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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 21, 2016 2:35am-4:00am EST

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actors and producers apologize for addressing mike pence on friday night's show. but pence doesn't seem to agree. >> i can tell ya, i was not offended by what was said. >> reporter: at trump's n cabinet contenders wave to the cameras, but the team forced to defend headline picks like national security adviser michael flynn who called islam cancer. >> is he in line? >> well, i think so, i mean, look, phrasing can always be done differently, but, clearly, there's some aspects of the faith that are problematic. >> reporter: trump's attorney general picked jeff sessions, rejected 30 years ago for a federal judgeship.
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>> reporter: he still denies charges of racist behavior to this day. >> the only fair thing to do is ask a lot of questions very thorough questions and then make app opinion. >> reporter: scrutiny falls on trump's much touted million dollar infrastructure plan and how it will be financed and who pays? now the details are more inclined towards tax cuts, tax credits for private companies. for example, if you're a private company might want to toll the bridge in order to monetize it. that will be a key question going forward. just two months until inauguration day, mary bruce, abc news, new jersey. well, we now know the future first lady will not be moving into the white house with her husband, at least for now. donald trump revealed that his wife, melania stays in new york with their son until the end of the school year. 10-year-old goes to private school in man hat p, and the parents are concerned about
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saying what school he'll attend when he moves to washington. and another world leader is going to try to buck the anti-immigrant trend sweeping the world. merkel is running for a fourth term as chancellor of germany next year, considered by many the world's most powerful woman and expects the toughest campaign of her life. the 62-year-old served 11 years as german kansas lore, and in neighboring france, another political upheaval, president lost a primary battle to represent the main opposition party in next year's presidential election. he had called for hard line security measure and clamp town on immigration. instead, two former prime ministers compete in sunday's runoff with the winner having a strong chance of victory in the spring election. two teenagers are being held without bail for the murder of a congressman's grandson in chicago. the 16-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl allegedly shot
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over basketball shoes and other clothing. the victim's grandfather is danny davis and says his family is holding up relatively well considering. >> it helps to not think about other things. i've spoken at many teenage funerals. i've comforted many family, but never quite this close. >> davis saysun available so easily. the two suspects were friends of the victim's brother and had been loaning each other clothing. they have. charged as adults. police and protesters clashing at site of the oil pipeline in north dakota. one arrested as they try to push past a bridge on the state highway. they are describing the situation as an ongoing riot. they formed a line to prevent the protesters from gaining ground, and they are using water
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one officer was hit on the head with a rock. hundreds turned out here in new york city for a rally in a park defaced with antisemitic paint. it's named for adam, yauch, and his band his band mate is one who spoke out against racism and bigotry. >> keep eyes open. stand up for each other. step in, enlist help of others because this terrorism for terrorism for real. >> reporter: symbols of hate have been painted over. jimmy johnson placed his name among sports legends. johnson won his 7th sprint cup series sunday night. the car took the checkered flag after leading for only three laps during the ford ecoboost 400 homestead miami speedway.
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sr. as the sr. as the only 7-time sprint cup champs. a great year. 12 the number on the nfl's 11th sunday. kickers missed a dozen extra point yesterday, the worst one-day performance in the league in its history. now, the league changed its rules last season, so extra points wouldn't be automatic, attempts were moved back, though, 15 yards. it's not like they were getting worse, but the conditions are a little bit different. >> all right. well, the third time turns out to be the charm for a would-be wing suit racing champ. >> what is wing suit racing? well, take a look. it is awesome. 40 people from 18 countries jump in four-person heats from a helicopter 8,000 feet from phoenix and had to slalom through through gates midair and moving at 160 miles per hour.
