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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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it's kind of redundant. that's okay. tell take that. it is invigorating outside. you walk out and feel alive, don't you, with temperatures in the 50s, 40s up to the north. brooksville, good morning. 43 nor you, and crystal river is at 45 right now. this is chilly stuff here, even st. pete down to 62, clearwater in the low 50s and at the airport in tampa, upper 50s. still problems with fog out there. that is thick right across eastern parts of pasco county it is patchy, though. in the a widespread. keep that in mind, the usual spots here will begin to see visibility problems chl 58 by sunrise at 6:53, but it is going to be a dramatic change by later on this afternoon. we're gonna go with late everies today. gonna need to bundle up in the morning, but 77. shorts weather coming back out this afternoon. now, that won't be the case heading into the weekend. we'll talk more about that in the extended forecast in a few
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the bay area. you are looking great on the interstates. this is what it looks like right behind me here. i-275 and 22nd kwav north up to speed in both directions, and hillsboro county, i, too, 75, and fouler, the lanes wide open. the average speeds, if you are in a pasco county heading south through hillsboro county, nothing to slow you down. we are looking great on the veterans 275 and 75 in the green, as well. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks. 5:31 right pictures. do you recognize any of these people? they're targeting women in publix dproesly stores, stealing their wallets. reporter clifton french is live outside the publix in flat city where one incident happened. these thieves are working as a team. >> yeah. you know, it's simple distraction. one person walks up to their victim. they start a conversation with them, distracting them from their purse, which is usually
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another thief then walks up, reaches in their purse, and pulls out their wallet. now, this has happened three times in the past two weeks at two different stores just in plant city. the thieves quick then head to a cvs where they buy hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards before the victims even realize their wallets have been stolen. we talked to one woman who says one of the thieves struck up a conversation about the variety of ice cream. >> behind me, but when i went to turn, he would ask me another question, basically, you know, ask he a question or make a comment where i would turn back around to him the best thing for anybody to do is simply take your purse or your bag, anything
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thieves once again to get inside of your purse. i'm reporting live in plant city, clifton french, abc action news. >> thank you, clifton. breaking overnight, police are looking for the two people who robbed a student on the usf campus. the woman says the men approached her and took her jewelry. it happened near the science building around 9:15 last night. that staunt told police both men appeared to be in their early 20s with blonde hair. luckily, the stude w out of town suspects traveling to pasco county to break into cars. there are several cases in the trinity area. sergeant chris thomas says in most cases, cars are left unlocked. deputies are seeing auto burglaries throughout the
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>> pasco county sheriff's office says they have identified some suspects and are hooking at charges right now. there are several o suspects they are charging for this morning. ss a in pasco county, annen stat principal is on administrative leave a deputies ae he overdosed on edible marian. deputies say 5 o kro rerd dn ma was hospitalized sunday after hr daughter gave hr her marian-laced cookis. the daughter toldties her po wanted to try for her 50th birthday. she's been with the cricket sibs p twath. police in south florida are searching for the person wh shot an r rethat within the straug through a woman oes leg. she said she felt a sering pain. she looked down ask p awe the arrow sticking you have of her leg. she says h doesn't feel sif anymore. police say this could be a freak accident. : right now, t police are questioning a person of interest in a his or hertying robbery
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purse. investigators say this four keerld are was with her sister and mom hen they were all shot monday night as they returned home 6789 they were in an apartment parking lot when h dties say two men demanded the mother aes o purr. >> kwons why. over a purse? they took our a v a. she oos four yeas starting loif >> there were three people involved. one man was arrested on an outstanding warrant. a gun similar to the one used in the robbery was recovered, along with some other evidence that still needs to be tested. now, to some amazing video of a nine-year-old boy saving his baby brother right there from a big fall. it was just incredible catch. the mom says she put her
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her baby rolled onto his stomach and off the edge of the table. luckily, his big brother, joseph, was watching, and caught the baby before he hit the dpround chl -- ground. >> i first, i said i messed up. i did something wrong. but then i realized really it was just a miracle. i must have done something right deserving of this little guy running in at the right time and catching him in the right moment. >> that's just incredible. joseph says he's not sure how he managed to h baby brother. the whole family, though, they call it a miracle. they say god had to have helped joseph. well, the best way to save money on groceries apparently is to eat all the food you buy. interesting staff in the epa, they estimate 21% of waste in landfills and incinerators comes from food, and that waste costs you money, obviously. always check the fridge before you head to the store. force yourself to prepare what
