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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 18, 2016 2:35am-4:00am EST

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inserts, the soothing peppermint lotion, the sandal adapters, and the memory foam slippers, all for only $19.95. get out of pain-- call now! the preceding program for walkfit platinum orthotics was sponsored by ideal living. insistence that nato is a commitment that does not change. >> reporter: there seems to be great affection for president obama here in berlin. the president, as one german put it. as for the man to be our 45th
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president-elect, donald trump? >> no comment. >> he's a little crazy. >> will be exciting. >> exciting? why? >> i guess. he's a businessman. >> reporter: president's first stop here in athens, greece, the birthplace of democracy. much of greece and parts of europe share the same sense of economic dispair as the large number of americans who voted for trump. unemployment here, 24%. our cab told us today he works 14-17 hours daily seven days a week just to make ends meet. >> it is difficult. >> reporter: there is the crushing toll of the refugee crisis, waves purring into europe from the war ravaged middle east, a few greek sympathetic to greek's call for stronger borders in the u.s. it's that backdrop abroad, tensions back home, that president obama passes through europe for a final time as leader of the free world. remember his first trip to
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200,000 germans enraptured by his every word, but eight years later, audacity of hope gives way to uncertainty of now, yet optimism is a valued currency, home and abroad. >> let's hope the best. >> reporter: byron pitt in berlin. >> the president now on his way to peru a little bit later on this morning for his last foreign trip. but back here in this country, travel acros difficult. the first blizzard of the season making interstate 70 a nightmare at times with pileups and other accidents. >> the storm is now headed to the northern plains. accuweather has the details, justin, good morning. >> thanks. good morning to you. big snowstorm working its way north and east over the plain states, and look at the snow accumulations here by the time we get into late tonight. east of fargo along interstate 94, north and west, the twin
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snow accumulation, some areas well over a foot of snow. the other big impact here, damages winds to exceed 60 miles per hour into the overnight. mara, kendis, back to you. >> justin, thanks so much for that. a new warning about drug and alcohol addiction. it's taking a far worse toll than many of us think. a new report from the surgeon general says 78 americans die every day from and and 78 die from abuse disorders. treat it like a disease rather than a weakness in character. the surgeon general says abstinence is an unscientific approach and supports use of medications for addiction treatment. a town in central illinois assessing damage after a deadly gas explosion. the moment of that blast in canton captured by surveillance cameras happening while crews repaired a natural gas leak
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dozen others were hurt. abc spoke with a witness at the scene. >> you were having dinner -- >> yes. >> reporter: you hear? >> a boom, loudest boom ever heard in my life. i thought lightning had hit. >> another person said they thought the town was bombed. parts of downtown canton are closed to the public. ground has been broken on the future home of the los angeles rams. the $2.6 b stadium is being built in california, set to open in 2019, and rams moved back to l.a. this season after 21 years in st. louis. they may share the stadium with the san diego chargers who are still considering a move. and king james is paying triabout to the greatest. lebron james donated $2.5 million to the smithsonian national museum of
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culture. the money will go towards an exhibit to the boxing champ and civil rights activist who died in june. magic johnson and michael jordan have also contributed. >> good for them. you may say, i'm loving it, seeing the future of the mcdonalds. they plan to roll out video kiosks for ordering and tablee l service at all locations soon. they already revamped almost 500 restaurants and it's concentrating first on big cities. no word on how long it takes to make the locations. >> that's cool. >> it is cool. new day. that other icon of american fast food, coca-cola, now has the selfie bottle. when you tilt the bottle at 70 degrees, it automatically snaps a picture of you. >> okay. so it then allows you to share this real thing on snapchat, facebook, or instagram. >> oh, i see the image. >> the selfie bottle developed for coca-cola israel, and we're not sure if it's going to be
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it's sort of, like, have a coke and and smile. >> as though we need another opportunity to take selfies. >> exactly. >> what the world needs, more selfies. coming up, insomniac theater, how the prequel is smashing ratings meters as well as a tale of family loyalty going back to those you left behind. >> first, the new developments in the brutal murder of a buried in a shallow grave in nec jersey and a connection to a prominent jeweler to the stars. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather
