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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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counties now lingering questions on who that car belongs to. >> night 2 of anti-trump protests. the anger intensifying leaving smashed windshields, slashed tires, damaged businesses. police in one place calling it a riot. thanks for waking up with abc action news on this veterans day friday, i'm dan shaffer. >> and good morning, i'm deiah riley. first, we don't want to have to get out the door with a traffic and weather together. shay's in for ivan again. >> you know, it is really nice outside this morning. temperatures are anywhere from even the upper 40s in spots in citrus and hernando county, but most of our temperatures are in the mid-50s to about 60 degrees. as we move through the day, all that sunshine we're going to see is going to bring us up to 75 by noon and 80 as a high again looking gorgeous to
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it's looking pretty gorgeous as well. i'll show you what's in store for us as our next cool front arrives tomorrow morning coming up in just a bit. how are things looking on the roads. >> i think a lot of people are off of work, off of school. traffic pretty light out there. we do have a crash reported on i-75, the exit to i-4. now here's a live look at i-75, those taillights you see right there heading towards i-4. so this would be the westbound exit on to i-4. we're getting word that that exit is partially blocked, not seeing any delays, though on interstates themselves. here's a look at a crash that we're watching over in pinellas county, southbound u.s. 19 right at roosevelt, and i am already seeing some delays there southbound on u.s. 19, and it's still pretty early. if you're heading out the door right now, you might want to try taking belcher. 6:01, a high speed pursuit through two counties ends when that suspect smashes into a tree and flips the car they were in. the wild scene started with a pursuit in pasco county and
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>> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan gathered new information this morning. we're looking at the pictures of the crash scene, it's pretty nasty. >> as you know, this all could have turned out a lot worse. pieces of this car thrown about this entire parking lot. let me paint the picture of exactly what happened here. if you look over, this car actually hit two palm trees right in this parking lot. one right across the way there, and one right in front of us. all of this happening just seconds before this car eventually flipped over right in th this has been a crazy scene. the maintenance director has been on the scene all morning trying to clear up this mess before these doors open. check out this video we got of this car from overnight. this all started when deputies in pasco county spotted this buick cxl that they believed was stolen just before 3 this morning. pasco deputies started that pursuit as they got near pinellas county. they radioed deputies right here who immediately used their helicopter to locate that vehicle.
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street north right here in st. pete, that car going at a high rate of speed, speeds possibly reaching above 100 miles per hour. the they eventually veered off the road ending up inside of this publix shopping center parking lot hitting those two palm trees before landing on all fours after flipping multiple times. now, we did speak with that property maintenance director who's been out here all morning and he was here just minutes after all this happened. >> not stuff, and just clutter and all that sand over there and all that mulch all over the place. the broken hit and damaged our islands the concrete, so yeah. this is incredible. >> and he's been doing a lot of work out here this morning, again, trying to clean up before these businesses open.
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taken to a local hospital. we're told their injuries were not life-threatening. at this point we're working with investigators to determine exactly what those charges will be. again, this will be quite a cleanup for the folks out here this morning, though. for now reporting live in st. pete, rodney dunigan abc action news. 6:04. breaking overnight, tampa police now searching for the suspect responsible for killing a man. officers responded to a call of a man down at the corner of nebraska avenue and columbus drive. he was rushed to the hospital where he or motive, but police are investigating. breaking news overnight, a second round of protests against president-elect donald trump. take a look at this video showing people causing damage in portland, oregon, smashing windows, setting things on fire, police calling that a riot. >> it also happened here in tampa. you're looking at video of protestors hitting the streets again for hours last night leading to a faceoff between them and trump supporters.
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when those protestors marched right past a bar filled with members of the military on a pub crawl. tampa police quickly separated the two groups. officers used a streetcar, mounted patrols and officers on bicycles to keep protestors in a specific area in ybor city allowing demonstrators to protest peacefully. >> i hope he matures as a person. i hope a lot of this rhetoric in the primary election and the election cycle, i hope that was like just a show. i really hope i hope it's not as bad as we think it is. we're all here because we're scared for the worst. >> they marched for two hours. luckily there were no arrests reported. tampa's immigrant community also protested last night. >> people from cuba, dominica and puerto rico hit the streets saying they fear what a trump administration could bring. some of them say their families are serving in the military and they're scared trump's temperament could lead to the u.s. being involved in an unnecessary war.
