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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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that makes me really angry because it could have been logan that they had left in the car for two hours. it could be any child there. >> new raged. just finding out day care workers left a child in a hot car. >> thanks for joining us. new tonight, the state is investigating and parents want to know why no one told them. >> abc action reporter michael joins us live. >>reporter: what this report says is that 4 year-old child was left in that van during a field trip. the van is right there and we checked back for temperatures during that day on october 14,
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degrees. >> here at this day care? oh my god. >>reporter: so they didn't tell you? >> no. >>reporter: she found up as she picked up her 3 year-old son from day care. >> i'd want a hundred percent trust my child is here. i don't want anything to happen to him. that's kind of crazy. i didn't hear anything about this. >>reporter: the department of children and families is investigating the day care possible abuse and neglect. the director and two other staff members admitted to leaving the four year-old in the van during that field trip. >> i'm a little aggravated that i'm just finding out on facebook of all things, you know, that there was this incident that happened. >>reporter: as the night went on, more shocked parents showed up. think you'll keep your child here? >> up for discussion. my husband and i are discussing
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the director why parents weren't notified. >> get out of our building now. >>reporter: okay, is that a no comment? instead they called the sarasota county sheriff's office on us. >> these are babies. not even elementary school agers. >>reporter: and at this point, what we do know is the florida department of health did fine this day care $250 and required all of the staff members here to go through a two hour transportation the investigation with the family children's department is still ongoing but we do know that that four year-old was okay despite being left in the van for two hours on a very hot day. live in sarasota, abc action news. >> good news there. thank you. new developments in oklahoma city police telling us the man hunt for the gunman from the airport is over. investigators found the suspect's body in a pickup truck in the airport garage tonight. the suspect committed suicide.
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ambushed 52 year-old michael inchester when he arrived at the airport. he was the father of nfl player. cameron explains their scam is so good, you won't even realize they've cleaned out your wallet. >> i was like in shock because i looked in my wallet to pay for my groceries and gone. >> pamela was targeted by thieves last week. >> i had this purse but sat it in the baby seat. >> the man in this surveillance photo struck up the conversation about the ice cream she was buying. >> he said look at all this varieties of this ice cream. you know, they make it so hard. i said, yeah, you know, gosh, decisions and so forth.
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her wallet. >> kind of sense somebody behind me. but when i, you know, went to turn, he would ask me another question. basically, you know, asked me a question or make a comments where i would turn back around to him. >> plant city police say this trio of thieves also pulled the same scam on two other people drive inning this van to a nearby cvs buying gift cards with the stolen cash and credit cards. a thousand dollars in all. don't let >> if it's a person that says i love being a grandma, they'll talk about their grand kids. if it's somebody wearing a tampa bay buccaneers shirt, they'll engage them in sports. >> if you feel somebody behind you, look behind you. don't assume it's nothing. i'll never assume again. >> abc action news. >> good evening, everybody. getting kind of chilly out there; right.
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40s across parts of hernando county. allow temperatures to drop down five or six degrees by wake up time in the morning. low 50s from palm harbor and 51 come bakeup time. -- wake up time. pasco county, dade city waking up to 50 degrees and clear skies and low 50s elsewhere. as we go through the overnight, skies remain clear, the morning, warm in the afternoon and coolest weather in seven months on the way. pasco county detectives out there looking for a gang of burglars moving through neighborhoods smashing cars and taking everything in sight. mar sella is live with a warning. marisella. >>reporter: detectives say it isn't enough for you to hide your valuables. take it out of your car because thieves are looking for any
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of you. thieves always looking for the perfect opportunity to get into your car. >> everything that had been in my glove box was on the front seat. >>reporter: joan knows better than to leave anything that will catch a crook's attention but her car wasn't safe. >> i had all kinds of music cds in the car. they don't like this old lady's taste in music so didn't touch those. >>reporter: someone broke into her car and her friends parked up front. she's always good it. >> i think they were looking for money. and when they didn't find it, that was it. >>reporter: in some of their recent cases in the trendy area, they believe these -- trinity area, they believe these thieves traveled from another county to car hop. thieves broke into 15 cars in the connorton subdivision earlier this month. >> comes in pockets so we do
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good people. >>reporter: who detectives say in most cases leave their cars unlocked. >> once a neighborhood is prayed upon, maybe the next night or week they don't go back so they choose different neighborhoods. >>reporter: detectives here at the sheriff's office have their eyes on some suspects but still looking for several other suspects in their trinity cases. reporting live, marisella, abc action news. >> person that shot an arrow that went straight through a woman's leg. she told police she felt a searing pain and saw the arrow sticking out. home from the hospital but feels unsafe in her own yard. police saying this could be just a freak accident. at&t giving a man a new phone 7. his phone was destroyed when he jumped into a lake rescuing a 2 year-old boy
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tate revived that child with cpr and for his good deed, att also offered him a new job. no word if he took them up on that offer. wearing a new out fit is usually a reason to smile. the frightening thing she found sewn into her dress has her filing suit. if you're watching what you eat, check your freezer tonight. the local richardson ice cream that -- calorie ice cream that could make you sick.