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morning about a young man founds buried in a shallow grave. >> one of two men has been charged in his death. here's the latest. >> what happened in there, james? >> reporter: this may well be a long time behind bars, and it will not be his first visit. he has a series of mug shots from a series of arrests in florida, but there was nothing like this. >> these guys were animals. i wouldn't treat -- i treat -- i wouldn't have treated a squirrel this way. what they tried to do was to postrous and what else can you say? i hope they get everything they deserve. >> reporter: the murder leaving two families devastated. >> it's horrible when you do something good for somebody and next thing it turns out the way it did. >> reporter: turned out to be murder. the 26-year-old was stabbed 15 times sunday morning and rackover is charged with murder, and disposing of the body in a
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the body burned as well. also charged in the crime, lawrence, growing up near the place where the body was buried. >> we believe at some point he helped take the body out of there and bring it to new jersey, but it's unclear, again, because they are both uncooperative. >> reporter: born in florida, a troubled youth until meeting a prominent jeweler, and he took him in, brought him to new york and tried to help turn around his now that it turned to tragic. >> he cannot believe it, breaks down, cries, and siays, why i dd something so good to turn out so bad. >> thanks to jim here in new york, and it's just the new york media has been all over the story. a tragic one. see all the young people involved. >> can't wait to see the legal
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how did pig tracks get on the ceiling? >> spider pig, does whatever a spider pig wants. >> homer simpson makes
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simpson family, it's not every day you see a pig as a pet. >> i've seen everything as a pet in new york. starting out with a couple adopting an adorable pig let who grew into much, much more than a a family pet. she's become a social media star as well as a social movement. >> reporter: suju chang. >> reporter: she was a bundle of joy derek walter and steve >> she was a pig let and very little. >> reporter: a tiny, adorable tea coupe pig. >> she grew up and settled into the family very quickly. >> reporter: she continued to grow and grow and grow. until they realized esther was no mini pig. she's a big fat pig. >> what's this?
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>> reporter: u >> reporter: unable to part ways with their pot belly pet, she's a beloved house pet. no dog or cat. she's 650 pounds of pure piggy love, and now esther's also a full-blown social media celebrity with 270,000 followers on instagram and over 800,000 likes on facebook. >> she was not paying attention. >> i know, i know. >> reporter: they acknowledge that keeping a 650 pound pig your house can cause problems. >> she loves to root in her blankets, one of her natural instincts, root up the bed, make them fluffily, and we go through a mattress every two months. >> reporter: the lack of sleep has not slowed them down. they now have over 250 animals living with them incoming chickens, roosters, bunnies, and pigs.
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>> you guys love watermelon. >> reporter: who unlike esther, live in the barn. all those hungry oinkers means lots and lots of food. >> all the pigs eat kibble manufactured f manufactured for them. >> it was $300,000 last year. >> reporter: s >> reporter: she has an online store bringing in cash, and biggest attention getter still is those witty, clever posts. >> it's her ability to make you think about things entirely differently. people write us and say, i'll never eat pork again, but, i had a hard time smiling, esther, you're the first thing making me smile in weeks. >> reporter: just a pig promoting a happy, healthy life,
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that only last 4 hours, when just one mucinex lasts 12 hours? start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. wel well, you know, it's been six years since jk's last harry potter film, and now the highly anticipated harry potterre fantastic beasts and where to fine them, it's in the movie, and andy plays a hogwartz wizard who arrives in 1926 new york with a suitcase full of magical creatures, but it's not long before the creatures manage to
2:56 am
>> >> it was open? >> just this week. >> awesome effects there. the fantasy film is getting more than just a little high from the critics earni ii iing rotten tomatoes described rief with political allegory, unafraid of grimness in a way that previous harry potter films couldn't quite be. and another says an everlasting magical spell. next, described as the year's best movie and stone cold instant classic. playing a janitor in boston,
2:57 am
village where he grew up to raise his teenage nephew and face a past that forced him to leave in the first place. >> i'm not going to here much longer. >> i'm not moving to boston. >> i don't want it talk about that right now. >> said you could move. >> yep. >> anyway, what's in boston? you're a janitor. >> so what? >> you can do that anywhere. there's plenty of toilets and clogged up drapes all over town. >> i don't -- >> all my friends are here, i'm on the hockey team, basketball a week. i got two girlfriends, and i'm in a band. you're a janitor. what the hell do you care where you live? >> giving it a whopping 98% certified fresh. saying the film is about who we bury and what we don't, and peter, our friend, says, no film this year has moved me more with
2:58 am
humanity. >> might have to see that one. that's the news this half hour. >> follow us on facebook at
