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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  November 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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working rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. >> donald trump pulls off a stunning upset. how his win could totally reshape how the u.s. interacts with the rest of the world and it is having a major impact on the economy already. new president, new challenges, coming up, the biggest decisions now facing president elect trump. history made overnight in
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not the lead supporters of hillary clinton suspected. why they say now is the time for unity. >> president obama has invited president elect trump to the white house tomorrow for a meeting. the 44th president preparing to hand over the reign to number 45. >> donald trump won several swing states, including florida on the way to the win over clinton. the former secretary of state called to concede the election and trump addressed the nat turn to abc action news anchor, james telly, live. >> reporter: one of the things happening is hillary clinton most likely will win the popular vote, so it was important that donald trump touched on uniting the country in his speech last night, declaring he will be a president for all americans. trumping telling supporters in the early morning hours in new york city, that now that the
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first hundred days in office, trump said he will undo much of what president obama has done, repealing obama care, renegotiateing trade deals and a major topic of his campaign, ending illegal immigration. >> it has been what they call a historic event, but to be really historic, you have to do a great job. i promise you that i will not let you down. we will do a great job. decisions after taking office will be filling a vacancy in the supreme court. trump released a list of 21 conservative judges, including justice of the supreme court of florida, charles kennedy. trump will have to fill one vacancy, and perhaps two more during his presidency. live in tampa, abc action news. >> we saw the people excited by trump's victory.
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there were anti-trump demonstrations in dc, san diego, and portland. >> supporters of hillary clinton are still stunned this morning, clinton has not yet addressed supporters but she is scheduled to speak 10:30 this morning. >> abc action news reporter, rodney is live in ybor city. many simply shocked by what happened. >> reporter: they are, dan, many hillary clinton supporters thought she would be making history this morning the first female president, obviously it did not happen. we are seeing headlines like this across the country. many supporters left to wonder what it was that lost her this election. at hillary clinton's rally in new york, supporters sent home when it became apparent clinton would not be making the victory speech they anticipated. at a clinton rally in tampa, supporters saying after a touch election, now is the time to
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day, we are not democrats, not republicans, we are americans. and we have to put the country first. >> reporter: clinton's last public statement a tweet last night reading "this team has so much to be proud of. whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything ." supporters expecting poise and grace when she delivers her concession. >> the speech that she gives, it is very important she bring us all together somehow. you know, i think that would >> reporter: this was a shocking end to the political season for supporters of hillary clinton. many of them now this morning saying it is time for everyone to simply get behind president elect donald trump. for now, live in ybor city, abc action news. >> rodney mentioned the shocking end to the clinton campaign, an emotional one for supporters not holding back tears as the results came in and it became
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with a forecast. >> lets do that. lets check in on upper 60s right now, low 70s. we are mostly cloudy unlike the last few days, nice and sunny for us. we are going to see showers, already moving across the north and west, 64 crystal river, the rest of us in the 70s and we will be upper 70s, hard to hit 80, especially i-4 to the north where we already have cloud cover and not far off we have some light showers rolling widen out the shot and be able to see, extends through the gulf, area of low pressure along the front here. breaks apart a little as it comes through today. not expecting much with the rainfall but we will get light showers out of it and that will keep our temperatures down into the upper 70s. behind the front, getting right back to where we were yesterday. full sunshine, lower humidity heading into the upcoming weekend. more in a few minutes. good morning, if you are making the drive from clearwater
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we have a crash there to get across the howard frankland and gandy. this is i-25, cleared out nicely, the morning commute, that is, a clear shot all the way into downtown. not too bad on the interstate. i-4 slowest spot, 43 from 75 down to 275. >> thanks. 9:06, aside from the presidency, marco rubio keeps his seat for another 6 years, he beat u.s. representative patrick murphy. take a look at the final results. rubio claiming victory by more than 7%. >> there is no nation on earth i would rather be, bespite all of our challenges-- despite all of our challenges, there is no country and people on this planet i would trade places with y. am glad i am an american in the 21st century, america is going to be okay. >> murphy was gracious in his