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. beverly apologizing and resigning after chime inning on a racist facebook post over the weekend. referring to first lady michelle obama as an ape in heels made her day. she said her comment was taken out of context but still quit. u.s. senator from california
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introduce a constitutional amendment to eliminate the electoral college. the winner did not win the popular vote. back in 2012, donald trump tweeted the electoral college is a disaster for no, ma'am sideway but the president elect saying it's genius and bringing autothe states including the smaller ones into play. police in houston searching for the men who shot a 4 year- old girl in the face killing moms purse. that 10 year-old girl's sister and mother shot while they unloaded groceries from the car. two or three men pulled up and tried to grab the mom's purse but wouldn't let go and one of the men open fired shooting at the family at least nine times. consumer alert tonight, food ment to be a healthy alternative could make you sick. weight watchers recalling its
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cookie dough sundays because it may be contaminated with listeria. you expect the popular grocery chains to be clean; right? taking action if issue your safety our i team finding seven public grocery stores all over the bay area failing their last inspection. putting your health at risk. it's a special dirty dining investigation. so what'd you get today? >> i got italian for coworkers. >>reporter: cedrick coworker bought lunch at britton's dell lie something he does twice a week. >> it's affordable. >>reporter: he knew nothing act them failing their last inspection due to rodents in the store. food safety inspectors with the department of agriculture finding numerous rodent
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the back storage room. >>reporter: 20 pounds of sandwich meats thrown out after discovered they were stored under a leaking drain line and contaminated. how do you feel about that? >> i'm gonna check my food and make sure it's not okay. >>reporter: you like publics? >> i prefer if i have a choice. >>reporter: over 20 years ago, jackie moved to florida from new york should ever sings. >>reporter: they failed their inspection with the state. >> that's terrible. got to buy food for your family. sure. >>reporter: finding food inspectors passing another south tampa publix near neptune failing the last inspection. in a special dirty dining
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sale detraction order of 200 pounds of food that could make you sick. whole roasted chickens, mack and cheese, cuban sandwiches and finding employees not washing their hands or wearing gloves while prepping food. >> that's kind of a rude awakening there. >>reporter: other publix is this store at 7985 racetrack road after the state found fly glue strips hanging over exposed bread and fo bakery. live ants on the walls and sandwiches, salads, and chicken wings all over 50 degrees when they should be 41 degrees or colder. soups at improper temps because heating equipment not working at the soup bar. two lukes failing the first at 19221 north dell mavre 100
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temperatures and needing to be de-institutes and the other ones did not pass its last state inspection due to unsanitary equipment throughout the kitchen because the dish machine was not sanitizing. sandwiches, soups, chili, salads and more at unsafe levels. in manistee county, two stores did not pass their sanitation rating. lake wood ranches on market street failing due to fo contamination with an open bin of bread spattered with raw chicken juice, and subs at the sub station at unsafely warm temperatures. ? braden ton at publix at 4651 consistency of range at the scene west not -- cortez not passing after refrigerated display cases not working with
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levels. and that's not all, rogertist richardson chickens being probed with -- rotisserie chickens being probed with contaminated thermometers. >>reporter: is it hard to shop there? >> it is. >>reporter: will you go back? >> i probably would but probably be very careful what i buy. >>reporter: so what does publix have to say about seven grocery stores failing? their media and community relations brian west did not want to go on camera went e- mailed me saying, food safety is a top priority at publix. we enacted changes to the inspection rating process that were implemented without industry or public feed back. we have requested updated information on the state's food
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expectations. to see publix full statement, head to our website. a woman suing zara after she found a rat in her new dress. she noticed a bad odor she couldn't escape the first time she wore a dress. she thought she felt a loose string but it was the foot rat sewn into her hem. she's suing for unspecified damages. take a look at this. australian woman spotted a marsupial taking a stroll and started recording it. he walked into an office. the employees inside were good sports cracking up watching him
