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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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are worried about donald trump's promise to appeal obamacare. our top story. loved ones who have buried their parents and in some cases their children at a landmark cemetery in saint pete want action. >> an investigation from 2013 the lead investigators to take the owner of royal palms over dozens of violations, tonight jackie callaway shows us why some families say it is not enough. >> martha perez says she and her husband spent two hours searching this section for family members. >> there totally covered over. there is a whole roll. >> it took the help of a maintenance worker to dig up a marker belonging to this world war ii veteran william bond. >> you can see how deep it is. >> martha and her husband
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search of his wife. >> we found it. >> the department of financial services charged the owner with dozens of violations after an it investigation. recent inspections of which the cemetery past.>> it brings tears to my eyes. >> for martha and a dozen others who complained to the conditions constitute neglect. >> there is more to be upset about then missing markers. in another section we found sacred ground underwater. >> in this email beth davis told us her grandparents remains were underwater in the rose garden area of the cemetery.>> i relayed the complaints to the department of financial services, a spokesman told me the department requires the grounds and gravesites to
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there are consumers with specific concerns we encourage them to contact us. >> they are obviously not doing what they are supposed to do to maintain. >> i left two messages for the owner. the water that covered the rose garden has receded since our last visit. as for state regulators they will look into any new complaints. jackie callaway taking action for you. abc action news is answering the number one question that matters what does a donald trump present seeming to your future? as we found out there is reason to be optimistic and cautious. as the trump wave hits washington what kind of money moves should you be making? tempo realtor victoria mcguire. >> i think it means the real estate market will improve. >> the improvement depends on
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rates matter who won back the white house will go up. >> this will spur people to get off the fence. the people that are waiting. all of the demand that we have when the interest rates creep up i think that will cause people to finally get the ball rolling. >> rates need to get to a point where lenders are making good return and that could pick up the activity in the real estate park. >> rising interest rates is not necessarily a it encourages banks to lend money to a wider variety of people. >> if interest rates are too low, we want them back here that has been one of the biggest holdbacks of the economy. lenders don't want to lend as much. >> he also says you should not be making drastic changes to your investment strategy right now. >> if your candidate won go get too aggressive and if you lost don't get too concerned.
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cautious until they see how president-elect trump will govern. >> the real question, is if the trump administration and republicans will be willing to work together over the long- term and enact policies that will breed growth in the economy . >> other incentives that donald trump talked about include taxes, he says he will cut them for most people. he has proposed a cap student loan debt based on income. he plans on guaranteeing six weeks of paid maternity leave allowing working parents to duck childcare expenses up to format children. the question now, when and how will this happen? taking action for you means listening to the things that concern you so we want to hear the good questions you have from jobs to making ends meet we will get you the answers.
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on the good question logo and tell us what you are curious about. trump's team has launched a new website and twitter account as they prepare for him to take office. take a look here is a portion of the website. there are videos and different links to click on. visitors can find information on trump policies and info about his life to this point. the website includes a notice it is looking to fill 4000 positions for presidential appointees but there is no instruction on how apply for the positions. in one hour it will be a lively scene at the international airport in indianapolis. the indiana republican party is planning a public rally to welcome governor mike pence to the state for the first time as vice president-elect. pence spent the day in washington dc where trump met obama in the white house. now, abc action weather.
