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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  November 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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i am sarina fazan on, ashley glass is off on this thanksgiving edition of "the now tampa bay" i'm laura harris, happy thanks giving everybody a lot to get to are already open one thing in particular you won't find this year and two ways to make money if you shop online. central america getting rocked by a powerful hurricane, and an earthquake on the other. the threat of the sue nami and the three truly unique things about hurricane otto. >> i am blessed. that is the ultimate word.
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, what we should all be feeling right now. why this open-door thanksgiving nearly didn't happen and what we can all learn from her generosity. first let's go with the madness some of you have been stuffed maybe you took your nap. >> some stores are opening right now for black friday brendaliss gonzalez joins us live from clearwater at walmart. >> reporter: this walmart has been open all day long but it is the black friday sales everybody is waiting for they won't start for two more hours at 6:00 but people can line up for the hottest items starting now. we have gone to other stores in the area have not seen the line we had expected or seen in previous years, look at the line at the best buy in clearwater, we counted a little more than a dozen people in
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looking for tvs like victoria nelson who comes here every year with her family. she doesn't mind spending thanksgiving at best buy. >> it is something we do every year we go out and have fun, we definitely enjoyed more of the friday 4:00 and getting up coming out early morning rather than the thanksgiving day. >> reporter: other stores and that toys "r" us and best buy they open at 5:00, we expect huge lines inside walmart, one item specifically they look like little furbies they are huge, you can't find them anywhere they are expected to be here tonight at this walmart, other locations get this the manager can't tell us how many they will have she can't tell the employees where
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they are big-ticket items this year. breaking details about the earthquake that hit off the coast of central america, this is a look at an earthquake trapping -- tracking map they just downgraded it to a 7.0, it happened or that orange dot is. affecting the coast of el salvador, nicaragua and honduras. these are new pictures just comi i el salvador is still a protection agency building right now the good news no reports of widespread damage, for residents and coastal communities, they have been told to evacuate from the sea because of the threat of tsunamis so far the civil defense says they have seen no increase in weight height. on the atlantic side of central
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thanksgiving day parade today it was a mix of the big character balloons we like to see and new york city's finest armed with assault rifles and bomb sniffing dogs. the great news, santa ushered in the new holiday season without any problems. did you see the band from the tampa bay area that is new some high making us proud they have been practicing in the school parking lot since last may to today, a nice day, temperatures were hovering in the 40s. a big parade in chicago down state street, the mcdonald's thanksgiving day parade, they are having some fun definitely cooler in the lower 40s. president obama and president-elect donald trump sending thanksgiving messages about unity. >> thanksgiving reminds us no
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something bigger than ourselves, communities that move forward together. we are neighbors who look out for one another especially those among us with the least. we are always simply americans. >> it is my prayer on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country shank -- strengthened by one purpose and common resolve. make a phone call to some of the troops serving overseas, these are pictures from the oval office he called nine different servicemembers in the military. encouraging signs of unity at metropolitan ministries, people of all ages and backgrounds coming together making sure people don't go hungry on this holiday, some volunteers starting as early as
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getting a thanksgiving day meal. >> it is the time of year to be with your family. if we can do an activity to help others we want to do that. >> i am thankful i had a chance to spend time there today later on you will hear from someone who had a thanksgiving thanks to the nonprofit but also one of the volunteers who is only 12 years old. mainsail beach inn anna maria island we could not have asked for better weather. >> i can't believe i am back after a year and you can't come say hello. i made you a place card i made a table for you. 4:oh 6 pm good afternoon happy thanks giving. look at these temperatures, these were highs for today, low to mid 80s with higher humidity, if you have been