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to be able to do that because i want to do it. >> well, first, you drink your red bull. >> right, exactly, then vodka. >> exactly. courage. >> and you're ready to go. >> the american noah won the race by half a second. >> that's good. a family booed on a flight to pick up remains of their son. hear from the father of the soldier. cashing in on the frequent flier miles when they suddenly disappear? what you need to know before you battle with your airline. you're watching "world news now" weaeather brought to you by tide. how do you become america's #1? start by taking care of families for 70 years. earn the trust of 32 nfl teams. be there for america's toughest and help, when help is needed
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looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables. well well, it's a scene hard to imagine. a gold star family booed while traveling to retrieve their fallen hero. sergeant john perry died in a suicide bombing last week in afghanistan. his family was on an american
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connection in phoenix. now, the connecter was running late, so the captain asked passengers to sit while a special military family departed first, and that prompted some boos from first class. >> to hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a gold star family and the first class cabin booing that was really upsetting. >> passengereded made comments like this is first class for this. harry's father doesn't know whether those who complained knew a gold star family was on board. just be kind. >> still, your four rows back. slow down. if they need to get someone off the plane, it's okay. >> yeah. they were going to retrieve the remains of their son. a terrible time for them. >> exactly, even for the people who know that, just be patient a little bit. all right. well, there's a major new development in the case of a
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murdered. >> police found the infant hundreds of miles away, and now at least two suspects are questioned. abc has the latest. >> reporter: baby sofia reunited with family as investigators from two states and fbi work to find out who killed her mother and why. the newborn found alive and healthy in dallas. two days after she was abducted from her home in wichita. >> it is the best possible outcome to a sad case her father comes home to find his little girl missing and her mother shot to death. friday morning, still no suspects. the fbi now joining in the investigation. >> expertise, technology, and speed probably are the three primary things the fbi bring to the table. >> reporter: saturday, police announce that fbi tip led to the search of a home in dallas where the baby is found alive.
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between the suspects and victim? >> can't say much other than only they knew each other. this is a complicated case, and we want to make sure we get it right. >> reporter: family and friends coming to grips and remembering the 27-year-old mother who will never get to see baby sofia grow up. >> i found out she was killed, like, just no words. there were no words. >> reporter: police are interviewing the suspects. released, but the baby is in good health this morning. phillip mena, abc news, los angeles. coming up, the tough times many americans are having with their airlines. >> what happens when your frequent flier miles disappear, and what you can do about it. you're watchining "world news now."
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along with the long lines and cramped seats, a frustrated thing about frequent flying is when the flying miles suddenly vanish. >> just vanish. it happened to one man who ran into quite a bit of turbulence when he tried to get them back. here's more. >> reporter: d >> reporter: don says he has the best job in town.
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maryland. to pay the bills, he uses a business credit card that earns milesings allowing don and his wife, suzi, to take cool trips. >> all made possible by those cards and those points. >> reporter: a big perk until it all got tripped up. >> something was wrong. >> reporter: still spending, but points were not adding up. >> talked to barclay cards month >> reporter: finally, glitch corrected, sending the points into a black hole, but 94,000 miles still missing, more than enough than three cross country round trip flights and while the reps saw them in the system, no one could put them back. >> it was the epitome of exasperation, feeling helpless, sensing they're never going to fix this. >> reporter: he called into abc
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>> i wanted to talk to you about what happened. >> reporter: she contacted an executive at barclay card, and in days, restoredsing point and prom point and promised him 20,000 more for the trouble. what happened? they said the card was issued through another bank, and when they took over, a debt oerror occurred. they said the mistake was not widespread and thank the fixer for bringing it to their attentio this from happening to you? >> keep track of the points. a lot of online tools track everything you're earning. that's goal. know what you're saving for and when you get it. >> thanks abc news fixer. >> been handled. >> handled. viewers speak out about our mannequin challenge. >> i missed that. i'm going to have to go back and
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well, it's time for the world news now inbox, and, apparently, the mannequin challenge has taken social media by storm, as you know, and we couldn't resist hasn't jumped yet, but with our own world news now team joined in on the craze. >> i want to see this and hear what they said. nice. somebody powdering your nose? >> yes, i'm powder. >> very realistic. >> every commercial break, can someone touch up the powder, and wardrobe fix my tie. >> you're not supposed to tell nip i'm a diva, which is true. >> looked like a lot of follow-up. we got nice feedback from that.
