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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  November 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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could that's right. >> it's not think about voting for me as it is to think about voting for themselves. >> now at 6:00 a jam-packed weekend before america elects a new president. a big battle ground state including florida. and we have everything you need to know if you want to vote early. >> and this. a scam so people people are handing their debit cards in tampa.
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i'm pernlly excited about the extra hour sleep but that can cause major mood swings. >> i'm not so excited for that. >> fiend out if that's true. >> i'll let you know. don't worry. >> who can be upset about the extra hour of sleep? saturday morning. it's 6:00 on the dot. >> so happy that lindsay has continued. here's some apple crisp and i can tell you it's delicious. >> blame the pregnancy. i've been baking like crazy. >> you are trying to get off the sugar. >> i mean, it's that good. it really is. we've been talking about a cold front that's moving through today but it's kind of a misnomer. it's not bringing us much in the way of cooler air.
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a nice, live camera out there. right before sunrise but this is what we can expect ahead. again, cold front moves through. in the really cooler but drier. it will feel more pleasant as our dewpoints drop. so less humidity. it will be a really pleasant weekend. seasonal temperatures. temperatures in the mid to upper 80sment expect temperatures in the low to mid- 8 0ss. looks pretty nice on saturday. partly cloudy skies and then supped pleasant and dry. 82. it will be breezy for the next couple of days. expect pleasant conditions. drier and breeze. sound pret good. curren s right now are relatively mild. definitely above normal for what we're expecting. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. expect them to be in the low and mid-80s #-z. daylight saving time.
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an extra hour of sleep. we'll talk about that an i'll tell you if you can expect any cooler air coming up. >> okay. thank. just days before america votes either candidate shows any sign of slowing down. >> absolutely not. hillary clinton and donald trump have rallies plans for florida this weekend. >> abc donald trump is at the fairground this morning. his rally starts at 10:00. it's one of the handful planned for the we could. he looks to take the lead in the polls and secure un tuesday. he and running mate mike pence will focus on north carolina and florida. many say trump needs to win florida to win white house. >> in central florida. her running mate tim kaine are speak in sarasota today. president clinton and obama and
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jovi. clinton will be in state petersburg today as well. this weekend's rallies are -- you do need to reive a ticket. check out our website. abc action news. tracking poll shows hillary clinton picking up momentum. now 47-4 #% but it's considered a neck and neck race. >> tightening as well just four days shy of the election. here's abc's maggie with more white house. who has voted? whoa. not sure because -- >> the race for the the white house down to to the wire. >> on a campaign swing for the leads have been -- >> thank you. get out and vote. >> donald trump trying to -- an odder credentials.
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washington, d.c. and we are gong to drain. >> pleaded for undecided voters. >> it's not as important as they think about voting for me as it is they think about voting for herself. >> falling on her reserves. bernie sanders in iowa. joe biden in wisconsin. and president obama in north carolina. >> her name is hillary and -- >> donald trump's planning to hit ten states in three days. his children out there too campaigning for him. abc news tracking poll shows hillary clinton picking up momentum. 47-43%. still neck and neck in the race. >> we've got the power to change the world. >> and for clinton the wow factor. get out the vote concert from
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carter. ? [ music ] >> abc news, washington. >> clinton campaign aide believe they're winning by 200,000. the trump campaign calls it as to up. the counties to watch are the 19 along the i-4 corridor. that area alone has 2 million democrats and 2 million republicans and hots that aren't registered to a party. remember early voters has exceeding early voting totals in 201. of the 12 ppt # million almost half. now just about even. another million have also cast a ballot. >> it's all about making it convenient for the voters. people are busy and have job and schedules. i think we're honestly very
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time to have that early voting it. we have the ability to be able to go. . >> time is running out for you to vote before election day. know this. early voting todays it lasts for tomorrow. people are registered in hillsborough. >> easy for you to find your polling location. you'll see all the time locations. we also have locations to vote on tuesday as well. right now the department of homeland security is working with election officials across the country about a security threat. there's concern about hackers on election day. homeland securities even if there's a preach it does not affect the outcome of the election. law enforcement agencies are on high alert.
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those special locations were mentioned. u.s. is taking the threat seriously but have not done it on credibility. >> warnings that credit card scammers are just settling into the bay area and they're after your crash. the elderly are getting targeted and what's scarier is they have all the information before they show up at the front door. this is very unsettling. take a look at this drain an account. it stared with a simple phone call. >> they made contact with the victim. they tell the victim that there's a problem with their credit card or debit card and they will respond to their home and take their debit card and pin number and have a new chip card sent to their home. >> they have one case and three more just this week.
