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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  November 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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here's ivan now with a look at the forecast. >>we're cool out there, but we're doing better than the last couple of mornings. generally in the upper 50s to around 60. you compare that to this time yesterday and we're running anywhere from not much to about 4 to 7 degrees warmer with a northeast wind helping us out. we'll continue with ld we'll drop into the 70s, another nice day tomorrow but a big change coming up for the weekend with a temperature drop. we'll talk more in a few minutes. good morning, we are starting off with a crash on the howard franklin bridge in the northbound lanes. it looks like the right lane is blocked but cars seem to be getting by just fine. you can see it a little bit better here. you can see a couple of cars on the side of the road.
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early in the morning so no delays. here are the drive times across all three bridges, just 6 minutes even with the crash to get across the howard franklin. 8 on the gandy bridge. a missing child issued for a 13-year-old volusia county boy who may number danger. this is carlos patterson he was last seen just south of daytona beach. he has brown hair d hazel eyes. he may be traveling in a 2002 dark green chevy mal due tag number k429af. if you see him call 911 and share his picture with your friends in your facebook feed this morning. troopers arresting a bradenton woman for causing a deadly crash nearly a year ago. authorities say the woman was
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assume the barbara sarvas died in the accident and three children suffered injuries but survived. she is set to appear before a judge this afternoon. look at this video, a fight in front of annie bore city bar that leads to a man driving his car into the people you see here. >>we brought you this as breaking news early tuesday and this morning police need your help finding the driver. the bar. it looks like they've done quite a bit of repairs to fix the damage. >> repoporter: yeah, part of it is fixed. polk county deputies are
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he had earned trusty status for good behavior. a judge nenced him to 30 days in jail for petty theft. this video shows a toddler leaving the hospital after she was shot in her home. the little girl was shot in the leg after 15 bullets tore through her family's tampa home wednesday. her mother did not want >>i thought i was lose my baby yesterday. by the grace of god i didn't. >>tampa police say they believe the group of men who fired the shots were target the girl's father who ran for cover inside the home. they're searching for the gunmen. parents have plenty of questions for administrators of a school in venice. a teacher is under investigation, but the parents don't know why. the teacher works at island village montessori school, and we're
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releasing details about the case because it's an active investigation. kara shaffer's two children attend the school and she says her friend got an e-mail from the school that raised more questions than answer snooze it was just a letter sent out by the administration just telling everyone that he was on administrative leave. >>abc action news tried to contact the school for information but they haven't returned our calls. two day-care employees near orlao a 4-year-old boy was left inside a day-care van. the boy was reported missing at 4:30 tuesday and wasn't found until 7:30 that night. when police took the child home the scene led them to file charges against the mom for reflect. meanwhile in sarasota a day-care under investigation for leaving a 4-year-old in a hot van during a field trip is accused of lashing out at
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a sarasota mother tells us she got a letter from the preschool that her daughter was being kicked out of the school because of a facebook post and for talking to abc action news. the mom posted concerns online after she learned the day-care was under investigation for leaving the child in a hot van for two hours back in october. she said parents were never notified about what happened. >>what if it was a longer field trip, more than two hours? there could have been serious he was okay so the situation is okay, and it's not. >>the director of the preschool refused to comment on the story. the department of children and families is investigating the day-care. an update this morning, the man convicted of killing a jacksonville teenager over loud music will stay behind bars, an appeals court rejecting an
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into jordan davis' suv after arguing with the teen. during the trial a witness testified there was no gun in that suv. we're waiting to learn when a man accused of beating a homeless man will return to manatee county. the victim died after the attack. investigators believe christopher haney attacked lorenzo thomas mac in -- back in may. he is charged with manslaughter after being arrested in oklahoma. we're learning more this morning about donald trump's choice for nati president-elect revealing last night he offered the post to retired lieutenant general michael flinn. he has called for washington to work more closely with moss could he, worrying some security experts. he advised trump's campaign and is the former director of the intelligence agency. despite losing the election hillary clinton could win the popular vote by more than
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130 million votes have been counted. 4 million more need to be counted, but the bulk are in california suggesting her lead is likely to grow. pasco county school leaders are moving forward ton a controversial rezoning plan. a committee approved a plan that would move the long leaf neighborhood and a few others into the river ridge zone. parents say it's tearing the community apart. but leaders snit it's necessary because their first public meeting december 20th and are expected to vote on the new plan january 17th. we have maps of the changes on our website. go to if you want to know more about medical marijuana you can head to ybor city this weekend. cana cure florida's medical candice education presence starts today at the cuban club. doctors and researchers will can you say marijuana treatments
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runs daily and ends sunday. families in need will have three chances to pick up produce today in pinellas county. holiday produce give-aways will be this weekend. the first give-away is 9:30 until 11 at the citizens alliance for progress in tarpon springs and then from 11:30 until 1:30 they'll be at the health and wellness have it r the high point neighborhood family center until 3:30. a another cool start. we're in the 40s right now. most of us in the mid and upper 50s, not doing so bad and by the afternoon we're going to warm up but depending on where you're watching from along the nature coast, bundle up this morning but by this afternoon we'll be back to around. and then the first blizzard of the season across the mid western u.s.
