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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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abc action news. a man who attacked a lee county deputy is dead. the witnesses say it wasn't a law enforcement officer who took him down. >> behind me this car into the bar and we might know for sure this was intentional. details coming up. >> good morning, and thank you for starting your tuesday with us. we're off to a busy start to the day. i'm deiah riley. >> and good morning, i'm dan shaffer. we'll start off this tuesday for you with a check on traffic and weather together, ivan cabrera standing by with a look at the forecast. >> temperatures we're waking up to right now. much cooler than we were this time yesterday. we'll start off across the north of citrus county now checking into the lower 50s. we're still a ways from sunrise here, so it could drop a couple more degrees. that of course would put us into the upper 40s. hillsborough county not that much better as far as the cooler temperatures. still upper 50s, big difference of course in humidity as well. this time yesterday we were much more humid and the temperatures were warmer as a result. pinellas county, let's take a
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around 60 doing a little bit better here. even down towards manatee we're looking at chillier temperatures. all of us begin to warm up through later this afternoon. the rain is at this point done. we'll break down sunshine, and then more cool weather on the way. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. good morning, everybody. if you're heading out the door right now over in pinellas county, no crashes or breakdowns there to tell you about. this is what it looks like outside on275. 65 miles an hour from the sunshine skyway to the howard franklin. if you're in the pasco area heading south towards or through hillsborough county, you're looking at a smooth ride. the veterans looking good. 69ed average speed on i-75 from bruce b. downs to i-4.
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now to an updating on breaking news in ybor city. a car crashes into a bar there just before closing time. at least one person is hurt. police are still looking for the driver right now. abc action news anchor, james tully is live on the scene with the latest details for us. good morning james. >> good morning, deiah, quite a scene we drove up to this morning. this is a black nissan altima into the front of the bad monkey bar in ybor city right off 7th avenue downtown here. right now police the streets nearby looking for the driver. what we know is this happened after a fight outside the bar. the bar was closed. nobody was inside, but the sergeant here tells me they are looking at surveillance video right now, and they are pretty sure that this was an intentional act. the car parked cross the street seemingly aiming towards someone in the front of the bar and knocking them back into the glass. you see the glass, one of the
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with minor injuries. two other people are in custody. they were involved in the fight, and they know the driver. so when i asked the sergeant how confident he was that they were going to find this guy, whoever's driving this car, he told me very confident. we're not going anywhere. we'll have updates for you as soon as we get them. live this morning in ybor city, james tully abc action news. 5:33. breaking news out of germany right now, a german news agency reporting hundreds of police officers searching more than 200 offices, mosques, and apartments connected to supporters of an islamic group called the true religion. that group is best known for distributing copies of the koran across the country. reports say the country's intelligence agency found the organization is helping recruit people to send to syria to fight for isis. germany is expected to police a ban on that group later today. breaking overnight in lead county, a sheriff's deputy is in the hospital and a driver is dead.
