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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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jerk following too close. >> as he turned onto his sarasota street the suv was creeping closer. >> i knew something was wrong. >> he decided to park in the neighbor's house and then the other driver jumped out of his jeep and came banging on his car window. >> they yanked the door open drag me out, ripped my shirt i was on the pavement. >> his arm badly bruised and his handcuff twice its normal size. his knees scraped part of his toe ripped off, the driver had clearly taken note of his marriage equality and rainbow bumper stickers. >> he kept saying my new president said we can kill you fat get now. >> he is openly gay but has never been attacked like this. he is part of the spike in attacks against minorities nationwide. >> it is absolutely horrendous.
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several friends applying for concealed carry permits. >> if i can carry a weapon in my waistband, so that it can be seen at least, maybe these people will think different. >> chuck filed this report with deputies who are investigating the incident, if you know anything about it or you have experience of the similar yourself contacted law enforcement. kera mashek abc action news. >> with a beard driving a dark colored jeep he tried to run after the suv but it sped off down the street so he cannot catch the license plate. a disturbing trend coast-to- coast the southern poverty law center reporting cases of intimidation and harassment around the country between last wednesday and monday 136
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president-elect's supporters. this is from the sp lc 23 of the reported incidents happening in florida, the fifth most in the country. california leading the nation with 51. >> students from at least six high schools and to make universities staging walkouts demanding homestead become a sanctuary city for undocumented families. cameras capturing students jumping over school fences an they gathered in front of homestead city hall many saying they are concerned about the trumpet ministration's proposed immigration policies. >> do i look like a rapist or a killer or a gang member? i am a student. trying to be a good student. >> the hashtag sanctuary campus movement on social media calls for universities and high
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discrimination, violence and racism. authorities issuing an arrest warrant for a bay area firefighter following a biker brault. the suspect being profiled several times because of his membership in a criminal motorcycle gang. jarrod holbrook joins us with exclusive details. clint walker a known member of the outlaws motorcycle club he is in the middle of this vi the white shirt. is also a member of hillsborough county fire rescue. >> everybody kept saying what happened? >> the scene at rumor lounge a group of 15 outlaw motorcycle club members started a brawl after an argument. katerina was teaching that night. i'm surprised i did not get hit. >> video shows several people wearing outlaw jackets in
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, the group hitting at least four bar employees and customers while outlaws consider themselves a club law enforcement defines them as a criminal gang.>> they be they were looking for it waiting for the opportunity to start a brawl . >> police issued a warrant for battery for hillsborough firefighter clint walker. police say walker is seen throwing several punches on video. witnesses who say it started after an argument with an african-american woman, a different outlaw told the bar owner to get her out of here, the owner said she could stay and that is when punches started flowing -- flying. >> chairs are being thrown people are being punched. >> the bar owners suffer from several injuries. others hurt were trying to break up the attack. at one point one man picks up a
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we have done several stories on walker after police officer used a taser on him at a nightclub. he was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer later the charges were dropped after the officer was captured on video acting aggressively. walker now faces this new charge. >> the fact that they were injured for no apparent reason makes me extremely angry. extremelan the incident, he said no,. his attorney is looking into it, firefighter rescue administrators are also looking into it and will take appropriate action. i'm jarrod holbrook taking action for you. a toddler shot in the leg and police are trained to find the gunmen. several men targeted that toddler's father this afternoon
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the bullets went into an apartment hitting her in the leg she is expected to be okay. if you know anything call tampa police. deputies uncovering a credit card skimmer targeting your bank account. authorities finding the device monday at the bp gas station in sarasota. deputies removed the device but they do not know how long it was their. keep an eye on your bank account if you know anything about who put it there please call sheriff's office. now, abc action weather. >> good evening, skies are clearing we started in the 40s across the area, low 50s closer to the metro and we ended up near 80 degrees, now temperatures have cooled to the upper 60s skies are clear, and they will stay that way, we have a lot of change in store over the next week for temperatures, what is not going
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from the lighting of the ybor city christmas tree skies will be clear kind of warm with temperatures around 70 cooling off to the mid-60s by 9:00. we will extend the forecast through thanksgiving coming up. new changes coming after a i-team investigation discovered top agencies selling recalled vehicles to the public. katie lagrone joins us with more. >> reporter: these florida highway patrol cruisers will likely end up on the auction block that is what government agencies typically do with vehicles they retire. after we found government agencies including fhp selling cars with active recalls fhp is adjusting its policies. and so are others.
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each month, this hillsborough county field turns into a field of dreams. to the highest bidder. >> i bought this black crematoria. >> mike pit where he and his wife paid $1400 for this state cruiser. >> less than $2500. >> richard harvey's new age -- fhp right investigation found dozens of local cars up for auction with active recalls.>> there may be outstanding recalls. >> the auction owner is alerting buyers by invoice. >> we did that because of you guys. >> every car sold on the lot is sold as is the auction makes that clear.
