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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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that can be hard to get. a group of bay area students spending the day helping those with nowhere to go. students at gulfport high school setting aside their own needs good evening i'm james tully, >> and i'm laura harris, we look at why they decided to skip their own thanksgiving. >> a busy morning at golf high school 28 turkeys and a few dozen students faculty volunteers, determined to make thanksgiving memorable for those who have nowhere else to go. >> i understand the struggle of some people not being able to afford the food. >> this 10th grader is giving up her holiday plans to do it for them. >> we raised enough money to purchase 28 birds. >> students graded served and entertained the families that showed up.
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the cafeteria walls. >> helping people is the right thing to do. >> this family couldn't agree more. >> everybody needs help. >> she is blown away by the caring and maturity of children so young. >> i am grateful for everybody. >> what is not eaten more go to waste tomorrow it will find its way to the salvation army in the bellies of many more in the. in pasco county cameron polom and abc action news. we are following breaking news out of louisville, within the last hour the fbi is now investigating, right now two men were killed four others hurt during a shooting at a crowded part during a youth football game. the mayor of louisville tweeting he was attending the game when the shots ring out, he says the homicides should be alarming reaching near record numbers.
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shooting. now, abc action weather. >> happy thanksgiving from the weather center, we are looking at temperatures in the low to mid 80s these are highs from earlier today we have not dropped that much, still temperatures in the lower 80s, 83 that is good far away from the normal high of 76 will continue with this warm spell low 80s at this hour upper 70s across the interior counties, if you're stepping out tonight, you will be doing just fine temperatures will be falling into the upper 60s, by sunrise 65 we will be warm and humid for the next couple of days and then the next cold front comes in i will talk about that and what to expect behind it in a few minutes. nearly 1500
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at the salvation army, the annual meal is for anyone but many who join our part of the homeless population. 250 turkeys, 50 volunteers to feed everyone. rebecca thomas brought her kids and grandkids today. >> this day brings everybody together, whether we know each other or we don't, when we get together everybody knows everybody. >> staff at the salvation army says they are used to feeding large groups meals to the hungry each day, they are working with other nonprofits on new ways to build more affordable housing. look at what our crews found across the bay area, what are they waiting for? waiting on the deals people lining up all week long and more people continue to show up but it is not like the lines we have seen so that leaves us wondering is the black friday
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many people are asking after so many deals started this week but the national retail federation expects 74% of people to shop tomorrow only 21% plan to shop today. many retailers closing the doors so employees could be with their family and friends. that is a first. what are the hottest items this year? the hatchimal it is a kid's toy causing a frenzy. if you can't one the washington post is out with its hottest toys. anything star wars, this year target is out with star wars drones and walmart r2-d2. and grab a troll the 60's toy is back after the movie this year, frozen, teenage mutant ninja turtles and pokimon are sure to bring a smile. some stores are about to open within the next 30 minutes or
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everything you need to know about which stores you should go to, what the deals are, store and mall hours and the 25 best black friday door buster deals, some of them pretty popular items like tablets can be found for $20 or less. how do you know you're getting the best deal? you might want to download the app shop savvy we know saving money is important, simple way to do that. here is how it works, when you are at the store open the app scan the barcode it will price match other stores to see where it is the cheapest, stores like target, they price match so you won't have to leave if you're there, show them the app with the lower-priced summerhouse and save some money. law enforcement officers will wrap up patrols in bay area malls expect to see an
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there are things you can do to make sure you don't become a victim of theft, stay alert be aware of your surroundings shop before dark or parked near streetlights, lock your car doors and windows avoid carrying large amounts of cash. looking for a creative gift check out this, make america great again ornament the trump pence campaign launching this just before black friday right now it is $149. it is made of brass finished in 24 release their next financial update next month. president-elect trump spending the holiday in florida . his arrival causing the coast guard to set up a perimeter in the area. those who like to vacation in fish, not so fast, you can't stop in the area or you will hear from the coast guard. police are directing traffic because of onlookers.
