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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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those lows overnight don't shift dramatically. we're still looking at the low 60s. action news starts next. from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> two straight nights of protests against the election of president-elect donald trump, who donald trump is now blaming for inciting these protests. >> breaking police are conducts a homicide investigation. the injury the victim suffered before dying at the hospital. >> ready, aim, fire. >> and today is veterans day. some freebies and deals that veterans can get including from national chains. good morning, and thank you for joining us. i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. there are now two straight nights of protest against president-elect donald trump. >> thousands gathered in cities
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that the media incited the protestors. >> protests continuing for a second day thursday. demonstrators angry over donald trump's election victory hitting the streets on both coasts and in the country's midsection. from new york to los angeles and up the coast of portland where police declared that the unrest had become a riot. >> you're all acting like twitter writing in part, professional protestors incited by the media are protesting very unfair. that tweet coming after trump's rather unpleasant message about his day in washington. trump meeting with president obama at the white house. >> very good man,. >> thank you guys. appreciate it. >> the president-elect also stopping at capitol hill meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan.
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some of the names being mentioned rines priebus for chief of staff. house speaker newt gingrich for secretary of state. and rudy giuliani for secretary of homeland security or attorney general. kellyanne conway tight-lipped when asked what position she might fill. >> can you say what white house job you have been offered? >> no, i can't. that's between president-elect trump and me at the that started peacefully got heated on the streets of ybor city last night. demonstrators marched right past a bar full of trump supporters. >> usa! usa! trump protestors marched right into a u.s. marine corps pub crawl and things got out of control fast.
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people screaming at each other on the streets of ybor. >> i just can't believe the things that came out of his mouth. i still can't believe we elected him. >> all of these protestors believe that president-elect donald trump is a racist, sexist and divisive for the country. >> popular vote >> not everybody out enjoying ybor tonight felt the same way. >> i think they don't know sorry but the regular media don't know the real story. >> but for protestors who feel disenfranchised they feel very informed on what they think trump thinks and they're worried. >> i hope a lot of this rhetoric was like just a show. i hope it's not as bad as we think it is but we're all here because we're scared for the worst.
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reporting. that march lasted for nearly two hours, but nobody was arrested. tampa's immigrant community also protested. people from cuba, dominica and puerto rico hit the streets saying they fear what a trump administration could bring. some of them say their fakes are serving in the military and they're scared trump's temperament could lead the u.s. into an unnecessary war. as a teenager augustine scaled a fence at guantanamo bay to others who went to such great lengths to get here are worried that trump's stand on illegal immigration could produce laws that rip families apart. >> man that has been here for 30 or 40 years, they are still illegal but they are paying taxes in this country. >> you're trying to send back people who have been here for years back to their country. >> while their hope of trump stepping down is not likely,
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their voices heard. a wesley chapel high school teacher under investigation for a politically motivated community to a student. john sousa approached several african-americans in the halls. sousa then said to them don't make me call donald trump to get you sent back to africa. he coaches the boy's golf team. he's now on administrative leave. breaking overnight, tampa police thousand searching for the suspect responsible for a homicide. officers respond t of nebraska avenue and columbus drive. first responders rushed that man with upper body trauma to the hospital where he died. so far no word on a suspect or a motive, but police are still investigating. breaking overnight, the search for a stolen car ends with that car flipping. two men inside the car were rushed to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. authorities say they started following a driver in pasco county. it all ended in st. petersburg. investigators have not released the identities of the suspects
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a little bit cooler today right shay? >> it is. i think it's noticeably cooler and then the other thing is that the humidity is down, and when it's drier i think it also just feels a little bit cooler out there, but temperatures are 5 to 10 degrees lower than what they were yesterday at this time. spring hill 56, wesley chapel 5. 61 right now in tampa. 62 in siesta key, and sarasota is at 60. now, as we look at the da lots of sunshine, we're in the mid-70s by noon, and topping out at 80, so it's going to be a gorgeous day ahead. again, i'll let you know how long this stretch of beautiful weather will last coming up in the seven-day forecast. quick check on the roads at 4:36. a live look here at i-234. no problems to report. an independent investigation now underway into a deadly shooting of a suspect by a deputy in polk county.