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this mor this morning on "world news now," tracking the transition. >> as president-elect trump stays out of sight, we're learning about new details about who he's set to meet with in the coming days, including another prominent republican whom he's had choice words for in the past. happening right now, the first blizzard of the season slamming the upper plains. some areas expected to see a foot and a half of snow all before thanksgiving. smash-and-grab fail. check out this would-be car thief playing bumper cars, ramming vehicles into each other, even the one he was trying to steal. see how he came up empty handed. >> you didn't hear it from us, but if you're nervous about
3:01 am
stress, we have the newly crunched numbers on the perfect time and day to make that phone call, but you better wait until after the weekend on this friday, november 18th. from abc n from abc news, this is "world news now." >> oh, we start this evening with the latest from president-elect donald trump's transition team. his representatives now in touch with the departments of state and justice as well as pentagon. >> trump, himself, has meetings. the one getting the most attention, though, comes this weekend when he gets together with mid romney, the former republican nominee, and, of course, a very vocal trump critic. well, he's now considered for secretary of state. >> also, retired general michael flynn emerged as front runner for national security adviser. david ryan is tracking all of this and the transition. >> reporter: two former enemies
3:02 am
completing is now considering former governor mitt romney for secretary of state. romney in the past has been less than diplomatic about donald trump. >> think of donald trump's personal qualities. the bullying. the greed. the showing off. the absurd third grade attitude. >> reporter: the feeling clearly mutu mutual. >> mitt romney made a fool of himself. did you ever see a guy like he had his shot. he didn't like it when i said, he choked like a dog. he choked like a dog. >> reporter: the trump campaign says he'll meet with romney this weekend as the transition team races to fill key cabinet posts. among the other candidates for secretary of state? the governor of south carolina, haley, meeting haley, meeting with trump in trump tower, had a good discussion, and she's encouraged about the coming administration
3:03 am
out trump's rhetoric. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> reporter: trump firing back on twitter, the people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley. she supported rubio, but came over to trump. at 44, she's the nation's youngest governor and rising star, daughter of indian imgrants, who led take down the confederate flag, but it's not clear, what, if any, foreign policy experience she has. former new york mayor is also lobbying hard for the job. he was at trump tower too, but there were reportedly concerns about his overseas business ties and paid speeches. playing a key role in the transition process, trump's own son-in-law, jared, against the law for trump to appoint a
3:04 am
white house, but jared is exploring whether he could serve as an unpaid adviser. the campaign spokeswoman conway cited the bush family. >> he wanted to be an adviser, but he's a son-in-law, family, and that's really what we have to focus on here. i know the bush sons were involved in their father's administration, one becoming president of the united states. >> reporter: even as the campaign scrambles to fill the secretary of state's prime minister, shinzo abe, a particularly tricky meeting bought of the ideas trump threw out on the campaign trail to change u.s.-japan policies that have been in place since world war ii. david wright, abc news, new york. while that was taking place in new york city, vice president elect mike pence was back in familiar surroundings of capitol hill. he was a member of the 12 years before becoming governor of
3:05 am
reportedly told house republicans they need to buckle up and be ready to work hard. he got together with top democrats from the senate and the house. >> we had a straightforward conversation about how we can work together on infrastructure, issues that relate to child car and the rest. >> as you saw, he had time for an epic gop selfie there. pelosi promised that democrats will stand their ground they can, but leadership of house democrats is actually now challenge by ohio representative tim ryan. in a letter to colleague, he points out that democrats now have their smallest congressional minority since 1929. he says leaving the current leadership in place leads to more losses in future elections. house democrats will decide the issue at the end of the month. president obama's director of national intelligence, james klapper, announced he's stepping
3:06 am
expected. clapper told lawmakers that only senior most officials could have authorized hacking of election-related e e-mails. the big story this morning, the first blizzard of the season bearing down on the northern plains. the first significant winter storm of the season already brought snow to the northern rockies and now is moving eastward. driving conditions are expected it deteriorate rapidly with 6-12 inches of strong winds produce whiteout conditions too. meanwhile in the southeast, raging wildfires are causing a health hazard with an increase of patients showing up in doctors' offices with breathing problems as the smoke in the air makes the air up healthy. more than 900 square miles burned in a week fueled by drought in the region. long time michigan congressman is worried about his youngest son, carl.
