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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  November 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. a tampa police officer recovering this morning after colliding with a wrong way driver right at this intersection. coming up in a live report i'll detail the conditions of both of those drivers as well as where this investigation goes from here. developing right now at 9, a tampa police officer is injured after colliding with a wrong-way driver. >> all of this happened early this morning at the intersection of east kennedy and hyde park avenue.
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thankerfthankfully the wrong- way driver and the officer are okay. >> reporter: that's right, deiah. atthis morning. that wrong-way driver is expected to be okay as well. now investigators are left to figure out exactly what happened at this intersection. >> we were here at the intersection of east kennedy and hyde park avenue not long after the crash. the damage clear, the officer involved doing better after being rushed to tampa general injured. air bags on both vehicles did deploy. investigators telling us the officer was traveling eastbound on kennedy heading into downtown when the wrong-way driver entered his path of travel northbound from the south hyde park avenue. that's when the two vehicles collided. south hyde park avenue is clearly marked as a one-way street. this morning investigators still trying to determine why that driver was coming down the wrong way. at this point they have not told us if alcohol was a factor in this crash.
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possibly help out in this case, the cameras right here at this intersection. >> driver rachel bater telling us this morning she spotted drivers making the same mistake on this very stretch. >> people have gone the wrong way. people usually honk and kind of let them know. >> she offers a word of warning. >> pay attention to signs, like be aware of your surroundings, especially with the one-way streets. >> and at this point investigators have not said what, if any driver will be facing, but, again, that's something that should come a bit later this morning. reporting live near downtown tampa, rodney dunigan abc action news. thanks rodney. now to another developing story, tarpon springs police are trying to track down the driver and passengers who fled from the scene of a crash. the car they were in was stolen out of st. pete. this happened around 4:30 this morning. witnesses say the driver of the stolen car, a 2017 toyota camry was speeding when the car ran a red light and crashed into a
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tarpon avenue. we're told another car then picked up the people and that stolen toyota, the driver of the pickup was not hurt but is expected to be okay. all the roads are back open this morning. four police shootings across the country in the last 24 hours. one of them right here in florida. three of them happening overnight in st. louis, kansas city, and in sanibel island. >> the first one happened yesterday morning in san antonio where sadly an officer was killed. police have released a picture of a person of interest in that shooting rig police headquarters. local media is reporting that u.s. marshals do have someone in custody right now. he just pulled over a vehicle. he was writing a ticket when investigators say another car pulled up next to him and shot him in the head. right now a st. louis police sergeant is in critical condition after being shot twice in an ambush style attack. he was sitting in traffic when a driver pulled up next to him and shot the sergeant in the
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for help. responding officers shot and killed the suspect. police say he was a murder suspect. back here in florida, a shootout lands a sanibel police officer in the hospital. this started when a man shot an officer during a traffic stop on sanibel island last night. the suspect then fled into a neighborhood putting homes on lockdown. the man started a gunfight with officers. when they found him they ended up arresting him. first responders took the wounded officer to a hospital where he was treated and released. a police officer and a suspect have both been shot near kansas that shooting happened last night. kansas city fraternal order of police tweeting that the officer is expected to survive. and good morning from the weather center. a frigid start this morning. we had temperatures drop below 32. frost in north brooksville, 29 degrees. we were freezing for several hours. crystal river 32, and in pinellas a little mild we are 53. 30s inland as well, and as a result of that, some of the
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right? some frost em balmed there. not what you want to see on a monday morning. we're recovering a bit now right. we're replacing the 30s and 40s with 50s, almost near 60 in parts of pinellas. at brooksville a respectable 51 after that 29 and all of us in the 50s across the interior. we're going to jump this afternoon to near 70 degrees. we'll do that with mostly sunny skies, but i think one more cold night for the warmup heading towards thanksgiving. we'll check out your travel forecast as well for wednesday. that's all ahead in my next forecast. usually around this time we are wrapping up the morning commute, but still have a few incidents out there. southbound u.s. 19 in tampa road. we also have this serious crash with injuries and roadblock and lakeland right at main street and fields, again, seeing some delays there, so leave yourself
