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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a plan and rehab has not been decided. a researcher from the moffitt cancer center facing charges, the 32-year-old took pictures of a man in the shower at the campus recreation center. tonight he has been placed on administrative leave. that evening, i'm paul lagrone. >> and i'm laura harris, investigators are trying to track down the people responsible for two violent robberies targeting students. >> live from the campus at the spot where two men confronted and robbed a woman. >> reporter: good evening to you, this victim was walking in the heart of the usf campus last night in the dark all alone when one man approached her to distract her while the other man snatched her backpack taking it and her necklace.>> it was definitely a little bit
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walking near the science building around 9:00 when two men began harassing her, multiple people witnessing the incident. >> it makes you more conscious about what is going on on campus. what could happen. >> students are taking precautions citing strength in numbers. >> always walk with a buddy or try not to walk at all that night. i'm sure they will make precautions. >> investigators trying to track down the men behind a home invasion that happened the same day at luxury apartments, the men forced their way into the student apartment. >> it is surprising. >> crime data showing this block has only had two other similar incidents this year, this resident is taking extra cautions. >> lock your doors, lock the back doors, the windows when
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>> on campus police say they are doing what they can to help students feel safe. >> people feel very victimized, we don't want you to feel victimized, we are increasing patrol in the area.>> i did request the most recently available crime step from usf police but i have yet to hear back from them. in both cases we want to mention no one was hurt and we have a full suspect ryan smith abc action news. a bombshell development surrounding the mosaic toxic sinkhole, we got our hands on thousands of newly released documents and they raised questions about how the state responded to this crisis. as the toxic water leaked into the aquifer threatening local families.
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governor rick scott's administration. >> we obtained hundreds of emails shedding new light into how state leaders managed the mosaic sinkhole crisis. >> when you go through the emails what did you learn? >> they show a lack of urgency on the part of the governor's office and the department of environmental protection. >> tonight, florida congresswoman says the emails show a culture of secrecy inside the state government. >> floridians should be in an uproar that the department of environmental protection does not feel it is their number one responsibility, their number one obligation to alert floridians when there is an environment of catastrophe that could hurt or affect their health. >> the public records raise serious questions about the response of the governor's office and the department of environmental protection which
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with managing the pr crisis than they were keeping the public informed. >> unfortunately the governor's office has indicated a lack of transparency. >> some emails coach state scientists on how to handle questions from the media, one geologist who spent 20 years working for the state questioned a lack of information writing i am working on that facility with the epa but nobody told me about it. this from the people of florida. >> tonight abc action news is going to the emails, there is a lot to know, when we find out i will let you know, i emailed the governor's office to get their side of the story. we have not heard from them yet. president elect trump made a lot of promises during his campaign that could disrupt the lives of thousands of undocumented families in
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far he will go. ryan raiche shows us why so many are living in fear tonight.>> the morning after the election is one this migrant worker wishes to forget. >> i couldn't believe it. >> he is here from mexico but came here when he was six to work the fields, he eventually earned his degree. he is here legally. through a program that was by president obama. >> the first things that went through my mind was, my future. >> in florida there are roughly 1000 undocumented immigrants eligible for the program, nationwide there are under 2 million most of them worried about what is to come.>> we are going backwards.>> nancy flight with the women's league of voters set up a seminar to help
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trump made some bold immigration promises during the campaign? telling voters he would build a wall putting an end to the program stepping up deportation enforcement. after election day he stepped back slightly saying first he will focus on deporting undocumented criminals. >> we have come a long way. we can't let somebody destroyed dreams. >> parents of daca children. >> the parents do not have daca, they are fearful that parents will be deported. >> so many questions left unanswered that could be influenced by the winner of the election people cannot even legally vote in. ryan raiche abc action news. just into the newsroom, governor rick scott plans to meet with donald trump tomorrow. governor scott tweeting tonight he will congratulate trump on