3:07 am
state and federal authorities are searching for the 21-year-old. here's more. >> reporter: an emotional mother described her 21-year-old son. ? he's happy-go-lucky. he doesn't get riled up about anything or confrontational. he's not argumentative, but he's just a good boy. he has a good gpa. >> reporter: monica talked to carl on the phone, and then got a call never expected. he had been missing since tuesday and last college roommate inside their apartment. pleas for information about his whereabouts spread on social media as loved ones beg for help. >> please, if you have any information, call our friends, whereabouts, contact myself, cory. >> if you know anything about carl, if you seen him, if you -- even if you think you saw him, just call. >> reporter: a spokesperson for congressman conyers says he and
3:08 am
of uncertainty and ask that anyone with knowledge of their son's whereabouts contact the houston police department immediately. carl's mother making a desperate plea in hopes that someone has seen him. >> i just want you to come home. i don't care -- whoever -- if someone has him, just let him go. he's a good child. just let him go. >> reporter: the fbi and secret service are involved in this search. conyers car is still at abc news, new york. well, federal investigators now say the barrier separating visitors from gorillas at the cincinnati zoo was sub-standard the day a toddler fell in the exhibit. that little boy was not hurt in the incident last may, thankfully, but zoo officials were forced to kill a 17-year-old silver back gorilla. that barrier built in 1978 was never a problem before, but investigators found it was,
3:09 am
used car dealership in detroit shows what appears to be a demolition derby. it's believed the would-be thief was trying to get to one vehicle in particular, a tahoe suv, but in the process, he crashed and rammed the lots' other vehicles and left without anything, but he did leave behind $30,000 in damage. >> man, epic fail there. a new study finds doctors handling nfl player injuries should be independent of the the leagues' 32 clubs. now, the harvard study says the current system creates ethical problems that could affect player health. among the study's recommendations, doctors treating players should be chosen by a committee of league and playersupon officials. one nfl executive reportedly called the proposal impractical, and on the field, week 11 underway.
3:10 am
panthers broke open a tie game there with a 17 points in the second quarter. stuart there scoring on a 1-yard run as you can see there, and then with 23 seconds left, cam newton newton hits the 40 yard touchdown pass. carolina up 20-3, new orleans came back for a game late of it, but carolina wins 23-20, both 4-6 on the twitter was on fuego because before the game, look at that. this is cam newton's cleats. >> oh, i'm all about it. it said ad lib there, and i was going to be quite because i don't know sports but shoes, i'm all about it, style, flair, anywhere in life i think is fantastic. never a better time.
3:11 am
cleats. cleats. another says shame two members of an 80s hair band died for newton's shoes. i actually don't like them at all. >> it's not that i like them. i do think they are ugly, but i respect the commitment to style. >> okay. >> incerted it into every part of life. >> he has, absolutely has. >> that's fabulous. >> all right. >> all about it, cam. if it's past your bedtime watching saints and panthers, we have advice, do not call out sick. >> it's not that we're trying to business, but a study says fridays are not the best time to ditch work. >> obvious, right? >> yeah. market research firm, attest, figured out the perfect day and time to make the sick call as well as the top reason. >> okay, ready? get your pens out. the best day and time? 6:38 a.m. on a tuesday, and the number one reason? stomach problems. it's something that people -- they don't want anymore information about it. >> it's a nonstarter.
3:12 am
>> a stomach problem? it's like i'm having female problems. >> oh, oh, oh. yeah. no. >> just move on. >> explosive diarrhea, nope, nope. well, coming up, a case of road rage caught on tape. the panic call to 911 from a driver in arizona who says she was being tormented by a man in a vehicle. we're going to find out how it ended. and her name is mean facialist at the star, and why her brutally honest and sometimes painful style attracted a huge celebrity following. remember, find us on facebook, and twitter @abcwnn. you're watchin you're watching "world news
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? harry's meeting clients from far away.? ? but they only see his wrinkles. ? ? he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal. ? ? better find a way to smooth things over. ? ? if only harry used some bounce, to dry.? ? yeah. ?
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it's judgment day. the in-laws, the type-a cousins, siblings and back seat chefs have all assembled to look inside your oven. but you've cleaned off all the baked-on so the only thing they see is that big, beautiful bird. "mmmmm" go ahead.