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victims too. they wish even it know bank imles do not show up a at your house f. you have something similar happen it you, you ned to call plawsm. >> a big warning about tricks like these. people stealing packages right off of your front porch. more panels than ever bmp. they say last year they investigating 39 reports of 22 locations for convince. so far this year 33 cases. they want to know -- they want to make you're doing everything you can. track your package and make sure to have it signed. >> just make sure that the company is very specific and make sure they put it in a
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happen. >> imagine living next a dutch. i didn't say it was plcialt. people in newport say that's happening in a neighborhood there. the property owner has been dumping free mulch around her for years. it's atractding insects and wildlife. the owner trucks in the stuff a few times 5 week >> yeah. i respect the man to do what they want but there's a limit when you take beat property values of another homeowner. >> my apologize. we reached out to the members. anyone dumping without a permit or clue they're using it for agricultural purposes. the property owner has not done
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for killing his own grandmother. it was during an argument over beer. he got endoa fight because she took his beer. punched repeatedly in the face and kicked her. she died after the attack. >> this next story, only in florida; right? now police in daytona beach looking for the own of this guy. am police say it's a friendly pig around people. 72 hour poll expires. still ahead this saturday morning, an eye opening report about sugar. how some of that halloween
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the er. >> not good for you. there's a cold front moving through the bay area. does that mean colder temperatures? well i'll let you know coming up in just a little
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here's how it works. the peanut patch dlifs peanut protein to train the immune system. the national institute of health that those treated consume 10 times more than before. the study found the biggest benefit from those who are four to 1 # definitely the target audience. so far the patch has not been approved by the fda. displnchts oreo fudge cream. you're advised to throw them out.
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it just might kill you. it would take a a lot but even not as large of an amount as you would think. >> the average american weighs 180 pounds and right now, two-thirds of americans are considered overweight. a lot of that might have to do with how much sugar we eat and drink. the world health organization says the average american eats about 76 grams of sugar in a day. guess what? we're only supposed to have eating about three times as much sugar as we're supposed to. let me break that down into something you can digest. that's well over the recommended daily value for an adult. what's considered a lethal dose of sugar? there really such a thing nsm one city, 2,440 dprals of sugars. that's 97 times the amount you're supposed to have.
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grams of sugar. to go into a sugar coma. further proving my disdain for candy corn it can contribute to your untimely death if you eat too much. one piece of candy coin has #.5 tbram of sugar. a little more than 1600 pieces. so let's give you just don't eat candy corn but here's the deal. it's great food for thought when you think about it. thanksgiving and christmas is upon us. what a bummer, laura. 6:00 in the morning and she's already -- >> always something. >> time to talk about this apple crisp. you didn't put any sugar in this >> there's a total of two cups.
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brown. probably less than a candy bar. >> she's on this baking kick lately. every saturday morning. >> every saturday morning. >> not really. >> sorry. >> no, no, don't say sorry. i'm so happy. my waistline may not be. >> it's mostly clear outside right now. nice starts to the day. now we've been advertising this cold front but the cold front is not really bringing anything in the wa stepping outside right now you'll see that. upper 60s to around 70 degrees. 70 in clearwater. it's brazey out there. right now. northeasterly means that front has moved through that area. what is it bringing? drier air. current temperatures right now are really pretty mild in fact as we head back and look at the rest of
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in the way of temperatures. 50s in gainesville. that's about it. this is where you see the temperature. the humidity. you can see it's drier and that drier air continues to move in. what does that mean for you? that means it can feel more comfortable. so should be very comfortable weekend. no rain in the forecast. no rain right now. currently and no rain in the forecast. for today partly breezy. very pleasant by this afternoon. and the same if you're heading town the lightning game. 7 p.m. against the new jersey devils. temperatures mainly in the 70s as you leave. don't forget tonight before you go to bed daylight saving time tomorrow. en joy an extra hour of sleep. it will be fantastic.
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15. and here's your time. your forecast today 83, partly sunny skies. drier and breeze. so a very pleasant weekend and then overnight tonight 64 degrees. clear and again, still very pleasant. here's the seven-day forecast. nice as we head through the workweek. our temperatures will be lower than we saw last workweek. low 8 #s which is about seasonal. >> that's good. thank you. still ahead th life is told he can't go it his homecoming dance. the reason why he can't and what the school has to say about it.