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ran through a cuban army minefield and scaled the fence at guantanamo bay to reach the u.s. he and others who went to great lengths to worry are worried that trump's stance on illegal immigration could produce laws that rip families apart. >> i know man in the united states that have been here for 30, 40, 50 years and they are still illegal, but they are paying taxes in this country. >> the demonstrators got some support from passing drivers, some of them honking and yelling out encouragement. we're learning this video, though. several people dragging a chicago man out of had his car and beating him up for voting for trump. david wilcox saying it started when a car scraped his. all he wanted to do is and if the person lashed out at him. one attacker drove away with his car. police are searching for suspects. president-elect donald trump is responding to the protests.
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the protestors were incited by the media. it comes after trump tried to present a more conciliatory tone in his victory speech and yesterday's meeting with president obama. independent investigators are taking over the case of a deputy shooting and killing a man in polk county. a woman called deputies to her home near saddle creek in lakeland yesterday evening. when deputies arrived they say 53-year-old john pachurek shot his mother in both her legs. deputiesay fire killing him. both are on administrative leave pending the investigation. the woman who was shot is listed in stable condition. . 6:07, still to come on abc action news at 6, this friday a toddler falls four stories but one thing there was that miraculously saved her life, and the unanswered questions about exactly what happened. >> a dog survives a gator attack. the daring measures the dog's
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two things missing now putting
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6:10 now, a toddler is recovering after falling from a fourth floor apartment in miami. it's incredible that 3-year-old girl happened to land in some bushes, did not hit the pavement. fire officials say she was able to move her arms and legs when they got to her.
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investigators now trying to figure out the nature of her fall, including whether she might have fallen from a window or a balcony. a family pet is on the mend right now after surviving a very scary alligator attack in miami-dade county. that family was out walking their dog hazel near a canal when a gator lunged out of the water and grabbed hazel. the owner started throwing rocks at the gator. when that didn't work one of them climbed down and grabbed the dog's harness. >> at that point my dad he laid down. my mom grabbed her ankles. he was able to pull it out of the water. the gator finally let go. >> they wrapped the dog's wounds with some of their clothing and a vet was able to save hazel. now they're afraid a child could be next. yards away from where this attack happened are elementary and middle schools only guarded by a fence with a giant hole. the family says there aren't any gator warning signs nearby. 6:11. coming up, a bald eagle recovering after being trapped in a storm drain.
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of that bird's injuries. >> plus the punishment one student faced for not taking part in the pledge of allegiance and why her mother says she gave the school
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6:14. take a look at these flames ripped through a petroleum equipment facility in mobile
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their main concern right now is runoff because hazardous material asks if flammable gas is stored in that building. the fire appears to have started in a garage where an rv was parked. no one was hurt. it's coming up on 15 minutes after 6. take a look at this dramatic video of a bald eagle that got stuck in a storm drain in orlando. this morning we're learning more about the injuries that bird is now recovering from. the eagle fell into that storm drain yesterday after another eagle that was next to it flew away. crews had to shut down some to free the bird. a lot of you watched the rescue unfold right on our facebook page. we did find out this morning that the 5-year-old female eagle has injuries all over, the worst punctures in her leg, chest, also a cracked beak. we're still waiting to find out how the eagle is doing. the world is paying tribute to singer song writer leonard cohen this morning. he died at the age of 82, his
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>> ? i'll stand right here before the lord of song with nothing on my tongue but hallelujah ? ? >> cohen will probably be best known for that song, hallelujah. other hits inbounded suzanne and bird on a wire. a memorial service being planned in los angeles. cohen's management did not say if he was ill before his death. he toured earlier this year and had released a new album last mont novels and poetry. a texas high school student is paddled for not standing during the pledge of allegiance. there was no school rule saying that students have to stand. but she says a substitute teacher sent her to the principal's office saying she was being disrespectful the principal gave her two options, detention or paddling. >> it's supposed to be a nation