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downtown tampa, and that is the slowest spot we have right now. 43 the average speed, but 75 and 275 over in pinellas looking pretty good right now. back to you guys. right now polk county detectives are trying to figure out what caused this inmate's death. deputies found brandon levin dead in his cell. they started cpr but paramedics were not able to revive him. there did not appear to be any obvious signs of struggle. new information this morning about an overnight armed robbery at a speedway gas station in clear water. this happened just after 3 a.m. in the 2100 block of drew street. police say the suspect entered the store and demanded cash implying he was armed. we're told he got away with cash leaving possibly in an older model silver or gray four- door car, described as a white man about 5 feet 5, wearing blue jeans, a blue hoodie or jacket, white shoes and gloves. a major announcement from the pope this morning. he is granting priests the
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pope francis had granted all priests the right to forgive abortions in 2014 for the holy year of mercy which just ended. today's announcement makes this practice permanent. the pope writing there is no sin that god's mercy cannot reach and wipe away when it finds a repenitent heart. another round of marathon meetings for president-elect donald trump. >> he's already aannounced five picks. mr. trump lined up more than 20 meetings in twitter to tease possible announcements. he tweeted sunday general james mathis a contender for secretary of defense was very impressive. the transition team promising to announce more picks soon amid ongoing backlash, like lieutenant general michael flynn who described islam as a political ideology that has metastasized into a malignant cancer. >> you see in line with how
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phrasing can always be done differently. clearly there are some aspects of that faith that are problematic. >> also meeting with mr. trump on sunday, former new york mayor rudy giuliani, new jersey governor chris christie, former presidential candidate mitt romney, and democrat jonathan gray who sources say may be considered for treasury secretary. black friday ads are everywhere. major retailers expanding hours starting thanksgiving night and beginning friday morning. >> ahead of the bi morning we're here to help sort through that clutter. abc action news anchor james tully is live at a best buy in east tampa. james, if you're looking for a new tv there are some very affordable options. >> dan, no question, samsung tv's the big ticket item at best buy. they're going to open 5:00 thursday night for their black friday sales. that is 80 hours for now. are you thinking that's too long to wait, don't tell these people that.
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model number or the product number you're looking for just to make sure you can't do better somewhere else. live this morning in tampa, james tully abc action news. coming up, still ahead, you may be throwing away easy money, and it comes in the form of class action lawsuits. still ahead, we'll show you how to get some extra money in your wallet. >> a shopping trip ends with a pickup truck up in flames, and it's all because of a toy. how the tonka dump truck sparked this fire and what toys"r"us is
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9:13, right now a tragic situation in indiana. crews trying to figure out what sparked an overnight fire at this home, the flames killing four young girls and injuring two police officers. one of those officers was hurt trying to saver those girls. we're told the mother was airlifted to the hospital. so far no word on what caused the fire. a consumer alert this morning, toys"r"us is
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tonka toy truck that went up in flames in washington state. take a look at this right here, it caught a real pickup truck on fire when flames spread from the toy truck spread. she and her husband bought this 12-volt tonka ride on dump truck for their grandson. roxanne described what happened. >> they told me to get whatever i ne purse and stuff, and as i'm leaning over i hear pop and all this glass shattered, and there was smoke and dust inside. >> they had to call the fire department to put the fire out. toys"r"us says it will not sell the toy truck to anybody else until the investigation is complete. two teenagers have been charged with first degree in connection with the shooting of an illinois congressman's grandson. that 16-year-old boy and 17- year-old girl were arrested
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of 15-year-old jhavon wilson. he's the grandson of u.s. representative danny davis of chicago. police say the 15-year-old was killed friday night after two teens entered his home and began arguing with him about his sneakers. the suspect in a deadly church attack in south carolina last year will be the center of a federal court hearing today. dylann roof is on trial in the deaths of nine black worshipers, but today's closed hearing is to determine whether he's actually competent. new york officials are fighting a recent explosion in hate crimes. they've created a special police unit just to combat the increase. it this is one of the most recent crimes, several graffiti markings with swastikas and the words go trump painted in white letters. that park is named at the bc boys member who died in of cancer in 2012. the new york governor and andrew cuomo called for an end to the division throughout the
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election day. in many ways it's gotten worse. it's deepened into a social crisis that challenges our very identity as a state and as a nation and as a people. >> cuomo says he's directing the division of state police and the division of human rights to put together a special team to investigate hate crimes in new york. another tense standoff happening overnight between police and protestors of the dakota access pipeline. a sheriff's spokeswoman says about 400 protestors were involved in what she's calling a riot. one person was arrested. officers used a water cannon and tear gas on the crowd. protest organizers say 167 people were hurt. every find a postcard in your mailbox saying you qualify for a class action settlement, john matarese shows you why you
