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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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updates. >> thanks for joining us. a family fears further safety after they can't a man inside their daughter's bed. -- caught a man inside their daughter's bed. >> reporter: the woman does not know exactly how this man got inside the home. but now it is the that has her on edge.'s work i am really frustrated how the system is working. >> reporter: she is losing sleep. >> i feel unsafe in my neighborhood now. >> reporter: a few weeks ago her daughter said a man was on her bed. >> really? >> reporter: she snapped this picture of the stranger. >> it was pretty shocking to
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>> reporter: he said he used to live there. deputies arrested him for trespassing. it turns out he has gone into another home a month earlier. >> if they keep slapping him on the rest who is to say he will not keep doing it? >> reporter: i understand there concern. there is not much else they could do since records show no signs of forced entry. >> legally this was the only charge you were able to charge him with. >> reporter: hancock is thankful her daughter was in the bathroom. >> would he have tried to harm her? >> reporter: he knows he may not be in jail for long. >> next time what he entered a home where they had a firearm? >> reporter: in new port richey,
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men who has federal and local authorities concerned. ronnie davis is a self- proclaimed sovereign citizen and a woman contacted davis asking about legal issues. it also says when she came to live at his home he threatened to shoot people on site. the woman who claims to know davis spoke with us over the god's laws and it is supposed to be higher than your county court and federal court. he is a really good man. >> they are speaking with all 14 people who live in the home. new video showing scary moments with a couple finding a black bear eating gelato in their garage. claudia says she got hurt
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the black bear ignored all of the rest in the freezer and went straight for the ice cream. police use a large horn to scare the black bear away. they have received 300 calls just this year. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> good evening, everybody. looking for a picnic basket. clear skies across the area with some changes in the last hour. it does appear there are improvements in chicago and in new york things are looking better too. temperatures in the 40s tomorrow as we see some rain in new york city. we are looking at an issue for the macy's day parade but i don't think so. most of the lane will be later
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will be clear and driving tomorrow beautiful weather for the entire state with temperatures in the upper 70s. we are rain-free now but it changes in the seven day. we have some breaking news right now with ryan smith live for a homicide investigation is underway. >> reporter: that is right. tampa police officers this wanted man at this busy intersection behind me. we are at us-301 at mlk. you can see a couple of tampa police units in front of us as well as a couple of officers here. this was the center of the investigation. a man wanted for shooting and killing an elderly man in st.
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enforcement officers searching for that man believed to be driving a motorhome. this is a motorhome and this is where they caught up with him. they pulled him over and he exited the vehicle. he is now wanted for homicide. coming out to our picture we will show you once again right here at 301 at mlk traffic is backed up have a portion of the single eastbound lane blocked off. that is the latest in tampa. ryan smith, abc action news. new images showing a happy ending to a holiday rescue. the fishing crew running into trouble in the panhandle.
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them because they had a strobe light and thankfully everybody made it back to land in good shape. a close call in clearwater with police posting this video on facebook today. you can see a semi truck making a turn when the car comes through the red light. remember before you hit the road tonight this is one of the worst days of the year for crashes. the florida highway patrol reports wednesday before thanksgiving last year. all of those crashes from the last three years resulted in a total of 439 injuries. a warning about a big party night. tampa bay law enforcement will be looking for anybody driving under the influence tonight.
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neighborhood. >> reporter: that is right. payment front of your travail and you can see some folks already celebrating the unofficial holiday. whether you are kicking off the start of a four day weekend or preparing for intense family time, bar owners and law enforcement like to make sure you are safe. tourists today crowding but tonight >> everyone plans to go out. >> reporter: ready to celebrate the unofficial holiday happening tonight. >> they are just looking to get the holiday started and have a good time. >> reporter: it is a good time for the business. one of four holidays guaranteed to pack the bar.
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opportunity for all of the bars and the restaurants. >> reporter: law enforcement also knows about the festivities with deputies stopping suspected drunk drivers in tampa. fhp says the specialized task force makes 170 arrests a month in tampa bay. people will encourage patrons to use uber or lyft to get home. >> they are not getting a drink here. as people are having a good time we encourage people to make sure they get home safe. >> reporter: so you can enjoy the party and still make it to thanksgiving. >> it is the excitement in the air. you are knowing you are off any good to see people. it is fun all around. >> reporter: you will see more patrol on the road throughout
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you would like to be aware. i am ashley yore, abc action news. it is easy for you to get home safely tonight with aaa offering is "tow to go" program. you can also find other ways to get home safely on our website at and on our free mobile app. still to come, buyer beware. fake apps targeting you this weekend and the red flags that could cost you money if you miss them. the act in this video and the recent police are desperate to find this man before he does this again. we have had some beautiful weather and we are now back above normal. we have two cold fronts in the
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holiday gridlock is underway. this is a live look on i-4. we have been watching slow-moving traffic for the last couple hours with many already hitting the road tonight for thanksgiving. a st. petersburg family almost loses everything. a father barely escaping this burning home today. mark kaigler police he and his baby would have died if not for his neighbor. realizing something was wrong she banged on the door. it woke kaigler up. >> i think the lord the lady next door knocked on the door or we would have been burned up. >> firefighters prevented the flames from getting the house because that same neighbor called 911 so quickly. they say an electrical issue
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holiday shoppers will use their phones for $13 billion in gift buying this season but fake apps will cost millions of dollars by christmas. jackie callaway shows you how to protect your wallet. >> reporter: the website looks legitimate. >> it uses the michael kors name. >> reporter: the copycat link arrived via text. be true. >> reporter: jamie assumes she had a sale and purchased three purses. >> i did not receive what i was told i would receive. these are not authentic. >> reporter: she had the order button and then realized she had been taken. >> they are leading people to believe they are on their website they are not on.