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we'll talk about the numbers in a few minutes. it's 5:08 and also coming up we have all heard the warnings this week about fake news stories. ahead, the man who's expected it take a top position in the trump administration and the bogus story he re-tweeted. and also new details this morning about the ambush attack on two iowa police officers. what he reportedly e-mailed to the police department just days before z26jnz zy6z
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y26kry yy6y back to our top story this morning. new video to show you of a fight in front of annie bore city bar. a man drives his car into these people. >>it was a breaking news story we brought you early yesterday. right now police still need your help to find the driver. we want to get back to our report the scene. it looks like they fixed some of the damage there, cliff. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. they've fixed at least part of t the rest right here has been -- part of it. the rest right here has been boarded up. police still haven't found the man who did this. there was a large fight leading up to the crash. police say the man in the car was tryingng to drive away when one person started hitting him
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he crashes into the building. now, that guy who went into the building, he was not hurt badly, and he walked away. the driver also took off. police say that the car was stuck on this curb right here, so right now it's not clear if anything was intentional, if he hit the gas and tried to hit the people fighting over here or if he was just trying to get off of this curb and get down the road. but right now no arrests have be ybor this morning clifton french, abc action news. 14 minutes after 5:00. new this morning we're learning chilling details about the suspect accused of killing two iowa police officers. this is scott michael green. he reportedly sent a note last month to one of the departments praising officers for their service, even calling them "absolute heroes." in an online compliment form green wrote that he loved them for keeping the
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martin and anthony biminio in ambush-style attacks. a 9-year-old boy is recovering after falling off a balance knee in disney world. the parents were in the room packing for their return trip home. the mom looked out and saw her boy on the ground. rescuers say the child was alert, conscious and able to walk. he was taken to the hospital to be checked major snowfall this season. the snow causing some major problems on one of the state's busiest interstates. >>sadly one person was killed after their car rolled over on the interstate. another crash involved a semi-and 22 other vehicles. the scene isn't looking any better. forecasters are expecting at least 8 inches
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way, colorado is, anyway. but next on the schedule here, minnesota, a foot to a foot and a half of snow and there it will fall not just heavily but also accompanied by winds of 40 to 50 miles an hour so blizzard warnings continue for them f you're traveling to tpa maybe to atl maybe up towards minnesota keep that in mind. we're going to have likely significant airport delays. high pressure dominating for us. we've cool as we've seen. we're going to stay nice and dry today, just a few clouds this afternoon and then the front comes in. the same front with the same low that has been bringing the incredible winter scenes across the western u.s., that's the front we're going to get, but by the time it gets here it won't have much moisture. the cold air behind is, that's going to be ours and that'll be filtering in saturday night into the early part of sunday.
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cool up north, but this time yesterday we were running 5 to 10 degrees cooler. still jacket weather but not as bad as it's going to be by the time the cold air mass arrives. there is denver. 21 degrees, all that barreling through. we won't be that cold, but it will be the coldest we've seen because of daytime highs. this is your previous as you wake up sunday, if you have outor necessary with a wind as well that'll cut right through you. low in the mid 40s. even the coast is getting in on the keeler temperatures. for now and for saturday, both days will feature plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the low 80s, so that will be very nice, but compared to sunday quite a dramatic change as the cold air moves in. then a gradual warm-up.