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represent that. >> her mother says she did give the school permission to paddle her daughter but says that she was told it was for being disrespectful, not that it started with the pledge. the superintendent says the school has never punished a student for sitting during the pledge but does punish those who disrupt class. disturbing news for the 500 million people using yahoo's e- mail, the tech giant hacknologying it knew two years ago users accounts hacked. the company is now investigating how much was known about that hack in 201 . black friday, hard to believe it's two weeks away, and we know many of you may want to earn some extra cash to pay for gifts. >> toys"r"us is looking for anybody who wants to work through the holiday season. the store is hosting a holiday hiring event at all of its locations today. toys"r"us is planning to hire
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you can apply in the stores today or the company's website. amazon is hiring in the bay area. the company hiring seasonal warehouse associates in ruskin. the hiring event starts tomorrow and runs through sunday at the amazon fulfillment center on laurel ridge avenue. you can apply from 1 to 4 p.m. be prepared, you might get hired right on the spot. >> well, it's 6:18, we're off to a cooler start to the day. 61 right now in tampa. clear water at 60 and st. pete at 65. clear skies out th from the east to northeast at about 5 to 10. winds will be variable today but the big difference you're going to notice is going to be the cooler start. most temperatures are about 5 degrees lower this morning, but as much as 9 degrees lower in bartow and 7 degrees lower in sarasota, so we're starting off anywhere from the low 50s to about 60 degrees, even a few 40s in citrus and hernando counties but wore topping out near 80 today.
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dry. it's going to be very sunny and not too humid. so wonderful veterans day, whatever you have in mind, the weather shouldn't be getting in your way all the way through the weekend. we to have a cool front that's coming through early saturday. that just helps to support the same conditions that we're going to experience today. then our next front slowly moves across the state early next week. it doesn't really pass us and go to our south until later in the day on wednesday. so our rain chances are stil it does keep some extra cloud cover around for the beginning of the workweek. before it gorgeous weekend ahead, just a light breeze on saturday behind the front, and it will still be warm with a high of 80. on sunday a nice mix of sun and clouds, really a gorgeous day ahead. into next week our rain chances, although they're going to stick around for the next few days, do remain on the low side. the temperatures don't fall very much behind any of these fronts.
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you've got a crash to report? >> we are. we're watching a crash in pinellas county and it is slowing things down a bit. southbound u.s. 19 at roosevelt. a busy intersection for the morning drive. you can see the delays right here in the southbound lanes. if you're heading out the door, you might want to take bellture. that's moving a lot better right now. still watching this crash, the southbound i-275 right at mlk. i'm not seeing any delays. this will be just as you come across the howard franklin bridge into st. cameras around. i also know the folks were switching the cameras back and forth trying to find this crash, not seeing anything out there. it looks like your drive on 275 is in the clear. thanks. 20 minutes after 6 right now. if you missed the johns pass seafood festival two weeks ago, you now have another chance to enjoy some great weather and great food. the 29th annual sponge dog festival kicks off tonight in
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parking at dog splash park and the complementary shuttle ride. it features live music and an arts and crafts show. still ahead, a vicious attack, two dogs lash out at a toddler. a mother gets in between. the one thing that finally stopped the animals. >> and another samsung phone is blamed for sparking a fire, why
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good friday morning to you, it is 6:24 right now. a horrifying dog attack on a california mother and her young son is all caught on camera. before we show you this video, we do want to warn you it is disturbing. the surveillance video starts out. it shows the mom and her 2-year- old son who has autism outside their home. when you see that one large dog run over. well, the mother desperately tries to protect her son, but then another dog runs over and ok dogs. a neighbor comes over to help, but the dog still won't stop attacking them. the mom and her son are bitten several times. finally another neighbor comes over and the mom and the child are finally able to get inside. the boy's parents say that he's going to need plastic surgery. animal officers took both of those dogs into quarantine. another samsung phone has exploded and caught on fire,
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explosion in her 7-year-old son's bedroom during the middle of the night. when she went to check on what happened, she saw her samsung 4 had burned the carpet and nearly set the house on fire. she's now worried other samsung phones she owns are ticking time bombs. >> it was horrific. everything was full of smoke, too, just a horrible toxic chemical kind of smoke. >> that phone exploded while charging. no one in the house wahu ship the phone back to them. last month samsung recalled and discontinued the samsung note 7. 6:26 now, people have been threatening to leave the country since donald trump was elected president. >> one man from sweden wants to help you do that. this is gustav holan. he says he likes netflix and long walks. he's auctioning himself off on ebay for $50,000.