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to pull the driver over near an exit but the driver took off reaching speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. when he came to a stop, the driver got out of the car and attacked the officer. that's when witnesses say a bystander came over, shot and killed the driver. >> he refused to get off and the officer said shoot him, shoot him, and then he shot him. >> the deputy is expected to recover. the sheriff's office was supposed to give an update on the bystander who driver. that news conference was canceled. officers have not been able to locate the family of the man who was killed to notify them. panicked parents in pasco, they're fighting a plan to rezone schools and bus their kids across the county. we've been following this story for more than a week. hundreds of those parents packed a high school auditorium to voice their concerns last night. district officials are considering five different plans to help fix overcrowding in western pasco county. the problem mitchell high school is operating right now
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parents say the district hasn't been transparent about the process and are calling for officials to delay any rezoning plans. >> none of the neighborhoods were given any of this information until august, and up until that point the school board continued to deny that there was any rezoning taking place. >> the rezoning committee will meet thursday morning to narrow down its five plans to one final plan. that decision will ultimately be made by the pasco county school board. a south florida suspended from school for her act of kindness, the pembroke pines area middle school got in trouble for using a child's butter knife at lunch. she used that knife to split a peach with a friend. the school originally suspended her for six days and reduced it to three. a bradenton manufacturer says the end of the e-cigarette industry is here. the fda wants e-cigarette
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like traditional tobacco companies. that would require extensive testing and certification that the owner of totally wicked says will remove nearly 90% of the products on the market. he says the major obstacle is the cost. >> the testing that they're asking us to do at fda's estimate is $300,000 per. i just said we have over 3,000 items. >> the fda issued this statement regarding the regulations, important for the fda to regulate the e-cigarette industry to ensure that these products adhere to certain standards of safety and do not cause undue harm. such regulation is particularly necessary to ensure that e juices do not contain contaminates and adulterations and any claims about their health effects are supported by data. we're waiting to hear about
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winning journalist glen ifle. she'd been battle uterine cancer. she moderated two vice presidential debates. she was one-half of the first all female anchor team on network nightly news. her career spanned the washington post, new york times and nbc news. she was 61. . 5:37 now, wal-mart's the country's largest retailer but its stores are responsible for thousands of police calls every year. police departments are now praising the company's restorative justice program for significantly reducing the number of calls. the program is in place at a third of wal-mart stores. it gives first time shoplifters a chance to pay a fine and take an online coursed in of having the store call police. it's been in place in senator for months. local law enforcement says they've had at least 33% fewer calls from all wal-mart stores. at one store police response dropped by 72%.
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dropped by 35% on average at every store where this restorative justice program is used. the shoe company new balance is distancing itself from a white supremacist website. it comes days after customers burned their shoes in protest after new balance executive made comments backing president- elect donald trump. now the website, the daily stormer has declared the shoes the official shoes of white people. it's an endorsement the company doesn't want. they say they don't tolerate any kind this morning wildlife officials have new hope for the long-term survival of our state animal, the florida panther. for the first time in over 40 years a female panther has been spotted north of the coo lieu is a ha chi river. that's the river that divides fort myers from cape coral. earlier this month, the camera recorded these pictures of the panther. its footprint confirms it's a female and they hope they will expand the florida panther population. right now it is peak
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is also known as rut, and that leads to strange behavior caught on camera. during rut bucks scrape to mark their territory making dirt spots and rub their scent glands in the area. it's a common behavior but rarely seen. >> fascinating. good morning from the weather center, 5:39, and it is cool out there. if you haven't stepped outside get ready for 50s, and it feels colder, with the temperatures, the mount park at 61. milder there, but you work your way up to the north and we're running anywhere from 8 to 10 cooler than this time yesterday. we got the cold front well down to the south. still some cloud cover left over in the gulf trying to bother us this morning. i think we'll stay mostly cloudy this morning, but throughout the day we're going to get back into the sunshine. it will be nice. as far as our temperatures, i think we'll get back into the low to middle 70s. i want to talk more about that and tropical storm otto, yeah,
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straight ahead. it is 5:39 right now, still to come this morning, a smart watch powered by your body heat. you can throw out the chargers and batteries now, but it's only being made for men. we'll explain why. >> a polk county school employee fighting to keep her job today accused of changing records after a student died heading to the bus stop. ahead in a live report, what parents are saying this