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>> waying, great mannequin challenge, love you early a.m., so funny. >> that was nice. thank you, cindy. >> friday's polka, the a cappella. i was here for that. >> good. >> take a look. ? world news polka ? ? ? ? world news polka ? polka. one of the favorites as well. they were very good. >> fantastic. >> really, really good. throughout, you know, and we do read some of the tweets, and there is a viewer who noticed i have not eaten on tv. >> you have a thing about that. what's up with that? >> it's like oprah and the ugly cry. so i try not to eat while -- >> sometimes you suffer for your art. >> well, this one viewer
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this straight, you dance on tv, but you won't eat on tv? i think it was a slight on my dancing skills. >> well, you're a man full of contradictions. >> exactly. >> we want your comments, good and bad. here's one we can relate to. timothy writes, sometimes i welcome insomnia so i can watch. thank you, timothy. i think that should be the slogan. world news now, better than sleep. >> better than sleep? >> better than sleep. >> it's -- it is more fun. >> it's not better than much else but sleep. >> other things might be more fun. >> exactly. >> but better than sleep. >> that's our motto. thanks for the comments, keep
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this this morning on "world news now," trump transition team working straight through the weekend. >> cameras trained on the door of the trump international golf course in new jersey, catch glimpses of who may hold the government's top positions. the president-elect tight-lipped, but responding to a question about where he has wife and son will be living. details up ahead. there's a break in the case of the san antonio police officer shot to death in ambush while writing a parking shot. they released a shot of the suspect while there's more reports overnight of surprise attacks on officers. we bring you the very latest. t
3:01 am
grandmother's house, and what you need to know about a crippl strike before going to the airport this week. and it was a night of firsts for both hip hop artists drake and zane on one of the music industry's biggest nights of the year. the show stopping performances and that record that was broken at last night's american music awards. it is monday, november 21st. "world news now." ? ? >> get it, get it. >> dance moves. >> this is -- it's really not dance moves but more of like a seizure. >> well, give yourself credit. >> sting getting into it. >> how could you not get into bruno mars, and electric performer, throwback in that way, a classic performer,
3:02 am
show, start the show, and for us to begin the show here on monday. we are charging into monday. >> yes. we'll get more from the amas, but we begin with president-elect donald trump poised to announce more picks after a weekend crammed with close door meetings. >> potential appointees file into trump's new jersey golf club, one by one, among them, rudy, who is still in the running for secretary of state and other roles. >> trump revealed his wife melania and 10-year-old son, barron, will not move into the white house until the school year's over. here's more. >> reporter: like a well planned reality show, auditions in full swing, chris christie calling for an extended photography opportunity, and the new jersey governor no longer in charge of the transition, but hoping to stay in trump's iner circle. >> we had a great day. great people coming.
3:03 am
meetings in just two days. one of the look education with general jameis mattis, now a favored contender for secretary of defense, mad dog mattis, as he's known, former head of u.s. central command, a warrior scholar known for blueprint tough talk and aggressiveness in comb combat. after the meeting -- >> he's the real deal. >> reporter: may not have been the first choice. jack keen tells abc news that trump offered he declined for personal reasons. transition officials did not confirm an offer, but said trump was interested. trump already announced five key positions. as trump solidifies security teams, new questions about enhanced interrogation techniques like water boarding. in the past, president-elect said he supports it. >> what do you think about water boarding? i like it a lot. i don't think it's tough enough. >> reporter: but senator john
3:04 am
weekend. >> i don't give a damn what the president of the united states wants trood or anybody else wants to do, we will not water board. >> reporter: trump broadening the search to include a former foe, trump shaking hands with mitt romney. >> we had a far reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters of the world where they are in interest of the united states of real significance. >> trump's business interests continues to raise questions. a journalist tweeted about this meeting last week between trump and indian business partners in a trump related project near mumbai, the completing giving it a thumbs up. >> i can assure the american people there wouldn't be any wrong doing or any sort of undo influence over any decision making. >> reporter: and we're learning that trump's family won't be joining him in the white house, at least not right away.
3:05 am
york through next spring, hesitant to pull the 10-year-old out of school in the middle of the year. the rest of the family will join him in washington soon. well, as trump works to get his administration in place, he launched another twitter tirade, this time against "hamilt"hamil not because he was trying to get tickets. he took aim at the cast after the incoming administration. he called the cast rude and demanded an apology for pence. here's what the cast said, and then pence's response. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america whom are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. our values, our children, our parent, or defend us or uphold our rights.
3:06 am
offended by what was said. it's up to others bl that was the appropriate venue to say it. >> trump also slammed "saturday night live" after the spoof of the "hamilton" incident and tweeted that "snl" was a totally one-sided bias show, nothing funny at all. well, with his final foreign trip over, president obama is wrapping up his presidency. talking to reporters in peru, he said he does not intend to constantly criticize donald trump, but that he will speak out too far. the president was in lima for an economic summit meeting face to face with russian president putin for a few minutes, but said allegations of russian influn in the u.s. election did not come up. the other big story this morning, a number of incidents involving police officers shot on the job, one in the st. louis area where an officer was shot in an ambush-style attack. the police chief said the suspect drove along the marked vehicle and opened fire.
