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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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first, let's get a check on your forecast. >> a lot of clouds over us today. a couple showers beginning to move in across the nature coast. this is a front. we'll continue to move off to the south and east. just light showers today. not a huge deal. but compared to where we've been, it is going to be quite a different day today. temps in the mid and upper 60s right now. we'll manage upper 70s by later on in the day, then we'll talk about what happens behind the front into the weekend when i see in just a few minutes. we have a crash reported on i-4 eastbound just east of i-75. we are taking a look at it on our maps here. i'm not seeing any delays. fhp just responding to this crash right now. we have some cameras in the area, but we're not really getting a good picture of it so i don't think you're going to have any trouble heading out of tampa on i-4 this morning. here is a live look at i-75 right at state road 60 in the prando -- brandon area. up to speed in both directions here. we are still in the dpreen this
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tampa. i-75 heading southbound from the apex to i-4. 275 over in pinellas county. 67 the average speed there. back to you guys. >> thanks. if you are just waking up with us, donald trump is making history after being elected the 45th president of the united states. >> the billionaire businessman won in a stunning upset over former secretary of state hillary clinton. we now look forward to what a trump presidency could bring our nation. >> we have team coverage this morning. first, we want to go to abc action news anchor james tully. he's live in tampa. james. >> dia, we take a bit more for you to tell as we stand in front of this giant trump/pence flag right along i-75 here in tampa. now, we talk about our president-elect and how he addressed the nation around 3 a.m. this morning emphasizing his plans to unite this country, being a president for all americans, and then stating that now that his campaign is over, his work is just beginning. no question, one of trump's biggest decisions will be
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court. late last month, trump did release a list comprised of 21 conservative judges, including justice of the supreme court of florida, charles canady. trump supporters and campaign volunteers emotional last night, telling us they trust him to fulfill his promises. >> well, the first thing i want him to do is keep his promise, you know. i want the economy to get bet every. that's the reason why i voted for him. >> i mean, i'm 56 years old. i wanted something like this, you know, before i died, and, now, actually really cares about us, that's going to take care of us finally. >> trump has laud out a plan for his first 100 days in office. that plan includes repealing obamacare and ending illegal immigration by building a border on our southern -- building a wall, rather, on our southern border. live this morning in tampa, james tully, abc action news. many thought hillary clinton would be making history this
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female president. >> her campaign is trying to figure out how she lost this race. abc action news reporter rodney is live at headquarters. it's all quiet there this morning. >> there's certainly no activity here this morning. the only thing we noticed, just this sign right out front thanking volunteers for all of their support and telling them about a small party this thursday night. this is certainly not the way hillary clinton supporters thought this would all play out this morning and why her supporters are shocked and stunned. the supporters of donald trump, who are definitely celebrating this morning. those backing hillary clinton, they are shocked this morning. clinton still has not addressed supporters. we are expecting that to come at some point today. supporters urging her, however, the wait until all those votes have been counted, also saying regardless of this outcome, the country needs to be unified. >> if it goes the other way, we all have to come together as more thanes because at the end of the day, we are not democrats, we are not
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independents, we are americans, and we have to put our country first. >> and take a look at this. clinton's last public statement was a tweet sent out late last night which read in part, this team has so much to be proud of. whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything. now, donald trump did state in his speech last night that hillary clinton called him and congratulated him on the win. again, at this point, she has not set up a time for a concession speech, but we're expecting that to come at some point today. for dunnigan, abc action news. republicans new have control not only of the presidency but also the house and senate. everybody wanted to know how that'll impact policy, of course, in the coming years. >> lindsey lowe joins us now to break it all down for us. >> good morning to you. you know this. i know this. it wasn't supposed to happen this way. we've been listening to the political analysts saying that for months, but the republican party's incumbents, many out spent and struggling with their
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last night. it seems that donald trump might have helped to carry the party. i want to show you where things are settling in the u.s. senate. republicans need 51 to take the majority, and they are sitting right there. democrats are at 47. senator marco rubio keeps his seat with a nearly 800,000 vote lead over patrick murphy. other notable wins in the u.s. senate, rand paul of kentucky, and john mccain of arizona. in the house, republicans right now easily have this 236 seats, it looks like, and head spoo a new administration with a map so favorable that a filibuster prove 60-seat super majority is within reach chl we are breaking down the 2016 presidential election. in just a few minutes, how votes here in the bay area helped pave trump's path to the white house. back to you. >> with a donald trump victory, financial markets around the world are nervous. markets in asia opened solidly higher but quickly shed those gains as the overnight returns started comeing in favor of trump.
