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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  November 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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looking good across the eastern u.s. it's the cold front that will eventually move through. the air behind it not all that cold. we'll get back from the low 80s, which is what we'll be today. we'll drop a couple of degrees behind the front and then the showers move in on wednesday. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. good morning everybody. traffic is flowing nicely on i- 275 right through downtown tampa. this is what it looks like. if you're heading that way, no issues out there, there are no major issues on any of the major roadways. lets talk about what's happening today and the big trump rally in sarasota. sarasota police are warning drivers you might see some delays on fruitville right in front of row barts arena doors open at 8. we might see some congestion in the surrounding areas shortly. i posted this information on twitter at tampa bay traffic.
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janet reno, the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general has died. she held that post from 1993 until 2001. reno faced heavy criticism during her tenure from the decision to storm the branch diviidian compound in waco texas and the decision to remove elian gonzalez from his home so he could return to cuba. reno died from complications we're also following breaking news in brandon right now. a hillsborough county deputy saved an elderly couple from a burning apartment building this morning. thankfully the couple is fine. another woman was taken to the hospital for observation. that fire broke out at the park at sienna apartments around 1:00 this morning. all 30 units were evacuated but we're hearing that some people have been allowed to return to their homes this morning. in just a couple of hours, rezoning for some west pasco
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discussion. >> the school board already has a petition with more than 3,000 signatures against changing the boundaries, and meeting a setup for this morning at river ridge high school in new richie. ashley yore is there now. this meeting could get heated when upset parents show up. >> that's right, over 100 parents have shown up for other meetings similar to this one. you know, this can be a really emotional issue for a lot of families, but the district says issue, especially at schools like this one. you're looking at mitchell high school at 118% capacity, and the district says in the opening weeks of school, both mitchell and seven springs middle are extremely overcrowded while other schools nearby are under capacity. they don't know exactly how the rezoning will break down just yet but one parent says mitchell is in his backyard and his kids would have to go to
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completely different community. >> it's kind of silly to say now we're going to send these kids across 10,000 acres worth of forest and 8 miles away. >> it's not anything to do with the school ratings. it's not about going to any of those, great schools, great teachers but i don't know anyone there. i don't have ties to that community. i don't shop over there. >> today's meeting should hash out more plans, and there could be quite a turnout for that have shown up to other meetings just like this. the district says that they hope to have the rezoning figured out by february 1st, and there will be another meeting specifically for parents to be able to speak, and that meeting is happening next week. reporting live in west pasco, i'm ashley yore abc action news. 6:03, and democracy 2016, many bay area counties setting new records for the number of registered voters who have
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highly contested election. across florida nearly half of the state's 12.9 registered voters have already voted locally. in the nine bay area counties almost 1.4 million people or 44.8% have voted already. that percentage is even higher in hillsborough county where many voters wanted to avoid possible long lines on election day. here in the bay area 39,000 more republicans than democrats have voted. that could be a good sign for donald trump as more republicans than democrats turn out on election day. donald trump is returning to our area on his final day of campaigning. he's going to be in sarasota at the fairgrounds this morning for a rally that starts at 11. he also has stopped planned for north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and michigan. trump held rallies past midnight last night. listen to what he had to say about the fbi's announcement not to file charge against hillary clinton and closing her
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e-mails in eight days. you can't do it folks. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. >> trump also called for his supporters to deliver justice at the ballot box. the fbi did collect 650,000 e- mails, but a small number of those were linked to clinton. take a look at this. did you see this dramatic scene at a trump rally in reno nevada. we're learning new details about the protestor led it happened when security rushed trump off stage. that man says the crowd mocked him after he held up his republicans against trump sign. that's when somebody yelled gun. law enforcement officials tell cnn the man did not have a gun and they haven't filed charges. hillary clinton's campaign is coming back to tampa bay, but, again, it will be the vice president joe biden rallying for her. biden and his wife jill will make a last minute stop in st.