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cooler weather is a ways away. satellite and radar here, we will be talking about temperatures over the next few days that are above average with higher humidity and we will get back to normal as we get to the latter part of the week 75 clearwater, 79 saint pete, the rest of us in the lower 80s, if you're stepping out outside temperatures in the lower 70s, the cooler weather headed our way in a few minutes. just because it is a holiday sadly does not mean the crime stops. pasco deputies sharing these pictures on facebook to get the word out about a robbery early this morning at the cumberland farms convenience store. you see the guy pointing what appears to be a gun at a clerk
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hurting anyone but he got away with some cash. he is on the run still. you will spend some money online in the next few days why not get cash back and discounts on gas. >> the two websites to bookmark before you do spending. speaking of spending nobody waking up a multimillionaire powerball at $403 million the next drawing is saturday. if you play check someone in florida did win $1 million. here are the winning numbers, seven, 32, 41, 47, 61, and the
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welcome back, 120 million people will take advantage of cyber monday deals that is from
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how to make sure your info is safe, laura is with one of our digital producers in the newsroom. >> we are talking to kelly about what we can do the little- known facts about cyber monday helping us get the best deal. >> you have got to start now. you can't hold off until 12:01 monday morning, get your promo codes together. they will help you when you go to check out monday if you have them listed that will help you out. >> where do walmart is changing the game friday morning 12:01 they are starting cyber monday. they've got to compete with amazon. last year they had 8 million products, this year 23 million products. >> sometimes you can't get a great deal on clothes.>> cyber monday is the day to do clothes,
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>> make sure you are on a secure site you can see the little lock. that is not on everyone and don't fall for everything on social media, you don't want to go to the sites people are sharing it could be spam sites. another big thing when you are checking out if you pay more than hundred dollars use a credit card not your debit card you wouldn't want that money to >> one big problem i have noticed after i have checked out and purchased my stuff i'm like what is my confirmation number? and then you are freaking out right before christmas. >> here is what you need to do create a folder on your desktop take a screenshot of every order confirmation and put them in there so you have everything in one place. >> two more things cyber monday online breaks down 20 of the
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the hour which ones have the best online deals this one over here is free create a free account and they will tell you when anything you want on amazon goes on sale. you tell them what item you're looking for and they will push alert to you to let you know it is cheaper. we have posted everything you need to know on our website and facebook page at "the now tampa bay" also if you have not about this site you are about to think me, it is so awesome. you go to ebay's and shop through that link and then when you checkout they give you a percentage of whatever you spend back into your ebay's account anywhere from 2% to 12% cash back and there are a ton of stores. everything from macy's nike amazon and group on the company
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we checked the website today we saw this offer, if you are new to joining you get a $10 gift card to walmart for signing up. one more if you're not already saving on gas with a fuel rewards program now is the time to sign up if you shop online through the link on websites like sears, brookstone or home depot you get discounted gas not just $0.01, sometimes one to choose from that is fuel rewards. donald trump's focus is getting his cabinet together but is that coming at the expense of other important issues? the washington post is reporting trump has only had two of the briefings available so far that is when he gets information about security threats and international affairs, his transition team
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national security is his top priority. mike pence has had an intelligence briefing nearly every day since the election two weeks ago. green party candidate jill stein may have lost the election but don't count her out yet, she wants a recount in three swing states now because she thinks she could win but to ensure the 10 -- integrity of the election she has raised enough m she is planning the same thing in michigan and pennsylvania next week trump won all three of those concerns about voter fraud and database hacks need to be investigated before the election is certified. one of the most common cancers in men but ethical advances and a celebrity voice are bringing awareness to prostate cancer, kumasi aaron shows us how.
