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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  November 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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what regretting--dreading. what you need to bring with you to the polling spots. early voting numbers have been huge. the same expected today. what voters can look forward to later today. and the midnight votes in a few small towns that show just how close this race really is. i'm dan schafer. thanks for waking up on election day tuesday. >> i want to get right to your forecast. here's ivan with his i voted what can we expect i have van. >> looking pretty good. a lot of sunshine out there and temperatures this morning in the 50s and low 60s by the afternoon then get back into the lower 80s. so there it is your election day forecast. 80 by noon, 82 your high temperature and we'll have the sunset coming up at 5:41. perhaps you'll see me when i do my next forecast in a few minutes. here's janelle. >> good morning everybody.
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sunshine skyway. construction took one lane away in each direction. looks like that has cleared up so no delays on the sunshine skyway and i-275 looking great as well. up to speed in both directions. it is election day so expect extra traffic around polling places and follow me on twitter at tampa bay traffic. i'll be posting traffic delays and accidents all morning long. dan? >> thanks janelle. election day is officially here. voters are expected to turn in droves today the numbers have been huge with half of all registered voters in the state voting early. >> abc action news is live this morning at st. john catholic church and that location is typically one of the busiest polling sites on election day. are you expecting that to continue today? >> well dea today is expected to be no different when the church opens here at 7:00 a.m. when the polls open expecting a long line of folks to go in and
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number of early voters between mail in ballots and early voting 170,000 people aright here in polk county have already voted. this is something we've seen across the state of florida. the early voting numbers have been huge. florida's preelection turn out hit a record 6.4 million on monday more than any other state. the numbers have been pretty split among party lines and playing a major factor in deciding the next president. they began voting in election more than a month ago when the first wave of ballots went out in the mail and there are a few things when you need to keep in mind before you go out to the polls this morning. make sure you know your rights. the polls are open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. anyone who is still in line at 7:00 p.m. is still allowed to vote. when you go to the polling location you may be asked to provide a picture id. if you don't have a picture id you are still allowed to vote. simply ask for a provisional
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listed on our website abc action make sure you have all of that information before you head out to the polls this morning. reporting live in lakeland, rodney abc action news. >> the justice department will be monitoring the polls today in hillsborough county. two problems civil rights and voter intimidation sending 500 staffers to 28 states fewer workers than 2012 because of a supreme court decision striking down part of the voting rights act. >> one of the controversial issues is amendment one but proponents lost a crucial supporter the state's firefighters' union. they with drew their endorsement and demanded the political committee pull ads featuring firefighters. those ads urged voters to support amendment one and i am apply it could be a fire hazard. >> there was a back room deal with the association of
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when it became public and one of the firefighters did a television commercial, hundreds if not thousands of firefighters contacted the association voicing their concerns. >> critics say amendment one is a power grab by utilities that want to control the solar market. they will protect non solar customers from price increases if demand for electricity decreases. asked to vote on issues that may the questions seem to be written in a language only a lawyer could love. if tampa voters are being asked if the tampa city council should be able to order internal audits. it's a political battle between the mayor's office and city council. council members want the power to perform more audits to see if they are being ripped off. voters are being asked whether to create a county redistricting board to make
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everyone equally. the keyword here is advisory. the county commission would still have the final say. the tight senate race between marco rubio and democrat patrick murphy could decide which party controls the senate. here's what rubio had to say regarding concerns about voter fraud. >> i was one of the people who said we shouldn't be calling the election rigged. if there is evidence of people miss behaving on the polls that should be addressed on a case indications of wide spread efforts to disrupt the election at the precinct level. >> rubio leads murphy by seven points. however murphy says he's not worried. high turn out among hispanic voters favors him. >> election day is basically going to be icing on the cake as far as hispanic voters are concerned and we are seeing them breaking really democratic and no surprise after what donald trump said about mexicans and marco rubio