3:07 am
face, but he's expected to survive. intense man hunt underway for that suspect. in san antonio, a man hunt underway in the shooting death of a police officer. police there have released a still image from surveillance camera of the suspect they are looking for. here's more on the circumstances surrounding the officer's death. >> reporter: the san antonio police officer shot outside his policehead quarters before noon. >> i got an officer down in front of headquarters. pulled over a vehicle and writing a traffic ticket. >> the process of conducting the traffic stop, an unknown suspect parked the vehicle behind detective marconi's patrol car and approached him while he was behind the wheel of the patrol vehicle. >> when the suspect reached the driver's side door, he fired a gunshot towards the officer, striking him in the head. the suspect reached into the open window and fired a second
3:08 am
>> reporter: but medics could not save the officer's life. >> this type of senseless violence is unacceptable. >> reporter: police releasing a video describing the suspect as a black male, wearing aed hooy, baggy pants, and a beard. >> expected to be extremely dangerous and clear threat to law enforcement officers and the public. >> reporter: no motive in the officer's slaying. abc news, new york. well, thanksgiving week travel is beginning with northern u.s. roads were slippery, and there were many crashes on the highways. upstate new york is expecting 20 inches of snow by tomorrow morning, especially jarring after record-breaking warm temperatures on saturday. the mercury reached 72 degrees near watertown, and people were out on the water and in the parks. >> i went to school in the area. that's not the sort of november weather you see. more of the snow.
3:09 am
andy murray may not be one of them. the brit met n the brit met novembak sunday, knocked him off in straight sets, three and four, meaning murray finishes ranked no. 1 in the world and ended novak's 122-week reign. to the nfl, next to last game of week 11 had green bay in the nation's capital, washington's cousins, 375 yards, three touchdowns including the 70 yard bomb. man. not bad. d.c.'s team picked up the win 42-24. washington stays a half game in front of the minnesota for the nfc's second wild card. the packers lose their fourth in a row. well, the team behind washington and nfc playoff race is minnesota.
3:10 am
sunday beating arizona. >> the vikes didn't limit hits to the cardinals. look at the fox sports sound guy. >> oh! >> he gets plowed over by minnesota's 329-pound joseph. that's that's serious. broke his glasses and had a bloody nose, but he kept on working, but i don't care loot at the video and you think, that's pretty much how we all enter mondays, isn't it? >> exactly. >> mondays got me like -- ye >> yes, he does. >> banged up today -- >> once the ringing stops. >> got a taste of what happens in the game. his moment as a football player. >> oh, man. tough jobs there. coming up, stars who rocked the stage in l.a. last night. backstage at the american music awards showing you the best performances and records broken and awards honoring the best artists from country to pop to hip hop to edm.
3:11 am
turbulence that thousands of air travelers may run into this week. the strike that's brewing at one one of america's busiest airport that could affect holiday flights across america. find us on facebook at, and twitter, twitter, twitter, @wnnnews. you're watching world nouz knew. question, are my teeth yellow? have you tried the tissue test? ugh yellow. what do you use? crest whitestrps. crest 3d whitestrips whiten 25 times better
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thanksgiving travelers hope to take to the skies this week could be up for a rude awakening
3:15 am
preparing to go on strike, triggering enormous ripple effects across the country. >> reporter: an already hectic travel season could be worse. 2,000 employees working at major hub, chicago o'hare from baggage to cleaning crews, poised to strike over low wages. in a statement, american airlines said we are working to ensure there's no disruption to the operation. this thanksgiving, aaa projects on planes, trains, or hit the roads. nearly 49 million travellers in all. passengers hoping epic lines like last spring are not in their future. tsa says it's ready. >> running a daily operation focusing on screening operations, hour by hour at the top 30 airports. >> reporter: 1400 new officers hired,000 part-timers promolted to full time.