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week the actor shared another site speaking for the first time about his battle with prostate cancer. >> cancer free as of today. you know you have to keep checking on it. but, i am fortunate. >> not all men diagnosed are as fortunate. >> i had missed a psa scan the next time it skyrocketed. >> jerry ben years keeping it suppressed with treatment. now, a new clinical trial is changing that. >> i am in my daily workout routine, lifting more rates building more muscles, feeling better about myself. i have much more energy. it has brought back what i had 15 years ago. >> jerry is in a trial that
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-- prostate cancer with high doses of testosterone. >> dr. thomas flake is his doctor he says clinical trials have drastically transformed treatment in the last decade. >> i look at the way i treat men standardly, drugs we have developed with other academics across the country i see all the good they are doing. >> it is amazing.>> jerry says the trial isn't just about him. >> the big thing it helps people behind us. i have a son, a grandson probably more hopefully down the line everybody wants to help everybody. >> doing their part in different ways, with the same goal, saving lives. i'm kumasi aaron.
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we are thankful he is here to hang out. >> there it is, happy thanksgiving. it has been fantastic weather it has been a long year. we are ready for the holidays. by the way, hatchables that's what i want for christmas. i want the dragon one. there is the su fantastic day not only have we had full sun but it has been getting warm, remember last week we started with temperatures in the upper 20s and lower 30s now we are talking about upper 70s, low 80s and we have done it with more humidity, as you step outside today it feels more tropical not oppressive but the 81 feels warmer than where we are right
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rain clouds and humidity off the atlantic will go partly cloudy into tonight and into tomorrow, if you are braving the stores at midnight you will be in good shape temperatures falling back to 63 tonight. not as chilly we will do that with clear skies and sunny skies through tomorrow. black friday. there it is for black friday. starting early folks will be out m 6:00 am 65 degrees into the upper 70s around 80 by 3:00 under partly cloudy skies good and dry, by the time we get to saturday and especially sunday cooler air on the way we will also talk about the hurricane. this is the last week of hurricane season and we have a category two we will be talking about that and also showing
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dinner soon and things get too heated or maybe people want to talk about the election, the best divers in topic ever. hipster nativity i will explain. the best of the macy's thanksgiving day parade in 30 seconds. this one the big balloons making their way around columbus circle. you are watching "the now tampa
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did you ever think about the people behind all of these
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some of the people behind top food brands for sale check it out, this is the campbell's soup matching. it is gorgeous. the inventor of the formula for condensing soup and then he started campbell's soup and you know it is for sale for $19 million. >> maybe it will go on sale for black friday. >> the oscar meyer mentioned for sale own the house, get it for under $3 million. if you are into beer look at this mansion owned by one of the owners. the price was recently released $4.5 million. the home was built in 1936. >> you may have used morton's salt that mansion in lake forest
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politics today at the table. >> we found something a little bit more awkward. the hipster nativity scene. >> a modern take on the nativity scene wisemen on segues as well as a latte drinking mary and a man bunt joseph taking a selfie with baby jesus there is an organic sheep wearing a christmas letter -- sweater weather shepherd this new to music on his iphone. the price is crazy $130 for this modern nativity scene. >> what are they going to come up with next? it is nice to see those who don't have much getting free meals but what happens after thanksgiving many
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make sure people continue getting help. you are watching "the now tampa
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welcome back it is 4:30, most of us we need to in terms of food, and places like sarasota and manatee county many people do not have homes. >> the turkey dinner is just the start of how one organization is trying to help. >> rebecca thomas has a lot to be thankful for. and she is thankful for this large free community meal. >> this day brings everybody together whether we know each
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everybody. >> nearly 1500 people getting a turkey meal. >> 250 turkeys, 200 pounds of potatoes and 10 crates of green beans plus they need an army of volunteers. >> patricia gerrit the head cook. >> i have done this for 11 years. this is my second family. >> she calls it organized chaos more than 50 people in the kitchen able to give somebody food. >> the need is much greater than we think. >> director chris johnson says the kitchen is not always this busy but they serve 600 feet -- free meals daily. >> i am thankful to give back. >> the biggest challenge facing many of these guests is housing. the salvation army is working with other nonprofits in the