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7-day forecast. there it is, turkey's very excited, i'm not sure why, but somebody should tell him. upper 70s, nice and mild by thursday. we are still watching this crash on the howard franklin. good news the crash has moved out of the travel lanes. you still see some flashing lights if you're heading from st. pete into tampa. this is on the tampa side, but no delays this morng. 75 at proctor road before you get to bee ridge. they have one lane blocked, but traffic's still very light. we are still in the green heading north on i-75 through sarasota. and your drive on i-4 looking great as well. you're looking at about 22 minneapolis from here to downtown. thanks. -- 22 minutes from
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japanese's prim mine ster met with trump yesterday becoming the first world leader to do so since the election. after the meeting he told says he told the president-elect's about issues and he's not concerned about japan's alliance with the u.s. and the latest person caught posting about a fake news story. retired general michael flinn is being considered for trump's days before the election and forwarded a false story suggesting the new york police department had found so many files on anthony's laptop including pedophilia that he would be put away for life. the story was completely false, nonetheless he tweeted it to his followers saying "you decide." it has since been re-tweeted nearly 7,000 times.
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rewards stories that go viral, the stories that tend to go viral are those that tap into our political certificates. -- sn -- instincts. coming up a group of bradenton students honor their teacher who beat cancer. how they're getting national attention for this video that we want viral. >>i was moving like, i can't pull anything. the teenager is told she'll never use her arms again after a snowboarding accident. how she worked with her doctors to defy
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. 5:23 happening today good morning america will be waking up in our you may have seen this video. a 3rd grade class dressed in pink serenading their teacher when she returned from beating breast cancer. jill bass' students celebrated her return singing fight song to her. gma will be live at rowlett academy this morning. downtown tampa's only outdoor ice skating rink returns today. 90 minutes of skating is just $12. it includes skate
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is part of a winter village that includes a waterfront cafe and boutiques. the winter village will be open daily through christmas. in clearwater festival of the trees returns for a 32nd year today. the event features 125 beautiful decorated christmas trees. there's live entertainment and visits with santa. the festival is open through sunday and benefits people with intellectual and developmental doctors told an idaho teen she would never walk again after a snowboarding accident but now she's defying the odds one step at a time. lexy bingham broke her in the case last winter. over the course of a few months movement led to standing and standing led to walking. bingham says her journey has not been easy but she's happy she didn't let anything stop her from reaching her goals.
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want to live. i was, like, i can't live without being able to walk or whatever. and now i'm glad i didn't give up. >>she says her next goal, to regain full mobility in the right side of her body. she wants to start running again and by next fall she hopes to climb idaho's tallest peak. independently she'll do it -- i believe she'll do it. >>my chin is on the desk. that is an incredible story. bad news for anyone flying this weekend. >>we've got airports expected to experience delays over the holiday weekend next weekend. >>thank you, thanksgiving weekend. i'm a week ahead of myself. >>that's okay. and the latest on the sinkhole, troubling revelations about the problems facing all
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. live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> reporter: a man hunt under way this morning in polk county for an escaped inmate. a live report on how he was able to get away. look at this involvement police are looking for an accused thief. she'll show you what this man targeted after breaking into a community. new plans announced to make
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safe. where and when to expect more officers on the streets. good morning and thank you for joining us this friday. i'm di a riley. >>and i'm dan shaffer. we'll start with a look at the forecast. >>big changes for the weekend, but for now we're in pretty good shape. starting off cool, but not as chilly as yesterday. temperatures across the bay area looking at upper 50s to lower capacities. this time yesterday we were running several degrees cooler. further nor we're still cold, mid river. all of us warming up this afternoon. we'll make it into the lower 80s. hit 80 at the airport yesterday. we'll be north of that later today. similar weather heading into saturday with plenty of sunshine and then we're tracking the next big storm that is producing blizzard conditions across the midwest, but we're going to tap into the cold air behind it. we'll talk about the numbers coming up for sunday morning in just a few minutes. we're watching cameras all


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