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uncertainly. they're concerned over what a trump presidency might mean for economy and trade. in fact, we can show you here, closed down 5 and a third percentage points. about 2%. germany's dax had been down about 2 percentage points but as gained some ground. look in england, actually up a fraction right now chl wall street saw hillary clinton as more likely to maintain the status quo. if you go back to the ipad, we'll keep showing you these results. donald less cloer. so hang onto your 401a's, u.s. markets, futures pointing to a much lower opening. you see down 313% there -- 313 points for the dow, but that is not as much as earlier predictions. analysts credit donald trump's victory speech early this morning with that. mexican peso crashing to an all-time low, though. u.s. is mexico's largest trading partner. with trump's tough talk,
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building a wall, the peso is falling hard. right now, the price of gold up about 2%. taking a look now at some amendments in florida. voters backing amendment 2, legalizing medical marijuana after a narrow defeat two years ago. abc action news reporter ryan smith got some reaction from supporters wh say this decision will change their lives. >> a group of 50 or so supporters here at redtone in seminole heights erupting in cheers and chants after that amendment 2 received some 70% of the vote, well beyond the 60% it needed to pass. its passage expands the list of conditions eligible for medical marijuana use, including ptsd, crohn's disease, parkinson's, and aids, among others. moving forward, the department of health will continue monitoring the list of florida consumers. those now eligible do have to get signed off by a doctor who
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department of compassionate use. there are only about 180 of those physicians in the state, but that list may increase after tonight. many here telling me amendment 2 gives them a new outlook on life. >> i could barely get out of bed in the morning. it will help with the side effects of the medicine i'm currently on, and hopefully, after this passes, i can get off those drugs because that's what i want to do. >> we did hear from folks representing the other side of this issue. the group vote no on 2 issue, issuing a statement are going to push state lawmakers to put limbs on thc levels in some of those medical marijuana products, also ensuring that local communities throughout the state will have the power to limit or push an outright ban on dispensaries. reporting in tampa, ryan smith, abc action news. meanwhile, voters rejected amendment 1. florida's amendment was one of the most controversial issues on the ballot. the vote was 50% against the measure.