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a chance to speak to senator rubio, congratulate him, no, no, i had a chance to congratulate him and wish him luck. at the end of the day, it is an honor to serve the people of the florida united states senate. >> a senate race still too close to call, coming up, and the balance of power in the senate. pinellas county surprise, former republican governor tony christ won as a democrat. here are the results, he defeats the incumbent david jolly, 52-48%. crist delivered his speech at a hotel. >> being a public servant is a calling and i love it because i
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about. i am grateful they let me do it again. >> reporter: what is your goal? >> my goal is to fight for the people, look out for them, senior citizens, i love you more! >> crist lost 2010 senate race as independent and 2014 governor race as a democrat. he ran for the u.s. house after the supreme court decided to redraw district. the new district heavily democrat. >> jolly didn't seem like who lost, he celebrated supporters and faith after conceding, he buted heads with republicans in congress and did not support donald trump for president. >> if you watched coverage, analysts were watching closely deciding whether florida goes red or blue. >> trump won all counties except one. abc action news anchor, lindsay logue is here with a breakdown. >> reporter: hillsborough county
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until last night, a mini model of the u.s. with dems in the urban centers and republicans on the outskirts. when hillsborough went blue last night, many thought that is it, the state will turn toward hillary too, but after that, as you saw, the rest oof the votes poured in. pinellas chose obama in 2008 and 2012 went red, as did pasco, polk, manatee, sarasota, allly 2 counties a-- along-- only 2 counties along i-4, trump's final rallies certainly paid off. so what does a trump administration look like? in a few minutes we will break down the house and senate races and where the balance of power leans now. >> thanks. many were wondering what a trump presidency means for you and your family. abc action news political analyst, dr. susan mcmanus is here to help you sort it out.
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waking up thinking their voices have heard, others are scared right now. we have heard about unity, but how tough is that going to be to unite the country and have everybody gather together? >> it is very, very tough but that is why the hillary clinton speech this morning is really, really important, and the fact that donald trump is going to the white house to meet with the president. smooth transitions are a hallmark of american democracy and the together. it is incumbent on both parties, representatives, candidates, to say put this and this aside, easier said than done because feelings are very, very deep. we have seen the most division in this country we have ever seen, putting humpty dumpty back together will be a monumental task. >> trump wasn't necessarily embraced by his own party. what challenges is he going to meet in congress?
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clear across the country. they don't want politics as usual out of their own party in washington either. if it continues like that, and there is not division, these divisions aren't healed, it will be one-term presidency, the republicans narrowly held on to the senate and they lost some seats in the house. it was kind of a wake-up call for the republican party too, they need to come together. of course, democrats a lot of sanders people never came back on board, especially the millennial vote lower than anticipated, the same with the black vote. we saw it in florida. the suburban vote was much heavier than usual, that is how trump won the i-4 corridor, 51-45%. >> you mentioned hillary clinton's speech she will give at 10:30, i will talk to you about that in the next half hour, and get a feel for what you think she needs to say, that coming up. >> sure. donald trump's win may have come as a surprise to you, what went wrong with the pollster
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welcome back, coming up 9:15, with a donald trump victory, financial markets around the world are nervous, markets in asia closing lower, european recovering some but still down. the dow down 260 points, no where near this morning when it plunged 850 points. investors don't like uncertainty, are concerned on what a trump presidency might mean for the economy and trade. helping us sort it out, financial planner, terry ogrady joins us now. a trump victory speech sounding a note of unity, and that went a long way to at least easing investors' fears overnight. >> yeah like breakfast at brexit 2.0. uncertainty was scaring the markets last night, when you are 18,000 feet, 18,000 where the dow is and drop 800, it is not