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affordable housing. rebecca thomas is thankful for that. in sarasota jake peterson for "the now tampa bay". >> let's talk about what many of you are doing today as you gather with your family many of us want to give thanks four out of 10 consider thanksgiving one of the most important holidays in the us and eight out of 10 have a lot to be thankful for.>> traditions aside from eating turkey and pumpkin pie a survey found eight out of 10 of us will spend thanksgiving with friends and family, half are watching football. four out of 10 salt parades or movies and for the just can't wait crowd 1/3 of us put up christmas decorations. for us working at "the now tampa bay" most of us watch football. let's go to breaking news
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that hit off the coast of central america, a look at an earthquake tracking map the 7.0 , this mommy thread has now passed, of course that is great news. this does affect the coast of nicaragua, honduras and people evacuating el salvador, no reports of widespread damage. the atlantic side of central america dealing with hurricane auto. this is a television news service in costa rica. hurricane otto making landfall in southeast nicaragua near the coast of oregon border. new video from nicaragua of the raid and people running for cover evacuations and started last night. it hid as a category two store two interesting things it is late in the storm season we haven't had one this late since
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stronger now? >> a hurricane made landfall in nicaragua that is astonishing, we have gone from january early this season down into november the last week of hurricane season having this, it hurricane forecasted to be minimal this is the problem with these systems they can intensify rapidly as they near the coast worst possible time intensifying to category two. the winds are down, it will be impacting the mountains over the next several hours, by tonight i am expecting a tropical storm as otto continues to move to the west and then goes to the pacific. despite the fact the winds are coming down this will be a mess
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20 inches of rainfall and are not flat a lot of mountains so potential for mudslides, landslides that will continue to be the case. we have lost folks from panama from the rain. something that hasn't happened in a long time in parts of tokyo take a look at some snowfall, 54 years how far you have to go back to talk about snowfall in tokyo. kids are having a good time folks coming from the clouds usually don't get snow this early in the season. last time was 1875, which are in a lot of areas of the world has started early this year. the four day forecast coming up in a bit. a truly selfless act, a
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claus in her neighborhood lost her home and gifts she was collecting for others in a fire. wait until you see how she is
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as many of you gather around the table update on a family making the impossible possible a woman known as mrs. claus in her branded neighborhood is known for collecting toys for neighborhood kids. she lost her home to a fire this month, the donated toys were gone and a place for anyone in the neighborhood welcome to have thanksgiving dinner. >> nicole grigg shows us not even a fire can stop her from making a difference.
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blessings. >> a lot to be thankful for. >> you launder is able to look around and see each one of them. >> she lost everything a week and a half ago before her annual thanksgiving meal. where she feeds more than 100 people. but she is making the impossible possible. taking over her mother's kitchen two houses down. and she is still finding a way to holidays.>> i am blessed if everybody did their part. >> this is mrs. claus. >> better known as mrs. claus. the fire destroyed all the presents that she has been collecting but since we met her she is the one on the receiving end getting all these donations
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>> this is the beginning of our neighborhood giveaway. >> on this thanksgiving, she is the one finding a way to dance to the music and praise. for the now, i'm nicole grigg. >> mrs. claus tells us the insurance will cover just enough to pay off her home.>> she will be working to find a way to rebuild her house she has a great spirit and a good dancer. i was impressed. fishing for package thieves the way to teach someone a lesson who might be trying to steal deliveries from your
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someone outsmarts a crook, this next story shows you how a man won the battle against the ceiling packages. >> jace larson with what might spark ideas for protecting our deliveries. >> with today's technology, cameras are everywhere. catching crooks who seem not to know or care they are being captured.>> one of the suspects was trying to hide. >> this woman has something in her hand as she should -- is stealing. >> sometimes we have drug users. >> this is the year he is not letting crooks win he has installed cameras but recently, he raped a package with a bungee cord tied to his porch.
