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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  November 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> it has been a long and tumultuous road to victory, but donald trump pulled off a major upset overnight. >> now, the president-elect is promising to change america, and what hillary clinton said to him. good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm dia riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. here is a breakdown this morning from the associated press. there are sill some votes left to count, but mr. trump has already hit that 270 electoral vote mark oval office. a few of the gray states you see there, minnesota and michigan, specifically, have already declared red by other media outlets. >> president-elect trump addressed the nation just before 3:00 this morning after sweeping most of the country's battleground states. he acknowledged the deep divide in our country. hear what he had to say about that coming up in just a moment. first, let's get an update on your forecast.
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forecast. no surprise here, right, in the weather department. we've been tracking this for quite a while. there it is. some light rain. beginning to see sprinkles. i don't think it'll be a big deal as far as the rain fall. what will be, will be the cloud cover. it will be a lot of it. so that will keep our temperatures back in the upper 70s and that blanket of clouds not allowed for temperatures to be as cool as we were this time yesterday. low to mid 60s. we'll climb up into the upper 70s. this is a brief interruption in our nice weather of late chl sunshine heading into tomorrow. we'll detail that, the cooler temperatures, the lower humidity heading into next weekend in just a few minutes. good morning, everybody. i know it was a late night for a lot of you. the roadways looking great. here is a live look, i-275 over in pinellas county right around 22nd avenue north. up to speed here. also had some construction overnight on the sunshine skyway. all of that is in the clearing stages. and your drive on i-4 looking
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if you're heading across the water this morning, less than ten minutes on all three bridges. nine minutes across the court knee campbell. six across the howard franklin. eight minutes to cross the gandy. back to you. two minutes after 5:00. now, back to te mock si 2016. breaking overnight if you are just waking up with us. donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. the billionaire businessman won in a stunning historic victory, upsetting former secretary of state hiar early this morning, giving mr. trump an opportunity to address the nation as president-elect. with more on his speech, let's go live to abc action news anchor james. james. >> dan, good morning. donald trump sounding very gracious telling his supporters that the new york city victory party that he had received a call from hillary clinton conceding the election, congratulating us as he pointed towards his crowd of supporters.
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country after what was a divisive campaign. he pledged to every citizen that he will be president for all americans, calling his campaign a movement comprised of americans from all different backgrounds who want the government to serve the people, and then trump concluded, serve the people, it will. >> it's been what they call a historic event, but to be really historic, we have to do a great job. >> while the campaign is over, ou really just beginning. >> that work that trump says is about to begin. now, he has laid out what he calls his contract to the american voter, his plan for his first 100 days in office. now, that plan includes some of the things he brings up in there, details on repealing obamacare, imposing term limits on members of congress, renegotiating trade deals, and ending illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border.
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james tully, abc action news. >> while supporters of donald trump are celebrating this morning, those backing hillary clinton are shocked. >> she has yet to address the loss. we're expecting to hear that later today chl abc action news reporter rodney is live at clinton's headquarters. many supporters are simply stunned this morning by the loss. >> you are right about that. many supporters felt that hillary clinton would be waking up this morning making history. instead, they are trying to figure out exactly how she lost this race. now, as yet to address her supporters. we are expecting that to come at some point today. as you can see at headquarters here, efshg is locked up this morning, pretty quiet. folks here definitely disappointed. also, a video from last night in new york. her supporters there sent home early this morning. early in the evening, though, the mood was more of a celebration. but in the wee hours of the morning, it became apparent that clinton would not be making that victory speech they had all anticipated. donald trump stating that
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but at this point, again, she has not announced when she wub making that concession speech. supporters urging her to wait until all votes have been counted. clinton's last public statement was a tweet sent out late last night which read in part, "this team has so much to be proud of. whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything." now, there is strong reaction this morning from clinton supporters right here in the tampa area, many of them now have concerns about what donald trump will do in his presidency of the story this morning at 5:30. for now, reporting live, rodney dunnigan, abc action news. we want to take a look now at how key swing states helped trump win this election. >> abc action news anchor lindsey joins us now live in studio with that. >> i know a lot of people stayed up late to see how florida was going to respond to this election. we knew florida read fairly early. after that, north carolina. you may recall there a handful of precincts extended voting
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glitch early tuesday, but those votes are considered to have benefitted hillary clinton. up to new hampshire right now where it is still too close to call, and, now, favors trump. that has actually changed in just the last half hour. the difference of votes there now about 3 # 0. swing state of nevada did go to hillary clinton, but the rest of the crucial swing states went red, including pennsylvania, with its 20 electoral votes. 70,000 votes separate trump and hilary there. wisconsin is wasus with its ten electoral votes. again, we expect the final numbers from these other states, alaska, arizona, michigan, and minnesota, as well as new hampshire to come in. some other media outlets, as dan mentioned, already called those states, most of them for trump, but we are relying on the associated press here at abc action news. so as soon as those numbers come in, we'll, of course, let you know. frms coming up in a few minutes, we are going to run down how the balance of power is now shaking things up in both the house and the senate and what that means
