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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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traffic and weather together. cabrera starts us off checking the numbers. little chilly out there. >> very chilly. in fact, we are looking at 40s, almost 30s really. brooksville down at 42. 43 right now. 45 crystal river working our way down, though, still cool, but not as chilly. temperatures in the upper 50s, even low 60s across pinellas, but in the 50s, and we're running anywhere from 5 to 11 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. pockets of fog continues zephyr hills been checking. traffic cams don't rooe reach quite to this area here. keep in mind, that's where we have some fog. u trump is down to our south. dry hair as faken over. for you and me, by the afternoon with full son, we'll get back into the mid and upper 70s. >> all right. good morning, everybody. all morning long, we've been watching our cameras positioned on the gandy bridge because we do have some clis activity, some emergency vehicles out there.
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eastbound. all those are in the med yan so we aren't seeing any tlas across the water this morning. in fact, we could check the drive times. looking pretty good, nine minutes across the courtney campbell. 6 on the howard. 8 minutes to cross the gandy bridge. a minute after 6:00. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of clearwater. firefighters investigating if a space hereto caused early-morning fire just west of betty lane. the fire began around 2:00 this morning. you can see the inside of the duplex thankfully, nobody was hurt. and breaking overnight, campus police at usf sending out a warning to students this morning after a young woman is robbed on campus. >> abc action news reporter rodney live on campus this morning. wow is that stuvent doing? we heard she was roughed up a bit. >> thankfully, she's okay. she wasn't hurt too badly. all of this happened as she walked alone. two guys walked up and robbed her. as you can imagine, students around campus on edge this
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i just make sure my phone is charged and lock around, make sure i know my surroundings, see where my car is and kind of just bolt towards it. >> now, all of this happened around 9:15 last night. it's being described adds a strong arm robbery. the description of the suspects a bit vague this morning. two white males in their 2010s, one with shoulder hair. students got wind exactly what was going on after the university sent out an alert. many we spoke with this morning say they always keep a watchful eye out. >> i personally stay at the library really late, but i always look around before i come out of the library or, like, right when i come out of the library, i always look around and see if there's anything, like, weird, or anything i should be cautious about, i mean, as i'm walking to my car.
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>> the university is sending out a stroveng warning to stunts this morning. be aware of your surroundings. if you are walking or jogging alone on campus, do not go ahead. go with a friend, and stay in well-lit areas. also, make sure to take those ear buds out of your keer if you are walking alone on campus. back out here live, something else the university wants to remind students. there are a number of these emergency callers around campus, know exactly where these are in case of an emergency and call it if you feel you need it. to keep students safe. for now reporting live on the campus, rodney dunnegan, abc action news. this morning, plat city police need your help. they are hoping somebody will recognize these three people right here. they are calling this group skilled pock pocketers. they tell us the trio targeted at least three women shopping at publix. investigators say they strategy is simple. one distracts the customer with small talk while another one
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of their car. he walked to one woman who fell victim to the scam. >> kind of sensed somebody behind me, but when i went to turn, he would ask me another question, basically, you know, ask he a question or make a comment where i would turn back around to him. >> crime stopper social security offering an award for tips that lead to their rairs. a winter haven man who proek into a home while an 18-year-old girl is inside. erik ellison broke in through a window late monday night. the teen told police she heard someone knocking on the front door. she looked out the window, saw a car she didn't recognize parked outside, and went back to her bedroom. that's when she heard glass breaking and saw the man breaking into her house. vice president-elect mike pence says the donald trump transition team fin irned up a great day at work yesterday.
