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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  November 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now at 6:00 a man's bodies squad hupped a dumb tear -- behind county. >> trump versus a popular broadway show. why the president-elect is demanding an apology from the cast of hamilton. >> it's the sunday before thanksgiving. we will run down where you can snag a free turkey today plus our annual safety reminder, turkey fryer dos and dont's so you don't set your house on fire. that's basically. >> that's basically it. >> what you want to avoid.
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sunday morning. i'm lindsay logue. >> i'm james tully. i snagged something. how about jock chat chip cookie dough cake. >> ivan, did you get cake. >> i did not. >> cookie dough between the layers of the cake. that's how bad things got in my kitchen. >> this is something. you got co >> take over while ivan speaks. that is a nice shot of the courtney campbell. that is by ben t. davis beach where i take off on the bike. i will not be doing that today. cold for me. temperatures widespread in the 50s. we have to widen out the shot to see what is going on. temps in the 40s. that's part of the story. the winds are gusty. this is the first front that brought us the gusty north
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clearwater had a gust earlier of 35 miles per hour. you get the idea here. temperatures because of that will feel colder. that's the windchill dropping into the lower 40s. 30s by the time we get to the next couple of hours, especially across the nature coast. this isn't the coldest morning. we will get colder through tomorrow as this chilly air mass continues to drain in from the southeast. today we will recover a bit. it will take a while. it will never feel as warm as 67be it will be gusty throughout the day. that's it. i don't think many of us will hit 70. we will get colder tonight. we will talk about that in a couple of minutes. >> ivan, thanks. developing right now, pinellas park police are investigating after a homeless man was found beaten to dote behind a dumpster -- death behind the dumpster at park place. officers say two people were collecting cardboard when they came across the man's body.
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that the victim was attacked. they are working to determine how the victim was killed. deputies in polk county are trying to figure out what happened in the moments before a man died. >> here is what we know so far. deputies say gabriel gamino was fighting with someone in his yard in lakeland. the suspect took off. he ran to a neighbor's house for help. the neighbors reported a stabbing. when deputies arrid died. if you have any information that can solve the case, call the sheriff's office. details from north port. police are investigating a shooting of a teenager that was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. detectives are still looking into it. they say it's an isolated incident. a massive makeover continues in tampa's historic hyde park neighborhood. that means cone zones. i know you have seen them.
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business owners feared a slump in sales this holiday because of it. abc action news reporter karen wisher has the story. >> reporter: construction was leading to concerns among business owners but they weren't founded. thousands of people packing into hyde park to celebrate the beginning of season. reporter: the sites and sounds -- >> merry christmas. >> reporter: -- of the holidays are filling the air in hyde park village. >> so much fun. it's fun to look at all the stores and stuff, shop around ? its the holiday season ? . >> reporter: music to the ears for hyde park small businesses. months of construction, barricades around every corner and limited parking had them
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>> a little concern. i know the management team worked so hard to get the village looking as pretty as possible. they came through. >> coffee to go is celebrating the second hilled season. the store's manager says business is -- holiday season. the store's manager says business is booming. >> itching it will be a huge hit -- absolutely. i think it will be a huge hit this holiday season. >> reporter: the stores are a around the barricades and are excited to see what the finished product will be. >> before it was here, we thought we have to go to downtown st. pete. with this coming to fruition, it makes tampa a contender. >> reporter: shop owners hope the trend continues with more packed streets for small business saturday one week from today and leading through christmas. reporting in tampa, kara
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demanding charges against a teacher's aide. they say the aide held down then slapped their autistic son in the face last month. broward county school district says the teacher's aide is still under investigation. the medical examiner is speaking out about heroin overdoses calling the problem an epidemic. dr. russ say vega wants to -- russell vega wants to raise awareness. home with parents educating their children about the dangers of drugs. >> i'm here to work with them, to just provide a little more awareness in the community of what is going on. >> there is attend necessary in the community and society to not want -- a feeling in the community and society to not want to -- to keep it under the rug the way to deal with the