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uncertainty kind of-- people don't like that uncertainty. what should we do? what does the average investor do? >> the average investor in a 401k, roth ira, don't do anything, don't react to the short' term market blip. it is temporary, think to breckt, last year with china, think back to anything in your life, any crisis, don't react to the short-term market crisis of the day. >> markets open in a few minutes, 9:30. >> we will see, pulling back. >> we will market is open. >> sounds good. >> thanks, terry. another big question for many people, how did the pollsters get the election so wrong? sam lang of the princeton consortium gave trump a 1% chance of winning, however he was the only pollster to predict the clinton win. several theories, pollsters didn't talk to enough whites with a college education, another is fbi director james
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investigation gave trump last-minute momentum and another theory is the republican party did a excellent job. medical marijuana got the thumbs up in the sunshine state, amendment 2 passedarve a narrow-- passed after a narrow defeat. 71% of voter said yes, it needed 60% to become law. supporters erupted in cheers after hearing the outcome. it expands list of conditions eligible for medical marijuana use, disease, parkinson, aids. the department of health will monitor those eligible, they need approval from a doctor, certified through the compassionate use. there are 180 in the state. supporters say this decision will change their lives. >> i could barely get out of bed in the morning, it will help with the side effects of the
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hopefully i can get off of drugs because that is what i want to do. >> opponents say they will push the state legislature to take action, limiting thc levels and giving local communities the right to ban dispensaries. amendment 1 failed. >> it was backed by electric companies. the amendment needed 60% to become law, it only garnered 51%. critics of the benefited utility companies. who needs a tv when you can look at the side of an iconic skyscraper? the empire state building with a breath taking display of the results, new york landmark shined bright showing realtime election results, maps, and pictures. empire state building partnered with cnn, instagram, and ca technologies for that display. checking in now with ivan and a a look at the forecast on this wednesday. >> yeah.
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>> no. >> no? >> straight to the point, kw like it. >> it is okay but it is not like it was yesterday. how about that? we are mostly cloudy by later on today and then we will get showers in here, i don't think it will be enough to really do anything through lunch. couple folks checking on their boats, everything seems all right. no wind to deal with here but eventually we will getilateal gusty tonight behind the front. these are the current temperatures right now, anywhere mid to upper 60s to lower 70s as the cloud business gin to roll in, look at-- begin to roll in, look at this, showing rainfall, haven't shown you green on the map for quite sometime. spring hill beginning to clip the coastline, looks ominous but the rain isn't going to amount to much. it will be light rain pushing through throughout the day, first the clouds, then the rainfall. this is associated with that front that we have been tracking, that brought the wet weather yesterday to the
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valley. atlanta still with the clouds but that is our weather tonight and into tomorrow. a quick-moving feature and by the end time we enter tomorrow, back in sunshine and will keep it right through the end of the week and into the upcoming weekend. again, futurecast you will be able to see the band of light rain falling apart as it moves through, but there will be enough clouds out there to keep our temperatures south of 80 for most of us upper 70s into the afternoon, pretty typical for this time of the year, but the humidity is up there of all a sudden, it is not as comfortable as we have had the last week. 80 for tomorrow, we do that with very low humidity as the dry air filters in setting us up for a nice day veteran's day friday with plenty of sunshine. cool morning temperatures, when you see 60 at the airport, that means widespread 50s for the rest of us on saturday and sunday. if you wake up early enough and outdoor activities planned, it will be cool with temperatures
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winner of a weekend there and then early next week wewill be tracking the next-- we will be tracking the next future, shower s late monday into tuesday. coming up, donald trump didn't just win the presidency, many republicans are going to ride into congress on his coat tails. ahead, how that affects the balance of power. a major step forward toward turning the pulse nightclub into a permanent memorial, how much the city of orlando is offering to pay for the club
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in most of the country, donald trump help candidates down the ballot, but in new hampshire senator kelly distanced herself from trump, she was in a fight race with maggie, the race was tied and the race is still too close call, ayat indicated she will not rubber stamp trump initiatives if she wins. >> we continue to have that strong, independent voice with the state of new hampshire in washington. >> new hampshire will have an all-female delegation in the house and senate. several states, including maryland, have all male delegations. lindsay logue joins us with how the election is going to change the balance of power in congress. >> reporter: republicans not only won the oval office, but