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calling that into question. insiders say the president-elect son-in-law is calling many of the shots and getting rid of anybody with ties to new jersey governor chris christie. he prosecuted his father for tax evasion, witness tampering, and illegal campaign contributions. mr. trump is now responding to the shakeup on twitter tweeting that the transition is a very good process, very good and organized process. becoming president donald trump's press secretary. trump's insiders say she's under consideration for the job. in the past, she's echoed trump's call to deport illegal immigrants and spears theorys about clinton e-mail cover ups. she also continuously blasted the media for what she called biassed reporting and railed against so-called establishment politicians on both sides of the
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legislation. representative bobbie kauffman's so called suck it up butter cup bill would create new criminal penalties for protesters who shut down highways. an anti-trump demonstration recently created gridlock. >> you've got a right to be a brat. you've got a right to protest. but you do not have a right to throw a temper tantrum on interstate 80 and put my constituents' lives in danger. >> wants to cut the budget of any schools that fund grief counseling related to the election above and normally available. he also would penalize schools if they fund political sit ins. iowa state and the university of iowa stubts have both held protests, but those universities say no school money was spent on the events. 6:06. still to come at 6:00, stabs rampage. the mystery behind the attack after a student lashes out at his high school. >> plus, fiery rescue. an officer gets created to save the man when the flames are too
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it is a cold start. no question for temps in the 40s up to the north. 50s elsewhere. a couple low 60s along the coast. still dealing with patchy fog across eastern pasco. the rest of us will looking good. despite the afternoon despite a very stool start. temperatures in the mid and upper 70s.
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now. investigators are traying to figure out why a student went on a stabbing rampage in utah. >> that 16-year-old hurt several fellow students with a knife, at one point attaching the knife to a stick. one mother broke down outside the school when she found out her son was one of the five boys hospitalized. she was among the frantic parents who rushed to the scene, nervously checking thinker phones for news. officers say that attacker had just enrolled at the stoll after being home schooled. he's a straight a student with no history of trouble. he lashed out at students in the locker room, causing six minutes of chaos before a resource officer stopped him. >> i just heard, lieshgs screaming and people running away from, like, the gym and where it was happening. police that were in the bathroom just heard screaming and stuff. >> the suspect's family released a letter. those families say none of the victims had done anything to provoke the attack and this was in no way racially or ethnically
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>> newly-released video of a fiery crash in california. you just heard stunned bystanders arguing over how to save the people inside. sadly, though, two people died in one car. the highway patrol shows up. the flames are simply too intense for them to reach a man in one of the other cars. that's when an officer gets creative chl he uses his squad bar to push that car away so they can rescue him. we're told this fire started after a head-on collision. 6:11. coming up, behind the scenes of airport security. the process agents are now using to make sure bags are safe and the tests they're about to face as you travel for the holidays. and a ceo speaks out after losing his job over tweeting a threat about president-elect trump. the reason he says he posted
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more?
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developing this moshing, police are trying to figure out why a man ambushed, shot and killed an airline employee in oklahoma city. still waiting to find out the name of the attacker who officers say tlieter killed himself. they found his bod duh in a pickup truck inside a parking combraj. now, they say he combuned down a southwest worker, 52-year-old michael winchester. they apparently knew each other. the gunman new winchester's schedule and was waiting for him outside the aeroport.
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hours, the busiest airport in oklahoma. wheen wheel, we are get ago never before seen look behind the tsa. you may be surprised to find out agents touch fewer than 5% of checked bags. they mostly rely on a conveyor system like this one here at an airport in wisconsin. it relies on bar codes to get luggage to the right place. taa agents only handle bags that set off the scanner's alarm, signalling a possible threat. the screening supposed to take 15 minutes, but that timeline is soon going to be put to the test as more people check bags while flying for thanksgiving and christmas. we are hearing from a former california company ceo who threatened to kill president-elect donald trump. matt resigned yesterday from a cyber security firm in the after math of these tweets. he quote, quote, i'm going to kill the president-elect. bring it, secret service. add tg frightening details of buying a sniper rifle and
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house. apologize for posting them while drunk, he says, on election night. >> i feel terrible about it. i feel -- i feel stupid. anybody who took offense to what i said, i'm deeply apologetic. frz prz >> he says he didn't mean what he tweeted. he's cooperating now with the secret and was has closed all of his social media accounts. now, to an update on a facebook coast causing controversy in west virginia. the mayor after a small commented on it stepped down. after coming out of fire for chiming in on the post about first lady michelle obama. that post referred to the first lady as a, quote, ape in heels. she commented saying it made her day. the county employee wh posted it, pam ra ramsey,is on leave. protesters marched against a north dakota oil pipeline in cities around the country. things getting heated near the construction site.