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working hard trying to get the carrier ac company to stay in the us. the company responded saying they had discussions with the administration and they look forward to working together but they say there is nothing to announce at this time, the company received criticism after announcing they were closing moving 2100 jobs to mexico. charlie crist spending the day serving thanksgiving meals to pinellas county residents in need. around 200 people took part in the free lunch, an annual event for chris who took part in this during his time as governor.>> to truly unite us as a people, the election is over, thank god for that it is time for us to watch football have some good turkey or ham and take a good nap. we have earned it. >> the center of hope is transitional housing for low
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and families who are trying to find permanent housing. many of you woke up to the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade, pikachu and the pillsbury dough boy some of the highlights this year, you probably did not notice the extra security measures during the parade. officials call it an unprecedented amount of security, more than 3000 police officers on the streets including counterterrorism units and explosive detecting dogs. salt and sand trucks at every corner to protect possible car bombs. this thanksgiving has a different meaning for those in north dakota protesting the dakota pipeline more than 2000 protesters are demonstrating 75 people from around the country are serving thanksgiving dinner for the protesters. jane fonda expected to attend the reservation opposes the
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six families in tennessee mourning losses, this boy you see behind me, the sixth child to die after a bus crash this week, five other children remain in the hospital, thousands of donations continue to pour in and memorials are growing each and every day. volunteers are packing boxes of food to help the families. funeral services begin tomorrow for the children killed in the crash. the bus driver remains in jail on vehicular the ntsb is investigating. the tennessee titans reaching out to the families, the team foundation will donate $25,000 to the wood more fund the school that the children attended. the titans will wear decals on their helmets during the game sunday to honor the young victims. crime alert in pasco county deputies are hoping you can identify this robert the man walked into
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started yelling holding what looked to be a gun demanding money from the cashier. if you know who he is called the pasco sheriff's office. thousands of people are catching porch pirates stealing packages, one man's simple trick to deter from stealing. the front lines in tennessee. how much longer until they can return home. volunteers taking over the kitchen at metropolitan ministries, 1200 pounds of mashed potatoes, 80 gallons of gravy all part of
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a developing story out of california, we are just learning a mother missing for nearly 3 weeks has been found alive. the sheriff says the 34-year-old was abducted and held hostage. she vanished while jogging in northern telephoning, the
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interstate and the mother of two was able to flag down a passing car. she is in the hospital stable expected to be okay, deputies are searching for two women in a dark suv. check out this video from las vegas, fists and -- flying inside the venetian hotel, two women seem ganging up on one another punching grabbing her and kicking each other. then you see a standing by watching he stood there for at least one five seconds when another guard jumps in saying let go or you will get sprayed the guard followed protocol and the situation was resolved without injuries. as many of you sit down tonight it is a time to reflect on all that you are thankful for. the sarasota police department has been doing that all day long tweeting pictures of their employees and what they are
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for family friends and the community. like many of the officers thousands of people on the job tonight. ryan smith profiles how some workers are volunteering to be a look -- away from loved ones. >> some people can't get away from the sun and sand. >> if you're on vacation you want to be by the water.>> we like to be outside with the weather. >> whiskey joe's serving a full menu. and those. >> do you like whiskey or tequila ? >> shall be a serving customers to help protect her pocketbook from tempting black friday deals. >> i would rather be making money than going out and blowing it. >> while others have been called to serve in an emergency role. many florida fire rangers on the front lines battling wildfires scorching the southeast. >> there are arson problems
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allowing the fires to grow. exponentially worse. >> pictures sent by florida for service rangers show why the help is so important. james gregory stationed in tennessee. >> there are a handful of us that play some roles you have to go. >> even if it means being hundreds of miles away from loved ones on thanksgiving. >> they understand and get on board with us. the blessing is my understanding. >> ryan smith abc action news. >> if you aren't working but are planning to drink make sure you get home safe designate a driver. you could take a taxi uber or lyft. the aaa tow to go program will work as well. all of this information on