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>> the kulemin at the tail end of an ugly race. being an absentee sentor and rubio accused murphy of inflating his resume. vote on the man or woman you want to represent you in the house of representatives. >> eight different in the bay area. district 16 parts of hillsborough county, south of the river, manatee county and sarasota county. jan snyder is vern buchanan who is seeking 6th term in congress. >> northeast polk and southern lake counties jim is seeking his third term in congress. a political new comer who specializes in turning around under performing businesses. district 11 includes dave
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daniel webster. richard newent decided not to seek this year. april free man is facing four term incustom want thomas rooney. and district 12 pasco and northern pinellas counties robert tager is facing off against gus. this is tager's first bid for a public office. he was defender. as tradition would have it a handful of voters in a few small towns in new hampshire have already cast their ballots today and shows how close this election could be. polls in dixville harts location and mills field just after midnight and closed after everyone voted taking a narrow victory over donald trump in dixville but he was the overwhelming favorite in mills
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trump has an early lead in the election by a 32-25 count over clinton so far in new hampshire. >> huge crowds expected today at the rochester, new york cemetery where susan b anthony is buried. her grave is already decorated with i voted stickers a shrine to women's rights as voters go to the polls for the first women president. she never got a chance to vote. she died 14 were officially given that right. charged in a frightening plot. danny del gatt o posted nude photos of his ex-girlfriend on craig's list along with an ad advertising her for sex. he also shared the home address and phone number. she called 911 when strange men started showing up. he hired a plane to fly a banner of the ohio state,
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that banner read need kidney complete with his phone number at the end. he's already gotten three phone calls so far. coming up on 5:09. good morning on this election day tuesday. we are looking at out there right now cool temperatures needing a jacket if you are stepping out early. upper 50s to low 60s. milder along the coast of st. pete at 69. we'll all get back into the low 80s between 1 and 4: 00 and by 7, mid tracking a front. this boundary is going to be making a move on us tomorrow. talk about rain chances going up and temperatures going the other direction when i see you in a few minutes. >> thanks ivan. we all know the next president will be either hilary clinton or donald trump. >> bullet that is not necessarily true. next the one state and the weird math that could keep either candidate from winning out right. >> and also a trip to the polls could be good for your wallet.
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election day freebies and how
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13 minutes after 5 right now. a new york woman with schizophrenia is facing charges this morning in a brutal subway murder. she pushed another woman onto the tracks in times square as a train was approaching. the victim died at the scene. the woman expected of pushing her does have schizophrenia. authorities don't believe the two women knew each other.
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like either presidential candidate there is a slim chance that neither hilary clinton nor donald trump will win the white house because of the state of utah. evan mcmullen a mormon is running independent but leans republican and gives him a 9% chance of winning utah. if mcmullen wins utah's electoral votes it could prevent them from getting the 270 votes they need to win the white house. that would send the election to the congress. last time that happened was in 1877. >> on this election day you can get plenty of free stuff. macy's offering 20% online orders today $50 or more and use the coupon code vote. marco's pizza is giving away free vouchers at polling locations and more election day freebies ahead on our website.
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>> i get my sticker and i get free stuff. janelle and i have it planned out. krispy kreme, an uber ride to a gym with a discount and throughout the day today everything is going to be fine. upper 50s to low 60s stepping out going to be cool. no issues as far as rainfall that bothers us on election day weather wise. area of high pressure still with us and will continue to be the case through tonight and into tomorrow. we'll find this boundary here this front continuing to push to the east. this area of disturbed weather will fizzle out. once the front rolls through as it does so it will provide a 20% chance of showers but that would be it. mostly dry and clear out and we'll have cooler temperatures not dramatically so but cooler than we have been and lower humidity. the combination is going to make you feel great through the end of the week.
