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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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last few hours, voter turnout in the election dipping to its lowest point in two decades. 55%, that is the lowest since 1996. it is still a tragedy, 20 veterans per day take their own lives. >> president obama marking his final veterans day as president at arlington national cemetery, a message about national unity as he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> one local va hospital leading the way for the new program aimed at helping veterans get the help they need and saving lives. brendaliss gonzalez explains. the plan involves one simple goal if it continues to work leaders think they could provide even more veterans the services they need. this year the veterans day
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it is especially memorable. for vietnam veterans. like truman harris.>> i was crying earlier. >> he has been out of the army for nearly 30 years but he didn't join the va until this year. >> i didn't really think i could come to the va. >> we knew nothing about any benefits whatsoever. >> and now is the chairman of the board for the bay pines va and their effort to bring in more vets. >> not taking advantage of the benefits the country wants them to have. >> this va was one of the first in the nation to start my va community a program working with county leaders and veterans to spread the word of the services offered, changing negative perceptions. >> there is at first nist toward the government. >> leaders plan to start the
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by the end of the year. harris thinks he is better off now. >> i am happy that i did. i am meeting more people than i used to. >> he hopes more of his colleagues can join in. >> we have come a long way. we need really good people in the office or in congress and the house to come forward and help us. >> brendaliss gonzalez abc action news. the streets for the ninth annual tampa veterans day parade . it is at the veterans hospital, more than 40 veterans and civic groups marched in the parade.>> that bay pines va healthcare system hopes its annual ceremony people gathering for the event, david jolly was also there to honor those who served our country.
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nation's leading healthcare systems employing more than 4000 people providing care to veterans. a marine unable to accept a job promotion all because she did not have a way to get around town got a big surprise today. isabel rosales with the story.>> yvette jones no struggle serving her country as a marine and raising two children by herself. when someone stole her car she strength continuing to fight the battle. now, her community is the one serving her giving her keys to this american beauty. the 2005 cadillac deville. mom isn't the only when overtaken with emotion. >> this is what we always wanted. seat warmers in the back. >> it is so unexpected.
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they will bring into your life. >> a veteran taking the backseat for once taking her communities help as she rises up. peer gratitude for the veteran and civilian in tampa isabel rosales abc action news. now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather.>> the weather looks very good temperatures in the 60s, cooling off quickly now that the sun is setting one hour earlier, 68 spring hill, hudson 69, wesley chapel 69 even clearwater along the beach in the upper 60s most everybody else in the lower 70s after highs today hitting 80 in tampa above normal in spite of the fact it felt cooler, 82 sarasota the hotspot, 77 in lakeland and bartow, 74 saint pete. brooksville hitting 78 after
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tomorrow morning anywhere from the low 50s in the northern counties aba couple of upper 40s under partly cloudy to clear skies, futurecast showing a nice evening if you're going outside the weather should be beautiful whether it is ribfest or anything else, this is the time of year the evenings are beautiful. a little bit of rain in the forecast down the road, i will tell you when in a few minutes. free medical treatment and you can just show up to take advantage. >> doctors providing free care at manatee technical college. ashley yore tonight with the free services you can get. >> free medical dental and vision care right here in manatee county going on throughout the weekend, take a look about 50 dental chairs all filled with folks getting the
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i am here with wayne, you are one of the people waiting to be in one of the chairs. what are you here for today? >> i am here to get periodontal cleaning, i have healthcare and a dental plan, i pay a premium but i can't afford my co-pay. >> how frustrating is that? >> extremely frustrating. i am paying for medical care that i can't afford to use. so i have to laugh crying and getting angry. i am really glad this organization is here because i could truly use the services. >> how much do you think this will save you by being able to come here and wait in line for a few hours? >> i can save a quick $600, they have the periodontal cleaning that i need i would have to pay $600 upfront before the dentist would look into my mouth. a person on a fixed income or a