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senate. -- the senate. trump helped carry the party, including out spent incumbents who struggled with cam panes, most managed to survive election day. the senate, 51 republicans, the magic number needed to take hold of the majority. senator rubio keeps his seat, another notable win is rand paul, john mccain. the house balance of power is 236 for republicans, they have the majority 2018 midterms with a map so favorable a filibuster proves 60 seed super majority is within reach. back to you. >> thanks. orlando lgbt community is relieved about the city of orlando's plans to purchase pulse nightclub. the site will be transformed into a memorial for the victimoffs the june tragedy, the executive director of the lgbt center of orlando telling abc action news the mayor's decision to buy the nightclub for more
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of relief to his organization. he said they had feared the possibility it would be bought by someone who didn't understand its significance to the city. the city council will vote next week on the purchase, inapproved the matter will be finalized by the end othf year. -- of the year. trump's stunning win, the cabinet predictions. which local house candidates sealed a victory, and
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those who have chosen not to support me in the past, which there were a few people, i am reaching out to you, for your guidance and your help. >> a win for donald trump who
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of the united states, who could be part of his administration? the new york stock opens after the dow plowed hundreds overnight. it could result on the worst day in wall street since 2008. we are going to track the market and talk to a financial planner on how to react. this morning we are getting our first look at what a trump presidency might look like . mr. trump will face crucial decisions and challenges the mint he is sworn-- minute he is sworn i james tully is live in tampa. his biggest challenge may be uniting our country. >> reporter: no question about that happening this morning as votes continue to be tallied, trump is expected to lose the popular vote and when all is said and done, most likely fewer votes than the previous 2 republican candidates who lost the election. bringing the country together, a topic trump brought up during his victory speech. he has the supreme court vacancy
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on his list of picks is conservative justice of the supreme court of florida, charles kennedy, then there are promises to fullful for the a-- fulfill for the american people. repealing obama care, building the wall, and improving our trade deals. finally, his cabinet, he is expected to build it with both outsiders and politicians. the politicians are the easy ones to speculate on because they helped throughout his campaign. some of those former speaker of the christie, and former new york mayor, giuliani, either could be attorney general. james tully, abc action news. take a look outside, clouds taking over today for us, few showers as well already bringing in, lightly, but raining across our northern counties, nach fr coast getting in o-- nature coast getting in on that.
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and eastward progress through the mid day hour, we will continue to see this. temperatures in the 70s, we top off 79 this afternoon, that would be about it as far as temperatures. dropping back to low 70s around 7:00. we will talk all about the ether behind the front in a few minutes. the presidential race signaled a shift in pinellas county. >> pinellas went red for the first time in 3 decades choosing drunk along anchor of i-4, the party celebrated the milestone at the hilton hotel last night. >> it is huge, pinellas county in my opinion is number one swing county and number one swing state in the country. we carried pinellas for donald trump, the second time since 1988 a republican candidate for president carried pinellas county. >> hispanic voters shattering turnout records and early
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cast their ballot as in all of 2012. hispanics are typically least lakely to vote early. around 560,000 hispanics voted as of saturday. experts say it is double the number of 2012. across the country expet polls show trump won a bigger share of latino voters than mitt romney, 29% of latino voters pick donald trump. >> people either can't stop talking about it or they are avoiding talking about together. abc action news reporter ashley glass is at papa son's diner. how are people digesting this? >> reporter: a mixed bag here, but one thing for sure, that is what everyone here is talking about as they have breakfast this morning. some people say they stayed up late watch ing and waiting. other went to sleep not knowing who the president would be and then woke up to the news. whether they voted tr trump or not-- for trump or not, pretty
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surprised this morning. >> it was devastating, actually. i think nobody realizes what just happened. some people are going to get really hurt. >> i was happy, like i say, i just felt that-- i feel the american people are tired of career politicians, i really feel that. i hope this will change, that he the people back together. >> it is going t to be interesting, might be ugly, but it is going to be interesting. >> reporter: most people i spoke with say they are just hoping now the american people can come together, but certainly this will be something folks are talking about. ashley glass, abc action news. trading opened on wall street 4 minutes ago, a live look at the dow, first minutes