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train tracks to block police and then smashed the windshield and slashed its tiers, tries to set the vehicle on fire. trains were delayed for some three hours by this confrontation. police say protesters also slashed tires on their patrol cars. they arrested several people. donald trump's name is being stripped of three apartment skyscrapers in new york city. workers will change the trump place buildings to neutral names as soon as today. it comes after hundreds of tenants sign they were embarrassed to live in a place named after the president-elect. a spokesperson for trump's transition team said in the past removing his name will cause the buildings to lose, quote, tremendous value. so far, she hasn't commented on this decision. we're getting some all-new video this morning of flooding caused by the supermoon in south florida. we want to check in now with ivan cabrera, who shows us how bad it is there. >> pictures coming out of miami beach. the ocean has basically come ashore during the time of the
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the full and new moons, but when you combine the supermoon, the closest pass to our planet, that created additional pull. i tell you what, the water came right in. folks are getting around, bicycles trying to move through. it has been quite the scene there. conditions improving today, but before that happened as the ocean came in, the ocean creatures did, as well. take a look at some of what we have. an octopus coming in. try to find a wonder if he found it. that's a parking garage strange pictures coming out of miami. hopefully he got back to where he belongs there. but there, you see flooding as a result of those king tides, the so-called king tides because of the supermoon. by the way, that was not an event just for miami beach but up and down the eastern seaboard. we saw those tiesd coming in. things are beginning to wide wind down. temperatures this morning, that's the story for us.
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also have very chilly temperatures. knack, we've been drop intoog the low to mid 40s, which puts us 9 to 11 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. there you see the numbers for the rest of us. front is well down to the south. that was the case yesterday. it was south of us, but we have that moisture in the form of clouds coming in out of the gulf. not the case today. we're shutting ting that off. that will set the stage for a gorgeous day. sunny skies. no clouds today. talking about fantastic weather next couple of days. high pressure moves to our east. that's important. got a little easterly fetch coming in here. that's going to mean we are going to go from sunny to mostly sunny by the end of the week. that would be it. the big story, i think, for the weekend, is the 7-day forecast. i'll show you that in a second with yet another front coming in saturday night. that one will impact our daytime highs. this front will not. look at the daytime numbers for today. upper 70s.
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degrees from where we are now by the afternoon, all of us getting in on warm times this afternoon. we'll do it again tonight. cool off. 40s and 50s. each and every morning, not as cool, and each and every afternoon, milder and milder with temps in the upper 70s to lower 80s until our front comes in saturday night. it'll move through with no moisture, so no rain with et. but look what it does with temperatures this time around. not only does it drop her morning lows in the 40s and 50s, but her daytime highs. those are the highs we've sewn so for this season. sunday/monday probably not hitting 70. good morning, everybody. checking our cameras over in brandon. traffic looking fwraet there. this is i-75 right around state road 60 up to speed in both directions getting a little crowded out there. i do want to talk about some construction going on. if you are heading through downtown tampa, we told you about this monday, and this road work continues through friday.
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of rome is closed north of hilsborough avenue. that also expected to open be5:00 on friday. 6:21 right now. over the next five days, some of the world's best sand sculptors will be creating artistic masterpieces on treasure island. standing ovations is truly an international event. the ten sculpt yours. the event runs through sunday at gulf front park. 6:21. still ahead, a dramatic catch. a big brother saving the day, and perhaps his little proer's life. what was distracting mom at the time and why she is calling this save a miracle. plus, toy dangers. the three toys you need to avoid to keep kids safe.
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achlts nan-year-old south florida boy saving his baby brother from this big fall: >> he is a hero. you can see that. he rolls onto his stomach then big brother joseph comes in quite in time, catch it is baby. it happened in the family's miami beach home. mom says she turned her back for just a second. that's all it takes.
