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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  November 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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now at 6:00 a family is finally getting answers after a young mother is killed in a hit- and-run. the investigation isn't over yet, the plea deputies still have this morning to get justice. thanks for waking up with action news on this friday morning i'm dan shaffer. i'm deiah deiah reilly. last weekend -- riley. the last weekend before the election. this weekend they are pulling in good names. first most important words there, it is the weekend. traffic and weather together now ivan is looking ahead. we get a bonus extra hour of sleep, something to look forward to this weekend, temps right now in the 60s. a few 50s up to the north. nice and cool so jackets for the morning hours and we'll get
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temperatures. look at arcadia, almost 9 in fact cooler than yesterday. that's allowed for fog issues up north. patchy. but just keep in mind that will be out there. as far as temperatures this afternoon, we will be about 83 for daytime high. we'll talk about that weekend front coming in and what to expect for saturday and sunday in a few minutes. good morning, ivan was talking about the patchy fog so we have the ability on my system here to see where that type of fog is and how it is affecting the roadways. you can see i-75 seeing some areas of fog. this is in the dade city area. pass could county but up to speed you can see it on the screen. slow down a little bit as well. but you can see here in hillsborough county the visibility is great.
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howard franklin bridge. authorities say he hit and killed a woman while also running ova deputy and driving off. >> abc action news reporter, isabelle they have been looking for this guys to days -- for days. >> reporter: well that crime happened nearly week ago, yet investigators still need witnesses to step forward and call them with information. now 71-year-old charles lewis is right here behind bars. now early saturday morning, deputy adam pennell stopped to help jessica enchautegui who had crashed into a tree. as they waited for an ambulance in the median. charles lewis hit them and drove off moving deputy pennell seriously injured. crimestoppers tip about a blue ford pickup truck brought
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couldn't believe it. charlie is not really somebody that would hurt somebody and then leave the area. >> reporter: deputy pennell's recovery could take a year. we are told lewis admitted to drinking that night. he says he felt that he hit something but didn't know exactly what it was. now, lewis could have his first court appearance as early as this afternoon. abc action knew. 6:03. a mother arrested in connection connection with her daughter's death is on her way back to west virginia to face charges. lena lunsford was taken into custody charged with child abuse leading to death. back in 2011, lunsford's
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to west virginia to face additional charges. stay with us for a live report at 6:30. democracy 2016 we are going into the last weekend before the presidential election, latest abc news washington post national tracking poll giving hillary clinton a two point lead over donald trump. >> in these final four days the candidates are proving how important florida is. he is holding a rally tomorrow morning. he spend his thursday in another battleground state, it's a tossup right now. meanwhile texas senator ted cruz is firing back about his support for donald trump after campaigning for him in iowa and never saying trump's name. >> i'm ready to get on a gigantic airplane with donald trump's name painted on the side of it. i voted for donald trump, i voted for mike pence.
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hampshire, ohio and indiana. stops in pittsburgh, detroit and cleveland. she also spent yesterday in north carolina sharing the stage with are her former rival bernie sanders. she got some help on 0 the trail in florida with running mate tim kaine in sarah society a tomorrow. -- sarah society at that. sarasota. >> i'm a human being with a family, a human being that shares this earth with other human beings. this election is just too important. i couldn't sit on the sidelines and just be quiet. >> in the final days of the campaign season both campaigns are out with the new ads, donald trump is linking hillary clinton linking with pervert anthony wiener. clinton and her outside boots
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compared to $30 million that trump and his supporters plan to spend. pending a good chunk of that money right here in florida. senator marco rubio will visit our area today, he is making the pitch to voters that he will act as a check on the presidential power no matter who is elected. >> i know that no matter who is elected president we are going to need to have a senate senators willing to -- >> according to the latest poll rubio has a 6 point lead over democrat pat murphy. last month the race was within 2 points. early voters are flavoring murphy. murphy is getting support from big name democrats, he joined president obama in miami yesterday. slamming rubio's voting record.
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marco rubio has flip flopped on issues like immigration reform, that is why he got booed off the stable last week. >> murphy will be campaigning later this morning. here is a question for you, you can take the first step to find your new future at hillsborough community college. over 50 employers including aaron's furniture, lab corps and bush gardens are participating in the annual job fair from 8:30 to noon in the you need about the job fair, we've got it posted right now on our troy mobile app. still ahead this morning on abc action news at 6. one the biggest resorts in the city goes dark forcing thousands to evacuate. the important items that many of them left out. one florida airport you might want to avoid or pack a lot of patience for, a new
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good morning, it's friday about 15 -- well temperatures spread as we get from crystal river to down to st. pete, water temperatures keeping you mild. cooling off with temperatures in the 50s in the north. 60s widespread elsewhere. patchy fog to the north, half mile visibility. watch out for that.