3:16 am
>> reporter: the best advice, get to the airport two hours before the domestic flights, three hours before international. as for chicago, the union says monday they'll announce which day it will strike. abc news, washington. >> that's fine. smooth sailing there anyway. no big deal. >> coming up, kanye west dials up the drama, cancelling a concert hours ago after a woe weekend of getting booed stage. no booing in l.a., ama
3:17 am
3:18 am
that's h that's how it started last night in los angeles. 24k magic and bruno mars kicking off one the music's biggest night of the year. it was drake's big night at this year's american music awards with selena gomez, and lauren lyster was right there, backstage now with the latest. lauren, good kendis. big win of the night at the was was artist of the year, going to grande, and drake with 13 nominations, a record for the music awards, winning early, marking his first ama win. the american music awards sunday night celebratiing some of the biggest acts in music.
3:19 am
? ? >> ? ? >> reporter: audience mannequin challenge. >> if you can't beat them, join them. >> reporter: honoring pop to country -- >> tim mcgraw! >> reporter: to dance -- >> the chainsmokers. >> reporter: to hip hop. >> drake! >> reporter: listeners determining the winners. >> the world's biggest fan award show, baby. >> reporter: hosting the year's show, known for impressions. i'm sorry. >> hadid in the act too making fun of future first lady. >> i love my husband, president barack obama. barack obama. >> reporte >> reporter: justin bieber and grande battling for artist of the year, and pitting groups
3:20 am
the winner? >> reporter: afterwards, real life girlfriend in between hosting duties. plus, the award of merit begin out selectively to those who cricketed significantly to music and last given out in 2008 going to sting, kendis. >> i think the chainsmokers were robbed, but my favorite part of the entire night had nothing to do with the show itself, but drake making an appearance in take a look. ? because baby now we got bad blood ? ? we used to be mad love ? so take a look at what you've done ? because baby now we got bad blood ? ? hey ? ? now we got problems ? >> lauren, how cool was that. >> reporter: yeah. pretty amazing to see drake lip syncing to taylor swift. forgot all nominations and awards and accolades.
3:21 am
moment. no, i'm not discounting his great music, but fun to see. >> absolutely. you're backstage right now, just to give viewers a sense of how human our show is, you were on the red carpet for us earlier on, and you got prime access to the top stars, right? >> reporter: ha-ha, not exactly. you know, so many press come out to cover these things and only so many stars to go around, but i will note that people can't see at home, behind the glamour of the in los angeles, and most of the carpet was covered, but there was a gap that we were right near where the stars walked through to get into the microsoft theater in order to go to the show, and it was a sight we realized stars are like us, unlike the tabloids say, walking through the rain. >> you got to hobnob with drake or selena? >> reporter: we're best friends, yeah. all of them. all of them. they know me by name, they
3:22 am
>> while all the other guys got the big stars, lauren was back there. all right, lauren, thank you.
3:23 am
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olay total effects vitamin enriched to revive skin
3:25 am
your age, your skin never will olay. ageless. time time now for the mix, and, of course, coming off the weekend, and a lot of people went to get some -- get the spirit -- >> >> get the spirit in them, listen to the sermon. >> went to church. >> you can't necessarily separate church and football if you're in dallas and in texas. take a look at this one church in the dallas area. yep. right there along with the choir, the pastor, and everybody else is dak press cot playing, beating, and whooping the baltimore ravens. >> maybe they won because all
3:26 am
don't sports fans believe in a 12th man thing. rally on the couch, it affects the team? >> it's not fair if your 12th man walks on water. >> unfair advantage. sack religious. all right. moving on. a chimpanzee's experience with virtual reality. so this is from an animal sanctuary in myrtle beach safari thing on this chimpanzee, and you can see her, she gets hyped and kronk in a second. popping balloons in virtual reality. this looks cute until, like, somebody they confuse reality and starts, like, oh, is this realm. >> caller: at that. >> cute. >> i don't know how i feel about
3:27 am
this. like, strap that on your head and sent you to a world. >> i'm in it now. >> happens every day. >> what we call "world news now." all right. so there's this guy, a competitive eater. he's called megatoad, i think. his name is matt stoney, known for eating and drinking really extreme things. this is the latest thing he did. he drank this giant pumpkin spice latte in minutes. look at that. that's, like, 4,000 calories, more than a thousand -- >> so much caffeine. >> a lot >> the guy's going to have a heart attack. >> he said it felt like okay after all this, despite the caffeine. he said he just had to go out and run 1,000 miles. that's a little -- little do you know, that's how you start your day. >> well, you know --
3:28 am
all night. >> exactly. just run all day long. >> salacious. >> i mean, we get in there.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this mor this morning on "world news now," the first winter storm of the season continues its march across the northern states, that heavy wind and snow causing difficult driving conditions as millions hit the road this week. your holiday travel forecast up ahead. the trump team in the middle of a broadway moment sparking fierce debate over the weekend. the cast of "hamilton"'s message to mike pence, what he said about it, and why the cast is standing by the decision to speak up. new this half hour, the sticker shock after you visit the emergency room. >> the growing number of americans headed to the closest ers in times of crisis only to
