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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  November 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now at 6:00, a popular pasco county park is body buried under the sand. we will take you there for the search and new surveillance video cause as pinltdas county deputy to lose his job. we'll take you to what he said and six bucks for a turkey? >> no way. >> we'll take you there.
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bake for us. this is a pumpkin apple muffin. >> i am out of pumpkin. eggnogs up next. >> i know you are baking a storm. >> i am prepping right now. i've not actually started putting things in the oven yet. >> but i'm doing the toppings. put it in the freezer, that way -- >> if you put it in the oven, >> way ahead >> i love that you baking. >> the eggnog, do you throw a little bourbon in that? >> sometimes, yes. >> that's how we like it. >> obviously not now. >> not if it comes in these doors. >> right, right. >> we are looking at big changes coming this weekend? >> you're going to want hot chocolate to warm you up. today, we are still on the ice cold drinks because we are still off to a cool and clear
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riverdale camera. nothing to see. nothing coming from the skies, meaning no rainfall. things are looking pretty good. tampa is at 62. a little bit warmer there. as we get closer to the coast linings you can -- coast line, you can see pinellas at 60. indian palm harbor at 55. looking off to the north, citrus county, no pig surprise here, low 50s, wait until you wake up in citrus county tomorrow morning. we are going to be seeing temperatures in the 30s. yeah. that's what i said. the 30s. cool start this morning. and by 8:00, we'll be up to 64. by noon, 76 degrees and then topping out at 80. so lots of sunshine.
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sunset that colderrer settles in overnight. we will be seeing some upper 30s in our northern counties. i will show you how warm it will be. thank you. looking forward to that. >> 6:02. pasco deputies are keeping watch at robert reed memorial park. forensic teams will resume digging mark. a tipster claims that something is hidden under all the sand. >> reporter: the pasco county sheriff's office posted this twitter on their account. a ka cover dog may have hit on a possible dead body no dead body has been found. deputies have not said whether
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a missing person. they are working with forensic anthropologist from the university of south florida. she helps to try to locate the scene and be able to work through as far as the dig goes and determine if there is, in fact, decomposition, bones, that kind of thing. >> reporter: investigators are not taking any chances on when they might find. kimberly was the anthropologist for the school where 55 bodies were found. many children disappeared without a trace. her work helped identify some children and identify with a high degree of certainty 14 others. pinellas county deputy fired after he claimed he had to use force to subdue a woman.
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investigators checked the surveillance cameras. deputy wayne wagner told them that paige taylor shoved him. she was charged with resisting law enforcement. after months of investigating. the truth was clear things to the video. the deputy lied to them on on the police report >> it's cheer to anybody watching it that there is no contact, no push, no shove, there >> taylor's attorney says that surveillance video was tritt call in this case and taylor hopes it does not happen to anyone he is. the charges against her were dropped. a polk county homeowners association wants children to keep it quiet. if you have children, you can imagine how parents are feeling. we have more on what's behind this unusual request. >> it had everything that weep
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for the sunshine state from chicago and settled in this subdivision. >> when i came, they saw children outside. they marketed towards us j >> reporter: that's why she was blown away by this note. talks about the noise from the chirp more than one >> reporter: the homeowners association's letter went only to homes with >> as neighbors, we all chose this community because it's a bedroom community. it's not a 55-plus community. >> reporter: she says she feels attacked by the local hoa and her request to keep children more quiet during daytime hours goes too far. >> i will not tell my kids to stay in my yard. >> reporter: but some neighbors
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the hoa says they want children to stay to be safe. turning now to the zika virus. the virus outbreak no longer an end international public health emergency according to the world health organization. that does not mean that it's completely gone but on a global level, the spread is under control. at last check, the number total of cases reported was over 1100. donald trump named three men to top posts in his new administration this week and there is already blowback. taiment, trump spend tens of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits filed by disgruntled former employees. donald trump settled all three fraud lawsuits against
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for $35 million for about 6000 students with no admission of wrongdoing. before being elected, trump vowed he would never settle the lawsuit. he was willing to put his personal interest and personal beliefs aside and focus on the issues that are facing the country. >> president-elect trump also busy with his transition team, filling three top positions. alba ya senator jeff sessions at attorney general. michael fin flats national security vice pompeo of kansas. >> i. >> i am into the racist, iet not inas soon asative to blacks. i have supported siev rights in my state. i have done my job with integrity, equality and fairness for all.