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the ebay listing has been taken down. the site says in its terms and conditions there is a ban on selling humans and offers for personal relationships. he says the whole thing was just a joke. he set the price so high that nobody would bid on him. >> coming up at 6:30, protests become riots. >> a new development in the fraud case against trump university, the reason this case may not go to trial after
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> we were just sitting there walking by beating on my window, spitting on us. >> caught in the chaos, protests turned violent on the nation's west coast.
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the election a riot. >> good morning and thank you for starting your friday with abc. >> i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. we're getting video of the damage caused in that protest while you were sleeping and we're hearing for witnesses calling to an end for this uprising. we want to help you get out the door with a look at traffic and weather together. you're talking cooler temperatures. >> it is cooler. check this out, in citrus county right now, temperatures have been as low as the mid-40s in some isolated spots. most of the in floral city, into crystal river, 51, homosassa, 51. across hillsborough county temperatures have been closer to 60 degrees around tampa. we're still seeing 54, lutes at 55, west chase at 53. into polk county right now, temperatures are also in the mid-50s. 56 in winter haven, lake wales at 55, frost proof right now at 58 degrees. we have a lot of sunshine in store. if you liked yesterday
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again, we're on the dry side with reasonable levels of humidity, so all looking well as we're starting off our veterans day. i'll show you what's ahead for the weekend coming up in just a bit. janelle, how are things looking on the roads? >> we're still watching this one crash over in pinellas. we have a crash us 19 southbound at roosevelt boulevard. you can see we are pretty stacked up here on u.s. 19 southbound. you might want to head over to belcher. i just checked and that is moving a lot better up our cameras. starting to get a little crowded out there. slow and steady i-275 right through downtown, not too bad in either direction. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about this morning there, and here are the average speeds on the major roadways. the veterans still in the green, look at that, 66 the average speed there, a little bit slow on 275 and up to speed on i-75 heading south. back to you. >> it is 6:31, and breaking
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outraged over the election outcome. >> people took over streets of several cities once again last night, but our focus this morning is on this scene in portland. >> the protestors blocked streets, they vandalized cars and threw things at police. abc action news anchor lindsay logue has been following this developing scene. president-elect donald trump is also now responding to this. >> certainly with a brand new tweet he just put it out moments ago. i'm going to show i want to take you to portland and show you the latest video into the newsroom. it shows how quickly things got out of control. people taking to the streets overnight where cars and business windows have been busted out. police say protestors were actually throwing things at them. we've seen vandalism along city streets. people lighting things on fire. police were forced to use tear gas and try to disburse an angry crowd, and there have been arrests as police try to
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>> you're sitting there breaking fuse boxes lighting trash cans on fire, just vandalizing everything you can because you'reed off because your candidate didn't win. it's just stupid and needs to end. >> as the riots in portland continue, in oakland police had to use tear gas and flash bang grenades at protestors. in new york overnight things there remained peaceful. it was mostly young frustrated people their anger at the base of trump tower. donald trump did respond on twitter. take a look, i just pulled it up. 19 minutes ago, here's what he says. love the fact that the small groups of protestors last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. last night he put out a tweet blaming the media for the protestors in the first place. we will keep our eyes on this video coming to you out of the
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new developments on the lawsuit involving trump university. donald trump's attorneys have agreed to enter settlement talks. the federal trial focuses on alleged fraud in trump's real estate program. this agreement could mean a quick end to the 6 1/2 year case just before it goes to trial. but as of now jury selection is still set to begin later this month. opening statements would tart in mid-december. 6:34. breaking news in the fight against isis, an the terror group in mosul. he was at one time an intelligence officer for saddam hussein. yesterday iraqi troops fired at isis militants in mosul but did not go after them. instead, soldiers cleared neighborhoods once occupied by the islamic extremists. they were searching for militants trying to blend in.
