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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> responding to the latest developments from the fbi, donald trump in sarasota this morning making his final pitch to voters in a state he must have to secure a win tomorrow night. >> vice president joe biden hoping to provide one last push for hillary clinton ahead of election day. coming up in a live report, the big star he'll be campaigning with today in st. pete. >> just one more day. >> one more day. >> and then it's over. good morning, and thank you for starting your monday with us, i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. let's start out with a check on your forecast. ivan cabrera joins us with more on that. >> upper 60s right now. look at temperatures right now, low 60s from crystal river, brooksville, may drop into the upper 50s in a couple of hours here. 60s, 70s, and then low 80s later this afternoon. as far as any rainfall, nothing, just a few clouds out there rolling in for the northeast wind. our next weather maker doesn't come in until wednesday.
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showers. we'll have some changes behind that front. and good morning everybody, we're starting off taking a live look outside in the brandon area, up to speed in both directions around i-75 and state road 60. no crashes or breakdowns there. if you're traveling down i-75 all the way to sarasota, you're in far smooth ride. but we do have the trump rally happening this morning in sarasota. sarasota police asking drivers to expect some delays right around the arena. we are seeing a little bit of a slowdown. not sure if we are seeing this that area. fruitville right around 8 a.m. the doors open. the rally is at 11. you might want to find an alternate route. back to you guys. 5:31. in democracy 2016, latest polls show the fight for florida in a virtual tie between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> the trump campaign is making one final stop here in florida this morning. abc action news james tully is live at the fairgrounds. trump knows florida is a must
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overstate the importance of florida to donald trump. he'll be here at the sarasota fairgrounds as janelle said at 11 a.m. his supporters already lining up behind me. if he were to lose the state he'd have to make up its 29 electoral votes in many states that hillary clinton is polling ahead of him, and has been polling ahead of him for the entire election cycle. what do we expect trump to say today in his final stop in the sunshine state. we're expecting him to continue to respond to fbi director's james comey's letter to congress sticking his july decision to not file criminal charges against clinton. last night in virginia, trump told the crowd that she's still guilty. >> the fbi knows it, the people -- the fbi, they know it. i think it's very embarrassing to them, and now it's up to the american people to deliver the justice. >> if florida voters put this
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tomorrow night, remember this, the winner of the state of florida has won the presidency in nine of the last ten elections. sarasota will be the first of five stops on the day for donald trump. he will also be in north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and late tonight michigan. live this morning in sarasota, james tully abc action news. vice president joe biden is also coming to florida today. he's making one last push for hillary clinton. >> rodney dunigan is st. pete. like many democratic rallies this season, biden's bringing in some heavy hitters from the music industry. >> and dan, today will be no different. jimmy buffett will be performing a concert here tonight at 5:30, basically the whole emphasis bind this, the vice president trying to energize supporters of hillary clinton. as a matter of fact at a rally yesterday in pennsylvania, he stressed the fact that the country is headed in the right
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that work. vice president joe biden along with his wife dr. jill biden will be appearing at two events in florida. the first will be at tallahassee, a get out the vote rally there. the second will be a concert tonight here in st. pete. as for democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton, she will not be appearing today in florida. she will be in at least three other states. now, the event today, again, it kicks off at 5 p.m. the gates to the concert open at 3 this afternoon. of course; we'll have you covered for the very la for now reporting live in st. pete, rodney dunigan abc action news. 5:34. you may have seen tv commercials asking you to vote yes on amendment 1. that's the controversial solar energy amendment some critics call a scam by utility companies. this ad claims amendment 1 would safeguard consumers, especially senior citizens who may want to install solar
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protections. our partners at politifact looked at what the amendment does. politifact found the ad is false. amendment 1 would offer no new protections for consumers they already don't have. african-american churches in hillsborough county celebrated the final day of early voting with a souls to the polls event. hundreds left church services yesterday and went straight to the polls to vote. this was the line everyone who showed up had a chance to vote. a federal appeals court dave trump's campaign a big win. the court ruled that partisan poll watchers can head to ohio voting places tomorrow. a lower court judge had previously granted democrats' request and handed down a broad order concerning allegations of voter intimidation against the campaign and ohio republicans. the appellate panel provided no reasoning for its decision which was issued by three judges who were nominated by
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the car sharing service zip car is helping people vote by giving them free car rentals. the company is making 7,000 cars available to its members. it is available everywhere zip car operates. the promotion runs from 6 tomorrow night until 10. the polls close at 7. you can reserve a zip car on the website or on the mobile app. this morning we're following developing story in pinellas park. police investigating the murder of a man at an apartment complex. it and 76th street. police say it was the suspect who actually called them and admitted he killed someone. they found a man fatally shot inside an apartment unit. that suspect and the victim are family members. the suspect now in custody. the victim's family being notified. detectives in st. pete are investigating a possible murder suicide. they think a 69-year-old woman killed her 90-year-old mother and then herself. their bodies were found in an apartment in osprey point yesterday morning. a 19-year-old returned to the
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grandmother and great grandmother dead. in brandon, a mother is in the hospital right now fighting for her life after a car crash killed her family. the accident happened yesterday morning in brandon. tiffany young was thrown from the vehicle she was riding in. her children's father was behind the wheel. he and his two children 5 and 9 years old all died. troopers are trying to figure out if speed or alcohol was a factor in the crash. we're getting our first look at the men accused of citrus county. one man accused of using a customer as a human shield. deputies released these photos just recently. they say these two men robbed the flamingo internet cafe while a third man robbed the extreme internet cafe next door. an employee the the extreme internet had a gun and exchanged fire with the robber. the robber grabbed a customer, dragged her next door and used
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blue dodge neon. deputies in the orlando area say they have found the body of a missing fisherman. marvin sweer's wife reported him missing saturday morning. they found his boat with the motor still running in lake conway saturday, shortly after the fisherman's body was pulled from the water. crews in largo say a stinky mess is gone. 18,000 gallons of untrea overbrook and west bay drive. crews blame a blockage of grease and debris in the pipeline. as a precaution they're testing water at the creek and they've posted signs. they do say the flow is back to normal and they're reassuring the public there are no health or safety issues. want to check in now with ivan to find out what our weather's going to look like this morning. >> weather's going to be great once again, temps comfortable in the afternoon. 83 for the high.