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17 minutes until 6 right now. >> and we're expecting to hear firsthand today from the polk county school employee accused of changing school records just hours after a student was killed trying to make his way to a bus stop. >> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live on clubhouse road in lakeland where that student was hit and killed. that employee brenda young tells us she's going to defend herself at that hearing tonight. >> reporter: that's right, deiah, this is all a part of an effort to save her job. she's accused of actually into the school's computer system and actually lying, stating that that student did not have to cross the busy intersection here at clubhouse road to get to the bus stop. if you look across the street here, that cross marks the spot where this young student died. now brenda young was the transportation manager in charge of the bus route for calin kirk who was hit and killed on the way to that bus stop last spring. kirk got hit while trying to cross busy clubhouse road outside of his subdivision
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he crossed the road every day to catch the bus on the other side. now, according to the district's investigation, young told supervisors hours after that accident that none of her kids crossed the road here. she's accused of going into the computer system and adding a new route on to the other side of the road so it would appear that kirk wouldn't have to cross. now, parents we spoke with placing some of the blame on the school district, the school board as well saying issues over this dangerous intersection should have been addressed earlier. >> disheartened, a child died, and i feel that the school board does have some accountability. >> reporter: and brenda young who's worked as a transportation manager for polk county schools for the past ten years faces a termination hearing tonight. she's been on paid administrative leave since the summer. that hearing is set for 5:00 tonight. back out here live, i want to point something out for you guys. they've actually placed a light right here at this intersection
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killed, but parents say that's simply not enough. obviously pretty dark out here in the morning when kids walk to the bus stop. at least the school district and the county have gotten together to do something, but parents say more still needs to be done. reporting live in lakeland, rodney dunigan abc action news. thanks rodney. 14 minutes until 6 right now. it's going to be a special night for four men and one woman. they're set to be inducted into the florida sports hall of fame. >> it includes former tampa bay allison jolly, and tampa bay lightning cofounder phil exposito. speaking of the lightning last night, the bolts are in brooklyn wrapping up their season series against the new york islanders. lightning scored twice in the finality seconds, and hahs all the goals they needed as andre vas lev ski was stellar in the
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we're in the 50s, cold out there, low 60s further down and 63 in sarasota. generally in the lower 60s along the coast, but cooler as you get up to the north where the cold air is taking over, and in fact, the front well down to the south. still some cloud cover this morning. i think unlike yesterday we're going to clear out and get some sunshine in here, not the overcast skies that we saw yesterday. a very different look to the sky yesterday than we continue to see the drying trend throughout the day today. and after we're done with this morning cloud cover, we're done as far as anything significant here. a lot of sunshine coming up the next few days. of course we've had cold fronts coming through. we're in that season now. this is the season where we have these transitions. the hurricane season doesn't end until the 30th of november. this feature decides to flare- up all of a sudden on the western side of the caribbean, potential development here.
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developing within the next five days as it heads-up towards the north and east. this time of year we're very protective, we've got these fronts reliably swinging through here, not to say that one can't sneak in. this particular one should stay to our south as we look forward to more cold fronts coming our way. in fact, before we end the season, we could get up to otto here. of course we had a pretty busy one at that, in fact, a little above average as numbers. 12, 6 and 3 is the average, 70s as we check in the latest this afternoon despite the cool start going to warm up nicely. by tomorrow morning like this morning, a little cooler, upper 40s, a little more widespread, lower 50s, less cloud cover. that allows temperatures to fall a bit more. by wednesday afternoon back in the mid and upper 70s. in fact, that warming trend, we'll call it that, continues right through the end of the
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emergency brakes on that saturday night as a cold front comes through. quietly that means really no rainfall with it. look what it does to our temperatures. not just cool morning lows but for sunday and monday afternoon highs upper 60s. good morning everybody. if you know somebody who takes hillsborough aver to work we have some lane closures out there due to a water main break east of 275 right here. we have some eastbound lanes blocked between 22nd and 30th street. this i reopened until sometime on thursday. so in the meantime, you can take mlk instead, maybe osborne depending on where you're coming from ask where you're going. elsewhere on the interstates we're looking great out there, i-4, i-75, 275, i've been checking all our cameras. this is what it looks like 275 through downtown, 5 minutes from here to the howard franklin bridge. 11 until 6 right now. a teenager on his way to a field trip is killed after falling out of a school bus and
