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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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county school leaders make a decision on a rezoning plan the plan will move the longleaf neighborhood and a few others into the river ridge school zone. parents say they are tearing the community apart. the school board is expected to vote on this january 17. good evening think you for doing this i'm laura harris. >> and i'm paul lagrone, drivers and pedestrians beware soon you can expect patrols along some of the dangerous intersections. >> brendaliss gonzalez is live near busch boulevard with how soon you can expect to see police. >> reporter: busch boulevard one of the roads you can expect to see police not just looking for drivers or pedestrians breaking the rules but also people who follow the rules.
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christopher douglas mentally prepares for the journey ahead with his family. >> i don't want to be another statistic. >> according to the florida department of transportation, busch boulevard ranks as one of the most dangerous roads for pedestrians and bicyclists. fdot reports more than 500 bike and pedestrian accidents in tampa last year's deadly accidents dealt >> cars don't let you pass. >> it is not just drivers to watch out for, a handful of people ignoring the crosswalks a few feet away. >> i tend to do it also. >> staff hope to see that change using a grant and hiring tampa police who will head to areas like busch boulevard and east fowler, they are not just cracking down on people
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>> i would not be so tense thinking i have to go faster in my chair. >> douglas is more skeptical. >> that is cool it will happen but i will believe it when i see it. it is a step in the right direction.>> reporter: officers will hand out things like lights for bicycles for anyone who doesn't have one and things like gift certificates for drivers that are stopping for pedestrians. so far using the system has worked in reducing accidents along some of the roads where they have tried this out, live from tampa brendaliss gonzalez abc action news. the usf student who claimed two men rocker on campus is facing criminal charges.>>
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charged with falsely reporting a crime. she told them two white men stole her jewelry but after investigation she admitted she made the entire thing up they determine she was part of a group of former students who recently told police they got threatening messages inside their usf dorm rooms on election night. police are trying to figure out if there is any truth to the claims. crowds seen gathering outside of raymond james stadium but it will get even bigger for the college football playoff. >> carson chambers live outside raymond james tonight. more people more problems but the city has a plan. >> reporter: they are expecting people to show up from this college championship game from the -- all over the country. police say some of the people
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football fans desperate for tickets.>> if you like mike branch you have taken a risk a chance buying game tickets on the sidewalk. >> do i want to spend this much on the official site or save a buck? for me that is willingly rolling the dice. >> police are working to make odds better proposing a clean zone around the stadium. cracking down on anyone >> they travel around the country going to big events. >> assistant chief mark hamlin tells me police saw it during the stanley cup playoffs. >> people buy them on the street and then they are out of the money. >> the city is cracking down on bootleg merchandise. >> make sure everything is licensed and authentic. >> if you buy outside of the clean zone or online make sure
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legit. >> we also know the clean zone will not affect buccaneers games and usf regular home games. i'm carson chambers abc action news. now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather.>> good afternoon, a beautiful day low 40s in the northern counties warming up to the upper 70s right now 78 tampa, bartow 75, saraso the low to mid 70s. same thing up north, hitting 80 in tampa and 82 in sarasota. the hotspot, lakeland topping out at 84 degrees today. upper 70s even after the start in the low 40s up north, temperatures rebounded 40 degrees near 80 degrees. come friday morning most of the