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sunny this afternoon. temps in the lower 80s. 10 minutes after 6:00, take a look at this video, it shows a chaotic moments during a power outage in las vegas. ' less visit was out much of the night. they had to walk downstairs in the dark, firefighters rescued 11 people from five different elevators. they con even go back to their ro the power we learned was just restored early this morning. one gambler says he and many others had to leave their slot machines. >> we were sitting because my friend had money in the slot machine, they weren't cashing any chips, they weren't -- it was everything was shut down. >> outage was caused by a contractor who damaged the main power line. 11 minutes after 6:00, a new report out this morning ranks orlando international
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>> tampa has much better results. orlando coming in at number 6 on the worse list. that's according to the points tampa comes in at 11th place for best airports among the busiest in the u.s. ranked on things like accessibility, amenities and timeliness. showing security lines at tampa are 5 minutes faster than orlando. as for the very best of the best, that disti york area airports claiming the top 3 for worse. still ahead this morning, a raccoon attack injures a police officer but the animal is not entirely to blame for what
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6:00 a 1 -- 6:15 pa angry squirrel is in the building attacking seniors. >> and it's jumping on people and biting them and scratching them. so, we need help. it's still in there and the people are bleeding. >> police say one of the seniors tossed the squirrel outside. volusia deputies aren't saying how many people were hurt in the attack.
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he shot himself, actually. started when someone called 911 saying the raccoon was acting odd at a washington d.c. garden. when the officer he showed up yesterday the raccoon went into attack mode. neighbors say they heard as many as nine gunshots. it turns out the officer shot himself. he should make a full recovery. 16 minutes until 6:00. this video is difficult to watch. police released it hoping to old man in the head knocked him down to the ground. that holder man tried getting up but he fell back down. the man later died. it's not clear right now if that punch is what caused his death. police say he had a pre- existing medical condition. the attackers are seen walking away as that older man remains laying on the ground. police in mississippi are
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interest in the burning of a church. police chief says a man voluntarily spoke to investigators yesterday but police are not calling him a suspect. meanwhile and online fundraiser raised $170,000 to help with repairs. well you probably seen those little stickers on gas pumps that if they are intact show the pump has not been opened. they are mandated by law now. >> they are supposed to warn you if someone has tampered with the pump, now they may not protect you. clifton french found broken stickers around tampa pay. off hines and spruce. when clinton asked the attendant about it, he says the attendance can't simply replaced the stickers without opening the machine the. >> now you are telling people that it's fixed. that it hadn't been tampered. >> i local the company, they
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this one. >> not all pumps need stickers. some gas stations are tamper proof they are shut off if opened by a crook. to protect yourself use pumps closest to the cashier which criminals will be less likely to place a skimmer on. pipeline protests are getting so bad the governor of north dakota and his wife, protesters gathered outside four on the lawn. police arrested all four after several warnings that they were trespassing. it seems like the entire internet is asking this request this morning, who in the world would pay $66 for collard greens? neiman marcus is offering greens on its website, charges more than 15 bucks to ship it
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needless markup. but they've already sold out of these. southerners know collard greens are cheap items. neiman marcus premade may account for some of the markup. >> i made some for you. >> down who makes great collard greens. >> this girl right here. >> she only charged me $30. >> i will give you a better deal, 29.9. >> what do you think ivan? >> ablu couple days. good stuff. 66 bucks, i don't know about that. was there shipping involved? >> no, i'm giving a deal 29.99. >> you do for neiman marcus but not for mine. >> of course, you will bring it right in here. we like to get that for free. temperatures in the 60's, looking cooler off to the north, collard groan kind of morning. nice and cool but look at the problem here, the visibility
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most of us not dealing with any visibility issues this morning. so far so good friday morning commute, weather wise it's looking great. we'll lift some of the areas with fog. we'll get into full sunshine. finally we'll begin to move in. the temperatures behind it not all that cool. we'll get back to where we should be. no more upper 80s, right around 80 degrees most of the work week here. so this will end behind the 80s through the afternoon and lower humidity as well. so a couple bonuses there that there will be periods of clouds with east wind. but not enough to rain on us here. 83 for today. ha is going to feel nice, warmer across the interior. northwest flow will take over for us here. extended forecast taking you not weekend looks good for saturday, a little breezy out there, fall back, remember the clocks will be set back one hour.
