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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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are saying they talked about everything from threats to challenges facing both countries. they look forward to a strong and enduring relationship. is never fun to go to your car and find a parking ticket. >> as kera mashek tells us paying off the find jake -- might make you feel the. >> a $25 parking ticket doesn't say happy ho help make the holiday season brighter for someone else. by taking part in the new tampa food program. >> a unique way for the community to say let's help out. >> this is one of the neighbors, hard times means getting groceries from a food bank is a necessity. >> it means a lot otherwise we wouldn't have anything.
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food donations. and for every item that is dropped into the box you can save one dollar up to $15 off of a $25 to get. if you get a parking meter to give between now and december 16 you can participate to knock down what you owe, in the process you will feed the hungry and help the city recover some of the $64,000 it loses every year. >> it does hurt us but inevitably it hurts the patrons using our assets. >> the need for the donated items is huge. >> more and more folks are food insecure. >> the food bank and the city are hoping a lot of people pay up and pitch in, if this is a success it could return next holiday season or become a permanent city program.
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wide receiver mike evans making waves with a silent protest causing fans to react with disappointment. mike evans sitting on the bench during the national anthem. he is processing -- protesting donald trump's election. this happened on the salute to service game sunday, today it came out mike evans didn't even vote. >> like that it is just who he is. it is well documented what he has done. >> evans telling us he will continue the center protest while trump is in office, colin kaepernick continues to kneel during the national anthem. for different reasons though. following criticism that
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the election tonight mark zuckerberg says work has started to eliminate fake news showing up on your user fee. no specifics on how they plan to do that. he did say it will take longer than expected. now, abc action weather. good afternoon, a lot of clouds today a dreary and cool day for us normally in the upper 70s most of the area. probably the only rain we will see for the next 7 to 10 days even longer feared most of the area may be 50% won't get any range this evening temperatures now in the mid-60s. bartow at 68, palm harbor 69, low 70s closer to the beach after highs of only 73.
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so it was 10 degrees below normal. here is why, clouds across the area with light showers, this evening a few more lingering until tuesday morning and then we start to see more changes. temperatures now in the mid to upper 60s by this time next week those will be the highs, mid to upper sixes, big changes by the early part of next week. in st. petersburg activists are defending any lewis 20 years ago. members of the black community are chaining themselves to the sign hoping to stop the police or city from taking it down. it was put up without permission from the city and the movement says those are not steps they will take. >> it was a lengthy process. we don't need permission from
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>> the sign takes the place of 18th avenue south at the 16th street intersection. the mayor has openly opposed it. a local child found wandering the streets alone for the third day in a row, tonight the mother faces charges. deputies say we need schumacher was asleep in her home while her three-year-old child walked the streets. they found her passed out on drugs. the child is now in protective custody. and ex-boyfriend calls his ex-girlfriend 200 times in one day. deputies are charging the men with stocking, he also sent her 14 facebook messages. he's being held at the county jail. new construction projects across the tampa bay area.
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you need to know about. >> if you're driving through downtown tampa a closure, franklin avenue they are doing water main work it will be this way all week expected to reopen by the end of the day friday. we also have a closure a small portion of rome closed in both directions north of hillsborough avenue, you'll need to get around that, happening all this some ramps close i-4 northbound until i-70 5 -- closed overnight for the veterans expressway just one main closure overnight this area will be close underneath the veterans expressway, for more on these and other projects follow me on twitter at tampa bay traffic. the orlando gay pride parade wasn't just a fund's elevation,
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the people killed this year in the attack at the pulse nightclub, about 150,000 people showed up to celebrate the lgbtq community. >> the 12th animal parade paid tribute to the first responders the employees of pulse and the victims of the attack. >> 49 crosses honoring those killed were on display. >> of course we will always come together and cry. when but, we also need to be enormously proud of who we are as a people. >> the day ended with ace -- a moment of silence. the owner of this liquor store threatens a man's life in the street, the surprising weapon that he used next. new government requirements
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a 63-year-old man is recovering after deputies say a business owner attacked him it happened at this 711 in citrus park. >> that is the alleged attacker , he owns this liquor store across the street from gunn highway. >> as ashley yore explains weapon used in the attack may be the scariest of all.>> this is something you only see in movies. >> may be a horror film. emilio says his 63-year-old uncle is now nursing a cut on his arm after an attack yesterday. ortiz does not want to show his face on camera. this man the 38-year-old ronnie jumped out of his car knocked ortiz to the ground and removed a chainsaw from his vehicle.
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trunk and said pay me my money by next week or i will cut you into pieces. >> deputies say he stomped on his arm and foot repeatedly. records show he owns the bottle rack liquor store on highway. several months ago and employee accused his uncle of stealing beer. deputies say yesterday they fought over the possible theft, grabbing $85 worth of belongings and threatened his life. >> i personally felt like a lot of anger. why would somebody beat up an old man, he is harmless. >> we try to talk to the man but an employee asked us to leave. what makes the attack even worse, the seven-year-old son was in the passenger seat of the vehicle. >> he did it in front of his son, when he looked at the boy,
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worried. concern. yazgi has been charged with aggravated assault battery and theft. yazgi denies using the chainsaw. ashley yore abc action news. guns and ammo at miami international airport it was part of a huge smuggling operation. customs and border patrol say the smugglers used empty batteries to sneak in the guns, 23,000 rounds of ammo and capacity magazines. they discover the shipment from venezuela addressed to a miami resident. the agents placed the arrest under surveillance and saw several suspects delivering handguns to the site. two men facing a long list of serious charges. about 1000 tourists and hundreds of people stranded in new zealand after a powerful earthquake.