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cannot afford that. >> absolutely, it is a good thing you're here today, if you're not able to make it out today you can come throughout the weekend, we have the hours and times listed on our website, in manatee county, ashley yore abc action news. players and doctors are calling for the national football league to reconsider its ban on marijuana. in 2011 a study found 71% nfl players who used painkillers during their career became addicted. at least nine former players are calling on the nfl to change its position on marijuana use, the players union is looking into it. the holidays are around the corner this year thousands of families will be in need of food and toys. >> to make donating easier metro ministries has teamed up with a local company that calls itself the uber for large
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the annual event expects to help about 18,000 tampa bay area families this holiday season. if you have something to donate request a driver on their app.>> if you want to donate you can use this app to have someone pick up your donation and a portion of the transport fee will go to metropolitan ministries. you can help out twice. >> if you would like to lear trucks on-demand go to a lot of events going on across the bay area, janelle martinez joins us with where you can find parking for the sponge doc festival the tampa bay heart walk and interstate construction to know about. >> it is going to be a gorgeous weekend and a lot of you will be looking for something to do outside, one option the seafood
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through sunday, expect extra foot and car traffic. they are offering called the mentoring parking and shuttle service you have to park at the dog splash park then you can take a bus into the heart of the festivities making everything easier. we have a complete closure on heinz avenue in front of the stadium tomorrow morning due to the tampa bay heart walk heinz will be closed from columbus until mlk tampa bay boulevard and mlk during the same time, next week we have construction to warn you about, the i-4 ramp closed to get to northbound i-75 this is in the overnight from sunday through wednesday. for more on all of this follow me on twitter at tampa bay traffic. today is her birthday, the
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that story coming up. a hunter who helped kill a beloved african lion gets off the hook. the one thing his attorney proved in court forcing a judge to drop the charges. a plea for justice, the widow of the convenience store manager shot and killed in lake wales opens up about the day her family changed forever. the bad feeling that she had before her husband died. before we go to break, look at these are training as service dogs. part of a program at a california university, when they are old enough they will help people with disabilities and veterans with combat related disabilities. the university has been live streaming the companions all
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a surprise birthday party today at a bradenton animal shelter, when you hear how long this terrier mix has been looking for her home it may make you think twice. jake peterson picks up the
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know it yet but she has a special service waiting for her. >> we are having a 12th birthday party.>> cupcakes for the humans and a peanut butter cake for the guest of honor which did not last long. workers say she has a lot to celebrate, healthy for her age but she desperately needs a home. >> she has been in the shelter on and off since 2009. >> she has been adopted three separate times and she just hasn't found the perfect home. >> she keeps getting returned be she does not live well with other animals.>> i think her age has a lot to do with it. a lot of people will overlook older dogs. >> even though she is a senior dog she is very playful. >> the most loving spunky
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three-year-old. >> today is her day but they hope her birthday bash sends out a message. >> we are tried to show these guys have years of love left in them. >> the best gift of all, reporting in bradenton jake peterson abc action news. the hunter who helped kill a beloved lion last year will not face any charges. a court in zimbabwe out the charges against a man who failed to stop the killing of cecil the lion by an american dentist. walter palmer from minnesota killed cecil with a bow and arrow inside of a national park . the attorney for the man who helped palmer says because he had a permit to hunt his client broke no laws in assisting him. the death of the lion sparked international outrage last year.