3:31 am
what you need to know before you head to your local emergency room. and the shocking words on stage from mr. kanye west. the 17-minute rant ending in a mic drop after three songs and the concert cancelled last night. full story in the skinny on this monday, november 21st. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> shouldn't >> shouldn't be news when he's not ranting. >> that would be breaking news. taking on everyone over the weekend. interesting. >> it is interesting. i'm in for diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. top headlines this morning, and the winter storm threatens holiday travel for millions of americans. >> snow and sleep falling in the albany, new york area as fast an
3:32 am
there's a wind advise rein effect. >> communities in the northeast may see as much as a foot of lake effect snow, but the amount will vary greatly in narrow bands. more now from abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: winter blasting its way across the country, whiteout conditions from michigan to pennsylvania. plow working to clear roadways. visibility next to zero at times forcing drivers to slow down. many still no sliding off the highways. snow and ice ricochetting off windshields. the roads here in watertown are snow covered but still passable. parts of upstate new york expect 20 inches of snow by tuesday morning and temperatures taking a nose dive, plummeting over 30 degrees in just 24 hours. in northern michigan, powerful winds toppling power lines ignite two cars.
3:33 am
coming down. >> reporter: in parts of minnesota, they are digging out from over a foot of snow, and the big house turning into a snow globe. michigan celebrating its win with snow angels. the snow is still falling, but it's the wind that's the problem. it's blowing the snow making it hard to see. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> they are expecting another 3-6 inches of snow there in new york. it's not just the northeast that is seeing bad weather this week? >> yeah. we have accuweather. >> good morning to you. a nearly stationary low pressure system with pacific moisture making for a combination of tricky travel along i-5 from seattle down through medford to reading with scatters showers slowing things down affecting travel along spokane north of boise. we have this messy weather maker that's going to pull through, going into tuesday, and then we
3:34 am
stage perfectly for rain in the mississippi valley region wednesday, and thursday, parks in the northeast, but look for soaking rains throughout the upper midwest, snow to the north, and scattered showers and thunderstorms st. louis all the way to the new orleans area for thanksgiving. mara, kendis? >> paul, thank you. breaking news from st. louis, a suspect killed after the ambush-style shooting of a police officer there. the police chief says the suspect drove along the marked vehicle and o the officer was hit twice in the face, but he is expected to survive. the officer was a sergeant with 20 years on the force. and in san antonio, police released an image of the suspect they are looking for this connection with the murder of a police officer over the week. detective benjamin marconi shot by police headquarters while writing a traffic tick ticket. a car pulled up, shot him twice in the head. this year, 17 law enforcement
3:35 am
more on this as we get it. well, donald trump is expected to reveal more key members of the administration as early as today. trump spent the weekend at his golf course in new jersey huddled in more than 20 meets sitting down with mitt romney and the transition team acknowledged that romney is under active consideration for secretary of state. showing up was rudy the running for the same job, and he was impressed with james mattis, up for secretary of defense. >> taking time from the transitioning stuff to demand apology from the most popular show on broadway, firing off angry tweets about "hamilton" calling the sold out tony award winning musical overrated after the cast directly addressed mike pence in the audience. pence slugged it off, but trump not letting it go.
3:36 am
>> reporter: v >> reporter: vice president elect mike pence responds for the first time after the "hamilton" performance. some booing as he took his seat. >> you know, when we arrived, we heard a few boos, some cheer, and i nudged my kids and reminded them, that's what freedom sounds like. ? ? >> reporter: a hit broadway show tells the story of the founding fathers played by a cast mostly african-american actors. pence enjoyed the show and stayed for the tense moment afterwards. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america whom are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, but we truly hope this show inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. all of us. >> i can tell ya, i was not
3:37 am
i'll leave to others whether it was the appropriate venue to say it. >> reporter: pence's boss with another take in tweets callingc, the cast rude, accusing them of harassing pence demanding an apology, and outside his new jersey home -- >> it was very inappropriate. >> reporter: the new york daily news spoke to the actor delivering the the remarks from the stage. >> it was important we did this and so glad we had the opportunity and that he stayed i truly appreciate him doing that. >> reporter: the incident on "sad night live." >> i heard you went to see "hamilton", how was that? >> it was good. i got a free lecture. >> i heard they booed you. >> absolutely. >> reporter: trump taking issue with that too tweeting, i watched "saturday night live" last night, a totally bias one-sided show. nothing funny at all.