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next week slowly but surely temperatures will continue to moderate in low to mid-80s. and good morning, everybody. we are checking your drive across the water this morning, sunshine skyway looks great. the howard franklin looking nice. drive across the expressway for a weekend get away, you should have no trouble getting there. we have a closure in odessa to tell you about, this is through, the highway will be closed tomorrow morning from race track to memberly, this is for some -- mobley. closed tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. and won't reopen until 5:00 monday morning. 6:21, still ahead a new tool for police that lets them investigate a crime scene in detail after this left it. and a surprising number of parents say they don't understand what their adult
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welcome back. 6:25. police are goating a new way to investigate a crime scene after they left. taking precise 3-d photos of crime scenes. it shots a million laser points
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in the area sending exact measurements. but the company has a service center right here in tampa. south st. pete is about to get loud, really really loud. the 9th annual st. pete noise fest kicks off tonight, featuring 3 dozen bond with awful names trying to make as much noise as possible. >> a garbage, vasectomy party and i saved the best for last, human fluid rot. >> disgusting. you have heard of bring your child to workday, but what about bring your parents to workday. today is the day linkedin is hosting this global campaign encouraging people to bring their folks in to see the
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actually know what their child does for a living. the jobs parents are most confused by include web designer, social media managers and radio producers. coming up at 6:30. another arrested five years after her daughter disappeared, there are lingering questions now we are hoping to get answers to today including why it took so long for police to charge this woman. the race for the white house is now down to the wire. both clinton and trump are leaning on to help them in this final
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new information this morning in a five-year-old case of a missing little girl from west virginia, her mother arrested right in st. pete. ahead in a live report, what investigators hope to learn this morning.
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you need to be on guard for this morning, the two things that these callers may be a sign it's a ripoff. i'm deiah deiah riley. we are following the presidential candidates going into the final weekend of campaigning including one awkward moment, we'll explain that coming up. we want to check in with ivan with a look at the forecast. a cool start, i'm telling you, yesterday we 60s, now we are looking at mid- 50s. upper 50s and the rest of us are in the 60's. but, running anywhere from 1 to 5 to 9 degrees cooler are. clear skies, calm winds why allowed that developing into patchy fog. but to the north especially 82 by 1:00. we'll hit a high of 83 and then the front comes in as does our weekend, we'll talk more about
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we've been watching this patchy fog all important to go see how it's affecting your morning drive. not slowing things down at all. if you are driving through the spring hill, brooksville area, i-75 you might run into some. use some caution, both hands on the wheel, make sure you use the low beams. i-75 to fowler, we are looking here on i-75 at fowler. your drive from pass could through hillsborough county we 75, back to you. at this hour investigators are in the process of taking a lena a lunsford back to west virginia. >> that little girl went missing five years ago. abc action news reporter rodney is live, investigators haven't said whether they found the
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they plan on speaking with her face to face. over the past few years this little girl's mother and father have been in and out of jail on numerous charges but never named as suspects in this case. however, relatives do have a number of questions. >> we've all had our suspicions, we've all had our ideas of what happen. and everything always go back to lena and ralph. and -- >> reporter: and the sheriff will be releasing details. lena lunsford was taken into custody in st. pete. a liayah went missing in 2011, now this case sparked a nationwide search. more than five years later aliayah has never been found. leading investigators to a home in st. pete.
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step closer to finally getting answers. >> this is what we've been working for the whole time. is to get closure, you know, to find answers for the truth. >> reporter: and relatives who spoke with our west virginia affiliates say this case has had a devastating impact on their family. they simply want to know what happen to aliayah the press conference is set for 11:00 a.m. we are expecting more information on this case and the charges at that time. for now reporting live from the pinellas sheriff county's office. the suspect in a deadly hit and run crash has just been booked into jail. authorities arrested charles lewis yesterday almost a week after the crash that killed a young mother and seriously injured a polk county deputy. polk county jail released the booking photo of lewis, a crimestoppers tip lead deputies to him.