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be telling you more.>> it is disturbing there is no notification. >> this florida lawmaker wants agencies to warn buyers before they bid. >> we have a responsibility, all people who are selling vehicles should have the same responsibility. so the consumer is protected. >> like these buyers. >> i want to thank you. >> the government left them in the dust. >> by divine intervention you came to us giving us this knowledge. >> and, this new fhp bulletin details what the agency is calling its recall verification process. it requires troopers document if a recall has been fixed or
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not yet available, all of this should serve as a reminder to the rest of us to take control of the wheel on this issue and check if a car has an open recall. we can help you do that, just go to live from tampa katie lagrone taking action and getting results for you. as we speak the big cat rescue is gearing up to take part in the rescue of big cats. five in colorado will arrive at the facility tomorrow morning the previous owner had to give them up because of bad health, the colorado facility turning over 75 tigers and 40 pairs to a dozen rescue organizations. have been working since september to get ready for the new tigers. >> we had to scramble and move a lot of cats around we had to add feeding areas for the tigers
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. >> the tigers will arrive around 6:30 thursday morning. we will bring you live coverage of their arrival tomorrow. a greater need than ever, the growing stray -- strain on bay area food supplies. two cars collide, one burst into flames and a unexpected way police managed to save the driver. a beautiful sunset, check it out the main cell skies are clear they will stay that way but we have a big drop in the temperatures. exactly when they will arrive
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students at usf on edge after hearing about a complete
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arrested a 32-year-old man for voyeurism, he stuck his cell phone under a stall at the campus recreation center. he is a research scientist at moffitt cancer center. he did not have interaction with patients. food banks are feeding nearly 20,000 new mouse this year, food pantries are struggling to keep up. ashley yore look working multiple jobs and still cannot make ends meet. >> the line for groceries minimum one hour the weight is something philip is more than willing to do. >> a little bit of food to make it to the next paycheck. >> working in the food industry but his part-time gig does not support him. >> it sucks sometimes you go to sleep not knowing what you will
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thank god for places like this. >> the free pantry feeds people living on the edge of poverty, they supply food to dozens of other pantries. the supplies are at an all-time low. they serve more than 40,000 people this past year about 9000 people more than the year prior. metropolitan ministries says they are feeding 9000 new families this year. >> wages have not increased a lot but housing costs have increased and food gets left until last. >> in the last year 10% of the workforce has been unemployed or underemployed according to the bureau of labour statistics. even people waiting for food say a job doesn't guarantee security. >> there are people here that have two or three jobs part- time jobs augmenting with other part-time jobs it is difficult
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>> this food bank says they need basics like peanut butter soup any shelf goods to send each family home with something.>> peanut butter and bread would be fine with me.>> in saint pete ashley yore abc action news. >> even though the unemployment rate is going down more than 10% of the jobs that grew in the bay area last year were in amusement gambling and >> already a tree lighting going on in ybor city.>> it is that time of the year, the weather saturday night will feel more christmas like than it does tonight, still warm but by saturday late sunday into monday some of the coldest weather we have seen in a long
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reveille since last april, a look at titan doppler radar, quiet and it will stay that way, we do have some fronts coming through they will be completely dry maybe a couple of clouds, no rain but a big cool down behind it sunday into monday, temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s, a few 70s from lakeland to tampa, sarasota 73. 81 today even though we started off in the 40s across most of e of year is so great it is good for everybody, cool air in the morning, warm air in the afternoon. 70 in tampa, 64 in clear skies in clearwater. there is the satellite quiet and it will stay that way, there will be changes to the weather a lot of changes for folks in the northeast, for the time being the dry air is on
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cloud free. i think by friday the wind will shift out of the northeast and when we see that we will see a few clouds pile up on the east coast. it won't be tomorrow or tomorrow afternoon but watch friday, there they are the easterly wind, the air is so dry even on friday you might see passing clouds but you certainly will not see any chance of rain, the actual front that will bring the cold air arrives saturd, front, big changes behind it, we will be lucky to see highs near 70 on sunday, most folks in the 60s, especially compared to the two days before that most everybody near 80 degrees whether you are in citrus county or sumter pasco orlando you will be just as warm no matter where you are, back toward lakeland bartow, avon
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venice 81 maybe 82 or 83, i have been showing you the gfs model, looking at the european model about the same this will not be a blast in terms of a freeze not even close, but i think brooksville, springhill waking up monday morning in the upper 30s, the rest of us in the 40s and northeast later next week for holiday travel, stay tuned for that, facebook live all next week answering your questions for travel plans. highs will be near 80 through saturday, starting off tomorrow morning in the 50s, then 60s, but by sunday the high temperature of 68 breezy and colder, monday morning 30s and 40s, warming up by tuesday.
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one of them bursting into flames. a hyundai hitting a vw landing partly on the bug. one officer used his own squad car to push the vw away. firefighters arrived on scene to finish the rescue, two people in the hyundai died. the lightning captain will be sidelined indefinitely.
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hello folks, mike evans faced backlash today apologizing for sitting during the national anthem sunday and
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while his teammates stood. if he had to do it all over again he would not have done it on military appreciation day. as for his change of heart, to discontinue his protest, evans said it was his decision but he will channel his voice on minority issues in other ways. evans has been under extreme heat for protesting the election of donald trump as president when he >> i know people see i didn't vote, but the funny thing i tried to vote and i realized i am a voter in texas and it was too late when i tried to register here. but that is too late. it is my fault. lightning captain steven stamkos arrived in tampa he had an mri on his right knee,
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is in the process of evaluating options to prepare and rehab, you can tell he was not in good shape when he took the awkward fall last night against detroit. going down he got up grabbing the back of his right knee. he was in obvious discomfort heading to the dressing room. the off day continues today with a five day road trip. hopefully they jonathan back to pick up the loss. continuing coverage of today's top stories on >> we will see you back here at
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tonight, breaking news. inside trump tower. the controversy over members of the president-elect's family and national security clearance. mr. trump's team requesting clearance for trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. emerging as a top adviser. also tonight, why is the trump name coming off svreveral buildings in new york city? also tonight, the police shooting. tonight, that officer charged with manslaughter. what prosecutors are now saying. the horrific moment on the train tracks. the family inside their truck. the split-second decision that saved them. the murder at an american airport. travelers told to shelter in


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