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by road in lakeland yesterday afternoon. when deputies arrived 53-year- old john pachure, shot his mother in both of her legs. deputy -- she was almost in tears. >> i grabbed her like this and i was like oh, my gosh. the shots were just you know. >> it was loud, and that close, especially when you have -- when you see cop >> and you hear that, you know it's not good. >> the two deputies involved were not hurt. they're both on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation. the woman who was shot is listed in stable condition. happening today, the widow of a murdered lake wales convenience store clerk is now pleading for information about the people who killed her husband. two gunman killed mohammad alam last month. two men made alam take off his
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investigators now offering a $5000 reward for information that leads to the gunman. the owner of a tampa martial arts gym is accused of having a sexual relationship with an underraged girl. hillsborough county deputies arrested nelson azario. the encounters happened at the gym at his home. azario owned the -- thieves behind a massive electronic heist are on the run. it happened at the t-mobile store on east brandon boulevard. the thieves broke in through a concrete wall. 4:38. clear water police now on the hunt for a violent robber. surveillance pictures show him hitting a 56-year-old convenience clerk with a cash drawer. it happened inside the speedway
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if you recognize the thief call crime stoppers. police are on the hunt for the man who stole a gum ball machine along with everything inside it. that machine is valued at more than $800. it happened last week at sekura japanese steakhouse in winter haven. the man told employees he was there to fix the machine and had to take it off the property. he took it and never came back. this morning we're hearing from bucs defensive tackle about the teenager accused of breaking into his hse broke into mccoy's house just hours before the bucs lost to the falcons last week. mccoy wasn't there but the team fought with mccoy's father. the defensive tackle now taking a forgiving tone with the suspect. >> i was just asking that people pray for the kid who tried to break in my house, you know, just a lost kid. i just need some guidance. >> mccoy says his family's fine. police did eventually catch up
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burglary charges. a toddler in miami recovering after falling from a fourth floor apartment. luckily the 3-year-old girl landed in some bushes. fire rescue officials say she was able to move her arms and legs and it looks like she'll be okay. a texas high school was paddled for not standing for the pledge of allegiance. pick. that's all coming up in sports. i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones...
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taking action for you, get your resumes ready. amazon is hiring right here in the tampa bay area. the company's hiring seasonal warehouse associates in ruskin. the hiring events starts today and runs throug center. be prepared, amazon's looking to hire people on the spot. the penny hoarder financial site plans to change black friday and put money in your pocketed in of you giving them money. the site wants followers to pass up the stores and instead spend a day with family. they're calling it purple friday. people who pass on shopping will be eligible to win prizes worth up to $10,000. speaking of black friday
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best buy started rolling out their plans giving us a sneak peek at the deals. wal-mart and target will open their doors at 6 p.m. on thanksgiving day. best buy stores open an hour earlier at 5. we have all the deals and the ads on our website and on our abc action news mobile app. macy's will be open on thanksgiving day. the company has announce it had will not bring back donald trump's brand. the macy's dropped the donald trump line last year after he called mexican immigrants rapists and criminals on the first day of his campaign. many people may wonder what hillary clinton has been up to since she gave her concession speech. she's taken some time to enjoy the great outdoors. a woman upset about clinton's loss took a hike in the woods with her daughter to clear her head and that's what she ran into hillary and bill clinton
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the former secretary of state. divers find a ship that sank more than 130 years ago. the shipwreck hunters found the wreckage of the js sea burn's freighter intact. they used old charts and historic accounts from 1844 to figure out where to focus their search. then they used sonar equipment to find the ship. the team found dishes stacked on tables and shelves. all 60 passengers and crew members survived this shipwreck. today is veterans day, and freebies that america's war veterans and members of the military can get today. in honor of this day, governor rick scott says florida state parks will offer free admission for all visitors. hillsborough area regional transit are both offering free rides for active duty and military veterans today. but you must have a valid military id. a lot of restaurants are serving free food to men and women who have served our
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for more freebies and deals check out and our free mobile app. starting today we'll start seeing santa at shopping malls. he's going to be at the west field malls of tampa, brandon and clear water. santa will be making appearances at the mall until december 24th. we'll check in with shay for a look at our forecast. it's beginning to feel more like the holidays. >> especially if you're walking out the door this morning in brooksville or crystal river. we're in the this morning in quite a bit of tampa bay and to the north. 57 in plant city right now. 61 in tampa, 62 in bradenton. we have the upper 50s right now in avon park, lake placid, wauchula, bartow, lakeland at 55. as we look at the satellite and radar composite, we're not seeing really anything going on. it's a very quiet morning weather-wise, ask through the day we're going to continue to
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to roll through early on saturday, and you can see it's not packing a big punch. there is some cooler air behind it, some drier air really, but overall we're not going to see any dramatic changes over the weekend. we'll have cooler mornings, warmer afternoons and there's no rain in site. so if you have some things to do in the backyard, you need to get some yard work done, today is going to be a gorgeous day with a high around it's going to be warm and dry and with relatively low humidity, it's going to keep it pretty comfortable. this continues right through the weekend. hey, maybe you want to put some holiday lights up. the weather's looking great for it. all the way through sunday, highs near 80. we will have cool mornings, and then into next week, that's when our next front approaches. well, two fronts down the line will approach, and that's where we'll have a slightly higher chance for some rain. that's going to be a slow moving front.