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we're we're back now with a really frightening case of road rage in arizona caught on audiotape. >> yeah. the terrified driver calle other drivers as a man in a black sedan repeatedly slammed into her vehicle. >> the guys running into the back of me trying to kill me on the road. he's flipping me off. >> reporter: a woman said out of nowhe nowhere, she was the victim of violent road rage. she was driving in arizona when this man, who she never saw before, aggressively hit her
3:17 am
>> he's right behind me. hitting me. >> did he, did he hit your car? >> yes, twice. >> reporter: she says he kept hitting her car, and on the other end of the call, an operator trying to find her. >> i started to feel helpless. i just kneed to stay there with her. >> reporter: calling out to drivers for help as they dialled 911 as well. >> he's going in both lanes. and hit a patrol car. >> 25 minutes of torment. i could have died. >> reporter: he's facing driving under the influence and aggravated assault. abc news, los angeles. >> scary moments there. >> yeah. coming up in the next half hour, bracing for the busiest thanksgiving travel season in nearly a decade as a record number of airline passengers
3:18 am
track your luggage and save money. first, can she be fashion's new queen of meme? why she's attracting such a celebrity following. you're watching "world news
3:19 am
well, well, they are the relationships most important to a woman, her husband, maybe her therapist, and her facialist, of course. >> okay. wouldn't have been my guess, but how can a facialist who has notorious reputation for being, well, really mean, attract a huge celebrity following? abc checked out mean christine.
3:20 am
>> i love to draw blood, clients say stop, but i keep going. they feel like, she's so mean. >> reporter: the no nonsense sometimes painful facial has celebrities clambering to see her, turning away a-list stars who show up late. >> it's like going to the dentist, if you visit the dentist, then you have perfect teeth. same with skip. i always tell my clients, like, >> reporter: now it was my chance to see what hollywood's elite go through. bring on the pain. >> i'm excited for the star treatment. i wonder if i should have taken an advil. a peel, a massage, then treatment to remove outer layer of the skin to reveal a fresh layer of skin cells. >> this is where the pain begins? >> no. this feels like a cat kissing
3:21 am
she lances the black heads and this is where she earns the reputation. >> omg. this is the painful part. i know. i know this is going to hurt. okay, okay, wait, i need a minute. okay. >> reporter: after what seems like endless lancing, some sweet relief. she applies three masks, a clay mask on the t-zone sucking out oil, a mask on top of that for moisture, and then a green tea mask to reduce redness. after a quick cleanup, it's time to see the brand new me. i survived mean christine. i wouldn't call it fun, but it was enjoyable. now i feel ready to go. abc news, new york. >> things that we'll do for beauty.
3:22 am
i'm all about it. >> i'll pass. she likes blood, no thank you. >> yes. >> a brand new polka is next. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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starting starting the friday mix with an incredible feat that was done. this was really life altering, this thing that was -- that happened in the u.k. watch it now. >> i can't wait to see this. >> british thrill seeker, simon barry, way up barry, way up there, 240 feet up. he's going to do this plunge, and dunk a biscuit in a teacup. besides -- >> a biscuit? what are you, british? it's a cookie. >> a cookie. >> nailed that. he nailed that thing.
3:26 am
other than being cool, it was an official record. >> has to be a record for everything. i have to come up with something i can hold the record. moving on to this kid, amazing, 9 years old, competing in a talent show, decides he wants to dance to michael jackson's "billy jean," a tough act to follow. >> it is. >> learned moves from watching michael jackson videos on youtube and he killed it. >> killed it. >> jackson way before his time. >> love the >> new polka polka. ? ? >> grounded in harmony, new york's own a cappella. ? all the weather and scores that's the world news polka ? ? if you're insomniacs and a good night sleep you lack ? ? do the world news polka ? ? wide awake at night and you're
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this this morning on "world news now" winter peeks its head out a little early you might say, a dangerous blizzard stretches from utah to minnesota threatening to dump more than a foot of snow and right in time accuweather's latest forecast just ahead. the cabinet watch continues from trump tower. the president-elect expected to announce some major appointments in the coming days. this, as he greets a fellow world leader from his home in new york city. new this half hour, one family's incredible survival story. >> stuck in the wilderness with two young children. hear how they managed to make it home while their older children anxiously awaited their return. sealed with a kiss.
