you're going to the buccaneers game? last i checked there were a couple of sprinkles but we are looking pretty good. the beach looks even better, there is the main cell, anna maria island out to the west it is absolutely beautiful, to the east there are a few more clout than a couple of showers as well, taking a closer look with the diet -- doppler radar there is raymond james things are
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it has cleared. out and it will likely stay that way, if you're doing tailgating there is a chance you could see a brief shower or sprinkle. that is it. no issue by gametime, by then everything will have moved offshore. temperatures in the low to mid 80s after highs today in the mid to upper 80s. 85 at the airport, the dewpoint at 62. the humidity is still out there. early november we are we are going to get a brief break, not a blast of cold air. you won't be able to break out the boots and the sweater and you will notice the changes in the morning. 86 today normally we should be 81. last year we tied the record of 88. one year ago we had temperatures near 90 degrees. syncope 82 and senate, sarasota hit 88, 86 with the winds out
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water but also on shore. until we get there we will have to deal with as you can see a couple of sprinkles, humidity mixture of clouds and sunshine and overnight tonight by 7:30, it'll clock everything will have moved out. tomorrow morning partly sunny skies for friday and then the front comes from the north. when we hit december january february and called for in the wintertime can bring drastic changes and severe weather but t quick shower tomorrow afternoon. by the weekend, i think we will see quite a few clouds saturday, a breezy day, cooler with highs in the upper 70s, not a bad day but not beautifully sunny like we often get behind the cool fronts, on sunday it will be a little drier and sunnier temperatures around 80 degrees. in the mornings you will notice the change in the low 60s maybe
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northeast winds at 10 to 15 knots that water temperature 73 degrees. there are your tides the sunrise and sunset. through this evening look for partly cloudy skies for the game, kickoff 8:20. range should not be an issue, hour by hour looks good waking up to temperatures in the upper 60s a look at our seven-day forecast, a warm one friday back to where we should be saturday and most of next temperatures stay with highs in the low 80s, morning lows on the cool side by saturday and sunday. maybe a little warmer by the middle of next week. still to come, the future of a popular st. petersburg concert venue now in jeopardy. the proposed project that could stop the music for good. first we are going to peak fair season in florida, a
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and indian river county mother under arrest after she allegedly told her children to jump from a moving car as she was running from deputies. the woman you see there sped away during a traffic stop earlier this week, as they chasing her car two children fell out of the passenger door. the children a 12-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy were taken to the hospital. the girl told officials her mother told them to jump and run. the mother was later caught and arrested. brand-new video from the us coast guard of this dramatic rescue south of key largo you see the helicopter crew airlifting a man from a vehicle
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the 24-year-old had suffered back injuries from a fall aboard the ship, the coast guard transported him to the air station in miami where he was taken to jackson memorial hospital. a health alert for parents. think twice before letting your kids visit the petting zoo at the state fair. >> a report just released same people are contracting swine flu from visiting pig barns in the last few months 18 people, 16 children of swine flu not seen before in humans. all of them reported some exposure to pigs. anyone who passes through animal exhibits should immediately wash their hands and avoid touching the face or mouth. here is a look at what is coming up next at 6:00. >> deputies arresting the driver who killed a mom and severely injured one of their own. the sheriff releasing new video
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the state put an end to phosphate mining. how it could impact florida's economy. human trafficking a big problem in the bay area. many think our attorney general is in delivering on her campaign promise. the i-team digs into her
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abc action news starts now. >> in polk county authorities arrested a driver who killed a mother and severely injured a deputy. investigator said they caught the driver after following a getting this view of the scene, the sheriff will give us details any minute now we will bring them to you. a demand for change in hopes of saving the environment, stemming from that toxic sinkhole in polk county, abc action news reporter ryan smith found out a change could come with a toll on workers in florida. a polk county mother living within two miles of this
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for her family's health and safety. she came to the haines city's community center to look for answers meeting with a local lawmaker to help spark some change.>> i am pissed off at the world. >> this mother's frustration like many in mulberry left in the dark about the toxic sinkhole nearby. >> it is easy to sit back and blame them but i am not worried about the blame. i just want to know >> she noticed the water changing colors it was tested last weekend, preliminary results show it is clean but that is not providing this mother relief. >> i am terrified i may have given her cancer over this.>> several new holes in the pipelines it will have a huge impact on florida's wetlands. >> the sierra club urging the feds to step in and prevent phosphate mining in florida.


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