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cloud cover for two days and then that slight chance for rain wednesday early in the day before it finally presses to the south of us. not a cold burst behind us, still topping out at 77. so temperatures are going to be just a little below average at that point. at least through the weekend highs near 80. again, lots of sunshine, low humidity and no rain in site. this is florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. thanks shay. 4:49. 11 until 5, problems on the roads this early friday morning. janelle martinez standing by with live traffic updates starting at 5. the bucs will try to win their first home game so far this season this sunday when they host the chicago bears. the usf bulls are on the road taking on the memphis tigers in tennessee. tom korun has your sports update. >> good morning everybody, amalie arena has been good to the lightning this season and
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appreciation night. the bolts go to 5, 1 and 1 at home while keeping montreal within eyesight. the key last night, the lightning's power play as it was between these two teams in the beginning of the month. steven stamkos gets things rolling off the assist by tyler johnson right here to make it 1- 0. that cheetah couch of would make it 2-0 after one and in the second another power johnson during that shot and the lightning go on to beat the islanders 4-1. andre vasless i can getting the victory. buccaneer's ride receiver mike evans has been cleared to play sunday against chicago, and running back doug barton said it felt good to be back practicing with the team but we're not at the point where martin is a definite go for sunday against the bears. and after starting 6 and 0 on the season, on that quick turn
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with our pick last thursday night. this week at this point the line has the bears minus 1 in vegas, and as i said mike evans ising. i'm not going to hold out for doug martin. he may take a few steps, this 1 point gift i will take at home. i'm going to go with the boys plus the 1 in what is the most wonderful game and of course they need to win this one. and that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. 9 minutes until 5 right now, two dogs attacked a california mother and her 2- year-old son. now that child needs plastic surgery. we'll tell you who helped stop the attack and we're going to hear from the woman's husband. work is underway in the keys to use genetically modified mosquitoes to fight the zika virus. how it works and who wants to try it here in the bay area.
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4:54 now, later this morning tickets go on sale for the red hot chili peppers. >> ? give it away, give it away give it away know ? ? >> the north american tour stops in tampa on thursday april 27th. take a look at this
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stuck in a storm drain in orlando. that eagle fell into the storm drain yesterday after another eagle that was next to it flew away. crews had to shut down some roads. it took them about 90 minutes to free the bird: experts took it to check out its injuries. the audubon center says its eagle nesting system probably got into a fight. we continue to follow a big store are i. two straight nights of protests around the country against president elect donald trump. >> this after cordial meeting with president obama at the white house where the latest round of protests fired up and how trump is
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. live from the station taking action for abc action news. >> you're all acting like donald trump. >> violence erupts at a portland demonstration overnight, one of dozens of demonstrations that fired up across the country. >> and protestors right here in ybor city run into a marine corps pub crawl, police had to step in. >> a high speed pursuit through two counties ends up right here
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car several times. ahead in a live report, i'll detail exactly what happened and the condition and possible charges this morning. and good morning, thanks for joining us for abc action news on this friday, veterans day. i'm dan shaffer. >> good morning, i'm dee. it is a beautiful start to veterans day. it's a nice cool start to the day. >> yeah, you know what, it's looking fantastic out there, so whatever you have in mind to do today, the weather should not be getting in your way, but it is about 5 to 10 degrees cooler this morning than yesterday. 57 right now in lutes, 56 in plant city 61 in tampa, ruskin at 56. check out to the north. in citrus county and even parts of hernando county we have some temperatures in the 40s. it's 49 right now in beverly hills, crystal river and floral city and homosassa right at the 50-degree mark. brooksville has been in the mid- 40s this morning, and as we look a little farther south


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