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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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long. >> we'll also tell you about an antitrump protest here in the bay area. good morning. >> we're going to start with a check on the forecast. shea is in for ivan and the sunshine. >> yeah. the sunshine returns today and it's going to be gorgeous this afternoon. check out the temperatures right now. a little lower than where we were yesterday at this time. 61 in brooksville right now. ridge manner at 60s degrees. temperatures in polk county are up just a few degrees lower. all at 63. frost prowf. the farther north you go the temperature are the lower. across hillsborough county most of the temperatures are in the low to mid-# 0ed. so what's happening is behind that cool front that moved through late last night that drier air filtering in to the north which is allowed for some cooler temperatures.
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lower humidity. more comfortable as we reach those highs near 80 degrees. how are things looking now on the roads? >> we're still seeing some subtle and back up. it is the only trouble. this is affecting the eastbound lanes. you can oh it. westbound seems to it -- you might ca six s to the north and let you know. >> interstates are looking great. this is what it looks like in fowler. wide open here. just 7 minutes into downtown your your drive on i-4 in the green. county line road to downtown. back to you.
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president-elect trump in major cities from coast to coast. >> they chanted not my president. hole students staged a walkout and in pam pa the group won't stand for hate. >> lindsay is physicalling the latest for us many good morning, lindsay. and we've been watching the feeds come in all night long. i have to tell you in hillary clinton. pleaded with americans behind donald trump. thousands of them are still this hour. protesting the president heck. i'm going to show you from. the protests were peace l. san francisco, philadelphia, boston, crowds some well into the thousands chanted thins like no trump and love trump's hate. science red host not my president and i'm with her.
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their concerned that donald trump will do even more to divide the country than bring it together and they're taking a stand against hate. >> we're not scared. by we, the lgbtq. women in america. i mean, muslims. i mean, mexicans. >> at this hour many of the protesters in the cities across the u.s. have gone home but their liely to reignite especially in d.c. where trump is expected at the white house for his first meeting with president barack obama. of course, we're going to stay in here as they continue to come in from the cities joseph noight. become to you. >> 5:# #. it is the traditional first step in the presidential succession. trump started receiving all the
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intell briefings that president obama gets. president obama and president- hect trump will have both said they look fad. showing losses of up to 80 poin s. dow opened hire and just kept going t. closed up 250 poin s. finishing within 50 point of an all-time high. another strong hope later this morning. >> all new this morning calling marijuana the next cash crop. it could bring thousands of jobs to florida. those jobs could be everything from growers to dispensaries to plant scientists and even security and transportation. the witness that's long in the shadows. legal congratulation presents it's own challenges. >> legislation came -- so if you're an edibles maker for example, overnight they may
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paneling out which means all of your products are no god. >> the responsible to make a -- ext the spri to roof t by -- legalize recreational marijuana. california, massachusetts and nevada all approved recreational use of cannabis. arkansas and north dakota approved medical marijuana. clear your help to track down a cereal armed robber. he a i tacked a clerk. threatening him with a nave. the man jumping on counter demanding cash. no clerk were hurt but they were pretty shaken up. third robbery in less than two weeks. there it is again. surveillance video of the suspect on the wal-mart surveillance video before he implied he had a imun and held up a cashier there. they believe his getaway car is a white toyota.
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ables the investigation into the disappearance of diana alvarez. deputies may have known key details about the suspect within hours of that #- year olds disappearance t. took deputies four dies to issue an amber alert.
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highway patrol cars. one equipped with an unfixed air tbhag could explode. >> if it's the state of florida, my goodness. the state shouldn't be sending out to the consuming public a car that is defective. thank you for your investigative piece. they have not provided a fix on these recalls. state sells them as-is. you can see the florida agencies we found off and learned how you can search for repeat rails for yourself. just log on to our website. some good news coming from the labor department. could be bad news. job openings in september were close to a record high. reaching 5.5 million. obviously good news if you're looking for a job. employers are looking to hire. but it could also be a sign that they're facing a job skills gap. meaning there just aren't enough work wers the right skills for the jobs available.
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how women and your doctors handle preg is si. >> a new set of guidelines. women get healthier services at least 8 times during the pregnancy. five of those victims should happen in the last trimester. that's double the previous recommendations. the agency says this will cut down on the number of deaths of expected mothers and newborns. >> dying from cancer. more than double in the next 14 years. the american cancer society says the increase in debt will come from low and middle income countries where health care is limited. doctors are urging developing countries to take some basic steps to curb the trend. being spotted. tropical bedbugs. it's the first time.
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confirmed case. they're on alert now. they trend to spread faster than regular bedbugs. creepy. we've got it. a look at the forecast. near zero chance for rain. that continues right through the weekend. we've got another cool front that's heading our way. i'll show you what we'll see as far as temperatures falling or not coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> a family mourning their 18- year-old's murder. waking up to find a suspect is now behind bars. her deputies say is responsible next. and one school district is calling in special counselors to help kids deal with the aftermath of the presidential election. we'll tell you where that's
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18-year-old was shot as she sat in her car. abc action news reporter is live right now at the -- they have their -- >> they made the arrest last night and that has to be some relief for a family that's just been racked with grief. that man will be in front of a judge today. and take a look at his photo.