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relieved that someone -- jessica enchautegui's family is removed that someone has been arrested. >> we are praying for him that he pulls through. we are so grateful that jessica wasn't alone. >> deputies are continuing to investigate. lewis admitted he had been drinking and says he he knew he hit something he just continue know what he hit. they are asking for anyone with information about this case to contact them immediately. accused serial flasher off the in court this morning. deputies say 24-year-old cody hayes would drive around asking people for directions while touching himself. this happened four times between july and october. deputies arrested him yesterday after linking his wife's car to the vehicle he was driving when he allegedly committed the crime gas right now police are on the hunt for jewelry thieves. you see the surveillance video, they are arm weekend sledgehammers. police released video, cooks
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they used the sledge hall hammers -- sledgehammers and a gun to break into the cases. 6:34, disturbing story out of south carolina, the man police say a woman had a woman chained at his property for 70 days. finding the woman missing since august. they discovered caleb brown chained up like a dog inside a large storage metal container. she says four people been buried on the property. one might be her boyfriend. he is still missing. the man arrested is todd kolhap. we found out he was charged with kidnapping and assaulted a girl when he was just 15 years old. the fcc is warning seniors about scammers nationwide who call pretending to be law
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seniors. they claim that a loved one has been caught texting while driving. local police and the fcc's consumer health center. derock crease 2016 right now you have a few days left if you want to vote before election day, early 11 bay area counties, i'm out here right now at the digital dashboard to show you we are making it easier for you, go to our website crease2016. it shows all the early voting locations with dates and times for all 11 by area county. donald trump and hillary clinton are fighting for the same battle ground states and
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in raleigh, trump's plane landed yesterday shortly after clinton's plane arrived at the same airport. the candidates holding dualing rallies in north carolina just a little more than 30 miles apart. the latest poll shows hillary clinton up by 3 points in that state. joining clinton on the campaign trail yesterday bernie sanders, the two shared a hug on stage in raleigh. sanders says the one thing he wa process, secretary clinton and i chatted for awhile to see in what ways we could work together most effectively. and one area we feel strongly about is that in a highly competitive, mobile economy, this nation must have the best educated work force in the
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spoke for clinton. president, first president. talking about her vision for the her role in the white house, work to improve the social media culture. she also says she wants to find ways to prevent cyber bullying, she is trying to appeal for female voters who favor hillary clinton. >> the opportunity we will advance and achieve, but some women have see that. we cannot call ourselves a flee developed or advanced nation when 50% of our women live in poverty. when 60 million are without health insurance. when too many are choosing between basic needs like rent, food and healthcare. >> trump's former rival texas senator ted cruz is also
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getting too heated for at least one long island hospital, it is banning any political talks, saying it's putting patients at risk. >> it makes sense, people can no longer talk politics in the gym of the cardio rehab unit of the officials saying patients recovering from heart surgery don't need the extra stress. take a look of this video here, that man was outside a nightclub in france, you see his buddies here, they over to help him. he ended up having second degree burns but expected to be okay. this morning tampa by buccaneers is one of two of nfl teams who have yet to win a home game this season. a special thursday primetime game last night at ray jay, matt ryan shredded the buc's defense. the loan bright spot receiver
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touchdowns made this one amazing grab, next playing chicago at home on november 13th. a special night op the ice, lightning wore lavender warmup journeys for tampa bay fight cancer night. dropped the ceremony first puck. the bucs lost the game 4 opinion 3. the lavender jerseys are being auctioned off on the website to grammy award musician the weekend is bringing his first ever world tour to tampa next spring. tickets for the may 12th show go on sale at 10:00 this morning, prices start at 35 buck. alarm system, surveillance cameras that is so last century, drones are the future are the home security. the sunflower labs drone streams video to our smart phone so you can see what is going on to decide if your home
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that drone is obviously sure to raise safety, privacy, nuisance and regulatory concerns. eye on the sky. >> i hope it's not armed though, is it? just a video first. let's take a look at our camera there, it's not a drone but a gorgeous shot there, it looks nice at the convention center. but, we are following a little fog this morning acr the upper as and lower 60s. visibilities down, dangerously so now, half mile pore brooksville. zephyr hills doing better at 3. it is patchy but it is dense where it has formed. the rest of us as you saw on our weather cam are doing fine, running a few degrees cooler than this time yesterday. we'll talk about some lower humidity heading into the weekend after a great sendoff
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we'll see you in a few minutes. also still ahead, an app promising to change the way you buy and sell cars. the reason those who use it say they will never step into a dealership again. hillary clinton and donald trump are neck in neck as we head into this final weekend before election day and both candidates will be in florida with an army of support behind
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6:44, starting off the morning sprint, new information about the mother arrested for the disappearance for her missing daughter. believing she has crucial information on the case involving her missing daughter. aliayah went missing in 2011. at the time she was 3 years old. sheriff in lewis county, west virginia, giving us more details on this case. just moments ago, confirmed charles lewis is going to be in court this afternoon for the hit-and-run crash that hit a deputy and killed a mother. he is accused of running over jessica enchautegui and deputy adam pennell near lake wales over the weekend. deputies are still asking for