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rationale. >> islam is a political ideology, hides behind this notion of it being a religion. >> on saturday, trump meets with mitt romney, programs his harshest critic during the political campaign and now maybe the top contender for secretary of state. and today, president barack obama is last tour as commander in chief. he will meet with china's president and will host a town hall meeting. a couple of items to charity could actually help save you some metrodomeey on outstanding pesky parking spots. now at 6:09, and we are starting off with lots of sunshine now. sarah. through the day, we'll warm up to 76 after the cool start.
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degrees. plenty of sunshine, no rain in sight, but we do have a cold front rolling through. i will show you how much it's going to cool us down coming up
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ticket on their car and been like, oh, yeah, thank you for this. [ laughter ] >> it's great. >> but ap c action news reports, pawing that may actually make you feel good. >> reporter: a $25 parking ticket does not exactly say happy holidays. but instead of having pay that ticket, you could help make the hollidays brighter with someone else by taking part of the food for fines program. >> a unique way for the community to say, let's help out a community in need. >> reporter: jo is one of those neighbors in need. >> means a lot. otherwise, me and my son wouldn't have anything. >> reporter: you come here with a couple of food donations and for every item that's drop intoed the box, you can save a
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bucks off a $25 ticket. >> you can help feed the hungry and help the city rekiewp re-- recoupe up to the $64,000 its helps. >> its helps us and it ultimately helps the people. >> more and more people are food >> the food bank and city are hoping that people pay up and pitch in. if food for fines are a success, it could be back next holiday season or become a staple. >> pretty great idea. that's the great program. i would be the guy that would totally bring -- >> here, how much does this get me off? please, how much does this take off my picket, please.
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i'm thinking about my cupboard. absolutely, there are some things there that i could totally donate. >> it's starting to feel like the holidays. >> totally. >> maybe not so much this afternoon but the next couple of days. it's going to almost going to feel like we are skipping fall and going straight into winter. >> oh, boy. i heard you say 30s. >> yes. i with not be surprised if we get some frost advisories in the northern counties for either sunday morning or monday morning. take a look at the cameras. you can see how beautiful it is outside. nice and clear as the sun tries counsel. temperatures, 62 degrees. 64 in st. pete. winds are primarily out of the north at about five miles per hour. so no big problems with winds today. planning on a round of golf, things are looking great. you should not have any worries other than make sure that you are comfortable. this afternoon, we will be topping out near 80 because
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control and we are still ahead of the front that cold air is going to take a little time to mu in but it is unlikely that we'll see any rain developing ahead of that front. the temperatures will be dropping tonight quite dramatically. after we get that cool snap in there, we'll start to warm up through the week as we head into thanksgiving. i will show you more on that in just a moment. planning on hanging out in the backyard, putting up holiday decorations, no problems weather weise. you might be able to take a dip in the pool. temperatures will be warm enough. let's talk about tropics. you can see the system that we have been keeping our eye on, it's becoming a little more organized. this may be the last system of the season. good news for us is that spaghetti model again are keeping it spinning in the same spot and keeping it over land near nicaragua and will not
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we'll start the day around 60, ending the day around 77. we are a little bit above average at 62. 46 in crystal river. temperatures about 10 degrees lower. a chilly start to the day. it will be breezy, too, as we are starting off. sarasota at 59. lakeland at 55. today, we top out at 80 degrees. tomorrow morning, starting off in tampa in the upper 40s ending the day at 67. coldest is going to be monday at 46 degrees in tampa. that means mid, maybe even some lower 30s, close to freezing temperatures in our northern counties. lots of sunshine to warm us up, though, it and take a look at the stretch of weather heading into thanksgiving day. near 80 degrees with another front rolling through. this one will not be as strong. so we will see a slight dip in
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ahead of us. if you want to go outside to enjoy warmer temperatures, hoping to get outside and enjoy that taste of fall, tomorrow will be your day. take a look at the seven-day forecast. it's florida's most accurate. if you have any questions about this, find me on facebook and shoot me a message, especially if you're going to be traveling into next week. back to you. >> thank you prught president-elect trump made a and if he goes through on some of them, that could disrupt a lot of people's lives here. >> many undocumented immigrants are worried. >> reporter: the day after the election is one that this college degree, illegal
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>> reporter: er here through the docca program. a program that president barack obama put into place and one that president-elect trump could end. >> the first thing that went through my main was, my future. >> reporter: nationwide, there are under 2 million eligible. most worry. >> we are going backwards. we are >> reporter: nancy futch set up a seminar to let us know what we do and what we don't know. president-elect trump made some bold immigration promises touring the campaign telling voters he will build a wall, put an end to docca and sanctuary cities and step up enforcement. after the election, he stepped back slightly, saying he will first deport undocumented criminals. >> we have come a long way.