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day starting off in the 40s and 50s, sunny skies a couple of hours last night, long gone temperatures hanging in there in the mid-to upper 70s, bartow 74, low 70s from palm harbor to largo at 80 in sarasota. here's the satellite picture, after the clouds overnight moved out by tomorrow we have a beautiful but kind of a cool start to the morning with temperatures, wake-up time primarily upper 50s around downtown tampa, low 60s pendulous along the coast, 56, brooksville. same thing for crystal river, dade city around 50 degrees, polk county down to highlands county waking up to clear skies and temperatures in the lower 50s, clear tonight and tomorrow, what about the weekend ? we will talk about that coming up. right now incredible pictures to show you
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screen, if you look in the middle pass the police tape you see a storm drain, in the storm drain our two eagles. one of the eagles got stuck in one of the greats, the other eagle appears to be trying to shield the other protect it. there is just one lane of traffic and by in orange county right now. animal rescue is going to the scene to help the birds as you can imagine so many people gathering to an incredible site you are watching that live one bald eagle stuck in the great and the other one has its wings around him. trying to protect it. a reporter from our abc station in orlando tweeted out this picture, florida fish and wildlife is on the way, we have this streaming live on the facebook page. a developing story we are
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a body has been found in the search for this missing 16-year- old girl, crews had been searching for her since she became the center of an amber alert this week. she has not been seen since her mother and sister were found shot to death inside their home tuesday. her boyfriend was arrested that night, police believe he may know something about the murders. great news if you or your family are in need of healthcare. manatee technical college holding a medical clinic for your family and event starts tomorrow at 6:00 in the morning families can get everything from free dental vision and medical care. you don't need insurance medical records or proof of citizenship. the event runs through sunday and your family pets can receive free care. go to the braden river high school tomorrow morning at 11:00 for a free wellness check, micro-chipping vaccines and stay and neuter vouchers. a
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in tampa. like all start teaming up a chance for the veterans to go outside and be active. a beautiful day outside. >> i am very appreciated of our veterans, what they have stood for and what they have done for us personally. and to show my appreciation it is all about appreciation. >> the wounded warriors abilities ranch will raise money tomorrow at quaker steak 50% of food sales will benefit the organization. coming up on abc action news, the manager of this barbershop is in big trouble tonight and not for his haircuts. what else he was selling. they went from chasing him to saving him, the dramatic video
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suspected criminal. as we go to break free flu shots to free food a lot of free perks for veterans tomorrow. get a flu shot at urgent care there are five in the tampa area you just need your military id and publix is offering a 10% discount on groceries excluding alcohol and tobacco as well as
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now at havertys furniture, it's our veterans day preview. where you can create the perfect home. from now until november 14th, you'll save an extra one-hundred to one-thousand dollars. it's our gift to you. plus, you'll enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom...have you seen my iguana? the veterans day preview is on now at havertys.
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right now breaking news to show you, incredible pictures checking in on the two eagles it looks like one is stuck in the storm drain, the other on top of it protecting it. they have blocked off part of the street this happening outside of orlando, you see the people waiting and watching this entire thing unfold it has been happening for 20 minutes, the live rescue on our facebook live street search abc action news. fwc on the scene to try to get the eagle out incredible
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neighborhood barbershop is in jail after police busted him for selling more than haircuts. >> brendaliss gonzalez explains what police found that is especially concerning to families living nearby.>> phase 3 cuts in the middle of this east tampa neighborhood. several bullet holes along the window serve as a sign it has seen better days. today is no exception. it is closed after police got a was selling inside. according to a warrant police found nearly 3 pounds of marijuana along with smaller amounts of math and cocaine. >> oh, it will be a while before my son gets a haircut.>> roslyn davis jokes at first, a quick glance at her grandson quickly changes the mood.>> this makes me very angry. >> police arrested the manager
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sell. >> we have plenty of grandmothers out there, and we have young mothers going to work. >> while the shop is closed davis knows that may not be enough. >> the neighbors have to get together and we have to involve a team to make sure the neighborhood is safe. >> brendaliss gonzalez abc action news. along with bennett police arrested five other people at the barbershop all of them are facing charges. the man accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey in september back in court to face federal terrorism charges. the 28-year-old did not enter a plea, he previously pleaded not guilty new jersey to charges related to a shootout with police officers. he is accused of detonating a pipe bomb along a marine corps charity race in new jersey. and planting two pressure
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one of the devices did not explode, the other one hurt 30 people. to a set update into the newsroom, the two voters who were rescued from this vessel in the jupiter inlet have died. large waves hit the boat causing it to flip over, the boaters were rescued brought to the hospital but both of them died later in the day. an incredible journey for this dog behind us. >> you will see into the canal behind her fort lauderdale house embarking on a two mile swim, there she is the owner says she must have tried to chase a duck and ended up stuck in the water, she swam down the canal looking for an escape route but cannot find one luckily a tow boat captain spotted her struggling. >> we got her to come to the boat and we bent down and grabbed her, she was pretty
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usually when she tries to swim she sinks. they're calling the toe kept in his angel for civic or. now, abc action weather. >> a gorgeous day today. i would have sat in my car for 10 minutes to enjoy the breeze was blowing. >> if your windows were up you would not feel the breeze. i just wondered. looking outside it is beautiful. we started off in the 40s in the northern counties, low to mid 50s elsewhere with clear skies. an opportunity if you are a night owl or up in the morning early to see a spectacular meteor shower, at this point usually they are not the kind you think of there just short of moving to the sky quick, these are much larger that is
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torrid fireballs so there is something you might want to look out for after midnight and again tomorrow night or if you are an early riser you can catch it as well. no particular direction to look. i happened to catch one and it was crazy. it looked like a fireball you can certainly see them with the clear skies across the area and temperatures in the mid-to upper 70s, another beautiful day and a warm one even though it was clear what is great this time of year starting off in the 40s and 50s topping out at 82 in tampa, 80 brooksville, 79 bartow and lakeland. 84 sarasota and 81 in winterhaven, tomorrow morning temperatures pretty much where we were this morning. we could see upper 40s in the brooksville area most other folks waking up in the 50s and 60s.