3:38 am
>> i don't think anything the cast said was disrespectful. >> we spent a lot of money to see this, and we don't the to hear political statements. >> reporter: some supporters call for a boycott of "hamilton" over the incident, but the show in new york city is sold out almost until next year and sold out in chicago, show opens in los angeles later next year. abc news, new york. families who lost loved ones on malaysia airlines flight say they are going to madagascar to search for debris from the plane. the flight vanished with 239 people while flying to beijing in march of 2014. well, the families they there's been no systematic organized search by investigators, so they are taking it on themselves. madagascar is offer the african coast where pieces of the plane have been found. >> the syria government rejects a proposal to end heavy fighting
3:39 am
government renewed assault on rebel-held areas. of the city six days ago, entire families wiped out by the air strikes, and there's no longer any hospitals in operation in the rebel-held portion of aleppo. a powerful earthquake struck north western argentina. no injuries reported after of 6.4 magnitude quake occurring near the border with chile. the earthquake was so deep there was little damage, but it shook the about 16 miles from the epicenter, and you can hear church bells ringing as a result as well. if you're keeping track, the world road for the highest basketball shot, for those who keep track of things like this, it's back in the hands from blokes from down underer. >> three aussie,s how gang, regained gang, regained the crown with that. the shot from way --
3:40 am
get out. >> from way downtown. oh, he got it. >> impossible. >> came from the top of a dam outside of geneva, wits land, pennsylvania 594 feet high, nothing but net. he was not sure it went in into he saw his friends go crazy. >> no disrespect to the skills, but i got to think it's mostly luck. when you're going from that high, you're factoring in wind, a lot of things. for it to actually go in, like, >> that's true. >> i'm not being a hater. >> you're in the a hater, but luck is being good. michael jordan was lucky six times. >> we'll get a lot of tweets about that. lucky or good? >> good, but it's part of -- and rep refs -- >> lucky than good. >> that didn't make the calls. >> relitigating 1990s basketball? is that what we're doing? emergency room sticker
3:41 am
rushing to the nearest er in crisis and finding themselves socked with got-ya bills. what you need to know when you go out of network. later, the kanye west concert that wasn't. what happened on the stage in san jose and sacramento, and may have forced a cancellation in los angeles. los angeles. last night's american music awards, full wrapup ahead in the skin skinny. you're watching "world news ? ? "world news now" weather
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a visit to the emergency room ranks up there with the americans' worst days of their lives. >> e yes, so the last thing they are thinking of is whether the visit is in or out of network, but a growing number of parents are getting shocked with bills the size of car loans. >> reporter: m >> reporter: many rushing to the emergency room and slammed with bills. >> your son you don't want to go through. >> reporter: david connors teenage son, brian, sent to the emergency room after snapping his femur in wrestling practice. >> it was the worst pain of my life. >> reporter: months later, saddled with charges of unexpected hospital bills. >> in the ballpark of $10,000. >> reporter: the reason, two of the doctors were out of network. consumers are dragged into the middle of a financial argument between health insurance companies and medical providers.
3:46 am
treated at in-network emergency rooms gets a doctor that's out of network saddling patients with an average bill of $622. right now, only five states offer patients protection when facing these surprise costs. >> consumers have been really shouldering so many other costs, the straw that's breaking their back. >> reporter: call your insurance provider to explain the situation. second, try to negotiate directly with your doctor. if that doesn't work, get help from consumer groups. abc news, new york. >> some good adv when we come back, big moments at last night's american music awards. >> new drama around kanye west in the concert cancelled. the skinny's coming up next. "world news now" continues afteter this from our abc
3:47 am
3:48 am
starting t starting the skinny with a huge night for music. >> the 44th annual american music awards held last night in l.a. with a jam-packed lineup including performances from bruno mars, green day, 21 pilots, and lady gaga. >> one of the highlights of the evening, selena gomez for favorite pop rock music. her first public appearance after taking a break for her health. >> i had to stop because i had everything, and i was absolutely broken inside, and i kept it all
3:49 am
never let you down, but i kept it too much to it too much together to where i let myself down. i don't want to see your bodies on instagram.see i want to see what's in here. i'm not trying to get validation, no there. another big moment generating a lot of controversy this morning, the hosts did say president-elect donald trump, and then doing impressions of both mr. trump and melania >> perhaps, th >> perhaps, though, our favorite moment of the night, this. drake lip syncing "bad blood" in the new apple commercial.