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low to mid 50s up north. skies will remain clear, not just through the day, through the week and weekend and all of next week, temperatures change big-time we will pinpoint the timing couple up. dip is need help tracking down this man, 31-year-old paul lubin held up a chase bank on fletcher avenue. these are the actu from inside the bank. he is well-dressed. detectives say he handed the teller a note stating he was heavily armed and he demanded the money. we have also learned miami-dade police have a warrant out for his arrest, so if you have information you are asked to call police. tauris flock to florida for
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medical tourism is a booming industry. 90% of patients at the wellness institute in oldsmar are from out of state, 20% across the border from canada many of the patients have been diagnosed with chronic lyme disease, they say their country does not provide sufficient treatment. >> for her coming here being away from family, the six or seven months whatever it takes. >> the long-term guest -- provide a boost for the local economy. if you want to see some snow you have a new flight option, allegiant starting flights to new hampshire today. the route out of saint pete clearwater international will cost as low as $47 one-way. still to come, a car up in smoke with a man trapped inside. the moment he was saved with
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a major scam plaguing the tampa bay area, we expose the underground gas market. how it works and how you can protect yourself. eight tampa family terrified after their toddler is shot. the reason the family cannot
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abc action news is exposing a black market fuel scam a tampa man in jail accused of using counterfeit credit cards goes much deeper than that. for most of this gas will never be cheap enough but for josi rodriguez his field was free. >> have you seen him in here? >> is very nice. >> a nice guy who was cheating the system. they arrested rodriguez on charges of using 18 fake credit cards to buy massive amounts of
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explosive 100 gallon fuel drums with the intent to resell the gas on the black market. for pure profit. here at the corner of cortez and brought in tampa where investigators arrested rodriguez, according to the report he lives on this street less than one mile away in that house. we knocked on his door, no one answered. his neighbors, nearby, they know rodriguez but they know nothing about his secret illegal business. what do you think about that? >> so many things every day. >> investigators tell us tampa is a major hub for the underground gas business, two dozen arrests this year starting with skimmers on pumps ending with gas smugglers
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they sell it. a very nice guy who detectives say is using you tfeel his organized crime. so the bottom line, how to protect yourself, you can always go inside and pay cash. it is not convenient but is safe starting next year gas stations will be required to put in chip card readers making it harder for croo developments from the shooting in south florida that shut down the highway for hours this week, the good samaritan who shot and killed a man attacking to deputy just got a new gun. the by standard had a concealed carry permit and warned the 53- year-old to stop his attack. he continued to beat the officer, so the good samaritan shot him, the gun has been
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deputies gave him a new handgun as a gift. he has still remained unidentified. and off-duty new york firefighter and his wife in the right place at the right time. ending up behind this crash in georgia. you can see the smoke pouring out of the car. seconds away from a possible explosion and then you see the captain working to free the driver but there. that firefighter, his wife video, she says to see what her husband does firsthand was frightening and surreal. >> i am very proud of him, at the same time i was very scared for him. he is going in and out of this car and it is lighting up and the smoke. you know what, he is a first responder.
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condition but is expected to fully recover. his family paid the captain a visit in person after the rescue. they say they will forever be grateful of his bravery. imagine opening your front door to see livestock hanging out on your grass it is happening to people in volusia county. people are posting pictures of random cows and bulls in their neighborhood grazing on their gras know of. >> i open my door to take pictures and they started shifting toward me so i closed the door. >> police just got involved this morning, since then they have identified who owns the cows. we are working to figure out how they escaped in the first place. this man just set a new world record for carrying out the highest ever bungee dunk .