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shakeups all around overnight. back to you. >> thanks, lindsey. in the florida senate reyes incumbent republican marco rubio easily defeated patrick murphy by more than 7%. rubio only chose to run for reelection after he was defeated by donald trump in the presidential primary back in march. michelle with our west palm beach station with at rubio's headquarters where he told the crowd his focus now is to heal america's divide. >> senator marco rubi o eager to re being reelected to the u.s. senate. his main message during his victory speech here at the hilton hotel is that there is still a lot of work to be done. he says he wants to set an example in washington dc to show people that no matter if they disagree and are a part of different parties, that they can still get along and get work done. >> despite all of our challenges, there is no country, and there is no people on this
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in the 21st century. america is going to be okay. we will turn this country around. i have faith. i know god is not done with america yet. >> now, again, he is excited to be back in the u.s. senate. many of his supporters tonight telling me that they are relieved and happy that one of the last real republicans won his race. in miami, michelle, wptv, news channel 5. >> rubio senate victory helping republicans keep control of 54 seats in the senate. they lost one seat last night in illinois, but they held onto highly-contested seats in missouri, indiana, pennsylvania, north carolina, and even democrat-friendly wisconsin. two races are still to be decided. so right now, move this over to 51. they now controlled at least 51 seats, but they may pick up two more. less than 200 votes separate candidates in a senate reyes in new hampshire, and a republican is also favored to win a runoff
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democrat charlie defeated republican david jolly in a race for u.s. house district 13. it was a closely-watched congressional battle. jolly conceded defeat to former governor. he did say the redrawn district lines, which made the district much more democratic, are a major factor. jolly butted heads with fellow republicans in congress and didn't support donald trump for president. >> for more information on all of the races and all of the election results, just check out our web site. go to >> out what we can expect today. >> we are looking good with temps in the upper 70s. by later this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies. a couple of showers as a result of that front that's going to be moving through. cold air behind it not all that cold. we'll get back to average this teem of year. that'll set us up for a great end of the week and into the weekend. more on that in just a few minutes. 5:09. also coming up, an attack close to two polling places turning deadly in california. how the violence impacted
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going red in the presidential race. we'll show you how long it's been since a republican has won pinellas county after the break. right now, a look at some of the other races here in nancy alvarez fla. florida's ninth congressional district which includes the eastern half of polk county. easily defeated republican wayne. and florida's 11 congressional district, which include citrus, hernando, and sumter counties, republican democrat jay. florida's 12th congressional district, the northern part of pinellas county and sliver of hillsborough, republican easily te feeted democrat.
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14 minutes after 5:00 right now. the results of the presidential race here in florida signals a shift in the political tide in pinellas county. >> it's known as the anchor of the i-4 corridor vot county. president-elect trump topped hillary clinton with just under two percentage points and more than 5,000 votes. >> it's huge. pinellas county, in my opinion, is the no. 1 swing county and the no. 1 swing state in the country. we carried pinellas for donald trump. that's the second time since 1988 that a republican candidate for president carried pinellas county. >> hispanic voters shattered turnout records during early
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of 2012. that's important because hispanics are typically the least likely to do early voting. according to the university of florida, around 560,000 hispanics voted as of saturday. expearts say that's a 100% increase over 2012, and a fourth of those who voted are first-time voters. another curve ball in the data could be the cuban vote, which typically leans republican. in other news this morning, a gunman is dead in california after a rifle attack in a los angeles suburb. killed and two women were critically hurt not far from two polling places that were closed because of the shooting. now, we 're told the violence was not election related. the two polling sites were shut down over several hours yesterday while officers surrounded a home where that gunman's body was later found. one -- excuse me. authorities called to the scene got into a gun battle, and police say it's unclear whether they fatally wounded the gunman
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in kentucky, a woman found a stranger dead inside her van. the woman and her family were leaving the house yesterday to go vote when they made that grisly discovery. she was supposed to use that van to drive others to the polls, as well. police are still investigating trying to find out who the man was and also how he got into her van. frpgs this morning, overlan doe's lgbt community is relieved about the city's plan to purchase the pulse nightclub. that will be turned into a news the mayor's decision to buy the nightclub for more than $2 million brought a sense of relief to his organization. fear the possibility it would be bought by someone who did not understand its significance to the city. the city council will vote next week on the purchase. if approved, it will be finalized by the end of the year. good morning from the weather center. mostly cloudy for today on some light showers in the forecast. already seeing that band well to our north and west.