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wants a little snack. >> hey, everybody. >> how does a rat get into a suit. that's what i want to know. sewn into the suit. >> the whether will get so chilly sunday and monday -- >> how chilly will it get ? >> could make you sick. >> could make you sick. >> wear a double turtle neck though. >> we've got a king tide over the last 24 hours. the highest tide of the year that isn't hurricane related to the super moon. that's an octopus in the middle of the parking garage in miami. true story. that's how high the tide was that brought it right on in. fortunately those tides now beginning to go down. what do we have in store for us? cool starts, warm finishes. sunny skies all weekend long. rain chances remain extremely low. not just this weekend all the way through next weekend and a
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monday. coolest temperatures since last april so we've definitely got cool air rolling in just in time for thanksgiving week. timed it out well; right? look at radar. all's quiet and temperatures from the upper 40s brooksville to the mid 60s along the coast from palm harbor to largo and lower the dew point, more comfortable the air. seeing numbers where they are now, referring. of cool air rolls in sunday, monday, and into tuesday. outside right now, skies are clear, temperatures cool, upper 50s in clear water, 65 in st. pete. clouds overnight and clouds first thing this morning. don't worry tomorrow morning or any morning right on through
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in. >> clear and cool in the morning and back up near 80 degrees in the afternoon. know they'll leave the jackets and sweatshirts at school because it'll be so warm. deal with it wednesday and thursday and a cool start, warm fin issue and for that matter, friday and start, up near 80 degrees but then pattern change arrives temperatures. you're still gonna be ever bit ass warm as our southern counties which will then be in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. big trough of low pressure. blue colors indy tate cooler air and stops developing off the new england coast. it will be an issue for
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still another area of cool weather returning for us the day after thanksgiving as well. looks like we're in that pattern and yet we're still talking tropics. pretty de-vent chance this becomes auto but curvings off to the nice with little threat. rain chances you can forget not just this week but probably next week as well. big weather stories is the temperature all of a sudden highs in the 60s morning lows monday and tuesday in the early 30s and 40s. the lightning beat the red wings tonight but may have paid a hefty price. their captain goes down with an
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y262jy yy6y hello, folks. you got to wonder when this run of bad luck for lightning captain stephen will end. first a broken leg three years ago, a blood clot last season and apparent knee injury last night. he went down engaging in the boards in the first period in detroit. he spun around went down here
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hard time making his way down the walkway to the dressing room. he suffered a lower body injury and he will be reevaluated tomorrow. the bolts go onto win 4-3. one of two goals on the night. buccaneer wide receiver micah evens decided to end his national anthem protest. not too much fallout as they prepare for sunday. evans apologized for all military members, family and friends who he offended on sunday. he chose to sit in expression of frustration towards this year's presidential election of donald trump. evans says he will not sit again during the national anthem. he welcome back standing with his teammates. once i sweeted out evan's decision, i was a bit surprised at the responses.
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buccaneers to a hollowed apology because he never voted. very few said anything about accepting his apology. i'm not here to defend mike evans. i was as offended and shocked as many of you especially on military appreciatation. i thought his timing and method was bad and misguided. we have the first amendment however i wish athletes in this day and age realize using their teams or league platform to reflect on them, it reflects on their team, their league, and their teammates -- teammates. mike will face questions one more time tomorrow or perhaps later this week and that will be the end of it. he's now decided to learn more constructive avenues as he said his displeasures were issue that is exist in this society. i commend him for doing so as i
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own free will. when while, willie taggered propping for postseason rewards. this didn't get the davie o'brien award this week. that went to bama quarterback jaylon hertz. former major league baseball pl sailor jolly. all five inducted into the sports hall of fame and new college football playoff rankings out. alabama state one, ohio state two, clemson rounding out the top four.
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another a plus. tk says starts to seem like ground hog day. upper 70s, 78. the morning chilly but then our next cold snap and it'll be a duzey arrives early next week. >> continuing coverage on top stories on abc action
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