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menus. buying in bulk, of course, can help save money, but that's only if you use what you buy. remember, before produce goes bad, freeze it. speaking of food, going to be busy on the roads next week ahead of the biggest food-focussed holiday in the year. aaa is forecasting 48.7 million americans will travel over the holiday weekend. that's the most number of travelers since 2007, the year before the global aaa also expects at least one million to travel at least 50 miles from home. that's a nearly 2% increase over last year. most women know that yo-yo dieting is not good for your weight, but research shows it can actually be bad for your heart. these fluctuations in weight may triple a woman's risk of dying from heart disease even if you are not overweight or obese. a recent study was not designed to say for sure whether fluctuations in weight can lead to an increased heart risk, it
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why bucks wide receiver mike e advance is ending his national anthem protest. in a statement released yesterday, e advance apologized to all military members, families, and fans offended on sunday. he has strong opinions about some of the issues existing in today's society. he says he decided to sit turg the national anthem in protest of this year's presidential election, but evans says he won't do it again. honoring a hero. at&t gives a south f new iphone 7. henry tate's old phone was destroyed on saturday when he jumped into a lake to rescue a two-year-old boy who had fallen in. tate revived that child with cpr, a skill he just learned a week ago. for his heroic deed, at&t not only gave him a phone but also offered him a job. no word on whether tate took them up on that offer chl he says he kind of is interested in a career as a first responder. water poured into the
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tide yesterday. it was the second day of flooding there. a park and a parking lot were completely underwater. people there say it's the worst tidal flooding they have ever seen. checking now with ivan. are they going to get any relief? >> well, yes, as the moon continues to move away from us. happens, of course, when the earth, sun, and moon align. you get the king tides when all that happens. that happens every month, but then you get the moon making its closest pass goodness. got some pictures out of there that have been incredible. see the octopus? we'll show you that next hour. 40s across the north. a cold start for us. temperatures in the 50s out there. we had some fog, particularly across eastern pasco. zephyr hills now reporting nothing, zero. use extreme caution if you are going to be traveling through that area there. by noon, look at what happens here despite the cold start. about 75 chl we'll hit highs today in the upper 70s this afternoon.
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it is 5:39. still to come, a woman's brand new dress just doesn't feel or smell right so she does some inspecting, and you might want to put your breakfast down when we tell you what she found sewn into her dress. and pizza store employees think this man was wearing pants when he started the burglary. ahead, why he wasn't wearing them when he reached thee
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a forecast to help you prepare for tomorrow. >> abc action news at 11:00.
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5:43. happening this morning, state investigators are looking into a daycare where a child was left in a hot van alone for two hours. abc action news anchor james tully is live in sarasota. james, this came to a shock obviously to parents, not just about what happened, but when. >> dan, that's right. many parents are shocked they aren't finding out about this until over a month after it happened. the florida department of health is looking into the situation here a including the director, left a four-year-old in a hot van during a field trip. we look back. the temperatures that day approach 90 degrees. . the business was fined $250 and all the staff involved required to go through additional training. no one at the preschool told them what happened during the october 14th field trip. >> a little aggravated that i'm
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facebook, of all things, you know, that there was this incident that happened sdmrchlt the department of chosen families is still investigating the daycare for potential abous or neglect. the director here, when asked, would not comment to abc action nudz news. live this morning in sarasota, abc news. it's beginning to feel more like the holidays in the bay area, and starting like tonight, it'll look like the holidays. togh the festivities kick off at 6:30 with live entertainment, free cookies and also hot cocoa. >> are they going to need that tonight? >> of course. it won't be frigid, but is it free? >> yeah. >> then i'll take it. 6:00, our temperatures. how are we going to get from 40s and 50s to 71? show you in a second. as we get closer to the ent, it'll begin to drop.
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going to be very dry so that'll make it feel chillier. keep that in mind, any old jacket out there. but otherwise, clear skies, a nice tree lighting certainly here. yeah, we are very cold this morning. 40s up to the north. 50s in tampa. pinellas looking at 50s, generally. st. pete at 62, and the rest of us in the 50s this morning. 53 into bartow with upper 50s. well, concentrated across zephyr hills. that's the only issue here. elsewhere, we are looking at good visibility this morning. the front that has brought us the chilly temperatures all the way down to the south. it's also cleared us out as far as the cloud cover we have last couple of days. dry up above. that will set the stage for a big warmup this afternoon, compared to where we are right now, and, also, that will preclude any cloud cover here. we are going to stay sunny.
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all. 35-degree difference across portions of the nature coast. you can see the thermometer rising at the day. 51 by tomorrow morning. a few upper 40s still and 50, but a little milder each and every morning and each and every afternoon so that by tomorrow we're back in the upper 70s to lower 80s with plenty of sunshine. the 7-day forecast, watch what happens, as we continue this milder trend late week, we saturday night with a big cold front coming through. look at the highs. it will affect that, as well. upper 60s sunday and monday. very chilly with overnight lows in the 40s and 50s. good morning, everybody. buckle up. we are going to take a virtual drive along a 275 heading south towards downtown tampa. traffic indicators all in the grain. we're taking a little brief pit stop here right at mlk. look how wide open the lanes are.