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investigating after racist signs were found posted above water fountains inside of a high school. this is a picture you will see of the signs, one reads colored the other breeds whites only. they are investigating, but it appears to have been a prank. the signs were immediately taken down as soon as it was brought to their attention. developments on large wildfires burning in north carolina. officials say arson is being investigated as the possible cause of more than 20 wildfires burning in the national force, the us for street service says fires are burning on more than 20 square miles in the western part of the state no arrests have been reported but arson arrests have been made in tennessee and kentucky. a young boy trying to do his chores and take out the trash got way more than he
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child was no match for the strong winds blowing, you see him determined to get the garbage can to the edge of the driveway despite the lid hitting him in the face. >> you see the video, at one point the wind whipped so hard it sends him flying to the ground, the garbage can toppling over him, the video posted yesterday has been viewed 50,000 times. >> it looks like the trashcan may have won the battle but just trying to get it done. the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather.>> if that happened in my first -- house i would hear dad and then i would have to do it for him. we have not had a lot of wind the last couple of days but we did the last few weeks, we are just looking at sunshine and cool temperatures, we were in
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and we have seen beautiful sunsets lately. there is another from the mainsail in and a marina island. flooded with pictures from families loved ones and friends from veterans day this is from colonel john berkman from 2004. we are getting a lot of current ones and old-school ones. this is actually a member of our weather web chat the 80s, she had the short blonde hair. lastly this is from darlene also operation desert storm, we are getting a ton more especially ones from world war ii, we will share those coming up, please keep them coming, a great way to honor veterans on our veterans day. under clear skies across the area doppler radar rain free,
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waking up to the low 50s even some upper 40s dropping down to the mid-40s this morning in brooksville and areas in citrus county, kathleen 52, downtown tampa, 59, largo 60 along the coast around 60 degrees, east of i-75 closer to the 50 degree mark. outside of tampa partly cloudy 73 degrees, the dewpoint comfortable at 53, we topped out at 80 temperatures today where they should be for the middle of november. clear skies in saint pete, 73 sarasota clear with temperatures at 76 degrees, winds out of the west northwest off the golf at 10 miles per hour, a little bit of cloud cover but not a lot, tonight when the meteor shower peaks i think there will be mostly clear skies, but a few clouds
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on saturday and the same thing sunday, maybe some fog sunday morning if you're going over to raymond james stadium you may run into patchy fog and by later on in the afternoon we will warm up to 80 just like we had today and how we will see tomorrow upper 70s to low 80s. long-range forecast next week a seasonal week may be cooler than normal by wednesday or thursday and a chance for much cooler air by the week of than g temperatures in the 50s and 60s a look at our seven-day forecast, 80s saturday and sunday, 77 monday, 76 tuesday may be an isolated shower but not many it will not be a problem this weekend looking absolutely gorgeous, if you're going to raymond james for the game against the bears on sunday at 1:00, 77 at lunchtime, kickoff 78, 79
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rain free. still ahead, an update on the dramatic rescue of a bald eagle stock and an orange county storm drain. was likely got the bird of prey stuck in the first place. first, a riddle for you, twin boys; was born first his twin brother ronan is older. how is that possible cracks we
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welcome back, these twins are getting a lot of attention on the internet because one is listed as younger than the other when he was born first. we are confused we will explain.
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31 minutes later. this is where things get interesting. ronin was born after 2:00 the official end of daylight saving time. his official birth time is one deck 10 in the morning. 29 minutes earlier than his older brother. doctors at the cape cod hospital say they have never had a case like this, the boys will surely be arguing who is older for the underway in st. petersburg tonight, barbecue lovers are not the only ones who might want to check it out they have music for almost any taste, the event runs through sunday gates are opened every day at 11:00 am. huey lewis and the news will perform tonight, the doobie brothers tomorrow and chris young plays sunday. tickets are $30 for friday, $35
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extra. a look at what is coming up next at 6:00. the new video and a woman's bold move to stop a fearless thief and these top stories. a young child left alone on a school bus to rome this busy parking lot all alone. the i-team reveals the lucky break keeping the child out of harms way. the w about their family lost. the one piece of evidence investigators hope will provide new clues. the day we honor our veterans we will go beyond the pageantry and introduce you to a living treasure, a 95-year-
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. wife of a slain polk county convenience store manager talking public for the first time, how her family is dealing with the fact her husband's killers are on the loose. the major mistake that cost two pinellas county school bus drivers their jobs putting a child in potential danger. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan, the i- team discovering they left a
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unexpected spot they realized their mistake. >> reporter: there were two mac os drivers involved in the incident, one a senior bus driver teaching the other one how to do it right. they left a child on the bus in this parking lot, the child was wandering around the parking lot next to a very busy road as you can see it gets a lot of traffic. >> when you are telling me this it is like wow. alone on a school bus roaming around this parking lot. while bus drivers are inside publix at the corner of a very busy east bay drive and belcher road. >> my stomach drops. >> luckily a shopper found the child and waited until the bus drivers return, the child is okay. >> obviously we have to do a better job with protecting the kids. >> according to this report


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