3:31 am
ex-husband, marc anthony, stole the show last night at the latin grammys. feeling the love later on in the skinny on this friday, november 18th. from abc news, this is "world news now." i love it. >> killing it. >> j-lo saying i love you poppy there to marc anthony there on stage, lighting up the >> nothing like an ex next to you to bring out the best. >> showing iing i look good, so good. >> never been better. >> and cry backstage. >> right. we're going to start with the first blizzard of the season, a major snowstorm on the move rights thousand. it first hit the northern rockies yesterday making a mess of interstate 70 through colorado, their and version of the mannequin challenge there, nothing moving. several pileups reported, one
3:32 am
>> just one day before, it was 80 degrees in lincoln, nebraska, a record. the mild autumn allowing extra rounds of golf. the forecast in a moment, but first, more on the weather extremes from clayton sandell. >> reporter: this winter storm moving fast, but drivers are not. in wyoming, drivers stalling, heavy snow bringing branchs down on power line state troopers are investigating deadly crashes on snowy roads, one major pileup of cars and trucks clogging the interstate. chains are now mandatory. >> man, it's slippery. it's dangerous out here. >> reporter: the storm is now shoving aside an unusually warm fall. it was golfing weather in lincoln, nebraska. >> it's only 34 degrees, a 46 degree drop in just 24 hours. >> reporter: in denver, the snow
3:33 am
normal. >> you can see the conditions here have gotten so bad in the mountains just west of denver, they now decided to shut down a major interstate, i-70 westbound and eastbound completely closed. abc news, near golden, colorado. it's a different story in the southeast. of course, we have the raging wildfires there that have destroyed tens of thousands of acres, and produced unhealthy air quality. >> there's no relief in sight for the drought that's fuelling accuweather. justin, good morning. >> thanks, good miranda warnior as well. heavy snow continues at this hour towards rapid city, but look at this, off to the north and east, significant accumulations expected into the start of the weekend. double digit accumulations possible east of fargo, north of the twin cities, could have up to 15 inches before it's said and done. late saturday evening into
3:34 am
lakes, substantial accumulations from lake erie and ontario, but the 95 is dry. cold and breezy, but dry. southeast dry as well. mild day today, and unfortunately, drought conditions continue with poor air quality due to smokey conditions. back to you. >> all right, justin, thanks too much for that. this morning's other big story, major developments in the trump transition. >> first up, mitt romney who he's now among those considered to be trump's secretary of state. the two meet this weekend. a senior level source says, quote, mending fences is among the items on their agenda. >> bet it is. well, meantime, retired general michael flynn reportedly the front runner to be trump's national security adviser. he was a close adviser to trump in the campaign and continues working with him on national security issues. flip retired from the military two years ago and harshly
3:35 am
administration's approach to fighting isis. newt gingrich is one person not playing a role in the trump administration. the former house speaker was a high profile surrogate for trump in the campaign, and now he tells the "washington post" he's not serving in the cabinet in any position. this was the president-elect meeting with japan's prime minister in new york city. it was trump's first meeting with a foreign leader since the election. shinzo abe c cand candid. trump's daughter and husband were involved in the meeting as well as you can see here. in the past, trump suggested that trump should contribute more to the cost of basing u.s. troops there. >> president obama is urging donald trump to stand strong against russia if or when it violates democratic values. during the final overseas trip of his administration, mr. obama is also trying to reassure worried european leaders saying
3:36 am
donald trump's presidency. >> i am encouraged by completing's completing's insistence that nato is a commitment that does not change. >> president obama is wrapping up his trip to europe today leaving from berlin, headed off to lima, peru to take part in a global summit on trade. back in the states, a controversial encounter ends with a police officer on he was captured on video punching a woman in the face during an arrest. they are promising complete transparency. here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: yet another controversial police encounter caught on tape. >> you can want arrest me. >> reporter: an officer punching the female suspect in the face during an eviction. slow it down, you can see the force of the punch. >> punched in the face a few times. i was choked.
