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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  November 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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another police officer shot point-blank, and this time in detroit. we will tell you who police are questioning this morning. following the tragic school bus crash in tennessee, parents are calling for tougher belt laws across the country. ahead, what is being done here in florida to keep kids safe. and pack some patience as you head out the door this morning, whether you're headed out the door or on the road, record numbers are expected for travel this thanksgiving. what you need to know to make getting around easier. breaking overnight a fire forces a mother and her two children out of their home in st. pete. thankfully no one was injured but there's significant danger
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the cause of the fire is under investigation. not what you want to see as we head into the holidays. good morning. i'm dan schaffer. >> and i'm deiah riley. some of you are looking to hit the roads today. we are off to a warmer start. >> much warmer. this puts us in the cool range, but it's average for this time of the year. mid- to upper 50s this time of the year. tampa, the 30s, crystal river at brooksville, and that will get us to 20 to 21 degrees warmer than this time yesterday afternoon. the morning lows are now being impacted, and they will continue mild for the next few days. we will touch 80 here, and then mostly clear skies, and a few clouds rolling through the afternoon, and upstream, we have to talk about the front and the pressure system that
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we will eventually make it through the area. more in a few minutes. >> good morning, everybody. today is one of the busiest travel days for the roadways, and they advise according to google that you leave right now, and if you can leave right now, before 7:00 a.m., you will beat the traffic. here's a live look at i-75 around mlk, and this is south of i-4 here, and traffic looking good here. we did have a crash here, and it just cleared. no more issues on the interstate. in fact, the interstates are all looking great all in the green. i-4 to tampa. you're at 66. the average speed there, 75 looking great. pinellas, 65 the average speed there. get ready for company if you're traveling this thanksgiving. aaa expecting nearly 50 million americans will be taking to the roads and the skies. cheaper gas may be one reason for more road trips.
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$2.13, and in the bay area, it's cheaper. airlines are an -- anticipating the busiest period ever. expect to see a lot more florida officers out on patrols today. last year there were 10,000 accidents statewide during the holiday weekend, and 84 people died. troopers said some of them may have survived had they been wearin tonight is one of the most popular nights of the year to party. if you plan to drink, plan ahead and use a designated driver. if you don't have one, you can get home safely by using a ride sharing service like uber or lyft or as a last resort, aaa's tow home service. abc news learning the school bus driver charge in the deadly crash in tennessee was
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september. the 24-year-old sideswiped another driver after crossing into the oncoming traffic. no kids were hurt in the accident. the driver was speeding on monday when he crashed into a tree and five kids died. six others are still in intensive care right now. it was just last year a hillsborough county school bus crashed into this pond. many parents are now questioning about what the laws are buses, rodney dunigan is live. florida has laws regarding seat belts? >> reporter: florida is one of only six states across the country that require seat belts on school buses, but some parents say it's just not enough. this is from
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with the kids being bounced about, and just last year, students here in hillsborough county had to be rescued from a bus that lost control and ended up submerged in a pond. the school buses purchased after 2000 are required to have seat belts but it doesn't say anything about enforcement or making sure students actually wear them. >> it's strange that as a mom they have to be hooked in all the time, but yet we send them on after school with no seat belts on as far as i know. >> reporter: and last year the national highway traffic safety administration estimated adding seat belts to current buses would cost at least $7,000 a bus, following this tragic accident in tennessee, and some parents say the cost is definitely worth it. for now, reporting live in hillsborough county this morning, rodney dunigan.