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concert with singer song writer jimmy buffett. before that they'll be at famu in tallahassee. hillary clinton will be continuing her visit to philadelphia before moving on to north carolina and michigan. while she did not address the fbi's decision on her e-mails, her running mate tim kaine did. >> they sent so much time looking at it and reached a conclusion that wasas so unequivocal, so we're glad to get that news surprised. >> senator kaine's motorcade was hit by a car as the democratic vice presidential nominee was traveling through st. petersburg saturday. he was not injured. neither was anyone on the bus. as this video shows it was just minor damage. the national rifle association thinks gun supporters and gun control advocates should vote on separate days, so much so, check out the instagram post the nra made over the weekend. this picture shows the side of a building adding remember your
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amendment supporters november 8th. gun control activists november 9th. election day for all registered voters is tomorrow. 6:07. manatee county deputies are investigating a fatal shooting after someone showed up at a hospital with gunshot wounds. deputies showed up there as well at 4th street east in bradenton for reports of a shooting around 4:30 sunday. in the meantime someone drove the victim, moriah goode to a hospital. the 18-year-old later died. detectives say this is not random case, and they're asking you to call crime stoppers if you know anything more. >> still to come this morning on abc action news at 6, a decision that may come down today to make sure voters in philadelphia have transportation during a strike. >> plus, a mother of six charged over her homemade seafood dish. the reason authorities say selling the food could land her
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good morning, it is 6:10 a.m. we are 36 minutes away from our sunrise here, a nice early start. we'll have temperatures by lunchtime at 80 degrees and we'll hit our high today in the lower 80s. changes with a front coming in by midweek. breaking overnight a transit strike in philadelphia is ending after union workers reached a tentative deal. transit workers in the
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that had the potential to impact the election. a single mother of six is facing jail time for selling an illegal substance abuse. >> it's not drugs. it's a bowl of homemade seviche. the california woman had joined a facebook group where people share recipes. they organize pot lucks and occasionally sell food to each other. last year someone asked her for her version of the dish. it turns out that person was an undercover officer who charged that woman for not having a permit to sell food. the district attorney says selling food without a health inspection puts a person who eats it in real danger. she also says it undercuts business owners. coming up, a florida teenager accused of killing his grandmother over beer. the way his family is now coming to his defense this morning. >> plus an earthquake leaves a mess of an oklahoma town, the connection this could have to the oil industry, and it's one of thousands in an alarming
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welcome back, the mother of a jacksonville teenager charged with beating his grandmother to death over some beer is standing by her son this morning. tracy brougham's mother was the victim. her son dylan brougham got into an argument with his grandmother.
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down and punching and kicking her repeatedly. his mom has nothing but good things to say about her son. >> he's a very calm, sweet boy. but he does have some issues. and he needs help with those issues. >> other relatives disagree. dylan's paternal grandmother says he has a history of anger issues and the family has a number of issues in general. even she does want the charges against dylan reduced. detectives continue to uncover disturbing details after finding a inside a container in south carolina. they're now trying to identify a second body found on that property. the suspect todd kohlhepp returned to the crime scene over the weekend. he led deputies to grave sites with human remains. investigators identified one of the bodies as the boyfriend of the woman found. they say they're not even close to identifying the second victim. they are returning today to search that 95-acre property. a deputy shot while breaking up a fight at a
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mend. osceola county sheriff's office saying deputy john rios was trying to arrest angel manuel lopez as he was leaving the bar. lopez fired his gun hitting the deputy in the leg. he is facing eight charges in total. in chicago a man in town for a funeral was shot and killed by a police officer triggering protests. joshua beal was one of several people involved in an argument with an off-duty firefighter after cars stopped in traffic during a funeral. an off-duty police officer saw the argument, came out to help the firefighter. a police sergeant said he saw beal with a gun. the sergeant said he fired after beal refused to drop the weapon. the officer and firefighter were wounded. they have nonlife-threatening injuries. witnesses say beal did not have a gun. 5.0 magnitude earthquake shook up the town of cushing oklahoma. it did major damage to the
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storage facility n. the pipeline infrastructure appears to be undamaged. the town actually bills itself as the pipeline crossroads of the world. the quake was felt as far away as kansas city and little rock. >> i came flying up off the coach. i felt it all shaking. my aunt went and grabbed her cousin off the bunk bed and we went outside. the after shakes were just crazy because they were just like. >> oklahoma has had thousands of earthquakes in recent years with wastewater leftover from fracking. >> temperatures for us this morning, good morning hope you had a nice weekend, start off your monday with a busy week ahead with low to mid-60s, upper 60s, a little milder along the coast. still very comfortable. humidity moderate. by the afternoon i still think it's going to be a nice day with this clear air across the east. wet weather is just on our
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southeastern u.s., and then eventually some of that rain will be making it through. by the time it gets here i think things will begin to dry out. this front that will roll through our area by wednesday will bring us a slight chance of showers here and then slightly cooler and less humid air behind it. right now no big cold fronts coming through that are kind of barreled through here with frigid temperatures. not seeing that, and of course that would be unusual this early in the season. late week we'll call it cooler and the lower humidity feel very comfortable out there with nice mild temperatures. futurecast locally, high resolution model beginning to pick up. again, we'll have a lot of sunshine and then partly cloudy skies at times, and then some sunshine again. a little breezy this afternoon as well. that's the only problem out there with low to mid-80s and for most of us it's not. 83 for the high, 80 is our normal temperature. lets talk about this seven-day
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just for the tampa bay area but south florida into the panhandle we're dry, and then the front comes in on wednesday, 20% chance of showers. not expecting much but then we do dry out, a bit cooler, less humid, upper 70s for thursday and into veterans day. that will set up another nice weekend with highs in the 70s and overnight lows cooling back off. low 60s at the airport. that means 50s widespread saturday and sunday morning. a cool start and nice finish by the afternoon. and good you're looking at a gorgeous drive across the water this morning. this is what it looks like, the tampa side of the courtney campbell causeway. less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges. no crashes or breakdowns from lakeland into tampa. that drive is going to take 22 minutes from county line road into downtown tampa. we do have an ongoing project happening on the bay shore. this project is going to last for the next three months.