3:50 am
>> drake 6 ext >> drake 6 extended. so drake basically, this was answer to when answer to when taylor swift did her version to drake's jump man, and he just continues on and does the workout and can't lift the weights. >> perhaps the most important moment last night was moments on the red carpet, what people were wearing. >> yes. the hosts there, as you saw there, in lace, one of her many outfits last night. the carpet -- >> and tegan dress held together with safety pins. she suffered a wardrobe malfunction. the front of the dress broke open, and there was no protection under there, just -- >> and, yes, i can't believe it either. and lady gaga went retro rocking a '70s pant suit. >> and grande a fan of white pants and little else. >> okay.
3:51 am
latest controversy swirling around kanye west. >> abruptly cancelled the concert in california hours before it was scheduled to begin. >> the cancellation came the day after he went after he went on a surprise rant on stage in sacramento. of all people, of all people, beyonce and jay-z, hillary clinton, the radio industry, the press, and then likening himself to president-elect donald trump. he ended the performance with a dramatic mic drop after three songs and walked off stage. >> in san jose, he was booed by fans that he would have voted for mr. trump if he voted in the election. >> this morning, hearing ticketholders for the concerts will be paid back in full
3:52 am
himself. >> oh, the operative word is yet. >> tirade is t >> tirade is three. >> more coming up. ing* my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening** i actually really like the 2 steps. step 1, cleans. step 2, whitens. every time i used this together, crest hd. 6x cleaning*, 6x whitening** i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. it's judgment day.
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hey, hey, mr. english guy. >> you wiped his memory, right? >> what? >> no magic, a nonwizard. >> oh, sorry. we call him muggles. >> it dominated the box office this weekend. jk's harry pot jk's harry potter prequel conjured up a whopping $75 million. >> a good weekend, i'd say.
3:56 am
three, a distant second place knocked down from no. 1 last week, dr. strange, at $17 million and trolls at a close third, $17.5. one police department in texas is doing its part to spread thanksgiving cheer.urpri >> surprising traffic offenders with a main co with a main course for the thanksgiving feast. here's abc with more. >> reporter: you're the driver of the you know you did something wrong. you can hear it. you can see it. now, when it's time for the ticket, the ticket becomes a turkey. >> will that work for you? >> oh, thank you. >> all right, all right. well there you go, happy thanksgiving to you. >> that's what the police are doing in this ft. worth
3:57 am
you get a talking to and a turkey, getting reactions like this. and the point? well, it's simple, folks use the food and the cops, they are building up so building up some good will. >> they are surprised, like, you're not giving me a ticket, but a turkey? it's a great feeling. it really is. >> so it went with turkeys that were donated to the police department from a church that had extras. this guy in the white pickup spotted not wearing his seat belt, he's a pastor who's been helping to give turkeys to the needy, so some nice iron eye here. >> that's a blessing. we're giving these away. so that works. >> reporter: and there it is. the turkey ticket. tale of cops and thanks giing. abc news. >> well, that's better than a ticket i'd say. >> i say so too. what do you have to do to get ham hocks? >> right. >> break the sound barrier. >> exactly. don't miss the updates on facebook at >> coming up, more news. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for
3:58 am
"world news now" informing insomniacs for
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- breaking overnight. officers in four cities ambushed. one of them murdered in front of the police head quarters. the search for suspects. the latest on investigations. parts of the northeast getting nearly a foot of snow. it's not over yet. we're tracking more winter weather as the busy holiday travel week gets under way. marathon meetings for the president-elect. a parade of possible cabinet members. nearly two dozen people in two days sitting down with donald trump as he takes to twitter to pick a fight with "snl" as well as "hamilton."


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