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up. i did something wrong." but then i realized that really, it was just a miracle. i must've done something right to have been deserving of this little guy running in at the light time and catching him in the right moment. >> it is incredible. joseph says he's really not sure how he managed to hold up his 30-pound baby brother. the whole family calls it a miracle and says god had to have helped joseph. warning for you finish that christmas shopping list. new list is out this morning. take a look at the top three. the peppa pig set child safety advocates say its packaging doesn't warn about the choking hazards for young children. nourm two is this, el mant pillow. it's said to be unsafe for infants and babies. and finally, the slime ball slinger has a history of causing eye wir jis. we have the full ois of dpangous
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thieves targeting women at local grocery stores. the way they're able to steal their wallets. plus, an update on the defendant from the netflix series making a murderer. the one thing that's still keeping him behind bars. cold temperatures out there. we have numbers ot 40s right now. most of us in the 50s. we'll talk about a warm u, though, this afternoon. couple minutes. >> it'll been great out on the roads. inra interstate. coming up, we are e going to chk
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now at 6:30, watch our wallets and purses. a trio of pickpocketers hitting
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time you head toet store. also, parents kfrnd after daykafrworkers live a child inside a hot van. the question those parents are still waiting to be answered this morning. plus, president-elect trump breaking protocol. the actions he took sending reporters scrambling the keep up. thanks for waking up with abc action news on this wednesday morning chl i'm dan skafr. >> good morning. we are off to a cool start on this wednesday. want to check in now to find out what we can expect the rest of the day. >> yeah. it's chilly out across the nature coast. brooksville doing it better, about 43. the upper 560s in tampa right now. 52 in lakeland. 56. cool start and foggy, as well; across portions of eastern ps koe. that's the only spot i see right now. by this afternoon, though, this is the kind of day you want to dress up in layers you can feel off because look at that. by lunchtime, 75. full sun today with temps in the
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the weekend. we'll talk about it in a few minutes. >> ivan, don't laugh at me, but u did use my seat warmers this morning. so we are checking your drive along i-4 just east of i-75. traffic looking great out there. don't have any issues slowing you down. we are still in the green. 25 minutes from at the top from county line road into downtown. if you are heading into the veterans expressway, you have a great drive heading south. 18 minutes from 54 down to 275. six minutes from waters to 275. 6:31. pickpockets at local dproesly stores. this morning, plant city police need your help finding these thieves. >> reporter clifton is live outside the publix where one of the incidents happened. clifton, can you explain how the trio is getting away with this? >> yeah. you know, it's pretty simple. they strike up a conversation about anything. it could be about grand kids. it could be about sports.
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to the victim, another walks up behind them, reaches in their purse, and steals their wallet. we talked to one of those victims who says this thief came up to her and just started talking about ice cream. >> he said, "look at all this varieties of this ice cream, you know, they make it so hard." i just said, "yeah, you know, gosh, decisions," and so forth. >> yeah. and that's when purse that was sit k in her cart. this has happened three times in the past two weeks at two different stores. the thieves then head to a nearby cvs where they buy hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards. police say these people work in a team of 3. they hope these surveillance pictures that you see get them off the streets before there's another victim. here's the deal. you can make this a lot tougher on thieves by simply taking your
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in the store chl i'm reporting live in plant city, clifton french, abc action news. >> thanks, clifton. a daycare now under investigation by the state for reportedly leaving a child inside a fan for two hours. warrants want to know why they are just now finding out about this after it happened a month ago. a report says two staff members, including the director of kinder house preschool, left a four-year-old in a hot van during a field trip. on that particular 80s. now, stay with us. we've got a crew standing by to go live at 6:45. they've got concerns from those parents and also consequences for the staff involved. detectives are looking for, they say, out of town suspects traveling to pasco county to break into cars. there are several cases reported in the trinity area.
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money, and when they didn't find it, you know, that was it. >> it comes in pockets, and so we do have certain neighborhoods that people come in and prey upon good people. >> a pasco sheriff's office says they identified some suspects and are looking at charges right now, but there are several other suspects they're searching for this morning. the family of an orange county teenager beaten to death one month ago is now said to be considering a wrongful death suit. 15-yea fight in a park. winter park officers say they identified the teen who attacked him over something called a skunk spray. they're waiting right now on the medical examiner's report before filing any charges. the family's attorney isn't saying what the lawsuit is over, just that the family is waiting for more information before they decide on what to do. today, we could learn if brandon dassey will be released from prison. his story is part of the netflix series making a murderer.