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cloudiest day through the week here. northeast wind patches of clouds mostly sunny to partly cloudy times. 82 our high temperature yesterday and just a couple of degrees above average. humidity not terrible, very comfortable and we'll get even dryer at the end of the week. that's our rain chance with the front on wednesday and the upper 70s, veterans day coming up on friday nice day with plenty of sun. notice the night at the airport 60 which means plenty of 50s across the bay area this weekend. cool mornings, mild afternoons, fantastic for biking or anything you are doing out doors get out this weekend. it is gorgeous stuff here. 70s continue into early next week. good morning everybody. take a look at this the crash on the howard franklin heading southbound over into st. pete and looks like we have most of
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looks like we have one lane getting by here. kind of hard to see shaky and dark here a lot of emergency vehicles on the scene not sure how many cars are involved. looks like we have one southbound lane getting by on the howard franklin. just a little bit of a slow down just before you get to the crash right around the hump but up until then 74 miles per hour heading towards st. pete. the other two bridges looking great as well. not sure if it's worth taking a detour yet but i closer to the grandee bridge it could start to back up there on the howard franklin. 9 mines across the courtney, 8 across the howard and 6 across the bridge. >> thank you. taking action for you, if you don't have a ride to the polls catch a free ride with hart, the pinellas sun coast transit authority also offering free rides and pasco county public
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all you need is a valid voter registration card. for more information visit our website. now to something else on your ballots today. >> state supreme court and judges the question a simple yes or no. yes if you want to keep the judge, no if you don't. according to members of the florida bar association you should keep them. members voted in favor of retaining all three state supreme court justices and 28 appellate court justices on the ballot. squirrel the rodent that attacked people at the senior center is back but this time staff was ready for it. and a student robbed at gunpoint and police know more than they are telling us about this case. but first what you read on social media today despite what some posts say you cannot vote via text. we have the details in today's
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cannot vote by text. >> fake ads encourage hilary clinton supporters to text in votes to save time. there are several versions of the ads targeting minorities but you cannot vote by text. >> but you can take a ballot selfie in a fair number of states. >> if your state is in purple put that camera down. no selfies are allowed in the voting booth. >> but you can get a 45% discount from lyft on your ride to the >> uber is offering $20 off if they use the code vote today. >> white castle will give you a free gallon of iced tea with 30 sliders. use the code u.s.a. >> a lot of incentives to vote.
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an update now on a squirrel attack in deltona. another woman at a senior center calling 911 for help after another angry squirrel attacks again. a woman bitten and injured her wrist in a fall during the attack. the staff member shot the squirrel with the bb gun this time. signs warning residents about the squirrel. three people were hurt in the first angry squirrel incident. >> what's the deal with the squirrels there? you know? >> i don't know.
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bb gun works too. investigating an armed robbery in florida. >> what they won't say was stolen from the student but they say the crime was not random. the robbery apparently happened on the university's campus in pensacola. two students were sitting outside of their dorm when someone approached them and demanded a backpack. >> someone comes up to the passenger door opens the door reaches in and says give me >> there was a struggle, the victims told police the person then pulled a gun on them. police believe this was a targeted robbery. they know what was inside the backpack that was stolen but at this point they are not sharing that information. 5:24 right now. we are expecting to learn more information about what oklahoma regulators plan on doing after sunday night's 5.0 magnitude earthquake. >> it's the first of many since
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reducing volume in others. more than 700 square miles are included in the new area. specific details won't be released until later today. oklahoma has had thousands of earthquakes all traced to the under ground injection of waste water left over from oil and gas production. deputies want to talk to the person caught on camera stealing political signs but wait until you see the get away vehicle. and the local race where the incustom -incumbent was the under dog. a dirty trick was the winner in
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now at 5:30 election day and we have the candidates final words to voters. >> goes florida. coming up the reason this county is the best predicter of how this state will vote. good morning and thank you for starting this election day tuesday with us. i'm deah reilly. >> i'm dan schafer. and we get you ready with the forecast with i have jan. >> cooler in the 60s this morning by 7:00 at 62.
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morning so by 7:00 a.m. sunrise by the way just before that. 6:47 at 65 and then we jump to 80. plenty of sunshine a few clouds rolling through the afternoon but dry throughout the entire day and by 7:00 temperatures in the middle 70s. we do have a front coming in tomorrow and our next shot of showers talk more about that and what happens behind it with cooler and dryer air moving in in just a few minutes. >> good morning everybody. if you are heading over to st. pete want to avoid the howard franklin. a serious crash blocking all but one lane to get by this crash. again this happened about 30 minutes ago so still pretty new crash. no word on how long those lanes are going to be blocked. and we are starting to see some delays. again this is heading southbound on the howard franklin. you can see the back up starts right up when you get to this crash. you might want to consider take one of the other bridges


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