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offer help to reinvent the federal government. we are working to find out where and when they will meet. now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, if you are headed over to ybor city the weather will be beautiful, not cool, you won't feel festive but you might feel festive by looking at the tree lighting with temperatures 60s. 74 downtown, plant city 73, still 78 in sarasota after a cool morning, afternoon highs we did start out in the low 40s in brooksville and low 50s downtown tampa we warmed up to 81 in sarasota and 79 in tampa, that goes to show how the weather is so great, mornings are cool afternoons warm-up, when you get the sunshine a lack of color cover like today that is what we are in for,
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degrees warmer than this morning, mid-50s around 60s in the central counties, upper 40s to low 50s from springhill, crystal river to dade city and low to mid 50s from bartow arcadia near 60 from bradenton to venice. clear skies this evening and then by the weekend we have the big changes to talk about. we will touch on holiday travel coming up, it could get kind of ugly for part of the country next week. story tonight out of northport look at these incredible photos of a crane that collapsed this afternoon, the police department posted these pictures on the facebook page. the crane was being used to work on a cell phone tower, it fell on top of that pickup truck, amazingly no one was hurt. an exciting day for elementary students across pinellas county, special visits
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firefighters as part of the great american teach in. officers and firefighters showed students skills they use every day, students got a tour of fire trucks and patrol cars. the goal was to teach students about a wide variety of professions. i was asked to speak to the communication students at johns hopkins middle school in saint pete very cool to speak to the kids i talked to them about what we do every day news business. i can say denis phillips how many schools did you go to? seven. thank you to the students who allowed us to come in today. still ahead, hours after they said i do mr. and mrs. edwards have to start their life all over from scratch. the unexpected setback that is putting their new valves to the
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the i-team reveals the reason
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challenge. a fire destroyed their home less than 24 hours after their wedding. >> as sarina fazan shows us it is what was spared that has them grateful. >> the valve put to the test, 18 hours after cameron and kendra edwards said their ideas they went home to this. >> half an hour before they pulled in his father dropped off presents.>> somehow the stovetop was turned on or malfunction. everything that was on the stove caught fire. >> the couple was not thinking of the house. >> lets go save the dogs mode, walked in and fire in the kitchen smoke everywhere, could not see. >> it was devastating the fact
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i did not know where they were. >> fire crews rushed in pulling out the dogs hiding in the bathtub. >> i can't think them enough for putting their life on the line. >> that is the most important part i think of. >> the house is a complete loss but help is pouring in. a gofundme account set up now strangers are rallying behind the couple. >> i didn't expect that to start. thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. >> the couple hopes they got the worst behind them and now they can focus on the better although it will be four months before they can move back in. sarina fazan on abc action news. this is the gofundme page. they have raised $2500 so far, the goal is $5000 they are halfway there.
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this next story you have got to see to believe, a florida boy being praised as a hero after swooping in to save his baby brother. you can kind of see you see the baby brother fall off the changing table and he runs it to help at the last second. check out the video. then you see the mom coming in, the mom turned around for one second, by the time she turned back around, the falling to the ground, that child the brother catching the kid before he hit the ground. incredible. you can hear him. you can hear screaming as he runs into the frame arms outstretched catching the baby. >> i would have never caught him, i can't run that fast. i felt like something came and pushed me forward. and when it happened i ran and
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neither child was hurt, the mother says she is so thankful her son was on it at the right place at the right time. look at this, wrestlemania coming to orlando. it may mean six days of action and fun it also means big money for the state. >> the annual event could bring up to $170 million into the state, the orlando mayor says he was pleased with the number that came out year, he expects to bring in more this year, wwe is confident orlando could eclipse dallas because of the addition of the sixth day. wrestlemania 33 scheduled for april 2 at camping world stadium. i remember the first one.>> i don't remember any of that but stone cold steve austin and
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>> you said it is impressive in person. >> you have to see, they come to tampa a lot even in the nosebleeds. >> try to talk to her about old movies she doesn't know but wwe she is all over it. there it is, a beautiful night across the area, there is the sunset, i had a chance to hit numerous teach in its today, you can see i got to do the morning announcements but i did them in the afternoon which was fun, a lot of schools around the area today, a lot more tomorrow we hope the kids are enjoying it, right around the corner thanksgiving break. cool mornings and warm afternoons, in the low 40s this morning in the northern counties, low 50s elsewhere ending up in the lower 80s, dry for the next 10 days, rain