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his class was traveling to a nearby university for a college visit. he was taken to an area hospital with a traumatic head injury. sadly he died. this morning investigators are trying to figure out how he fell from that bus. today sarasota county wants your thoughts on its plan to help relieve traffic congestion on university parkway and fruitville road. the county wants to build an overpass over 75. a discussion on the proposed overpass is tonight at 6:30 at the church a former ohio attorney is going to spend 12 years in prison for hiptizing his clients for his sexual gratification. michael fine was arrested last year in ohio after one of his clients accused him of hypnotizing her during a custody dispute hearing. another woman wore a hidden camera to prove the claims. fine pleaded guilty to six counts of kidnapping, he'll
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parenthood under vice president elect's name. he's not the one doing the donating. people unhappy with the election results have made thousands of dollars of donations. in the last year pence called for cutting federal funds of the organization because of its abortion program. planned parenthood sends thank you notes to their donors so all of those letters are arriving in the vice president elect's mailbox. his office has not responded. black friday is next week, and here's something to keep in mind as you shopping list. a bay area startup released this smart watch completely powered by body lead. the power watch is only available for men because the technology is not small enough for a woman sized watch yet. they do say they have plans to create a women's line and use this technology in medical devices as well. this watch will cost you just about $100. i like the big watch. >> get one for yourself, one of
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penny earned. >> those pennys are damaging his gravestones. all those pennys have created a significant crack. the church that maintains the graveyard launched a go fund me account to raise $10,000 to repair the gravestone. >> ment . >> coming up, thousands of ups workers vote to go on strike, what they're upset about and
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come up on 5:55. cool out there compared to yesterday, we're widespread into the 50s, by 7 a.m. we'll be about 62. and then back into the mid-70s and we'll do that with a lot more sunshine than we had yesterday. we'll talk about your temperatures tomorrow morning, even colder than today in the next hour. 200ups mechanics vote to go on strike, and it could lead to a presidentialor donald trump's desk. the strike is not a done deal yet, in fact it could take months before it happens. the workers first have to get the approval of a federal mediator. if that happens then they have to wait 30 days before they strike and then the president can order them back to work within minutes. workers are protesting against three years without a pay raise, but ups says they're confident they'll reach a deal with the workers. toyota has agreed to repair
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much as 3.4 billion. they affect 2005 to 2010 tacoma pickup trucks in 2005 and 2008, sequoyah sport utility vehicles. toyota will inspect vehicle frames for rust erosion and replace them for free if necessary. toyota is also going to refund past maintenance and replacement costs. as many as 1 1/2 million vehicles could be eligible for these repairs. coming up tonight at 11, a special dirty dining investigat half dozen local publix grocery stores failing their latest inspections. our i-team uncovered rodents, we'll show you which publix locations are not passing and what the corporate office blames the failing grades on. that's tonight on abc action news at 11. today the city of pinellas park will host a meeting to teach homeowners how to reduce their flood insurance premiums. it will be held at the
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7690-59th street. locals can learn about new laws and regulations that affect flood insurance policies. >> coming up on abc action news at 6, we're following breaking news, a car slams into a bar in ybor. the drama leading up to this and the search now for the driver. >> medical marijuana just passed but there are already some bold predictions. how much money some say florida's newest cash crop
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abc action news starts right now with breaking news. >> a car crashes into an ybor city bar, police now scouring the streets trying to find the driver. thanks for waking up with us here on abc action news this tuesday. i'm dan shaffer. >> and good morning, i'm deiah riley. we've been following this breaking news all morning as
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this chaos. abc action news anchor james tully is live on the scene. he's been talking to investigators. what have you found out. >> deiah, what a scene this is. yes, we have been talking to police on scene. this happened at the bad monkey bar on 7th avenue here in ybor city. that car is just about to get removed from the front of the bar, and that search at this hour is still on for the driver, but after seeing surveillance video from this bar, police are ve this black nissan altima into the front door. the video is telling us something else, too. police said that it shows the driver apparently taking aim at a person who was standing in front of bad monkey bar hitting them and knocking them back into the glass. you see the glass is shattered, that front door has some pretty serious damage as well. that person somehow escaped with only minor injuries. it was a fight outside of this bar right after closing time


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