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exchange. dow down 6 points, not too bad, 18,327. we will talk to our financial planner in a few minutes on what the average investor might be expecting. we want to get a look at local florida congressional races, 9th congressional district which includes eastern half of polk county, democrat darren soteo defeats wayne. citrus, hernando, counties, republican daniel webster easily defeated dave. pasco county, northern pinellas, and sliver of hillsborough, republican gus defeated robert tanger. a man involved in a fight at a polling place stream td live on facebook-- streamed it live on facebook. he said he was walking up to a polling place in lakeworth, and trump supporter came and maed a
9:36 am
trump, they started arguing and things escalated. >> did you drop ouft high school? >>-- out of high school? >> [ bleep ] you. >> did i drop out of high school? >> bro-- >> he grabbed my hand, knocked the phone out, called me the "n," word. i just blacked out, hit him in the ribs, you know, he pulled a gun on me. >> reporter: what did you do when he pulled the gun? >> took off. >> and arrested that trump supporter. another incident at a polling place in jupiter, the voter got into a fight with a woman handing out republican campaign literature. tom garret said the woman made derogatory comments, donna said garret physically assaulted her. he said police told him he would be probably charged with assault. wroo we are waiting to--
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hillary clinton, political analyst dr. mcmanus is with us. what will you be looking to hear from hillary clinton? what will she need to say to help the country move forward and unite? >> first and foremost she has to acknowledge that she lost and democracy goes on and that is one of the hallmarks of our democracy, someone wins, someone loses, but we have peaceful transfer of power. she will also profusely thank all the people that su right to the very end. she will particularly, i think address women voters who had hoped she would break the gender barrier in the white house. i expect her to continue in terms of her own personal life in doing what she has done from the very beginning, promoting the causes of women and children, especially children in america. >> this is certainly not the speech she had hoped to give, but do you think we will see another woman get this close to
9:38 am
>> probably, it will be a while. when you look at call-- when you look at college campuses, under graduates, women breaking into every kind of profession. the gender of women are bubbling up, it will probably be in our lifetime we would see a woman president. >> disappointing for hillary clinton supporters, no need to hang their heads, a hard-fought battle. >> no, no, a lot of women did run for office, that is the new thing, more than usual, we won before. she has to look at all and she is going to say america is still a great place and i am proud i ran and i love my supporters and i am going to continue working for children and families in america. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, secretary general reaches out to president elect trump, what trump's presidency could mean for the decades old alliance, who is already demanding answers.
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they think he will do for them
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cooler temperatures
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florida state fairgrounds, $8 admission. in st. pete, follow aroma of rib fest, $30 admission. golf port, a festival with rides and salute to veterans friday night at 6:00. 9:42, donald trump's presidency has the biggest impact could be foreign policy, nato allies on the campaign trail. >> however, the secretary jenerate of nato was quick to congratulate him on the win and urged trump to work with the alliance. >> it is important that balance across remains strong and we face a challenging new security environment, hybrid war fare,
9:43 am
terrorism. u.s. leadership is as important as ever. >> currently 28 countries in nato, mostly in europe, the founding principal is an attack against one nato country is an attack against all. it has only been invoked once after september 11, nato contributed troops to the war in afghanistan. trump has said he wants to rework the alliance, if not abandon it. >> i want to help all of our allies, but we are billions and billions of dollars. we cannot be the policeman of the world. we cannot protect countries all over the world when they are not paying us what we need. >> germany defense minister asked the trump administration to clairify their position on nato. there were many people celebrating donald trump's win in russia, even a watch party in moscow, polls show the russians
9:44 am
president putin has a tense relationship with clinton. >> so this is not only the victory for the americans who defened their democracy, it gains the liberal love, no, this is the victory that the american people grew up the whole world. >> putin sent a telegram to congratulate trump. russian politicians believe trump will recognize the immigration website crashed several times overnight. experts say the u.s. election is playing a role on that. >> first crash 10:30 last night. we have been checking it this morning, the service has been spotty throughout the morning but people moving to canada talk has grown, it jumped after the donald trump won the presidential nomination in july. time for a check on your action weather forecast.