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with throughout the day today. it's a front that we've been tracking throughout the eastern u.s. it'll move through mostly quiet here then you see the clearing line nicely. already by overnight tonight into tomorrow, we'll begin to see that dry air filtering in. that will set us up for a dpraet-looking thursday, friday, and thereafter here. so just one day of interruption as far as our nice weather, and there come a few light showers. again, this will not be heavy rain event that'll l it will be a mostly cloudy day. there are temperatures right anywhere from low to mid 60s. more uniform temps courtesy of the cloud cover there as the front approaches. our highs this afternoon with the cloud cover and the light showers will keep it in the mid and upper 70s, generally north and west. light showers will commence first. we'll have more cloud cover initially further south than east. a little more sunshine there early, and a lot of temperatures to get back in lower 80s.
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clearing us out by thursday. temps right there at 80 degrees. we'll keep it in the upper 70s for veterans day. the weekend looks great right now. a lot of sunshine with highs near 80 and overnight lows in the 50s and 60s. >> good morning, everybody. if you are driving from pasco down through hillsborough county, you are looking at a smooth ride on i-75 and i-275. buckle up. we are going to take a virtual drive along 275 from the apex. that's the intersection with i-75. a quick pit stop here right at mlk. traffi breakdowns along the interstate. you're looking great right here in the junction. again, all in the green. that drive is only going to take you 13 minutes. and your drive on the veterans expressway heading south, of course, as most of you will be doing in the next hour or so. 18 minutes from 54 down to 275. 5:18. #k078ing #u7, florida voters overwhelmingly say yes to an
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in our state. first, this morning, conjoined twins had the whole country praying for them when they underwent a rare surgery to separate them. this morning, we've got a major update on how they're doing living separately for the first time since they were born. first, a warning as the holidays approach in this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, equality for online shopping. >> overall holiday shopping this year is expected to hit $1 trillion. for the first time, consumers are expected to spend as much online as they do at stores. >> analysts call this year will be the largest online shopping day of all time. >> but a warning as the holidays approach, remember, buyer beware. hundreds of fake retail apps have already been discovered in the i tunes app store. >> they pretended to be everything from the dollar store to nordstrom. it remains vigilant about rooting out these fakers. nintendo will be turning back the clock this friday.
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including donkey kong. >> also revooefing its famous power line through the weekend to help players with any gaming tips they might need. >> if only they brought back
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welcome back. 5:23. a health scare in canada. an employee at a government-run
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it happened monday at the noshl scepter for foreign animal disease. we are told that employee was working with pigs that had been infected with the disease for research. the employee was wearing a protective suit like you see here, but apparently, there was a slit in a seam that was discovered during the decontamination process, meaning that person may have been exposed to ebola. an employee has begun 21 days now of self-isolation and will be monitored by doctors. 5:24. right now, we've got some dpraet news this more thanking #1e7 rated during the 27-hour surgery last month in new york. the lead neurosurgeon tells cnn potato the boys are progressing right on target if not ahead of schedule. that surgery captivated millions of people around the world. the procedure is so rare, it's om been done 59 times since 1952. both boys had their breathing tubes removed since the operation. one twin did suffer partial paralysis, but he's since regained full mobility. the other suffered seizures
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with medication. doctors say the boys are doing well, so well they hope to send them off to rehab soon. 5:25. coming up, donald trump defieg the odds this morning, te feeting hillary clinton to become the 45th president of the united states. how supporters are reacting to the victory. but first after long, tumultuous campaign, tensions boiled over on election day. we'll tell you how disputes broke out in several polling locations in florida.
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. i've just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us, it's about us, on our victory. political stunner this morning. donald trump is elected the 45th president of the united states. >> it was a long, historic campaign, but mr. trump officially takes the win, clenching the presidency. good morning. thanks for ginning us on this wednesday. i'm dan shaffer. >> good morning. i'm dia riley. president-elect trump addressed the nation just before 3:00 this more thanking asking the country to come together to bind the wounds of division. we're also haerg from both trump supporters and clinton supporters. we'll have their reaction in
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first, let's get a check on your forecast. >> a lot of clouds over us today. a couple showers beginning to move in across the nature coast. this is a front. we'll continue to move off to the south and east. just light showers today. not a huge deal. but compared to where we've been, it is going to be quite a different day today. temps in the mid and upper 60s right now. we'll manage upper 70s by later on in the day, then we'll talk about what happens behind the front into the weekend when i see in just a few minutes. we have a crash reported on i-4 eastbound just east of i-75. we are taking a look at it on our maps here. i'm not seeing any delays. fhp just responding to this crash right now. we have some cameras in the area, but we're not really getting a good picture of it so i don't think you're going to have any trouble heading out of tampa on i-4 this morning. here is a live look at i-75 right at state road 60 in the prando -- brandon area. up to speed in both directions here. we are still in the dpreen this


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