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money. >> how would you like some free money. it's easy to get. you just sign up for class action settlements for products that you bought that didn't live up to their promise. >> collin roland is a graphic artists working at his latest project. he always likes a little extra cash to help him put together his next gallery show. whenever he's notified about a class action settlement he jumps. >> it was a postcard that just say that we could collect $100 in insurance money. >> we filled out the application, and we received a check a few months later. >> i'll admit even i have received postcards in the mail saying you qualify for cash back on some purchase because you know what you do, you throw it away thinking it's junk. >> probably i toss a lot of mail. >> but jocelyn washington says she's going to pay more attention now. that's because it's easier than ever to find settlements, the
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database listing hundreds of settlements that could net you $3 to 5 grand. >> in the end you have to realize that this is a mechanism that helps consumers. >> linda sherry says many people complain about the high fees attorneys collect. class action lawsuits are worthwhile because they hold company's feet to the fire when they don't deliver what they promise. among the current hot cases, wells mortgage calls collect as much as $50, part of a $16 million settlement. mcfee anti-virus software for auto renewals at a higher price. you can collect $11. johnson and johnson baby bath wash for saying it was clinically proven when it was not. you can get $15. my pillow for overstating its health effects, collect $10. hyundai sonatas for car
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gas mileage, owners can collect up to $5000. >> this was a really outstanding case of fraud. >> unfortunately some cases end up delays for months, case in point, the duke energy settlement. checks should go out by year's end. new settlements pop up every week. jocelyn washington's going to check it out because nothing beats easy money. >> i hope i have some. [ laughter ] >> like to see if you qualify for any of these cases or others, there's no need for postcards, i'm john matarese, abc action news. 9:19. a young girl in texas is paying it forward to a doughnut shop after a woman stole money from the business' tip jar. >> security video shows the thief taking a handful of cash from the jar. daylight donuts shared the security video on facebook, and after that he found something up expected in his tip jar, a handwritten note with $4 inside.
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i'm sorry that happened. this is my tooth fairy money. the note was simply signed sorry that happened, chloe. >> because i felt really bad for him for getting his money stolen. i took my tooth fairy money and we put it in there. >> the owner plans on giving chloe free doughnuts for life simply for her generosity. >> she'll of course brush after. >> i know, so sweet of her. >> th >> doughnut and hot coffee this morning. >> boy, it was cold this morning. >> freezing. mid-40s. >> oh, forget 40s. we were in the 20s this morning across the nature coast. i have some pictures to show you of exactly what happens when you get clear skies, calm winds and temps below 32. you can probably guess, right, nice shot. unlimited visibility out there, as temperatures this morning, look at this, 29 in brooksville, 32 at crystal river, and we have pockets of
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across portions of polk county, 53 right, that warm spot, very difficult to get pinellas to cool off unless you have zero wind and you get the cooling, radiational cooling. you're surrounded by water, any little bit, 2, 3 miles an hour wind, that keeps you much milder than the rest of us here. take a look at this frosty morning as folks were breaking out their gear. look at bill green there. and there's darrel ice. how about that, frosty stuff here this morning. that was the case. mid and upper 50s out there. we'll reach 70, i think, once again for today. we're on our way as we take a look at the readings right now. 55 across interior areas of our counties here, 56 in orlando, but still chilly up to the southeast and east. they're going to take a while to get out of this mess. this is the first freeze of the
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this is the satellite and radar not showing you much. there's not much to show, except for the chunk of dry air that has made it all the way down towards western caribbean. in fact, in portions of cuba this morning, temperatures in the 50s, miami was in the 50s as well. frigid stuff as you know, for us and for them down there. so we're going to continue with another cold night tonight and then an easterly wind will help us out with this air mass so that by wednesday we're going to be in much better shape. temperatures this afternoon, upper 60s to lower 70s. 'l rather chilly. in fact, even a few upper 30s not out of the question. upper 40s in tampa and low 40s elsewhere, and then the warmup really begins by the time we get into tuesday afternoon. 75, and then we get rid of the cold air. overnight lows in the 60s with highs, how about that, near 80 degrees. i think we'll get there on thanksgiving and on black friday. coming up, the 2016 american music awards
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you how politics got intertwined into the big night.
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?[ music ] ?