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were reported within the last year. look-alike websites are the biggest. >> just don't go with the best deal right away. check the company out. >> reporter: we discovered the fake website was just created this year in china. >> i wish i would have taken a minute to slow down. >> reporter: visit the retailer 's actual site. look at from misspellings. never click on a link or any email to download. consumers who fall for the fake apps phase another thread. the bad guys can use that information to steal identities and run up unauthorized charges. >> whether it is in store or online do your homework. >> reporter: jackie callaway, taking action for you.
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shopped from a trusted website through a trusted browser like google chrome. always look for the green padlock icon to be sure you are shopping on a secure website. it means it was verified by a trusted third-party. if there is a yellow exhalation point that is not a deal and if there is -- ideal. a red padlock icon, do not shop there at all. we have more tips like these and all the local hours available right now on our website at and on our free mobile app. after you shop online you have to be careful of porch pirates. there are some things you can do to avoid sending cash by mail.
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shipping address like your work. the post office even lets you change the address while in transit. using amazon lockers is also a good idea. the temperatures are warming up today and the water is so cold. check out all of those amenities. action air 1 had those videos today at >> it is always warmer when you are hugging. [ laughter ] >> it is getting a little bit warmer. the water is still mid-60s so it is still chilly in the water. things are pretty quiet although some votes are definitely going on out here. tomorrow night into friday if you are thinking of taking your boat out there could be some sea fog that will be an issue.
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tomorrow morning updating offshore conditions. it could become an issue. outside of that, it will be sunny and clouds like we had today with a lot of warmth in the upper 70s and low 80s. spring hill is 68 and yreka 71. 72 in sarasota after highs today in the lower 80s. tomorrow morning a cool start but where we should be certainly warmer than this . expecting mid-50s from citrus down through polk county and through manatee and sarasota it continues from pinellas right on down to tampa over around the 60 degree mark. your upper 60s from clearwater to tampa and st. pete. to not expect much of a change with the moisture coming off the atlantic drinking enough cloud cover to break up the
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yesterday and the day before you could not find a cloud but still more sunshine than clouds and that will continue not through thanksgiving but into the first half of the weekend so at times if you are up early getting ready for some football the weather will be beautiful and then through the afternoon a few clouds with folks can you ready to head out for some shopping thursday into friday the weather will temperatures in the 60s. on friday you can see some sea fog developing and it is just another sign of our change of the seasons. by 10:00 it burns off with still a few in the afternoon. it is going to be beautiful tomorrow even into saturday coming in. the forecast high on things giving his upper 70s and low
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you will want to light a fire and you will have to crank up the ac because it will definitely be warm. there is still some snow going on back to minnesota and a trailing front breaking down on saturday. it is a reinforcing shot of cooler air. for the voters -- boaters here are your upcoming tight strike -- tides. we topped out at 80 degrees on florida's most accurate seven-day forecast keeping it dry right on through the first half of next week but by tuesday into wednesday a better chance of rain and probably the best chance for the next couple of weeks. new video tonight capturing a man in the middle of a despicable act. he is putting some type of substance into food in
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police are especially concerned after a 12-year-old was poisoned in that same shopping center. police are not sure but they are warning diners to watch. still ahead after being put to the fire roberto aguayo is a freezing -- is receiving some
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after playing 12 of the first 20 games the lightning our home for thanksgiving. they take on the flyers tonight with andri and philadelphia is coming off a game against the panthers last night. the not so good news is they beat florida and they continue
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attention of lightning. >> the power play was added last night and we have to stop and it is not guaranteed a win, but it will help your cause. >> several weeks ago roberto aguayo was a piece of meat on a skewer steak. the past few weeks he has gotten his head screwed on straight. after going 4-4 for he was named the player of the week. as for the defense, a big difference where we are starting to see a trend here. it is a good one. it needs to continue. >> as i said six weeks ago, they are going to come in bunches. we saw the effort in practice. it just wasn't translating on the field in terms of attacking football.
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this is a team that is only thrown two interceptions. it is going to be a big challenge for us to get some turnover. >> the cornerback did not practice today and hopefully he can go on sunday. it is running fin due to a suspension. with seattle coming to town it is not the week you want to be late. >> we are just getting some breaking news with mi police officer shot in the head who has just died. this is the fifth officer in the last week with much more on this at 11:00. >> have a good night. 7zli
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y26lny yy6y tonight, travel nightmares. a rocky start to the thanksgiving getaway. two powerful storms delivering a one-two punch from the rockies to the midwest. a record number of americans on the move, jamming highways. long lines at airports across the slow-going for millions on one of the busiest travel days of the year. donald trump's fex monext move. the president-elect nominating the first two women to his cabinet. two names who opposed him during the election. trump appearing to soften his stand against some of his critics. breaking news. police revealing the bus driver's toxicology report. and what we've just learned about the route he was driving. should he have been on it? parade threat.


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