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conviction. in 2005, dassey confessed that he helped his uncle rape and kill a female photographer, but dassey later recanted his story. it is 6:35 right now. president-elect donald trump breaks protocol by leaving his trump tower residence without taking along his press contingent. you are looking at his motorcade leaving trump tower in new york city just a few hours after telling reporters he wasn't leaving the property last night. it turns out he went to dinner wi f restaurant. reporters had to scramble to catch up with him, but then they weren't let inside the restaurant. every president and vice president-elect -- every president and presidents-elect in recent memory has traveled with a pool of journalist when they leave the white house grounds. arizona senator john mccain, a leading voice on national security matters, now says he'll oppose an effort to reset relations with russia. mccain putting out a statement yesterday saying president
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quote, butchery of the syrian people. in syria, russian missiles pounded at the start of a new offensive. the blitz began hours after putin and president-elect trump discussed syria in a phone call. a lot of people are in disbelief this morning. thousands of you are reacting on our facebook page to our new dining report involving one of the most popular grocery chains in the state. our i team finding seven publix stores all over the bay area failed their last inspection, at the publix store in south tampa, inspectors discovered numerous rodent droppings behind a food pallet near the back room and storage area. another publix near nep tune, they found employees not washing their hands or wearing gloves while prepping food. with seven failed store inspections, customers are slg a hard time digesting it all. >> is it disappointing? >> yeah, it is, becaususe you expect them to keep your food clean. they sell food. everybody else shops there and
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relations manager did not want to go on camera but did send us a response which reads in part, quote, food safety is a top priority at publix. in 2015, florida department of agriculture and consumer services enacted changes to the inspection rating process implemented without industry or public feedback. we requested updated information on the state's food safety standards and inspections. we posted the full statement on our web site. if you have your phone in hand right now, open up the abc action news mobile app right now to f with those failed inspections. south florida police are searching for the person who shot an arrow that went straight through a woman's leg. that woman out in her garden when it happened. she tells police she felt a seerg pain then saw the arrow sticking out of her leg. she's home from the hospital now but doesn't feel safe in her own backyard. police saying this could be just a freak accident, someone target practicing nearby perhaps, but
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iphone 7 courtesy of at&t. his phone was destroyed on saturday when he jumped into a lake and rescued a two-year-old boy who had fallen into the water. tate revived the child with cpr, and get this, he moved to south florida two weeks ago and just got cpr certified last week. for his good deed, at&t also offered him a job. a lot of businesses are searching for part-time holiday help, but one tampa-based company looking to sykes wants to hire 200. a company is hosting a hiring event today in lakeland to fill those jobs. for more information, check out the article we just posted on our free mobile app. shocking cover up will get to keep her job a little bit longer. the district postponing brenda young's termination hearing scheduled for last night, but going to be moved likely to december. investigators say she lied after
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while walking to his lakeland bus stop. the district says young added a new bus stop in their computer system just hours after his death to make it look like he didn't need to cross the busy street. five nfl players spent their off day yesterday in washington dc. wasn't a sightseeing trip, but one they hope will help minorities around the country. destroit lions wide receiver anquan bolden argued this meeting with congressmen. the group spent hours disss solutions to help close what they say is the gap of distrust between blacks and police. with the return of cooler temperatures, it's beginning to feel more like the holidays here in the bay area, and starting tonight, it'll look like the holidays. central was going to light up its christmas tree tonight at 7:00. the festivities kick off at 6:30 with live interstainment, free cookies, and complimentary hot cocoa. kids and adults will also get pictures with santa.
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absolutely. little early, though, right? we haven't had turkey yet. that's all right. we'll have a good time as temperatures will fall a little bit here. it will be nieshgs i think. 71 at 6:00, then we'll drop a little bit into the upper 60s. it will be dry so feel a bit chillier, but certainly not guilty where we are -- not where we are right now, which is very cold. we're all over the place here in some low 60s along the coast, but all gonn this afternoon. i think we'll make it into the mid and upper 70s about the time we get into 4:00. by the way, we'll do that with full sun. then it turns colder for the weekend. we'll talk about that in the extended forecast. 6:40. also still ahead, twitter making some changes. the way the social media giant is trying to stop hateful tweets. plus, nude intruder. the shocking surprise some pizza shop employees found when they watch their store's surveillance video.