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of clouds. gusty wind this afternoon, and by wednesday we'll have a few showers in the forecast. coming up in a few minutes, i'll detail our election day weather and take a look at the rest of the country as well in just a few minutes. 5:39. also still to come, which recent sporting events may have predicted the outcome of the election. and which candidate they say will win. >> and the most famous girl in the world, ahead the joke that squirrel delayed the colts
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now the man accused of running his yacht aground off palm beach and leaving it there for weeks is due in court. thomas baker ran his yacht aground last september. baker told them he'd been drinking before the incident. he was charged with boating under the influence. dozens of firefighters and paramedics from all across the state are in the bay area right now. they're getting re at saving lives in florida. they're hosting an advanced life support competition today and tomorrow, and crews from 14 fire departments around florida will be graded on how well they respond and perform under pressure. the winning team will win trophies, prizes and of course bragging rights. that was excellent, my brother is actually joining in for orange county. upper 60s, good morning on a monday here. we're clear.
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couple of days will be in fine shape. 67 and at tampa right now, running a little above average for the afternoon, but i don't think most of us will complain with low 80s. clear sky, area of high pressure in charge, obviously here across the east. we go to the west and along the mississippi that's where we have the rain that is going to be headed in our direction. it's a front but just like the last few technical cold fronts that we call them, right, it's mainly going to just d degrees. it will drop our humidity as well, although that's not out of control. similar weather forecast heading into thursday and friday, and wednesday, that will be the day with about 20% chances. you see a few clouds rolling through. we'll have those passing clouds at times sunny, at times partly cloudy. that will be the case through the day. with gusty winds later this afternoon, that would be an issue for boaters out there.
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with plenty of sun for tomorrow as well. and wake up with temperatures in lower to mid-60s. low 60s up to the north and about 82 for the daytime high tomorrow afternoon. the seven-day forecast takes us through election day dry, 82, there's the front on wednesday with a couple of showers and then heading into the end of the week, we will have veterans day, mostly sunny with temperatures right around 79. the upper 70s continue for the weekend. now, we will be dry tomorrow. wednesday we do have showers for us, but on tuesday that front will be impacting, well, some areas across the country. i'll talk about the election day forecast on a national map coming up in a few minutes. good morning everybody, so far so good out on the roadways. we're checking cameras all across the bay area. i-75 right at fowler, you can see both directions up to speed here. and your drive from pasco down through hillsborough county
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heading south, 73 over the speed limit on i-75 southbound from the apex to i-4. and your drive on the veterans expressway,17 minutes from 64 to 275. thanks janelle. 14 minutes until 6 right now. police in texas are looking for the person who shot a 10-year- old girl in the face. the child was leaving a store with her family when it happened saturday. a fight started after a car pulled up in front of the the girl was hit in the cross fire. she was rushed to a hospital. police say it's unclear if the child's family and the suspect knew each other. the nigerian army has found one of the schoolgirls kidnapped in 2014 by boca ha ran. she was found carrying a 10- month-old son. she was found with a group who
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hideout. she is among those 276 girls kidnapped in april of 2014 . a driver in a stolen mercedes led police on an hour- long chase in los angeles. it ended when the driver crashed the car into a barrier. that chase went down several freeways. one freeway had to be shut down during the investigation causing a massive traffic backup. the suspect eventually surrendered peacefully. a big question for bolts, will jonathan drouin take the ice for the panthers. the bolts won't say when he'll return, just that he's day-to- day. they recalled cory conquer from sere keyes to give the lightning added depth if drownen can't play tonight. tampa will host the 2017 college football national championship game and this morning there's a shakeup in the polls. texas a&m drops out of the top 5 in the ap poll following the
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alabama remains at number 1 followed by michigan, clemson, washington, and louisville. florida state moves up to 20th while florida drops to 22nd after the gators loss to arkansas. the amway coach's pull has a slightly different top 5. clemson and michigan swap places numbers 2 and 3 while ohio state is at number 5. usf is just out of the top 25 in both the ap and coaches polls. and good news for hi the outcome of saturday's lsu alabama football game, which the crimson tide won, that game has correctly predicted the presidential election in every election since 1984. an lsu win has meant the republican nominee wins the white house. he could go all the way. the squirrel, that is. the referees had to stop the game because of a squirrel that ended up in the end zone.