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expect lane closures and delays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily. this is all the way to gandy. back to you. coming up right now in 20 minutes after 6, in arizona investigators are searching for the cause of an explosion that rocked an apartment complex and left several families homeless. they believe a gas leak could be to blame. nine people were in the apartment billion building at the time. they ran out. one person had to a hospital. neighbors are trying to raise money and collect clothing for families that lost their homes. residents in dehli india are angry and frustrated after blaming holiday celebrations for this pea soupy flogs. many people believed fire works during the festival of lights left behind dangerous pollution. the u.s. embassy reported dangerous levels of air pollution in the week leading up to the festival and then
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celebrations. >> still ahead, a trump supporter said someone shot a sign in his yard. the damage he said he found, and he says this is not the first time he's been targeted. >> plus disney might be flying drones soon. the one hint we have as to what they'll use them for. >> and the steps to make sure
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donald trump for president sign. james powers was at dinner with his son saturday when the sign was damaged. the shots also damaged his siding. he believes someone must have fired at least 20 times. howard says his trump signs made him a target. >> i've never picked up somebody else's sign, hurt somebody else's sign. as an american citizen, my right to choose is my right choose. >> powers says one of his other signs was set on fire this election season. he says he has had to call police four times about attacks on his signs. tesla says it's unlikely the self-driving feature caused this fiery crash you see behind me. it killed two people thursday. a tesla spokesperson now says the auto pilot feature is limited to 5 miles over the speed limit. the limit on the indianapolis road where this crash happened
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investigators say the data log is too damaged to prove that. a driver in a stolen mercedes led police on an hour- long chase in los angeles. it ended when a trooper bunched the car from the rear and that car crashed into a barrier. the chase went down several freeways. one freeway was shut down during the investigation causing a massive traffic backup. the suspect surrendered peacefully. government aviation authorities now giving disney permission to use drones at all of its the fa gave disney a waiver that's good for four years. it allows the park to use drones anytime of day or night, but operators must be certified as remote pilots. disney has asked for permission to fly the drones for entertainment purposes, perhaps during live shows day and night. >> coming up at 6:30. we're breaking down where the states stand one day before
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have shifted. >> plus, fact checking the controversial solar amendment. we're teaming with politifact to find out what amendment 1 would really do. >> and it's going to be dry today, but i'm already tracking our next front. we'll bring us some rainfall by the middle part of the week. >> and your drive through st. pete looking great. we do have that trump rally happening this morning in sarasota. i'll tell you where you can expect delays coming up in just
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box. >> don't leave it to chance. don't leave it to others. use your voice and your vote.