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alone in a car for two hours. ahead, parents telling us they
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students at usf on high alert this morning following a vicious robbery on campus. a young woman roughed up by two
6:44 am
those two suspects still on the loose this morning. all of this happening near science building on campus. the university sending out a strong warning to students to be aware of their surroundings and do not walk around campus alone at night. breaking overnight in clearwater, fire heavily damages a duplex west of betty lane. the flames started around 2:00 this morning. firefighters are checking right now to see if a space heater is what start dz the fire. thankfully, though, nobody was hurt. police in plant city need your help finding t stealing their wallets. happened three times at two different publix stores the past couple of weeks. one thief distracts the shopper while the other lifts the wallet from the purse in the shopping cart. left trump tower without notifying the press corps. also, he tweeted last night trying to ease concerns after reports of turmoil during the transition process saying the process is, quote, very organized.
6:45 am
not made any cabinet position announcements. right now, detectives are trying to determine a motive behind yesterday's deadly shooting at oklahoma city's airport. police say that gunman killed himself inside a parking garage after gunning down a southwestern airlines employee. authorities say the suspects apparently knew each other. the suspect knew the victim's schedule and was waiting for him outside the airport. that shooting shut down the airport for hours. happening this morning, state investigators are looking into a daycare where a child telly is live in sarasota. this, of course, comes as a shock to parents not just for what happened but when. >> that's right, dan. many parents we spoke with are upset they're hearing about this now over a month after this initially happened. we're talking about a report by the state department of health that says two staffers at this daycare, the kinder house preschool in sarasota, left a four-year-old in a hot van during a field trip for two
6:46 am
they were in the upper 80s. the business was fined $250, and all of the staff involved are required to go through two hours of additional training. again, parents we spoke to say no one at the preschool told them what happened during that field trip. >> i mean, that's kind of crazy. i didn't hear anything about this. >> hearing this news now? >> it's kind of got me in shock a little bit. >> a little aggravated that i'm just finding out on facebook, of all things, y >> we also heard from a couple of parents who had high praise for this daycare saying they never had any issues before. the department of children and family says investigating also for the potential of abuse or neglect. we tried to talk to the director of this daycare, and they had no comment for us. live this morning in sarasota, james tully, abc action news. well, twitter now has a new
6:47 am
twitter can already mute entire accounts, but now, it has a new feature that allows users to mute keywords, phrases, and emojis. there's also more direct way for users to report hateful speech. plus, the company has retrained support teams to deal with those reports a little bit faster. deliveries of christmas gifts get underway next week. in fact, ups expects to make a record number of deliveries. company expects to deliver more than 700 million packages leading up to christma increase compared to last year. expecting the increase thanks to two more operating days this calendar year. well, robert carter is not dead, but just try telling that to his electric company. >> yeah. memphis light gas & water just decided that he was dead for the second time and turned his lights off. >> second time? >> yeah. they turned his lights off. what makes it even worse, he says he used to work for the company. >> if they treat an ex-employee like this, what do they treat the general public?
6:48 am
thing was a mistake. the company admits that it should have been straightened out in jan the first time they accidentally listed carter as dead. ? she was all uptown wearing that white gown taking his last name ? ? she could hear those church bells ringing ringing ? ? >> country music superstar carrie underwood brings her storyteller tour to emily arena tonight. that concert is sold out. still want to sites. traffic is going to be pretty heavy around there, i imagine. >> oh, yeah. we have heavy traffic here on 275 through st. pete. we have a crash here. flying over this right now. captain al, what are you seeing out there? >> hey, good morning. i'm seeing tremendous delays in the st. pete area. southbound i-275 just south of 22nd avenue north, you can see a couple vehicles involved, maybe three, and they're taking up three of the four lanes, one
6:49 am
on scene right now, but as widens out the shot here and we go up, you'll see i-275 southbound is backed up all the way just a little bit north of 54th avenue north now. so backup, keep that in mind, maybe 34th street, 9th avenue -- 9th street or 4th street might be better off just for now. back to you. >> look at the delays we're seeing on 275 through st. pete. looking good northbound, but southbound down to 32 miles an hour. we are also checking our because fhp just telling us that they have a car fire that they are responding to. now, i've been checking several cameras. we haven't seeing any delays up here at the very top of the bridge, but i'll keep my eye on it and let you know right here and, of course, on twitter if we find anything there. we do have a crash here. this is gulf to bay just east of u.s. 19 so approaching the court knee campbell seeing a little bit of slowdown there. leave yourself extra time. we also have a crash, this one in the clearing stages right at nebraska.