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take you 14 minutes. the average speed 65 miles an hour. we haven't really reached the heart of the morning commute yet. still looking pretty good. five minutes from i-4 down to the howard franklin, and 6 minutes in the opposite direction. it is 5:48 right now. this morning, tampa bay lightning fans are concerned about steven's health. >> possible the bolts captain may miss some games after he got injured last night. here's happens. when he stands back up, he favors his right leg. he limped off the ice and did not return. he'll be reevaluated today to determine the extent of the injuries. the bolts, by the way, won that game 4-3. they'll play buffalo tomorrow. the college football rankings are out checking the top teams, trying to end up here in tampa on jan 9th in a national college football game. the top four schools make the playoffs. undefeated alabama is no.
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2, followed by michigan. they play each other next week. clemson is 4th. a mysterious disease that causes symptoms similar to polio has suddenly cropped up in washington state. a child under the age of 10 hadz just been diagnosed with acute plastic mie lie tis. this comes two weeks after the cdc reported that eight children in five washington counties were hospitalized with afm. health officials can't find a link between theas limbs, loss of reflexes, difficulty swallowing and slurred speech. sometimes it can cause respiratory failure or paralysis. there's no specific treatment for afm. well, a thief was caught on camera breaking into a pizza shot outside baltimore in the news. >> yeah. want to show you the surveillance video. he's doing his best to cover himself, but it's not really working. he apparently ripped his papts coming through a roof vent. when pizza hop employees the
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surveillance video. >> everybody -- everybody's mouths dropped. we couldn't help but latch. laugh. >> the burglar didn't get any money but did do a couple thousand dollars in damage. this without a doubt is probably the strangest story you'll hear today. you might want to check your clothes carefully before you get drezed this morning. a connecticut woman now sug clothing maker after she found a dress. the woman says the first time she wore the dress, she noticed a, quote, distur bingly pungent odor she couldn't escape. she thought she felt a loose string on her leg, but what she found was much worse, this, the foot of the rat sticking out of the hem of the dress. the woman says that rodent gave her a rash. she is now suing for unspecified damages. they are not commenting, so far.
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long-term jobs are up for grabs right now. twitter users can now turn on the mute button. how the site is helping you get
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if you are traveling across, keep that in mind. otherwise, temperatures cool this morning as we've been showing you 40s into 50s and even colder for the weekend. more on that in the extended forecast coming up at the 6:00. it's 5:54. soerm media -- social media companies are under increased scrutiny now. now, twitter has several new measures to curb online abuse. it's expanding a mute function that lets people mute accounts from. users can mute keywords, phrases, and conversations. twitter is also making it easier to report abusive comments and has overalled its approach to training support teams. deliveries officially start next week. ups expects to make a record number of deliveries. it expects to deliver more than 700 million packages for the holidays. ups says that would be a 14% increase other has year.
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calendar year. a 90-year-old man, his name is robert carpenter, is not dead. >> memphis light gas & water just decided that he was dead for the second time and turned his lights off. what makes things worse, he says he kwhuzed -- used to work for the company. ? if they treat an ex-employee like this, what do they treat the general public? >> the power company has apoll joiz thing was a mistake. they admit they should have vathenned things out in jan. the ocean movie series is the latest series now to get a female cast reboot. >> yeah, but it's one familiar face in the new ocean's 8 movie. matt damon says he's going to make a cameo appearance. will star in this new heist movie going to hit theaters in the summer of 20186789 need a job?
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positions before the end of the year. the company is hosting a hiring event today from 9:00 to 7:00 at its lakeland facility. anyone interested will be able to interview one on one with a recruiter. for more information, check out the article we posted on our fro mobile app. ? she was all uptown wearing that white gown taking his last name. she could hear those church bells ringing, ringing ? ? >> country carrie underwood brings her story teller tour to arena tonight at 7:00. if you still want to go, though, you'll need to check ticket reselling web sites because this concert is completely sold out. coming up at 6:00, local campus on alert after two men rob a student. steps police are urging people to take and the clues they're revealing about the criminals. plus, one lawmaker pushes back against anti-trump protesters. what he's proposing for
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tfrjts university of south florida on edge this morning following the robbery of a young female student. ahead in a live report, the warning the university is senting out this morning. >> also right now at 6:00. shakeups in donald trump's new team. >> the president-elect responding this morning trying to ease concerns. we'll have that coming up in just a moment.
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traffic and weather together. cabrera starts us off checking the numbers. little chilly out there. >> very chilly. in fact, we are looking at 40s, almost 30s really. brooksville down at 42. 43 right now. 45 crystal river working our way down, though, still cool, but not as chilly. temperatures in the upper 50s, even low 60s across pinellas, but in the 50s, and we're running anywhere from 5 to 11 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. pockets of fog continues zephyr hills been checking. traffic cams don't rooe reach quite to this area here. keep in mind, that's where we have some fog. u trump is down to our south. dry hair as faken over. for you and me, by the afternoon with full son, we'll get back into the mid and upper 70s. >> all right. good morning, everybody. all morning long, we've been watching our cameras positioned on the gandy bridge because we do have some clis activity, some emergency vehicles out there.


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