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than the winds bringing in cooler temperatures, 82. 79 normal for the morning was kind of cool, the afternoon was 3 degrees above normal we should typically top out at 79 for this day. saint pete 76, sarasota clear and warm 80 degrees with the dewpoint of 52. satellite picture, all client and it stays that way tonight, tomorrow and into the week water vapor that is the dry air on top of us, the orange color it will be here for another 24 or 48 hours, we are good to go friday and saturday and sunday. we may begin to see more clouds rolling in as monster comes in from the east but there will be no problem tomorrow morning or the afternoon, a few fairweather clouds at times some wispy clouds racing through but nothing more than give us shielded sunshine.
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winds bringing more clouds to the interior counties may be an isolated shower. i showed you the gfs model pretty bullish on a cold snap for the last week of thanksgiving -- november. the euro trying to cool us off either way the models are trending to a nice little cool stretch the week of thanksgiving. something to look forward to. your hour by hour forecast, partly cloudy to clear, wake-up time upper 50s to low 60s a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast, sony on friday 79, saturday and sunday 80 degrees, maybe a couple showers early next week, otherwise sunny and pleasant for the end of next week still ahead, protecting pedestrians. the three safety issues and ellis county plans to make to lower the number of people hit
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coming to downtown tampa. we will tell you about the project the city is proposing. as we go to break another look at the freebies available for veterans tomorrow for veterans day. ihop offering a free stack of pancakes and you can get a free pig from mcdonald's. e company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting married? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. to learn more about our marketplace plan, visit
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here's something that could affect you a public meeting underway to talk about proposed improvements for a highly traveled downtown tampa road we are talking about this stretch of kennedy boulevard, the florida dot wants to resurface the road upgrade sidewalks improve the drainage and construct a new bike lane.
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plan could get underway if approved. a health alert for all floridians, it has been decades but the tropical bedbug is back. researchers say they have confirmed bugs were found inside of a brevard county home last year and they are indeed tropical bedbug's. they are similar to regular bedbugs but what sets them apart is that they feed on human blood. the best to reduce clutter in your home and wash your sheets often. if you are looking for something to do this weekend the greater pinellas county fair kicks off tonight. >> the third year starting in just minutes, general admission is five dollars per person. >> kids five and under and members of the military get in for free. the fair runs until sunday at 8:00. years wendy ryan with a
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rescue of two eagles trap in orlando. deputies releasing body cam or video from the pulse nightclub terror attack. what deputies are saying about rescuing the same man they were chasing. a rare look inside of a state crime lab where investigators are tracking deadly counterfeit pills. this hospital scored a d when it comes to patient safety. a total of 19 bay area hospitals scored below c. we will tell you who else made the
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abc action news starts right now. >> two breaking stories, first authorities trying to rescue a second bald eagle trapped inside of a storm drain this is a live look at the rescue operation under way right now, one lel ago at one time it was helping the other eagle that was trapped. let's take a better look earlier there is a close-up you see them on the right side one appeared to be injured or trapped while the other looked like it was protecting the first one with its wings around its body. authorities have close to the road as officers just arrived on scene hoping to rescue the
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like they are using a flashlight to look further, we believe the eagle is trapped. it is still trapped but the second eagle flew away. orange county deputies releasing this body cam or video you see from the night of the pulse terror attack, see the deputies gathering near the club making their way across the street, video sh and tending to victims in the aftermath. the footage gives us a brief peek inside the nightclub. omar mateen killed 49 people injuring dozens of others in the shooting. parents learning a coach eddie hillsborough martial arts school faces sex charges with a young student. the men taught classes at undisputed fitness and martial


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