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>> last year there were 160 deaths in our area from heroin overdoses. this is very much a working weekend for president-elect donald trump. he is keeping up a brisk pace as he tries to fill top positions in his administration. he welcomed a stream of visitors including a presidential nominee as what amounted to job interviews at one of his properties in new jersey. elizabeth hur po his private golf course in new jersey with mike pence teeing up possible cabinet picks. the most prominent name, mitt romney reportedly a contender for secretary of state. no sign of the bashes they traded -- brabs they traded during the campaign. after a 90-minute meeting, no sign of a done deal either. >> we had a far reaching
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world where there are interests in the united states of real significance. i look forward to the coming administration. >> another visitor, retired marine corps general james mattis considered a prospect for defense secretary. >> we have seen tremendous talent. people that as i say who will make america great again. >> at his first public appearance in days, the president-elect seemed in high spirits even making the press. >> hot chocolate? >> hot chocolate. >> we will take care of it. first time in my life i have. >> trump has more interviews sunday. >> you will hear things tomorrow. >> meanwhile, protestors were back in the streets. in washington, d.c. police took this man down and handcuffed him and another man suffered a
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demonstrated against the president-elect. elizabeth hur, abc action news new york. donald trump is taking on a popular musical. he went to twitter to take aim at hamilton actors calling on them to apologize to his running mate mike pence. he tweeted that the cast harassed his vice president. he said the actors were rude to pence and they should issue an apology. here is what the stage at the end of the show. they hoped the show would inspire pence to uphold american values. the cast member aaron burr later replied to trump's tweet saying what happened at the theater was a conversation, not harassment. we are just getting started on action news weekend edition. still ahead, a steep rise in deadly car crashes in florida. what is behind the numbers.
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you haven't been outside, brace yourself. it's the coldest air of the season. we will get colde tonight.
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z26jvz zy6z y26jvy yy6y . welcome back. after years of highway safety improvements, traffic fatalities in america are suddenly on the rise. many are pointing to smartphones for this drastic spike. >> adam winer shows us how a local case is becoming a national example of this growing danger. >> this chilling video posted to snapchat shows how fast a
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killing five people including himself. while fhp says speeding was clearly a factor in the october crash, the use of a smartphone before a deadly accident may be part of a larger trend. >> the influx of electronics in a vehicle, whether it be the vehicle or what drivers bring in, we are having more problems. >> reporter: the first half of 2016 the deadliest florida is on pace to be deadly year this year than the past. >> traffic alerts, all alerts coming in. the phones stay active. they are designed to keep your attention. if the driver keeps their attention on the phone and not the road, that's why we have problems. >> some say we need tougher laws. florida is one of nine states across the country where a law enforcement officer can't pull you over for texting while
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$30 fee. the most recent law was written in 2013 before this snap chat filter used before the crash was created. >> is the application the cause of that? no. he made a decision, poor judgement and cost himself dearly. >> reporter: he points out legislation can't be expected to keep up with technology. in tampa, adam winer, ab when you got florida's most accurate forecast, it doesn't get any better, or does it? the best weather satellite ever built is in space. it launched last night from cape canaveral. it's a 1 billion-dollar satellite that will provide sharper images of hurricanes, tornadoes and weather systems seen from space. >> don't take it from us. >> ivan are you super excited about this or what?
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pictures and they will be sharp and we will get them every 30 seconds as opposed to 30 minutes. i think it will save lives. the lead time we give for tornado warnings will be impacted. the way we forecast hurricanes and get folks out of the way. this is huge. four satellites will go up in orbit. all said and done, it will give us 20 years of spectacular weather forecasting. let's take you outside and sh looking at clear skies. if i just showed you that, you wouldn't know what was happening unless you watched closely, the camera moving a bit. gusty north winds have taken over. coldest air mass of the season. we are talking about it. it's here. temperatures in the lower 50s. mid-40s. the windchill technically doesn't get calculated unless
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these are the gusts, 15 to 25. that will continue through the early part of the day. the winds will subside by late today. that will set the stage for a cold night tonight. temperatures feel like 42 in brooksville. like wise up to crystal river. look at gainesville, 35. freeze watches are up for parts of northern florida. you can see the temperatures have taken a dive with overnight lows in the upper 20s to lower 0s. there is the front. itil a band of clouds that you can't even see. but up to the north is where the moisture is. that's where we are talking about snow. this is the same system that brought the snow to denver and headed to minnesota with the blizzard. there it is bringing snowfall to new england. it will be rather chilly. temperatures will fall big time for them as well. we will recover a bit. this is the coldest high we have seen this season.