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different than yesterday, we can count the cars today traffic moving well at this hour. most people are at home eating their turkey talking to the family. i am usually asleep at this time. >> i was just saying, if you are drinking. >> i tell you what, if you barbecued the turkey outside. >> we should have done that at the station. >> safely, don't throw the frozen one in the thing. there it is, that is calming, very nice looking beautiful, boating that will be great. all right, i have to check in on the temperatures, in the low to mid 80s, brooksville, here's the thing brooksville 84 degrees right now, brooksville started the week at 29. imagine that we were scraping
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degrees monday here we are thanksgiving at 84. this is florida, low to mid 80s, above average for this time of year, we shouldn't be in the low to mid 80s but we have been. that is all right for most of us, mid 70s now, if you like it less humid and cooler we will work on that for the end of the weekend. titan doppler radar it has not arraigned in a while. we do have some rain in the these cold fronts and we have had plenty coming through they have been very dry, not much moisture and the next one is the same moving through you can barely see where it is. what it will do is it will drop temperatures by sunday and humidity will go down as well so that, nation will feel fantastic, saturday will be nice but it will be more humid, if you are dealing with travel for
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tpa looks good no problems right now, and if you are flying to another city in florida or driving, looking good from panhandle all the way to the keys. elsewhere in the us we are doing good rain down in texas and pacific northwest getting hit with a system but a good chunk of the us on the clear side, 40s and 50s it is cool but it could be much colder in new england but it is not, 65 tonight in tamp saint pete work your way from the water we will get up to 50s and 60s so a little bit cooler but by the afternoon we all go to the low 80s and then it will be like today a few mid 80s with higher humidity making it feel less comfortable. we are splitting hairs at this point, 65, 80 tomorrow the average high 76 some areas
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to cool off from the warm spell water temperatures are getting down, mid 60s boating looks fantastic. there are your tides coming up for tomorrow along with the sunrise at 7:00. the three-day forecast taking you to saturday and sunday, the different temperatures don't look that different but slightly cooler in the morning on sunday and humidity will be much less behind that weak saturday afternoon and evening. early next week, where's the rain? we will get a little bit by the middle part of the week that is when we can expect rain chances to go above 20% between wednesday and thursday. hundreds of mail thieves behind bars but these porch pirates are still out there. a simple trick to keep your
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you can't believe everything you see but we believe this one check out this ridiculous basketball shot in australia. setting a record world it is done by a trio of youtube personalities they call themselves how ridiculous the shot took place from 594 feet in the swiss alps they previously held the record on three separate occasions. they turned into social media stars. we don't know how many times it took them to do that but he made a shot from 533 feet. a cedar rapids woman
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this woman was checking out of the grocery store line when she realized she forgot her wallet. she called her husband to bring it to her but the woman behind her offered to pay her bill, $178.>> i just got tears in my eyes, she kind of looked at me like i was crazy. it has been an amazing experience. not only impacting me but it has spread to the commit >> she will pay it forward and get people in line at starbucks there drinks. package thieves caught on camera this guy, he has an innovative way to keep criminals away from his door. he has the cameras but then he has this dummy package looks tempting but it is full of bricks tied to a bungee cord he caught this criminal on camera.
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>> i see him bend down for the package i wasn't sure what he was up to then i saw them try to run. >> the newest numbers show 97,000 mail theft reports this year. federal agents busting 2300 people, report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood. we are talking >> an annual tradition going back decades volunteers taking over the kitchen at metropolitan ministries, the huge feast they are preparing and the huge difference they
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y26lny yy6y live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. dinner done now time to shop the black friday sales just underway in the bay area thousands of shoppers are hitting the stores, good evening i'm james tully. >> and i'm laura harris. the parking lots are packed people are hunting for bargains, marisela burgos is live tonight battling the crowds herself. >> reporter: you know what i am not really battling i am kind of out of the way, you can see there are a lot of people out
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is thanksgiving a lot of people are shopping for black friday deals already, a lot of these people hopefully did their homework before coming out to stores like best buy and other shopping plazas to get probably christmas gifts for any gifts for family. there are a lot of tips people should be aware of, consumer reports wants you to prepare compare prices before you go to the stores and it loyalty program you will always find out about deals first, check twitter and facebook store pages usually they tell you about sales and always remember to charge your phone and download apps, you will need your phone if you're staying up to go shopping, i talked to one shopper who said she had to do it today. >> we don't do it every year we


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