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abc action news reporter says -- talked to teens mother and why her son had no choice but to wear this. >> she was excited her sop was home school and usually shy wanted to go to homecoming. >> i thought it was very good and very appropriate. >> until his smile turned to tears. >> it hurt. it hurt on a lot of >> school staff said he couldn't go in because it didn't meet the semiformal dress code. >> they didn't listen to him when he tried to up. >> i've had spinal surgeries. >> he was born with asthma and spin -- that's why he has a service dog but on this night, it was important to walk on his own. >> sometimes you just want to
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be a kid. >> a time of the school. she got permission from the student government for some special shoes. >> it wasn't clear that was mandatory to wear a tie. it would have meant spending the rest of his dance in the wheelchair. adam gave up. >> i frustrated. >> he called his mom. now her facebook post recounting the incident has more than a thousand shares. >> it was very strict. it was very explicit of a lot of kids. she wants an apology from the school. abc action news glsms we did speak with the official over the phone who stands by her staff. the dance rules were put out to
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well, still to come here on abc action news a couple of important recalls you need to know about. >> talk about these up next. could make you sick if you eat
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but then it's dark earlier at night. daylight saving time end at 2 a.m. on sunday so turn your clocks back tonight if they don't do it for you. also can give you major mood swik and a new study in the journal of -- medical journal. the extra hour can cause depression. it started going around two month after >> debra was saying that guy looked like you. >> looks just like you. >> you guys know what i do when i'm in the here. >> let the dog out and got the paper. it was crisp. >> it's starting to get
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that's for sure. but drier air. that's nice. a look from our cam. should be a nice day but a breezy day. 83 today for our forecast high. definitely more seasonal than what we've seen the last week. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. so coming up in the low 80s. currently right now in the upper 60s to arou 16 in downtown right now. around rest of the bay area. we're in the upper 6 #s to right around 70. it's above normal. high todays in the low 80s. and then the forecast looks pretty great if you're heading out to the links. 75. noon 80 and 83 degrees by 4 p.m.
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there's any cool air coming in in just a few minutes. . >> learning more about the two sergeants shot. 19 year veteran of the force. had leaves behind two children. the second sergeant is a nine year veteran and is expected to be okay. the suspect was killed in that gun battle. we're of a missing woman who was found chained up in south carolina. the woman claiming the man lured her to the property for a cleaning job. he shot and killed her boyfriend. yesterday police found the body on the property but they have not identified it. a health alert this morning. the agency just announced the first u.s. cases of a
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infection. >> four of people infected died. their exact cause of death hasn't been released. >> recalling certain flaifers because they can make you sick. seven of the flavors could contain listeria. check it out right now on >> also forcing another couple to recall smoked salmon. they were distributed right here in florida. the florida department of agricultural catching it before anyone reported getting sick. all of the info for this recall is available. just like lindsay told you.
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concussions and two headed for injured reserve. evans expected to be back for monday. imash the quarterback is fine. that's a problem. a real problem. these past two we >> last two games have been some of the worst you'll see in the nfl. against the raiders last weekend and the falcons thursday night the defense gave up a combined 73 poin s in nearly 1100 yard of offense. >> it is what it is. the stats are what they are. that's in secret. >> the question on the minds of fans today why is
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all the time and we're not doing a good enough job of that. >> a major upgrade this season but instead, the bucs have become one the worst tackling in the league. yards and .s given up this season. >> they beat us one on one and they gave up too many big plays. >> appeared to be in question after he clained a that penalty would have put the falcons on third and 2 # from the 38 yard line. instead, atlanta then based a fourth and seven and opted for a 41-yard field goal. now regretted 24 hours later. >> that's on me. that was a bad decision.
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bear. it's the third lowest scoring team in the nfl. if there was a game the team could bounce back, this might just be it. reporting with the bucs. nbc action sports. let's hope a little more jump in their step against the devils than thursday against boston. two goal deficits early in the games are becoming all too familiar. they came back to take and -- but this two goal deficit thing has got to stop. >> the season goes on. tougher and tougher to get. it gets more defensive. being down two goals late in the season. it's pretty unsurmountable. we have to do a better job. it's way easier with the lead. >> some folks are saying 5
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i don't know. they might be a little high but a ton of people. as for the cubs they rolled down the parade route. i mean, just generations of cubs fans enjoying the celebration. >> still to come a day the the beach gets scary. the unexpected guest. see the full video.
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you can see it. >> nope. never saw it. look how close he came to that. this situation could have turned out a lot worse. the scary scene on coast of australia. thankfully dpen nobody was hurt. wow. >> i want to know the reaction when he gets to watch that back. >> imagine being one of them and now you're watching -- i feel like they should have be them know. >> many people will be booking flights to visit their loved one for the holidays. >> they can get pricey especially this time of year. we're going to compare booking sites to see where you can get that.