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spring. as we head through tonight, we will take a tour of the neighborhoods and be able to see when pinellas drops to 50 and 40s, you know it's cold becauseed water temperature keeps you milder. and it will because as we get further to the north and away from the coast, look at these numbers. this is not windchill. this is the actually temperature in the morning. not much of a wind. mid- to upper-30s. elsewhere temps in the mid-40s. if you are watching from chilly start. across the coast, temps around 50. each and every afternoon we will warm it up. this will be a short arrival of the cold air. a couple of days and we will get through it and then get warm once again. if you like the cool air, you have to go north for that. upper 60s for us. boating, forget it. if you are doing small craft,
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you are staying in with temps, if you are brave enough, in the low 70s. airport at 69 in the city. but as i showed you colder elsewhere. then the climb. we begin in earnest. tuesday 75. there is the turkey. why is it going so fast. it has the helmet on, upper 70s, nice day for thanksgiving. again, we will get rid of the cool air through the end of the week and early next a little less this year than last year. according to the american farm bureau, it will cost you under 50 bucks to serve dinner for ten people including the turkey, sides and dessert. what costs less this year? turkeys for one. pull pin pie mix and milk. if you are driving this thanksgiving, gas is expected to be cheaper that is lanier. gas buddy says a recent drop in oil prices and the end of the
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i have an elf and i am mrs. claus. so the children bring dear santa letters to my mailbox. >> a woman known for putting her neighbors ahead of her own needs needs help. how you can help mrs. claus
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a woman known as mrs. claus be busy wrapping gifts for people she doesn't know. >> instead she is staying with a neighbor because a fire destroyed her home. >> despite this they are trying to save the holidays. watch. >> reporter: yolanda might be the nicest person you would ever meet. >> thank you for calling. >> reporter: her phone won't storm ringing. everyone is calling to check in on her after what happened this past weekend.
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neighborhood. >> somehow the house caught on fire. we believe it was a christmas tree. >> this is mrs. claus straight from the north pole. >> reporter: yolanda, better known as mrs. claus in her brandon neighborhood. >> i have an eventually and i am -- elf and i am mrs. claus so the children in the neighborhood bring the letters to toys for kids and the holiday decorations go up in september. >> this is a message for all the parents out there -- >> everybody comes here, family, friends, neighbors, it's hard to not have that stability. >> reporter: ask any neighbor and they will tell you about the legacy of mrs. claus or the fact she opens her entire home for hundreds of people even strangers on thanksgiving. >> i can't tell you how many
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to mcdonald's and purchased hundreds of cheeseburgers and hamburgers and passed them out to people on the street. >> reporter: even though she lost everything, the only thing she is thinking about is the kids. >> we hope that we can salvage christmas, at least for the children in the neighborhood. >> i always check the list twice. after the massive insurance claims, mrs. claus won't be moving but will find a way rebuild right here. >> merry christmas. >> the message at the end she is more concerned about salvaging christmas for children than salvaging her own home. >> that is telling. that's how people like her think. still to come, new federal laws that impact your paycheck. >> over time is changing. up next, we will breakdown how
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welcome back.
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pinellas park police are investigating after a homeless man was found beaten to death behind a dumpster. officers say two people were collecting cardboard around the dumpsters when they came across a man's body off highway 19. investigators say it appears that the victim was attacked. they are looking for a possible suspect. donald trump is taking on a popular broadway musical. he is taking to twitter to take aim at hamilton actors calling on them to apologize to his running mate mike harassed his vitt president- elect during a -- vice president-elect during the show. the most advanced satellite ever built is in space. it launched last night at cape canaveral. it will provide sharper pictures of hurricanes, tornadoes and other systems. the original launch was delayed by hurricane matthew. it's up there.