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who will be our next president, and of course all eyes are mow on florida. good morning, and thank you for joining us on this monday, i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. we have team coverage of the huge political push happening here in the bay area today to sway voters. e first let's get to ivan cabrera. >> on a monday here, looks great. temperatures in the low 60s, down towards polk county as well. 63 in bartow, pinellas, airport in tampa and the upper 60s as well. we'll all get into the 80s once again. it will be low 80s and the humidity not bad at all. but we'll get it even lower by the time we get into the latter part of the week. that is a front that's going to be bringing us that or a few showers as well on wednesday. we'll talk more about that in the election day planner coming up in just a few minutes. good morning everybody. we are starting to see people tapping their brakes on 275. no crashes or breakdownings,
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nothing special or extra to slow you down there on the interstate. the slowest spot this morning seems to be i-4 from 75 to 275 already in the yellow there. and expect delays over in sarasota due to the trump rally. police are warning drivers you might want to avoid fruitville in front of robartz arena. the rally is supposed to start at 11 a.m. this morning. 6:31, in democracy 2016 for florida is on right now. latest polls show the fight for florida in a virtual tie between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> trump is making one final stop this morning, and the clinton campaign is bringing big names to the bay area. we've got team coverage this morning, rodney dunigan is standing by in st. pete where vice president joe biden is going to be later today. >> we start with james tully live at the sarasota fairgrounds. ours is a state that remains crucial to any path that trump
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>> reporter: dan, absolutely. if he were to lose florida he'd have to make up 29 votes in several states clinton hob polling ahead of him. he'll be here starting at 11 a.m. this morning. you see behind me people forming that line. they've been forming this line since 5 a.m. when we arrived. what will be trump's message in his last stop to the sunshine state. we are expecting him to continue to respond to fbi director ja to congress yesterday sticking with its july decision to not file criminal charges against clinton after the latest review of her e-mails. last night in virginia, trump said she's being protected and she's still guilty. >> i understand this is a rigged system. this is a rigged system. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it.
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>> how important is florida. consider this, if florida voters put the state in trump's come up tomorrow night the winner of the state has gone on to win nine of the last ten presidential elections. sarasota will be the first of five stops today for donald he will also be in north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and late night tonight he'll make a stop in michigan. live this morning in sarasota, james tully abc action news. thanks james. with only one day before the bi president joe biden is in our area today. >> he's part of a series of get out the votes events. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live right now. it's one last push to energize voters. >> and the vice president is pretty much trying to stir up passion across the state. he has two stops planned for the state of florida today, one early this morning in tallahassee, and then later on this evening right here in st.
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hillary clinton supporters that she understands them and she is the right person. >> these guys don't have a clue about what happens or else they either don't understand it or they don't care. they don't seem to have a clue what most people are facing. >> reporter: and vice president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden will appear this morning at a get out the vote rally later on today [ technical difficulties ] >> and we apologize for those technical difficulties. democracy 2016 continues now. we're looking at the key states that will decide the election, and while trump appears to be behind clinton 268 to 204 electoral votes polls show he can still win. take a look at this map. the states in the dark gray
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hampshire, maine, utah, nevada. states in red are leaning republican, utah, nebraska, iowa, ohio, georgia. the blue states are leaning democratic. colorado, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, and virginia. now if trump wins every battleground state he'll win the election. he can also win if he loses a key state like north carolina, but flips when democratic leaning state. if clinton wins florida, way, odds are she will win the election. you may have seen tv commercials asking you to vote yes on amendment 1. that's the controversial solar energy amendment that some critics claim is a scam by utility companies. this ad claims amendment 1 would safeguard consumer, especially senior citizens who may want to install solar panels on their roofs by offering them new protections. our partners at politifact looked at what the amendment
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found that the ad is false. amendment 1 would offer no new protections for consumers that they already don't have. a federal appeals court gave donald trump's campaign a big win over the weekend. the court ruled partisan poll watchers can head to ohio voting places tomorrow. the this follows a complaint from democrat that the trump campaign and ohio republican party attempted to prevent minority voters from voting during the election. an appeals court found no such eviden developing story in pinellas park. police investigating the murder of a man at an apartment complex. this happened off park boulevard. the suspect actually called them and admitted that he killed someone. officers say they found a man fatally shot inside an apartment unit. they say the suspect and victim are family members. that suspect now in custody. the victim's family being notified. detectives in st. pete are investigating a possible murder suicide right now.