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for many air travelers here's what matters the most. >> i mean, i definitely am trying to get the best deal that ki get. >> which site will giveout best deal. >> consumer report cheapest on five busy domestic routesful they searched for -- at the same time to the same airport. they found there could be big differences. in one search round trip flights the cheapest fares was $597 but on priceline 459
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the cheapest. >> you increase your odds if you search for flights over multiple time over multiple days. also check the airlines own sites to find an even lower fare. they can vary for flights just hours apart and nearby airports. consumer reports un scwhrsm with prices changing all the time it's a good idea to check the day after you book to see if you can find a better deal. by law, you can cancel without penalty 24 hours after you book as long as you're not tracking for just a week. good things to do downtown.
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both of these are free and a lot of food and fun. >> should be a nice day to get out too. a really nice day to be out. definitely notice some drier air as we head through the day today. overlooking tampa. temperatures are relatively mild. they're a little bit above normal. sunrises in about an hour. but by this time tomorrow, the sun will already be tomorrow morning at 2 a.m. make sure you set your clocks back. an extra hour of sleep. that's the good news. a cold front has moved through. what does that mean? well, not really colder air but certainly drier air. more comfortable for the weekend and breezy and then seasonal temperatures for the week ahead with temperatures in the low 80s.
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f. you look back to the rest of the state, you can see not a whole lot of cooler air. but what has come in is a little bit of dry ir air. that's what i noticed. humidity levels feel more comfortable. around the rest of the nation really warm. reason why? a big ridge of high pressure that's really so, seeing a little bit of a change. and that's beginning to allow some of that cooler air to move into our area. we may see a little bit more in the way of cooler air. in the meantime not really cooler but drier and more pleasant. partly cloudy skies with a high of 83. mild start in the morning.
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here's a lock for voters. should be pretty nice on water. some gusty conditions. be aware of that. winds out of the northeast. moderate -- gulf temperature has gone back up to 76. it was down to 73. here your ties -- tides. your forecast look like. 83 degrees this partly sunny. drier. less humidity and breezy. a beautiful day outside. get out and enjoy it. pleasant. mostly clear. still winds out the northeast. temperatures are more seasonable than what we've seen. and really no chance of rain until the end of the week. >> thank you. some of. world's best competitive sky
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right here in the bay area for the weekend. >> sky diving is still on my bucket list. this, however, is in the on my bucket list. it's called wing suit flying. i mean, we are talking serious gusts to do this. the first ever wind suit flying world championship on your way. the new event has -- higher than 12,000. >> gut and training. they try to stay in the air as long as possible befor having to parachute. it's an incredible show. it's free to watch. all of this at sky dive city. it's the part where they try to stay without the chute as long as they can. >> the last few seconds. >> be on ground. >> 6:50 right now. a new scam that's targeting senior citizens. >> up next we're beginning to hear from a man who
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find out about it after the
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perform live in concert. admission is free the concert starts at 3:00. enjoy the fall weather with an outdoor festival at the market place. community calendar is brought to you by the center for performing arts. >> well a man just got scammed out of $2,000 is coming forward because he wants shh show how easy it was. >> consumer reporter says a warning for everyone who don't waste your money. >> both of us think we wouldn't fall for a phone scam like an irs call threatening to arrest us. when they claim to be your relativeve, that's something else. >> he answered the phone to a voice saying grandpa? and grandson had been in a car accident. >> i lost control of the car.
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want his mom and dad to find out. he needed money to pay for the damage. >> the owner of the property wanted $2,000 so he wouldn't press any charges. >> so he instructed grandpa to buy itunes gift cards. >> he did it. scams would ask to wire money. but moneygrams can be traced. they now ask question. so gift cards especially e tunes have now become the scammers best friend. >> his daughter-in-law says her
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targets to be trained to spot a scam. >> many witnesses -- their cash years -- >> you don't waste your money. abc action news. thinking about going to movies? you may not be alone. >> and shape reality. >> march vels drsm strange rolls into theaters.
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more serious note. hacksaw ridge. fought in world war ii and saved many lives. that film is looking to debut in the $12 to 15 million range. directed by mel gibson. his comeback film is getting a lot of buzz. expected to be a player in the award season. >> okay. you'll have to let me know how it is. weekend edition. >> saving gadgets this holiday season. the best time to buy certain item and one easy way to get it. j gl and use facebook to get extra cash. a new tool that facebook has
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who has voted? >> [applause] >> wow. not great. >> it is not as important that they think about voting for me as it is that they think about voting for themselves.


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