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if you want to see his concert buy your tickets now. they go on sale now. bruno mars is one of the hot acts performing. >> no surprise, but politics came up at the show. listen to the anti-trump lyrics green day added to their song bang bang. >> no, kk, no trump, no kkk, no fascist usa. >> punk rockers breaki trump to their latest single, the audience giving them a standing ovation. >> the show's host got political, she set social media on fire with this impression of melania trump. >> i love my husband, president barack obama. >> her co-host comedian jay ferrell also did an impression of donald trump. people immediately took to twitter to criticize the host. still ahead, hundreds of airport workers plan to strike
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could it have a ripple effect across the country during the busiest time of the year. now through december 9th come into our front lobby and pick an angel off the tree to shop for. participants are eligible for prize ifs you participate in
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businesses that you can pick a tree from as well, and december 1st we are thanking you in
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. grim discovery, next at 9:30, pinellas park detectives trying to figure out who killed was murder. >> plus, shocking new details out of south florida, a teacher's aide accused of abusing a boy with autism, the family now responding saying the school hasn't done enough to make things right. >> and a pilot's selfless acts saved the lives of innocent bystanders. what he did that has people calling him a hero. good morning, and thank you for joining us, i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. lots to get to this monday morning. first a check on that chilly
9:31 am
temperatures are recovering nicely. good morning tarpon springs and largo, you are now at 60 degrees. how about that, nice looking day out there. a little too chilly for some of us, a water temp at 70 degrees. we've lost the 40s at this point. we were widespread in the 30s this morning. i think we'll have another cold night tonight. before that happens we're going to warm up nicely this afternoon to 70 degrees and a quick dropoff in temperatures, 8:00. it is another chilly start tomorrow morning, a few upper 30s not out of the question. that will be our coldest morning. we'll begin to see a warmup into the big travel day on wednesday and into thanksgiving. more on that ask a possible hurricane in the western caribbean headed for central america. we'll talk about more about it in my next forecast. this morning investigators will continue to try and piece together the evidence to figure out who killed a man in pinellas park over the weekend.
9:32 am
shopping plaza. ryan raiche is live at the scene. what are you learning this morning ryan? >> reporter: dan and deiah, let's take a little walk. we're right behind this shopping plaza. this is where they found the body. this is off the beaten path, there's an alley over here, home depot is over here. it was two men who found that body somewhere back here in between those two dumpsters is where they focused their efforts to retrieve evinc investigators will only say that he died from blunt force trauma. how he died and who killed him are the big mysteries this morning. two homeless men looking for cardboard found the body saturday night. detectives hope to piece together some of the evidence they recovered to get a better idea of what happened. again, not too many people travel out here, but they're hoping that someone may have seen something over the weekend, and ultimately, again,
9:33 am
they're hoping to piece this together, and maybe can provide the family some answers at some point today or in the near future. live in pinellas park, ryan raiche abc action news. tampa police are investigating what led to a shooting outside a nightclub. shots rang out last night in the parking lot of the pegasus lounge on 30th street. the victim has minor injuries. they did arrest suspect but have not released their name yet. during a spike in hate crimes across the country, one group is now calling for peace remembrance day a group gathered to honor the 26trans people killed in the last year. they wanted to share a message of hope. >> we're all just people, you know. we are all different orientations, all different religions, all different colors just like everybody else, and if more people in this country can understand that, we will see the hate crimes decrease. >> transgender advocates are
9:34 am
commute and the challenges they face. we're hearing from a south florida family shocked to learn a teacher's aide is under investigation for possibly abusing their autistic son. >> 5-year-old damian is high functioning. he was enrolled in dania beach. then the school district contacted his parents last week about this potential abuse. his mother says they were told the aide covered damian's mouth to keep him from screaming and then hit him, maybe with his own hand. the teacher is out of the classroom right now, but that is charges. she shouldn't be working in a school with children. i think it takes patience to be any kind of teacher. it takes a lot of patience to be around children with special needs, is she doesn't have it. she failed. the broward county school district still investigating the aide. the sheriff's office says there have been other incidents involving over students. overseas iraqi forces
9:35 am
towards the city center. they're being slowed down by sniper fire. mosul is still home to more than a million people and troops trying to ensure their safety during this offensive. the government senned half a dozen trucks loaded with food and aid to the recently liberated areas. rescuers are looking for survivors after a train derailment killed 142 people. that death toll has been steadily rising all night. you can see how we know at least 200 other passengers were hurt, several of those reportedly have life- threatening injuries. investigators trying to figure out what caused that crash. the pump on a boat is being blamed for an explosion that sent two people to the hospital and caused thousands of dollars in damage near jacksonville. you're looking at the charred wreckage of that boat there. two men were working on the boat on the st. john's river outside jacksonville saturday night. they say they thought they had