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the bodies were found in an apartment yesterday morning. a 19-year-old returned to the apartment to find her grandmother and great grandmother dead from bullet wounds. in brandon, a mother is in the hospital right now fighting for her life after a car crash killed her entire family. the accident happened yesterday morning in brandon. tiffany young was thrown from the vehicle that she was riding in. her children's father ronaldgreen was at the wheel. he and their two children 5 and 9 all di if speed or alcohol factored into this crash. a crime alert this morning, deputies looking for the man who tried to rob two people in manatee county. that robber approached the victims late last night in a lot along 14th street west. he tried to grab a wallet and that's when a struggle broke out before the robber ran off. those victims have minor injuries. we're getting our first look this morning at the men accused of robbing internet
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during a gunfight. two men robbed the flamingo internet cafe on dun ellen road while a third man robbed the extremely internet cafe next door. an employee exchanged fire with the robber. that robber grabbed a customer from the flamingo cafe shielding himself. the suspects drove away in a blue dodge neon. call crime stoppers if you have any tips. dozens of firefighters and paramedics from across the now getting ready to compete to see who is the best at saving lives here in florida. the temperature the terrace fire department hosted an advanced life support competition. crews from 14 fire departments will be graded on how well they respond and perform under pressure. the winners receive trophies, prizes and most importantly bragging rights. a big question for the bolts tonight is will jonathan drouin take the ice against the panthers. he did practice before the
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first time since taking a big hit. the team did make a roster move, they recalled cory conacher from syracuse. tampa is hosting the 2017 college football national championship game. this morning there is a shakeup at the top of the polls. in the ap texas a&m drops out of the top 5 tolling their loss on -- following their loss on saturday. alabama remains at number 1 followed by michigan, clemson, washington and louisville. florida state moves up to 20th while florida drops to 22nd after the gators lost to arkansas. there is a slightly different top 5 in the a.m.way coaches poll. clemson and michigan swapped places at numbers 2 and 3. usf finds itself just out of the
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have not been able to show you this in quite some time. some light out during our 6 a.m. show. looks fantastic out there, high clouds rolling through. by later this afternoon we'll have a few cumulus clouds rolling in from the east. it's going to be dry, a nice day today. 60s to 70s, eventually about 80 degrees for your lunch. take it outside. a mild finish with temps in the lower 80s. we do have that front coming in though. by wednesday the forecast and then we'll talk about what happens behind the front for the rest of the week in just a few minutes. >> still ahead this morning, a virtual reality diet, the research say this new technology actually could help you eat less and lose weight. >> plus election day poop bags, the strange way a pet spa is getting involved in this
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17 minutes right now until 7. we start off your morning sprint. we're breaking down the final day of campaigning before the election. the latest polls show a virtual tie in the battle for florida. donald trump is heading to the sarasota fairgrounds this morning at 11 for one last pitch to voters. he's expected to continue to respond to fbi director james
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closing her case. john told crowds yesterday she's being protected by a rigged system. vice president joe biden is in florida hoping to provide one last push for hillary clinton ahead of tuesday's election. it's all part of a series of get out the vote events. biden and his wife jill biden will appear at two events, a rally in tallahassee and a concert in st. petersburg featuring jimmy buffett. early voting ended ye bay area counties are reporting record voting numbers, 44.8% of registered voters in nine bay area counties have voted. breaking news right now this early morning. it looks like a strike that's lasted several days in philadelphia won't impact election day. the transportation authority just reached a new deal with the workers union to end that strike. transit should be back up and
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funeral arrangements for former attorney general janet reno. we found out this morning she died early today from complications of parkinsons disease. reno a florida native and state attorney in miami was the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general. she held that post from 93 to 2001. reno faced heavy criticism during her tenure from the decision to storm the branch kividian compound in waco texas to her decision to send armed agen could return to cuba with his father. janet reno was 78 years old. overnight a hillsborough county braved smoky conditions to get an elderly couple outside of a burning apartment building. a deputy got them out. the fire broke out around 1:00 this morning at the park at sienna apartments in brandon. right now crews are inspecting 15 units to determine if they're safe for people to
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county. it could affect where thousands of kids go to school. a meeting is set for this morning at river ridge high school in new port richey. the drift says overcrowding is a big problem. more than 3,000 have signed a petition against the plan. there could be quite a turnout for this morning's meeting at 8:00. the man accused of running his yacht aground off palm beach and leaving it there is due in court. thomas baker september. authorities charged him with boating under the influence. a team of japanese scientists say they've come up but in thest way to lose weight. they use virtual reality headsets to trick your brain into eating less and make low fat foods taste delicious. they say it all comes down to portion control. a participant was given a cookie and shown a larger cookie on his diet goggles giving him the illusion of
6:47 am
food a person eats by 10%. police officers find all sorts of crazy things during searches. but this is a new one. >> one woman in australia carrying a baby koala in her purse. she told them she found the koala near a road and was taking care of it. he was in good health but a little dehydrated. the vets are taking care of him before he can be placed with a trained foster parent. voting >> girl scouts are reminding people about their responsibility to vote this election day. this weekend the scouts set up a booth in louisville kentucky and urged others to do their civic duty tomorrow. the girls asked people to sign a pledge promising to vote. >> a right and responsibility for american citizens to be a part of the election to decide who's going to lead your country. >> each girl got a promise to
6:48 am
amazon echo owes automated voice alexa to come from a singing fish. it's a little weird. listen to this. >> alexa, what's the weather. >> currently in cambridge it's 45 degrees with showers. >> i like how it responds to its name. alexa, and it turns and looks at you. roads. if you're driving across the sunshine skyway a little windy up there, frp is reporting a high wind advisory. use caution, both hands on the wheel. not slowing things down at all. 9 minutes from toll booth to toll booth. your drive across the howard franklin looking great. 8 minutes to get across there. we're checking your drive on the veterans expressway. we're starting to slow down a little bit.