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they are looking for a man reported missing who has dementia, timothy bergeron walked away from his home and he has several medical issues. we know the name of the man in custody in connection with the fifth police officer shooting this week. a wayne state university officer was shot last night after stopping bicycle. investigators said the man on a bike pulled out a gun and shot the officer one in the head. we are told that officer colin rose is in grave condition, in his 20s, engaged to be married, and officers are still looking for the weapon. authorities said deputy eric oliver had been chasing someone who ran while being questioned by u.s. border patrol when the deputy was hit
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>> it was very tragic, very sad, but we told him he died doing what he loved to do and he was a good police officer. >> the 32-year-old deputy was a navy veteran. he leaves behind a 6-year-old daughter. group of young people facing charges for the theft of 46 cars. in most cases the owners left the keys in the vehicles. 14 people in all were arrested, and these are the adults were arrested. on average the ages are 15-20 years old. the suspects stole 46 unlocked cars, usually at night. the thefts all happened in southern hillsborough county, mostly around bloomingdale avenue. three of the minors have been charged with misdemeanors, and deputies have recovered 41 of the 46 stolen cars. an armed robber is off the
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morning. officers arrested devin acquisto after he robbed a man at gunpoint when he was walking home from work. he was wearing a war around his face -- wearing a scarf around his face, but when he went to leave, the scarf fell off, and the victim saw his face, and he saw him earlier in the night at a women are using odyssey because their pictures were used when they never worked at the club. there's a new "dancing with the stars" champ. >> as we told you yesterday, we knew the winner would be an athlete for the ninth time, but
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laurie and val! >> there you go laurie hernandez winning over james hinchcliffe and calvin johnson. >> it was different from anything i have ever done before. before this, all i knew was gymnastics. i have been able to explore different parts of myself that i never knew existed. this has been so exciting. >> she was really great. laurie's partner val chmerkovsiy and the other dancing finalists are flying to new yo morning america at 8:00 this morning. as a lot of us head out the door this morning, maybe early, and you don't have to worry about the cold air we have had the last couple of mornings. readings mid- to upper 50s, much milder than yesterday. patchy fog, and otherwise, we are looking good. visibilitywise on the roads, and the airport is looking good. we are checking in on the flight delay potentials throughout the day. by 8:00, 60 degrees, and we will be mid-70s.
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temperatures approaching 80 by the afternoon. more on the travel delays or potential ones headed into the weekend forecast in a few minutes. coming up, another samsung phone explodes, and this one is not on the recall list. we will show you which model it is and what samsung is saying about this. taking a closer look at president-elect's security in florida. exactly what to look out for if you're headed to palm beach county over the holidays. y26kjy yy6y don't miss our black friday specials, at havertys furniture. big savings in store only. this friday, eight am to eleven am. plus, win up to $250 off your total purchase. and get thirty-six month, no-interest financing. black friday specials, while supplies last. friday, three hours only.
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welcome back on this wednesday morning. 5:13. an update about this tragic water park accident in kansas city that killed a state lawmaker's son last summer. operators said the ride will be demolished. the company that runs it said the 160-foot ride will eventually be torn down. the ride has been closed since au schwab was killed on the ride. there's more reports of exploding samsung devices. a pensacola man says his samsung 6 exploded. he was driving, smelled something burning, and looked down and realized it was his phone. he pulled it over, threw it out the window, and the phone exploded. samsung is offering to replace his burnt and broken phone, but he says he just hopes they fix
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hurt. >> absolutely. >> i have one in my pocket, so if i jump up a bit, you will know why. temperatures this morning, mid- to upper 50s. 60s for st. pete and clear water. have you been outside yet? very nice. 15-20degrees warmer than this time yesterday with warmer conditions headed through the afternoon, and not just because the temperatures are much higher than yesterday but the humidity creeping up a bit. the combination of 80 degrees, you will notice the difference. clouds to the north and west, and they are fanning out from a developed storm system here that will bring, i think issues across the midwest today with tricky travel, and along the mississippi valley here, snow to the the north, and then rain underneath with the thunderstorms to the south, and new storm headed up to the pacific northwest, and otherwise the rockies looking good. more on the specific airport
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for the front, which will bring us slightly cooler and drier air, and that is lower humidity it will go up in the next few days, and then back down for the weekend. saturday and sunday, looking spectacular here. not good for today and tomorrow. friday won't. it's more humid and warmer than we should be for this time of the year. feeling warmer, especially with what we have had the last few days, with the very cold temperatures. not the case again tomorrow morning, just like this morning, 50s out there, and then by the lower 80s, and upper 70s along the coast. average highs 77. we will cheat only a couple of degrees, feeling warmer with slightly lower humidity. back down for the weekend with temperatures mid- to upper 70s, and before that, big holiday tomorrow. dry for black friday f you're headed out, and spending cash, there you go. looks good, and then early next week, that's the next rain chance by tuesday. >> good morning, everybody.