9:36 am
kicked on, sparking a fire that forced them to jump out of the boat and into the water. they both suffered severe burns. the flames spread to several other vessels. new information on a deadly plane crash in nevada. the pilot selflessly saved the lives of people on the ground. he crashed the medical transport plane into a parking lot. that plane could have hit a nearby apartment building. sadly all four people on board the plane including a heart patient died in the crash. they were headed to a hospital in ut takeoff. investigators believe there was a mechanical failure. this morning we'll find out when some workers will go on strike at chicago's o'hare international airport. baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors, the wheelchair attendants want union rights and $15 an hour. at 11:00 this morning, they'll announce exactly when they plan to go on strike. chicago's aviation department says the strike will not disrupt service during this busy travel week because it
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controllers. stocks off to a strong start this monday morning. here's a live look at the dow at 53 points to 18921. black friday isn't the only holiday shopping event starting earlier. cyber monday is also following this trend. wal-mart announcing that it's kicking off its cyber monday deems just after midnight on black friday. last year the company announced its cyber monday deals the sunday evening after thanksgiving. apple is offering free battery replacements of the devices can suddenly shut down for no apparent reason. the techno bill says a very small number of the phones manufactured between september and october of 2016 are effective. no word on why it's happening. despite two hurricanes an outbreak of the zika virus and a deadly gator attack on a toddler tourists still poured into the sunshine state. governor rick scott is expected to announce that 85 million
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total ever and a 5 1/2 percent increase over last year. 9:38. still ahead, this season's first major snowstorm hitting right at the start of the thanksgiving travel rush. just how much snow is expected in some parts of the u.s. >> but first, families who lost loved ones aboard the doomed malaysia flight 370 are now taking matters into their own
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don't miss our black friday specials, at havertys furniture. big savings in store only. this friday, eight am to eleven am. plus, win up to $250 off your total purchase. and get thirty-six month, no-interest financing. black friday specials, while supplies last.
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even when life isn't. don't miss our black friday specials at havertys. life looks good. the families who lost loved ones aboard missing malaysia flights 370 are taking matters into their own hands. >> they're planning a debris hunting trip to mad gas they have identified six pieces of wreckage that have almost certainly come from that jet. the victims' families say the debris has been found often africa's east coast. there's been no systematic search by investigators. they believe searching on their own will provide answers and the closure they need. that plane vanished wile flying from kuala lumpur.
9:42 am
this morning after a giant tree came crashing down on top of their suv. the driver was pinned to his seat. emergency officials had to help him out. a woman in the passenger seat was able to crawl out through the car's back door. a billboard in mississippi that mixes art and politics is both angering and confusing onlookers. take a look at it for yourself, which features president-elect donald trump's campaign slogan, make america superimposed on a well-known civil rights image the day violence broke out in selma in 1965. the mayor wants it gone. the group behind the billboard for freedoms says if people are talking about the billboard then it's working. the billboard is actually part of a national ad campaign. a mosque in texas opens its doors to everyone in the community sparking a conversation about politics, religion and race relations.
9:43 am
respect for the muslim community. others say they had never been inside a mosque and wanted to talk to muslims living in texas one on one. the mosque outreach director says this may be the only way to combat misinformation about muslims. >> it helps to open things up. we are here to reassure people that we have nothing to hide, right? we're here as american citizens. >> the event is part of a national campaign by the islamic circle of north america to host promote racial equality. this video is from michigan this morning, strong winds cause downed pour lines during a snow storm setting two cars on fire. >> that's some of the impact we're now seeing across the upper midwest from the season's first major snowstorm. it's moving east now just in time for thanksgiving travel. temperatures plunged 40 degrees yesterday, blizzard-like conditions and in some places parts of upstate new york are
9:44 am
lake effect snow accumulation. >> winter snowfall is always that. watch out where you're going, and oops i didn't turn right, and you slip. they get through it. >> not all bad for some football fans, check out the university of michigan players and cheerleaders celebrating their big win in the snow. that was fun. >> snow angels. >> that is crazy. >> great to visit. don't want to live there. >> exactly. >> 20 inches of snow, can you imagine. white thanksgiving, that. it's happening for a lot of folks across the north. i used to live up there, and it's terrible when row get the winter to start so early psychologically it just bothers you and physically you're outside and it was terrible. we did have a frigid start with a little frost out there as i showed you a couple of earlier pictures. unlike the north we are at a low latitude here. what that means for you and me is you get these kind of pictures and you also get a nice warmup through the afternoon. you can get very chilly in the morning.