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a possible game changer. >> lead time will be increased. not just pretty pictures but scan the atmosphere and three dimensions. a lot can go on. >> can it do anything about this? >> for a billion dollars, you better believe it. we can forecast better but we can't get rid of the cold air. how about -- i was at the -- shopping the other day, at the grocery store. that's how you know we turned the corner. firewood for sale. you the sky is crystal blue. we will be sunny. despite full sunshine, we are only -- temperatures are going to struggle to get out of the 50s. i don't think by lunchtime we will start to go north of 63. that is how cold the air mass is. temperatures in the mid-40s to the north. you step outside and the winds will get you, 5 to 15, gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour, especially closer to the coast. keep that in mind windchill
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then the winds subside later on today with temperatures feeling like they are in the 60s but that would be about it as far as the daytime high, 67 is all we will manage. as soon as we get sunset with the dry air mass, the temperatures are going to dive. we will take a tumble, 58. the winds will relax. that will set the stage for the coldest temperatures in the 30s tonight. who gets colder as we head through the overnight in a couple >> all right, ivan, i can't wait. caught on camera, take a look at this. a woman being violent attacked by a man in a miami gardens restaurant. he offered her money to have sex with him. he punched her after she ignored him. police are searching for the suspect. chicago police are looking for the gunman that shot and killed an illinois congressman's grandson. police say representative dandy davis' grandson got in an
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officials say he was shot in the head. a new federal overtime law affecting many goes into effect december 1st. full time employees that make less than 47,500 a year are he will available for overtime. it will be updated ever three years. it is expected to rise to $51,000 by january 2020. if you are flying this week or you have family or friends visiting, pay attention to what is happening in chicago. hundreds of workers we are talking baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, wheelchair a attendants and the janitors. o'hare is one of the big yeast airports and a strike would cripple travel for tens of thousands of people. millions are preparing to hit the roads for thanksgiving. to help the tampa area residents make the most of their holiday hours, it can be
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sunday before thanksgiving. also think about that, that is today. the worst day to start your trip is the day before, that would be wednesday. the best time to hit the roads is early in the morning. don't drive in the middle of the afternoon because that's when the roads will be most crowded. for your return trip, learn the day after thanksgiving. waiting until the weekend is assure way to guarantee you will sit in traffic somewhere for hours. metropolitan ministries serving free thanksgiving meals to bay area families. they expect to serve 18,000 families between thanksgiving and christmas. >> so many needs that come along the holiday season that may impact your budget. you may lose hours at workings a child gets sick and you have to stay home. when you are paycheck to paycheck, not a lot of safety net. this program is a great safety net for families that are in need. >> you can sign up for food or lend a hand and donate. for all the details, head to
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time for our annual friendly reminder. if you are deep frying your turkey, broward rescue gave this tutorial on how not to do it. i will guess that was a frozen turkey. that is usually what caused flames like that. friers should be set up 10 feet from your house or garage. make sure that they are on a level surface. never put a frozen turkey in hot oil and keep the fire extinguisher within reach. >> that don't try to put it out with water. cover it with something. >> call 911. >> that's the best thing to do. we are thankful for the next fun story. >> it goes viral. one teen will spend the holiday
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thanksgiving is four days away. getting the entire family together can be tough, pretty much impossible if you have the wrong phone numbers. >> the invite gone wrong. >> i was sitting in class and i get this random text from a random group chat, someone's
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thanksgiving. >> jamal was in class monday when his phone started blowing up. the text started reading dinner at my house thanksgiving 3:00 p.m. let me know if you are coming. >> i text back who is this. >> she is like your grandma. i was thing my grandma got a new number so why not ask for a picture. >> the picture came in not jamal's grandma. he fired back a selfie to confirm she did not have the right person. >> we established that we weren't related hey, why not ask for a plate since the offer was there. >> reporter: so jamal's shock the offer just as sweat as ever. of course you can. that's what grandma's do, feed everyone. >> that is crazy that people can actually connect and be so nice to each other even with people they don't know. >> jamal posted the chance encounter online and it's gone viral, shared hundreds of thousands of times.