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230 feet to give the phrase high tea a new meeting simon barry dunking ape escape for a cup of tea after leaping from the platform, the whole stunt caught on a go pro camera, he said figuring out how to line up his jump was the most difficult part of the jump. now, the most action weather. >> i thought it was going to be him i didn't know he was dunking a biscuit. looking outside the weekend just about here, some folks are lucky to have all of next week off. some schools are out, the weather will be all over the place, one thing you will see sunny skies and beautiful weather, two more days of warm temperatures just like today
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in the low 80s, by sunday a big cooldown going from the low to mid 80s to the mid-60s for high temperatures, both sunday and monday, then we start to warm up again by thanksgiving day, a lot of folks are hoping the cool weather sticks around, but we might have cold air behind that down the road, there will be a roller coaster over the next couple of weeks in terms of temperatures, certainly not rainfall it is dry and it will stay tt way, temperatures now down to 69 in hudson and springhill, 70 wesley chapel, upper 70s at the airport in tampa. 75 lakeland. 71 in tampa right now, skies are clear, 78 the humidity, 30% very culpable, dry air on top of us and it is beautiful allowing the mornings to be cool
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the low 40s in brooksville and crystal river and you are warming back up to 80 degrees, skies are clear in saint pete, 74 sarasota 78 after a high of 82. satellite, no changes at all. we have been in a stretch of beautiful weather over the last couple of weeks, there is no change we have dry air hanging out on top of us although i do think tomorrow we will see a few clouds on the east coast. but by the afternoon they try to come across bumping into the dry air and the clouds don't pose any risk of a shower at all. typically get to see the front to see a decent chance of rain, by late saturday night we have a front but it will not have enough moisture to do anything more than give us a couple of
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it will pick up in the temperatures will be chilly and breezy. on friday, another beauty in the low to middle 80s from top to bottom citrus, sumter, hernando, dade city back to the coast down toward venice and sir soda temperatures averaging three or 4 degrees above normal, grind their teeth worrying about the thinks giving holiday, in terms of travel, on monday, there will be a storm on the east coast and there could be really choose from to it a few to new york up to boston, and then there is a break and then a chance of more weather friday to saturday, for us as quickly as the cool air comes in, we warm up again by thanksgiving day. it will stay that way it --
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and 60s. tomorrow we top out at 80. beautiful and sunny. rain chances to the next seven days zero. let's focus on the temperatures, 80 friday, 78 saturday a high of 67 on sunday. monday morning, you will see some 30s in the northern counties, 40s for most of us, low 50s on the coast, by thanksgiving we warm up to the upper 70s. a race against dog. stolen from a usf student, the reason this dog had a big target on its back. first, free holiday meals available for families in need, the items that metro ministry is providing this year making meals healthier than ever. e company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia!
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today is the first day families can pick up free holiday meals in tampa. >> thanksgiving just one week away folks will be lining up for everything they need for a complete dinner. >> this is when the doors open. >> the need is so great metropolitan ministries expects to serve 18,000 families here in the y doors open thursday to a crowd of people waiting to shop for thanksgiving dinner, the isles are set up like a grocery store allowing people to get specific items. something new this year, fresh produce, we know how expensive that can be, thanks to the amazing people in the bay area who donated. according to the american farm
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>> there are so many needs that come with the holiday season that may impact your budget. when your paycheck to paycheck there is not a lot of safety net. this is a great safety network >> if you need assistance it is not late to sign up, if you want to donate food or money please visit our website at in tampa here's wendy ryan with a look at what is coming up at 6:00. >> development surrounding a bay area firefighter, we were the first to tell you about the warrant for his arrest. the changes that occurred because of our investigation. toxic history, finally notching sinkholes occurring
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tonight the reason nothing may be able to stop it. >> a family living in fear after their toddler is shocked, next the reason her mother says the danger is far from over. >> they don't build them like they used to, that is what some homeowners are saying about the houses they bought what you should do if you are having problems with your new home
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live from the station taking action for you this is abc action news. out of the hospital, the fear now gripping a tampa family as their toddler begins her recovery from a gunshot wound. serious questions documents revealing a major concern about mosaic's future of phosphate mining in florida. good evening everyone i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan, newly released emails sounding the alarm that the mosaic toxic sinkhole could be the tip of the iceberg. >> ryan raiche shows us why officials appear to be questioning whether the companies can safely operate in florida. >> in more than 1500 pages of
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there are a few that raise questions. like this one, when an official told his colleagues this is the fourth or fifth sinkhole in his time. i'm thinking this is not compatible with florida geology. the very plant where two formed in the last decade continues to operate. ted jones is 1000 neighbors demanding the company keep testing their private wells. in the back of their mind they are anxious about what happens next. >> there will be more out there. these are the necessary evil in making fertilizer, the byproduct from phosphate during the fertilizer manufacturing process. companies stack it high. you can see when the sinkhole opened up this summer the gypsum and radioactive water disappeared like pulling the


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