9:45 am
we certainly are going to do that, and already temperatures are recovering from this morning's lows, the lowest we've seen so far this season from upper 20s, low 60s and eventually we'll get up to around 70 degrees. some of us staying south of 70. for the most part that will be the range that we'll be in today. still snowing and this is what dan was referring to as far as snowfall. it's just the wind, very cold wind coming off the lakes here, specific lake erie calling the shots this morning. look at the winter you see the blues and the purples, that's coming down 3, 5 inches an hour. they are going to be digging out above a big event up there and an early one at that. for us the cold front that extends from that low well down to the south. it's all the way down towards cuba. look at this dry air that has made it into western caribbean, all more impressive to have this, a new tropical depression in the western caribbean. this is 16, it will become otto and the forecast from the national hurricane center has
9:46 am
moving into nicaragua, costa rica will be getting in on that as well with very heavy rainfalls through the the next few days. the potential for some flooding there with the mountains. for us it's dry. we're going to have a few clouds through the midday or mid part of the week. that will be key because that will begin to moderate this air mass and will get us up to around 80 degrees. front over my shoulder looks impressive. it won't be by the time it gets here through the weekend. it's not going to do much. the air behind it not that cold compared to where we've been this morning. this afternoon still cool, but much better than this morning, upper 60s to low 70s. then we have this one more night. we'll wake up tomorrow and temperatures will be in the 40s, a few upper 30s and then pinellas in the 50s as we saw this afternoon. by the afternoon we'll add a few more degrees so we're in the mid and upper 70s, and then we're jumping a the 80. if you're traveling on wednesday and headed out of tpa, no problems here, 78 with full sunshine. if you're traveling throughout
9:47 am
car, you're certainly not going to find any cool air. across the lower 48, had is the next storm system here, low across the great lakes and then the front extends south of it there. that may be a problem with the airlines and delays and along with the new system pushing into the pacific northwest. all right, so forecast today, 69 for tonight we'll be dropping back into the 40s, and then we'll warm things up by wednesday and into thanksgiving day. also black friday, both days, 80 >> still ahead this morning, lot of people are getting into the holiday spirit, how one police department is trading in tickets for turkeys that's
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james stadium. seeing those flashing lights popping up behind you on the roads is always nerve racking. in texas one police department is trading in tickets for turkeys. for minor infractions in one fort worth neighborhood you get a talking to and then a free turkey. police say it's a win-win. drivers can use the food and the officers are building some goodwill. >> they're surprised and they're like you're not giving me a ticket, you're giving me a turkey. it's a great feeling. >> the turkeys were donated by a there's giveaways at a local law firm. >> one local law firm is continuing their tradition. over an hour ago abc action news action air 1 flew over the law firm on mlk. look at this crowd, hundreds lined up to get a free turkey. this is the eighth year in a row the firm has given away turkeys to anyone needing a
9:53 am
veterans -- bo -- it runs from 10 this morning until 2 this afternoon. an alabama waitress who received a really big tip is now paying that act of kindness forward. carley works at a seafood restaurant near birmingham. she waited on a couple who paid their $26 bill and left a $330 tip. she's so thankful she's doing random acts of kindness. people's meals in the drive through. i gave them a certain amount of money and told them just togues to use it until it runs out. >> they also left card from a local church. >> just like your suitcase, there's much more to you than meets the eye. >> the harry potter spinoff fantastic beasts and where to find them is dominating the box
9:54 am
over the weekend. if you want something to do today since it's a little chilly outside, how about going to see that movie. stay with us.
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cold start out there as we've been talking about all morning. 70 degrees, 30 to 40-degree jump over this morning's low. a cold night tonight and then warmer midweek. >> we've got continuing coverage of the day's top stories right now on
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good monday morning. >> i'm natalie taylor. thank you so much for kicking your week off with us right here on tampa bay's morning blend. a little chilly this morning. maybe you need an extra cup of coffee this morning. >> we got new mugs today. >> coffee is for closers. >> vince is back, victoria is back, celebrating 25 episodes here on the morning blend. they've started, they've


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