6:39 am
everyone's grandma. jamal said the laid -- the lady is setting an example and he will take her up on her offer. >> i wonder if there is any grandmas that want someone else at their table. i could be available. i am anchoring a few shows here but i would love to be a part of it. >> i love that story. i do. >> they exchange photos and the emojis between the two of them. we are glad you are up us on abc. still to come, many of you will be putting up your christmas trees this week. i will let you in on a secret. it doesn't have to cost a fortune to decorate.
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have you put up your tree yet. >> what do you think. >> not. >> no. >> do you go real or fake. >> fake. i move a lot. >> you have to buy the things that make your house smell like evergreen. >> many people are putting up their trees. we know they are expensive to decorate. >> ornaments are lights. >> the led lights. >> everything. before it's said and done it's a lot of money. this morning your diva of diy is here to show you how to make ornaments for a fraction of the cost. take a look. >> perfect. >> hi, everyone. i'm leanne lee from one of my favorite things to do during the holidays is decorate
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with the family. let's start with the first one. these are pinecones that you can get at your craft for. we have taken some tape, wrapped it around one third of the way, spray painted it in a metallic then added glitter. put an eye hook on the end and it makes beautiful hand made ornaments. here is one that you will see at every craft store. these are pics that you can use for a wreath or tree. we made our we used burlap, dipped it in liquid starch, adding glitter and wrapping with floral wire. super inexpensive way to do that. these are one of my favorites. these are snowflakes made out of clothes pins. super easy. spray paint and glitter and you got beautiful snowflake northern names. these are super easy.
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glue on twine. make your own burlap flowers, add a center piece and beautiful tree ornaments. i'm leanne lee, your diva of diy. i will see you next time. >> big fan of the pinecones. >> making stuff? >> yes, ivan. >> i'm out. >> did you tune out. >> i'm out. >> not a crafty person there. >> if i can't order it on the thing >> not one click amazon. >> isn't it nice to have that now, the weather matches accordingly. that's nice. sometimes it doesn't. i remember last year warm for the holidays. we had multiple days of 90s. that's gone for now. rivergate tower cam looks fantastic. unlimited visibility. we are looking good but feeling cold. temps in the low to mid-40s. we had these kind of numbers
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to go with it. that will be an issue through the early part of the day. we will continue to see winds 10 to 30, gusts to 30. that is the case along the coast and that makes it feel colder with the windchills widespread into the lower 40s. this morning's low in cal, 39. in fact we see 30s as well. further to the north, jacksonville checking in at 38. temperatures below freezing as we head through tonight, freeze watches, not for close as alachua county temperatures dip into the 20s to 30s. courtesy of our strong cold front that continues to move to the south providing snow across new england. not much there in the form of accumulation. for us, it left the cold temperatures and the strong winds but the daytime highs. this is something you will like. upper 60s for daytime highs despite full sunshine. tomorrow as the winds relax and the skies are clear, this is what will happen.
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don't need it. temperatures will be cold enough without it. in the low 40s. further north, mid- to upper- 30s. my goodness. how did we get here, right. mid-40s for polk, hardee, closer to the coast, closer to the 70-degree water temperature, around 49, 50. for daytime highs, monday, temps climbing a little bit warmer than today. we will manage for lower 70s than today. if you hit 70 today, you will be one of the in the upper 60s. we talked about the strong winds for boaters. northerly winds 20 to 25. 6 to 8-foot seas. 71-degree water. brave enough to head to the beach then milder tuesday. temperatures climbing to the mid-70s. overnight lows not as cool. 30s, 40s to 39 to 59. then by wednesday, some of us will be flirting with 8 o. big travel day, issues across the
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if you are leaving tpa you are in good shape. thanksgiving mild, temperatures approaching 80 and we do it with mostly sunny skies. in january, crowds are going to be gathering outside of raymond james stadium for the college football play-off national championship. more people of course, as is the case many times, could mean more problems. >> carson chambers explains two ways the city is cracking down on the >> it's exciting. >> reporter: if you like mike branch, you have taken a risk, buying tickets on the sidewalk to fear for your favorite team. >> do i want to spend x dollars on the official site or save a buck. for me it's willingly rolling the dyes. >> reporter: tampa police are proposing a clean zone around the stadium down himes avenue from columbus to tampa bay
6:49 am
tickets. >> they travel around the country and go to big events. >> reporter: assistant chief markham lynn said police say it during the stanley cup play- offs. >> people buy them on the streets from unknowns. >> reporter: the city is cracking down on bootleg merchandise. >> anything being sold is licensed and authentic. >> investigators say if you buy outside the clean zone or online, make sure you are doing it from a licensed vendor. >> i want legit. usf, fsu and a dominant defensive stand by the florida gators. we will recap the action from
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happy weekend. an 18 year tradition going strong, the dunedin music festival. kids 12 and under are free. in clearwater, sand sculpting free and open to the public gulf boulevard in clearwater
6:53 am
the festival of trees decorated by local artists. good morning. a win later this afternoon in kansas city would give the buccaneers a huge dose of confidence. we talked about it all week. arrowhead stadium is a tough place to play for any road team. arrowhead did set a guinness stadium in the world two years ago. the chiefs are 17-2 in the last 19 games. the task is a tough one. jameis winston is ready for the challenge. >> i'm really looking forward to it. i wish it could be a night game and they wear all red and packed in there. i'm looking forward to it. they got a great fan base.