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looking to fill full and part time positions participating in commissioner sandy murmans fair this morning, from 8:30 to noon at htc campus. more information posted on our facebook page and mobile app. this weekend you have the first chance to try out the new ferry, the ferry took its maiden voyage on tuesday, it's a two hour boat trip. to the tampa convention center. first one leaves at 5:15, the last one leaves tampa at 10:30. it's 10 bucks each way for adults handle dollars for kids. weekend before america elects a new president. >> both have rallies planned for florida this weekend. lindsey logue is at the fairgrounds. >> reporter: saturday's rally
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and are youing mate mike pence are focusing on big battle ground states, florida and north carolina. clinton has 33 events scheduled, helping her will be presidents clinton and owe bomb a and jay-z and john bon jovi. a race so far is too close to call. an indication it could be a late night here on tuesday. voter turnout is higher than in republicans casting balloting in other state than democrats so far. capitalizing on 0 the fbi investigation into clinton's e- mails. this weekends rallies are free to attend but you do need to reserve a ticket. for information on how to do that plus a list of events and times on our website at
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the country music association is responding to controversy from wednesday night's awards show about one performance in particular. tmz is reporting that the cma removed all posts of this collaboration with beyonce and dixie chicks from its website after racist country music fans flooded the comment section with hate messages. and claimi people. the cma denying that claim but tmz says the country musician association reposted clips of the performance after the celebrity gossip site contacted them about giving in to racist commenters. the dixie chicks also responding they posted a link with a message if we turn this up loud together we can drown out the hate. good morning, everybody on this friday, we do have reports
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roads looking great -- both roads looking great. 67 the average speed on the selma expressway. drive on i 4 slow but steady. 29 minute from county line road into downtown. 13 minute from 75 down to 275. let's check in with action air 1 captain flying over the apex. captain good morning. >> reporter: good friday morning. take a look at could county. state road 56 gets on to 95, splits off to 275 and i-75 5, everything is at speed limit. a little bit of fog north of 54, here is ivan with more on that. patchy at this point, flying up above. looking pretty good. so again it's going to be patchy and especially up to the north, temperatures in the upper east.
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clear skiing everything set up for the fog to develop and it has, we have been tracking that, but the rest of us are looking good, no issues this morning for the commute. our next weather event that comes in a as a front tonight moving through maybe with a passing light shower, that would be about it setting us for nice weekend, lower humidity, a few patches of clouds roll in as it takes over the front, we are dry 83, going to be a nice day today with northwest wind, conditions this afternoon with mostly sunny skies a few clouds out there. dryer today certainly than we've had it here. here is the weekend, looking good as well. temps in the lower 8 east. it will be breezy on saturday -- 80s. it will be breezy on saturday. if you are planning voting active that will be a problem. extra hour of sleep heading into early next week including election day. we are staying dry and nice and mild with temperatures in the lower 80s.
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a new app out there trying to make sure you never have to step foot in a used car dealership, you can look up the year, make, model of a car with the snap of a picture then helps you sell the car you already have yourself, you find one to buy, connecting boyars and sellers. >> free car fax report to make sure it's safe. one seller got $3000 more than the dealership offered her. >> it seems like a waste of space i got closer to actual value, i didn't have to compromise and just, you know, try to get rid of it faster or anything. >> even offers financing but you are not required to finance through the app. later this fall the a app will be offering finance offerings. stay with us, we'll be
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are almost at the weekend, we have to get through this traffic jam, i 275 at sowler. drive time 275 slows down at busch to i 4. captain good morning. >> reporter: good morning, taking a look at u.s. 301 from kissimmee to selma. have a great weekend, here is
6:56 am
setting off a decent weekend here. if you need a pick me up for your morning commute, head over to any lala location, stores offering free coffee as it's celebrating it's 100th store. that stores in just over an hour. sports illustrated celebrating the cubs win, all the way it feature cubs anthony izzy. copy also start stands and subscribers as early as tomorrow. i'm kind of think it might be a collector's item. eight years in the making. >> good for the cubs. >> everyone was a cubs fan yesterday on facebook and twitter. >> especially all of us because of the tampa connection. joe mad done way to go. stay tuned, good morning america is up next.
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are back in 25 minutes -- ivan and janelle will be back in 25
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good morning, america. we have our brand-new poll this morning as the candidates hit their final weekend on the campaign trail. >> because everything donald trump has said and done is a preview of what could happen. clinton cross paths in the battleground states. >> we'll have some big beautiful weeks ahead of us. >> while melania trump takes center stage for the first time since that vepgs fiasco. >> a woman missing for months found being held captive chained inside a storage container trapped by a possible serial killer. her boyfriend still missing. how police finally discovered her and the search for more victims right now. breaking news, a major recall affecting millions of


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