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congress for $11.6 billion more. the request was sent to lawmakers for consideration. it's unclear what republicans controlling congress will now do about unfinished spending bills. today the widow of a murdered lake wales convenience store clerk is pleading for information about the people who killed her husband. she's planning to hold a news conference at the lake wales police department this afternoon. two gunmen killed mohammad alam last month. police say the two men robbed him and shot there's now a $5000 reward for information leading to the gunman. new this morning, a martial arts coach charged with having sexual contact with one of his students is now out of jail on bond, and for the first time one of his clients is coming forward to defend him. nelson nazario is charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery. hillsborough county deputies say the coach admitted to it. they say the girl was 12 during the first incident that allegedly happened sometime between march of last year and this past september.
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fitness and martial arts gym in tampa. a client and friend calls the accusations false. she shared video of her own training sessions saying she trusts him. >> i have never seen any behavior that would be questionable. he actually makes it like a special point to make sure everybody feels safe and comfortable. >> she claims the victim's family has never trained at the gym. deputies say the crime happened at work and at the man's home. they this morning we're getting a new look at the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. the orange county sheriff's office releasing chilling new body camera video showing what officers saw inside the pulse nightclub. that haunting sound there, victims phones rings. deputies with guns drawn searching pulse for survivors and also the gunman. hours after the shooting began
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>> this week it was announced pulse is going to be turning into a permanent memorial. a fire causes major damage at a home in south st. petersburg. firefighters called just after midnight to this house on fairfield avenue. no one was home at the time thankfully. no first responders were injured fighting the fire. investigators trying to figure out what sparked it. more positive news for your retirement account. the dow opening at a new record high. the index climbed finish at 18808 yesterday. looks like the uphill ride might be over. dow future was are down this morning 68 points. check the s&p. the s&p gained 4 points yesterday but it shows a loss of almost 13 points at the open this morning. the tech heavy nasdaq also lost 42 points yesterday and the nasdaq futures now showing a loss of 51 points at the opening bell. the thieves behind a massive electronic heist in
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now. this happened early yesterday morning at a t-mobile store. hillsborough county deputies say they broke in through a wall and used a cutting wheel to steal the safe. they took off in a catted lack cts with $150,000 worth of stolen electronics. police are on the hunt for this man who stole a gum ball machine by pretending to be there to repair it. that machine's valued at more than $800. this happened last week sekura japanese steakhouse. the man told employees he was there to fix the machine and had to take it off property. if you recognize him call crime stoppers. the new balance shoe company is on damage control right now after a comment the company vice president maid about the election. take a look at this video. some customers posted videos of themselves burning new balance sneakers on social media. they're upset after the executive said in an interview that under a president trump things would move in the right
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was not directed at any particular group. it was referring to the transpacific partnership, a trade deal that some people say hurts american jobs. the company also posted a statement saying new balance believes in community and in humanity. macy's announced it will not bring back the trump brand. macy's dropped the donald trump line last year after he called mexican immigrants rapists and criminals on the first day of his campaign. macy's still carries ivanka trump's line of clothing and accessories. today is november 11th, veterans day, dozens of local groups and businesses are offering special deals on this special day. we have a complete list here at here are just a few of the officer. hart is offering free rides for veterans and their families, and so is the psta. all of florida's state parks are free to veterans and their families today. some pinellas county parks are offering free parking to vets. the american victory ship is offering free tours to veterans
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on your groceries. there are a few exclusions including prescription drugs and alcohol. about half of the bay area schools are closed today for the holiday. if you need to go someplace with the kids you may want to consider this, the florida aquarium. in honor overbed, the aquarium's offering one free admission to all veterans active military and their dependents. four additional guests can get discounted $15 tickets. a case of domestic violence ending a florida international university football players college career. police say john smith's girlfriend mary g atspar poured a pot of boiling water over his head. gas par is reportedly five months pregnant with his child. police charging her with aggravated battery. bucs defensive tackle about
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that 17-year-old broke into mccoy's home hours after the bucs lost to the falcons. mccoy wasn't there at the time but the teen fought with mccoy's father. bucs' defense i tackle taking more of a forgiving tone. >> i would just and that people would pray for the kid who tried to break into my house, you know, just a lost kid, and probably just needs some guidance. >> mccoy says his family's fine. police eventually caught the teenager. he is jailed on assault and burglary charges. >> the soaring costs of prescription drugs, the place hundreds are going to here in tampa. >> free, medical, and vision care out here in manatee county today. how you can take advantage and what it means to the folks who
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starting off your morning sprint working to get an update on two suspects inside this car when it flipped following a pursuit across two counties. deputies say the car reached speeds of over 100 miles an hour. that carvagely crashed in a shopping center flipping multiple times. both people inside are expected to survive. detectives have not told us exactly why they were after them. tampa police are searching for the person who killed a man at the corner of nebraska avenue and columbus drive.