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people to produce solar power. critics said amendment 1 was a way for utilities to control the state's solar market. utility claimed the amendment was designed to protect consumers. and amendment 3, which gives a tax exemption for disabled first responders overwhelmingly pass giving 84%. election day got off to a bit of a heated start in south florida. two separate disputes at polling places there turned violent. a woman handing out pamphlets supporting donald trump said she was supporter. the two exchanged words and then things got physical. the second incident happened time later. two men got into a fight over cell phone video. the man on the ground said he had a weapon. police say he did not threaten to use it, and he was also carrying it legally. it was a rather smooth election day in hillsborough county except for one glitch. there was an issue with checking in 75 voters. in some cases, it said they had
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precinct, but everything was resolved within 20 minutes. those people voted using provisional ballots. more than 570,000 people voted in hillsborough county. all except for one man in mant city. he says he missed the ted line to vote but just one minute. >> polls closed, of course, at 7:00, but he pulled up to his precinct too late. >> a little disappointed. i was, like, you know, i'm not going to speed, but i was trying to get here as fast as i can. just can't get my vote to could want this year. >> supervisor of elections says every election, they review everything and randomly select a ra krshge and precincts to manually count the ballots to make sure the numbers add up. mostly cloudy. different day certainly than we've had last few days. so for the bus stop, we are okay now. mostly cloudy. by 3:00, it won't be heavy rain fall but some light showers to deal with, and then the front that's bringing us these showers will go away tonight. we'll talk about what happens
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. 20 minutes till 6:00. still to gom, floridans made their voices heard this ejection day, our state playing a critical part of the presidential rac eshg. we are going to hear from voters in tampa and how they are reaekting to the results. plus, a fashion statement with a major political message sweeping social media on election day. how pantsuit nation showed its support for hillary clinton. : right now, we want to get a look at the other races in the state in florida's 13th congressional district, which ip colludes the southern pinellas county. former republican e -- in florida's 14th congressional district includes the western half of hillsborough county. democrat cathy caster easily defeated republican. and florida's 15th congressional district, which includes northeast hillsborough county, northwest polk county and southern lake county, republican dennis defeated
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this morning, we are breaking down how people voted here in the bay area. >> lindsey joins us now live. almost every county went red. >> every county except for one. that one, the big one, hillsborough county. i'll tell you this, many analysts and national media kept a close eye specifically on hillsborough county, which has predicted the winner of 1906 the last 20 elections. this year, hillsborough county voted for hilary, while florida and the nation, as we know now
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went blue for obama. this year, voters there chose trump. and pasco, polk, manatee, and sarasota koun tis also all went red. in sarasota county, voter turnout hit 77%, up 75% from 2012. voter turnout in man toe was 73%. also, up from 2012. trump's final rallies in those counties these last couple of weeks certainly paid off. >> 5:46 now. the presidential reyes com down to the wee hours this morning. a lot of people are waking up to the news that donald trump will be our next president. >> abc action news reporter ashley is live roith now inside a diner in tampa. ashley, folks out there, how are they digestin dpshgs this news? >> well, you can see here, not too crowded just yet. it is still early, but there are a few people out here having some breakfast, and, also, still digesting a trump presidency. some people went to sleep last
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president was going to be. i spoke with one man, who says he woke up pretty surprised >> he's going to start going off again, i suspect, and that's what worries me. i don't think that -- i'll be very surprised if he brings the county together. i don't know how he can. >> as lindsey mentioned here in hillsborough county, the majority voting for clinton, that's against what the rest of florida did and, of course, what the rest of the country did. again, out here, as they are having their morning breakfast, learning about the trump presidency, if they didn't know that before they went to sleep last night. we want to keep this conversation going both here at the diner and on social media so feel free to weigh in. dan and dia. >> thanks, ashley. 5:47 now. hundreds of high school students no phoenix staged an election-day protest. students from at least two high schools walked out to go canvas
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sheriff joe ar pie owe hours before the controversial sheriff was, in fact, ousted. many were seen with science. that 84-year-old sheriff lost the race. he was charged two weeks ago for contempt of court. a group of women calling themselves the pantsuit nation getting a lot of attention on election day. the group of hillary clinton supporters started as a secret invitation only group on facebook. it gained more than 2 million the group's organizing efforts didn't go unnoted by the chin ton campaign and by clinton herself. all right. we are mostly cloudy for today. some changes as we've been talking about. that front is finally upon us here. mostly cloudy conditions. not raining right now. a little further off to the north already clipping cedar key here. this will continue, this light rain ban to move further south and east.