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u.s. 41 or 50th street right near the selman expressway. we are hearing there's roadblock, but i'm not seeing any delays at the moment. you can see the expressway moving nicely, and they are opening up the reversible lanes in the eastbound direction at 1:00 today to help with the thanksgiving travelers getting out of town easier. they will stay in the eastbound direction until wednesday or until monday, afte thanksgiving holiday. here's 275 and bush. the lanes are wide open here to get into downtown tampa. 5:17, and president-elect donald trump and his family are waking up in florida this morning. this is video of the trumps landing last night in palm beach county. they are enjoy thanksgiving at his mar largo home. people in the area are seeing increased security that comes with his arrival.
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restrictions in place. during his stay, no planes can fly over the estate, and the coast guard is setting up security zones in the atlantic and intercostal waterway. some areas are closed and some require permission. each of the 500 members of the club also have to have new background checks. the trump foundation is admitting they broke the law. the organization admit to doing what is called self-dealing in irs documents. that's when nonprofit leaders use the charity's money to help the families. the documents did not show how the trump foundation violated the law or who they gave the money to. the new york attorney general's office is currently investigating. this morning we are learning joe biden is not interested in leading the the democratic national committee. a spokesperson for the vice president said while he does not want to be dnc chair, he does want to be deeply involved
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party. keith allison and howard dean have both expressed interest in the job. you kind of lose your identity a bit, and you feel good, and it can be devastating. >> helping cancer patients feel more like themselves. how a clearwater salon is making that happen this season. if you have been waiting to get an iphone 7, black friday may be your for free. >> candace gibson and diane macedo with those details. black friday deals for t. mobile. >> they are offering top line smart phones if you trade in a fairly recent phone and sign a 2-year contract. >> trade in an iphone 6, and it
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apple will be having a black friday sale, and that's big news because last year they sat out the day all together. there's speculation an iphone could be the blast from the past, a flip phone, but not the kind you remember. the diagram looking like this for the patent, but apple, as usual is not saying a word
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the zika virus is no longer being transmitted on the north side of miami beach. the health officials have not detected any local transmissions in the last 45 days. little river and the southern tip of miami beach active. it can cause severe birth- related defects when pregnant women become infected. la poshe salon is giving away these wigs. michelle is in her second battle with ovarian cancer, and she said losing her hair was like losing her identity. >> it's changed my life, and i'm no appreciative.
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their hair, they have 100 wigs to give away for free. each is high quality and would usually sell for $250. just about 5:25. coming up, check your mailbox. there may be a check from facebook in there. why some people are getting a surprise check from the social media giant. dangerous and confusing. that's how people are describing a dangerous intersection.
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hitting the roads. next at 5, it may be one of the busiest travel days of the year, but there's things you can do today to beat the rush. new video of a man being -- robbed at an atm in central florida. how he got away. and a scam. people are trying to get you to donate to the ronald mcdonald house, but that's not where the money is going. thank you for joining us on this wednesday, i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan schaffer. many of you hitting the roads or headed to the airport. we will check on the weather,
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the most accurate forecast. >> reporter: looking much warmer than yesterday. in the 50s right now, and 20s and 30s the last few mornings, and how can you forget? but it feels much more comfortable. look at the numbers. 18 to 20 degrees warmer, and then generally about 8-10 warmer than this time yesterday. that will set the stage for a milder morning, but the afternoon will be the same. basically up to 80 degrees once again this af the front that will bring nicer weather for the weekend, but it's sat imfront that is producing, i think, issues across the midsection of the country. we will head out to ryan in a few minutes, but first janelle has what is happening on the roads. >> reporter: so far so good. the busiest time is to leave before 7:00, and the worst time, today after 3:00. keep that in mind as you make


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