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>> you thinking about moving? >> no, i am staying right here, man. >> we need you. >> too cold up there. >> for sure. >> they are down here now. >> i lived in boston, went there there the time if you are visiting us from canada, welcome. we are staying put. we are mostly cloudy as well today. showers rolling through, davis islands there, that is a nice shot. little variety, that is okay for a wne we get rid of the clouds quickly, i think we will, by the time we get to tonight, a front will be south of us and back into the sunshine, full blue skies for tomorrow. temperatures now in the 70s, i think we climb to upper 70s, hard with the thermometer with all the clouds and of course farther north, showers, not a lot but some light showers that are touching the coast here, impacting spring hill, this has
9:46 am
will do so. notice the showers diminishing, i think that is on the money with our futurecast as well for the rest of the day. at any given point today, could get a light shower and that is about it. we begin to dry things out as early as this evening and clearing out through tonight with temperature s for the rest of the day in the upper 70s, we are going to be about the same tomorrow. the difference will be the humidity will be gone. sticky with rainfall to our north. rain chances low today. tomorrow we get, not only rid of the rain, but the clouds as well. full sun, low humidity, just a 10 kind of a day here, likewise for veteran's day and into the weekend, houtdoor plans look great. saturday and sunday morning, 50s, low 60s at the airport. by the afternoon, if it is too cool, we fix that. upper 70s to near 80 to the
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right now, many expoekted a roller coaster plunge, it is not happening. dow climbing, 16 points up. a certified financial planner joins us again to analyze wall street's reaction to donald trump's win and what you need to think about in terms
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if you are invested in the stock market, you are understandably noticed this morning, we are back with certified financial plan, terry ogrady. overnight dow futures had dropped, plunged 850 points. >> yeah. >> your heart stops when you see that. >> you get a flutter, looks like we are maintaining or getting back to altitude. but whether we stay there today or even if the market goes down 1,000 points, my guidance of the
9:51 am
same, don't do anything. >> that is tough. i check my 401k almost daily-- you are seeing those daily fluctuations. if you see something like this, 800 points down, which didn't happen, by the way, but the threat of the drop, you are thinking, my gosh, i have to do something. >> what are you going to do? sell when it down? grandpa said buy low, sell high. that would be just what the average they panic. remember brexit? market plunged. people sold, got out low, then we hit new highsfelt now the guy on cnbc is saying -- they come back and buy high. doing just the opposite. >> lets insure folks, pull up the dow jones industry right now, the dow is up, look at this, 47-- all right, 38 points, 18,370. >> that is amazing. >> yeah, crazy, most folks in
9:52 am
way of mutual fund, priced at the end of the day anyway, you wouldn't want to try to do anything now. the folks trading, the speculators and the traders, that, in my opinion, is not investing. that is speculating. if you have 401k, you have an investor. >> it might spur you to check your portfolio, maybe stocks aren't the place for you. >> if you haven't been to your doctor for a couple years and feel a flutter in your heart, might be time for a unlike you who checkatize every day, if-- checks it every day, but maybe get some coaching and make sure you are in the right allocation. >> gold prices right now are up, looks like $1,032 an ounce. >> the commercial break, pushing people to the gold. i like them, but if you don't already have gold, i wouldn't
9:53 am
stay diversified in your 401k. >> thanks for joining us. >> you bet. prevailing on wall street.
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you can't always be by your tv to catch the news, we have you covered here with the abc
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next weather situation, traffic problem, or job fair that could change your day. you don't have to. download our free app and catch up whenever you find a brief second. doppler radar with light showers movi not to worry, nothing severe. just a couple of sprinkles to deal with here as they roll in from northwest to southeast, that is the front. you can see on futurecast, it will continue through today but most of us just seeing, again, a couple of sprinkles, light showers, this is not a huge deal. we will get temperatures up to about 79, we are already seeing a few breaks out there but it will cloud up pretty good today and clearing up tonight. quick-moving front leaving by thursday, veteran's day, weekend, all looking fantastic with highs in the upper 70s, low
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donald trump's victory might have surprised some of the pundits. >> it didn't surprise the writers of "the simpsons," they predicted a donald trump presidency all the back in 2000, bart to the future, lisa simpson is president but the predecessor is trump. they say trump represents culture. >> we have continuing coverage of the results and races on our website at tampa bay's morning blend is up next, have a great rest of
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good wednesday >> i'm natalie taylor. as always, we appreciate you joining us right here on "tampa bay's morning blend." i think the big heavy sigh is the post-election, election hangover. >> our producer told us that it's election hangover. did you see what the weather channel did? they did nine hours of a chill marathon where they said if it just got too stressful for you,


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