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again, nothing severe. no thunderstorms. in fact, the heaviest of the rain stays west of us with an area of low pressure tied to that front. front itself not too much moisture with it. you see here lot of clouds, though. see much in the way of sunshine, especially as we progress through the day, then eventually we'll get into those light showers. just as quick as it got here, it'll be gone tonight and back to where we were yesterday tomorrow. that is plenty of sunshine. low humidity, very comfortable, and we'll have temperatures j woevent notice that. you won't be able to complain about the weather. it is going to be spectacular. for today, you can. we are going to be socked in with the clouds. temps in the upper 70s. lower 80s further south and east,a little clearing there before the clouds rolled in. not allow temperatures to get warmer than the rest of us. southerly winds by the
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not the best-looking beach day, but, again, just one day interrupted here, then we'll be back into it. thursday looks great. veterans day looks just as fine with upper 70s and plenty of sunshine chl there's your weekend. looks very nice. cool mornings, 50s and low 60s and mild afternoons with low humidity in the upper 70s. good morning, everybody. we are starting off with a crash in hillsborough. this is on hillsborough avenue right at the veterans expressway. we are getting reports there was i was see ago lot of red back up here, although those red indicatesers switched to green. and a live look outside. this is what it looks like, the tampa side of the howard franklin bridge. we are wide open here. less than ten minute to get across all three brinls. your drive on 275 heading south looking great, as well. 14 minutes from the apex to i-4. five minute from bush to i-4.
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the howard franklin. >> thanks. ten minutes until 6:00. coming up, we'll show you the very special victory cake served at donald trump's election night party that's causing a bit of a bus right now on social media.
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z25qmz zy6z y25qmy yy6y won't be long here.
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today. mostly cloudy skies with a couple of showers later this afternoon. our temperatures will climb from the mid 70s eventually 75 around penn then highs in the #u7er 70s a little bit keerl. then pe hind the front we turn less humid and very starting out tomorrow. we'll talk about those temperatures heading spoo the weekend in a few minute. >> thanks, ivan. for some people voting, they had a real spir dhul dilemma yesterday. many people we found stopping by mass. the main topic was praying about what they should do before they cast their vote. the catholic church is also a voting precinct. we talked with father lynn about what he's advising people to do, even if you don't like the result ts. >> you have to continue to pray because tlgs a lot of division, a lot of uncertainty. there's a lot of issues that are challenging. so that's something that regardless of whether the person you voted for won or lost, that
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are offering prayer services today. in most of the country, donald trump seems to have helped candidates town the ballot, >> but in new hampshire, distanced herself from trump. she was in a tight reyes against attorney. the thinks tide throughout the nights and still, in fact, too close to call. she has indicated she will not rubber stamp trump initiatives if she wins. >> we continue to have that strong, independent washington. >> now, te pending on the ourt come of one congressional race, new hampshire may have an all-female delegation in the house and senate. several states, including miami-dade, will have all male delegations. donald trump hatd quite the dessert to serve in new york. >> this was the victory cake delivered to trump tower complete with secret service escorts. the cake is a live size of the
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some say it looks a little bad and doesn't really resemble donald trump at all. >> makers of one of their traffic bars. loyal fans, to belerone, discovered the distns have expanded. the exmra space means less chocolate. it used to weigh 170 gams, now weigh 150. a full 40 grams have been carved out of the megabar that used rising ingredient prices for the change. customers are getting nearly 10% less of chocolate. hillary clinton has conceded, and donald trump is now the president-elect. coming up, his plan to unite our country and the biggest challenges he faces when he takes office. history made early this morning but not for hillary clinton. ahead in a live report, what local supporters are saying they
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> donald trump savoring his victory overnight pulling off a long shot win to become america's 45th president. >> a historic reyes finally coming to a sloez just a few hours ago.
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>> thank you for joining us on this day after election day. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm dia riley. the final votes are still being counted, but trump has claimed more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win. >> in fact, got a boost from key -- several, in fact, key battleground states including here in florida. more on that and his victory message coming up in a few minutes. a check on your forecast and traffic. >> a lot of clouds for today. unlike last couple of days, we'll noer cast here. cedar keys seeing that. you're heaviest of the rain will stay offshore with the area of low pressure itself with a front will move through there. not a huge deal as far as the rain physical for today, but it will be a mostly cloud y day. that'll keep our temperatures down for now in the mid and upper 60s. we'll get back to you about 79 for the high temperature today.


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