3:37 am
the woman resisted arrest, kicking and kneeing him in the groin. flagstaff, arizona police learned of the encounter after the video was posted on facebook. authorities say the officer has no history of excessive force. >> we immediately became concerned, so we initiated an internal investigation, and we placed the officer on administrative leave. >> i didn't do anything! >> reporter: the latest indicator how prevalence of cameras, smart phones place officers under increasing scti >> reporter: in fact, it's reflex for citizens to pull out phones and record interactions with police. like we saw here in alabama last november when college students reach for the cameras and later recorded police beatings. back in arizona, the police chief says there's officer body camera video and in the interest of transparency, he's posting the video online. it's a new social media world for police. p ir abc news, washington.
3:38 am
tuesday have been found, and everybody is fine. the family had gone for a drive in the country outside of seattle with two of their children when a road gave way and their van got stuck. they started walking, but still hasn't found the road when darkness fell so they did what they could to be safe and warm and got back to the even until finally hunters found them. >> she's a trooper, wearing a she was with mom most of the time, skin to skin. everybody's good, god is great. happy to be alive. >> his 2-year-old daughter was a trooper digging all over the van to find halloween candy. >> it's a great story. honors keep coming for major leaguers. chris bryant and cubs won the world series, and now he's the national league most valuable
3:39 am
bryant said it's been one of the best years of his entire life. mike trout was mvp although the los angeles angels finished fourth. trout scored one in six of the angels' runs. the highest percentage for an american league player in more than 30 years. way, way, way out of space. this rocket is setting a record bringing the oldest woman to space. peggy whit she and crew mates from france and russia are due to arrive tomorrow afternoon. she's 56 and celebrates 57th birthday next february while in congressman command on the space station. >> good for her. they have advanced gear, but there's one area the space agencies have not been able to figure out. what to do about human waste. >> oh. >> astronauts have to wear diapers while in transit,
3:40 am
so nasa introduced the space poop challenge. >> such a sexy story, gosh. >> it's looking for a system to collect human waste inside a space suit for up to six days. >> keeps getting better. >> without the use of hands. na nasa's awarding $30,000 for the three best ideas. >> he says we can move on. thank you very much. all right, coming up, the busiest thanksgiving travel season in nearly ten house this year will be packed with a record number of travelers. what you need to know before you head to the airport. and this is what 74 years old looks like. meow, when you're barbara streisand, of course, a new cover and opens up about her love life. that's ahead in the skipny. you're watching "world news now."
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well, whale watching is not usually a thing here in wham watching is not a thing in new york city, but thursday morning, a big mammal appeared near the statue of liberty, likely to be a humped back because they are close to shore. >> a cool sighting in the hudson. >> absolutely. >> this turkey set up shop outside buffalo, new york. it hangs out in williamsville, new york, and cars and people stop to take a look and get it out of the street. the local spca hopes to find it a real home. >> does he know what time of year it is? steer clear of the public. >> get away. >> indeed. >> hunker down.
3:45 am
intersections on the way to grandmother's house this thanksgiving. >> the national safety counsel predicts a 12% increase in highway deaths and injuries. >> the skies not expected to be any less crowded. >> reporter: >> reporter: after the springtime debacle of long lines, tsa says there's not going to be a repeat even though an estimated record 22 million americans go through check points this thanksgiving. the agency hiring 1400 new others to full-time, and four k-9 team, and the command center in close contact with airport and airlines. they're ready now? >> we are. changing the way we operate, a daily operation that focuses specifically on screening operations hour by hour at the top 30 airports. >> reporter: since the long lines, 50% increase in sign-ups for the 85 dollar precheck program with 4 million fliers.
3:46 am
too. that bag tag from delta, and united asked what would you give up for the lowest fare? no suitcase? just a personal item under the seat? it's called basic economy. even with all the changes, the tsa expects a surge for the number of officers in the next week and a half of thanksgiving travel. abc news, reagan national airport. well, when we come back, who stole the show at last night's latin grammys? >> show on the page of a magazine and opens up about her biggest crush ever.