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morning. for some of us not so much, specifically in st. pete, 63. but look at the rest of the numbers here, low to mid 40s across the nature coast. we're generally in the 50s with a light breeze out there. very cool start, no question about it, but we're going to warm up nicely this afternoon despite this front that's down to the south leaving us alone at this point here. in its wake, dry air that will limit cloud cover. certainly, i think, we'll be sunny today. a lot of blue up there with temps, look at this. upper do a little math there. that's about 35 degrees above where we are and have been this morning across the north. tonight, another cool night, but each and every morning a little milder. each and every afternoon, there you go for thursday, we'll get back into low 80s, as well, then we'll crash for the weekend chl 77 this afternoon. watch what happens as the next front comes in. it will come in quietly just like last a few, as far as any rain fall. no rain saturday night. look at the temperature difference there.
6:51 am
only in the upper 60s, and we'll hang onto that cold air with 40s as you wake up on monday morning and temps by the afternoon once again chilly for us. upper 60s and then milder trend setting out for tuesday. take a look at this. a thief gets caught on camera breaking into a pizza shop outside baltimore, and look at that. he's in the nude. surveillance video shows him trying to cover himself. he apparently ripped his pants coming through a -- arrived the next day, they found the door open and the place ransacked, then they took a look at that surveillance video. >> everybody's mouths just dropped. we couldn't help but laugh buzz that's something thadoesn't happen every day. it was really funny to, like, see that. >> yeah, i guess it is. burglar didn't get away with any money, but he did do a couple thousand dollars worth of damage. >> authorities say the picture is not pretty, but they are hoping somebody will recognize this guy. stay with us. we'll be right back. in this morning's first
6:52 am
home heartbreak when a dream house turns into a nightmare. the people in this new subdivision in virginia say they are great-looking houses on the outside are chalk full of problems and defects on the inside. >> very upsetting. it's the most expensive purchase any of us are going to make. >> in one subdivision after another, our investigation found homeowners claiming shoddy construction. >> settlement cracks, nail pops. >> with big well-known often slow or refuseing to fix the problems, big and small. >> no one will fix it. it was our house. >> the industry trade group says unhappy homeowners are in the minority, and that americans have expectations that are just too high. >> the american consumer expects a perfect home chl there's no such thing as a perfect home. >> and we'll have more on the investigation coming up at 7 a.m. with your gma first l look, i'm bryan ross, abc news new york.
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it is slow going through st. pete. we have a crash 275 southbound just past 22nd avenue north. only one lane getting through. traffic back up to 54th. also an update on that car fire on the sunshine skyway. that's in the northbound lanes. no delays at the moment. chilly start for us here in the 40s and 50s, but clouding up nicely this afternoon. we'll be back with full sun in the upper 70s. frms well, today, kids and
6:56 am
will get life lessons from guest speakers as part of the great american teaching. working professionals representing any and all kinds of jobs will share information about their careers with those students. >> such a fun event. a connecticut woman is suing clothing maker zara after she smelled a rat in her new dress. we do mean that literally. she says she noticed a, quote, distur bingly pungent odor she just couldn't escape the first time she wore her new dress. >> she thought she felt a loose string, but this it's disturbing. the foot of that rat sewn into her hem. the row don't gave her a rash. . has not commented so far on that. >> hopefully it's not real because you wonder how do you miss that, you know? >> i think it's real. well, stay tuned. good morning america is coming up next. >> on air, on our mobile app, on facebook, and, of course, on twitter.
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good mor good morning, america. donald trump leaves the press behind for a private dinner with his family amid new reports of a transition team in turmoil. >> i think there is some confusion going on about a chain of command. >> two s trump fires back overnight. new fire danger. massive clouds of smoke, large enough to be seen from space send hundreds to the hospital as schools close across the southeast. dozens of wildfires scorching seven states. now the national guard is being called in to battle the blaze. wrong side of the law. a divorce attorney sentenced to prison. >> i thank god you got caught. >> accused of hypnotizing female


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