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dreams. >> the other concerned, the parents. >> the parents don't have docca and they were so fearful that their parents will be deported. >> reporter: so many immigration questions left unanswered that could be coming from thisey hex. still ahead this turned morning, newlyweds returning home from their wedding to find their house they own on fire, their gifts
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in their life faced something unexpected. a fire destroyed their home the day after. >> you know, for better or worse, sicker or poorer. >> that vow put to the test. just 18 hours after they said their i do's, they went home to this. >> smoke just piling out of our house >> reporter: half hour before they pulled n ca dropped off presents, leaving them on the stove. >> how, the stove top was turned on on malfunctioned. everything that was on the stove caught fire. >> but the couple was not thinking of the house. >> and just, you know, kind of into let's go save the doing's mode. walked in and fire in the kitchen, smoke everywhere, could not see. >> just devastating, can't fact
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my house. we tonight know where they are. >> reporter: fire crews pulled in and found kona and cody hiding in the back. they found them. >> alive. that's the most important part i think of. >> the help is a complete loss, but help is pouring me. a friend set up a gofundme account and now strangers are rallying. >> i could not expect back to where i even started. thank you, guys, from the bottom of our the worst behind them and can now focus on the better although it will be a good four months before they can move back in. so friends of the couple have now started on a fundraising effort to try to help them get a fresh start. we put details on that if you want to donate. i just checked. they may be 1500 shy of their goal. >> that's great.
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st. nick who caters to kids with special needs making a stop to several area malls. and a preview of the gator
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you are watching action news weekend. here are our top stories. deputies keeping a close watch on robert reeves' memorial park. this morning, forensic crews will resume digging port richey park. no he had of found yesterday pinellas county deputy fired after he claimed he was forced to use force to subdue a woman. deputy wagger said that taylor shoved him. the sheriff said he lied for six years, donald trump fought against a lawsuit in
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fraud. 7000 students will be eligible for refunds if the federal judge approves lindsey and joe? >> okay. get ready. i think we can make a lot of people happy this weekend, today or tomorrow. >> right, i think there is something for you this weekend. you may not like both days but you will like one of them, right? and take a look at how dry we are. that's what's good for both days. >> yeah. >> we had really nice weekends. >> we have had really good gorgeous. take a look outside. you can see the temperatures -- well, you can't see the temperatures but you can see how clear it is. not a drop of rain in sight. things are looking fantastic. let's take a look at some of those temperatures across the area. 48 right now in inverness. 55 in sarasota.
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57. we do have some cool temperatures out this. mcdill at 55. st. pete, 64. warmer temperatures and 61 in clear water. tampa at 62. brandon, that way, at 52. let's take look at the forecast through the day. plenty of sunshine after this cool start. up 2076 by noon. the humidity is still pretty recent out there. and 80 as a high. it will be nice and comfortable. winds will be pretty light as well. 5 to 10 miles all of this changes tomorrow. more on that coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thanks. caught on camera. take a look at this. this is not the way to get out of a traffic ticket. a woman in argentina driving away from a track stop with the traffic inspector on the hood of her car. the 55-year-old man was caught after he tried to detain her.
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involved in an unusual road rage different one of them called 911 to explain what happened. listen to this. >> that you will started when one driver tried to pass another only to be blocked by the driver. so the guy followed closely behind. drivers stopped, got out, got into a fight. the man stabbed is in critical condition and police say that charges are coming. soon, veterans may have a new way of dealing with ptsd. researchers in texas are working on a special app that would monitor a person's heart rate and would alert them of an impending heart attack. the app is still in the testing
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thanksgiving turkey? you may get your birds at now $6 this weekend. winn dixie is offering this deal to help you. you have to spend $30 in store and then get that turkey. you can get your thanksgiving meal for under $40. that deal is available today autism can go see a special santa claus at some area malls many the sensory friendly santa will be at the desoto mall and the tyrone square mall. santa for children of special needs will return in the tampa area. we have a complete list on our news app. here is a look at sports.