6:49 am
let's check in with action air 1. captain al, good morning. >> hey, good morning janelle. good morning sun city center. we are down or out your way right now looking at a little accident southbound u.s. 301 right at 674 at sun city center boulevard. you can see it off to the side. fhp just arrived. they're going to write the ticket. you can see not blocking any lanes on the right-hand side. that's northbound that will get towards bloomingdale or the brandon area. otherwise no delays. we have lights early this morning, if you're traveling eastbound perhaps heading from pinellas over to hillsborough just keep them high and the sun will be with you as it hasn't been in the last few months with this earlier sunrise now. 67 in tampa, upper 60s generally across pinellas.
6:50 am
county. a and then our front comes in on wednesday. there's a lot of rain associated with it, a disturbance kind of riding along ahead of it here. i don't think we're going to have much in the way of rainfall. still a little iffy on the mode else. back behind it we turn a bit cooler and then we'll get into low humidity as well. there comes a front in much better shape as far as humidity. we'll take it down a little more so with temperatures a few degrees cooler. today we'll be this the low 80s. watching futurecast locally here, and as you can see some clouds or showers reserved for 95 exclusively there, so i think we're going to be dry. 83 for today, in fact, we'll be dry heading into tomorrow as well with plenty of sunshine as janelle mentioned the wind is gusty.
6:51 am
today. tuesday for election day, dry here with a 20% rain chance as that front comes in wednesday. so your planner for tomorrow, it's going to be a little cool if you're going to be heading out in the morning or milder by 4:00. a dry day from 7 to 7 tomorrow on election day. it's been a weird you thought it couldn't get more bizarre this is happening in the minneapolis area. a dog spa there is selling election-themed poop bags. >> as you can imagine it's getting a lot of attention. what's being called a smear campaign. >> i think a lot of our customers love it. it's a very light hearted look at the election. people alms pick up the boxes, they laugh. sometimes they buy it.
6:52 am
it a's fun election joke. >> donald trump's is called the repoop-lican bag and hillary clinton's is called the democrap's bag. >> it might be interesting, post election to see which one didn't sell. we'll be right back. >> in this morning's gma first look, the husband of missing california husband of two is speaking out time. >> he was definitely taken against her will. >> the 34-year-old described by her family as a super mom has been missing for five days seemingly vanishing without a trace wednesday afternoon while out for a jog. alarms initially going off for family members after she failed to pick up her two young kids from child care later this afternoon. >> there's no way that ever happened. she would lose her phone. she could drop her phone but she would never in a million
6:53 am
have. >> search teams scouring the surrounding area for clues trying to piece together what happened to this beloved mother, and we'll have more on thisis unfolding mystery at 7
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good morning, here we are with temperatures in the low 80s by this afternoon.
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a nice day today, and dry weather continues into tomorrow. you might be feeling little more rested after setting your clock back an hour this weekend, but the switch can still be bad for you. the change can throw off your body's internal clock. >> there's nothing bad about an extra hour of sleep. if that leads to disrupted sleep this means significant stress on the body. what happens in those eight hours at night affects every system we have. eight hours a night? >> i was >> not any of us. >> the four or five hours we get. >> listen to this now. >> there's a little squirrel friend running around in the end zone. the officials stopped play because of it. >> that's right. see this on baseball fields a lot. here it is on a football field. a squirrel halted play during the third quarter of the colts/packers game on sunday. >> the announcers played the
6:57 am
the squirrel's form. good morning america is up
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good morni good morning, america. race to the finish. hillary clinton and donald trump. making their final push for president on this final day before a historic vote. trump stunning about face. clearing the cloud of suspicion over those new clinton e-mails. >> she's being protected by a rigged system. you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in eight day. our new poll shows a close race. a midnight rally. clinton calls on serious star power. >> everything you care about. everything i care about and i've worked for is at stake.


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