3:47 am
3:48 am
we're g we're going to start friday morning skinny with last night's vegas. >> superstars jennifer lopez and ex-husband, marc anthony, surprised the crowd with a duet. ? ? >> >> well, that was j-lo's first time ever on the latin grammy stage, and, boy, did she kill it. >> yeah. >> the duet available for download immediately following
3:49 am
>> the love fest didn't end there. then this happened. that's -- is that how exs are supposed to act? >> exs that can be in the same room and hug and kiss and work together is good. >> exactly. >> maybe they want to strangle each other, but they didn't. >> not on stage. they perform they performed ed biggest hits honored as person of the year for his long music career, and jennifer lopez there standing living legend, giving away classics that will stay forever, and she says he is someone who will always be many things in my life. >> look at them. what a great model. they have kids together. >> kids together, so it's porptporp important. sizzling on the cover. >> 74-year-old barbara bared more tha bared more than just legs. she said men have been too intimidated to ask her out in
3:50 am
husband on a blind date. >> she discussed her notoriously crippling stage fright keeping her from singing publicly for 2 p 7 years and why she prefers acting for the screen rather than acting for the stage. >> after awhile, i really didn't like having to do eight shows a week. that's why i've always wanted to be in the movies because i thought, once you get the scene right, you never have to do it again, and then you can go to your own opening the stage. >> makes sense. the oscar, grammy, and emmy, tony, and pea tony, and peabody award winner -- >> just to name a few. >> opening up about her crush, mr. brando, ever since she was 13 years old. a good looking guy. >> he was. next, big bang theory star, kaley, opens up about plastic surgery. >> appearing on the cover of women's health magazine, she
3:51 am
and breast enhanced and it was the best thing she's done. >> saying she's not afraid to come clean about her cosmetic surgeries because she's immune to shaming because she's confident in her decisions. >> she wants to look good for herself to feel good about herself. good for her. coming up next, another peek at the upcoming movie, "passengers." >> a clip shows jennifer lawrence battling giant swimming pool. >> oh, okay. the movie stars chris pratt focuses on a man and woman wakened 90 years too early on a spacecraft transporting people to a new colony. passengers hits theaters wednesday, december 21st. >> and it is based on a true story. >> of course. they are are still en route. >> yes. back here, another hollywood
3:52 am
>> after originally listing the beach front home for $30 million, roberts sold it for $16 million, a bargain, selelling i to the bachelor creator. >> five bedrooms, not bad. hey team, i know we're tight on time, but i really need a... ...sick day tomorrow. moms don't take sick days. moms take nyquil severe: the... ...nighttime sniffling,sneezing, coughing, aching, fever best...
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so the only thing they see is that beautiful bird. go ahead. let 'em judge. well, not well, not surprisingly, donald trump and the headlines. >> but there was plenty of room for bert and ernie. here now is the weekly friday rewind. >> donald trump cannot divide us with racism, sexism, all the bigotry. >> we are going to bring our country back, but, certainly, don't be afraid. we just had an election, and we have to be given a little time.
3:56 am
this election run deep, but, please, listen to me when i say this. america is worth it. >> look, i understand anger, and some people might have been anger when i was president, but anger shouldn't drive policy. >> i think what happens with the president-elect is there's certain elements of his templement that will not serve him well unless he recognizes them and corrects them. >> the campaign, and, frankly, people have to look at the resu resume, a harvard business degree, a naval officer. >> people didn't vote for donald trump to bring a white supremsist in the white house. >> step away from the oval office, it's impossible to have the efforts to take the nation seriously. >> are you comfortable with him having such a high level position? >> it's great to see you guys today. >> no defense of bannon then?
3:57 am
of the southwest ticket counter. >> it is possible that the suspect acted in retaliation against the circumstances leading up to his resignation, but we know the intentions were to go to the airport and hurt someone. >> school normally underway on a tuesday morning. >> transporting a patient from inside the locker room, two stab wounds to the neck. >> i find it scary because now i don't think schools are safe anymore. >> an extraordinary journalist, kept faith with the profession. >> oh, thanks, ernie. >> oh! ernie! >> always someone who ruins the mannequin challenge, one person blinks, or in that case, it was ernie there. >> i'm not the one to try, but what a historic week, a week that will go down in american history. >> yes, it will. especially because it's the 88 birthday for mickey mouse today. >> wow.
3:58 am
pays our bills. we love you, mickey.
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4:00 am
making ne making news in america this morning, donald trump smoothing things over with former rivals. the high-level meeting with mitt romney, what cabinet position could be offered and the controversial general now emerging as the front-runner f winter's return. blinding snow and whipping wind right now over a foot of snow expected in some areas. the storm already causing problems on the roads including a 20-car pileup. a new crew heading to the international space station blasting off overnight and on board that vessel, an american now the old of the woman ever in space. survival story. a family of four getting stuck


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