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hitting after midnight, to make people reported dead in these images you can see most of the damage. you see it in the streets. >> the country plans to send military helicopters and a navy ship to rescue those stranded. massive landslides have blocked all of the roads to the north and south the earthquake cutting off the town. the new zealand prime minister predicts efforts could run into the billions of dollars. plans are underway to save they are stranded on a timely -- tiny island of grass. they are ready to respond if officials do not plan to save the cows. >> two adult cows and one calf spotted by a helicopter gained international attention with people demanding they be saved, tonight they say they will assess how stable the land is and then moving for rescue.
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trying to gain an edge on other tech companies, purchasing harman international industries. the company makes in for -- tech systems for cars. this includes the recent debacle involving the galaxy note 7. the us government requiring hybrid and electric cars make noise, they are it is dangerous. they need to make more noise at low speeds. so pedestrians especially blind people can hear them coming. it could prevent 2400 pedestrian injuries per year. one instagram post is all it took for a new york couple to fall in love with this kitten. the only problem, the cat was in florida.
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orange county animal shelter stating he had one more day to get adopted before being euthanized. they booked a flight that day flew out to orlando, when they met ricky they were told he had a respiratory infection at could not fly. they rented a car and drove back to new york. ricky is adjusting well and she would do it all over again. did you catch the supermoon? it brightest in nearly 70 years. these are some of the shots from around the world, you can see the photo on the right here from tampa the supermoon shining over hyde park in that picture. thank you to the person for posting that picture. this is the closest the moon will get to earth until november until november 2034.
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i really feel ripped off i only saw it for just seconds of a time because it kept going under the clouds. >> that shot pretty sweet, a lot of folks were saying we had clouds last night it was hard to see, by the way i just posted this on facebook for the forecast a picture of boots so there you go. boots with the for. flip-flops.>> that is your dad uniform. >> i will have my gym shorts and my t-shirt and flip-flops. looking outside there is rivergate, a lot of clout, a couple of sprinkles, hopefully you will see that in your area. if you don't get rain tonight you won't see any until everything's coming. the clouds will begin to clear
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partly sunny by tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny. then sunny skies for the remainder of the week, next week starting sunday and monday into tuesday a big cooldown on the way, i think it will warm up by thanksgiving. the early part of next week likely the coolest weather we have seen so far this season. there will be some snow in the northeast on sunday night monday into tuesday. for us a little bit of light rain with showers, if you look at hernando county plenty of clouds and light rain. moderate showers this is all streaming from the gulf, as the front moves from north to south, that means by tomorrow dry air conditions up north pushing into the viewing area temperatures from the low 60s in crystal river, a rod day across the area. notice we have not warmed up
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hernando and pasco county. only warming up to 73. clouds will do that they keep things from getting too warm or too cool this was five or 6 degrees below normal, tampa now cloudy and 70 degrees the dewpoint 55, northern winds at nine miles per hour. we were 5 degrees below normal, a while since we can say that. most of the week we will be in this ballpark, sunny skies, clear in st. petersburg 69 degrees. sarasota skies are clear and 73, there is the cloud cover coming in sweeping across the area overnight and dry air moves from the north to the south, more clouds than sans wake-up time tomorrow. the rest of the week looks beautiful, sunny with temperatures each day primarily
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forecast a cool spell, i am going with highs next monday of 69 degrees. morning lows in the 40s and 50s along the coast may be upper 30s in the northern counties that is next monday night and next tuesday morning. your uv index between five and seven, upcoming tides sunrise and sunset. mostly cloudy tonight partly cloudy tomorrow morning at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast after the clouds are out we are home free into the weekend and beyond, highs in the upper 70s this week , on sunday the cooler air comes in and by monday look at the high, tampa in the 60s. still to come, caught on camera stealing off of your doorstep, but this time the porch pirates are getting cranked.
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homeowner tricked them. on your mark, get set, shop. holiday shopping is upon us the reason why this is the worst year to sign up for store
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this man stabbed an ihop server because he claims he got food poisoning, the server is expected to be okay. shoppers are planning to spend a pretty penny this holiday season the national retail federation says people will spend an average of $935 this
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of, interest rates, credit cards online says store cards are charging higher interest rates than ever before. nearly 45,000,000 americans are preparing to hit the road for thanksgiving.>> to help tampa area residents make the most of their holiday hours we have travel reminders. the best day to leave the sunday before thanksgiving, the worst day to start the trip the day before the wednesday, the best time to hit the roads is early in the morning don't be driving in the middle of the afternoon, that is when the roads will be the most crowded. try to leave one day after things giving for your day back a sure way to guarantee you will sit in traffic is leaving on the weekend. >> here is wendy ryan with a look at what is coming up. a rescued bald eagle in intensive care, the newly
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life in danger. bus stop light a school board employee must -- might lose her job the reason why she lied. morning commute gone back, the first time this citrus county driver knew that he was in trouble. cars catching on fire, while not even running millions of dangerous vehicles on the road. coming up we are find out if your ride needs a
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from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. cars bursting into flames without warning reveals the shocking number of cases that happen every year and the millions of dangerous vehicles on the roads. and alleges cover-up leading to an investigation. a polk county employee explains the reason she lied just hours after the death of a student. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan, brenda young fighting to keep her job she changed school records
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his way to the bus stop. >> ryan raiche reveals why she said she did it. >> that spring morning when kaylynn clerk got hit and killed on the way to the bus stop. he was trying to cross busy clubhouse road like he did every day. according to the district investigation, transportation manager brenda young tried to cover up the little tidbit telling supervisors just hours after his death none of the kids have to cross >> i am disheartened, a child died and i feel that the school board has some accountability. >> the fate of young in the hands of the school board. and ministers have recommended firing her, she plans to attend the board meeting. we stopped by her home to try to understand what she was trying to hide. the district claims not only


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