6:54 am
a win against smu to tie the record with most wins at 9. this is a 28-yard touchdown. bulls take the lead. golden hurricanes stormed back. four point game in the fourth when johnson glides into the end zone untouched for the usf score. bulls win 35-27 and improve to 9-2. first 9-win season since next week with the win against ucf. gators needed a win against lsu to win the sec east and clinch a spot in the championship game against al alabama. 16-10 gators. lsu facing a fourth and goal on the one. he leaps and is stuffed at the line. gators defense turned into a brick wall. impressive stand.
6:55 am
be heading to atlanta to face the crimson tide in the tidal game. florida state's cook needed 19 rushing yards to break warrick dunn's rushing record. it didn't take long for him to break it. 41-yard pick up here. there is the record. the new florida states seminole rushing leave, later on this drive, this is a seminole touchdown. they are up 14-0. they win easy over the orange 445-14 behind cook's four rushing touchdowns. fsu wraps up the regular season next week at home against the gators. finally to the ice, bolts in philly for a matinee affair. johnson gets by the fliers defense and lights the lamp for
6:56 am
1-0 tampa bay. later in the second, weaving, waiting, firing, 2-0 bolts. third goal of the year. lightning win 3-0. 32 safes in the second straight shut out. he is 5-1 on the scene. both head to nashville on monday and then again later on this afternoon, bucs take on the chiefs at 1:00. that's the morning sports report. enjo improvement project long overdue, buckingham palace is getting a face lift, getting rid of lead pipes, things that needed to get rid of for 60 years. the concern is that the palace is a fire hazard. it will cost 369 million pounds. renovations will take 10 years. >> we will check back then.
6:57 am
action news after "good morning america." free turkeys being given out in tampa. we will take you live to steinbrenner field. >> how apps can help you sort through the black friday ads before you head out to the store. that and more. >> on gma, heading into what appears to be a pivotal day in the donald trump administration. he is in new jersey where he met with one time fierce critic mitt romney. now they have nothin praise for one another. could romney be secretary of state? a missing newborn is found safe. someone took the -- killed the mother in kansas and took the baby to dallas. on a much, much lighter note this morning, we will go behind the scenes with the host of the american music awards. what is on tap for the big show that will air on abc. it's coming up on gma. we will see you soon. >> a cold start again.
6:58 am
the upper 30s. crystal river, brooksville. chilly afternoon. high temperatures despite full sunshine into the upper 60s by 4:00. >> have the crock pot rolling shortly after i get off work. unlimited milk and cookie buffet at the strawberry musical grounds. >> what? >> unlimited. >> see you back here in one hour. bundle up if you are about to walk out the door.
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team. donald trump starting a second day of meetings after sitting down with mitt romney. could he be the next secretary of state? and the contender who impressed secretary of defense. >> he is the real deal. >> who the president-elect will meet with today. >> the new hamilton dual, donald trump taking to twitter to demand the show apologize for a message sent from the stage to vice president-elect mike pence in the audience. >> we hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on


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