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months, then he went forward. and i see him bend down for the package i wasn't sure what he was up to. when i saw him try to run i knew what he was doing. >> as the guy thought he was getting away the bungee cord again it back. >> federal poster asked -- inspector has a history of busting porch pirates. >> some of them show but others admit it is often about the excitement. >> the newest numbers show a receive 97,000 mail theft reports in one year, not all of them are packages federal agents busted 2300 people, law enforcement says watch for drivers awkwardly backing up on your street then someone gets out but don't go inside the house. if it happens report it because so many people don't.
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department won't know and we can't address the issue. >> most packages arrive safely. we tried to set up this package to see if anybody would steal it, after several days not a soul had messed with it. the would-be thief has not been caught by police have a pretty clear image of him. >> is their satisfaction knowing you outsmarted him? >> you can get this doorbell with a motion activated it will give you a live feed so you can let your neighbor know when your package arrives. this device is called the rink running for $200. i'm jace larson for the now. >> another option, the big delivery companies let you reroute a package to a friends house it usually costs money, the postal service charges $12.
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your stuff shipped to safe lockers instead those big yellow lockers you are seeing show up in more places like 7- eleven. there are about 40 right now, earlier this week we showed you how it works, go to for the amazon walker story, if you think you will be okay, no one will steal anything off of my porch well, it happened to 23 million people last year. don't be a victim. 15 minutes from some of the big anchor stores opening for black friday first and foremost be safe, lock your car doors. make sure you put your bags in your trunk as you are going in between store to store. a couple other things don't get more than you can carry, someone walking like this with all of these bags you are an easy target to a grinch looking
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have someone walk with you to help or ask a store employee. when you are walking to your car keep your keys in your hand. that way you can use them as a weapon if somebody approaches you. you can set off the alarm if you have one on your remote. maybe you will make that person nervous, check the back seat and around your car before getting in. some more news a fire in central city, people to stay inside those flames were coming from burning oil, at a recycling facility witnesses reported hearing the explosion and then came the flames. the big black smoke is hazardous, they are monitoring for air pollution as we speak. in case you are worried about all of us who have to work on thanksgiving missing
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are not we had boston market deliver, not bad working on a holiday when ivan cabrera is here. did you wear your stretchy pants ? >> no, but i cooked a turkey for you. they were running away but we got them. this is where you do not want to be. that was awful. hopeful you got to where you needed to be. and you enjoyed thanksgiving. my folks speak -- eat very late, so forecast to the next several hours if you are stepping out last-minute a lot of folks at a small convenience store with a big line we always forget something, clearwater 73, tampa 80 it is mild and humid not oppressively humid but quite a
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at this point we have warmer temperatures and the dew points we started in the 20s and 30s now we are between humid and muggy especially with the warmer temperatures. something we can tolerate. here is futurecast partly cloudy skies you can see where the clouds are coming from south and east, cold air you need from the north eventually we will get into slightly cooler temperatures especial on sunday tomorrow black friday and saturday still warm and humid, then sunday we will tap into this front it will not be like the last front this is just getting temperatures back to where we should be sunday with highs in the mid and upper 70s, for outdoor activities with less humidity this will be the winner it will be a nice day saturday but it will be more humid. some folks traveling tomorrow,
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cold at the macy's day parade, 40s across the northwest very few areas with mild temperatures although st. louis now doing better at 53. 65 tonight for us partly cloudy skies into the next four days the difference, subtle but saturday temperatures around 79 or 80 and the front comes in quietly, no rain but that will leave us with temper the mid and upper 70s slightly drier air, sunday night a lot of us will be well into the 50s and then 80 again by monday. we are learning more about the sixth child that died after a horrific schoolbus crash in tennessee. the eight-year-old's brother describes him as a tough little boy more than one dozen students are recovering some of them are spending the holiday
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the school bus was speeding when he lost control monday hitting a tree and flipping the bus. we are learning the driver the 24-year-old johnthony walker was not driving on the designated route but investigators don't know why. initial reports show no evidence of drugs or alcohol. a bit of a bright spot in chattanooga, people packed thanksgiving dinners for families involved in the crash. they did not just putting food they put how supplies and other trinkets, donations poured in from all over the state. a term you probably haven't heard of but if you are a facebook user it is happening to you.>> something everybody needs to know about, candice aviles explains what the echo chamber effect is.