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old devin freeman shot and killed 18-year-old mariah good as she sat on her car a few days ago. detectives say they talked toed man in the car with her to see if he knew who shot into the car and it's even hazarder for her family to accept this devastating loss after the community helped save her life so recently. she had lupus putting her in a wheelchair. they cell treatment. >> we can save her life and give her life and then someone would take it away with a gun. because they were angry at somebody else. her biological mother travels to the united states in a raft from haiti. they adopted her. they were extremely close and freeman expected -- is
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appearance in court at 1:00 this afternoon. of course, we're going to let you know what happens. reporting live in sarasota. abc access news. we can learn today what best buy is planning to have on black friday. target will open at 6:00 on thanksgiving evening. target will launch a presale the day before thanksgiving. several shopping centers are closing on thanksgiving day. >> if you missed the fair two weeks ago we'll have another chance to enjoy all that tasty fair food. opens tonight at england brothers park and bd the great food there's rides, animal exhibits and mother motorcycle show and a model train show. admission is only $5. it looks like the weather will be great. >> oh, yeah. >> . >> weather will be great. about # 5-to 10 degrees lower
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crystal river this morning. it's a cool start with temperatures near 51 degrees in brooksville. not a big difference here around tampa bay and farther to the south. that drier air is still trying to filter in to the north. lakeland though getting some of that cooler dry, drier air at 59. all right as we take a look it's well to the south. that air coming in from the north. again, it's dry and that mean it's going to feel less humid by the end of day. high pressure in control. blocking out the storm clouds. lots of unshiep. highs near 80 degrees it's going to be warm. so if you plan on hanging out in the backyard a great backyard fun today. it's going to be a really nice afternoon and a nice stretch of weather. dewpoint that's our measure of how much moisture is in the air. mid-60 toss mid-50s.
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pleasant as we preach hose thigh thigh -- highs. especially around tampa bay. but like i said through the afternoon i think it will become more noticeable and over the next couple of days another front that rolls through almost unnoticed other than bringing in another batch of drier air for early saturday morning. that's what helps to bring our temperatures down. as we start the day. and keeping those high 70s. through the weekend, it's going to feel pretty comfortable with those highs in the upper 7 0z and lower humidity. our next chance for rain is at the early next week ahead of the next frontal system. we've got a few rolling through over the next week or so. that's florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. >> we do have a car fire northbound i-75 right at
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zoomed in. sometimes folks over at epcot try to zoom in. so i think that's what they're trying to do here. off the distance a little earlier i thought i saw some flashing lights. we can take a look at the map and see if it's causing any delays. i-75 heading northbound. we aren't seeing any delays there. should be good to go there northbound i-75. just a slight delay here. kennedy a crash overnight. this is right in front buddy brew. seeing a little bit of a slowdown. you might want to use path. the average speed right now from the north heading south on 275 and 75 we're up in the green this morning. back to you. a dramatic end to a motorcycle chase in a los angeles area. the suspect colliding with a car, crashing. the motorcycle rider is being chased through four different towns. you saw there after the crash
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jumps up and runs away. he then went through alleys over a wall and was eventually tackled by two police officers. police have not said why they were chasing him. >> a chronically ill -- to make sure he doesn't miss school but doesn't put himself at risk. he can't physically go to class. he uses a robot as his stand- in. he uses his laptop to move them participate all thanks to a camera and microphone. a small pack of stray dogs in india is being credited with saving a baby's life. they stood guard over seven-day infant. a schoolteacher heard the baby cry. when he approached them they wagged their tails and sat down happy that he was there to help that baby. thousands of people across
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protesting donald trump's victory. >> it's not just adults who say they need some help. in texas the houston school district called in special counselors. they were there to help emotional students yesterday especially minorities. they provided safe spaces for students to express their thoughts and emotions. passionates are having the conversation with their children about what trump has said. >> it's your life. you go by da you are more powerful than what you think. >> nearly 53% of the vote. that appears to be the case in massachusetts. >> monday trump read a letter from patriots coach saying trump and his quarterback tom brady -- had his support. >> friendship in the world. a couple of weeks ago we had is
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kerry. another front of mine. i can't imagine two people with more difficult views but it's about that. it's not about political or religious views. >> when reporters asked about the presidential election. he say his wife loant allow him to talk politics anymore. trump is a personal friend. the controversy over the presidential election could help you at the mall. >> making a prediction that it will be a carol to shoppers. >> made me scared spitless but that's okay. >> she said spitless. >> did she? >> yes. >> okay. >> 93-year-old woman had a cross to zip lining but it was still on her list but it's not for the reason
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missing. he couldn't find her. a tow both captain found her
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>> he's the savior of the family. he's an angel. the fact that they were in the middle of their job and they were able to just stop what they were doing and pull this dog out, it was tremendous. >> john saw an article later in the day. he then contacted that boat captain who returned gypsy to him. the captain says when he pulled her out of the water she was exhausted. >> one # 3-year-old woman almost crossed something off her bucket list. >> she says she always wa she got her chanls at the mall of america. >> oh my gosh. >> she's handing it well. she had the time of her life and as you can hear the crowd loved cheering her on. >> how exciting. this has been -- i can't -- i just can't tell you how wonderful it's been.
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bucket list? >> well, i kind of like to do it again. [ laughter ] the thrill of a lifetime. >> she put it back on list. >> it's back on the list. peggy was actually the first of a larger group of older woman who tried out that zip line for the first time. >> so cute. scientists and celebrities from around the world are now gathering for the blue ocean film festival . television to show the need to responsibly manage 90 films will be screened including this one. before the flood. then a documentary is the opening night film. 3 minutes. we're following breaking news. heat the protests against donald trump stretching late into the night. thousands around the country including here in tampa. a clear water community on edge following three brazen robberies.
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ahead a live report. what workers are saying this morning about their safety.
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they were afraid to go to certain stores. we are hearing from the store clerk who was robbed. thank you for waking up with abc starting your thursday with us. >> that employee sharing his terrifying experience being held up at knife point hoping police can find that robber. >> off today but shea is in and it looks like she brought the sunshine.


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