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morning how loud it would be standing 50 feet behind a military jet taking off from an aircraft carrier. pretty loud. can you believe that the chiefs fans can be louder? that's the kind of atmosphere that buccaneers will go into: it's no secret that stadium is a loud place. it's the loudest not in the nfl but in the entire world. the chiefs recorded the noise as 144.2-decibels during a 8 second stretch shattering the seahawks record back in 2013. >> we cranked up that crowd noise. maybe you can hear knit here.
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venues to play >> reporter: how loud is 142- decibels. if a reading reached 150, your ear drum would rupture. the chiefs use that noise to their advantage winning 10 straight dating back to last year at home. >> i have not played a regular season game against kansas city in kansas city. we played in 2011 and they were alive then. >> re bucs are 2-3 all tile playing at arrowhead stadium. reporting with the bucs, john sable, abc action sports. so far this year, the chiefs are 4-0 at home, 3 of those wins six points or less and than the 21 points blowout against the jets. the spread is 7 1/2. kansas city has made a living
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i'm going to go out on a limb on this one. i'm going to take the 7 1/2 and the buccaneers. sometimes, you have to live on the wild side. the muck nears are not the on team going into a loud venue. florida will be at fsu. the lineup moved 4 points. gators now 14-point under dogs giving the gators a chance. >> they were dubbed the team that should be playing in the playoffs and rightfully so when you look at the roster and look at the players. they have avenue got a bunch of real guys now. it's a really good football team. we'll take our guys in there and the ones that are able to get on the bus, we'll load up and go play. >> meanwhile, usf has a date
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favorite looking for a team record high 9th win of the season. they should get it. clinton miles per hour and rodney adams and the bulls' offense should have a field day. >> ate been pretty impressive soming in seeing what they have opinion able to do. they said they will do this and they did. i appreciate ery from those guys. he set out to do some. they will do it together. . great things can happen for you. and we are not done yet. >> as for fsu, they are headed to syracuse. if this was a basketball game, i would say it would be a close one but jim bo fisher says he knows he should roll over the orange today. that's your morning sports
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wrestle mania, get ready. it may mean six days of action
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wrestling. it could bring upwards of 170 million into the state. wrestle mania 33. some of the biggest names in tampa will be jamming in tampa. no-rider, usher, gavin de graw as part of a three-day, free music festival ahead of the championship game. that's awesome. several other free events leading up to the big game ray j. we have more on our website and free mobile app. check it out there >> that's a pretty sweet free concert many laptops on the wish list. two reasons why bigger may not be better when choosing that
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if a laptop is on our shopping list this season, there are some things you might keep in mind in terms of size. >> smaller may be better so you don't waste your money. millions of people will be looking at buying new laptop this is black friday and most will be eyeing 15-inch model which are now the popular size. but you may want to those plans according to a controversial report. >> reports say that if you want a big monitor when you are at home, on your desk, then buy a separate plug-in monitor. 15-inch models are too big for your lap. it claims they are too heavy to carry all day at five pounds
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battery hogs averaging six hours of use instead of the nine hours of smaller model. the port says that cheaper 15- inch laptop costingless than $400 have poorer screen resolutions. >> >> i have seen some incredible prices on television,picked up a couple myself this week. go to the spending spree. i have that buyer's remorse. >> i want a good deal. i don't want to get off my couch. >> no, i don't go into stores either. how many times have we done the story where go to the first person, you know what you're getting? >> i don't know: guaranteed that will never be me. >> no. >> you know where i am more likely to be? outside today. yes. >> clearwater hyatt.
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embrace the beautiful weather here. if you are hoping for a warm and dry, that's what we have. in fact, looking bought full right now as we are looking over the marina there. you can see nice calm waters as well. 52 degrees in tampa. 59 in port richey. 46 in brooksville. 46 in crystal river. bradenton, sitting happy at 60. take a look at the radar. take a look at the green. this is radar clutter. we don't barely have any cloud. later on that front pushes to the south. as of right now, look at the future cast. you can see that little bit of cloud coverage is trying to work its way in, it's not going to do anything but it's this line of clouds at 8:00 at night that signals the front passing through our south. behind it, much cooler and much drier air. so even if it feels a little
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it is going to be less humid tomorrow. now, we are start off on the cool side. if you are planning on a round of golf, wind at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. hopefully we won't cause you any problems, 76 at noon and 80 the high. beautiful weather for whatever you have in mind to do outside. just a quick update here on the tropics, we do have is a a tropical storm here. the system will sit and spin a little here and will move across land here across central america but well away from our area. so nothing for to us worry about dropally although it could create some heavy rain and some mudslides in nicaragua. we'll keep an eye on that and possibly into panama as well. as we look at the forecast over the next couple of days, talk about the dramatic changes.