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and how powerful it is. >> they are sophisticated algorithms that know what you like what you click on an shop for. as a result your newsfeed is adjusted. >> never was the phenomenon mork pronounced than the months leading up to the election. >> there are a lot of articles about hillary clinton even gary johnson. when i look at my boyfriends facebook conservative side. he had a lot of articles about donald trump and mike pence. >> it was quite jarring if you ever saw something opposing your view something completely opposite of what you believe just because you are used to the echo chamber where you only see things you agree with. >> what does this look like? the wall street journal has an interactive tool shown you what
4:55 pm
click it provides you with similar content. this creates a problem. >> it causes us to assume our opinion is right if we only surround ourselves by openings and stories and narratives that support our point of view, it is going to further polarize us. >> according to research 61% of millennials use facebook as their primary source of news problem. >> facebook's social media for connecting not necessarily a news website. it is a prophet industry. they want you to stay on their site to make money. >> i'm candice aviles for the now. by now you have heard of the viral web craze the manikin challenge people stop mid- motion as the camera moves around them this is my
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police and at the white house but now it may have gone too far. the revolutionary forces of syria created a video uncovering a man in the rubble but this is not a real rescue that is part of the backlash they say they wanted to reach the audience in the west to show the suffering. it is being called an error in judgment. war than 300 people have died in the past weeks. a turned their living room into a toy factory, they are making goes far beyond fun and games. shannon ogden finds how a sharing couple is helping affect thousands of lives.>> he is the official toy tester for santa's little hackers. the nonprofit his parents created as a way to provide adaptable toys to kids with special needs around the world.>> one of the complex
4:57 pm
electronics out of the toy. >> many of them adapted in the small living room where they keep the drill press and soldering iron. >> this will allow the switch to be plugged into this port. >> part of the process of turning off the shelf toys into toys that can be triggered by buttons and switches. >> can you help us carry the boxes upstairs? >> the toys are donated responding to wish list on their we hannah helps sort a recent shipment asking about the inspiration. >> we were walking through target and saw the same toy we had seen online i asked my husband if he could adapt the toy for max. >> answering the challenge saved the watsons half the cost of an already adapted toy.>>
4:58 pm
on previous christmases they thought the child would open the toy and it is not a toy they could play with. they couldn't squeeze the button on the hand or the toy. by making the adaptation they can push the button and watch it seemed. >> these are more than toys they are learning devices. >> these are used as a tool to teach how it will activate my communication device. >> last year they modified and shipped 500 toys to 45 states and eight countries, this year the goal is higher but maybe not as high as their request list. >> writes now we can purchase and ship about 600 toys, we have 2000 requests. >> the watsons expect to spend
4:59 pm
toys as they can. >> when he goes to bed we sit down and start adapting toys. we go until we are too tired. >> toys that max will put to the quality test. for the now i'm shannon ogden. thank you so much for joining us on this edition of "the now tampa bay" and happy thanks giving. abc action news at 5:00 starts no station taking action for you this is abc action news. we are following breaking news, six people shot, two are dead after gunfire erupts at a youth football game in kentucky. hundreds of people have gathered for this game no arrests have been made but we will bring you new developments threaten his cast. as the thanksgiving meal settles for
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entering the biggest shopping day of the year. abc action news right there with you. taking you live in tampa people are piling into the best buy black friday sales starting in less than one hour. some underway right now. it evening happy thanksgiving i'm sarina fazan. >> and i'm james tully. now that the table is cleared getting the black friday deals most important. >> there is one toy you will need special luck or a lot of patience to get. brendaliss gonzalez joins us live from walmart in clearwater, one of the few stores who have the hatchables in stock.


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