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the vehicle down in store for the area starting sunday, titan doppler radar rain free, temperatures in the low to mid 70s but crystal river down to 64 degrees under clear skies and they will likely stay that way for the foreseeable future. template at 74 degrees under clear skies, the humidity 38% northwest winds 10 miles per hour, we ended up hitting 79 today a little normal, the record 88. saint pete clear skies and 73, sarasota even though sarasota hit the low 80s still at 78 even though the morning started in the low 50s, as we mention you can put away the radar for the next seven today -- to 10 days. as we head into thursday night maybe into friday, we will start to see an easterly flow
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clouds friday afternoon, we will star on the cool side warming up to the lower 80s but no rain. even with the big front, here's the change i talked about. by monday, we will be feeling the effects, even sunday highs in the upper 60s, low 70s on sunday, monday morning will be very cool. this is something you have to keep your eyes on, traveling to the northeast that mid-atlantic or in the forecast this weekend and could be more the forecast off the coast of new england thanksgiving or the day after thanksgiving. if you have trouble plants check us out live facebook hits next week answering your travel questions, because we know thinks giving a lot of folks come down and a lot of folks go back to the north, for the boaters winds out of the northeast keeping temperatures
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forecast, if he friday, 77 saturday and the big cooldown sunday, 68 for the high, morning lows in the 30s and 40s starting on sunday night into monday morning. still to come, a reason to double check your bank account and i. the popular gas station that this scammer was discovered at. the reason many are not signing up for critic arts and the benefits they are messing
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here is something that might surprise you, a lot of millennial's do not have a credit card while that may smart -- sound like smart
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and building your credit score is critical you should aim to have a score around six -- 650 or higher. critic cards account for 30% of the score, knowing that some millennial sphere they will fall into debt. >> i have seen some friends rack up a lot of debt they can't pay off. i don't want that to be me. >> to get the best credit score you have to pay your credit card bills on time and in full. >> credit card pitfalls set up payment alerts on your smartphone, here is advice don't keep your card information on file with retailers, that can make it too easy to click and buy. a company from the midwest choosing tampa over any other place in florida to open the first of their movie theaters. a different concept, escape theaters in rent -- riverview.
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growth in the area, five miles away a different movie theater company plans to open. hillsborough county estimates 33,000 people in riverview and they are expected to grow 10,000 in five years. escape is ready to open there just waiting on the county. i am so ready, carrie underwood set to take the stage tonight the show kicks off at 7:00, if you want to go but don't have tickets don't worry there are a few for sale. i am running out to get them. a look at what is coming up next at 6:00. >> a firefighter involved in a biker brault authorities issuing a warrant for his arrest.
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into the fight and the reason it started. a 75-year-old man followed home and beaten because of the stickers on the back of his car. thus step he is taking and what he is encouraging you to do the same. >> bills got to get paid sometimes you have to go without eating.>> the only place some people can go for help running low on supplies. the reason they need is greater now despite
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> my big question to the people is what did i do to you? >> beating for being gay the unprovoked attack on a 75-year- old man and the symbol that made him a target. good evening i'm wendy ryan. >> the latest in an uptake in hate based violence since the election. >> as kera mashek explains he explains he has never been through anything like this before.>> chuck redding was followed home by someone after dropping off a friend he believes the person was targeting him because of the stickers on the back of his car.>> this guy was extremely
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jerk following too close. >> as he turned onto his sarasota street the suv was creeping closer. >> i knew something was wrong. >> he decided to park in the neighbor's house and then the other driver jumped out of his jeep and came banging on his car window. >> they yanked the door open drag me out, ripped my shirt i was on the pavement. >> his arm badly bruised and his handcuff twice its normal size. his knees scraped part of his toe ripped off, the driver had clearly taken note of his marriage equality and rainbow bumper stickers. >> he kept saying my new president said we can kill you fat get now. >> he is openly gay but has never been attacked like this. he is part of the spike in attacks against minorities nationwide. >> it is absolutely horrendous.


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