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>> i love the slow mo. >> it's so cute. they definitely had fun with this one. >> coming up, a police search in australia leads to one big surprise. >> we'll show you the animal that one woman was keeping hidden. >> and some scientists say virtual reality could hold the key to weight loss, how they're
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welcome back, just a look at some of the forecast as we head through tomorrow: as i mentioned, i think we're going to be just fine. the front that will eventually bring us some showers on wednesday, that will be making its way through the middle of the country. i've highlighted some of the battlegrounds right. no issues across the west coast. high pressure moving in there. you see the green there, that is the frontal boundary that will bring us some shors tomorrow say from south carolina, louisiana, and right through the ohio valley. detroit, columbus will see a few showers. nothing severe here and nothing torrential but just the one area we'll be looking at rainfall, and across the eastern seaboard from maine to florida we're looking at just fine with seasonal temperatures for this time of year. philadelphia, 67 for the high tomorrow, so very warm. it will be very comfortable for
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of showers and then to the west of that boundary, a little bit cooler but not all that much as we've been talking about. by the time the front gets to us it will drop our temperatures a couple of degrees. we've had election days with horrific weather. this will not be one of them. a chance of showers and a couple of storms from texas heading into the midwest. thanks ivan. new york city marathon celebrated its 40th anniversary over the weekend. here are the women taking their marks before getti s mary kitani from kenya won her third straight marathon. you see her approaching the finish line. she completed that marathon in 2 hours, 24 minutes and 25 seconds. 7 until 6. a man hacks amazon echo's automated voice alexa and transfers that voice to a singing fish, and it's pretty weird. take a listen.
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>> currently in cambridge it's 45 degrees with showers. >> a developer named ryan cane posted this video on facebook. amazon does offer a program that allows users to embed that voice assistant in third-party devices. >> i like that a lot. police officers find all sorts of crazy things during searches. this one here is a new one. >> officers in australia fo purse a live koala. she told them she found this baby koala near a road and was taking care of it. the 6-month-old joey was in good health but a little dehydrated. vets are taking care of him before he can be placed with a trained foster parent. a danish backpacker who was bitten by a crocodile in australia is now offering some sage advice about the dangers on facebook.
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pet or play with crocks. he was trying to take a selfie but slipped and landed on top of the crock. it bit him and let him go. he spent three days in the hospital but says he didn't need any stitches. >> i like his crocodile dundee outfit. a team of japanese scientists claims to have invented the perfect way to shed pounds, virtual reality ways that reduce appetites, make low fat foods taste delicious and trick our brains into thinking we're eating more than we are. researchers have successfully increased the size of a food portion by 50%. voting is a cherished right for all of us here in america. >> and the girl scouts are reminding people about the responsibility to vote this election day. the scouts set up a booth in
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a pledge vowing to vote. >> it's a right and responsibility of an american citizen to be a part of the election to decide who's going to lead your country. >> each girl earned a promise to vote badge after this event. >> rezoning in west pasco is underway. when decisions will be made and what parents are doing to try to presidential candidates making their final pitches to voters. both campaigning scheduling major stops in our area. the places they're focusing on
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 6, last day of campaigning. this morning we're following the jam packed final day on the campaign trail including two big stops in our area. >> and both sides now respond to the fbi's announcement on hospital's e-mails. thanks for waking up with us >> i'm deiah riley. we're going to break down records in some places and tell you which side this could actually favor. >> they say half of floridians have already voted. lets get an update on traffic and weather together. ivan cabrera is standing by. >> yes, indeed. hope everyone had a great weekend, saturday sunday looked nice with a little gusty wind yesterday. otherwise stayed dry. low 60s up to the north, mid and upper 60s elsewhere. as far as any rainfall, none in
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looking good across the eastern u.s. it's the cold front that will eventually move through. the air behind it not all that cold. we'll get back from the low 80s, which is what we'll be today. we'll drop a couple of degrees behind the front and then the showers move in on wednesday. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. good morning everybody. traffic is flowing nicely on i- 275 right through downtown tampa. this is what it looks like. if you're heading that way, no issues out there, there are no major issues on any of the major roadways. lets talk about what's happening today and the big trump rally in sarasota. sarasota police are warning drivers you might see some delays on fruitville right in front of row barts arena doors open at 8. we might see some congestion in the surrounding areas shortly. i posted this information on twitter at tampa bay traffic.


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