6:45 am
with upper body trauma to the hospital where he died. right now there's no word on a suspect or a motive but police tell us they are investigating. protests against donald trump are coming to southwest florida tonight. this comes after some 4,000 people were in portland oregon smashing in store windows and setting fires. it's one of dozens of demonstrations in a second night of unrest. groups are planning two marches in downtown fort myers. a tampa mixed martial coach is accused of having sex with an underaged girl he taught. police arrested nelson nazario. deputies say the inappropriate relationship lasted for more than a year. it happened at his gym and his house. nazario is charged with lewd and lascivious battery. ever regret sending an e- mail seconds after you hit that send button. for apple users you have an
6:46 am
embarrassing e-mail. gmail added an undue button to its ios app. that button is available for a few seconds after you hit send. it's not available yet for android users. happening today a clinic offering free medical treatment just opened minutes ago in manatee county. >> hundreds of volunteer doctors and dentists are at the manatee technical college through the weekend. ashley, we saw earlier the crowd behind you huge, and we hear patients come from as far away from texas to get free home. >> that's right, deiah, some people here since 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon waiting in their cars all night just to be out here, and you can see still folks waiting outside this morning. there are even more inside and most everyone i speak to says it is worth it. they are getting free medical, dental, and vision care. i am with walter right now, a veteran, first of all. thank you for your service
6:47 am
why is this so important to you? >> well, i was in an accident a while back and i had some real damage to my mouth and my teeth, and it's important to me because it's just -- it's a life changing moment. i mean it would cost me 5,000 or up to go to a regular dentist and have this work done and to offer this service to people like myself is just nothing short of a miracle. i mean i can't tell you how excited i am and grateful i am that they opportunity to get any teeth fixed. >> something you were telling me you may not have been able to do otherwise. >> no, no, i've been living with this problem for a while now because i haven't been able to afford it. >> i hope you get the care you need today. if you want to come out here, they're going to be out here all weekend providing that free medical care, and i do want to mention that today if you have pets that need a checkup as
6:48 am
out. we are at manatee technical college. they are going to be out here all weekend helping you. i'm ashley yore abc action news. one of the health expenses people are struggling to pay for is the cost of prescription drugs. according to aarp prices of four of the nations top 10 drugs doubled in the past five years. this morning we're digging into ways people are finding to save. some are turning to stores that export medicine from canada for hundreds less. one of them, canadian has a tampa location. the food and drug administration warnings you not to get food calling it dangerous busies agency hasn't approved them. >> rib fest starts today in st. petersburg. >> it's a festival, you're going to have great food and great music. the event runs through sunday. the gates open every day at 11:00. huey louis and the news performing tonight. >> chris young plays sunday: tickets start at $30 for friday
6:49 am
saturday and sunday. ? take me to the place i love, take me all the way. ? ? >> ready to rock, tickets for the april 27th show go on sale at 10 this morning: prices start at $49. this weekend the world's largest cruise ship is going to make its debut voyage. >> it's royal caribbean's harmony it will be deporting from port ever grades. the ship can hold more than 6700 gusts. >> like a small city, you know. >> it does, in fact, seven neighborhoods are built into this thing. it has 20 different restaurants. harmony of the seas will sail year round from fort lauderdale to the caribbean. >> that's beautiful. and good morning everybody. we've been talking about this crash over in pinellas. most of the morning southbound
6:50 am