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near of 0, it will be near 60 in in tampa. we are likely toey temperatures in the 60s sunday morning as well as monday morning. you may see some freezing temperatures so you may see some frost going into effect. we'll keep an eye on how cold that area is and how quickly. reaching that high of 67 is not going to quite feel like 67. the warm up in the afternoons really kicks into gear and sticks around even thanksgiving day. so we are looking at a nice, dry thanksgiving, 80 degrees as the high. there is a front that rolls through. you can see just a little bit of a cooldown here on friday but nothing as dramatic as what we are seeing this weekend with those temperatures starting off near 50 tomorrow morning like i said. it's going to be breezy during the first half of the day. as we head through the week, we will see the mornings as well
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up after month mornings. chilly start to the day. that's florida's most accurate forecast. back to you. >> okay, 10 until 7:00 now. most people wait until after thanksgiving to put up the holiday nights. look at what are action saw. at a chick-fil-a. many of you have shared this from our facebook page. i think it washington capitals wednesday morning. >> the restaurant decorated its property. thousands of twinkling lights as you can see. drivers using the drive have to pass under a lit arch. the parking lots covered by a canopy of lights and even a rotating carousel with cows. >> pretty cool. >> that would not work on any display other than chick-fil-a. >> imagine captain flying over. i think i see something. >> two new movie theaters opening in the bay area but there is a twist. >> the concept that a lot of adults will like with the new
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don't miss the turkey trot. the first 5k starts at 7:00 am with a 10k starting at 9:00 am. pet supply plus is hosting a photo shoot. at the pinellas in clearwater oh. . on december 1st, meet our team on location in tampa and meet our team and bring a new unwrapped toy to put by the tree. >> has to do with the growth happening right now in south hillsboro county.
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>> the noise inside is a completely different sound than what you are used to when the river view area. this is the first theater coming to river view, off progress road. people in this growing area usually have to drive up 75 to brandon for entertainment. >> i go with my friend drive to brandon to be corner. escape theater used river view over any other place in the area because of it growth. there are 83,000 people in river view and they expect it to grow another 10,000 in the next five years. >> escape even has put in a stop light to help with some those traffic woes near 301. >> anywhere from 7:30 to 8:00 is probably the worst.
6:55 am
their x scape extra live screens, there is a curfew. >> anyone under the age of 17 will not be allowed in the bidding after the hour of 10:00. >> and our attendance has come up. >> competition is coming. jules five mices away, a company is opening a movie theater a wawa is coming. the new theater may be the only place to drown out all that noise. >> stick around. we have another hour of action news weekend edition still ahead this morning. next at 7:00, skyrocketing drug prices forcing many families making life or death decisions. the one thing you can do to save hundreds on your prescription. >> and we are getting stuffed on stuffing.
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right now at 7:00, a popular pasco county park is closed. deputies believe there is a body buried under the sand. we'll take you there for the search. and a deputy fired after his actions were caught on camera. and the $6 bird. seriously. a steal. the saturday before thanksgiving, we're going to tell you where you can pick one up for just a few bucks. >> average thanksgiving today, fyi, $50 and change. 54.20 to feet people. that's everything. >> that's not as bad as i would have thought. i still take a $6 turkey just to bring that down even further. >> yeah, right. six bucks? >> six bucks. shay, what do you think? >> let's go to shay: i want to say i bought mine and it was $10. about 59 cents a pound. i was pretty impressed.
7:00 am
>> that turkey better have a gold leg in there. >> a big difference -- i thought thats funny. >> that was a late difference between frozen and fresh. those are things that you need to spot. weather wise -- what you want to hear from me is the weather, not turkey. >> right. let's justta >> that's all i have on my brain. >> and we have not started on stuffing yet. >> let's talk about the circle beach. calm water, looks like a mirror out there reflecting those beautiful boats sitting there. all right. take a look at the temperatures across hillsborough county. 54 degrees right now in temple terrace. apollo beach, 54.


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