al flying over this crash right now. what are you seeing out there? >> good morning, you can see southbound 19 right there. there's a couple vehicles, minor damage. fhp is right there investigating. so it's southbound u.s. 19 south of bellaire but before the exit to whitney road. see the backup extends back up to just about gulf to bay. one lane is only taken. two lanes are getting through. this should be out of the way shortly. now back to you janelle. and we're also watching a crash in the tampa area northbound hillsborough avenue. we usually don't see delays northbound on nebraska avenue, but we are today due to a crash at sinclair hills road. if you're heading north hop on 275. that is moving a lot quicker northbound. a live look outside at the howard franklin bridge. look how wide open we are across the bridge, less than 10 minutes to get across the bay. it's a beautiful start to the day. in fact, right now at 6:50, it's 61 degrees in tampa, but
6:51 am
and in crystal river, mid-40s. it is cooler than it was yesterday at this time. 5 of in wauchula, 60 in sarasota. now over the last three hours, we haven't seen a drop of rain across the area, and on the futurecast you can see just how clear it is, the only reason you know things are moving on is the clock at the top of the screen here. watch as we go through to 8:00 tonight. just a few clouds starting to build in this evening. nothing that's going to bring us rainfall overnight. we're looking beautiful as we're heading into if you're thinking about barbecuing for dinner tonight it's going tore gorgeous weather. temperatures in the upper 70s by 5:00. by 7:00 down it 72. nice and comfortable this evening and beautiful weather through the weekend. into next week we'll start with slight chances of rain monday, tuesday and early in the day on wednesday. this is a slow moving front. it's not a strong front but will help to keep our temperatures closer to average, if not even a little below
6:52 am
the middle and end of next week, but through the weekend the temperatures are still going to be warm in the afternoon after some cool starts to the day, and lots of sunshine and low humidity. all in all, pretty fantastic for whatever you have in mind this weekend. back to you. >> sounds really good. how about some golf. >> how much would you pay for someone's old golf gear, $30,000 seems a little outrageous. >> it once belonged to president george h. w. bush. the former president had given a golf bag, shoes and a putter to someone who worked at a golf course in maine. they were auctioned off yesterday. bush 41 by the way was known for playing golf at a breakneck speed. he once finished 18 holes in under two hours. >> just the site of that is really funny. >> takes me that long on the 19th hole. >> stay with us.
6:53 am
malicious apps as well as spammy accounts before they're published on the google play store. we'll give you tips to protect yourself coming up at 7 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm becky worley abc news oakland
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we're making it to a high lots of sunshine right through the weekend after cool mornings starting off near 60 degrees. so if you like today, you're going to like saturday and sunday as well. >> love it. >> take a look at this, a woman upset over hillary clinton's presidential loss decided to take a walk with her daughter to clear her head, and look who she ran into, hillary clinton herself out walking her dog. >> the woman says she was so happy to be able to hug and talk to the former secretary of state, she even handed her phone to bill clinton who snapped this photo.
6:57 am
chance as a good sign and she's very proud of clinton. >> she's like, yeah, i know you were the former president, but just take this picture. >> good morning america is up next.
6:58 am
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good morni good morning, america. breaking overnight, riots in the streets. >> hey, hey, hey. >> violent anti-trump demonstrations break out again nationwide. as donald trump both attacks the protesters on twitter calling them professionals and passionate. [ chanting "we hate trump" ] >> and makes peace with president obama at the white house. >> i had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. >> his wife melania sits down with the first lady and the transition underway and our first private look at hillary clinton after her loss. state of emergency. more than 30 wildfires burn through the southeast forcing


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